Jack Edwards

Spinners Pt 1

Beth was bossy. All through elementary school, she and her best friend, Amber, were like the alpha females of our grade. They were smart, and they were like, the cutest girls. Beth had blue eyes and deep-red hair which she wore a variety of ways. She was taller and had wider shoulders and hips than Amber.

Amber’s family was Hispanic. She had long, black hair and awesomely big, dark eyes. She was thin, with slender limbs.

In junior high, the two of them had begun to get seriously pretty, and they developed racks. They were still bossy. In fact, Beth was the one who set that weekend up, back when we were in eighth grade. We were all thirteen at the time.

Davis, Trevor, and I had been tight since first grade. We played soccer together; I was goalie, Trev played forward. We played football; I was tight end, Davis played safety, Trev was our quarterback. We played basketball, we played baseball, we loved sports. We were naturals.

When we were in seventh grade, I had my appendix taken out. It was Trev who came to my house every day I was laid up, and Davis came most of the time. Trev called me ‘Indian’ because he knew I was proud of my Cherokee blood, but he only called me that privately because a teacher overheard once, and gave him serious shit about not being politically correct.

Beth and Amber hung with us, but the three of us guys weren’t exactly alpha males. Beth was bossy enough for all of us. Before that weekend, Amber and Davis were like, going together.

Davis, Trev, and I were sitting in the front atrium at school Thursday morning, undressing girls in our imagination, when Beth and Amber came up to us, grinning the way girls do when they’re up to something.

“We’re having a party,” Beth whispered. “You three are invited, but only you three.” She glanced at each of us sternly. “You can’t bring anyone else. You understand?”

“Who else is gonna be there?” Trevor asked.

Beth smiled, conspiratorially. “Just you three, me and Amber, and my cousin.”

“Is your cousin a girl?” Davis asked.

“Of course, you dickhead,” Beth said. “Now listen. This weekend, my parents are going out of town. My sister, Liz, is supposed to watch us, but she and her boyfriend have been wanting to go to Chicago without my folks knowing, so I told her to go. Sooooh, it’s gonna be just us. You tell your parents that you’re going camping or something, but come to my place, like at eight tomorrow night. My parents will be gone by then.”

“Should I bring Jenny?” Trevor asked, referring to his girlfriend.

“No!” both girls shouted at once. Beth shook her head, solemnly. “We’ve got three boys and three girls already. No one else.” Then she smiled, slyly. “We have something special planned.”

“So, like, are we gonna sleep over?” Davis asked with a shit-eating grin.

Beth frowned. “Not if you say a word of this to anyone else,” she warned. “Not a word. You guys keep it secret and show up by yourselves or forget it!”

She glanced up at me. “You, too, Jason.”

“Wha? Why pick on me?”

“Because you don’t always know when to keep quiet, and I don’t want you to screw things up,” she said. Then she smiled. “I want you to be there, okay?”

“Woo!” Davis said, elbowing me.

I was the tallest of us three guys. And like I said, I have a lot of Cherokee blood, so I look like I’m tanned everywhere, and I have pretty thick black hair, which, back then, had grown down past my shoulders. I normally wore it pulled back. At thirteen, my equipment had gotten big and I could squirt tons of watery cum, but I still hadn’t gotten my first pubes, which was sorta embarrassing. Davis and Trevor, already had tight little, pube mustaches above their cocks.

Davis’s dad was Norwegian, and Davis had golden-blond hair and blue-eyed. Trevor was the best looking of us, though, even if he was a bit of a clown. At least, I thought he was the best looking. He had curly brown hair with natural gold highlights in the summer, and he had pale-gray eyes and the kind of face that girls melted over. He was almost as tall as me. Davis was a shorter, like his girlfriend, Amber.

Friday night, we could hear the music from outside Beth’s house before we even got to the front door. We could really hear it when Beth threw open the front door. She dragged us inside.

We had our camping gear with us, because we still weren’t sure what Beth had in mind, and we hoped we’d be sleeping over.

“Leave your stuff there, inside the door,” Beth said.

That’s when I saw Lindsay, Beth’s cousin. Beth introduced her. I was glad I didn’t have my hair pulled back. Lindsay looked at it, looked at me, and smiled.

“I like your hair,” she said.

Lindsay was twelve, but an inch taller than Beth. She was long-limbed and a little gangly like some tall girls are at that age. I thought she was beautiful. She had pale blond, almost white hair. It was lighter even than Davis’. It hung down to her slender shoulders. Even her eyebrows were pale blond. She had deep blue eyes, and a shy way of looking away. But then her blue eyes met mine, and I forgot to breathe.

The girls led us into the den and I roused myself to stay close to Lindsay. I stole a glance at her chest as I walked beside her. She was wearing a bra under her t-shirt; maybe a training bra, but a bra. She had a long, graceful neck and her skin looked soft. Her hair was so fine that strands of it floated as she walked.

The girls had pushed all the furniture in the den back against the walls, and they had been dancing. On a game table were two pizzas and a pitcher of red liquid. Beth poured us drinks from the pitcher.

“Rum punch,” she said, grinning.

I took a sip and tasted my first alcohol. Lindsay glanced up at me, and I smiled at her. I didn’t wait for someone else to ask her to dance, and I didn’t want Beth to ask me instead. I’m normally shy, but I didn’t hesitate.

“Wanna dance?” I asked Lindsay.

She smiled, sweetly, and nodded.

All six of us danced. Beth made us switch around. When it was my turn to dance with her, Beth grind danced with me, and gave me a hard-on. Amber started grind dancing Davis, but Lindsay didn’t grind dance till she was with me again, and then I got a whopper of a hardon.

We ate pizza and drank more punch.

The girls were in t-shirts and shorts. Trev and I wore t-shirts and jeans. Davis was in a t-shirt and shorts. I mention that because of what followed.

I slow-danced Linday, and pulled her close to me. She’d already felt my hardon when she grind danced me, so I held her close to me, even though she could feel it against her front. Her skin was soft against my cheek. I kissed her, and her lips were soft.

Beth stopped the music. “Okay, everyone,” she said with a sharp glance toward me. “Time to go to the living room.”

The girls had pushed back the furniture in the living room as well. The floor had one of those thick carpets that your feet sink into. The girls had spread old sheets and blankets over the middle of the room. To protect the carpet?

“Everybody take off your socks and shoes,” Beth said. “And no punch in the living room. My mom would shit bricks if we got red on the carpet.”

We took our shoes off.

“Socks, too,” Beth repeated. “And sit in a circle here in the middle; boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.”

I sat between Lindsay and Beth. I leaned lightly against Lindsay. Beth set a Twister spinner on the floor in the middle of us.

“You’re kidding,” Davis said.

“Twister?” Trevor asked with a surprised laugh.

Beth held up her hand. “Not twister,” she said. “We just need the spinner. We’re playing Spin the Bottle, but we tried a bottle and it didn’t spin right on the carpet.”

“Spin the bottle?” Davis asked with a laugh.

Beth leaned forward and glanced at the three of us boys in turn, smiling slyly. “We’re going to play strip Spin the Bottle.”

Our jaws dropped to the floor.

“Here are the rules,” Beth said. “Amber, Lindsay, and I already agreed to them.” She glanced around at us again, as if to say, ‘We made the rules, so get over it’.

“Everybody takes a turn spinning,” Beth said, “and we go around the circle. Your first spin, you kiss whoever the arrow points to when it stops.” She lowered her voice ominously. “Even if it lands on another boy.”

Our jaws dropped a second time.

“Wait!” Davis started to protest.

“Those are the rules,” Beth said, and continued. “Beginning with the second spin, whoever your spin lands on has to take off a piece of clothing. Then you kiss them.” Then she smiled wickedly. “When both you and the person the spinner lands on are naked, you can make them do anything you want.”

“Oh, shit!” Davis and Trevor murmured at the same time.

“Anything?” I asked.

“Anything,” Beth confirmed, “even if it’s another guy.”

Us guys glanced at each other. Trev had a lopsided grin.

I glanced at Lindsay thinking that she couldn’t possibly have known about this ahead of time, but the way she blushed and looked down told me she did. I felt my dick thicken again.

“I’ll go first,” Beth said. “And then we’ll go left to Jason. When you spin, it has to go around at least once or you have to do it again.”

Beth leaned forward on her knees and spun hard. The arrow went around and round, then stopped on Davis.

“Go, Davis!” Trevor said, grinning.

Davis was sitting to Beth’s right, so she simply sat back on her heels and leaned into him. Beth kissed him, and when she added tongue, we all hooted. I felt Lindsay’s hand rest on mine.

Beth knelt back down beside me. “Your turn, Jase.”

I leaned forward on my knees, and spun. The spinner went around twice and landed on Davis again.

“Shit!” I murmured.

Trevor howled.

“You gotta do it,” Beth reminded.

With a sigh, I crawled around behind her on my hands and knees, and kissed Davis’ cheek. He had worn Grey Flannel cologne. He actually smelled good.

“Not the cheek!” Beth said, giving my butt a hard slap. “The lips.”

With everyone giggling, I gave Davis a quick peck on the lips, and then returned to my seat without daring to look back at Davis or over at Trevor.

Lindsay spun, and I willed the spinner to stop on me. It stopped on Trevor.

‘Shit!’ I thought. Girls melted over Trevor. He was going to take Lindsay from me before I even had a chance.

Lindsay didn’t hesitate. She leaned in, laying a hand on his shoulder, and kissed Trev, full on the lips. Trev put his hand behind Lindsay’s head and added tongue. They went right at it. Trevor pulled her closer. I was frustrated and horny all at once.

“Time!” Beth called out.

Reluctantly, Trevor pulled back. “What do you mean, time?”

“Time,” Beth repeated. “Otherwise, no one else gets a turn. For now, everyone gets one minute.”

“One minute each, the first round,” Trevor suggested, “and another minute added on with each round after that.”

“Maybe,” Beth said. “Your turn to spin.”

Trevor sat back from Lindsay with a sigh. She smiled at him. I almost growled.

Trevor put his finger on the spinner and paused dramatically, grinning at each girl in turn. The he spun. The spinner went around a couple of times and stopped, pointing directly at me.

Davis and Beth hooted.

“This sucks!” I said. “That spinner’s gay!”

Trevor was already coming around behind Lindsay on all fours with a really devilish grin on his face.

Grabbing my shoulders, he flattened me onto my back and instantly covered my mouth with his. The girls squealed.

My first thought was, ‘dork’! My second thought was… ‘Oh!’

Trevor’s lips were firm. His breath was warm. He pushed into my mouth with his tongue. It was the first kiss with tongue I’d ever had in my life, and it took my breath away. Dazed, I responded with my own tongue.

Trevor responded in turn, stepping up the heat.

“Time!” Beth called.

Trevor pulled back, and for a brief moment, he looked at me strangely. Then he grinned, and I wondered how much he’d been joking with me.

“Look!” Beth said laughing.

I lifted my head to see what she meant. She was pointing at my middle. Under my jeans, my erection clearly lay pointing up and out to my left hipbone.

“Holy shit!” Amber murmured.

“Dude, you got hard!” Davis roared, laughing.

Trevor glanced at my lap and the faintest of smiles crossed his lips before he backed on all fours toward his seat.

I glanced at Lindsay. Her eyes were wide, and she was looking at my lap.

I sat up quickly to cover myself.

Amber spun, and landed on Beth. They made a pretty hot kiss themselves, and I had the definite impression that it wasn’t the first time.

Davis spun, and landed on Amber. He did to Amber like Trevor had to me. He laid her back and kissed with tongue, copping a feel of tit through her shirt and bra.

Then it was Beth’s turn again.

“Okay,” she reminded us. “This round, whoever the spinner lands on, has to take off a piece of clothing.”

She spun, and it landed on me.

“Take something off,” she said, with an expectant smile.

I pulled off my shirt, and Beth took me down onto my back again. She grinned at me, and her eyes twinkled as she ran her fingers over my chest and down onto my belly. She bent over me and kissed me, immediately adding tongue. I could taste the rum punch in her mouth. The girls had drunk a bit before we got there.

Beth laid her palm on my belly and rubbed gently. Then she surprised me. She kissed down the side of my neck, and onto my throat. She kissed onto my chest, and before I knew what was happening, a shock of sensation shot through my body as her mouth closed on my left nipple.

I’ve got normal size nipples, I guess, for a guy; not the pinpoint nipples that Trevor has, but regular, pink ones. In that moment, my left one tightened up into a hard nub.

No one was laughing. I glanced over and saw Trevor watching from over Lindsay’s shoulder. His hand was on her shoulder.

Then Beth switched to my right nipple and I gasped, closing my eyes.

“His nipples get hard just like a girl’s,” Amber murmured, quietly.

I shuddered as Beth sucked my right nipple and rubbed my left nipple between her thumb and finger. A moment later, she shifted back to sucking my left nipple, and she switched hands so that her left hand tweaked my right nipple, and her right hand was free. That’s when I felt her right hand rest on my cock through my jeans.

I moved my pelvis under her hand.

Beth sat up and looked at her watch. “A minute and a half,” she said. “We’ll add thirty seconds this round. Everyone gets a minute and a half.”

I was lying there, belly heaving. My nipples were wet. I dried them with my palms.

Lindsay touched my belly, drawing a finger up it.

“He has soft skin,” she murmured.

“Yeah,” Beth agreed. “He does, but he’s got muscles, too.” She reached over and thumped my belly. I jerked my knees up, and Beth laughed.

“Your turn to spin, Jason,” she said.

I sat up slowly, my breath still settling down. My face felt hot. Taking a breath, I leaned forward and spun. It landed on Amber.

She smiled at me.

I got up, and came around to her, and she stood to meet me.

“Take off what you want,” she said. Her big, dark eyes teased me.

I kissed her, and ran my hands under her shirt. She ran her hands over my bare shoulders and back. Her long, black hair smelled clean.

Amber had smooth, soft skin, herself. I felt her flat belly. I felt up onto her bra. My intention was to take off her shirt, but I felt the clasp of her bra, in front, between her cups.

I hooked a finger in the clasp, and drew her closer. I kissed the side of her neck as I slipped both hands up the front of her shirt to undo the clasp. Surprisingly she helped. The bra unfastened and I slipped my palms over the taut skin of her firm breasts.

There just aren’t many things as awesome as the first time you cover a girl’s bare breast with your hand. At thirteen, Amber’s breasts fit under the palms of my hands, perfectly. Her nipples were hard, like mine had been.

She sighed and leaned into me. I kissed her with both hands on her breasts and she held onto my sides.

“Time!” Beth called.

I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t stop. Neither did Amber.

“Time!” Beth called again. “Or do you want to get penalized?”

Reluctantly, I pulled back. No telling what ‘penalized’ might mean if Beth turned bitchy.

I returned to my seat, not even worried about the erection that was so obvious in the front of my jeans.

Lindsay spun. Again, I willed it to stop on me. It stopped on Lindsay.

“When your spin lands on you,” Beth said with one of her wicked grins. “You gotta take something off, and then spin again.”

Suited me fine. We all turned to watch Lindsay.

She pulled her shirt off, and I got a good look at Lindsay’s slender torso. Her skin was very white, but pure white; not even freckles. Her bra was one of those stretchy athletic/trainer kinds of bras. They outlined her small breasts and her nipples showed clearly through the fabric. She paused for a moment, and smiled at me when she saw the way I oggled her breasts.

She spun again, and the spinner landed on Beth.

Beth pulled off her shirt, and leaned across me to get to Lindsay. I didn’t try to get out of the way, and I don’t think Beth intended me to. The two of them kissed over me, and they fondled each other’s breasts through their bras. I got the impression that it wasn’t the first time for Lindsay with Beth, either. I ran my hands over the bare skin of both girl’s sides and backs.

Next was Trevor’s turn. He spun and it landed on Amber again.

Since he was sitting beside her, he knelt up to pull off her shirt. She knelt up to help him. The shirt came off, and she was naked from the waist up.

Amber had olive skin. Her areoles were dark, perfect circles. Her nipples were erect. On her thirtheen-year-old chest, her breasts were firm and proud. Trevor did homage to them, cupping under them with his palms. He bent and kissed them, and sucked her nipples gently.

Trevor went back and forth between nipples and then laid Amber down onto the floor, onto her back. He had just lain on her, chest to chest, to kiss her, when Beth called time.

Amber spun next. The arrow stopped on Davis.

Sitting to her left, he pulled off his shirt.

Davis, the shortest of us, was tightly built, and lean. The seams of his belly and shoulder muscles showed clearly. He laid Amber onto her back, lying on top of her; white skin on olive, bare chest to bare chest, flattening her breasts slightly. He kissed her, before slipping his hands between their chests to feel her breasts. He kissed down onto them, much like Beth had done onto me. He even snuck a hand inside Amber’s thighs before Beth called time.

It was Davis’ turn to spin. The arrow landed on Trevor.

Trevor stood, pulling off his shirt. He came to Davis, who also stood.

No one said anything as the two of them faced each other. Trevor ran his hands over the muscles in Davis’ shoulders. Davis felt over Trevor’s pecs as if they were a girl’s breasts. He grinned.

“Weird,” Davis murmured. And then they kissed, but not like Trevor had kissed me. They kissed and bumped, and jostled each other, as if testing their strength. Trevor grabbed the back of Davis’ head and kissed him hard, plunging his tongue into Davis’ mouth. Davis grabbed fistfuls of Trevor’s lats. They looked like they were fighting as much as kissing, and somehow, it looked very male, even though we were only thirteen.

Beth’s voice sounded dry when she called time.

“We’ll add another thirty seconds this round,” she said, quietly before spinning. We were all of us were shirtless. Amber, without a bra, sat with her arms crossed over her chest. Beth spun. It landed on Trevor.


Trevor stood, and danced a spin while stripping off his jeans. Under them, he wore navy-colored briefs, well-tented in front. I’d seen Trev in his underwear before, countless times. I’d even noticed how snuggly they fit his butt, and how he always wore them low so that the V of his lower abdomen muscles always showed. But I’d never seen him sporting a hardon inside them, and my own erection grew as I looked at Trevor’s long, bare legs and torso.

I guess like most boys that age, I had some ambivalent sexual feelings. I had admired other boys’ bodies, including and especially Trevor’s. I had wondered what sex with another boy would be like. I had wondered what it’d be like with Trev.

Trevor glanced at me, and our eyes met, just briefly, before I looked away, embarrassed because of what I’d been thinking.

By then, Beth, who had spun on him, was beside him. She wrapped her hands up behind his back and hugged onto him as they kissed. They tongue wrestled and she slid her hands down to his cloth-covered butt. She squeezed his buns, and kissed down onto his chest, where she sucked his nipples.

“Beth likes nipples,” I observed quietly, mainly to myself.

“Oh, yeah,” Lindsay murmured, then glanced at me, her face turning red.

I smiled because it looked like she hadn’t meant to say that.

It was my turn to spin. I willed it to stop on Lindsay; I wanted to be the one to take off her bra. It stopped on Beth instead. So much for mind control.

Beth knelt up beside me, smiling, and reached behind her back. She took off her bra, and I watched it drop away.

It was a toss-up, who had the biggest breasts; her or Amber. They both had nice handfuls. But Beth’s were beautiful in their own way. Her areolas were larger and a deeper red than Ambers. They were red like her hair. She still had a tan line from her swim top and the skin of her breasts was creamy white. They looked full and taut. Her nipples were hard.

I cupped her breasts and kissed first one, then the other, feeling the hard nubs of her nipples with my lips, smelling her clean skin. I laid her down onto her back, and sucked both tits in earnest, caressing them with my hands. I had her squirming and moaning when Amber finally called time because Beth hadn’t.

It was Lindsay’s turn to spin. This time, I thought I’d will the spinner to land on someone else because it kept landing on who I didn’t want. I figured if I wanted it to land on someone else, it’d land on me.

It landed on Davis.

Like Trevor had done, Davis did a little spin while shimmying out of his shorts. He wore red cotton boxers, and if his dick had been pointing straight ahead instead of to the side, it’d be right through the fly.

Lindsay came to him while he was still standing. They kissed, and he pulled her close. Then, while they were kissing, he took her right hand and laid it on the front of his boxers, right over his erection.

She flattened her hand there. She squeezed him. Then she reached right into his fly. Her fingers disappeared inside his boxers, and I thought I’d cream on the spot.

“Lindsay’s got her first feel,” Beth observed, smiling shallowly. Beth said it a little enviously, like it might be the first feel for any of them.

Then it was Trevor’s turn to spin. The arrow landed on me again.

“Sorry, dude,” Trevor said with a grin.

I got up and shucked out of my jeans without much show. I wore boxer-briefs.

“Oh, wow!” Amber said, pointing to the front of them. “Did you cum already?”

Everybody stared at the front of my underwear.

I sucked in my gut, and pushed my hips forward to look down at my front. “It’s just precum,” I said, embarrassed. “You can give me a break… Like how was that not supposed to happen?”

Trevor was beside me by then, and he pulled me belly to belly with him. He wrapped his arms around me, and the fronts of our underwear, and our erections, pressed together between us. He pressed his mouth to mine, and when he pressed in with his tongue, I opened my mouth to his.

The girls didn’t squeal this time. They watched quietly.

Trevor’s mouth was warm and his tongue on mine excited me. Without really thinking, I wrapped an arm behind his neck and my other arm behind the small of his back.

His hands slid down my back and into the back of my underwear. I slid my hand into the back of his, and while he squeezed my butt, I squeezed his. The erections rubbed against each other through our underwear. Our breath washed over our faces.

“Time!” Beth called hoarsely.

We pulled back. Our cocks strained at the fronts of our briefs.

“You two really have a thing for each other,” Amber said quietly.

I couldn’t tell if Trevor blushed, or if his face was just hot like mine from making out. He smiled sheepishly, though.

“Jase has an awesome butt,” he said. “His skin’s soft like a baby’s butt, but his butt’s got muscles.”

“Okay,” Beth said, getting to her feet before I could sit down. “I gotta check that out.”

She stepped up to me, belly to belly like Trev had been, and then dove into the backs of my briefs with both hands, pressing her bare breasts to my chest as she grabbed two handfuls of my ass.

“He’s right,” she said with a smile up at me.

Instantly, Lindsay was on her feet beside us. “Let me feel,” she said.

With a slight frown, Beth stepped back and let Lindsay in. I so wished that Lindsay’s bra was off, because she pressed against me the way Beth hand done. Her slim fingers slid into the backs of my briefs and ran over my buttcheeks as she looked up at me with a grin.

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her.

“Whoa!” Beth said. “Break it up. It’s not your turn.”

“I gotta check it out, too,” Amber said, stepping up to ease Lindsay aside.

Amber’s bare breasts pressed my chest as she, too, grabbed a feel of my butt.

“That’s like they say,” Amber murmured. “Soft as a baby’s bottom.”

“It’s not that soft,” I protested, tensing my butt muscles.

Amber grinned up at me, feeling my butt go tight. “I meant your skin, doofus.” She straightened up and rubbed her fingers on the wet spot on the front of my briefs. Then smelled her fingers.

“Not bad,” she said with a grin.

Both Beth and Lindsay decided they had to smell, and Lindsay dropped to her knees to sniff. She took a lick, and I thought I’d cream for sure.

“Okay, you guys,” Beth said. “Sit back down. It’s Amber’s turn.”

I watched Amber’s and Beth’s breasts jiggle as they returned to their spots and dropped onto their butts.

Amber spun, and the arrow landed on Trevor.

Amber and Beth cheered. When they did, Lindsay cheered, too. In a way, I wished it was me about to get naked.

Trevor stood and glanced around our circle. Lindsay had only lost her shirt. Davis and me were down to our underwear. Amber and Beth still had their shorts on. “Figures,” he grumbled. “I shoulda known I’d be first one stripped.”

“I thought it was gonna me be, bro,” I told him.

“Shut up and get naked,” Beth ordered.

Resignedly, Trevor stuck his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down his long legs. He kicked them off, and his dick swung up free. It bounced in the air and his balls dangled. He looked like it felt good to have his boner out and free. I envied him for that.

The way the girls stared at his dick, had to make it even harder. I stared, too.

Though later, when we measured, my dick was as long and definitely thicker than Trev’s, at that moment, his looked huge. Thirteen-year-old boys just have big dicks compared to the rest of their bodies. It’s always been my theory that as a kid hits puberty, his dick and balls grow first. Besides, it was my first time to see another guy’s hardon, and seeing it on Trevor, who I’d grown up with, looked hot as hell.

He was circumcised, and his dick arched up long, naked, and glorious. His balls looked good, too, hanging like eggs in a smooth, loose sack.

Trevor stared at me, and I realized I’d been staring at him. I felt my face flush.

“Dude,” I murmured defensively. “That’s serious dick.”

Trevor grinned, and his eyes dropped to my lap, as if he might be wondering what my hardon looked like.

Beth licked her lips. “Lie down,” she ordered. “Let us get a look.”

Trevor sat down and lay back. His dick pointed up his belly, a ruddy pink tube against his white skin. He opened his lean legs for the girls to get a look. All five of us crowded up to him, though. It was also my first chance to get a closer look at another guy. Even if you’re really limber, it’s hard to get a good look at yourself down there. I’d tried a hand mirror, but that sucked. So I was curious. Davis looked curious, too.

Lindsay was first to touch Trev’s cock, running a finger up the underside. I really wished it was me she was doing that to.

“It’s soft,” she murmured.

Beth closed her hand around Trevor’s dick and lifted it, looking it over. “Oh,” she said. “The skin is soft, like a pussy. Maybe softer.” She squeezed. “I know why they call it a boner, though,” she said.

On impulse, I replaced her hand with mine on Trevor’s cock. “Here,” I said. “I’ll show you.” I closed my hand around his dick surprised. Holding someone else’s dick felt really different. The skin on Trevor’s dick felt really soft and warm, and his dick really did feel hard as steel and thick in my hand. For a moment, holding his dick, I had mind-freeze. Then I realized what I was doing, so I slid my hand up and down his cock.

“This is how a guy jacks off,” I said, instructionally. “See, you move the skin up and down. You don’t move your hand on the skin or you’ll make it raw; unless you use lotion or something.”

Trevor moaned softly. I glanced at him; his eyes were closed.

“I can show them, too,” Davis said, replacing my hand with his.

“Oh,” he murmured. “A hardon feels different on another guy.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

The three girls reached in to replace Davis’ hand. They felt over Trevor’s cock and lifted his balls. A bead of precum formed at the end of his dick.

“That’s precum,” Davis told them.

“That’s what made my underwear wet,” I explained.

“Wait!” Beth said, jumping up. She ran from the room, and was back almost instantly with a sex education book. She opened to a two-page diagram of a guy’s sex equipment, and the girls started comparing the diagram to Trevor. He lay back and enjoyed it.

“Look,” Amber said, tracing Trevor’s cock down through his balls, and all the way down between his legs. “His dick goes all the way down here.”

“That’s the perineum,” Beth said, looking at the book and referring to the space between Trevor’s legs.

“Or a taint,” Davis said, authoritatively. “I’ve heard guys call it a taint.”

“It feels good to a guy when you rub it,” I said, and then proceeded to do just that on Trevor to demonstrate.

He groaned and spread his legs a little wider as my fingers rubbed him there. Truth was, I loved my perineum, or taint, or whatever you call that space between your legs from the back of your balls to your butthole, down where the root of your cock anchors. I liked rubbing myself there with one hand while jacking off with another. So I rubbed Trev there.

“It smells good, too,” I said, lifting my fingers to smell them. I sniffed and got a sexual jolt. Trevo smelled like me, only better, and it hit me between the balls. I almost licked my fingers before realizing what I was about to do.

The others, rubbed Trevor’s taint; even Davis. And they smelled their fingers, and even sniffed between Trevor’s legs.

“Smells different than a girl,” Lindsay said quietly.

She was kneeling at my side. I rubbed low on her bare back. She glanced up at me with a smile, then giggled and playfully pressed the fingers she had rubbed on Trevor’s taint against my lips. I caught her hand with mine and licked her fingers, taking two into my mouth.

Her smile vanished and she leaned closer, watching my mouth on her fingers.

“He smells good,” Amber said.

“I just bathed while ago,” Trevor murmured.

“It was my spin,” Amber reminded everybody, scooting up between Trevor’s legs and nudging the others aside. “He’s mine for two minutes.”

She pressed the insides of Trevor’s thighs with both hands, pushing his legs wider apart. She scooted forward over his exposed dick. Her breasts dangled directly down between his legs, teasingly.

Amber lifted Trevor’s dick, examining it closely. She drew her tongue up the underside, and Trevor moaned softly. Then she closed her mouth over the end.

“Geez,” Davis murmured.

With Lindsay’s fingers in my mouth, I had the strangest sensation, as if it was my own mouth over the end of Trevor’s cock. I sucked, wanting Amber to suck, and I saw her throat swallow.

Her mouth descended on Trevor’s cock and my own mouth froze on Lindsay’s fingers as I watched. Amber bobbed slowly.

Davis was kneeling on Amber’s other side. Her dangling breasts were too much for him, and he reached under to cup them.

Amber sucked and closed her hands around Trevor’s balls and the base of his shaft.

“I’m gonna cum!” he gasped, lifting his head and pushing up on his elbows. His belly muscles all went rigid and his body tensed. “I’m gonna… ” he started to repeat, but then dropped back and arched up off the floor, gasping. His legs thrashed.

Amber’s throat worked, and my mouth dropped in surprise as she simply swallowed Trevor’s cum.

Trevor groaned and his hips pumped up. The slowed.

“Oh, shit, stop!” He cried, sitting up and pushing Amber back.

“A guy gets sensitive after he comes,” Trevor explained, his belly heaving as he caught his breath.

“What did it taste like?” Beth asked, and I realized she’d been rubbing her nipples while watching Amber and Trev.

Instead of telling her, Amber wheeled on her knees and kissed Beth with tongue, and the two girls pressed their bare breasts together.

“Holy shit!” Davis said.

Lindsay scooted toward them on her knees, and Amber kissed her too.

“I’m gonna cream, watching that,” Davis murmured.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

But then Beth called, “Time!” and sent us back to our seats. Trevor slowly sat up, but his dick didn’t go soft; not after he’d had an erection for so long, and not after watching the girls kiss.

It was Davis’ turn to spin. It landed on Lindsay. My gut tightened up. I wanted to see Lindsay’s breasts, but I wanted it to be me playing with them, Not Davis.


Davis came forward on his knees, cutting through the circle, pushing the spinner aside. He knelt in front of Lindsay and she knelt up to him, looking down, shyly.

He reached behind her with both hands then fumbled behind her with her bra. Still looking downward, Lindsay reached back to help him, and the bra went slack. For a moment, it dangled like a curtain between their bodies, and then Davis pulled it away.

Lindsay’s breasts were still small, like two tennis balls, and almost as firm looking. Her nipples were thick and hard, and they pointed straight at Davis. He bent to them with his mouth. He kissed them and bent Lindsay backward onto her back. She straightened her legs out and Davis laid down on her with his red boxers between her legs. He sucked on her breasts and fondled them.

Around the circle, the other two girls rubbed the fronts of their shorts. I rubbed the front of my underwear. Trevor’s dick rose from his lap.

Lindsay moaned and started to squirm under Davis.

“Time,” Beth called, and Davis reluctantly knelt up. He returned to his seat.

Beside me, Lindsay lay, breasts heaving, recovering. I couldn’t resist, I cupped her right breast with my hand, and felt her hard nipple, wet with Davis’ saliva. Trevor cupped her left breasts.

“Stop that, you horny bastards,” Beth said, taking charge again. We were thirteen and stupid, and we stopped.

Beth spun. It landed on Davis.

“Stand up to take them off,” Beth said.

So Davis stood, and stripped off his boxers, tossing them aside. He was cut, like Trevor. His dick was shorter than Trev’s, and yet, was still on the long side of average. And it was thick, like mine. His crown flared like a German helmet and it was big. His skin was pale like the rest of him, and it stretched thin over his erection, which, at that moment, pointed straight out from his belly. His balls settled, even as we watched, into their loose sack.

“Now lie down,” Beth said, “so we can look at you.”

Grinning, Davis dropped to his butt and lay back, spreading his well-muscled legs. Beth scooted up between them on her knees. We crowded around. Every one of us felt over Davis, the same way we had Trevor; even rubbing his taint and smelling his scent like we had Trevor. Davis’s scent had a slight vinegary tang to it, and his dick felt fatter in my hand than Trevor’s had.

“He’s got a seam up his taint,” Amber observed, “and straight up the middle of his scrotum. Davis, have you ever been cut open and sowed up?” she asked.

“No,” Davis said with a small laugh. “Some guys have seams like that. My little brother does, too.”

I thought about asking Davis how he knew that, but Beth scooted us back. She bent over Davis’ middle and rubbed the side of her face on his dick. Her boobs dangled like Amber’s had, and this time, I was ready, cupping the breast closest to me. Amber cupped the one on her side. Trevor rubbed down between Beth’s legs from behind, rubbing her cunt through her shorts. Beth paused to moan. Lindsay leaned up behind me, and I felt her small breasts against my back. I could feel her hard nipples.

I laid my head back. Lindsay and I kissed over my shoulder.

Davis was as primed to blow as Trevor had been. Beth had barely begun to bob when his scrotum tightened up, Davis lifted his hips, and he shot off in her mouth.

She shared the taste with Amber and Lindsay again, and without asking, shared it with me. I pulled her breasts to my chest and swept her mouth with my tongue. Only remnants remained in her mouth, but I recognized a saltiness and taste like my own cum, when I had tried the taste.
At the time, it didn’t seem nasty at all. She turned to Trevor next.

Beth got us back into our circle. It was my turn to spin, and it landed on Amber.

I scooted across to her on my knees. We kissed, and she lay back flat for me to take off her shorts. When she did, her firm breasts sat atop her chest like two little hills, and for a moment, I was tempted to just pounce on them.

Instead, I pulled her shorts off.

I took one look, and cried, “Ha! I’m not the only one with wet underwear!”

Amber’s tight little pink panties were soaked. I could see her slit. I could see her pubes. I could see everything.

Why the hell not? I thought, and I pulled her panties off, too.

“Wait,” Beth said, and I was going to tell her to fuck off if she wanted me to put Amber’s panties back on. Instead, Beth came up beside me on her knees. She had the sex ed book in her hands. “We all look at Amber now,” Beth said, “and we’ll tell you guys about girls.”

Amber pulled up her knees and opened her legs, planting her heels on the floor under and to the outsides of her butt. The olive skin on her legs was smooth. I saw fine, dark hairs. She hadn’t begun to shave yet. She didn’t need to.

Her pubic patch was a little thicker and denser than Davis’ and Trevor’s, but her pussy was absolutely bare. Beth laid the book open on the floor at Amber’s bottom. She had opened to a two-page spread of a girl’s equipment, and we all leaned forward to compare Amber to the illustration.

“This,” Beth said, laying her hand over Amber’s glistening pussy, “is Amber’s vulva. These… ” She ran her finger up the slit of Amber’s pussy. “… are Amber’s labia, or pussy lips.”

Amber opened her legs wider.

“Here at the top… ” Beth teased apart Amber’s labia where a little pink nub was already showing, “is her clitoris, or clit, okay?”

We nodded.

“Her clit’s like really sensitive, so don’t ever play rough with it. But like, you can lick it, or rub her lips around it, like this… ” Beth pressed her fingers flat on the top of Amber’s pussy and rubbed it around. The muscles in Amber’s legs and belly tensed and she moaned.

“And down here,” Beth said, opening Amber’s labia lower down, “is her vagina; her hole.”

She held Amber’s lips apart and we could see pink membrane at Amber’s opening.

I swallowed. “Can I feel inside?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Beth said, holding Amber’s lips open for me. “But be careful. She’s still a virgin. She’s still got her hymen. Don’t break it yet.”

I almost creamed again when she said, ‘yet’.

“We’re all still virgins,” Lindsay said softly from behind me, and I felt her nipples against my back again.

Carefully, I put my fingertip at Amber’s opening, feeling. I slid my finger inside.

“She’s all wet,” Beth explained, “because she’s excited.”

And indeed, Amber’s belly was heaving. But as my finger entered her opening, she froze and tensed, and her pussy clenched on my finger.

“Oh, shit,” I murmured. “She squeezed my finger.”

She relaxed, and I felt around inside.

“She’s hot,” I said. I felt carefully. “You know what it feels like? It feels like the inside of your cheek, only hot.”

“Yeah, it sorta feels like that,” Beth agreed. She glanced at me and grinned. “It’ll feel that way to your tongue, too.”

“Oh, shit,” Davis murmured.

I felt farther in, and Amber jerked. I had come up against her hymen.

“Sorry,” I said softly, pulling my finger back some.

Amber moaned again.

“Let me feel,” Trevor said, leaning in beside me.

I pulled my finger out and leaned an arm over Trevor’s back as he bent in, and probed delicately. His back was hard under my arm. He was strong. I’d never felt his back in that way.

“Me, too,” Davis said, leaning in for a turn.

Trevor leaned back and smelled his finger. I smelled mine. We each licked our fingers, then leaned in for a closer sniff. Davis did, too, without withdrawing his fingers.

“Girls smell really different,” I observed.

“At least Amber does,” Trevor agreed.

“Girls smell different,” Beth confirmed.

All the while, Lindsay’s hand had remained on my back. She felt over it now, and I kept it hard for her, hoping it felt good to her like Trev’s back had felt to me.

“Okay, guys, she’s mine,” I said. “It was my spin.”

The others backed away only slightly, and then I realized that I wasn’t sure what to do. But since Amber and Beth and sucked off Trev and Davis, when their underwear came off, I figured I should do something oral with Amber. I pulled my hair back behind my ears and bent in low.

Her scent hit my nostrils hard. I swallowed, and despite the strength of it, or because of it, my dick strained harder at the front of my boxer-briefs. I could feel her heat on my face, and she was really wet.

Tentatively, I licked her slit.

She moaned softly.

I did it again, and again. Her legs opened and closed and her pelvis rocked slightly. Growing more confident, I probed with my tongue between the top’s of her labia for her clit. Suddenly, Amber’s hands grabbed the back of my head and her thighs squeezed the sides of my head.

“Augh!” she squealed.

I lapped at her, and she pulled hard on the back of my head. I laid my fingers on her pussy, lower than where I was licking. The skin of her pussy lips was soft, like the soft skin of a cock. I slipped my finger into her hole again, and felt my way gently up to her hymen. Noting the depth, I started finger fucking her that deep while I lapped at her clit and the tops of her labia.

Amber squirmed, and squealed, and moaned, and really turned me on. Her juices flooded my finger and her body quivered under me. Then she stopped and pushed my head back from her pussy like Trevor had pushed Amber off his dick; like she was suddenly sensitive on her clit.

I sat back on my haunches. Amber was breathing hard. I wiggled my finger inside her, and her eyes closed, her head rolled, and she moaned.

“Alright, alright,” Beth said. “You made her come. Time’s up.”

Reluctantly, I returned to my spot, as did the others. Amber lay there groaning, her legs open, and I know every one of us guys wanted to jump her, right then. Trevor and Davis were both hard as rocks and my own dick strained at the front of my underwear.

Lindsay spun. I wanted so badly for it to be me. Partly, I just really, really needed my rocks off.

It landed on Davis.

He was on his back in a second, as Lindsay bent down between his legs. The rest of us gathered around.

Lindsay lifted Davis’ cock. It looked big in the slender fingers of her twelve-year-old hand. I knelt beside her and rubbed her back encouragingly. I cupped her small breasts and kissed the back of her shoulders as she closed her mouth over Davis’ dick and began to bob. Beside us, I glimpsed Trevor kissing Amber and feeling between her legs.

“Wait you two,” Beth told them. “It’s not your turns yet.”

I seriously thought of tying Beth up and tossing her into the other room.

“Time,” Beth called.

Then it was Trevor’s turn to spin. I really didn’t want him landing on Lindsay. I didn’t want him sucking her off before I did… or worse, fucking her. He was already naked like her.

The spinner landed on me.

Nobody said anything for a moment. Trevor sat back on his haunches and looked around the circle.

“No one is gonna say anything about this to anyone else, right?” he asked.

“No,” Beth agreed, licking her lips. “None of us says a word about any of this to anybody.”

Trevor glanced at me, and his face flushed red.

“Pull off your underwear,” Beth told me in a no-nonsense voice.

I stood, and shoved my boxer-briefs down my legs before kicking them off. When I stood up, my dick pointed out with a long, upward curve and with a damp head; my foreskin had pulled back, and my dick was achingly hard. The five of them stared at my middle and my dick ached even more.

“He’s still bald,” Amber murmured. “He doesn’t have any pubic hair.”

“But he sure as hell isn’t little,” Beth murmured. She glanced up at me. “Lie down,” she said.


I lay down on my back, and the others crowded around my middle. They opened my legs. They examined me, just like we had examined the others, but more quietly, more intently. They fondled me, stroking even the insides of my thighs and up onto my belly. Fingers felt over my bald pubic mound and naked balls and cock.

“Jace isn’t circumcised,” Trevor said. “See, you can slide his skin up over his head.”

They all had to try that.

“I thought uncircumcised dicks were nasty,” Beth said, sniffing audibly. “His smells just like yours.”

“I just bathed,” I said, and Trevor chuckled.

Davis rubbed my taint and offered his fingers to Amber to suck. The others smelled between my legs. Trevor moved up between them and smelled me. His eyes drooped, as if he liked my smell. He laid the side of his face down on the underside of my cock, the way Beth had done with Davis. It was like, when we agreed we weren’t gonna say anything to anybody, it was okay to do whatever we wanted… whatever we wanted.

Trevor lifted my dick as the others leaned in closely to watch. Lindsay was beside him, and I saw her hand on his back as he closed his mouth over the end of my cock. Looking down to see a guy between my legs, and not just any guy, but Trevor, seemed so strange, but it turned me on immensely and when his mouth closed over my cock, I gasped. I’d never felt a wet mouth there before.

I felt his hand under my balls. I felt his other hand close around my shaft. I felt his wet lips slide down my shaft and then up, and then up and down again. I felt his tongue on the underside of my shaft.

Beth stroked inside my thigh. Lindsay did the same on my other side. Their hands joined Trevor’s under my balls. He bobbed. I moaned. My eyes closed. My head rolled.

And then, holding my dick firmly, Trevor swirled my crown with his tongue.

“Holy shit!” I gasped, partially sitting up and grasping at the sides of his head as the aftershocks of what he had done rolled through my body. I grabbed his curly hair with the fingers of both hands. He swirled me again, and I whimpered loudly. Then he bobbed down on my shaft.

My long-delayed orgasm roared up from my balls in the first really explosive climax of my young life.

“Augh! Augh!” I cried out loudly, clutching at his hair, holding his head between my legs. Waves of sensations racked my body until finally, my orgasm passed and I collapsed backward.

Trevor came up my body immediately. He lay down on me, his erection beside mine, and he covered my mouth with his own. Suddenly, my mouth filled with my own cum, from Trevor’s mouth. I moaned in surprise, and wrapped my arms behind his shoulders. He slid his palms under the backs of mine. We tongue-wrestled. He ground his cock beside mine on my belly. We swallowed.

“Oh my gawd!” Amber murmured softly.

“Guys,” Beth said, patting Trevor’s bare bottom. “Don’t go all gay on us.”

With that, Trevor paused. Our mouths parted as he pressed the side of his face to mine and we caught our breath.

His body felt good on mine. His belly heaving against mine felt intimate. His weight between my legs excited me. My cock didn’t have a chance to get soft.

Slowly, Trevor knelt up, and scooted back to his seat, his eyes down, except for a brief glance at me. Our eyes met for a moment. I swallowed.

He sat back, and I sat up. Amber spun. She landed on Lindsay. Amber came forward across the circle on all-fours, her firm breasts dangling, but barely moving. The girls kissed. Then Amber pulled off Lindsay’s shorts as Lindsay lay onto her back.

Lindsay’s hipbones showed. Her thin, black panties glistened between her legs, damply. The black contrasted with her white skin.

Amber lay down on her and their breasts pressed, barely flattening. Lindsay wrapped her arms over Amber’s back and they kissed, with tongue, heatedly. Amber slid off to the side and slipped her fingers inside the front of Lindsay’s panties and down between her legs. She fingered Lindsay, and though I’d just come, I felt my dick harden like steel. I glanced at Trev. He was on the other side of them, watching intently, but he glanced up at me. I swallowed again, and looked down at the girls.

“Time!” Beth called.

Amber got up onto all-fours, with a parting kiss to Lindsay, and scooted back to her place. Lindsay sat up, glancing at me with a deeply flushed face.

Davis spun anxiously. He was naked. Amber was naked. Lindsay almost was. I knew he wanted one of them. But it landed on Beth.

He didn’t hesitate, though. He rolled onto his knees beside her, kissing her and grabbing a handful of firm breast. He laid her back, then pulled off Beth’s shorts.

Beth had a pronounced mound. It was like a little hill; a little purple hill in her purple panties. Her panties were soaking wet between her legs

Just like I had been with Amber, Davis was unsatisfied with just Beth’s shorts. He pulled off her panties as well.

We crowded around as Davis opened her legs wide, and we examined Beth the way we had examined each other; the way we had examined Amber. She had deep red pubes.

Silently, Davis opened her labia. Beth had a bigger clit than Amber, and it was hard. We took turns fingering her. She wasn’t as snug on the finger as Amber, but she was hotter inside, and wetter. Somehow, I had the impression that she had dilated with desire.

We took turns sniffing. Then each of us kissed her pussy, as if doing homage to our group’s unofficial mistress. Davis went last, and buried his face between her legs.

He sucked on her, probing deeply with his tongue. Amber and I held Beth’s legs wide open and rubbed the insides of their thighs. I cupped her tit. Lindsay pressed her body to the back of mine. I felt her panties against my bare butt and her nipples against my back. Behind her, Trevor pressed his body to hers, and she clung to my back.

Davis brought Beth off with only his mouth and tongue, and it didn’t take long.

“Time! Time!” she called out, breasts heaving as Davis sat back on his haunches.

All three of us guys were hard as hell, and our erections pointed up from our laps as we returned to our seats.

Beth sat up slowly. She took a deep breath, and then another. Then she leaned forward and spun. All of us were naked except for Lindsay, who only had her panties on. Beth stopped the spinner on Lindsay.

Nobody protested. It was time that twelve-year-old Lindsay was naked like us.

Beth passed in front of me on all fours, her breasts dangling, her butt and twat exposed to Davis who got an eye full.

Lindsay leaned back and Beth pulled off Lindsay’s little black panties. The rest of us gathered round. Davis leaned over from beside Beth’s butt and I saw him drop his hand between the backs of Beth’s legs.

Lindsay had blond pubes… barely. There were just a few, like light down. Her pubic mound was high, too, but partly because she was so slender. The nub of her clit poked up white between the pinker tops of her labia.

Beth opened Lindsay’s legs and we leaned in for a look.

Lindsay had thinner labia, but they were flushed. I felt them, and they were hot, and soft. She was damp and we smelled her. Her scent was light; almost prepubescent. We fingered her. She was damp and snug on our fingers. She was warm inside and her insides felt puffier, softer, though snug.

Beth pushed Lindsay’s thighs wide apart and bent down between them, burying her face in her younger cousin’s twat.

I lay down beside Lindsay and fondled her breast, kissing her. Trevor laid down on her other side, and he fondled and kissed her as well. Behind Beth, Davis was fingering her with one hand, while kissing Amber and fingering her with his other hand. Amber had her hand on Davis’s cock, squeezing it. We were all getting seriously hot.

Beth did something, because suddenly, Lindsay tensed. She wrapped her arms behind Trevor’s and my necks, pulling herseslf up on us with a gasp. That put our faces right at her little breasts, and we both latched onto her hard nipples instinctively. We sucked while Beth licked and Lindsay had a hell of an orgasm, squeezing the hell out of the backs of Trevor’s and my necks while she did it.

Beth gave a couple of final, gentle swipes of her tongue against Lindsay’s pussy before sitting back up and scooting back.

Lindsay laid panting, legs open beside me.

I sat up, reached over to the spinner, since it was my turn, and turned the spinner by hand through one revolution and pointed it to Lindsay. I lay back down beside her.

I kissed her and lay my hand between her legs. All I could think of was how I wanted to get my dick into that warm, wet, puffy, snug opening between her legs. Her hips moved under my hand.

I stroked my hair back behind my ears, and rolled up onto her. My hips settled between her legs, and my erection lay on her warm, wet labia. Lindsay wrapped her slender arms around my neck and under the back of my hair. I lifted my hips, reaching down between us. I closed my hand around the end of my cock and pointed with my finger for her hole. I found it with my finger, and slid my dick forward, pulling away my guiding hand as my crown parted her wet labia.

She tensed slightly as my crown stretched her and slid into her warmth. I covered her mouth once more with my own and eased my dick forward till I felt her hymen. I pushed, and broke through.

“Mmph!” Lindsay cried into my mouth, but by then, I was all the way inside. Her vagina sheathed me tightly, warm, wet. My cock throbbed at the pleasure of it, as if growing even harder, trying to expand inside her. I felt my bald pubic mound pressed at the top of hers and wondered if I was feeling the hard nub of her clit. I ground a little, and was sure that I did. My balls rested between her legs.

I was glad I had come not that much earlier, or it would be difficult to last.

I moved my hips. Lindsay tensed, pulling my face down beside hers, clutching the back of my head and shoulders. I moved again. She moaned softly. I pulled my hips back and felt the membranous insides of her vagina slide over my cock and crown. It was exquisite.

I slid forward, and sliding forward felt good. Sliding forward felt incredible. Sliding forward and pressing myself far into her; feeling long inside her; feeling the hardness of our pubic mounds against each other, and my balls firmly between her legs… I moaned loudly at the same time Lindsay did.

I felt her belly under mine, her breasts against my chest, her fingers on the back of my neck and shoulders, and her soft cheek against mine. I held the backs of her shoulders, keeping some of my weight up on my elbows. The others were watching, but it was like, just me and Lindsay.

I pulled my hips back again, and drove forward. Lindsay moaned, and pulled her legs up. She locked the backs of her heels on the backs of my thighs, and I pumped my hips, driving into her solidly.

Lindsay pawed at my back as I thrust, building a rhythm. I probed her mouth with my tongue, and ground deliciously between her legs with my pelvis, feeling her insides clutch at my dick as I slid it around inside her.

And then, other hands were on my butt and the backs of my legs. I glanced back. Trevor had his hand on my bottom. Behind him, Amber knelt up, watching us wide-eyed, fingering herself unconsciously. From my other side, Beth ran her hands over the backs of my thighs, while Davis watched from behind her, cupping her breasts.

I felt Trevor’s fingers slip under my butt, down between the backs of my legs. He found my taint and rubbed. I opened my legs to give him better access, and they all leaned in for a closer look at my cock going in and out of Lindsay’s pussy. I lifted my hips more, with longer strokes so they could see; it excited me that they were watching. But then I returned my attention to Lindsay.

Lindsay came again, seemingly fast, because I was only used to how guys came, or at least, how I did. She gasped and clawed at my back and cried out. I felt her pussy clenching at my cock and at the same time Trevor rubbed hard under my balls, and I felt my own, second orgasm churn, down in my balls. And then I felt Trevor’s dick against the side of my butt, rubbing as he lay beside me and rubbed behind my balls.

Without thinking, I grabbed behind his butt and pulled his cock hard against my side as I drove hard inside Lindsay. I pressed on side of my face to hers and felt Trevor’s breath against my other cheek as I whimpered loudly and squirted my first cum into a girl.

I slowed. Our breathing slowed. I felt cum running out onto my balls. It dawned on me that I hadn’t worn a rubber, but then, I realized the girls didn’t seem worried about it.

“That felt like a lot semen,” Lindsay whispered. “I feel it dripping down my butt.”

Trevor pressed me from the side. His lips brushed the side of my face. His erection pressed the side of my butt.

Thinking, he wanted in, I reluctantly pulled out from Lindsay. Trevor rolled onto her, lifted his hips, and guided his cock in.

Almost instantly, he hit a rhythm. I’d just come, but it looked hot as hell and I pleasurably stroked my thick, rubbery semi. Trev’s butt was flexing and dimpling, and I laid my hand on it to feel. The skin on his butt was as smooth as they claimed mine was. I traced up between his butt cheeks with my fingers, then rubbed his perineum the way he had mine.

Trevor groaned, and I was tempted to kiss the back of his neck. But that would be gay.


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