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A Brief Attraction




One of my greatest regrets is that my marriage to my high-school sweetheart didn't work out. It was mostly my fault. I knew I had bisexual tendencies, but I was so in love with the idea of being in love, and of being a father someday, that I buried my interest in other guys completely. I suppose that was what caused my ardor for Natalie to eventually cool, which in time led to the affairs that drove her away.


The best thing that ever happened to me happened when we were married, though. We had a son, Adam.


I loved Adam as a father should, but you wouldn't be reading this if that was all there was to it. As he matured, I found him increasingly fascinating. He was a gorgeous boy with long limbs, a lean swimmer's body, and an unruly mop of wavy sandy hair. I loved looking at him, just looking at him, as much as I'd ever loved looking at anyone. There wasn't anything remotely sexual about it. Or so I thought, until the weekend he spent at my house running around clad only in his briefs.


As usual, the court had made my ex-wife Adam's custodial parent. I got him weekends, one day a week after school, alternating holidays, and a few weeks in the summer. I wasn't there to see him gradually grow up, so to me it seemed like he matured in leaps and bounds, taller and more filled-out every time I saw him. It was when he was ten, almost 11, that it really struck me just how good-looking he was.


Non-traditionally, I got the house in the divorce. One fine Saturday morning, we decided to spend most of the day out by the pool while I grilled lunch and dinner on the barbecue pit. But there was a problem: none of the swimsuits Adam kept at the house fit any longer. His mother and I had split when he was eight, and he'd never replaced any of the clothing he kept here. That wasn't such a big deal with some of his clothes, but his pants and swimsuits were way too small now that he was growing like a weed.


"We need to go buy me some new board shorts!" he declared, hands on his hips after he realized his dilemma.


"No we don't," I scoffed.


"Can I have a Speedo, then?" he asked eagerly. He was an avid swimmer and was already infatuated with girls. I'm sure he wanted to strut around, showing off to the chickies in the neighborhood, especially the twins next door. I knew he wanted to invite them to swim with us.


"No," I said, pointing my spatula at him. I'd already decided against having the twins over—he was a little young for that. "If you want a Speedo, you might as well wear your underpants. They cover more anyway."


"Aww, Dad!"


"Do it," I growled, and he glumped off to his room.


He came downstairs dressed in his colorful Spiderman briefs, and I couldn't help but gasp. The boy was beautiful. His face was model-gorgeous, his legs were long and muscular, his shoulders wider than I expected, and he had well-developed pecs for his age. He was well on his way to six-pack abs, too. His package wasn't much yet, but the ass I saw while he moved around the room... well, it wasn't one of those bubble-butts that so many kids have, like I expected. I've never been that interested in bubble-butts. His was a well-developed, lean, muscular butt, my favorite kind, and I wanted to drool.


When he heard me gasp, he giggled. "Whatsamatter, Dad? You think I'm cute or something?" He whirled around in a circle, arms in the air, showing himself off. Dat ass!


"No," I blurted, thinking fast. "Well, of course you're cute. Your Mom's beautiful and you're my son. But I was just surprised because when I was your age, I had Underoos just like those. I didn't know they still made 'em."


"Aww, really?" he said, sounding disappointed. The he put his hands on his hips and turned away from me, shaking his bootie at me. "Sexay! Sexay!" he lisped.


"Stop that, doofus. Now, if you want to go swim, swim. You want me to call your girlfriends next door, ask 'em to come over?"


He looked at me aghast, no longer sexay at all. "Dad! I'm in my Underoos!"


"So? It shows off less than a Speedo, right?"


"Th-th-that's not the same!" he sputtered.


"Well, okay," I said, though I thought it was kind of silly. Of course, it would be embarrassing to swim in your underpants instead of a swimsuit, and I didn't want to damage his fragile, developing male ego.

He turned back to head off to the pool, and I couldn't help but watch that muscular little butt move in his shorts. Jeez, man, get a grip, I told myself. This is your son. Not that I was against a dip in the incest pool; I'd dabbled with an uncle and aunt in high school. He was just... too young.


After spending the day in the pool in his underwear, with me staring as non-obviously as possible—damn, I loved his abs and that fine ass, they were like eye-magnets—Adam apparently didn't see any need to put any pants on later, after he'd dried off. So he changed into his Superman briefs, and I joined him in my boxers, and we did just fine as we cuddled and watched movies that night. It was so nice to have a warm presence, mostly naked, huddled against me. I might have gotten half a hard-on from the sheer comfort of it.


The next Saturday, his Mom was barely out the door before he came downstairs dressed in nothing but a pair of red Calvins. He started posing in the middle of the living room, singing some weird song called, "I'm Sexy and I Know It," wiggle-wiggle-wiggling with the words, and ended by putting the palms of his hands on his butt-cheeks and thrusting his pelvis at me three or four times, shouting, "Sexay!"


I just stared at him and blinked, and he cracked up. "Um, what was that all about?" I asked.


"Oh, Dad," he giggled, "I saw the way you were looking at me all last weekend! I know you think I'm cute. I know you love to look at me. I don't mind! It makes me feel special. Ssssexay," he hissed.


It was true. Nowadays, whenever he was with me, he was my favorite thing to look at. He was just so devastatingly good-looking that he was my eyes' favorite candy. It's not like he made me hard or anything, but I thought it was kind of dangerous to get too hooked on staring at him. "Maybe you'd better put some clothes on," I suggested.


He folded his arms over those cute pecs and said, "Nope. It's too hot to wear clothes." Then he winked and said, "I'm too hot to wear clothes!" and dissolved into laughter again.


Who was I to deny him a simple pleasure like semi-nudity?


Over the next couple of years, he usually ran around in his undershorts when he was visiting, except when someone was over, and even then he usually went shirtless. I noted from the way my visitors reacted that I wasn't the only one who thought he was a good-looking kid. He did end up with Speedos for swimming, a red one and a blue one that I have to admit made me gulp, and yes, he definitely strutted his stuff with the neighbor girls, Ember and Amber Gupta. In fact, he was wearing the blue swimsuit, which was getting a little too tight by then—though no one around seemed to mind, especially me—when he had his first non-solo sexual experience.


I'd been taking a nap, because I was feeling a little peaked, so he took the chance to get in some swimming and mess around in the back yard. When I woke up, I heard faint voices; apparently he was talking over the fence to the twins next door. I was still shaking off the cobwebs when I heard him say "Oh!" and then heard what sounded like a soft yelp.


I looked out my window and saw that he was pressed crotch-first against the fence, shimmying his ass a little. Then there was another yelp, and I heard girlish laughter before one of the girls demanded, "Me next! Me next!"


I went into Adam's room at the edge of the house, navigating a drift of clothes and action figures, so I could get an edge-on view of the fence and see what was going on. When I sidled up to his window and drew the curtain, I could see both sides of the fence, and I was close enough to see that he was pressed up against the fence with his Speedo pushed down a little in the front. On the other side, one of the dark-haired 13-year-old Gupta hotties was staring at her sister, eyes wide and hands over her mouth, who was leaned over with her head next to the fence, staring intently at something, one hand moving back and forth busily against the wood. "Wow, it feels so funny," she said to her sister. "Soft and hard at the same time. Even harder than—"


"Me next! My turn!" the watcher said, and as they traded places, I caught a glimpse of a slim fleshy shaft protruding through a knothole in the fence. Why, that sly little horndog! He was getting a handjob from not one but two cute little darlings through his own personal glory hole!


I wouldn't help but feel a little proud and a lot amused as he yelped and moaned, but I felt a deep pang as a look of wonder came over his face, and he groaned, "It's cominnnnnngggg..."


Both girls jumped back and giggled as a thin white stream jetted through their glory hole. Holey shit!



For some reason, Adam was quietly happy the rest of the weekend, and I think he visited that knothole a couple more times. I thought about visiting it myself, but when I checked it out surreptitiously, I realized it was way too small for my cock.


Adam was a hot-looking, muscular 12-year-old by now. A couple weeks later, when he came downstairs after undressing, he didn't say a word, he just started dancing. I hit the remote on the stereo system, where I had "I'm Sexy and I Know It" cued up, and the pounding electro-rhythm started. He took it through his paces, ending with his trademark hip-thrusts as he looked straight at me, eyes bright.


Then he burst into tears and flew into my arms, clutching me tightly. He was close to my size now, maybe a head or so shorter, a delightful armful that I loved hugging and cuddling with. And, well, I could feel his package crushing into my leg as he hugged me.


"What's this for?" I asked eventually.


He wiped away tears and looked up at me, grinning. "I finally understand now why you like to look at me so much!" he said.


"Yeah?" I felt worry ripple through me. "And is that bad?"


"No!" he said quickly. "Mom always said you were bi, but I didn't know what that meant for so long. I understand sexuality better now. You look at me because I you really do think I'm sexy! I was just playing before! But now I know you find me attractive, and that makes me happy, happy, happy. That's why I was crying."


I let him go and muttered, "Of course you're sexy. How could you not be?"


He stepped back and struck a pose, thrusting his hips. "Sexay!" he said, winking, and... well, I noticed he was hard in that tiny Speedo.


"But you're my son, and we shouldn't take this any further," I cautioned.


"Oh, Dad," he said, looking at me slyly, "attitudes about that have really changed since the old days when you were a kid."


"The old days–! I'm not that old!" I thrust my hips at him, and he giggled.


"Okay, so I just like to look," I said. "But you're my son. And you're too young."


"For now," Adam said slyly, and went outside, looking down at the phone in his hand. He was texting someone, and I had no doubt it was his girlfriends next door. I went upstairs to his room and waited.


The girls, it turned out, were ready for the next level. As Adam thrust his pole through the fence, they were waiting, and one grasped it in her petite hand... then bent over and took that thin rod of flesh into her mouth.


My son looked as surprised as I was, but he loved it, and started pumping away harder than when he was dancing.


Fuck. I found my hand in my shorts, rubbing my thicker rod of flesh, intensely jealous of my own son. Hmm, I wonder what Amber and Ember would do if I pushed my cock through that hole one day? After I got my drill and expanded it, of course. It wasn't man-sized, but they didn't need it to be. Yet.


We both came about the same time, Adam and I. But I was the only one who had to change my shorts. It turned out that Amber—or Ember—was a good girl, because she swallowed.


You know the old saying: Bad girls suck. Good girls swallow.




One Sunday evening, Adam came downstairs late in the afternoon in his sexay red Speedo as I cooked dinner, and he asked, "Dad, do you have an old knife that I could, uh, use to whittle? See, I'm thinking of taking this woodcraft class—"


"No, but I've got a drill attachment that would drill a nice inch-and-a-half hole. That ought to hold you for a while."


"Yeah, that would be perfect!" he said excitedly, and then realized that what we'd both said didn't really fit the definition of whittling. He went a little pale and swallowed hard, then said, "Uh, no, I mean, I'm not sure that would work..."


"Sure it will. You're getting bigger and you don't want to get splinters in your dick," I guessed as I flipped a venison burger.


Adam went completely still. When he finally spoke, he didn't know what to say. "Um, uhhhhhh... whaaaaat...?"


I grinned and pulled the burgers off the heat. "I've known about the knothole for a long time, kiddo. I'm fuckin' proud of you! Two girls servicing your own glory hole! Your little buddies would be so jealous. Hell, I'm jealous! I've been watching you guys for a while now, you young stud you!"


He took a deep breath and said, "Oh. Well then. Okay." Then, after letting his no-doubt-racing heart slow a bit, he said, "It's really okay? What we do?"


"It's not just okay, it's healthy. Most kids don't lose their virginity for a long time, and they get twisted ideas about what sex is all about. Well, you learned early on that it can be fun, even if it's not exactly vanilla, and that's it. Doesn't have to be more. Sex isn't magic, and you can always make more cum for the little hotties."


"Dad!" he said, and blushed this time. After a long moment as I built the burgers, he said, "Well, can I use that drill thingy?"


"No, I'll do it for you. Give me that little thrill, will ya?" I said as I set his burger plate on the counter before him. "Let's eat first, and then we'll head out there and do the job. Won't take long."


He tore into his burger.


Ten minutes later, me silently laughing, I was following him out to the knothole. His eyes were wide as I used the cordless drill to widen his glory hole to adult standards in about 10 seconds. "Man, I envy you," I told him as I popped out the excess plug of wood. "Those girls and their mom are so exotic and beautiful."


He looked at me with wide eyes, holding his breath like he had a secret and would explode if he didn't tell it. "Dad!" he finally said excitedly, and moved down the fence about six feet, to a clear spot between two studs. He pointed at a place a bit higher than his original knothole and said, "Drill us another one here!"


"Um, us?" I sad frowning.


His face broke into about the biggest grin I'd ever seen. "You and me! We're going to surprise the girls next weekend!" He winked at me. "See, they told me some secrets while we were playing... it's hard to notice, but they have this little window in their attic where they can see our pool... and early in the morning, they go up there and watch you swim your laps." That huge grin broadened. "I didn't know you swam in the nude during the week!"


This time it was my turn to go red.


He went on, "They always tell me 'Your Dad's penis is huge!' and how they wish they could try it out! So let's give them a chance!"


Like a zombie in a trance, I went over to the spot he indicated and cut a new glory hole, using the attachment to expand it to about two inches, since I'm decently thick. After I was done, I looked at Adam and said, "I don't know about this. They're kids... and even if they're playing with you, they don't have experience with a man's di... er, penis."


I turned to go back inside as he rolled his eyes and said, "Oh, Dad, come on. I know all the words. Dick, cock, peter, pecker, tallywhacker, wang, wiener, etc. And you're wrong anyway."


As we entered the house, I asked, "About what?"


"Well, it was a secret, but I'll tell you anyhow. Amber and Ember have been having sex with their Mom and Dad for years. They even sleep with them most nights."


I dropped the drill to the carpet. Luckily, I missed my foot. Adam laughed and said, "Aha, you want to do it for sure now! Can I assume you'll join me next week?"


"If I can stand to wait that long," I muttered, then picked up the drill and put it away. Later, we had ice cream sundaes for desert... and in celebration. As he put up his empty bowl and licked chocolate off his lips, Adam said, "Oh, I almost forgot! This will make it even better. Could I buy something sexay with your credit card online?" He struck a hip-shot pose, which made my mouth water.


"What for?" asked I, a little bedazzled.


"I want to get matching presents for both of us for Father's Day! It's next Sunday!"


"What kind of presents?"

"I can't say! They're presents for you! Sexay presents!"


"How much?" I asked suspiciously.


"About twenty bucks."


"Well, that's not too bad." He was a good kid, so I said, "Okay," and dug my debit card out of my wallet.


"Good!" He gushed, "They should be here by next week and we can both wear them!" Then, fearing he'd said too much, he followed up with, "Whatever they are."


I expected T-shirts, ball caps, or something similar. How wrong I was.



The package was waiting for him the following Saturday, and he didn't even bother to undress first before he tore into it. He came out holding four tiny scraps of fabric that weren't even big enough put together to make one of anything. Half were red, half were black, and they were connected with strings of the same color. He separated out one of each color in two piles, and pushed one pile to me.


"What are these?" I asked.


"Thongs! Nice, huh?"


The only thongs that came to mind were flip-flops, so I didn't know what to expect as I lifted the string and fabric scraps up to the light. There was a kind of fabric cup on one side, and a thin vertical strip of fabric on the other side. The something clicked, and my eyes widened as I made the connection and dropped the tiny thing. "Wait, thong underwear?"


"Yup! They make 'em for guys now, see?" I looked over at Adam and saw that he had taken my moment of bemusement to clamber into the black thong. "I found out they make 'em in boy's sizes, so I thought, 'Man, what better underwear for Dad to admire me in?'"


All I could say was, "Gah," and start to drool. He was so perfect in the thong that I think he broke me for a moment. The front was a narrow boy-sized basket of sheer black fabric just dark enough not to see through—though he had a hell of an erection that was threatening to poke out the top or side. When he turned to show me dat ass, he might as well have been nude; like it was designed to, the back of the thong disappeared up his crack.


As he turned back to me, he muttered, "They might have warned me I'd get a hard-on the minute I put it on," as he tugged the edges of the little cock-basket. "Whaddaya think?" he announced as he held out his arms. In his left hand he had the stereo remote, so he started up "I'm Sexy and I Know It," and started dancing to the music. He was damn good at it by now. I think my nose started bleeding during the "wiggle-wiggle-wiggle" part, because he made sure I had a good view of those perfect, lean buttocks.


I don't remember doing it, but by the time he was done I had the red one on and nothing more. He looked me over critically, walking around me, checking me out. "I guess everyone gets a hard-on wearing these... oh, the girls are gonna love it! I'm never going to get them back once they get ahold of that. Oh, and nice ass!" he said, and slapped one buttock, grinning.


"You're the one with the prize-winning ass," I said somberly, and Adam went bright red.


"Oh, uh, thanks Dad." He scrambled for his phone and typed something in. He showed it to me: "u up?" As I watched, a new message blinked into being. "We up! Want our surprise!"


"Oh, the girls are going to love this so much!" Adam said, actually rubbing his hands together like Snidely Whiplash. "Let's go, Dad! Time to give the Gupta girls the thrill of their lives!" He headed toward the back door.


Watching him go, I was thinking that maybe we could just stay in and I could watch him dance and wiggle dat ass, and then cuddle some, but I'd actually been looking forward to whatever was going to happen for a week now. So I followed the wiggle, wondering why I had never bought the boy tangas or thongs or at least jocks to wear for me, and I was good and stiff by the time I got to the new "knothole" in the fence. Adam chirped, "Hey, beautifuls! Look through the hole and check me out!" He stood back and started posing while they made congratulatory comments about his skimpy new attire. He then quickly pushed his crotch pouch side, and slid his five-incher through his newly expanded glory hole.


"There it is!" I heard Ember (or was it Amber?) squeal. My boy sighed deeply as apparently took hold of his cock and started wanking.


"But it looks normal," the other girl stated, sounding a little disappointed. "Oh! The knothole is bigger! It got drilled out!"


"Yeah," my boy grunted. "My Dad found out about it."


There was absolute quiet on the other side of the fence. I sidled up to my new hole and pushed my thong down, revealing my considerably more adult cock. My son glanced over at the movement, then ogled me for a long moment before he said, "But don't worry. He helped me make it bigger so I could fit better... and we do have a bigger surprise for you."


"We?" "Who's we?" the girls asked as I slid my cock through the hole in the fence.


"Look about six feet to your right," my son said hoarsely. "Under the wisteria."


There was another long silence, and then one of the girls squealed in pure joy. "Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod! Is that him for real?"


"That's my Dad," Adam groaned. "Or at least part of him."


He was right; when the Gupta twins saw my cock sticking through the fence, they abandoned the poor lad. I gasped as I felt their tiny hands petting and stroking my meat like it was a new pet. "He really is huge! Oh my I want it, I want it!"


"Me first!"


"Meeee! I'm oldest! I get the first taste!" I felt a moist warmness envelop the upper half of my cock, then start bobbing as a talented little tongue began swabbing at that tender spot below the head of my cut dick. It was all I could do to keep from cumming on the spot, so I said, "Okay, I'm gonna come in a second, it feels so good," I informed her. "You better let your sister have a taste..."


The warm mouth was removed from my cock and replaced by another just as talented, but this one was bobbing up and down instead of sucking and licking. I couldn't believe I was getting blown by beautiful 13-year-old twins at the same time (while Adam waited at his hole, strumming a hand on the wood impatiently) and neither could my dick! I growled, "I hope you girls can take a man's load, because you're about to get one," as I pushed deeper into the girl's mouth and unleashed one of the biggest cum-loads of my life in six powerful jets. After the third, she pulled away and the other mouth clamped on to take all the rest. Neither of them choked or gagged; they were indeed experienced at this, and their Dad must come buckets, if he was the one they got the experience from.


"You taste soooo good, Adam's Daddy," one quiet voice whispered from the other side of the wooden wall.


"So good," agreed the other.


"Oh, and you stayed hard!" I heard the girl clap ecstatically.


"So hard," her twin said dreamily.


"Amber, you go back to Adam," Ember said. "They deserve a special treat today."


"We can't let them have our pussies," Amber said hesitantly.


"Hey, why not?" Adam demanded.


They giggled, and the one still clutching my dick—Ember—said, "Until we get married, our pussies belong to... someone else. And he has first claim on our first babies..."


That blew my mind. Dr. Gupta wanted to impregnate his daughters? My dick lurched in the little girl's hand. "Oh, is that pre-cum?" she asked excitedly. I felt a tiny finger scoop it up. "Oh my, so sweeeet!" She called to Amber, "Could you bring me that cement block...? Yes, that's it. Adam's Daddy?" she said sweetly to me.


"Yes, beautiful?"


She giggled. "I need this to stand on... wait a minute... I need to let go. Okay, I can't let you have my pussy, but a girl has other options—"


At that moment, my son arched his back and drove his cock deeper into the glory hole, exclaiming, "Ohmigod, that feels so good, so tight! If that's not your pussy, it must be your...OHHHH!" and he was beyond speech.


I felt a tight, lubricated orifice brush the head of my dick as Ember murmured, "Yes, there it is," and slowly pushed herself back onto my cock. The tight hole squeezed every square inch of my penis like nothing ever had before, and I knew that Ember had just introduced my cock to her snug little asshole.


In a lustful daze, I looked over at my son to see that he had grabbed the crossbars of the fence and was thrusting into the glory hole with everything he had. I did the same. If I couldn't put my hands on Ember's hips to ram it home, I'd take what I could reach. Apparently, the girls loved getting their assholes plundered, because they were squealing, yelping, and yipping, and my twin was shouting "Oh god, I'm cumming" in less than a minute. Her sister followed suit, and I was absurdly proud of my son for making a girl feel so good she came, and from her ass no less! I took a tighter grip on the crossbars and started ramming Ember hard and fast, while she wailed and thrashed and I hoped she didn't fall off her cement block, until I heard Adam shout and, seconds later, I let my own load, the second in five minutes, spew forth to fill up little Ember's tightest hole.


"You were wonderful, Ember," I said truthfully as I withdrew from her asshole and the glory hole, my cock a deflated, cummy mess. "Beautiful." I heard Adam making similar assurances to Amber. Good boy.


"Oh. My. Goodness," the girl whimpered. "I've never come twice so quickly from my ass! You really are a stud, Adam's Daddy!"


"Call me Hank," I told her. "And thank you. Now you girls better go get cleaned up..."


"Adam's birthday," she said, and now I could see her lips at the hole.


"What about it?" My son would soon be 13.


"It's in a month! Send our parents an invitation. Invite the whole family to "Adam's Birthday Orgy," and my Mom and Dad will be sure to come! They'll love it!"




"Oh, and when we arrive, you'll need to formally ask our father if you can please enjoy our pussies for the weekend! I want to feel that monster in my cunny! And I want to finally make love to the boy I'm going to spend my life with!"


I don't know if she meant to say that last, because she suddenly gasped and pulled away from the hole, or if she meant it; but I was intrigued, and definitely wanted to plumb the girls' depths if I got the chance. Not to mention Sharima Gupta's.





After our father-son glory hole experience, we retired to our couch, where we watched TV and had a nice salad for lunch. During a commercial, I said, "Hey, thanks for my Father's Day presents! Best ever."


"I know, right?" He bounced happily on the couch.


"You know those girls are hot for your body, don't you?"


"Don't I know it! I'm gonna have to beg Mr. G. to let me make love to them one day!"


"Oh, maybe that can be arranged..."




"Stay tuned, young horndog," I told him slyly. "I have plans for your birthday."


He did the hand-rubbing thing again. "Hot damn! I cannot wait!"


"Language," I cautioned.


After a while, Adam looked at me, blushing a little, and said, "Um, can we watch Channel 353 for a while?"


"What's on Channel 353?"


"Uhhhh... love stories."


A little surprised, I flipped it over. And yes, it was love stories. A series called "Love Stories." A soft-porn series. For people of all genders and sexualities, according to the on-screen description. "Oh dear," I said dramatically, "Please keep your spunk on your side of the couch!"


We both laughed, then watched that for a while, and we both got a bit aroused—though it wasn't that explicit. Oh, tits, ass, and the occasional dick-flash, but no obvious penetration, just thrusting and ramming. As we were watching one about a bi cop who catches a husband-wife team of cat-burglars, then handcuffs both and proceeds to bone them, Adam asked, "Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a guy's dick in your butt, Dad? I wonder sometimes." He studiously avoided looking at me, focusing on the TV.


"I don't have to wonder, son, I know. Bi, remember?"


"Oh yeah!" He looked at me and grinned, looking almost relieved. "So you're a bottom?"


"Versatile. I can be both bottom and top."


"Cool! Well, what does it feel like?"


I looked at him seriously, rubbing my swollen crotch. "Well... I could show you firsthand if you want," I suggested in a soft voice.


Something like panic crossed his face, and he said, "No! No, I love you, but I'm... not ready yet. Not for that." He looked at me sheepishly and shrugged a little.


"Don't be sorry. It's good to know your limitations, son. Okay, so how it feels: like you're just the fullest you've ever been. And if he hits your prostate right, you may come right away, because that feels really great." Forestalling his next question, I said, "The prostate is the gland in your body that makes most of the juice in your cum. It's located kind of between your dick and your rectum, right above your taint, and it can be felt from the rectum. When you're excited, it swells a little and then, when it gets rubbed, it can make you cum without touching your dick.


"Anyway, otherwise, your rectum is full of nerve endings, so you'll feel everything, everywhere, and for some guys it makes their whole body feel good. Some guys can even cum from getting buttfucked. Not everyone, though."


"Huh," he said thoughtfully.


"I can get you some toys to experiment with if you like."


"Like, dildos and vibrators?" He looked at me wide-eyed, then shook his blond head. "Nah, not yet."


We went back to watching the love stories. (The cop let the burglars go because they were "such good lays." Really? It showed him screwing them and they couldn't use the word fuck?) Later, during a commercial break, Adam got up to get us each a soda. As he handed me mine, I said, "Thanks, kiddo. How 'bout a kiss?"


He grinned, then leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips, just like I wanted. But he overbalanced a bit and kind of fell in my lap, maybe even on accident, and the half-stiff contents of our thongs rubbed against one another in a delightful wave of pleasure. "Ohhh," he moaned, as I winced in pleasure.


"Do that again," I whispered in his ear. "It felt good."


"Okay." He began to thrust his scantily clad cock against my own bulbous crotch region, and the air filled with moans and whispered endearments. After a while, we slowed down and embraced.


"That was called frottage," he whispered in my ear. "We studied that in Sex Ed.'


"Mmmm. Is that what it's called," I replied, and nipped his earlobe, which made him jump and giggle. "You're a smart kid. Did you know that was the first thing me and your Mom ever did that was remotely sexual?"




"Yep. Under the bleachers during a pep rally."


"How risky!" he breathed.


"That's what made it fun." The whole time we were talking and frotting, I was rubbing that perfect ass of his. I slapped it lightly and said, "Now sit in my lap and let's do some more risky business."


He snuggled onto my lap exactly the way I wanted him to, with my cock pressing into the crack of his ass, his back pressing into my chest. Then he tilted his head back and looked at me, temptingly, expectantly; and I gave him what we both wanted: I leaned down and soul-kissed my soon-to-be-teenaged son, and started humping up into him.


We made out for the first time, our tongues dancing with each other, breathing hard and enjoying the sensations. I don't think he'd experienced any real ass-play before, and he seemed to like it as I dug my boner into his ass-crack; as for me, the continued frottage soon brought me to the edge... and over it. I cried out as I shot a load into my thong.


"Whoa, suddenly wet!" Adam said wonderingly, then turned around and straddled my lap face-to-face, grinning widely. "You just shot one off a big one, didn't you, naughty Dad!" The way he said that and rubbed my crotch with the heel of his hand almost made me shoot off another big one.


"Guilty as charged," I admitted. "You have the finest ass in the world, son."


He looked at me wide-eyed, enjoying the compliment as always, then floored me with his next words: "Can I taste your cum?"


"Uh, what?"


"I want to see if it tastes like mine!" He pulled down the front of my thong, and said, "Wow, the girls are right, it is big, even when soft!" Then he dragged his fingers across my flaccid length and popped the icing in his mouth. "Mmmm... a little more bitter and a lot thicker than mine. Creamier."


"I'm an adult," I noted. "More sperm in the cream."


"Oh yeah, I forgot about the spermies." He pulled my thong down all the way. "I'm going to clean you up, okay?" He got down between my legs on the floor, and before I could object (as if I wanted to!) had the tip of my cock in his mouth. I stiffened up again, which made it easier to lick the cream off... and he had a lot more dick to lick. He then cleaned up my belly and thighs, and licked up what he could of the "spermies" staining the fabric of my thong. Then he sat back and grinned. "Yum! Do it again, Dad!"


I was rock-hard again, but I wasn't coming again anytime soon. "My turn to make you feel good," I announced gruffly. "On your hands and knees."


He assumed the position on the floor, but cautioned me, "Dad... I told you I wasn't ready for that yet..."


It was a natural assumption, considering his position and my rampant dick. I pulled up the thong to cover it. "No, we're not doing that. There's something else I want to try. I think you'll like it. Probably love it." Then I reached in, dug the thin strip of fabric out of his fetching ass-crack, and pulled his cheeks apart. With no further ado, I buried my head between them and started rimming his tiny pink pucker with my tongue.


He jumped about a foot high. "Dad! That's where I poop from! It might be dirty!"


"It's not," I assured him. There was a little tang, but that was it. He moaned low and loud as I started licking in earnest, and gasped as I thrust my tongue an inch into him. "Ohmigod! I do love it!" he groaned.


"Thought you might," I murmured.


After a few more minutes of nonstop moaning, the moans resolved into a hoarse command: "Put a finger in me. Screw me with it."


I obeyed, carefully sliding in my index finger to the second knuckle as I kept licking, pushing it back and forth slowly. I kept rimming and finger-banging him for a good five minutes before I heard what I expected. "Dad! Dadd-eeee!" he whined. "I'm gonna cuuuum in a minute!"


I just kept licking and probing, though I sped up the finger-thrusting until he screamed wordlessly and his ass contracted around both finger and tongue. I could feel the pulsing as he dumped his cum, and then he collapsed to the floor, whimpering. "Best. Cum. Ever," he gasped. "That was amazing."


"Good for you."


"Sexayyyyy," he hissed, wiggling his butt a little, then said, "You're the best, Dad. Happy Father's Day."


"Hey, thanks. I loved what we just did."


"Me too. So glad I bought us each two thongs," he said from the floor, where he was still recovering from his BCE.




"I want to do it again," he whispered a few minutes later, as he got on my lap and leaned his long, lithe body up against mine, sighing in deep satisfaction.


"Not yet," I said, as I rubbed my hands up and down his fine, muscular torso. "Your Daddy's gotta recharge for a while." Damn, I was lucky this was my kid... and that he loved being loved by his Dad. We sat like that, watching TV for a while, and he grinned whenever he squirmed and felt my hard cock rub his sweet ass.



That night I put the cum-stained thongs in the wash, and we went to bed naked. Sometime after midnight, I woke to the delightful feeling of a tongue on my cock. "What are you doing, son?" I asked, as obvious as it was.


"I want to taste you fresh from the source," he said quietly. "Here, do me too!" He wriggled around so he could present me with his young meat in a 69 as he kept suckling me, and we spent a fun couple of hours with me alternately rimming and sucking him, and him sucking me back. He was surprisingly good at it.


"You've done this before?" I asked him at one point.


"No, not really," he admitted, and I could somehow tell he was blushing in the dark. "But I've had it done to me a bunch of times now, so I know what I like..."


"Not just by the Gupta girls," I said, and it was not a question.


"Um... noooo," he said nervously.


"Then who?" And I figured it out, because who else would he be nervous about me finding out about? "Your mother?" I asked incredulously.


"Well, yeah, but I asked her to do it," he said quickly. "I didn't have anyone to do it for me at her house, so one night, when she was a little drunk and pissed because she said her date had 'clit-blocked' her, and I knew she wanted sex, I asked her, 'Do you want to try me instead?' and showed her my junk. And... she did. She was real hungry for it." Now he sounded a little smug. He obviously enjoyed their mother-son trysts, because his cock was very hard in my hand.


"Yeah, Nat loves to suck cock, and I don't see you being her kid stopping her for long. But is that all you two do?" I asked.


"So far," he said. "But for my birthday, she said I could have a taste of her. I can't wait! I bet she tastes sweet, like candy!"


I knew better, but said nothing. It was obvious that he was looking forward to finding out, from the way his cock was twitching in my hand. I went back down on him, and within half a dozen strokes he filled my mouth with the sweetest load of boy-cream ever. It was the first time I ever got a taste of him, and I loved it... and the fact that he could keep producing it quickly, much longer than I. I'm not sure his cock ever got soft that night, at least until we finally curled up together and went to sleep.


The next day, we wore our clean new thongs: red for him, black for me this time. We didn't do anything sexual on Father's Day, aside from Adam dancing for me in his red thong, which I found more arousing than the black one for some reason. By that point, he'd become a very good exotic dancer, and probably could have done it for a living if he'd kept it up. Otherwise, we just hung around, wrestled a little, skinny-dipped, and talked. Both of us had zero regrets about our sex-play, and we were looking forward to his birthday.




It was a hot summer day on Adam's 13th birthday party—especially inside our house, where clothing was optional among the participants and skimpy when it was worn. We really did have an orgy, just like Ember had suggested. I'd invited the whole four-member Gupta family and no one else. Adam's birthday had actually been the previous Wednesday, but no one minded celebrating on a Saturday.


His mother had given him her pussy to lick for his birthday, as promised. He told me he had been surprised by the tart, tangy taste of Natalie's cunt, but he enjoyed it and looked forward to next time. He proudly boasted, "The best part was, I made her cum like ten times!"


Given his stamina and her hair trigger, I didn't doubt that.


From me, Adam got a whole slew of different-colored thongs. Today his package was wrapped in one with candy-cane stripes, which looked very fetching against his tanned, muscular figure. He'd taken to wearing thong underwear exclusively, even at his Mom's house under his clothing. He wasn't involved in any sports and they had private stalls for changing in his unisex PE class, so he didn't have to worry about other kids seeing... not that he would have cared. He loved feeling sexay, and didn't mind if other kids thought he was, too.


I'd put Adam's handmade invitation to his birthday party in the Gupta's mailbox for them. In part it read, "Esteemed Gupta Family! You are cordially invited by Adam and Hank to be SPECIAL GUESTS at Adam's Birthday Orgy this Saturday, as we celebrate his 13th birthday! We'll all be wearing our birthday suits and will get to know each other much better! Come prepared to swim and enjoy our tasty snacks! We look forward to your tasty snacks too, ha ha!"


I was currently surveying the tastiest of Gupta snacks, Dr. Sharima Gupta, a molecular biologist who had chosen to arrive in a very skimpy bikini. The girls walked over in robes, then took them off to reveal only skin; their father wore shorts that tented as he looked sexay Adam over. He soon took them off, and I doffed my own thong (I'd bought more for me, too).


"You have a quite a fine-looking young man, there, Hank," the male Dr. Gupta, who was called Dilip, noted. He was a Doctor of Optometry.


"Takes after his father," Sharima said warmly. Her skin was as brown as cinnamon, and as warm. "Our daughters love playing with you two."


"We're in love with our Honey Twins," I assured her, very aware of their mother's dark nipples under the top of her swimsuit.


"Honey Twins?"


"They're so sweet," I laughed, "and look at the color of their skin: like Tupelo honey, and just as smooth. Mmmm." By then, the Gupta girls were almost 14, as succulent as ripe peaches.


Their parents laughed, and just then, both girls giggled. We looked over to see that Adam was sitting on the couch between them, in a daze of happiness, one hand in each girl's lap, tracing the puffy, silky lips of their pussies and drooling at the sight of their apple-sized breasts. Theirs were picture-perfect little cunts, honey skinned on the outside with slightly darker inner labia and brilliant pink interiors. I thought of one of my Dad's favorite sayings: "All women are pink where it counts." Yep. Meanwhile, the cuties were rubbing the front of Adam's candy-striped thong, having refused to let him take it off because they loved it so much. In Ember's words, it was "darling." It was.


Speaking of darling: "Hey Adam," I prompted. "Didn't you have something you wanted to ask Dilip?"


"Oh! Yes, sir!" My son sprang to his feet, somehow tearing his eyes away from the twins' shapely forms long enough to throw himself dramatically at Dr. Gupta's feet, on his knees. He clasped his hands together like he was praying. "Mr. Dr. Gupta! May my father and I have the tremendous honor of enjoying the beautiful pussies of your daughters this weekend? I'm still a virgin that way, and I would like your girls to be my first."


"And why should I allow that?" the good doctor harrumphed.


"Because I will do anything you and your wife require in return, and because I love your daughters more than anyone else on this Earth and long to make memories with them that will last forever... and maybe someday be with them forever."


Their father looked impressed, and their mother pressed her hands to her mouth, looking a little teary-eyed.


"Really? You will do anything?" asked Dilip Gupta.


"What would you have me do? Just say it!" my son replied, his eyes on Gupta's growing cock.


"Mow my lawn every week for a year!" the optometrist pronounced grandly.


"Done!" said my son eagerly, if a little disappointedly.


"And before you get up, yes, give me a blowjob. I haven't had a boy mouth in quite some time!"


Adam grinned widely as he shuffled forward on his knees, then engulfed Dilip Gupta's cock in his mouth. The girls gasped, giggled, and gaped. Their boyfriend was sucking their Daddy's dick! It was substantial, but my son had experience with a substantial cock, and he knew a lot of tricks by now. Before long, he had the Indian man gasping and grunting, and soon Dilip dumped his load into my boy's mouth. Adam proudly looked around at all of us, showing us the mouthful of semen, before he swallowed it down. "Yum!" He told Dilip.


"A fine, fine boy," Dilip said as he tousled Adam's hair and looked me in the eye, "with plenty of prior experience. I approve!"


"Thanks!" I replied.


Adam bounced to his feet and exclaimed, "Dr. Mr. Gupta sir! I want to see you do it, please!"


"What is that, young man?"


"I've always wondered what it would be like to see a father make love to his daughter! Would you show us?"


Mr. Gupta laughed. "I'm not as young as you, young man, and you just pulled a big load from my penis! But perhaps I will be able to oblige after a swim."


"Do me, Daddy!" Amber shouted, reaching her hand high. I loved the way it made her little titties bounce. She was so hot! I know it was Amber because her bindi was always a deep, golden yellow, like the gemstone she was named after; Ember's was burning orange-red, like a hot coal. I noticed later they had matching bindi above their clitorises, almost covered by their tiny bushes of coal-black pubes.


It made those little pussies all the hotter.


"Okay, darling girl. You have me first today."




"And you have me first today," Ember murmured as she wrapped her long arms around my son, stroking first his chest and then his crotch. He grinned and looked like he'd gone to Heaven.


"That leaves us and the big tasty dick my daughters have been bragging about," Sharima said to me, looking in appreciation at that chunk of meat as it rose to look at her.


Hell yeah! both my heads enthused simultaneously.


I knew I was going to deep-dick the girls before the weekend was over, but Sharima... why, she was the best looking armful I'd seen in years. And it was obvious she loved to fuck.


We all swam naked, of course, playing grab-ass, and at one point I found myself sitting on the side of the pool while Sharima and the girls took turns sucking my cock while Adam and Dilip cheered them on. Toward the end, the girls pulled away and let their mother finish me off and take my thick load in her mouth. She showed it off to the girls while they clapped delightedly, then swallowed. "My, that is good," she said, seeming a bit surprised.


"Our boy's is better now that he's making more spermies and drinking lots of juice!" Amber chirped. What a little cutie!


"I suppose he'll have to be next for me," Sharima said in a sultry voice.


"First I have to honor of plowing my beautiful Amber's tract," Dilip announced, showing his new erection off proudly.


"Oh good!" Amber said, clapping, as she got out of the pool, laid her beach towel over our picnic table, and lay down on it on her belly, showing us her delightful rear and the little slice of heaven between her legs. "Do me doggie, daddy!" she squealed.


"Fuck yes," I growled as I hoisted myself to my feet. Adam sat down at one end of the bench Amber was kneeling on as I sat on the other, and our eyes were glued to the action. Meanwhile, Sharima and Ember sank down on one of our lounge chairs, and proceeded to give it a workout as they demonstrated some mother-daughter love. But all our eyes were on Amber and Dilip; or more specifically, where they joined.


Dilip moved up behind her, spread her pretty legs apart, and then, holding himself in one hand, guided himself between her pussy lips. She giggled and moaned as he fed himself deep into her, until his pubis was touching her bottom. Then, as she bucked and swayed, he started fucking her, putting it to her slowly at first to her long, drawn-out moans, but speeding up as she demanded, "Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me harder! More!"


He grabbed her honey-skinned hips and started dicking her harder, deeper. "Oh, I love your cock! Deeper, Daddy! Breed your little girl! Fuck me to Heaven!" This dirty talk resulted in him fucking her even harder, to her delirious pleasure. How long it went I don't know, but they were both clearly loving it, and she came a couple of times before he pulled out and shot his cream all over her back. They were panting like long-distance runners when they were done, and Adam and I were so hot and horny I'm surprised we didn't explode.


"Oh Adam," the little honey-skinned honey asked sweetly, "Would you clean up my back for me?"


He was on her in a flash, swiping his tongue all over her back from neck to ass, cleaning up every speck of her Dad's incestuous seed. He even ate her pussy for a good five minutes to make sure, wringing another orgasm from her. Then he turned to her father and said breathlessly, "Oh, Mr. Dr. Gupta! Thanks so much for letting us borrow your daughters' wonderful pussies! Thanks so much to you and Mrs. Dr. Gupta for having them and teaching them so well! Amber tastes delicious!"


"Wait until you try their mother."


His eyes went comically wide. "Oh! Oh wow! We get to have her pussy too?! Wow, thanks so much! I owe you another blowjob whenever you like! And lawn mowings forever!"


"Careful, I might take you up on both."


"It would be worth it!"


I thought the boy's dick was going to blow up from sheer arousal. Instead, he found the chair where Sharima and her daughter were playing and joined them, further endangering its structural integrity, crooning, "Oh, Emby, I have something long and hard for you..."


"Is it your last name?" she joked.


"Not yet, but you can have that too if you want," he pledged. And then my son lay down and eased his way into little Ember while her mother extricated herself discreetly... and just like that, he was no longer a pussy virgin.


He told me later it was the best feeling of his life, then and every time he fucked one of the twins, and that's when he knew for sure they were meant for each other.


That started me thinking about who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.




A few months after Adam turned 14, he came for his Thursday visit looking a little solemn and thoughtful, not his usual perky self. That didn't keep him from donning a hot-pink thong and doing his little dance, while I watched and rubbed myself. I was glad I no longer had to hide my attraction. We'd been given free access to the Gupta women as his 14th birthday present, and as a result, we had become even more sexual with each other as well as with them. Having nine horny holes ready to be filled just next door had made me a convert to their lifestyle. I was happier than I've ever been, and it showed in all aspects of my life and work.


As he sometimes did, after his erotic dance Adam walked straight to me and straddled my lap. His ass was still perfect, his package better than ever, and we still liked to frot. After a few moments of enjoyment, he stopped with his face just a few inches from mine. "So hey, Dad," he said, his breath smelling like cinnamon. His voice had deepened recently as his pubes came in, though he shaved now for maximum sensation. "I finally did it."


"Seduced your mom?" I sked, my eyebrows going up.


He darted in for a kiss, then said, "No, not yet. I got my last V-card punched!"




"Yep. Lost my anal virginity to another boy yesterday."


"Oh! Congrats!" I said, surprised. "Guess you finally found the right guy."


"I did," he agreed. "It was David, on my swim team. One of my best friends." I had a brief vision of a slight boy with an amazing six-pack and black hair curlier than my son's. "He's really cute... and well, we've been looking at each other that way lately, so we stayed late after swim practice and took our showers after everyone else. We started making out, and that was fun... then he turned me around and braced me against the wall. I kinda like that he took charge like that. We didn't have lube, so I told him about rimming, and he did that."


"Was he any good?

"Not as good as you," my son admitted with a half-smile, "but he got the hang of it, and it felt great. So after a few minutes I told him I was ready, and... he entered me. It was fuckin' great. Even though he was a complete virgin until then, it was like he knew just what to do. He wanted me, and he took me." His eyes took on a dreamy look. "David's cock felt wonderful inside me. We're going to do it again for sure, maybe during a sleepover one of these days. He's a considerate lover—he went slow and careful, and it was like you said. My whole body lit up like a Christmas tree. He even made me come from my ass, like you said some guys do. And then he finished up, and I felt his load spread right into me. It was so warm, so fantastic, like nothing I ever felt before."


"Was it everything you wanted it to be?" I asked, embracing my boy loosely.


"On my end it was. But we didn't get to finish. While I was still washing my cum off the wall, we heard someone come into the locker room."




"Yeah," Adam said sadly. "He rousted us out, told us to go home. I think he guessed what we were up to. Anyway, I never got to return the favor to Davey, but I said I would when I got the chance." He leaned in and we kissed.


"So two firsts," I said after I came up for air. "Shower sex and anal."


"Yeah, but..."




"Davey's good, but he's kind of small. Smaller than me," Adam said, looking me right in the eye. "I want to try it with a real man."


Five minutes later, we were in my big master bedroom shower, which could seat about 10, and I was on my knees, thrusting my tongue into Adam's pretty little starfish as he moaned delighted encouragement. He loved getting his ass eaten. As I pulled away, I said, "The rimming is just for fun. I'm still going to have to use lube."


"I know," he said, as the water drummed down on us. He wiggled dat ass. "Ready for it when you are."


I took the tube of KY Jelly and lubed up both his tiny asshole and my thick intruder. "Might hurt a little at first," I told him.


"I can take it."


Turned out it didn't hurt for either of us. The rimming had loosened him up nicely, and the lube finished the job. I slid in as though his rectum was made to receive my cock, and as I pushed past his prostrate, he said, "OHH!" and one jet of his cream splashed against the wall tiles before he clamped down on his response—and my cock. Grinning, I scooped the cum up before it got away and licked it off my finger. Much creamier than before; my boy was becoming a man. He was almost my height now, which made our inaugural ass-fuck much easier.


His beautiful teen ass was much tighter than I expected, almost as if no one had been there before me. The only evidence he'd been fucked was a faint bruise on Adam's hips, probably caused when Davey dug his thumb in a little too hard. I resolved not to mark his creamy skin. I'd hate to leave visible handprints on his hips for others to see.


I pushed my cockhead past his sphincter, and Adam suddenly got very vocal, like nothing I'd ever experienced with him sexually. "Uuuuuuhhhhhhhoooooooohhhhh my god!" he cried out, eyes closed in sheer pleasure as I inched deeper. "Oh, uh uhn, oh god I love your cock, Dad! That feels really good! Fuck!" He pushed his ass back against my cock, sinking me in right to the top, and squealed, "Dad! Daddy! God, it's so big! I'm so full! Love you! Fuck me! Fuck me good! UUUHHHHH!"


I started pumping, and his words degenerated to just so much moaning and gibberish before he whisper-shouted, "Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!" and shot five big spurts of teen cream against the wall tiles. He went dead still as he recovered. I kept pumping away, and after a long moment, his hips started moving again, pushing back to get the maximum depth from my meat missile. My son looked back at me with bright eyes and said, "It's gonna happen again! Keep fucking me, Dad! This is the best thing I've ever felt in my life!" and then turned back and lowered his head, focusing on the fucking and the sensation that came with it. His moans started that steady uphill climb, and just before he reached the top, I lost control and jetted into him seven times, so hard I almost lost consciousness. It was one of the best orgasms of my life, and knowing I was making love to my only child just made it all the better.


"It's coming! It's coming!" Adam panted as he shoved himself down on my quiescent cock, and I started thrusting again until he cried out wordlessly and shot another four generous bursts of boy-cum onto the wall.


"Oh my fucking god," was all he could say, in a whisper, as I pulled my cock out of his gaping asshole in a shower of my own cream. "That was pretty fucking incredible."


"Worth the wait," I agreed, as I thought about that evening after he'd introduced me to the twins, when I had him down on his hands and knees, preparing to rim him, and he thought I'd intended to bugger him.


My son looked back at me with a dreamy smile, his hair darkened and plastered against his forehead by the water, and he looked every bit that sweet, not-exactly-innocent 12-year-old he'd been that night. "Ohhhh yeaahhhh," he purred. "Sexxxaaayyyyy."


We both burst into laughter.


Adam made to get out of the shower, but I grabbed his arm. "We're not done," I told him. "You never got to finish before. I want you to have that chance. Fuck me now."


He looked at me like I'd lost my mind. "Are you kiddin' me? I just spunked off two huge loads! It'll be hours before I can bone up again."


"That's not what your cock thinks," I pointed out, and he looked down to see that he was halfway there already. I sank to my knees again to give the boy head, and within five minutes he was fully erect again.


As I stood, he said, "You're a miracle worker, Dad," and kissed me. I just gave him a half-smile and assumed the position, bracing myself against the back wall of the shower with my ass facing outward, waiting to receive his gift.


He wasn't shy about it. He lubed us both up carefully, digging his finger deep into my ass to be sure I got enough grease. I gasped, and he kind of snickered. Then he put his soft cockhead gently against my back door, and pushed insistently, incestuously, inward. I hadn't had a man inside me in years, but as with my cock and his ass, his cock went into mine easily, all the way to the root, and we both sighed in satisfaction. Then he started pumping with his typical eagerness and speed, which he knew could put the Gupta girls over the top in minutes. I wasn't quite the same, of course, but it did feel damn good as he shoved me up against the wall of the shower, using my hole a little more roughly than I'd used his. I didn't mind.


I moaned, "That's it, baby boy. Fuck Daddy with that big cock. You're all the man I'll ever need." And it was true. At that point, I would have been happy if I never felt another man's dick in me; and they truth is, though he and I make love rarely now, I still haven't, years later. "Fuuuuuck, I love your perfect cock!" As the wonderful sensations enveloped me, I could only wonder that the events that had led up to this had started four years ago with my underwear fetish, and my pleasure at watching my young son strut around in his briefs. It had grown into so much more, just as he had grown, and he had taught me as much as I'd taught him. If it hadn't been for his audacity in using the knothole in the fence, I might never have experienced the exquisite pleasure of the Gupta women.


"Pound me, baby," I told him. "You won't hurt me." He obligingly sped up, thrusting that fine young boy-cock deeper into his Daddy's bowels for the first time, as I felt the dragon stirring behind my balls. His cock had the slightest downward bend, so he was doing a good job of massaging my prostate as he pistoned in and out of me; and just as he bellowed and I felt his warmth spread through my rectum, I jettisoned my own load with a deep grunt, it joining his slurry on the bathroom wall. When he backed out, breathing hard, I turned and gathered him in my arms. We looked at each other wordlessly, and then we kissed for a long time.


He looked into my eyes and repeated a line from an old movie we'd watched the previous week. "I want some more," he whispered urgently.


"Does that mean you liked it?" I asked, as I directed the warm spray of the showerhead onto the wall, cleaning off our commingled seed. Meanwhile, he reached out of the shower and retrieved two big towels, one of which he passed to me.


"Are you kidding? Is Tom Cruise a Scientologist?" He started scrubbing himself down. "That was the single most satisfying sexual experience of my life, bar none."


"Ha! Don't go falling in love with your old man, now, the Honey Twins would be devastated."


Suddenly my arms were full of boy. He leaned in, his cinnamon breath wafting in my face, crushing our towels between us, and said, "I'm already in love with you, old man. Have been for years."


It was all I could do to keep from crying as I kissed him again.


Adam's sexual education continued apace. We continued dallying with the Guptas and each other for the next several years, and when he was 15 Adam seduced his mother and started keeping her happy as well. A few months before Adam turned 16, the state legislature made multi-person marriages legal, and the next day, I asked the Guptas to marry me. They agreed, and we were wed a month before Adam's 16th birthday. The orgy that followed was epic.


We decided to keep both houses and to retain the length of fence where it had all started, but we opened up the two yards to each other otherwise. We also built a passageway connecting the two houses so we could occupy both at once. We were very happy.


Practically the minute Adam turned 16 and it was legal for him to marry with my permission, he married the Honey Twins, who had already been 16 for months. We had another wonderful orgy, of course; but this time, certain contraceptive implants were turned off. By the time we were done, I'd planted a little girl in Sharima, and both the twins were pregnant: Amber with her father's child, and Ember with Adam's—both boys. In a few years, after we'd learned how to juggle three babies, they'd switch, and Ember would have her father impregnate her, while Adam would impregnate Amber. Those babies would be girls. Meanwhile, Adam and the twins would be attending college online. He moved in with me to be near his wives, though he visited his mother daily.


We had already decided to raise the children in an atmosphere of free and easy sexuality. In time, when they were ready, they would join us in our loveplay. I looked forward to that time with anticipatory fondness.


As Adam put it, it was gonna to be Sexayyyyy.