Thirteen Year Old Daddy


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Thus said, this story is copyrighted, ©2006, 2007 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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          I was one frightened thirteen little cock sucking fag boy. My dad had just come in raging about the eighteen year old boy next door getting caught by his dad. Well wait up, okay? I'm going to back up a few years.
          I was eleven years and three months old. when I found out how much fun my dick could be. I knew that my dick was a lot bigger than any of my friends but I had no idea what it was for. I turned eleven in May and in July I discovered masturbation. I mean I discovered it big time, I couldn't get enough. I was on the toilet and as it often did my dick was hard. I am a small kid, my dick was as big as my arm, well...anyway it was big. I did measure it a few months later and it was six inches long and five and a quarter around. Not bad for a kid who weighed sixty six pounds and stood four foot six. I have really light brown hair and it's curly. I look like I have just had a perm, I hate it. I try to keep it cut short so the curls don't show.
          There I sat on the toilet and was looking at my dick just inches from my face. I pulled the foreskin up and it bunched like a flower way out past the head of my dick. It felt real good to play with it so I kept pulling the skin all the way back and then up again. The harder and faster I pulled the better it felt. I kept this up for several minutes until my feet started to tingle and my toes began to curl. I felt like something was happening and it felt so fucking good that I did not want to stop. Suddenly my whole body went stiff and white shit shot out of the head of my dick right into my open mouth. I jerked back and the stuff kept on coming then I remembered what my neighbor had told me about jacking off and cumming and shit. Man if this was cumming I wanted to do it all of the time. I tasted what was in my mouth and it was good so I bent over and caught another load. That hooked me, I bent down and put the tip of my dick in my mouth and let it shoot until it stopped on its own. I sat back on the stool so weak with such a good feeling all over my body. I wiped my ass and dick then washed my face and hands then went in my bedroom. It was almost bedtime so I shut my door and got in bed.
          I pushed my undies down and my dick was hard again. I raised up and bent over but I couldn't do much more than lick the tip of my dick. I wiggled around and got my shoulders against the headboard and was able to get the whole head of my dick in my mouth. That felt awesome but I wanted more. I thought about when I would lay on my back and touch my toes to the ground above my head so I tried that and sure enough my dick was right in my face. With a little effort I managed to get almost all of my dick in my mouth. I started cumming again almost at once. I laid out flat and tried to catch my breath as I tasted this new substance. I decided that I liked it.
          The next night my folks had a party to go to and they got the boy next door to babysit. I didn't mind when he came over. I was eleven, that is just too old for a babysitter but Adam was a boy and he was my friend. He was fourteen but he always said hi to me and always rubbed my head or my back. He always had time to talk to me and he answered my questions, no matter what I asked him. I really liked Adam and his best friend Mark. Mark would come over and the two of them would shoot some hoops and let me join in. Sometimes I would ride my bike with them and we would go to the park and toss a football or baseball around. It was really a lot more fun with three of us. Catch with just two people can get kind of boring.
          Friday night came. My mother had told Adam and me that we could sleep in the basement playroom. She knew we would watch movies until we fell asleep so she let us put our sleeping bags on the pull out sofa. She told us that they would not be home until very late. She said that it might even be daylight before they came in. I was excited because I wanted to talk to Adam about my being able to cum.
          My folks left about six. Adam and I had just finished dinner. Mom made sure we had a good meal because she knew we would pig out on junk the rest of the night. We cleaned up the kitchen and grabbed the bag of chips and sodas mom bought and headed for the basement. We put the sodas in the old fridge down there, dad had a lot of beer in it. Adam looked at me and I nodded my head. "Later," he said. We had eight VHS tapes to watch. Mom bought DUMBO, and OLD YELLER. We had some other Disney movies like BAMBI and MARY POPPINS, but Adam said he would like to watch OLD YELLER. He said he thought Tommy Kirk was cute. We didn't know then that Disney fired him because he was gay.
          We were watching the movie and I saw that Adam had a stiffie in his shorts. The movie was over so I attacked Adam. I loved to wrestle with him. We only had our briefs on and it was only eight o'clock so we were full of energy. We got to rolling all over the floor. I was on top of Adam. I had his hands pinned above his head and I was sitting on his dick. It was hard. Mine was too. I knew that Adam could throw me if he wanted to but he was laying there looking at me with a strange look in his eyes. I would later come to know that look as his love or lust for me.
          I rubbed my hard dick against his, "You got a stiffie when you watched Tommy Kirk." His face flushed red. I rubbed against him again, "I can cum. I did it twice last night."
          "You can? Let me see." I got off of him and he pulled my undies down. "Wow! That's huge. That's as big as mine."
          "Show me." He pulled his underwear off. I turned around so my face was right up against his dick and his was near mine. He wrapped his hand around my dick and I thought I would die it felt so good. I didn't even think. I just took his whole dick into my mouth. He gasped and I realized what I had done then I felt my dick being engulfed in his mouth. He started sucking and going up and down on me so I did the same thing. He started cumming in my mouth and I went off in his. He was sucking me like he wanted to get my whole body into his mouth. I was going crazy on his dick.
          His dick went soft and he rolled away from me. I was still hard. He turned around and looked at me. "Where did you learn to do that?"
          "I just did it to myself last night and it felt good and I liked it. I just thought I would see if you liked it too."
          "Like it? Mark and I do it everyday." With that he ran upstairs, naked. I followed in suit. He grabbed the telephone. "Mark. The little squirt can cum and his dick is bigger than yours and he has skin just like you. Get over here, NOW!"
          We went back down stairs and I just looked at Adam. He had this really light blond hair all around his cock that totally fascinated me. Of course I was hairless and bald down there. He kept smiling at me. In about five minutes there was a knock at the basement door. Adam ran over, "Who is it?"
          Adam opened the door. Mark came in. Adam grabbed him and kissed him and he grabbed Adam's cock. I was all eyes. "You have cum breath."
          "I told you, the little squirt can cum, a lot. He cums more than you do and it tastes good."
          Mark got on his knees and held my cock. It was hard again. He pushed my skin back and licked me. He jumped up and pulled his shorts off. He wasn't wearing underwear. He had on some flip flops and his tee shirt. Both came off as he laid down. Adam pushed me down to the way we had been which I learned was a sixty nine. Mark started sucking my dick and I took his into my mouth. He was much smaller, about four inches and not very thick. He had a lot of skin which I really liked. Mark rolled up on top of me and shoved his whole dick into my mouth. It just went into my throat. I started to gag but kind of swallowed and I was okay.
          What happened next blew my mind away. Adam got over my head, between Mark's legs. He bent over and licked Mark's ass hole then spit in it. My mind swirled around for a minute while I watched Adam licking all over Mark's poo poo hole. Mark was really moaning as he bobbed his head up and down on my dick so I figured he must like it. I watched Adam drool as his spit ran down, between Mark's legs and around his balls. The spit began to drip on my forehead which caused me to giggle. Suddenly Adam was up on his knees. He wiped the spit off of my head then I saw his dick head push against Mark's hole. Mark moaned and nuzzled down on my dick as Adam's dick disappeared into his butt. Mark must of liked it because he was yelling, "Yes, yes, yes!" Adam pulled out part way then pushed back in. He started doing this faster and faster. I figured this must be fucking. Mark was sucking me again and pushing his dick in and out of my mouth. In a few minutes Mark shoved his dick all the way down my throat and I could feel the warmth as his dick swelled larger in my mouth. I knew that he was cumming and I was on the very edge. I started to cum in Mark's mouth as I saw cum squirt around Adam's dick and run down Mark's butt cheek. Adam was shoving his dick as far up into Mark as he could go. I watched as his balls pulled up close and his dick kept throbbing in Mark's ass.
          After a few minutes Adam rolled aside and Mark rolled the other way with me in the middle. Either way I looked I could see soft boy dick dripping cum as they lay curled up on their owner's soft belly. Adam grabbed my hand and pulled me around so that our heads were together. "That was so awesome, dude," Mark said. "Thank you. Adam, you have to let me fuck you while you suck him. It is so intense." We all giggled at Mark's enthusiasm.
          Mark jumped up and looked at the time. He said he had to get home before he was missed because he was grounded. We said we would see him tomorrow and he ran out of the door. Adam sat and we looked at each other then he grabbed me and kissed me.
          Now I was a tiny, smooth skinned, little boy with a man's dick sticking out of my gut. Adam was in love with me, or it. He started sucking me again and I sucked him. He asked me to fuck him. He lay down on his back and I got between his legs. He showed me how to put it in. He said it hurt. He had never let anybody but Mark do him and I was much bigger. I had never known anything could feel this good. I loved the two of them sucking me but the feel of Adam's ass around my cock was like a velvet mitt and his ass muscles squeezed me in such a way that I was in ecstasy.
          We sucked and I fucked Adam twice again before one o'clock then we fell asleep. I woke up at five and had to pee. Adam joined me and I stared at his dick. I really loved it and wanted to suck him again but I wondered what it would feel like in my butt. I begged but Adam convinced me to let him use his fingers for tonight and in a few days he would fuck me if I was opened enough for him. We got back to a sixty nine and he fucked my ass with his fingers. I did the same to him and we moved up to two fingers. He was hitting something in my butt that made me see stars and I fired off a load that choked him. Just as I was cumming he shot his load. It was big too. Then I heard my dad's car. We hurried and turned around then Adam jumped out of bed. He ran to the bathroom and got the rose air spray that my mom kept in there. He sprayed the room real good, then jumped back into bed.
          We just got settled and pretended to be asleep when my folks came down the stairs. "Smells like somebody had to go to the bathroom. The spray sure is strong," my mom was saying as they went back up stairs. Adam and I had our backs touching each other and I could feel him laughing as I fell back to sleep. We slept until eight o'clock when dad came down and told us it was time to get up.

          Adam, Mark and I continued to suck and fuck each other for the next two years. I was nervous as hell. My dad was super homophobic. I didn't know that's what it was, I just knew that he never missed a chance to put fags down. I learned that my favorite uncle, mom's brother, was queer. Mom and dad always made rude comments about him when he wasn't around. Dad even asked one time if mom knew who was the bottom and who was the top. Adam heard that and he explained it to me. It made me mad but it made me realize that I could never tell my dad that I was a queer boy.
          Cindy was sixteen. She lived across the street from Adam and me. She had just had a baby. She was in the tenth grade and they made her leave school. In those days it was not allowed for a pregnant girl to be around to influence the other kids. I was now thirteen and for some reason I was drawn to her and was at her house everyday after school. She let me help with her new daughter. I changed her diaper and held her. I fed her and let her sleep in my arms.
          By this time I was five foot one and had almost reached one hundred pounds. I was still smooth and totally hairless but my dick was eight and a half inches long. Of course no one knew this but Adam and Mark. I had been with Cindy all afternoon and at suppertime I headed home. When I walked in the door I could hear my dad. He was livid. He was screaming about the fag boy next door. Adam's dad had caught him and Mark fucking each other. Dad started in on me, "Have they ever touched you. Have they ever done anything with know," and he pointed at my middle.
          I shook my head no and told him, "never." He kept on asking if I knew that they were queer boys and I kept saying, "No, no, no." I was scared to death. Dad said he would kill me rather than have me grow up to be a queer. He said the world was full of fags and they had no right to live. He said they were the scum of the earth. Mom was right there with him, talking trash. They started in on her brother and how deviant he was and how he only liked little boys. I was getting an ear full but I was learning that if I wanted to keep drawing breath I better be careful.
          The next day I was holding Cindy's baby and I was thinking of Adam. I hadn't seen him and I wanted to know if he was okay. I was wearing an old pair of shorts and I guess I was thinking too much about Adam. Cindy said, "Oh my God, you're huge." I looked down and my hard cock was sticking straight up out of the leg hole of my shorts. Cindy grabbed it and pulled the skin back and kissed it. I shot my load all over her face. She opened her mouth and sucked me clean. She took the baby and put her in the crib. I was crying and trying to get out of there. She grabbed me and pulled me back. She apologized and told me she was awestruck with me. She told me that what she did was wrong and asked me to forgive her. She asked what made me hard and I lied to her and I told her I was thinking what it would be like to make a baby of my own. She asked me if I had ever been with a girl and I told her no. She asked if I had ever seen a girl naked and I told her just the baby, Tina. She told me that I could see her if she could see me. I pulled my shorts and briefs down in one move. She was on her knees fondling me and stroking me with a much softer touch than Adam or Mark had ever used. I was as hard as a rock.
          She took her clothes off and led me to her bed. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Dumb question to ask an oversexed thirteen year old boy. She taught me new pleasures that afternoon as I fucked her twice, long and slow. It was not like fucking Adam or Mark. It was different, not better, not worse, different. I can't describe it but it was nice. I kind of missed the guys but this would not make my old man kill me. I fucked Cindy everyday for almost two months until she told me that she thought she was pregnant. That hurt. I asked her who she was fucking with. She told me, "A cute guy that stole my heart. He has really curly blonde hair, and blue eyes. He has the softest skin and is the greatest kisser. He also has the biggest dick I ever saw and I have fucked him everyday for the last two months." It was then that I realized she was talking about me. She pulled me in to a kiss as we held each other tight.
          We kept on fucking but we waited another month before she told anybody. She went to the doctor and he confirmed it so that day we told her mother. Her mother was not surprised but not happy either. She yelled at us and told Cindy how irresponsible she was and that I was so young that it was considered rape. I told her I wanted to do it but she told us that I was too young by law, to make that decision and that Cindy could be put in jail. She told us that she would stand beside us but that we had to tell my parents. I wanted to do that, though I never told her or Cindy. If I got her pregnant then my dad wouldn't think I was queer now would he?
          Cindy and I took Tina and went to my house. I had planed my strategy for the shock value. "Dad, mom, I'm in love with Cindy and we want to get married. I am going to adopt Tina too." They sat there with their mouths open. A few minutes later they started smiling.
          "Son, you're to young. You can't get married in this state until you are eighteen. Your parents can sign a waiver if you are over fourteen but that's usually for the girl not the boy. You are only thirteen and you can not get married in any way for another year." Dad sat back with a smug look of satisfaction on his face, quite satisfied with his wisdom.
          "But dad, we have to get married. Cindy is pregnant with my baby."
          Mom gasped and then the silence....It was totally quiet in the house for a solid ten minutes. Tears were pouring down mom's face. Dad went from red to purple. He stared holes through Cindy. After a while dad took a deep breath. "Son, you are just a little boy. You can't be the father. You're too small."
          I stood up and pulled my pants down. My cock was half hard as it flopped out of my pants. "Does this look like a little boy to you. It is almost nine inches long and according to the sex books at school it is half again as big as most men. Do you have a nine inch dick, dad?" I pulled my pants up and sat down.
          Everybody looked at me. I sat there and said nothing. Mom got up and went to the kitchen. The rest of us sat there. Later mom called us and told us that dinner was ready. She had laid out the stuff for cold cut sandwiches. We all sat around the table in silence as we ate. Dad got a look of brightness on his face. "Son, you have no experience with sex. You may be hung like a man." Mom slapped his arm. "But you aren't ready for a relationship. You don't know about love."
          I had him now. "Dad, I have been having sex since I was eleven years old. I was three months past my elventh birthday when I found out that I could shoot. Two days later I had my first fuck and I have been doing it ever since, with more than one person." The absolute truth without the details.
          "With whom? Who have you been with?"
          "I do not kiss and tell. There is no way in hell you can ever make me tell who my girl friends were. I will protect them until I die." It worked. His face fell. He yelled at me for my language but mom put her hand on his arm and that shut him up. We finished dinner with nothing else being said. After the plates were cleared away I walked Cindy home. We sat together on her couch and played with the baby and didn't talk at all the rest of the night. I got up and went home to my bed at nine. I did have to go to school the next day.

          I worried about Adam. I was riding my bike home from the store where I had gone to get a quart of milk for Tina. I saw Mark stopped at a traffic light. I rode up beside him and said, "Hi! Where is Adam? Do you know?" The light changed and he yelled at me to follow him. He drove to the next corner and turned. He pulled over to the curb and stopped. I rode up as he was getting out. He grabbed me and hugged me as he told me how much he and Adam had worried about me. He told me that his dad had some apartments upstairs over his law offices downtown and he and Adam had an apartment there. He told me they were in unit eight and that I should come and see them. I promised I would and headed home with the milk.
          I was excited that I had found out where Adam was. I really liked fucking around with Cindy but there was one thing she couldn't give me, a dick. Okay, so I'm a queer. I love dick. I love to suck it and drink the cum. I can do that with myself and I do, everyday. But I didn't have anyone to fuck me in the ass. I had learned to take a hard long lasting fuck up the ass and I truly loved it.
          Friday Cindy had to go to the doctor for her prenatals. I stayed home until she left. When I saw her drive off I jumped on my bike and headed downtown. I was going to spend the day getting my ass fucked. I was so excited on the ride down there but when I saw the building my mind reeled. This was the same building where my queer uncle lived. I thought I would stop by and see him for a minute.
          I walked in and apartment number twelve was right at the top of the stairway I had used. I quietly knocked on the door. In moments a boy a little older than me answered. He was stark naked and his dick was hard and shiny wet. He grinned at me and opened the door wider. I could see my uncle Leroy laying on the bed with a hard dick sticking up in the air. Seeing me he jumped up looking for something to put around him. He yelled at David, the boy who had let me in. I told him not to worry. I knew he was a queer and that he loved boys. They both giggled a little but Uncle Leroy was definitely looking uncomfortable. I looked at my uncle, he was good looking, for an old dude. He was twenty eight or nine but still looked like a little boy. He was not much bigger than the fourteen year old boy who was fucking him and smaller than Adam or Mark.
          I heard Adam's voice outside the door. I opened it and he and Mark were coming up the same back stairs. I said hi to them and asked them to come in. They walked in and just stared at my naked uncle and his naked boyfriend. "Uncle Leroy, this is my boy friend Adam and my boyfriend Mark. They are lovers and live together. We have been sucking and fucking each other for almost three years."
          Everybody was staring at me as I grinned. I grabbed David's softening dick and stoked him back to hardness. He smelled like ass juice and I knew for sure he had been fucking my uncle when I butt in. I opened Adam's pants and pulled his dick out and sucked on it as Mark dropped his pants. I turned and sucked him. I looked around and said, "Anybody want to party?" I explained Cindy and my trying to cover my ass with my dad and my desperate need to get fucked today. They all volunteered to take care of my problem.
          I made my uncle swear his absolute silence to my parents or the three of us would tell the police that he had a fourteen year old boy in his bed for sex. He laughed but agreed. He told me he wouldn't say a word to the ass hole who wanted the world to think that I was his son. That didn't register with me but I would learn more as the years passed.
          Adam and Mark now had me naked and the five of us cleared the furniture to make a space on the floor for our orgy. I got into a sixty nine with Adam, my true love, as David fucked me. Adam and I stayed together as Mark fucked me then Uncle Leroy took his turn on my cute little boy butt. I sucked Mark as Adam plowed me then I had to fuck David and Uncle Leroy. David had never seen a dick as big as mine Uncle Leroy had never had one that big in him. It was great breaking them in. It was almost as if they were virgins.
          There wasn't a twitch to a dick in the room as the five of us lay there completely fucked out. Adam and Mark were cuddled together snoring on each other's shoulder. David was on his stomach with his mouth open drooling as he slept. Uncle Leroy and I lay side by side talking. I told him about Cindy and our baby. He asked me what I was going to do. I told him that I was going to marry her as soon as I was old enough. She was carrying my baby and I was not going to do what the other boy had done and abandon her with a baby to raise on her own. He told me how mature I was and that he would be there to support me if I ever needed him. He told me that I probably shouldn't let my dad know I was talking to him. He told me that it would only cause trouble for all of us. He said that he knew all about my dad. He said that someday he would talk to me but not now because I still had to live in his house but that I was growing up quick and it wouldn't be long before I would be out on my own. I hate it when adults talk like that. I was old enough to know anything he had to say, or so I thought.
          Happy, and with a butt full of cum I rode my bike back home. I showered and took a nap. When Cindy came home we fed the baby and talked until my bed time.

          Our baby was born on January eighteenth. He was beautiful and healthy. Cindy wanted to name him Daniel III. but since I was a Junior I didn't want any name that would associate him to my dad. We agreed on Tommy Allen. That spring I graduated eighth grade. I had Tommy in a baby pack tied to my chest, underneath my graduation gown. When I walked across the stage I opened my gown so that everybody could see my baby. The kids cheered the parents were outraged. I was grounded all summer.
          Life was okay for the next three years then things went a little crazy at my house. Dad was becoming a real ass hole. He had seen Adam and Mark at the grocery store and he made a big scene about queers walking the streets of town molesting little boys and leaving their bodies in the woods to rot. He was put in an asylum for evaluation. My mother blamed me for all of her troubles. I got dragged into the courts and so did Cindy.
          I was sixteen, Cindy was nineteen. We had a history with the doctor's office and social services. I was known to be responsible and supportive of my baby and his older sister. After four days of testimony from most of the town the judge married Cindy and me and signed the adoption decree making me the legal father of five year old Tina.
          The school had let Cindy attend night classes then in our senior year she was in day classes with me. Her mom took care of the children while we were in school. In May we graduated together. We were now on our own. I was eighteen, Cindy was twenty one. No one could tell us what to do or how to do it. We still lived with her mother though. It was going to take a while to get the money together for a place of our own.
          My dad had been weirder ever since he got out of the hospital. Then it all came to a head in July of that year. I was at my uncle's house having dinner with him, Adam, and Mark. I was talking about what a homophobe dad was and how I wished I could live like all of them did. They asked me about the kids and I told them that I loved them but that I really needed cock. I couldn't tell Cindy, she just wouldn't understand. I told them that if it weren't for my dad I would have been happy to be gay all the way through high school. I told them that there were a lot of cute boys there and I got to fuck with several of them. When they found out I was married and had kids they wanted information on fucking and I gave it to them first hand or first dick, I guess. No one ever complained about the size of my dick. Everyone of them sucked it and I eventually got it up their butts too.
          I finally left uncle Leroy's about six. Cindy would be home. She and her mother had gone up the freeway to a group of shops that were in a "duty free zone". I didn't understand all of that but let the women shop, I was with my boys. I pulled into the driveway. There was a police car in front of the house. As I got out of my car two police officers walked up to me. "Are you Daniel Merrick?" one of them asked. I nodded. "I'm afraid we have some bad news for you, son."
          My loving father had seen Cindy and her mother with some guy named Buck Farmer. He walked up to them and shot and killed Buck then shot the two women and himself. All of them were dead. My children were across the street with my mother. I ran over there to see them, the police followed. Mom and the kids were okay. I sat in the middle of the floor holding my kids and crying like a baby. I told mom I wanted to see Uncle Leroy and Adam. She made a phone call and the three men I loved most were at my side in just a few minutes. I screamed and shouted about my fucking dad and his ass hole ways until Leroy slapped my face and pulled me too him.
          "Daniel, don't you know that Daniel Sr. is not your biological father?"
          His words knocked the wind right out of my body. My mother sat down and started to cry. "Daniel, the man you have called dad all of your life was my queer lover in junior high school. That's how he met your mother. He and I used to suck and fuck each other all of the time until we were sixteen and I laughed at him because his dick wasn't growing." I looked at my mother. She had her head down but she nodded at me.
          "Daniel Merrick Sr. only had a four inch dick since he was fourteen. It never grew. It was as big around as my thumb and he cummed in droplets. He couldn't even get off. He could only do it if someone else played with him. He and Gary Farmer got something going and then Gary raped your mother. Daniel was right there to defend her and claimed the baby, you, were his. Your mother never told the truth. Farmer raped three other girls while he was in school, at least he had three other children by three other girls, that we know of. Buck was one of his bastard sons."
          My mother made a funny noise and slapped Leroy's face then stormed out of the room. "I'm sorry. That was a wrong choice of words. You are not a bastard, Danny and I was wrong to say that."
          I had to think what he said. Then it soaked in. I felt a rage raise up in me but was able to push it down. I had been conceived in a rape. I was a bastard. But my dad, er ah Daniel had stepped in and called me his son. I had a different feeling for him all of a sudden. "You said Gary had three kids. Who's the other."
          "You knew him when you were little. Remember Joey Watson, down the street?"
          "The boy that got run over while on his bike?"
          "He was your half brother. Your mother wanted to spare you all of this so you were never told. I haven't been welcome in this house and I am sure that now I will never be but baby, you have a right to know the truth." Adam and Mark put their arms around me and all four of us got into a group hug. My two little beauties crawled up to me and joined in. The tears overwhelmed me but I was surrounded in love and knew it. I was happy in spite of what was going on.
          Mom never came back into the room so all of us headed back to Cindy's and my house. I guess now it would be mine to share with my kids. Somebody fed Tommy and Tina and put them to bed. I was undressed and Adam and I took a long shower together as he tended to every part of my body. He didn't try to get me off, he just cleaned me and made me feel like I was special. He made love to me without having sex with me. I was light headed from all that was happening.

          When I came to I was in my bed with Adam on one side and Mark on the other. I scooted around in the bed and took Mark's boner in my mouth. He must have been having a good dream because he was super hard and shot a load within seconds of my going down on him. I licked and cleaned every crook and cranny in his abundant foreskin then licked up the drippings from his pubic hair. His cock was soft as I licked it for the last time then I licked and sucked on his balls before turning my attention to Adam.
          Adam was still soft. He was breathing quietly with a steady rhythm as I began my assault on his abs. I love his flat belly and even now some, nine years since it began, I love to feel his muscles as I rub my face on his flat hard surface. I worked my way around with my tongue being sure to get any lint or other foreign matter from his belly button. I throughly mouth washed his huge hanging balls. Those suckers had tripled in size since that first night in my basement. It was very hard to get both of them in my mouth and I wouldn't do that unless he was awake in case I couldn't get them out without hurting him. One time I got his cock and one ball in my mouth and we had to wait until he went soft so we could get it out again. It was not pleasant for either of us, even though we laughed our asses off afterwards.
          His lovely dick moved a bit and I figured I better get to it if I wanted to experience my favorite pleasure, that of feeling an extra soft dick grow to its full hardness inside my mouth. I like to lock on to the base of a soft cock and apply hard, constant suction as the meaty tube swells filling every inch of my hungry mouth. When it finally snakes its way down, deep into my throat stretching my jaws to accommodate its new size I start my movements to make my man of the moment as happy as I know how. Right now it was time to make the one man I loved above all others happy and I began to move up and down on his gorgeous eight inch cock.
          Adam's platinum colored hair had slightly darkened as he aged and his pubic hair was now a little like dirty blond. His skin was still smooth and flawless and he had retained his school boy looks and build. He had a nice little twenty eight inch waist and stood six inches taller than me at five foot eight. He weighed exactly one hundred and thirty pounds. His deep blue eyes drew me to his face and I could stare at him forever. I knew he was in love with Mark and I would never try to come between them.
          Mark had put on considerable weight over the years and he had blown up to a forty inch waist with a dunlop. You know, the belly that flops over the belt. He was hairy, all over, but Adam loved him and the hair. It kind of turned me off. I liked Mark, don't get me wrong. I loved playing with his dick and I loved it when he fucked me. His dick was still smaller than Adam's or mine at just over six inches. It was sorta thick at five and three quarters around but his foreskin drove me crazy. He was the only person I knew, beside myself that had a foreskin and I had not let them cut my son Tommy. I wanted him to have himself intact. I secretly hoped someday to suck my little boy's dick, but I was going to wait until he was at least a teenager. I hate men who want to do little boys. I think they are super sick and should be sexually tortured. Children have a right to grow up in innocence. They will learn about sex soon enough, let them be children first. I know I started at eleven but no one showed me, I learned it all by myself and I shared what I learned with my babysitter. He didn't do me, I did him.
          Adam was now moving in his sleep and I knew he was on his way to happy land. He pulled on me and took my dick into his mouth. He loves to have a dick in his mouth when he cums and so do I. I get a bigger satisfaction out my climax if I have a nice dick, soft or hard, between my lips. Adam blew a shot that actually felt like a bullet as it hit the back of my mouth. I pushed down letting the next four shots go right down my throat then I pulled his head back into my mouth and laved it with my tongue as I applied as much suction as my jaws would allow. He was moaning and sucking on my dick with fervency. As he finished filling me with his life force I started to shoot into his mouth. He was moving up and down on me with such rapidity that I thought for sure we would have smoke coming from my cock any moment. Talk about a boy scout merit badge for fire starting this boy could have dozens. I filled his mouth and went soft. He pulled my hand letting me know he wanted me to turn around. He cuddled and kissed until we fell back to sleep. When I awakened we were still cuddled mouth to mouth and Mark was pushing himself into my hungry ass chute.

          Cindy's mom had life insurance that paid for the house. She had some insurance on her and Cindy that would help to raise the babies. I got the house, and I let Mark and Adam move in with me. After a few months Leroy agreed and moved in to the other bedroom. Now my babies have four daddies. Mark took a job in a big law firm out of state so he and Adam moved away when Tommy was five and about to start kindergarten.
          Leroy stayed with me as my only family. My mother married some new loser and took off to live out west somewhere. I really couldn't care less. Her bigotry has increased as she has gotten older. I don't have a steady man, yet. I'm really not looking. I still look like a little boy. I stand five foot six and weigh one hundred and nine pounds. My hair has lightened a little from exposure to the sun. I work as an electrician for the local power company. I have no problem with heights and I can go places that other men and equipment can't. I get reprimanded constantly but they never write me up, they just yell at me and wink then thank me for saving their bacon, again.
          I do have a hard time with my little boy looks. I have no facial hair at all, even though I am now twenty six, almost twenty seven. Everybody wants to see my mommy or daddy. I could show them their daddy but that is not the example I wish to set for my two children. I just grin and bare it as I pull out my ID and let them tell me it is a fake.
          Tina has grown to be a real beauty. She is almost sixteen and has a line of boys standing around the corner waiting to talk with her. I would really like to talk to some of them. I do get my sex by hanging around the parks and places boys play. I can find some hot young stud wanting to bury the bone in my butt easily, especially when they think that I am some horny twelve year old. I am careful to keep my activities well away from my neighborhood and my kids. I don't want them to know what I am until they are old enough to be able to deal with it.
          Tommy is almost there. Tina was out on a date with her latest beau when Tom came and sat down next to me. I could see us reflected in the mirror tiles that Cindy's mom had so painstakingly glued to the living room wall so many years before. It had been a labor of love for her to make her house pretty for her daughter. It is true what they say, Tom and I look just like brothers. We almost look alike. We have the same bone structure and coloring. His curly hair brings back so many memories. His skinny little body is a carbon copy of mine at his age. The only thing that I don't know about is his manhood. I won't violate him and I have not had the chance to walk in, so to say.
          "Daddy, you have always told me that I could talk to you about anything and you wouldn't get mad at me or hate me, right?" I hugged him and assured him that he was correct. "Well...we talked a year ago about Uncle Leroy liking boys and stuff." I shifted in my seat so that I could stare into the face of my little man. "Is it wrong to, like have, you know like dreams about...I mean sometimes I think about..." I had to let him go. I wanted to grab him and hug him and tell all about being queer and the feelings and how much I loved him. I'm dad, I can't do that.
          "Daddy, please don't hate me. I love you and I don't know what to do. I think that I might be...Well I have these thoughts about Andrew. OH! Don't tell him I said this. Daddy, he'll kill me. I shouldn't have said his name."
          "Tom! Stop! It's okay son. What you say to me stays with me, I understand, really, I do. You are at an age where your body is changing and so is your mind. You are growing up, son. You don't know what you know, and it scares the living bejeebers out of you." I always liked hearing my grandmother use that word. I have never seen a living bejeeber and I don't think Tom has either but he knew where I was coming from.
          "Dad, I want to talk about sex. You told me about jacking off. I have sex education at school and they talk about having babies. Dad if two boys have sex there can be no babies so why is it wrong to do that?" Walk easy dad.
          "It is only wrong to some people. Okay, so more people than it is right with, I'll admit. Sex is God's greatest gift that he gave to his created beings. It is the strongest urge or drive in the body. Plants, animals and birds do it. That is nature. There are some animals that do it boy to boy. The sex drive is strong and urgent. A male has to get off. A female is not as sex driven as a male. She can have sex once and be satisfied for a long period of time. A male, especially young human males feel that they need to have sex every day, sometimes several times a day.
          "In nature there is usually one dominant male to many females. The other, usually younger males, need release. It is not uncommon to see to boy animals do each other. I see dogs do each other in the park quite often. Usually one is dominant and he goes after the other. I don't know if they penetrate or just rub together, I am not that keen on getting close enough to find out. I look at it as just their need to get off so one uses the other."
          "So if, say some bully fucks some little kid, he is just getting off and you.."
          "Wait a minute. Now that's different. No way, Jose. No one has the right, ever, ever, ever, to use somebody, especially by force. That's rape." Tommy's face fell and he began to tear up. "What's wrong, little man?"
          "You told me that you were born from rape." He jumped on me and hugged me tight as he began to cry. I cried with him.
          "Yes, I am. A boy forced himself on my mother when she was young and I was born."
          "Daddy, you are only twenty six. I am almost fourteen. You had to have been like twelve or so when I was born. Did you rape my mother?"
          "No son. I did not. I will tell you the whole story if you want."
          "Not now. I want to ask some more questions before Andy gets here. He's spending the night, remember?"
          "How could I not remember?" He only mentions it fifty times an hour.

          "Well, don't get mad...please." I hugged him. With our nearness in size I would like to see us hugging a little better than in the mirrors. I bet we look hot together. Oh, shit! I better drop that line of thought. "Daddy, when I like, you know...with my...." He was making a jack off gesture and looking at his middle. I nodded. "I always think about Andy. He is so cute and I can't get him out of my mind."
          "What do you think about?"
          "Well....oh, daaddd." He was shaking, I patted his back. "I think about him being naked and I can see his big dick and I imagine playing with it and doing all kinds of stuff with it and him and too him and..."
          "Okay, son. You think about seeing him naked and you think about maybe sucking his dick and maybe dream that he would like to suck yours and then you think about having his dick up your ass hole or maybe yours up his. You want to watch him cum. You want to taste his cum. You want to hold him and kiss him and make him cum, time and time again. Is that pretty much it?"
          Breathlessly, "Yeah. But how did you....?"
          "I was a boy once myself."
          "Did you know, with a boy?"
          "Yes, but let's talk about Andy. He will be here in a few minutes.
          "I don't want to lose him as a friend but I want to do stuff with him. What can I do?"
          "Listen to me very well, my horny little son. You are asking the age old question that every boy asks himself whether it be a girl or a boy he wants to bed down. I am going to tell you what to do.
          "First of all, have you ever seen him naked?" No.
          "Have you ever seen his dick?" Yes, they like to cross streams when peeing in the woods.
          "Do you talk about jacking off?" Yes.
          "Have you ever seen each other jack off?" Yes. "Just the two of you, or were there more boys with you?" Five boys. "More than once?" Three times. "Were you looking at movies, books, or magazines?" Yes, twice a mag and once a movie. "Straight or gay?" Straight. "Could you see if anyone was watching the other guys or were they watching the movie or mag?"
          "Andy and I were looking at the dicks."
          "Did you talk about it later?"
          "Yes, last week end we compared notes on who had the biggest dick after we watched the movie. We thought the guy in the movie had a smaller dick than I do."
          "Is your dick bigger than Andy's?" Yes. "Did he tell you he thought so also?"
          "Yes, he said I have a nice fat dick, much bigger than the other boys."
          "What will you sleep in?" Underwear. "Does he sleep in his underwear and tee shirt at home." Sometimes he sleeps naked if he knows his parents are already asleep. "Do you sleep naked?" Blushing I finally got a sometimes, most times.
          "Will you share the bed or one sleep on the floor?" Together. "At his house?" Together. "Ever naked?" No. "Tonight?"
          "I hope we'll sleep naked. We talked about it. We talked about seeing who could shoot the furthest."
          "Do you want to suck his cock and let him cum in your mouth?"
          "Oh, yes."
          "Tonight my son, you will do it. He wants you to and I think he wants to do it to you too. When you go to your room, get naked as soon as you can. If you are going to shower before bed walk naked to get your clean underwear and your towel. Let him see your cock swing about. Tease him about being shy if he doesn't get naked too. Go easy on the tease, he may get upset. Light teasing only like, "What you hiding in there, a small sausage?" and point at his underwear. When you get in bed, sit on your knees facing him with your hard cock pointing up between you. If he is laying down reach over and hold his cock. Watch his reaction. If he just looks at you bend over and sniff of his cock. Still no reaction stick out your tongue and lick it. Then sit up.
          "Let him say something then just go, "I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did that. I just wanted to know if it tasted gross," or smelled gross or something along those lines. If he is where I think he is he will tell you it was okay and that he liked it. Bend over and suck his dick into your mouth. If his hands go to the back of your head start bobbing up and down and don't stop until he cums. You have tasted cum before?" Yeah. "You'll do fine."
          "You don't mind if I'm know, gay?"
          "Tom, at your age sucking your best friends cock to see what it tastes and feels like is not gay. It is curiosity. Nearly all boys do it at least once before they turn sixteen or so. Most will lie through their teeth and say they never did but all of them at least thought about it at one time or another."
          "Did you ever suck cock, daddy?"
          "I did. I won't tell you now because I just heard a car door. Go let him in."
          Tom opened the door and two of the most beautiful creatures on earth stood on my front porch. Andrew was a knock out. I had seen him many times before, of course. He was my son's best friend since he started school and he lived in my mother's old house across the street. It was the second apparition that took my breath away. Adam was standing behind Andrew with a grin as big as a house on his face. I jumped up and let him in as the boys ran on up to Tom's room.
          My sweet Adam was here. I was in his arms before the screen door could swing shut. The boys were gone so I embraced Adam and got a huge kiss in return. I hustled him off to my bedroom and dropped down on the bed to get reacquainted for a few minutes before I had to start dinner for the boys. There was something wrong. I felt it in his embrace, I could see it in his eyes. "What is it babe? What's wrong?"
          "Mark and I are through."
          "Adam!! What happened baby?" I smothered him in kisses which he eagerly returned. He seemed his old self but without Mark he was not whole.
          "It's been coming for a long time. He is a climber, you know. He has to be the best, the only one, king of the hill. He wants to dominate our relationship but he doesn't want me to be around. He wants me to move out to some place in suburbia and he'll commute once or twice a week. I am in his way as he struggles to the top. He is with a really big law firm and on the fast track to becoming a partner. He can't be queer and be the best. I embarrass him. Me! I'm not the flame. He is so fucking out that no one doubts who or what he is but he says that his boss doesn't like fags and I am hard to explain."
          "Dad, what's for dinner? You want me to fix something?" Shit, Adam needs me right now. I had promised the boys mushroom burgers on the grill. I went to the door and called down to the kitchen.
          "You want mushroom burgers or pizza?" Quick thinking. I told Tom to order pizza. My bill fold was on the dining room table and he could call me when it came. He told me that we were out of soda. Damn, how could I forget that. I told him to order four with the pizza, no make it five, Leroy's here too. I went back to Adam.
          Adam was sure that there was somebody else. Mark had been coming home with Axe on him. He doesn't wear Axe. I said that Axe is more popular with kids then with adults. He pointed his finger at me, "Bingo." I couldn't believe it. They had been together for seventeen years. He wanted a kid? Adam told me that he always had a thing for me. He liked small, submissive boys. I just had too big of a cock. Mark is a bottom's bottom. He only liked to top me and take care of Adam's itch sometimes. I asked him how he knew this. Did Mark cheat openly or something. That wasn't it. Mark dragged Adam to the party scene. Mark always found a boy to be with. He wanted Adam to three way with them. He liked our old menage a trois and was most happy as the center. He wanted Adam and the boy to top him over and over as he sucked his ass juice from the cock of the one who just left him. Mark brought two boys up to their apartment one weekend and fucked the two kids silly. Adam was pretty sure that one of the boys was Mark's boss' boy. If that was the case Mark was playing with dynamite.
          I asked Adam his plans. He looked at me and told me he had left Mark, for good. He wanted to know if I would have him. I took him to me and let my mouth on his answer that silly question. I had to break away and take care of my kids. I told Adam to wash his face and come eat and headed downstairs. The sight that greeted me made my heart leap but then I thought about how Adam would take it. Andrew and Tommy were both in nothing but the smallest of briefs. They had to be two years sizes too small. Their young packages were out there to see and so was the rest of their young firm bodies. I almost fell to my knees before them they were so hot.
          Adam came into the room and stopped dead in his tracks. "Is this my god son, Tommy?" He grabbed the boy up and pulled him close. He hugged Tom and ran his hand over the firm bubble butt barely contained in the thin cotton clothing. He gave Andy a hug and told him he was glad to make his acquaintance. All of us could see the tent in his slacks as he tried to cover up and sit down at the table. Leroy came in and he and Adam hugged and sat to talk while the boys got glasses of ice and poured sodas around. I sat the pies on the table and we ate and talked.
          We had eons of time to catch up on but I wanted Adam in my bed and in my ass. Tommy had his desires with Andy. I had to hustle Leroy off. I reminded him of a gathering at the park. He got my meaning and grabbed one more slice before he disappeared.
          "You know what's happening at the park?" I heard Adam say to Tommy when he thought I was gone. "It's gay pride week. The park is full of fags."
          "Do you want to go?" Tommy whispered to him.
          "No, I want to be with you." Yes! Good on you boyo. Treat my baby boy well. Give him what he really wants. I am some kind of father. I want my son to be gay. Oh well, like father like son, huh?

          I got back to my room just as Adam came from the bath with nothing but a terry cloth wrap on. He would look good with nothing on. hehehe. I was sure gonna see that in just a minute. "Adam, I have to tell you something." He looked at me. I explained my discussion with Tommy earlier. Adam was one big smile from head to toe and side to side. "Well, there is something else." He looked at me. I turned on the thirty two inch tv at the foot of my bed. The boys were just walking into Tommy's room in living color. Adam's eyes widened. He looked at me and I batted my eyes at him. "I really want to watch." I was so glad that he did too.
          I love watching boy porn. I seek it out. It has been my main source of relief for the last nine years. I don't want to go out and fuck some kid and loose my own. I am not about to go fuck some man who wants to take over my life and move into my house and molest my son. Tommy is mine to molest when I think that he is ready for me. Adam turned to the foot of the bed and hung his head over the edge so that he could watch the tv, upside down. He pulled his legs back and asked me to take the edge off until after the show then he would show me a thing or two. I wanted this ride and I had to help an very dear old friend.
          I slipped right into Adam like old home week. His moans were identical to all of the many memories I carry in my heart of him. I took my time and rode him down easy. Tommy was a text book study as he followed my every suggestion to a tee. Andy was eager and ready to jump Tommy to hurry him along but he stayed right with my son and let him open up a whole new world to himself. Andy was not virgin. He has been down this road before but he never let Tommy know it.
          I switched cameras to get a face on view of Tom. Adam looked at me. I held up four fingers, indicating four cameras aimed at the boys. What no one knew then was that each camera was being recorded so that I could cut and splice and dice to my hearts content. I was filming at high speed so that I would be able to do some good slow mo for those sweet moments that need extra influence.
          The look on Tom's precious face as he wrapped his tiny lips around Andy's four inch cock was priceless. He rolled his eyes back and closed them as he smiled around the man meat in his face. He was the happiest I had ever seen him. He was now a cock sucker. He nursed on the meat he was locked onto and I watched his little cheeks hollow out as he applied all the suction he could muster. His hand cupped his friends tender nuggets as he slowly pulled back on the fresh meat that he had so desired.
          He pulled off and began to lick and kiss all around the head then he sat back on his knees and stared at Andy while still holding the boy's nuts in his tiny hand. I had muted the sound so that no one would discover my voyeurism. I could not hear what was being said. I couldn't stop to find the remote because I was nine inches deep in hot ass and about to blow my load. Adam was returning my fuck with so much force. I had never ridden him this way before. He was working muscles in his ass that he had never used on me before. Or at least that I could remember. I was at the edge as Andy moved forward and kissed Tom and the two boys wrapped their arms around each other.
          The gloves were off. My cock went off. The boys were stretched out on the bed, head to crotch. Cocks disappeared into each mouth as the boys began to suck in earnest. I struggled for air as Adam and I parted. I lay back on the bed and puffed my pillows up so that I could see the hot action on the tv. Adam went straight for my cock and sucked it to the root. He was bobbing on me as fast as Andy was bobbing on Tommy. I watched Tom arch his back and raise up off of the bed. I watched as his body convulsed with his first ever orgasm with someone else and that right into the mouth of his very best friend. I flooded the first mouth to ever suck my cock with the same furry that my son had. I recalled a night in a basement some sixteen years ago and the very special feelings that I had and the love that I have carried in my heart for Adam since that night. I had never said anything to anyone but deep down inside I was so glad to finally have Adam to myself.
          Adam and I made love. I had not had love made to me since the very beginning of my life as a queer. I had a lot of sex with Adam and Mark, Leroy and his boyfriends. Leroy always had some sweet young thing that he would offer to share and I did, more than just a few times. The boys always thought that I was a child myself and were never afraid to let me do what ever I wanted to them.
          We kept the tv on and watched my little slut boy loose his cherry in so many ways. I was almost disappointed when I saw that Tom was a top. He loved taking care of a very hungry Andy but he didn't seem to want to roll over for him. He spread his legs out of curiosity, I think. He took two very hard ass pounding rides on Andy's sweet meat and charged right in to eat the hot meat clean. He really loved Andy licking his ass clean afterwards. But his actions didn't suggest that he was interested in that position.
          I watched with great interest as he fletched his first load from Andy's fresh fucked ass. He had his face all twisted as if he expected the worst. They lay in a position so that one of the cameras caught the top of Tom's head and the enlarging eyes as he got his first taste of butt fuck juice. He dove into that ass like a starving man. I wanted to go and give him a spoon.
          I don't know when I fell asleep. I was snuggled up to Adam and loving every inch of him. I prayed a huge thank you for my wonderful life. When I awakened the boys were doing a hot sixty nine and the sun was shining on the tv screen so that it blocked most of the action. I had a very needy dick poking at my ass as Adam spooned into my backside. I worked myself onto his thick rod and let it bottom out as deep as it would go from this angle. I began to ride Adam's pony as I felt his breath change on the back of my neck. He moaned and took over. He raised my right leg into the air and moved in closer as he stroked my deep seated needs.
          I didn't have to wait long before he filled me with all of his love. I needed to run to the can. I was afraid to cum, I had to pee so bad. Adam would have nothing to do with it. He rolled me to my back and took my cock to his gullet and finished what he had started. I filled him with a creamy delight but he was not about to let go. I could not control myself and I know that I would have left a trail of piss from the bed to the toilet had he let my cock out of his mouth. I began to pee as he locked his lips around me. He was pressing on my bladder making sure that the stream started and remained strong. On top of an orgasm this was the most astronomical experience of my life.
          Adam and I shared a shower and prepared to go fix breakfast. Adam had to shave, a need I have not developed. I still have a baby smooth face, I don't even have a hair on my upper lip. My legs are scantily scattered with light colored hair and my pubes still look like they did when I was thirteen, thin and whispy. I left Adam and went down to the kitchen.
          Tommy walked in right behind me. I grabbed him and hugged his glowing body. I saw Andy's foot in the hall way. "So, was it every thing you hoped for?"
          "Oh man, it was so much more."
          "You told? Your old man knows what we did?" Andy was fighting tears.
          I grabbed him and pulled him close. "My son loves you and all he wanted was to show you that love and not lose you. You are the most important person in the world to him."
          "Are you going to tell my dad that I'm a fag. He'll kill me."
          "No. I'm not going to tell anyone but you how special I think you are and how much I love what you did with my son."
          "Have you ever done that before?"
          "Well, what did you do? Then I can tell you." I smiled at them.
          "Dad, it was great. I did just what you told me to do. I was on my knees and I bent over and I took his dick in my mouth. It tasted so good, dad. It felt so right. I loved it. I looked at him and he kissed me, dad. He kissed me. He liked it. We did all kinds of stuff all night."
          "I can tell, you're both walking a little funny this morning. Come over here. Let me see." I grabbed Tommy and pulled his underwear off and bent him over the table. I got down and looked up his ass hole, real close. I blew into his enlarged orifice. He giggled. I ran my finger around the outside then I stuck my finger up in him He moaned. I pulled my finger out and looked at it. I licked it. Andy's eyes were huge. I grabbed him and did the same thing. When I looked up his ass he had cum running out of it. I licked it up and stuck my finger up in him. I pulled it out and it was slick with Tom's cum.
          "Pervert." Adam was standing behind us with a huge tent in his briefs.
          "You asked if I ever did that, Andy. You tell me." I pulled my underwear down and bent over the table and spread my cheeks to the boys. Both of them had their faces right down there, breathing their hot young breath on my hole. I felt a tongue move around then a finger go in.
          "That's cum."
          Another tongue and another finger, "Yeah.."
          I pulled Adam's drawers off, exposing his sweet hard cock. The boys had never seen one that big. His solid seven and a half inch cock stuck out like a flag pole. I bent over and sucked it all the way to the pubic hairs. "Boy's, I want you to meet my boyfriend. He is the first person to ever suck me and that I ever sucked and I love to have him fuck me." Too much information. I waited for their reaction. Both of them stood transfixed.
          Tommy jumped into my arms and hugged me tight. I went hard. He backed up and looked down. His smile encircled his head as his eyes brightened with tear. "Now that's what I am talking about. That is a cock. I told you Andy. He has the cock of two of us." He bent over and lowered the waist band of my briefs as he tried to get my cock in his mouth. Andy tried to suck it. They both played with me for a few minutes.
          "Are you really going to take that up your ass, Tom?"
          "I told you last night. I will do what ever it takes to get that up my ass. I have only seen it from across the room but I knew it was huge. I want to have my dad fuck me."
          "Will you fuck me then?" Andy was looking at Adam who was in shock.
          I made a big breakfast of pancakes and eggs with sausage and gravy. I knew that was Adam's favorite breakfast when we were kids. We stayed naked and fucked most of the day away. Before noon both boys had their butts stretched and were confirmed bottoms.
          Adam stayed for a week then he got a call from Mark. Mark begged him to come home. Adam told him that it was over between them then Mark broke down and told him that he needed him for moral support. He got caught by his boss with the boss' son and his best friend in the boss' house. Mark was ruled by his cock and his lusts did him in. He was out on two hundred thousand dollar bail. Adam told him that he couldn't deal with that anymore. He told him that he had tried to protect him but he had to go after kids.
          He hung up and looked at me. I moved to him and let him hold on to me. He shook for a few minutes then he told me that it was all for the best. Mark had made his bed. Adam was not about to let anyone lord it over him. He looked at me and told me that we had always been the perfect match. He had regretted many times not cutting Mark loose and come crawling to me.
          I asked him what he expected me to do if he did crawl to me. He turned around and bent over. Tommy and Andy sat at the table with cold sodas in their hands as they discussed the various angles that I used as I stabbed into my boyfriend's ass over and over. They showed us what they learned as Adam and I drank our sodas during their time bending over the table, first one then the other.

Another dusty tale rescued from the ancient archieves of the dirty mind of Carl Dickson.
Hope it arouses your passions, or something.

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