MATT 1 (Mikael Uluss, 1997)

When I was in the equivalent of the American High School, the school you are in at age 16 - 18, my best friend was a guy, by the name Matt, in my class. He seemed to enjoy talking about sex very much, bragging with clearly exaggerated escapades in bed and such. From the talks we had I had learned that he enjoyed masturbation very much, and this was confirmed by another friend of mine who knew Matt's brother. From this other friend I learned that Matt ignored his brother completely when their parents weren't at home, and masturbated just about anywhere and anytime, whenever he felt like it. I already knew that the two brothers didn't like each other at all. One night at school the two of us stayed real late working on a technology project, and since I live rather far from that school, go there by bike, and the weather was quite rotten, Matt invited me to stay the night at his place. Although it was raining it was a very warm night and I had great difficulties falling asleep. I was lying in the same room as Matt, in his brothers bed. Matt's parents and brother were all away, and after having been lying there for an hour or so without being able to fall asleep I heard a sound of sheets moving over by Matt's bed. I slowly turned my head so that I could see what was going on. There was a lamp-post outside the window under which Matt had his bed, and in spite of the blinds, all of what was going on was very clearly visible. Matt was lying naked on his bed with nothing at all covering him and slowly stoking an incredible pole of meat. The beds were placed in kind of an L-shape and my bed had its head end not too far from the foot end of Matt's bed. I was now looking up between his slightly spread legs, and what a pair of legs it was. Matt had been doing gymnastics up until a few years ago when his knees went bad, but he still had a great body: athletic but still slim. I could see his balls moving up and down in pace with his stroking of the shaft. I enjoyed the situation but didn't know what to do when I started to get hard myself. I couldn't just start jacking off myself and let him notice. Now, as time went by and Matt's stroking got more intense, my hard-on did so also. I was on my back and Matt must have seen it through the sheets because suddenly he let go of his dick and reached for the light by his bed. My head was pounding and I didn't know what to do, but there was no time left to worry in as Matt turned the light on.

"Wanna join in?", he said. He sat up on the edge of the bed, toying with the head of his penis. I really didn't know what to say but since he had already noticed my noticing him I also sat up on the edge of the bed. I got rid of the boxers I had on and then looked up. Matt was smiling and we both started to stroke. Soon Matt said "Will be right back" and disappeared out into the kitchen. When he returned he was carrying a bootle of corn oil. "What are you going to do with that?", I asked. "You'll see..." Matt opened the bottle and dipped two of his fingers in it. Then he put the bottle away and slowly inserted the dipped fingers up his anus. He let out a moan and started stroking again, very slowly. After about a minute, pre-cum began to ooze out of the top of his large purple glans and this got to me so much that I was about to cum even though I had neglected my own stroking during Matt's actions. I had never seen another guy in this state before.

"Come over here", he said, and I did. He slid his fingers out and then collected the pre-cum he had made. He took it in his hand and turned to me, took my hard penis, and then smeared the sticky fluid all over it. "Want to try something...?", he asked and of course I knew exactly what he meant. I didn't know what to say; I had never done anything like this before. I found the thought of it very appealing, though, so I finally answered "Sure".

He turned around and started stroking again letting me go on in my own pace. I approached him from behind and he bent over forwards, using his left hand for support against the desk in front of him. I carefully grabbed his rear end and saw his hole, still with some of the slippery oil around it. I brought my penis closer and held it against the opening. Slowly I pressed myself further and further into him and soon I was shoving my pole in and out in a gentle pace. He was moaning loudly, and the tight feeling and the sight of what I was doing suddenly pushed me over the brink. Grunting, I shot everything I had into him during the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced up until that day. I just kept pumping and when I finally pulled out, a fair amount of sperm followed and dripped down onto the floor. I hadn't noticed before, but Matt had already blown his load on top of the desk in front of him and then placed his entire upper body on it. Now his stomach, chest and face were quite smeared with the juice. "Wow", he whispered. "We must do that again sometime!"

We cleaned the room up, took a quick shower and went back to bed. Yes, we did do similar things a few times more after this event.

MATT 2 (Mikael Uluss, 1997)

Matt, a class mate of mine that I have written about before, always liked to talk about sex. Once he told me about a little adventure he had at school:

One day during lunch break Matt walked along a corridor as he felt the familiar urge we all know so much about. With a massive hard-on in a pair of fairly tight jeans, which would show just about anything, he realized that he had to do something about the situation. He slipped into the closest toilet; one of those very small ones with just a closet and a basin. He turned the lights on, closed the door and sat down on the closet, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his meat out. He had only started the stroking as the door opened and someone dashed in, slamming the door shut. It was one of the girls in the grade above Matt and me, and when she saw what was going on she first looked a bit shocked. That stage soon passed and a naughty smile appeared on her face. Matt, who wasn't quite as experienced with girls as he always claimed, was I'm sure more startled than he wanted me to know. Funny how much sexual activity he was involved in in spite of his probably limited girl experiences... Anyway, this girl (can't remember her name at the moment) was the first to open her mouth: "Oh, impressive! Can I join you?" Matt did tell me that he didn't utter a word during this entire event, so he must have done something else to indicate that he wasn't against the idea, because a few moments later he stood up, leaning against the basin with his jeans and underpants down by his ankles while the girl was caressing his mid-parts. She held his penis in a firm grip with one hand, stroking slowly up and down, watching his foreskin run over the swollen purpleish head. The other hand was massaging his balls which were now very tightly held by Matt's shrinking ball bag, almost painfully tight. Then she suddenly let go of his balls and reached for the cannister of liquid soap on the wall. She pressed some soap out and smeared her fingers with it and went on by reaching between his legs and circling her fingers around his anus, pressing slightly against the hole. During all this time her other hand was slowly rubbing his erect shaft. Suddenly without much of a warning she quickly shoved her long finger up his ass. Matt made a loud gasp, and both hands of the girl now moved in a steady pace, back and forth. "Lucky me, she had short nails", Matt told me as he was telling me this story. By now he was rapidly getting closer to climax and began moaning, rather silently at first, but then louder and louder as he approached orgasm.

I know there is some truth to this story, because during this lunch break I saw some people gathered near a toilet door and later on I learned that suspicious sounds had been heard from that toilet. Well, back to Matt: The girl knew exactly what she was doing and could predict what it would take to make him come. She made a few powerful rubs and shoved her finger as far up his rear as it was at all possible. Moaning noisily Matt had no choice but to let his load go. The girl had moved a bit to the side and the cum squirted out of his penis, ending up mainly on the wall in front of him but also on the floor. As the orgasm faded away, and the ejaculation came to an end, several drops of sperm ended up in Matt's underwear and on his jeans. The girl pulled her finger out and let go of him, turned off the lights and left the toilet. The small crowd outside must have thought that the sounds had come from her, playing with herself, because it soon dissolved. Matt pulled his pants up and waited until he couldn't hear anyone outside, and then he snuck out and went to class, leaving a substantial amount of semen on the wall. Sitting beside him during class I could see the fresh sperm stains on him and was very curious about what had happened. After school I went home with Matt and then we sat naked with our legs crossed on one of those huge towels, on his bed, watching each other jack off while he told me the story. Not long after he had finished the story I closed my eyes, pointed my hard-on at him and shot my load right onto his chest during a wonderful intense orgasm. Matt was very aroused, and while smearing the cum out all over himself, he repeated my action and made a mess of me too. Not quite as much of a mess that I did though, because of his severe emptying earlier that day.

MATT 3 (Mikael Uluss, 1997)

One of the more spectacular events that occured involving Matt and me during our "high school" years (it is not called high school over here) started out as a quite normal evening. This is what happened:

After the first time when we found out that toying with ourselves in the presence of each other, and also with each other, was something quite worth while, it happened that we got together to play and explore. This particular evening my parents were out of town and Matt was over. We were waiting for the porno of the evening on one of the cable channels. We got rid of our clothes and sat completely naked in the living-room sofa as the movie started. The action on the TV-screen began and we rose for the action to be given by our right hands. We watched the TV, and each other, as we stroked along, but the movie turned out to be a rather plain thing and it didn't contribute much to the excitement. Matt suggested, not very seriously I suspect, that we would make a movie of our own. The idea somehow turned me on and I told him that we had a video-camera we could use. Matt thought about it for a second and then we agreed that we would give it a try. I got the camera from the cupboard it was in and Matt helped me to rig it up in front of the sofa. When we thought everything was set I pushed the red button and we sat down in front of the camera. We were really excited and our dicks didn't need any extra encouragement at all to be ready. We sat next to each other and jacked off in front of the camera, getting it all on tape. After a short while Matt lay down on the sofa on his stomach and wanted to add something extra to the movie. I wasn't surprised, Matt's ideas didn't surprise me anymore after my sleeping over at his place. I let go of my hardened shaft and he took the top of it in his mouth. He let his tongue run around the head and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed what was happening. Matt took more into his mouth, licked and sucked gently as he moved his head up and down, taking me as far down his throat as he could. I couldn't help moving my hips a bit, along with his pace. We were now both very excited and Matt turned his body a bit so that he could reach his also very hard penis with his hand. I bent over a bit and grabbed it instead of him and he did not object at all. So, there we were: I wanking him and he giving me a blow job. Our position on the sofa wasn't very comfortable and we needed to cool off just a little bit, or it would be a rather short movie; I could certainly feel that it wouldn't take much more to make me come. We decided to regroup into a more comfortable 69 position, and for the first time ever I got to taste a penis. Sure, I had tried getting to myself with my mouth, but I had only managed to reach the glans with my tongue; I had never tried an entire dick before. A couple of times I had shot my load into my own mouth, but then I never felt like swallowing it. This time it was different, though, and I went at Matt's rigid shaft carefully at first, but then with greater appetite. We proceeded with the mutual blow job and as we both got closer to climax we began making muffled grunts and moans. We moved our heads and hips faster, and then Matt suddenly took his head away from my moist hard-on and let out a short and high-pitched scream before he under a series of loud groans emptied himself into my mouth. This time I was so excited that it felt quite all right to take the semen in my mouth, and even to swallow it. Matt's load was a bit too big for me to take in all at once, so I had to let some out of my mouth. It slowly ran down his shaft and I couldn't help myself when I smeared the leaking cum over it and over his tight balls. When Matt was done he got me to stand on my knees, still in the sofa, while he got down on the floor and moved the camera a bit so that it would catch the action as he, kneeling on the floor, took me in his mouth again. The end was coming close and I reached down and held his head as I humped his mouth with small but rapid hip thrusts. Just before I was about to get blown over the edge Matt took my hands away and slowed his sucking action down considerably. This delayed my orgasm for almost half a minute, and just as I let out a whimper and started to shoot, he pulled away and had his face a few inches in front of me with his mouth wide open. I squirted cum into his mouth and over the rest of his face; in his hair and also over his shoulder, onto the floor. Since I was not holding my penis and I had trouble keeping exactly still during my ejaculation, I couldn't aim well enough to get it all into his mouth. Who cares anyway; the movie got better this way! After my cumming, and after Matt had sucked and licked my penis clean(er), we got the tape from the camera, rewinded it in the VCR and started watching. This sure was better than the cable movie, and when we got to the part where we entered the 69 position, Matt was fully hard again and started to jack off. I had no problems following his example, and there we were: in the sofa jacking off to a movie as we originally had intended. Matt came first and placed his load on his chest, letting it run down into his navel. Matt's sperm always managed to get me excited, and a few moments later I followed his example. We just sat there for a while, quite exhausted, before we cleaned up. Well, that was one of our more spectacular evenings, and that film was used many times after this night. Even a few, very few, other people got to see it, and they did confirm that it was a successful experiment we had made.

MATT 4 (Mikael Uluss, 1997)

One day a couple of years ago I was on my way to visit my friend Matt. It was during our summer holidays, and there was not much to do with no summer job and no places down town for 17 year olds. I walked up the stairs of the house where Matt lived and rang the bell. Nothing happened until I had rung a second time, when Matt's girlfriend Nina opened. Matt had gone out to get some groceries for a dinner, and noone else was there. I had met Nina a couple of times before, and she asked me in to wait. We went into the living-room, sat down and started talking about a little of everything. As we were running out of things to talk about I noticed that Nina was looking at me in a way I hadn't expected: in a kind of excited way. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I answered no. She then asked me if I had ever been with a girl, and I answered no once again. Now she moved closer to me on the sofa we were in, and simply placed her hand over the front of my jeans. My slack penis rapidly got harder, which she of course could feel, and when it was fully erect she unbuttoned my jeans and got my hard shaft out in the open. She looked at it, pulled the foreskin back and forth a few times and seemed to be thinking about something else. I was a bit uncomfortable since this was Matt's girl and he was my friend. Besides, he could be back any minute. "What are you doing?", I asked, "What if Matt gets back?" She smiled and got more determined, knelt on the floor between my knees and placed her lips around the top of my penis. This was something I could not resist and I let her go on doing what she was doing. She moved her mouth up and down and sucked and licked so excitingly while she was caressing the base of my dick and my balls, that I knew I would come almost immediately. I could feel my pulse pounding, my heart beat, and my penis pulsate as the front door opened! I got very cold inside as I stared straight at Matt who was standing in the hallway, carrying a grocery bag. At first he didn't do anything, but then a smile emerged and before I knew it he was standing beside us (Nina was carrying on as before) compeletely naked with his clothes in a chaotic pile on the floor. He was very hard, and he grabbed his rod and started stroking. Seeing this along with what was happening between my legs quickly pushed me closer to orgasm, and I stared at Matt's huge penis (we had compared, and he was 20 cm; 2 cm longer than I) while groaning quietly. Nina noticed what was happening and pulled away to let me cool down. She pulled my T-shirt off and I continued to undress while she removed her own clothes. Soon we were all naked. Nina lay down on her back on the big sofa, and Matt placed himself on top of her, slowly penetrating her. I stood beside them, in front of the sofa and watched - completely stunned. Matt was porking Nina and I was just about to help myself as Matt rolled 180 degrees and ended up on his back with Nina on top of him. "Get the jar in the bag...", he said. I looked in his grocery bag and found a jar of lubricant. "Come on, you know how it's done", Matt said. That was true. A little while ago Matt and I had experimented a bit with each other, and as Matt used his hands to reveal Nina's other hole, I smeared it with the lubricant. Matt inserted a finger to loosen her up and then reached out and actually pulled me by the dick towards them. I also entered the sofa and replaced Matt's finger in Nina's anus. I first pressed the head against the hole and Matt's finger, and as he slipped his finger out I slipped my rigid penis in. I lay down over her and she was as in a sandwich, a moving sandwich. Matt was thrusting from below, and I started to do the same from the top. Nina moaned loudly and was wearing a rather extatic smile. As I pounded her behind I could actually feel Matt in her vagina and this got me even more excited. The warm tightness and the feeling of Matt's penis soon made me ready to shoot, and Matt seemed to be on his way also. Then Nina stopped the action and got out of her crowded position. She sat down on the edge of the sofa and had us stand in front of her. Somehow she succeeded in taking both our dicks in her mouth at the same time. With a little help from us she also managed to get us both to come at the same time. We both had our dicks in her mouth as we came, squirting sperm that was mixed and filling her mouth, even running down her chin. I held my breath during the wonderful orgasm and felt Nina swallowing our sperm. As I and Matt were finished we pulled out our sticky dicks and sat down on the sofa with Nina between us. We caressed her all over her body and then Matt got down and ate her. This was enough to make both of us hard again, but only I did something about it. I grabbed my re-erected penis and stroked. A few moments after hearing Nina climaxing I also came, shooting the load over my chest. Horny days it was back then...