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My Eighth Grade Sitters (1/2)
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Straight after a lunch Mother had insisted I get out of the house and enjoy the sun and warmth by taking a long walk along our local beach.  Mother is usually very protective of me, so her insistence that I go out walking by myself was a real surprise, as was her requirement that I let as much sun get to my skin as possible.  I was made to wear no shirt and just sandals, shorts and boxers and of course Mother insisted that I put on sunscreen lotion.  I would have liked to have put on my swimming trunks and gone for a swim but our beach has no life guards and Mother has a very strict rule, she does not allow me to go swimming without supervision for my own safety.

No sooner had I begun my walk along the beach when I met two girls from my eighth grade class.  It was almost like they were waiting for me!  To my surprise, both the girls who usually ignored me at school were being very friendly.

We are all still thirteen years of age, Shana is a month older than I and will turn fourteen next month and I am two months older than Rani.  Shana is much taller than I am but Rani is only slightly taller than I.  Up until the seventh grade I was one of the taller pupils in our grade but over the last year most of my grade have grown taller than me.

I had long thought that Shana and Rani were the two prettiest girls in my grade.  Since the beginning of sixth grade when we all came together from different elementary schools to start at our middle school, I had noticed that they both had very noticeable tits, whereas most of the other new sixth grade girls had only small bumps or were still flat chested.

Blake, Shana's eleven-year-old, sixth grade brother, was with them.  I could see that he was a little in awe of me, him being an immature sixth grader and me the mature eighth grader.  Embarrassingly for me however, I also noticed that Blake was already almost as tall as I was. Soon after the girls started talking to me I thought I saw Mother watching in the distance but as I began to talk to the girls she turned and disappeared into the beach crowds before I could be certain.  The girls talked about how they had come down to the beach to do some sunbathing, yet I noticed that they had kept their T-shirts and shorts on and to my disappointment didn't seem to be in any hurry to strip down to their bikinis.  Blake however was just wearing his swimmers and enjoying the warm sunny weather.

During our talk the girls explained that they were local babysitters and that they even sat a couple of boys who were older than we were.  This was a real surprise but I was even more surprised to learn from them that my mom wanted to join a local animal rights action group that met in the evenings and had already approached them about sitting me.  My protests that I was nearly fourteen and did not need a sitter were quickly shot down.  Shana and Rani informing me that they already knew from my mother that she never left me alone at night and this was the reason she had asked them to be my sitters.  Blake had a big smirk on his face when he heard that an eighth grader still needed a sitter!

Shana and Rani suggested that we should go walking along the beach as we talked and as we began to walk I wished out loud that I could go in for a swim in the very inviting water.  When they asked why I didn't, I explained that my mother would not allow me to go swimming without supervision for my own safety, plus I was not wearing my swimmers.  The girls agreed that my mother's rule was very sensible, but they also had a solution to my problem, they said they would supervise me as they had already been approached to be my sitters.

Although I was not happy about two girls in my grade sitting me, I knew Mother would quickly hear from Shana and Rani if I was rude to them about sitting me, so I politely thanked them for their offer to supervise but reminded them that I could not go swimming as I was not wearing my swimmers.

Then to my embarrassment they explained to me how one of the biggest things that the older boys that they already sat had to get used to was being comfortable naked whilst they sat them!  They told to me that when they sat anyone regardless of their age they always supervised their bath time!

Shana then suggested that as they were prepared to supervise my swimming, I should just strip naked so I would quickly grow comfortable about being naked in front of both of them.

There was no way I was going to get naked in public let alone in front of Shana and Rani so I objected that I couldn't get naked as I would get in trouble from the police.  They pointed out a number of younger boys further down the beach who were playing and swimming naked.

I was now getting nervous that both the girls always seemed to have an answer to all my objections, so I tried to argue that I was not a little boy like the ones further down the beach but nearly fourteen years old and that mother would not approve of me being naked.  To add to my argument I also pointed out that Blake who was eleven was wearing swimming trunks.

Rani explained that it was not just age but development and maturity that were important.  She pointed out none of the boys who were naked had pubic hair.

"So as you can see, boys without pubes are often naked on the beach and they don't get into any trouble." Shana said.  "I often let Blake get naked on the beach as he has yet to grow any pubes."

"I don't think you have any pubes, which means you don't have anything to be modest about Timmy." Rani boldly stated.

Shana added to my humiliation and embarrassment by noting that my voice was still high which suggested to her that I was not very developed.

Blake supported his sister's comments by pointing out my lack of height and the fact that my legs below my shorts were totally hairless as was my chest and arm pits.  In reaction to his comment I moved my arms close to my body in an attempt to hide my hairless underarms as I blushed profusely, much to the amusement of Blake and the girls.

"So take your clothes off and be quick about it." ordered a suddenly very authoritative Shana.

I just couldn't get naked in front of the girls so I hesitated.  Blake was enjoying my embarrassment at the hands of the girls way too much and both girls also had looks of eager anticipation on their faces.

In desperation I replied, "But I do have pubes, I can't get naked."

Shana simply raised her eyebrows in a questioning look when I mentioned I had pubes, Rani did more than a raise her eyebrows, she raised the topic of spanking.

"You do realise that as sitters we spank if the boy we are sitting is naughty or does not do as he is ordered." Rani threatened.

"I don't want to be spanked." I insisted "But I do have pubes and you just said only boys without pubes go naked."

"Well then, stop mucking about and prove you have pubes!  Clothes off like Shana ordered, or I will pull your shorts down and spank you bare for disobedience." Rani informed me.

Even though there was no one else near the four of us, being naked on the beach in front of two girls from my grade was hugely embarrassing and humiliating.  Mother usually grounded me and had not spanked me since I was like eight or nine, so the thought of being stripped naked and then publicly spanked was even more embarrassing and humiliating than just being naked, so very reluctantly I lowered my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and stepped out of them!

Momentarily I was relieved at having avoided the pain and humiliation of a spanking but then I realised, by the look of shock on Shana, Rani and Blake's faces, that I was now completely exposed, and that all three were staring at my circumcised penis which was straining at its humiliating 2½ inches (6.4 cm) of full erection, however it's pathetic length was almost totally hidden from sight by my much prised thick, lush growth of pubic hair, only the exposed head of my penis being visible.

"Oh my god, I can hardly see his cock for all his pubes but I think he's fully erect and it looks so thin and tiny." Shana exclaimed surprised.

"Yes Shana," said Rani, "if he didn't have that thick bush of pubes he bragged about, he certainly wouldn't have to worry about getting in trouble for being naked at the beach."

Blake then broke out laughing, which along with the girls' comments caused me to cover up, even though it was really too late for that.

Rani immediately explained that as there was no one close by, I needed right then and there to begin to get comfortable with being naked in front of them and made me place my hands by my side.  It took every effort to pull my arms away from covering up.

Then to my horror Shana produced a razor, shaving cream and scissors from her beach bag.

Rani explained that they had come prepared, just in case I did have pubes.  They confirmed to me my already growing suspicions that my mother had planned my meeting with the girls at the beach.  The girls told me how Mother had told them to bring the shaving gear just in case, so I could go swimming naked.  Mother had told them, Shana explained, that like most boys my age I was excessively modest and that she had not seen me naked in years and did not know if I had any pubes or not!

Rani then told me that aside from my pubes I still looked very much like a little boy and that I would have to lose them so I could go swimming.  Needless to say, I objected and begged them not to shave off my only sign of maturity, but the renewed threat of a spanking soon made me lie on the sand and suffer the abject humiliation of having my thick bush trimmed to stubble with the scissors and then shaving cream applied before the razor removed all remaining traces of my pubes.

When Shana had finished and stood back to take in my now hairless genitals she looked like she was searching for something to say, but the look on her face told me she was shocked about how undeveloped I really was now that all my pubes we gone.  All six eyes were glued on my hairless groin, taking in the sight of my circumcised pencil thin penis and tight almost prepubescent ball sack.  I had started to grow pubes near the end of sixth grade and I could shoot a small watery load since early in the seventh grade but that had almost been the total extent of my development.

Blake chimed into the discussion boasting: "My penis and balls are bigger than yours."  Gone was his look of awe at me being the mature eighth grader and him the immature little sixth grader.

It didn't take long to find out the truth of Blake's boast, as his sister ordered him to remove his swimming trunks and join me in swimming nude.  Blake obviously had gone naked on the beach before, because he showed no shyness or reluctance in removing his swim trunks.

As soon as I saw his naked dick and balls I knew he had not been making idle boasts.  My humiliation was complete.  Blake's penis was already much longer in length and thicker than mine and his ball sack whilst not yet descended was plumper than mine.

Blake and I were soon swimming and because I was now a hairless boy again I was able to stay naked and not get into any trouble whilst swimming.  I confess I had loads of fun and by the time we finished swimming I had to concede to Shana and Rani that they were right about me needing to get over my excessive modesty and get comfortable about being naked in front of them.  I admitted to them that after a while I had become very relaxed about being naked and enjoyed swimming nude with Blake.  Both Shana and Rani said that proved that I would also be totally comfortable with them being my new sitters!

When I got home Shana and Rani made me explain to mother everything that had happened.  Rani even showed Mother some before and after shaving pictures she had taken down at the beach on her cell phone.

"Timmy, take your shorts and pants down so I can have a proper look."  I hesitated, Blake suppressed a giggle and Mother added a sharp: "NOW!"  I had to overcome my modesty and obey for Randi gave me a warning pat on my bum.  Mother seemed particularly pleased at just how juvenile my genitals looked after their thick covering of pubes had been shaved off, telling Shana and Rani that she very much approved of my new little boy look without my pubes, declaring that boys my age were definitely less mature than girls of the same age and that as far as she was concerned no middle school boys or even ninth grade high school freshmen should be allowed to grow pubes!  Both Shana and Rani had great big smiles as they looked at each other.  I hadn't any doubts that they would insure that Mother was not displeased.

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