Quarterback: From the Inside

Chapter 3


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It was 7am and Matt lay awake in his bed. He'd not slept well the night before. Matt thought how quickly the last two years had gone. He thought about Vicky and their friendship. Vicky had been his rock. He remembered their fateful meeting in the hallway and how she dragged him to class and almost just as literally dragged him into her life. He laughed as he thought how other people perceived their relationship without ever really seeing any evidence or asking for any confirmation. Matt knew that Vicky's friendship made his life less complex. He'd always been a good student and had vowed to himself that he'd make academics his commitment at South West Valley. Vicky had helped him keep that vow by always pushing him to excel academically and providing a social cocoon to keep him from being lost in the web of high school social life. Yea, he had other friends and spent time with them, but it was Vicky he was with the most and it was she that gave his life a foundation.

"Oh Vicky...," Matt sighed. He'd worried about his friend a lot lately. He'd noticed things about the way she acted when she was around him. He believed that she wanted something more from him and he was afraid. Matt hadn't thought much about dating at SWVH, he knew about the relationships of others and sometimes thought about that for himself, but he'd never really done much more than casually think about it. Usually, the pressure from other students would push a popular sophomore like himself into establishing intimate relationships, but everyone had always thought that Vicky and Matt were together so no one had ever hinted at anything else. Matt knew that Vicky liked him and would probably respond with delight to any proposal from him to elevate their relationship, but Matt had never felt drawn toward any such action and now he'd tossed and tumbled all night wondering if he was hurting his dearest friend.

Another thought troubled Matt's stormy mindset. He thought of the game last night, of the smallish linebacker for the opposing team that played with such heart and determination. Matt felt fortunate for having his teammates who provided such great protection on the line as he stood in the pocket waiting for that moment just before his receivers would come open and look back to catch the pass already spiraling their way. He'd kept an eye on the guy all night as he'd spin and dodge, wrestle and claw Matt's linemen in an all out effort to get by and break up the play. But Matt's line had held. At one point, just before the end of the game, Matt had looked at him again, fighting for that illusive break and had winked at him in appreciation for the great efforts he'd made throughout the night. The guy had frozen in place almost and a look of confusion crept across his face, then a slight smile. Matt had seen him after the game, staring. He'd looked up as they walked through the line-up congratulating their foe for a game won with intensity and honor. As they shook hands, their eyes had met and the memory still troubled Matt's mind today.

He decided he needed to clear his head. It was still early. Anytime Matt needed to think, he ran. Something about the burning energy of a nice run soothed the pain of heavy thoughts and allowed him to think more clearly, to ease his troubles and find solutions otherwise hidden in a gray abyss of confusion. He gathered his things and dressed quickly, wrote a note to his mom letting her know that he'd be at the park running, and quickly slipped out quietly into the warming daylight of an already advancing day. It was several blocks to the park and Matt walked today the distance, taking the opportunity to stretch and loosen up along the way. When he arrived he'd pick a route and set out on his path. Matt was in excellent condition and often ran for several miles. He knew he'd have a mixed run today, running a while and walking intermittently to allow his mind to settle and the thoughts to come more clearly.

Diego and Shawn had been at the lake far back in the deepest region of the park for awhile now. The park bordered an undeveloped section of the city. The land behind the park remained virtually untouched and along the edge laid a fair sized lake. For the most part it was undisturbed but from time to time young people ventured back to the lake for late night parties or a swim with a small group of friends. In the mornings though, it was most often void of guests. Parents tended to warn against hanging around the lake because of the neglect to the upkeep of the area around it and the untamed acreage just beyond. But young people still visited the area from time to time to exercise their youthful independence.

Diego and Shawn loved to visit the lake because it was quiet and they were mostly undisturbed. In order to get to the lake, you worked through a narrow stand of trees from the central area of the park. The park was large and the area of trees bordering the lake was virtually out of sight from the forward border of the park. On either side of the lake, there was a wider and more tangled section of trees. This was the area of highest concern to parents. There had been an effort by some citizens to get the lake area cleaned up, but the area had been donated by a wealthy and respected community leader just prior to his death and he'd wanted the area to remain in a natural state. He argued that the city had plenty of well-maintained acreage in the rest of the park to meet the recreational needs of visitors and wanted a place where one could visit if they wanted a slightly more natural escape. The lake and its surroundings provided that and the city had accepted the donation with the stipulation that it remain in its natural state. There had been minor concerns over problems that had arisen due to the location and condition of the area but there was no real concern as yet that might cause the city to rethink its position on the matter. Diego and Shawn were completely unaware of the political environment concerning their morning escape. They were simply enjoying the pleasure of camaraderie and the beauty of the midmorning as they wrestled and taunted each other in the cool, relaxing water.

"Ready to go, Diego?" asked Shawn as he rose from the lake, dried off and began to redress for his ride back through town.

"Nah, you go ahead, I want to relax awhile. I think I'll stay here a little longer and decide what to do with my day."

"Suit yourself. I've got to be at work in an hour. I have time to run you home or wherever you want to go if you'd like."

Diego smiled at his friend, "that's ok, but I appreciate it bud...you're a great friend. You know that, right?"

"Aahhh," Shawn grumbled, with a hardly suppressed grin. "Don't go getting soft on me..." and with that he turned away and slowly made his way back through the veil of greenery to the park beyond. Several minutes later Diego heard the Harley in the distance as it carried his friend away.

He lay back on his towel stretched out along the water's edge. A small stand of brush protected him from prying eyes as he lay along the lakeside thinking. At one point he thought he heard voices some distance away, but he stopped to listen and heard nothing further so he returned to his quiet deliberations. He remembered the late evening escapades in which his father had recruited him and his brother to assist. Diego had to find a way to stop, but how? His father could be a violent and unreasonable man and Diego had spent a large part of his life avoiding his father's rage. Was he brave enough...strong enough...to stand up to his father now? And what about his brother's baby...this new life that was already producing a change in Manuel?  Diego's mind turned to his mother and he felt the feelings of loss building inside him. At times like this, he missed his mother so much. He missed the feeling that he was really loved. He'd have to think of some plan. He knew his father would not accept his decision. He had to know what he'd do when he made his stand. Where would he go? How would he survive?


Matt was well into his run when he saw a familiar figure moving toward him. As the distance closed, he recognized the linebacker from the previous night's game. He smiled as the runner looked up and his jaw fell in surprise; then he recovered and smiled as well as he recognized the illusive quarterback of his victorious foe in the previous night's gridiron rivalry.

"Hey...," said the approaching runner as he came up to Matt on the trail, "you're Matt, right?"

Matt smiled in wonder, "yea, how'd you know my name?"

"I asked at the game...you can't leave a battle without knowing who the guy is that frustrated you all night!"

Matt laughed, "Don't look at me, it was those three hundred pound trucks that kept you in chains, not me."

"Name's Eric," the linebacker announced over a beaming grin "it's nice to meet you."

"...you too, and you already know my name."

"Looks like you've been here awhile Matt, about to call it a day?"

"Nah, probably not, I'm doing some combination running and walking so I've got a ways to go, wanta join me?"

"Yes, I'd like that. And don't worry about the combo...I'll just do what you are doing"

"Sounds good."

"Which way do you want to go?"

"Well, I've been behind me, and you've been in front of me, so if you want we could head over toward the lake and break the monotony."

"Yea, sounds good. It'll give us a place to cool off a little when we're done if we want."

"Great idea! Let's go for it"

The two continued their run for awhile in the general area of the lake. There were only a few people in this area of the park, so the run was nice and relaxing with little worry about interfering in the activities of others. At one point, Matt had seen some movement in the area of the trees surrounding the lake but hadn't paid much attention. Now, sometime later, they were moving that way again when Eric slowed and called for Matt's attention.

"What do you say we work our way over to the lake and get that cool down now, Matt?"

"Ok. I think I've done enough for today anyway. I'm surprised I'm not sore already."

"Yea, I know what you mean. I usually don't run after a game but I needed it today."

"Sounds like you've had the same problem as me, too much on your mind and needing a way to get a break!"

"Yea, I don't know what it is with me lately, but...oh well...I'll figure it out."

"We can talk if you want..."

"No, that's ok. But thanks. I think I just need to take some time. Everything's fine, it's not a big deal, just something I need to work out."

The two moved into the stand of trees aside the lake. The conversation died as they carefully picked their way through the pesky tangles of vines and spider webs, mindful of the danger from more silent and sinister guests of the dense undergrowth. It took a few minutes to get near the lake, but as they approached they began to hear noises ahead. Something didn't sound right, muffled. So they moved more slowly and carefully trying to be silent as they neared the area from which the sounds had come. Matt stopped suddenly as he came up beside Eric. The site that met his gaze almost caused him to cry out in disbelief. They'd come to the edge of a small clearing, well protected by the trees on three sides and near the lake on the other. In the clearing and unaware of their guests were Jeremiah and Grant. Matt blushed with realization. He wasn't sure that Eric realized who they were, but he was certain that he realized what they were doing.

They were laying head to toe, and each had the ample endowment of the other sliding between his lips. Matt was spellbound. He couldn't move, couldn't think. He hardly realized that Eric still stood beside him, equally entranced with the wonder he couldn't believe he was seeing.

Matt watched his friend Grant; popular junior class social icon, potential homecoming court representative, and possible class presidential candidate as he sucked eagerly on the thick black dick sliding between his lips. He watched and listened, the sounds as captivating as the sight of his friend nursing on the long, thick black schlong as it slipped between his lips like a child enjoying his first hard candy treat. "So it is true...," Matt thought, as he watched his friend slide Jeremiah's cock deep into the back of his throat and heard the gurgle of his spit as he lathered the giant organ with eagerness and skill. "This isn't the first time he's done this...," thought Matt.

Grant and Jeremiah were totally unaware of their audience, so engrossed were they in the pleasure of their secret love. They'd known each other since grade school. They'd never been especially close, though, until they came to high school together and joined the high powered Falcon offense as underclassmen. Making the varsity in the first year was a great accomplishment, but a daunting task. Most of your teammates were older and more secure in the social fabric of high school life. As underclassmen, the smaller contingent of varsity players had bonded closely and become good friends, even the ones who'd known each other for years had seen the nature of their friendship develop. Grant and Jeremiah had both struggled in mathematics. They'd talked about their problems in practice and had decided to try studying together. Each of the boys had girlfriends they entertained in the evenings, so they'd meet a few times a week in study hall and spend some additional time whenever they could in the library after school or at local hangouts in the early evening just after practice.  Their efforts had born striking results. Both boys had seen improvements in their fundamental mathematic skills and had ended the year making honor roll and improving their overall standing academically.

Last year, they'd decided from the beginning to continue their study partnership from the year before. They'd still have to continue working around their schedules due to school events, and Grant continued to date Alexis, the girl he'd started dating his first year. Alexis was taking up more and more time now as the two had begun to have arguments at times about various little things. Grant was frustrated by his girlfriend's demands and often complained to Jeremiah about her general disagreeability long after the studying had ended. As the struggles of scheduling increased, they'd decided to move their study site to alternating home visits. Each would entertain the other at his house on alternating weeks to keep from placing undue stress on the family in one household or the other with constant visitations.

Months after their new schedule had begun; the two had studied late one night for an upcoming exam they were concerned about. When they'd finished, they felt good about their efforts and knew that the extra time spent working had improved their opportunity to succeed. Grant called his parents to let them know he would be spending the night and would stop by early to change clothes before school.

"I've got to get off, Jeremiah." Said Grant several minutes after the two had turned off the light and climbed into Jeremiah's queen sized bed.

"Wanta jack it?" asked Jeremiah mischievously.

"What do you mean, here?!"

"Yea, it's just us. Who's gonna know. Come'n...it'll be fun. Let me see that big stick, bitch."

Grant laughed. Jeremiah always found a way to make tense situations loosen up with his fearless humor.

"Ok, I'll do it, but you gotta do it with me," said Grant...mustering his confidence.

They pulled down their jocks, grasped their dicks and slowly and rhythmically built up their motion until they'd come almost simultaneously. After cleaning up they returned to bed quietly and were soon fast asleep.

They talked about what happened on their next study night and decided they liked it and weren't concerned about any labels. Both boys felt they were straight and that their late night trysts were simply a way to relieve themselves. Over time, the jacking became more commonplace and eventually they were reaching over and jacking their partner while he did the same to them. It was one of these moments, this time in the middle of the day at the park near the treeline of the lake, that a security officer and a strolling couple had caught them. The two had been embarrassed to the point of tears and had pleaded with the officer to spare them the embarrassment of legal proceedings. The friendly gentlemen had relented and let the boys go. But someone had said something publicly about the incident and even though their names were never divulged, tales of the incident regularly made their rounds through the rumor mill.

After the incident with the officer and couple, the boys had stayed away from the park. But as their sexual experiences developed and they began to try new things, they slowly began to use the park again infrequently to reduce the risk of being caught at home or at school. They'd even sneaked off to an isolated restroom at school a time or two for a quick grope and subsequent explosion that eased the stress of another routine day. The boys knew their actions were a risk but had slowly moved beyond the need for temporary satisfaction to the point of having a need for the company of their secret friend. Neither had thought about the implications or labels associated with their behavior in a long time and simply enjoyed the opportunities they had to be together.

Matt felt it, as Eric's hand reached over the waistline of his running shorts. They'd been standing for a few minutes watching the action in the clearing in front of them in complete awe. He knew he should have stopped him, but all he could think about was the clearing, and the look in Eric's eyes yesterday when he saw him staring following the game. Matt remained motionless and Eric reached in, pulling out the long cock and studying it longingly. He began to move his fingers up and down drawing a gulp and sigh from Matt as he continued to stand motionless watching his friend lather the long black cock as it slid down his throat and out again.

It was a moment of truth for Matt. His head felt as if it were spinning. He struggled to breath. Thoughts scrambled in and out of his head in rhythm with the pulsating rhythm of his friend's thrusts on the long cock he continued to nurse. Matt couldn't think about his uneasiness of late. He couldn't grasp his concerns about Vicky and her behavior. He couldn't focus on the stares of Eric at the end of the game. All he knew was the heat of the day was nothing compared to the feelings welling up inside of him. He reached for his friends bulging shorts and grasps his manhood through the thin material. Panting almost now, he pulled the shorts down and broke his gaze from the clearing to look at his friend.

"Damn," Matt thought, "he's bigger than I am!" He began to stroke Eric's long dick. He pulled on it and felt it respond. He wanted it. He wanted it just like he'd watched it seconds ago. He knelt down at his friends feet, leaned forward and licked the leaking head. He looked up at this stranger and sudden friend and his mind was made up. He opened his mouth and slid the long shaft inside.

"mmmm..." Eric heard the moan as Matt took his dick far back into the opening of his throat. "I've wanted this since I met him." Eric thought.

Matt was in heaven. He'd never felt anything like this, and he never wanted it to end.