The Pathway
Chapter 1

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It was a reasonably warm September evening, I was walking down a pathway to the local shops. The path was always quiet even though it cut through loads of housing. The only people that used it were really the dog walkers for some reason. Ahead of me I could see a bench and there were three teenagers sitting there, two girls and a boy. One of the girls was blonde and the other was brunette. The boy had light brown hair, though it was difficult to see as he was wearing a green baseball cap. All three were slim, the girls were pretty and the boy good looking, they must have all been about 15.
“Hey Mr.” The blonde girl called. “Can you buy us some fags?”
“Really?” I replied.
“Yeah, please?” The brunette said. The boy just remained quiet and looked at his feet. I normally wouldn't do this, as I am anti smoking in general. But they were all quite cute and I was interested to see how they would do this.
“Do you have any money then?” I asked.
“Erm, I hoped you would buy them for us.” The blonde said, somewhat embarrassed.
“What do I get out of this arrangement then?” I asked.
“Um, well I don't really have anything, do you guys?” She asked and they shook their heads. My heart almost went out to them, but then remembered they were asking for cigarettes not food!
“I’m sorry; I don't see why I should buy you something that is going to damage your health, for nothing in return. Or at least for you paying for them.” I said.
“OK Mr, sorry for disturbing you.” She said, well at least she was polite with it! I walked off, thinking about the scene there. I got my stuff from the shops, obviously minus the cigarettes, and wandered back to my house from the shops. I passed them again and all I got this time was a smile. I smiled back being polite and got on with my evening. When I got home I did think a lot about what had happened on the way to the shops. I was glad I didn't buy them what they wanted as it made me feel better. Although I can remember doing exactly the same thing 15 years ago when I was their age! I decided I did the right thing and that was that. The evening went on and I went to sleep.

Nothing really crossed my mind as a few days later I was walking down the same path and there again were the 3 teens on the same bench.
“Hi,” the blonde said.
“Hi again.” I replied.
“Can you buy us cigarettes?” She asked with a smile. There was something in her eyes this time as she stood in front of me, edging maybe 5ft 5 in wearing an oversized sweat shirt and denim leggings.
“We through this again?” I asked, she smiled. “How are you going to pay for them then?”
“Well, we’ll give you a blowjob.” She replied matter of factly.
“Sorry?” I have to stop myself and take in what she said.
“We’ll give you a blowjob,” she repeats.
“Yeah me and Beth,” she point to the brunette. Again she is good looking, slim, pretty and shorter hair than her blonde friend.
“What about him?” I ask, looking at the boy. He just avoids my gaze.
“He can just watch, or join in, whatever,” she states in a very blasť fashion.

Now I guess I should admit to liking teenagers, boys and girls, normally girls a little older, but 15 for boys is perfect for me, just on the cusp to be horny monsters! All they need is a little push and most will be up for trying anything. I especially love their smooth Asses and balls. The whole situation has me at a loss for things that I would do to these teens.
“Would you like to join in?” I ask the boy. He just sits there and goes red, which adds to his cuteness. Being about 15 he is slim, nicely build though, his face is pretty and his eyes blue. He isn't pale, but not tanned either, few freckles across his nose. I wished he would stand up from that bench so I could get a better view of him! But he doesn't answer.
“It’s a tempting offer, but.” I state.
“But what?” She asks.
“I have 2 conditions.”
“What are they?”
“Firstly, all four of us a completely naked.” A slight look of shock goes across their faces, especially the boys! “Secondly - I get to give him a blow job as well. For that I’ll buy you a pack of 20 each.”

There was a little bit of a stunned silence for about 20 seconds. Then the blonde said “OK.”
“Wait, wait wait,” the boy said. “I don't remember agreeing to this!”
“You don’t want a blow job?” The blonde asked. He just went silent.
“So we’re agreed?” I asked.
They all nodded. I didn’t quite believe what was going on - but decided to go with the flow. I walked to the shops, bought my shit and the 3 packs of cigarettes. I walked back to the pathway and they, to my surprise, were still there waiting for me.
“Back to mine?” I asked. They nodded and followed me home. I have to say my heart was pumping and I was looking forward to getting them all naked, I hoped things might go a little behind them sucking me, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. We walked along the path, the girls seemed a little excited, and the boy, whose name I still didn't know yet, looked somewhat nervous. We got to my house and I unlocked and walked in - followed by the three teens. I put the shopping bag in the kitchen, including the cigarettes and then led them up to my room. I have to say I was majorly turned on at this point. They all stood next to each other, in a line. I moved towards the blonde, who always seemed the more confident of the group. I wondered if she was a virgin.
I reached forward and pulled up her sweatshirt, lifting it over her breasts, which I now notice were a nice size, a nice handful. Her skin was unblemished and looked so soft, her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulder and she gave me a grin as she shook her hair loose. I looked down at her flat belly and she had a pierced navel. I wondered briefly how she had managed to get that done, as she was only 15, or well I guessed that's how old she was! But at the moment I didn't care - she was very pretty and had a nice slim body. I took a step to the left and did the same to Beth, the brunette; I lifted up her top and threw it on the floor. She had slightly larger breasts than the blonde. But was as slim and pretty in a different way. Where the blonde was wearing a classic white bra, Beth’s was black. It was nice to look at and I couldn't wait to get them both naked. I moved onto the boy. He was shaking a little, obviously not used to being looked at in this way! I walked behind him and took off my t-shirt and threw it in the pile of clothes that were slowly building. I put my hands on his waist and he jumped at the contact of another person's skin just above his belt. I lifted his top and took it off slowly, grazing my fingers over the skin all the way up. He purred slightly as I did it. I again added his top to the pile. I put my hands across his smooth stomach, not a hint of fat there, or a hint of hair! Even a treasure trail was missing. Not that I minded, because his upper body was a thing of beauty. He was defined, in a very subtle way, there were pecs, and there were abs, but there wasn't at the same time. When he breathed you saw them when he relaxed you didn't. His nipples were about the size of 5 pence pieces. They were perky too, nicely turned on and pointing outwards. As I wrapped my hands around him I leaned into his ear and whispered to him.
“I think out of all of us, you are going to have the most fun!”
This seemed to relax him and he grinned slightly at me. I begrudgingly let go of his body and moved back to Beth. I felt her soft skin around her stomach, she breathed in sharply as I wrapped my hands around her waist.
“This wasn’t part of the bargain.” Beth said.
“You’re not enjoying it?” I asked and she was silent, I took that as I should carry on. I ran my fingers deftly up the front of her body; I could feel her heart beating fast under my touch. I moved my hands around to the back of her and brought them up to the clasp of her bra. I undid it, pulled the straps down her arms and released her breasts from the confines of her bra. I brought myself up to her back and felt her soft skin against my chest and stomach; I again moved my hands up until I was cupping her breasts, one in each hand. She sighed as I kneaded the soft round lumps on her chest. The feel of a teenagers breasts is one of the best things in the world and I was going to take full advantage of the pair in front of me. I continued to squeeze and play with the beautiful mounds of flesh both the blonde and the boy were watching intently. The boy’s erection was obvious and the blonde was loving watching me play with her friend.

I reluctantly moved away from Beth and to the blonde, where I repeated the same thing to her that I had down to Beth. She was definitely more receptive of my hands, holding onto them and moving them about her body for me while at the same time grinding her hips into mine. She had a slightly more athletic body than Beth, a nice tight frame that was covered in smooth and soft flesh. It was really nice running my fingers over her naked skin, feeling the contours of her body. I slipped my fingers into her leggings and started to slide them down her hips. She wiggled her hips and they slipped down her smooth pale legs and bunched at her ankles. I ran my fingers softly up her left leg and slid over the top of her panties, they were white and matched the bra that was now on my bedroom floor. I looked up at the boy - he was staring intently at the girls near naked body. I stripped out of my trousers and was just left in my black boxers, running my hands over the very sexy teen girl in front of me. My erection was very obvious in my boxers, but I moved back to Beth. I ran my fingers over her body again and then slid her jeans down her legs, leaving her in only her black panties. I ran my hands over her body, eliciting moans and purrs from her as my fingers touched areas of her body that had never been touched by another person. I left her as she was gasping.

I moved on again to the boy. He was almost shaking, I reached around him and undid the belt to his red chino’s, which hung just off his hips, I then undid the buttons down the fly and they slipped down his finely haired legs. He was left in his boxer briefs, which were bright yellow, it took me a second to realise that they were SpongeBob Squarepants boxers. They hugged his slim frame and bulged nicely out with his erection, which was looking a nice respectable size for a 15-year-old boy. I slid my fingers around his waist and ran them around the elastic of the boxers, his breath was ragged and you could see his heart racing by the way his chest moved. I kissed his neck and whispered in his ear again.
“You ready for all this?” He very deftly nodded. I put my fingers around my own boxers and slid them down my hips so that I was now completely naked. The girls giggled a little, but I was still behind the boy and he hadn't looked to see that I was now naked. I put my hands back around his hips and hooked my fingers in his boxers, and slowly slid them down his legs. Once they were around his ankles he stepped out of them, now he was naked in front of 2 girls he probably called his friends. I closed in and settle my very hard cock against the base of his back; I was slightly taller than him so unfortunately it didn't go between his ass cheeks. He gasped as he realised that I was naked as well, and he could feel my cock against his skin. I peered over his shoulder and was greeted with the sight, after looking down his hairless toned upper body, to his cock sticking straight out. It was about six inches long, the foreskin was only slightly pulled back exposing just the tip of his dark pink head, the shaft was not massively thick, but certainly a nice size for his age. He also had a trimmed bush of light brown, almost blonde, pubes at the base of his cock. I reached around and clasped his cock in my right hand and slid it up and down the shaft. He just moaned and purred and his cock was played with by the first person other than himself. I let go and he looked around at me disappointed.
“What's your name?” I asked.
“Tom,” he whispered.
“Be back in a second.” I whispered.

I moved back to Beth and slipped her panties to the floor, her pussy was trimmed with dark hair above it. I slid my fingers between her legs and dragged my fingers over her pussy; it was already wet with anticipation and horniness. I licked my fingers clear of her juices, then put them back down and slid them up and down her gash. She was moaning nicely before I moved back onto the blonde. I did the same, eliciting the same moans and groans as I played with her pussy, her was trimmed the same as Beth’s but with the obvious difference in hair colour. So finally we were all naked, I was taking in the beauty of what was before me, three teenagers all naked and horny. They were all silky smooth and ready for action!

I moved and got onto my bed, sitting up, the girls eyed my cock which was sticking up hard and ready, they seemed to be sizing it up, as it wasn't small, but not what I would call massive either! 8 inches of cock was theirs to suck, which is what they had promised me! I pushed it up so it was sticking vertically up from my body. I looked at the girls, “all yours.” I said to them. The blonde got up on the bed, spreading her legs over my waist and then coming down on the other side of me. She smiled as she took my cock in her hand and licked it. I moaned as her tongue travelled up the length of my shaft. Beth then came over and did the same thing, so I had 2 teenage tongues sliding up opposite sides of my cock. Man it felt good! As the girls worked my cock I looked over to Tom, who was standing there still, with his naked teen body there for me to see and his cock hard and sticking out proudly. I beckoned him over, tentatively he moved towards me, and up on the bed. He knelt near me, cock pointing at me; I took it in my hand and guided him closer and closer to my mouth. I took hold of his balls, which were in a smooth sack, I could feel the nuts inside his ball sack, I rolled them around and he moaned as I did it and pulled on them to guide the cock towards my mouth. As it was close I pushed out my tongue and licked the slick head of the teenage cock. He moaned as I did it. He moaned more as I engulfed the head into my mouth. The girls were doing a stellar job on my cock – it was never going to make me cum – but nonetheless they were trying. They licked in unison and then one would suck the head in while the other licked my balls. It felt great. However I was far more concerned with the boy that had his cock in my mouth. I looked up his smooth, slightly defined body, whose stomach was beautifully stretched out, slim and smooth. To his face that was a picture of joy! He was getting into me sucking him, his hips gently rocked back and forth in time with my head that was taking him balls deep into my mouth. His eyes were closed, even though he would have been able to see two teen girls, his own age, naked, sucking a large cock, and fingering themselves. He was way to far into liking his cock being sucked by another guy.

Unfortunately he was never going to last that long! I could feel him heating up, his thrusts became more urgent, and the finger around his balls felt them tighten up. He grabbed hold of my head and used it for leverage, there were a few grunts and then my tongue was coated in the tangy essence of a fifteen year old boy. It tasted so good, he kept his cock in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around the sensitive head of his cock. Eventually he pulled out, grabbed his neck and pulled his face down to mine, we kissed and I shared his cum with him. At first he opened his eyes in shock, but then got into it, our tongues were mashing his cum around both of our mouths. The girls saw what we were doing and wanted some, somehow we managed to get all four of us kissing at once, which was a little bit of a logistical nightmare, but we all shared Tom’s cum in the end. The girls went back down my body to continue on my cock. I pulled Tom in close and whispered into his ear.
“Turn around, put your ass to my face.”
He looked a little confused at me, but moved around. I was met with his gorgeous ass moving towards me, it was beautiful, smooth, enough flesh to get a nice grip on but slim at the same time. I pulled him towards me and got him to straddle my chest. I leaned in and licked up his entire crack. The noise he made as I passed over his hole was amazing, he grunted and moaned and panted all in the same breath.  The girls looked up as I started going at his hole with my tongue. His face must have been one of intense pleasure as the girls stopped on my cock, only to look at him as I rimmed him. He was bucking back into my face as I licked up and into his hole.
“Oh god that feels amazing,” Tom panted. “Oh more, please more.”
It went on and on like that. He started backing up into my face to try to get my tongue deeper into him, I slowly reached up and started running my finger over his hole as well as my tongue, making sure I was putting as much saliva as I could on his hole and then pushing it slightly inside him with my finger.

He slowly sank onto my body, his head near my cock as I tentatively probed his ass to see if he was receptive to ass play. He was, very! As he was right at the base of my cock, he decided to join the girls in playing with it. His tongue snaked around the base and then joined in the rota for sucking in the head with the girls. Now the girls were doing ok, but soon as Tom joined them, the intensity of my reactions was quadrupled. I am partial to a sexy young girl, but a guy, well there is my weakness. Teenage boys do it 100% for me and Tom was an amazing specimen of teen boy. I did nearly cum on the spot when he started licking me. But like the trooper I am I continued eating out his ass and starting to insert my fingers into him. His moaning and groaning around my cock only inspired me to continue to assault his ass. More groans from him and I had 2 fingers up inside him probing is prostate; his cock was rock hard again. What a fun afternoon this was turning into.

We carried on like that for a bit, then I decided that the girls really needed attention. So I moved and everybody stopped.
“Lay on your backs, legs spread.” The girls complied. “Tom – want to learn to pleasure a girl?”
He shrugged his shoulders. I very much took that he would rather carry on with just me!
“Do what I do.”
I had the blonde, that I still didn’t know her name, on the bed in front of me, Tom had Beth. I licked up her pussy and she squealed, Tom did the same but giving a face of disgust as he tasted her juices, but Beth moaned in appreciation! We both continued the assault on the young girls whose legs were spread before us. I got Tom’s attention and lifted my right hand and started stroking her pussy, Tom did the same to Beth. I slid my fingers over her pussy, stimulating everything I could. I prised apart her lips and slid my fingers inside her. She groaned as they entered her. First it was one finger then two. Sliding in and out of her, I looked over to Tom and he was doing the same to Beth, who was writhing around on the bed, bunching up the covers in her fists. The blonde was starting to get really horny! She was writing about moaning and pushing back against my hand trying to drive my fingers deeper.

This carried on as Beth orgasmed, soaking Tom’s hand in her juices, he didn’t seem overly impressed or turned on at making his friend cum. In fact his dick had gone soft, a fact I found interesting considering how hard it was just a few minutes earlier. The blonde was wanting more, she looked into my eyes and just whispered, “fuck me.”
Well who was I to turn that down, Tom stopped playing with Beth, and she was catching her breath so he scooted closer to me. I pushed her legs further apart and got between them. I had gone slightly softer as well having not had any stimulation. I reached out for Tom’s hand and wrapped his fingers around my cock, which had the desired effect on both of us!  I moved so my head was spreading her lips seeing her swollen cunt was lovely! I pushed in, the head disappeared, she gasped, I gasped, Tom gasped! Slowly I edged more of my cock inside the teens body, her mouth draped open as I slid up her. Once I was balls deep I slid out and in again, she moaned again. Over the next few minutes I fucked this cute teens body for all I was worth! Her pussy was so tight around my cock, but she was majorly turned on, she was so wet I was sliding in and out with ease. Oh she was so tight. She felt so good to fuck and she was obviously enjoying it was she was virtually screaming! This was turning out to be a very good day. Tom was still next to me, slowly wanking his cock as he watched me fuck his friend. I smiled at the fifteen year old boy next to me, looking lovely and naked. I was approaching my orgasm inside of the blonde. I rammed myself in a few more times and then let loose my spunk up inside her. It felt amazing to let loose in her, her orgasm racking her body at the same time I filled her with cum.

I slowly pulled out of her and my cock, which was still half hard was covered in my cum and her juices, it was shining and slick. I was surprised that Tom bent over and took my cock into his mouth. Mmmmm that felt good too! I let him clean my cock off and lick it clean. Beth got off the bed, and started getting dressed; the blonde was laying there catching her breath. I moved a little to get comfortable as Tom was getting more and more into sucking me. I leaned down to him, and whispered into his ear.
“Lets go to the shower.” We jumped off the bed and made our way into the bathroom, I locked the door behind us, warmed up the water and stepped into the shower with him. I have to say that this was what I really wanted! Alone with a teen boy, a naked teen boy, a horny naked teen boy! I got him into the shower and let the water cascade over our bodies. I wrapped my arms around this boy I front of me, I started licking his neck and he grinded himself into me. We just stood there under the water, our bodies touching as much as possible, his hard cock was pointing outwards from his body. His slim body was beautifully shiny when wet. I let my hands roam all over his body, I then grabbed the shower gel and did the same again, making sure I cleaned every part of his gorgeous body. I got a load moan as I ran my fingers over his asshole; I paid special attention to this area, easing my fingers inside his body. I slowly pushed my way in with my index finger, making sure that he was comfortable with everything I was doing. He seemed more than happy and pushed back onto my finger. I then added another finger; there was no sig of pain, only a gasp of pleasure as I widened his hole. Again he just pushed back against my fingers. It did start me wondering if I was the first person to be doing this to him! My cock was raging hard again as it sat pointing at Tom’s ass. I took hold of it and held it at his entrance. The first thing he did was back up and little and bend over further. I was seriously wondering if this kid was an anal virgin! But at that point I didn’t care, I slid some my shower gel on my cock and pushed the head inside him. I grunt of pain and pleasure came from Tom. I pushed more in once he had gotten used to what was already inside him, when I was about half way in I just slowly and smoothly added the rest into him.  I pulled out and pushed back in and tom moaned. His hands were flat against the wall of the shower, I put my hands against his and our fingers interlocked. I slid my dick in ad out of him, now it would seem that Tom was not a quiet fuck at all, his moans were getting louder and louder. He was begging me to go quicker and deeper. His light brown hair was matted down was the water cascaded over us and our bodies slapped together. I wanted to see his face as I fucked him, but in our current position that wasn’t going to happen!
“Lets take this back to the bed.” I said to him and pulled out of him at the same time, he grunted and looked annoyed that I had pulled out of him! I shut off the shower, and while still wet led him back into the bedroom, the girls were not there anymore, I guessed they were cleaning up in the guest bathroom. I pushed Tom down on the bed, grabbed some real lube and pushed back into him. He grunted again, which was such a cute noise! He was now on his back, his legs, which were lightly dusted with fine brown hair, were on my shoulders and my cock buried back inside him. We started fucking again. Tom again became very loud in his moans and groans, his hole was gripping and squeezing my cock, he was pushing back against my body to maximise the contact, and was really getting into being fucked, and I was very much getting into fucking him. As we were going again with renewed vigour I saw the girls reappear at the doorway, they were still naked and watching what we were doing, they were giggling at each other as Tom moaned as he was being fucked.
“Looks like Tommy likes being fucked.” Beth said as he made a very large grunt as I pushed all the way in. “Guess we’ll leave you here then.”

They picked up their clothes, leaving Tom’s, and walked out.
“Thanks for the fags.” The blonde said, I just turned and smiled as I carried on fucking Tom. They left and closed the door politely behind them. I locked lips with Tom and we continued pleasure each other.
“Oh, Oh yeah, that feels so good, fuck me harder, I want to feel your dirty cum up my ass.” Tom kept repeating these words to me. His cock was rock hard still, even though there was a pool of cum in his navel. He must have cum earlier and I didn’t notice. I grabbed his cock and started wanking it as I leaned back and fucked him. Here I was able to watch my cock disappear in and out of him. Another orgasm hit Tom, his cum dribbled out and his ass contracted. Finally I had my limit of pleasure in his young ass and I came up inside him. He wriggled against my cock as I spurted up inside of him. I then collapsed on top of him and slowly rolled off, withdrawing my spent cock as I rolled off. Some of my cum dribbled out of him as I pulled out. Tom was panting and just lying there, his knees were up in the air and his hands on his chest.
“That was amazing,” Tom said.
“It certainly was.”
“I want more!” Tom demanded.
I snickered, “maybe later.”
“I didn’t mean right now, but soon, like tomorrow!”
Gotta love a teenagers sex drive, I thought. “Have you been fucked before?”
“Not before today.”
“Wow, I have to say you were amazing if that was loosing your virginity.”
“Hmmm, it felt amazing.”
“It was, I’ve never fucked such a tight ass before, especially when it’s attached to such a hot boy!”
He blushed.
“Are you gay?” Tom asked.
I paused for a moment, “hmm, some days I call myself gay, but others not. I enjoy sex with both, but mainly with boys. I think that I would have a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend.”
“What about you?”
“I think I am gay.”
“How old are you?”
“Fourteen, fifteen in a month.”
“Fucking hell, I just fucked the shit out of a fourteen year old!” I was somewhat shocked that he was that young.
“Yup, you did, you’re in so much trouble!” I looked at him and he giggled. “Means you have to fuck me when I want or I’ll tell!”
“I think I can keep up that end of the bargain!” I said.
“Good,” he said. “I like the look of you, you seem nice too.”
“And I buy you fags.”
“I don’t smoke, yucky habit.” I did chuckle at that, seeing as that’s what brought us all together.
“Go shower,” I said. “ Separately I think so nothing untoward happens! I need to change these sheets.”

Tom jumped up, then realised that his ass was leaking and he made a very funny run/dance/jiggle to the bathroom. I heard the water running and then got up, stripped the sheets and put new ones on. As he came out the bathroom he had his hair all wet and a towel wrapped around his slim waist, he had a cheeky grin on his face.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing, he dropped his towel with his back to me, bent over, which separated his cheeks and showed his quite red asshole and put his boxers on. He turned back around to me.
“So, are we, like, going to do this again?”
“If you want too. I’m more than happy to help you out with your horniness!” I replied. “Do you want a lift home or anything?”
“Na, I need to stop and get stuff to eat for tonight any way.”
“Parents not in for dinner tonight?”
He let out a kind of sarcastic laugh, “yeah, something like that.”
“I sense some animosity towards your parents.”
“What’s ani … anim…”
“Animosity, erm, dislike, negative attitude.”
“Oh, yeah certainly that!” Tom said with enthusiasm. He sat on my bed and sighed. I sat next to him on the bed and pulled him into a hug.
“Wanna share?”
“Not really, they’re never at home, they’re always working, so I have to look after myself really.”
“How long has it been like that?”
“Pfft, ever since I can remember.”
“You look after yourself?”
“Pretty much, its ok, I get to go to bed when I like and eat what I like see who I like when I like.”
“Still, its not ideal for you, even though you like it.”
“I don’t like it.” He said. “I get lonely all the fucking time.”
There wasn’t much I could say to him really, what do you say to that? He looked at me like he wanted an answer, but I didn’t have one!
“Would you like to have dinner with me?” I asked.
His face lit up, “really?”
“Sure, we can make whatever you want, then watch a film downstairs?”
“That sounds great!”
“Go downstairs, make yourself a drink, I’ll grab a shower and then we’ll make dinner, you can help.”
“Cool.” I left him getting dressed as I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I had to have a think about this, what was I letting myself into? A fourteen year old boy, who was lonely, little contact with his parents, how did I think this was going to play out? Certainly I wasn’t someone who ducked away from someone who needed help, no matter their age.

I dried off and put on some clothes then wandered down stairs to the kitchen, Tom was sat there, reading the newspaper with a drink I his hand. He kinda looked like he belonged there. I sighed, he smiled and I went in to make dinner.