Jack Edwards

Spinners Pt 2

Davis took Beth down onto her back a couple of feet away from where I was watching my friend Trevor mount twelve-year-old Lindsay. Beth opened her legs to Davis and he covered her mouth with his. They fumbled a moment with their hands down between their legs, and then he was in.

Beth’s breath caught. “Ow!” she said, as Davis evidently burst through her hymen. But Davis ignored her, and began to pump. His butt rose and fell to my right, and Trevor’s butt rose and fell to my left. They were like a couple of oil wells, pumping.

Amber, kneeling at Beth’s and Davis’ feet, looked from them to Trevor and Lindsay, fingering herself. Then she looked at me, and came to me, pushing me onto my back. She pointed my still-rubbery cock up my belly, and then sat on it with her wet pussy, straddling my hips. She rubbed herself on me.

“I just came,” I pointed out.

Amber bit her lip, and ground with more fervor for a moment, then paused, eyeing the end of my dick where it protruded from under her pussy lips. She evidently decided on a different tack because she spun around to straddle my face instead, and dove with her mouth onto my cock.

Getting muffed was a bit like being smothered by a wet, hairy mouth; one with a staggering aroma. Before I could do much more that sputter into her pussy, Amber sucked up my cock with real force, and I groaned. Her hands fondled my balls and stroked inside my thighs, and I felt renewed stirring in my cock.

I wrapped my arms up over her waist and closed my hands over her smooth, fleshy butt, pulling her wet and warm pussy down on to my face.

It took her all of thirty seconds get me hard again. As soon as she did, Amber spun back around on top of me. Grabbing my shoulders, she pulled me over onto her. Amber was ready, and thirteen-year-olds of either sex aren’t always subtle. We were nose to nose and cock to pussy. My hair fell down around her face, like curtains closing us in. That quickly, I was ready, too.

Amber pulled her knees up and out to the sides and grabbed my ass as if she could just pull me into her cunt. I lifted my hips and reached down between us the way I had only a little while before with Lindsay. I guided myself to her hole.

She was hot inside, and sloppy wet on the end of my dick. I kissed her, and she opened her mouth to mine as I slid in. I hit the resistance of her hymen. She grabbed two handfuls of my butt and pulled hard. I went with her, and we broke through.

In less than half an hour, all six of us had lost our virginity.

I hit bottom, and Amber clutched my butt hard. I felt her fingernails. She groaned into my mouth, and then pulled her mouth off for air. I moved my hips slowly, gently. Her pussy felt much like Lindsay’s had around my cock… exquisite.

She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled my ear to her mouth.

“Oh, gawd, Jason,” she murmured, “fuck me!”

So I did. I began to pound. Amber made little squeals and cries, almost like she was in pain after such a buildup. I figured that she was more than ready to come, but it sounded like she was stuck on the edge of coming, so close it racked her body.

She pawed at my back and drove up with her pelvis. I tightened my back and butt under her demanding hands, and drove hard with my thrusts. We were like young animals, and I felt strong and male. My balls slapped between her legs and my pubic bone pounded hers. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I reached between us to squeeze her tits and rub her nipples.

“Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd!” she wailed.

I ground. I pounded. She sucked on my neck and I felt her teeth. I sucked on hers. Her heels dug into my butt, and I had a sudden understanding of why a guy might call a girl a wildcat.

Funny thing was that Amber was normally quieter than Beth; the quiet sidekick. But now, she writhed loudly under me. She sounded almost in agony, as if her orgasm just wouldn’t come. I was okay with that. I was way okay with that. At some point, early in his life, a boy needs to know what it’s like to fuck a wildcat. It gives him a standard to measure against.

I’d already come twice and felt like I could last a long time… maybe. The way Amber’s pelvis was bucking up to meet my thrusts; she was fucking me back, hard.

I felt like saying, “Oh my gawd!” myself. Amber’s deflowering was happening with sexual fireworks.

“Aaaugh!” She cried and arched under me. She did it again.

I paused.

“Don’t stop, Jason! Don’t stop!” she wailed. “Fuck harder! Fuck harder! Oh gawd, I need to come!” she cried

I was trying, and beginning to want to come myself. We were wet with sweat. I grabbed her wrists and penned them above her head, as if I could somehow hold her down and force her into an orgasm. Her breasts slid against my chest. Her eyes looked wild. I watched her face and she watched mine. I drove my hips hard, and again, and again, rocking her whole body.

Suddenly, her eyes rolled up and she pulled her wrists from under mine, sitting, convulsively, partway up under me. She threw her arms tightly around my neck. “Augh! Augh! Augh!” she cried over and over. My dick felt slippery and liquid ran down my balls. It wasn’t my liquid; it was hers.

That did it. I blew my third load of the evening into her, and it didn’t come easy. It came clawing up from my balls, and I cried out as loudly as she was doing. Amber kept coming, and I kept pounding, and we both had impossibly long orgasms before we collapsed into a heap.

It was quiet in the room except for our ragged breathing.

“Shit,” Beth murmured behind us. “I want whatever she was having.”

I looked around. The four of them had evidently finished and were watching us. Trevor was lying beside Lindsay, watching us from Lindsay’s other side. His cock was hard and lay across Lindsay’s hip in our direction. Beth had her hand in Davis’ lap. He was hard, or hard again, too.

I had screwed two girls, but Davis and Trevor had each only done one, and they way they were looking at Amber and me, I figured we’d gotten them horny again. I, on the other hand, was ready for a breather.

I gave Amber another kiss and rolled off her to sit up. When I did, Trevor left Lindsay and came crawling over on his hands and knees, his dick wagging under his belly. He knelt between Amber’s legs and rubbed the tops of her thighs. Gently, he lay down onto her, his erection on her still heaving and wet pussy. He kissed her, and Amber wrapped her arms over his head.

Davis glanced at Lindsay, and moved toward her on all-fours, his dick wagging like Trevor’s had.

Beth glanced at me and her eyes dropped to my lap. I dropped to my back with a groan.

“I gotta rest,” I moaned.

Next thing I knew, Beth was lying on me. She gazed into my eyes, and I had the random thought that her eyes really were a pretty blue.

She gave me a small smile, and kissed me on the lips. We tongued a little. Then silently, she kissed down onto the side of my neck. Her hands stroked my chest and belly. She kissed my nipples.

I wasn’t sure she had the right idea; not if she was trying to get me going again. I felt really depleted. I really felt like I might fall asleep, and what she was doing was comforting.

My head rolled to the side. Trevor’s kissing of Amber had grown passionate. I wondered if he was inside her, but then he lifted his hips, and I saw his dick. He aimed it downward and I watched it disappear between Amber’s legs. The tightened up their embrace. Her breasts flattened under his chest; his skin looked really white against her olive skin. I watched his butt as he thrust and ground. His butt flexed and dimpled. Watching that stirred me a little. I began to feel a little more awake.

I rolled my head to the other side. Davis kissed Lindsay gently. His hips rose and fell; he was already inside her. He nuzzled her face and moved slowly. That was good, I thought, because this was Lindsay’s third fuck in a row.

Beth’s breasts brushed over my dick and balls as she kissed down my belly. Watching Davis and Lindsay, my dick definitely began to harden. Beth brushed it with her breasts. She kissed down and inside the seams of my legs. She kissed down inside my thighs. She took her time. I wondered if she had learned some of what she was doing from doing it with Amber and Lindsay.

Beth licked around my balls and finally onto my dick. She licked like she was cleaning me, taking care of me, like a mother cat licks her kittens. She was tender, even when she took my dick into her mouth. She sucked and bobbed gently.

At thirteen, of course, a guy is resilient, to say the least, especially with a naked girl sucking on his dick. My cock grew rigid, and I moaned.

My hips moved under her, Beth crawled up over my cock and straddled my waist. She sat back onto my belly and reached behind her butt for my cock. She got it, and backed her pussy toward it. I felt her wet pussy lips on my glans, and then, her wet vagina slid down over my crown and shaft.

“Umm,” I murmured, sliding my hands onto her legs.

Beth sat back into my lap, driving my dick up inside her. She bent down over me, resting her hands on the floor above my shoulders. She ground back onto my dick.

Beth was going to do the fucking, and that was fine with me. Her breasts dangled over my chest. I closed my hands over them, and caressed them, as Beth built a rhythm, fucking herself on my cock.

Her head hung down. Her eyes closed and she bit her lip in concentration. Her weight skinned my shaft and her butt pressed down between my legs, stretching my scrotum.

This was different. I was on my back, and Beth was fucking herself on my dick, and it felt great. I tried bucking up into her. That felt good, too.

Beside us, Amber started making noises again, clutching at Trevor’s back. They were hot to watch. I realized that I liked watching a boy fuck; watching a boy fuck between a girl’s legs; watching Trevor. Trev was lean and muscled, and in sex, his muscles grew hard and flexing.

I glanced at Davis. He was slow-fucking Lindsay, and nibble kissing with her. He was cool to watch, too, but mainly because of Lindsay.

I pulled my thighs up under Beth’s bottom and pulled her down by her shoulders. Subtly, I took over, grinding up into her, holding the side of her butt with one hand, holding the side of her face against mine with my arm behind her shoulders. Beth melted into me. Her soft, red hair fell over my face.

I rolled us, putting me on top. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her well and thoroughly, but easily and pleasurably. Beth wasn’t going to boss me anymore. She probably wouldn’t boss any of us guys again. It struck me that she was happy with that. The way she looked up at me, I knew she liked being fucked.

Beth reached up and ran her fingers through my hair and I bent down to kiss her warmly. I ground into her, and she squeezed my hips between her thighs. My cock felt fat inside her, and I felt in charge.


We lay quietly for a while, the six of us. I dozed slightly, with Beth nestled under the crook of my arm, her face against my neck. She stroked my belly and chest. Her breasts pressed my side and she had a leg cocked over my legs. Her crevice was damp against my hip.

“I gotta take a leak,” Trevor said, getting up.

“I’ve got to, too, Bethy,” I said. I’d never called her that and was surprised that I did then. It just came out.

She lifted her head and grinned. “Okay, Jacey.”

Getting up, I gave her butt a whack. She swung at my legs, but I jumped out of the way.

“Behave yourself, woman,” I said, then laughed.

I followed Trevor. Behind us, the others stirred. We went into the bathroom together and stood beside one another to piss into the toilet.

“Crazy shit, huh?” he said without looking at me.

“Totally,” I agreed. His cock was still loose and long. I stared at it more openly than when we snuck looks at each other in the shower. I liked the way he looked. He noticed and turned his eyes on mine.

“Indian,” he said, “we cool? I mean after I… you know… “

I gave his butt a friend grab as we shook off. “Oh, yeah,” I said, “And I gotta tell you. It’s awesome, watching you fuck.”

Trev glanced up at me with a surprised, happy grin. “No shit?”

“No, shit!”

He bumped shoulders with me and leaned close, grinning. “It’s hot watching you, too. I mean, all three of those girls naked, and I kept sneaking looking at you, sorta gay, huh… but we’ve been friends forever, and you were different all of a sudden… and damn, you got a great prick.” He threw an arm over the backs of my shoulders as we walked back down the hallway.

I grinned and grabbed his butt again. “You gotta great butt.”

He grinned, and then his grin faded. “You aren’t going to say anything to anybody about what I did, are you? I mean, like I shoulda never done that. One of those girls is gonna say something; I know it.”

I shrugged under his arm. “I bet they don’t. I mean. This was really different, you know? Special between the six of us. It wouldn’t be right to just tell other people.”

Trevor nodded thoughtfully. “Maybe.”

“But dude,” I said quietly, “you are a helluva cocksucker.”

Trevor frowned instantly, turning on me. I dodged his foot to my ass.

“Asshole,” he said, kicking a second time and connecting.

“Dude,” I protested. “I mean it.”

Trevor kicked at me again, and I laughingly dodged away. He jumped onto my back and I carried him, naked piggy back, into the den. No one was there, but we could hear Beth calling Davis a douche bag.

I carried Trevor on out. Davis was taking a piss off the patio. I wished I’d thought of that. Like a lot of guys, I love pissing outdoors.

Beth’s family had a big back patio, and a big hot tub at the end of it. Beth was already in it. Amber and Lindsay came from using the bathroom, and the six of us, still naked, crowded into the tub.

For some reason, we took the same relative positions we’d had when we sat on the floor. I was between Beth and Lindsay again, on one, long side of the tub. Amber sat between Trevor and Davis on the other side. Grinning, because I had two girls, I put an arm behind Beth and one behind Lindsay, and they leaned into me.

The patio was dark, but there were underwater lights at each end of the hot tub. The water was broiling too much to see much, but I imagined the other guys’ cocks were floating and rolling around under the water like mine. I looked to see if Beth’s boobs were floating. They were firm as ever, with just the slightest wobble in the water.

Trevor frowned at me, knowing what was going on in my mind, and he kicked my leg underwater.

“You can forget having two girls to yourself, dude,” he said to me, and he came across to take Beth away. “Beth and I haven’t gotten it on yet. She sits by me.” And with that, he drew her to my right, to the short side at that end of the tub. The light was under the seat, and I could see their legs to either side.

Davis hadn’t done Amber yet, so he seemed happy to stay beside her, and as I watched he glanced down at her breasts. He tried lifting one on his palm, but Amber’s were as budding and firm as Beth’s.

I had fucked three girls and had come once before that. Even at thirteen that makes a guy pretty mellow. I didn’t know if girls were the same way, but Lindsay had fucked three guys and come once before that. She relaxed against me, and I figured maybe she was tired too. I slid her around sideways to sit across my lap. She nuzzled into the side of my neck. Her hip pressed my floating dick up against my belly.

I had taken her virginity. She had taken mine. She was twelve; I was thirteen. She was pretty and naked and in my lap. I ran my down the outside of her leg. Her skin was smooth and her leg was firm. Her hair was wet and it pressed my cheek.

She was a girl, and we were naked, and she was… in… my… lap.

We’d had sex. My dick was inside her. We had moved together. I remembered the feelings. I had feelings now. Feelings for Lindsay.

I cuddled her. We talked. I ran my palm over her side, her belly, her breast. I got a hardon. We kissed.

The other guys were kissing more hotly. I wasn’t surprised. Davis, Trev, and I spent most of our lives trying to one-up each other. I’d screwed with all three of the girls. They obviously wanted to catch up.

Lindsay rested her head on my shoulder, and we watched them. Eventually, Trevor moved off the seat beside Beth and onto his knees in front of her, water up to his neck. He put his hands on her knees and spread her legs apart. Moving up between them, he kissed her.

Beth leaned back and he pulled her hips forward under the water. Light and shadow wavered under the surface. Beth grabbed his shoulders, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Across from us, Amber knelt up on the seat beside Davis, water dripping from her nipples. Davis slid down on the seat, easing his butt forward. Amber took hold of his shoulders and straddled his lap. She paused a moment as he reached down between them, then she lowered herself.

I slipped my hand inside Lindsay’s leg.

She nuzzled my neck. “I’m a little sore, Jason,” she murmured.

Shit! I didn’t know girls could get sore from fucking. “From having your cherry busted?” I asked.

She shrugged. “You guys are a little rough.”

“Sorry,” I said.

She smiled gently and kissed my lips. “I liked it,” she said, her eyes rising to mine.

“I wanna do it again sometime, Lindsay,” I said. “I really like you.”

“Oh,” she said, laying her hand on my chest. “I do, too. I just need a little while, Jace. Maybe tomorrow, okay?”

“Tomorrow?” I asked, hopefully. “We’ll be here tomorrow, too, then?”

“We’ll have all day,” she said. “And tomorrow night.”

“No shit!” I murmured happily.

Lindsay smiled. “Are you hungry?”

We left the others in the hot tub. Beth’s family kept towels in a hamper by the hot tub. Lindsay and I grabbed two. I wrapped one around my waist. Lindsay wrapped hers around her body. It hung teasingly at the tops of her legs.

I threw a final glance at my friends in the hot tub as we headed inside. Even though, most of what they were doing was underwater, it was still hot to watch. But I’d already come four times, and I was hungry.

Lindsay and I lay on the couch, naked, under a blanket, watching a video while the others ate and drank more punch. Lindsay and I were already full. And, we had drunk more punch. My hardons came and went as I caressed her breasts and she idly fondled my dick and balls with her hand.

“Jace, Lindsay, come on in here,” Beth called as the others returned to the living room.

We got up, wrapping the blanket around the two of us, and we followed the others into the living room. The others had toweled off and were naked. Beth and Amber left the room and came back carrying blankets and pillows. They threw them on the floor, left, and returned with more.

It was so strange, watching girls I saw every day, walking around naked; girls who only a grade or two back had flat chests, but now had little racks and curving hips and fleshy little butts, and really cool blond, red, and black pubic hair. Damned, it was strange to see pubic hair without a cock dangling below it.

“We’re sleeping in here tonight,” Beth said. She walked over to the large TV a corner of the room and turned it on. She brought the cable tuner up on the screen and turned to one of the HBOs. Fellowship of the Ring had just started.

At the same time, Amber went to the couch and extracted two plastic bottles which she set over to one side of the blankets.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“We had it in case we needed it,” Beth answered for her. “It’s KY.” Beth grinned. “We so didn’t need it earlier.”

“What’s KY?” I asked.

“It’s lubricant,” Trevor said, knowledgably. “It’s for making your dick slide in easier. For like if you don’t make enough precum and the girl doesn’t make enough juice.”

“Or you try to put it somewhere it doesn’t normally go,” Amber joked with a knowing glance at Beth.

“I got it out because Beth and I are sore,” Amber said, kneeling down onto the blankets.

“Lindsay is, too,” I told them.

“I didn’t know girls could get sore,” Davis said, dropping to the floor beside Amber.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t,” Beth said, getting down onto the floor beside Davis. They started lining up the pillows in a row, like we were all to lie down together. That was cool with me.

“So how come you girls didn’t make us wear condoms?” Davis asked.

“Do you have any?” Beth asked.

Trevor lay down beside Beth.

“No,” Davis answered

“Well we don’t either, but we’re cool this time. Amber and I always get our periods at the same time, and we just finished one. Lindsay’s about to start one. So we’re safe.”

“And Beth wanted to feel you squirt,” Amber teased.

“Shut up!” Beth fired back. “You did, too.”

I dropped to the floor beside Trevor, thinking I’d like to stay between Trev and Lindsay. Lindsay lay down outside me. Amber got up to turn off lights, and then returned to lie beside Davis.

The six of us snuggled up tight to watch the movie and pulled the blankets over us. I backed my butt to Trevor’s, pulling Lindsay back with me as the girls giggled. Trevor reached past Beth to goose Davis, who protested with satisfactory vigor. Still clowning, Trevor rubbed his smooth butt back against mine. I thought it was cool; all of us being naked together like that.

We didn’t watch the movie much at first. Everybody wanted to talk about what had happened, and how it felt, and what surprised us and what didn’t, and how it felt for a boy and how it felt for a girl. I felt Lindsay up, but I didn’t figure much would happen because the girls were sore.

Off and on, Trevor, Davis, and I clowned around a little, copping feels and goosing. The girls didn’t like that, though, and eventually, we grew quiet. The rum and sex made us all drowsy. One by one, we drifted off to sleep.

It was much later when I woke, spooned behind Lindsay. Somebody had turned down the sound on the TV. It looked like Sex in the City was on. I was hard; I was really hard. Sometimes when you have a lot of sex, your body gears up for it and recharges quickly; and you’re horny again, sooner than normal. But I also had help getting hard again. I realized there was a hand around my cock… from behind. Trevor’s erection was pressed to my butt. His body was pressed to the back of mine.

I rolled back toward him, onto my back. Trevor looked down into my eyes with an aching hungry look that any boy would recognize in another. It surprised me for a moment, but only for a moment. I remembered how spinning the bottle had gone, and what it was like when Trevor kissed me, and sucked my dick.

My pulse quickened. I didn’t know what he had in mind, but I was game. I sat up a little, looking beyond Trevor. Everyone was asleep.

I lay back down, gazing up at him once again. Trevor leaned over me and lowered his lips to mine. Kissing Trevor earlier had excited me as much as kissing any of the girls, and when he sucked my cock, I felt the same intimate feelings I had for Lindsay, though different… Trev was my bud.

I think most guys at thirteen are a little bisexual. After all, other thirteen-year-old boys have hair and skin as smooth and soft as girls. They have slender bodies and slender faces. They may not have breasts and vaginas, but they have new equipment, just like your own… growing dicks and balls that squirt mostly clear liquid. Their bodies have begun to harden and tighten like your own body which you’d been admiring endlessly in the mirror. They’re horny as hell, just like you, and they kiss with fire.

There was fire in Trevor’s mouth that night. He kissed me passionately, and I grew wide awake. He grabbed my cock, and I grabbed his. When I had closed my hand around it earlier that evening, I would have left it there if people hadn’t been watching. At thirteen, holding your best friends erection is just plain hot… especially Trevor’s.

I stroked Trev and he stroked me, driving the skin up and down on my cock while his tongue probed my mouth. I don’t mean that it wasn’t strange, kissing with Trev. It was. He was another boy, and he was my friend. Those things made it strange; they also made it hot, particularly, us doing it in secret while the others slept.

It’s not like I hadn’t imagined it, however briefly, at times in the past, when we were in the showers together, or his package showed in the front of his pants. At some point, earlier that evening, I realized that it must have crossed his imagination as well. Then, when we kissed, when our bodies were together… I liked it. He liked it.

It struck me that the hot flesh of his cock fit my hand perfectly, excitingly. And his hand seemed designed to fit my cock. I stifled a moan of pleasure.

Trevor moved his body over mine, pinning our erections upward between our bellies. I opened my legs to him and wrapped my arms over his back. His back was hard. I ran my hands over it. His balls draped mine. His belly was taut. Honestly, his solid weight on me and between my legs felt as good as a lot of what I’d done earlier that evening with the girls. Boys’ bodies are different, and two boys on fire can make quite a heat.

I pulled my legs up on either side of his hips and grabbed his butt. It was difficult to believe that my butt had any softer skin or firmer muscles than his. He had a great little butt, the two globes of which, seemed as perfectly fitted to my hands as anything else. He held my face, probing deeply into my mouth with his tongue. We ground our dicks between our pelvises.

We didn’t say anything… at least not in words. We said a lot in other ways. We humped. We rolled tightly, so as not to disturb the girls on either side of us. When I was on top, Trevor pulled up his knees and opened his legs wide to me.

“Indian,” he whispered in my ear, and his breath there, excited me. “You feel fuckin’ good!”

“Yeah,” I whispered. “You, too.”

I covered his mouth with mine. His hands roamed my back the same way mine had roamed his. He grabbed my butt with both hands, big-for-a-boy hands, pulling me hard. I humped hard and fast, and by the time he began grunting quietly in my ear with his climax, I was there, too. His pelvis bucked under me, and I thought he was going to pull my ass apart. I bit my lip as I squirted between our bellies.

I slowed, but then Trevor tensed, and I felt his dick pulse against my belly.

We caught our breath. I started to roll off, but Trevor held me on top of him, so I stayed. I wrapped my arms up around his head, resting my cheek against his, getting comfortable. It was comfortable, and if he wanted me to stay there a while, I was glad to.

Trev stroked my back with his fingers.

“Indian,” he whispered so quietly, I barely heard him.

“What?” I whispered.

“Are we cool?”

“Way cool.”

“You okay with this?”

I nodded.

Very quietly, he whispered. “I think I’m gay.”

I lay there, considering that. I rubbed the side of my face against his. “You fucked three girls tonight,” I whispered.

“Yes, but I always think about guys.” He stroked my back. “I’ve thought of you and me a lot, Indian. I’m sorta gay for you.”

I nodded. I thought I understood.

“You can always do stuff with me if you want, Trev,” I whispered.

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged on me. I relaxed on to him, my arms around his head, my cheek against his. We rested. I dozed. When I finally rolled off, I spooned up behind Lindsay again because I thought it would be cooler, when everybody woke up, to find me snuggled to a girl. But then Trevor spooned me from behind, and I didn’t worry about it. It was comfortable between their two naked bodies.

I began to doze. Thoughts floated through my mind. Trevor couldn’t be all gay. He did like screwing with the girls; it was obvious. So maybe, he ;was bi, and if he was bi, maybe I was, too. Maybe most thirteen-year-old boys are at least a little bi. I nuzzled behind Lindsay’s neck and adjusted my butt in Trevor’s lap. She could be my girlfriend and Trev could be my boyfriend.


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