A First Time For Everything


“I saw what you and Patti did last night,” Timothy said, his squeaky voice rich with taunting, his mouth in a wide mocking grin.

Jason’s heart skipped a beat. He sat on his bed in his shorts and looked across at his little brother, standing by the other twin bed as he tugged off his pyjama top. The kid was leering at him.

“What?” he said, with the arrogant challenge in his voice so common to big brothers. But he was more worried than he sounded. “What’d you see? You were asleep.”

“No I wasn’t,” Timothy retorted. He threw his pyjama top onto the bed beside him. “I got up to get a glass of water and I heard you both making funny noises in the living room. So I peeked through the doorway.” He stood there now in just his pyjama shorts, grinning with the delight of having caught his big brother out. Despite himself, Jason blushed.

“Oh yeah? So what’d you see, smart-ass?” He sounded offhand, as if he didn’t care. But he did care. Part of him was scared at the idea that little Timothy might have seen them. What if he told Mom and Dad? Damn! Part of him was shocked. Timothy was eight, for fuck’s sake. He wasn’t supposed to see things like that. But behind the scary feeling and the shock was pride as well. He was himself, after all, fourteen, and although he didn’t want his parents knowing — and sure as hell not Patti’s parents — he was immensely proud of himself that the two of them were doing it all the time now. Well, whenever they could, anyway. He knew not many of his school friends, probably none of them, to tell the truth, were getting it off with their girlfriends. Actually fucking. And he was. He was fucking Patti. And last night … well … it was too good a chance to miss with her allowed to visit for the whole evening, and his parents going to the movies, leaving them both at home to babysit Timothy. And the whole couch to do it on. Much better than trying to find some private place at school for a few quick minutes. On the couch last night had been more like the first time they ever did it.

“I saw you both,” Timothy taunted again.

“So what’d you see?” he repeated, unsure himself what he wanted the answer to be. He knew he’d be relieved if Timothy hadn’t actually seen him fucking Patti, but he also knew he’d be kind of pleased with himself if the kid had seen. Knowing someone had actually watched him do it to her. How hot was that?

Timothy dragged his pyjama shorts down his legs and kicked them up onto the bed. He was about to step over to the chair where yesterday’s clothes lay, but instead he stopped and turned to Jason.

“I saw you both making out on the couch,” he said with a leer. “You know, kissing her and that, and rubbing her tits.” Jason sighed with relief. Standing naked before his brother, Timothy placed his little hand on his own chest and mimicked what he’d seen Jason doing, sexily rubbing one of his nipples and making ‘oo ahh’ faces as he did. “And her hand down here, rubbing your leg like this.” Now his other hand mimicked that action too, stroking his own inner thigh teasingly up towards his floppy little dick. He was almost laughing, it was so much fun mocking his older brother.

“Is that all?” Jason said, grinning himself now, not only with relief, but with amusement at his little brother’s attempts to mimic being grown up and sexy.

“Well I went back to bed, eh? Anyway, I saw you. And you never knew!” Timothy said. “Hey, what d’you mean? … ‘Is that all?’. That’s plenty. What else did you guys do?” The two brothers stared at each other for a few seconds as Timothy’s fresh little face suddenly changed from a mocking grin to the open-mouthed awe of realisation. “Oh, wow!” he hissed. “Shit, I knew I should’ve stayed. I would’ve seen it.”

“What d’you mean?”

“You did it, didn’t you? Shit, Jason, you did it to her. Wow!”

“Did what?” Jason spluttered, trying to sound innocent of any such knowledge.

“You know what.” He stepped even closed to his big brother, standing right in front of his knees where Jason sat on the bed. “That thing … you know … what boys do to girls.”

“Timothy … shut up, you dill-brain. What do you know about anything?”

“I bet I know what you did. You said ‘Is that all’ I saw?. You did it to her, eh?. I bet you did. How many times have you done it? Have you done any other girls? What’s it feel like?”

“Timothy …”

“C’mon. Tell me.” They stared at each other again. “I want to know. I wish I’d seen it.”

“You can’t tell anyone.”

“Oh? Like I’d tell Mom and Dad.”

“No, not just them. Anyone. It’s a secret.”


“Seriously. We’d get into a lot of trouble. A lot of trouble.”


“Ok, then, yes I did do it. We been doing it for a few months now.”

“Oh, wow! What’s it feel like?”

Jason laughed. “Pretty awesome.”

“Man, I bet!”

“How d’you do it?”

“The usual way, I guess.”

“No, I mean … um … what’s … well … what’s the usual way?”

“Oh, shit, Timothy, you don’t know?”

“Well I kinda know. But … um … I don’t know if it’s true.”

“Do you ‘kinda’ know that girls don’t have a dick down there?” Timothy nodded mutely. “Do you ‘kinda’ know what their pussy’s for?” Timothy nodded again. “Well, you know then. That’s what happens.”

“But tell me.”

Jason sighed. “Well … see, usually you just pee with your dick, eh? And she just pees with her pussy too. But when you both want to … um … do it, what happens is your dick goes stiff and her pussy goes wet and slippery so you can put it in her easy.”

“Is that what you did last night?” Timothy whispered. This time Jason nodded. “Man, I wish I’d watched you. Can I watch you next time?”

“Of course not, dickhead.”

“C’mon Jason, I soooo want to watch you do it to her.”

“Forget it.”

“Well, tell me about it then.”

“I told you.”

“No, tell me what you and she did. You know. After I saw you making out.”

Jason sighed, but his pride and pleasure got the better of him.

“Well …” he said, “… I guess we were kissing and feeling each other, like you saw, and then I got my hand in her shorts and she shoved my shorts down too, so we’re feeling each other up, you know.”

“Did you have a stiffie?” Timothy breathed.

“Of course I did.”

“And she was playing with your stiffie?”

“Yes, and I was playing with her pussy. And it was wet by then too. That’s because, like I said, we’re both ready to do it.” Timothy gave a squeaky kind of whimper. Jason suddenly realised his younger brother’s penis had sprung hard as a nail and was standing up almost vertically against his round belly, his little sac all bunched up and clinging to the root of it like a tiny swollen rubber ball. “Wow,” he hissed, staring at the eight-year-old’s groin. Timothy was not only six years younger than him, but a dramatically small kid for his age, really the size of a six- or seven-year-old, and the last time he’d noticed, his little penis had been the usual tiny one-inch dangler, an insignificant little finger of soft flesh. In fact that’s the only way he’d ever noticed it, changing clothes, in the shower, taking a pee. Now, though, it seemed massive and meaningful. The kid had an impressive little boner.

“So you did it?” Timothy squeaked. Jason nodded. “Tell me, tell me.”

Jason sighed. “Well, we took the rest of our clothes off …”

“Oh, man … you got naked?”

“… and I just … you know … I stuck my dick in her pussy.”

“Oh, man …” Timothy breathed, “you stuck your dick in her pussy,” echoing his brother’s words.

“And then I fucked her.”

“And then you fucked her,” Timothy whispered in awe, continuing his chorus. “Wasn’t you already … um … fucking her?”

“Fucking isn’t just sticking it in there. It’s, like, pumping it in and out, over and over in her pussy. You know.”

“Oh, yes.” Jason noticed the kid’s hand was down in his crotch now, unconsciously grappling with his urgent hard-on, automatically rubbing it to and fro. “Oh, man, I soooo want to do that.”

Jason chuckled. “Sure,” he said, knowing his own dick was sticking up in his pyjama shorts as well now.

“No, I mean … not right now … well … I do … but I just sooo want to do it. You know? I want to do it to a girl. I want to see what it feels like.”

“You will, you will,” Jason assured him, smiling at his little brother. “I don’t guess you’re going to find an eight-year-old girl to fuck, but … one day.” He was amused the way Timothy’s hand was working away so unconsciously on that vertical hard-on. And how his little balls were so swollen and tight. The kid must be hell of a boned up, he thought. “It’ll happen. When you’re a bit older. Everyone does it eventually.” He looked more closely at little Timothy’s hard-on. “You got nothing to worry about, you know. You’re a good-looking kid, and you got a nice body. Really. Girls will go for that. You’ll have plenty of choices, I bet. And man, that boner of yours must be three inches long. A few years from now and every girl in school’s going to want that hot little rod up her puss.”

Suddenly aware of what his hand was doing, Timothy removed it from his groin and blushed. Jason boldly looked straight at the junior hard-on out in the open. Well, it’s not gigantic, he thought, but it’s sure impressive for a kid as small as he is. It’s incredibly stiff.

“It’s three and a quarter,” Timothy said, beaming. He glanced down at his big brother’s pyjama shorts. “You got a stiffie too now, eh? You want to do her again, don’t’cha?”

“I always want to do it again,” Jason said, grinning. “But I’m 14, not eight.”

“How long’s yours?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I told you mine.”

Jason sighed. “It’s four and a half inches,” he said.

“Wow! Can I see it?”

“You’ve seen it a million times.”

“Not stiff I haven’t.”

“Forget it, Timothy. Look, go take a shower. Ok? I’ll make coffee for Mom and Dad, and get your breakfast going. Then I’ll take my shower and we can head off for school. Ok?”

“Ok,” Timothy responded.

“And not a word to anyone about me and Patti last night. Deal?”


Jason walked out of the bedroom and down the hall towards the kitchen. As he passed the door to his parents’ bedroom he yelled out.

“Mom! Dad! Coffee’s on!”


Patti was twelve. Well, twelve and a half, give or take. And not a very big twelve either. Like, she had no tits at all. Anyway she was a class down from him, so it wasn’t the usual school girlfriend thing with someone the same level. It was … well … they really did like each other. He’d actually met her out of school, a year ago. She’d been with another girl at the local Sub, and one of the boys with them had been a friend of his. So he’d stopped and they’d all talked for a few minutes. Later, when she spotted him at school, she’d said hello, slightly shyly, perhaps because after all he was an older boy. But he liked her. He’d liked her the moment he saw her, and he was slightly wrong-footed when she greeted him again. He worried she might’ve seen him blush at her greeting. Of course he’d been only 13 then, and she’d been eleven. Just kids. But he figured she liked him too.

They’d got used to smiling and nodding at each other in the school grounds whenever they saw each other. They’d got talking. She liked the same bands he did. That was cool. She was artistic. He wasn’t. She sometimes watched him at sports. He ran. He swam too. She played basketball. He sat on the bleachers sometimes watching her play. As it happened, she lived more or less on his way home, so they got into the habit of riding their bikes home together, taking their time. He could tell her parents thought the two of them hanging together was ‘cute’. Well, what the hell? He wanted them to like him, and they did. He was always very polite at her house, always helpful, always smiling at her Mom and Dad, always nice to her brother Declan, a cute little five-year-old. The first time he took her to the movies, her parents drove them there like they were two little kids. But after that they were allowed to go by themselves, like they’d passed some kind of test. His own parents treated their friendship about the same, but he could sense a whiff of pride too in his father at seeing him ‘dating’ a girl. He knew what that meant. It was because his Dad saw it like it meant his oldest son was growing up. He was becoming a man. Well, yes, Jason thought, I am. He figured that taking Patti to the movies made her his girlfriend. Officially. He wondered if he was supposed to buy her something. A ring, maybe. A bracelet. In the end he bought her a hamburger and a Coke before the movie. And in the cinema, he cautiously held her hand. She leaned against him and they watched the show like that. It was pretty cool. It made him feel good to have a girlfriend at school, even though she was so much younger. He wasn’t that big himself. Hardly a jock. And smaller than a lot of the kids in his class. He figured it was a family thing. Like his little brother Timothy, he was small for his age as well.

The first time he kissed her it took him by surprise. It wasn’t that he hadn’t kind of planned it, but that he hadn’t expected her reaction. He figured she might let him have a little peck, the way kids kiss in the movies. Something very proper like that. But there they were sitting on a park bench one afternoon, his arm round her shoulders, and when he leaned towards her to risk it, she turned her face to his and their lips met quicker and harder than he’d anticipated. He was going to pull away, but she didn’t and so he didn’t and next thing they were grinding their mouths together like grown-ups. This is hot, he thought. Their arms around each other, they were pressing together, and he wondered if he might get his tongue in her mouth like you were supposed to for a really hot kiss. That idea alone gave him a hard-on. But he didn’t stick his tongue in her mouth that first time. They separated. His lips felt squashed and hot with her smell.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

She smiled.


“I didn’t mean it to be so … you know.”

“Well,” Patti said, still smiling, “it was.”

He stared at her openly for a while, thinking how nice she looked. She matched his gaze.

“I like you a hell of a lot,” he said softly.

“I know.” There was a long silence. And then she laughed. “I like you just as much,” she said, and she drew closer, gaze to gaze, face to face, mouth to mouth, and they were kissing again. This time it was more gentle, and he slipped his tongue through his lips and felt it on her lips and then it was inside her mouth and he could feel her tongue with his tongue. Oh, god, he thought, this is so fucking hot! And it was. His dick was achingly hard, but of course she couldn’t tell, since they were sitting down and his shorts were all bunched up in front, hiding it. But I’ll never be able to stand up, he thought.

It was the kissing that really broke the ice between them, and their admitting that they both liked each other … ‘a lot’. He realised when he looked back all those months ago that from then on they were much more relaxed with each other. They held hands. He no longer cared if other people thought it was soppy. They embraced easily and naturally and a lot of the time. When they sat together, she leaned on him. When they were alone together they kissed, and increasingly they explored each other’s bodies as they embraced, less and less shy at the physical intimacy that was growing between them. He wondered if this was ‘love’. He thought maybe it was, realising with a shock that in five or six years they could even get married. The idea thrilled him. It disappointed him too, in an oddball way. Because he knew that if he hung with Patti for five years and then they got married, it would mean he’d never have had any other girlfriends, never any other experience, except with her. Was that ok? It felt like it would be ok. But it also felt like maybe he’d have missed out on other things. Other girls. Other experiences. How many girlfriends were you supposed to have? Was this it? Was this going to be it?

Jason thought about ‘love’. He knew love wasn’t really the thing that drove school relationships. A lot of the guys reckoned it was sex that drove it. But Jason was wise to that. He thought most of that was just bragging. He bet they hadn’t done it. Not the whole thing. They just reckoned they had. No, he thought, girlfriends at school were not for love, and not really for sex, either. They were for show. That was the thing. You had to have a girlfriend. Well, unless you were gay. There were definitely some gay guys at school. A bit weird, that, but whatever. Maybe gay guys’ … relationships … weren’t for show. Like, who would want to show that? But he also knew that school girlfriends, and even the gay guys’ boyfriends, were always in the same level, same class sometimes. Same age, anyway. But Patti wasn’t.

So maybe it was ‘love’. Maybe it was ok. He liked how she looked. She was pretty. He liked her eyes, and her nose. He liked her ears. He loved her mouth and her long tongue. He really liked her body. She didn’t have big breasts, in fact she didn’t have breasts at all. The truth was he liked the agile boyishness of her frame. And what she did have was nice. He’d felt her tits enough times now. He was used to the slight roundness behind her nipples, used to feeling her nipples harden up when he stroked them. Just like two little dicks, he thought. Just like his dick always went hard too. She knew it did. He knew she knew. He’d given up trying to hide the sharp peak in his pants, and anyway she’d brushed against it a few times. Accidentally. Well … maybe accidentally. They’d never spoken about that, though.

Until that Friday afternoon a few months back when they’d arrived home from school to find her house empty. There was a note on the kitchen table.

Patti … Declan fell off his bike. He’s all right. But I’m taking him to the med centre. Back soon. Call me if you like. Mom.

Patti dialled her Mom’s mobile.

“Mom, is Dec all right? … Ah, ok then … when will you be back? … oh, I see … um, well, I’m not sure … yes, probably … ok, don’t worry about me.”

She clicked off and turned to Jason.

“She says Dec’s ok,” she told him. “But at the med centre they wanted him to get x-rays and, well, other tests. So Mom’s on her way into the Central Hospital. She thinks they’ll be a while. She said I should go over to your place until she gets home.”

“Well, that’s ok. We can do that,” Jason said.

“Yeah, but I don’t really want to. I mean, I’d like to be here when they get back.”

“Well … I’ll stay here, then.” Jason took out his own mobile and punched his home number in. He explained the situation to his own Mom. “That’s fine,” he said after he clicked off. “So what’ll we do?”

They watched tv. Patti made some chocolate milk half way through the program, and as they sat together on the couch, sipped the chocolate and watched the screen, they leaned more and more into the familiar comfort of each other. When the credits rolled, Jason pulled her even closer. They were kissing and tonguing each other, and he was fondling her tits when he finally had the courage to whisper to her something he’d been thinking about for a while now.

“I’ve never seen your tits,” he breathed in her ear.

“I’ve never seen yours, either,” she said, smirking a little.

He laughed. “Yes you have. You’ve seen me swimming.”

“Oh, true, that.”

“So. See? You owe me.” They smiled at each other. Her humorous response made him feel bolder. He wriggled his hand up inside her tee shirt and she didn’t stop him. His fingers brushed her nipples on the small swells that would one day be her breasts. They were already stiff, but it thrilled him now to feel them bare, his fingers actually on them. It made his boner flex. He toyed with them, watching her reaction. She liked it. He knew she liked it.

“I suppose you’ve never seen anyone’s tits,” she said.

He shrugged. “Not really. I mean … my Mom’s once or twice.” To his surprise, Patti pulled away from him slightly, but then grabbed her tee shirt and deftly inverted it over her head and off. She was naked from the waist up and he was staring at her tits. “Oh,” was all he could manage. She pulled him towards her again and planted another kiss on his mouth. His hands roamed her bare body and found her nipples again. “They’re not very big,” he whispered.

“Oh, thanks.”

“No, I mean … oh, shit.” They both laughed. “I don’t mean your … um … breasts … I mean your … your … nipples. They always felt so, well, big, but they’re actually not so big. I suppose it’s only because they’re stiff.” No longer kissing her, Jason had leaned back a bit to view this private pasture she’d offered him, and he had both hands on her, exploring them again, watching himself do it. His dick was hard as hell.

“So when you show me your wienie,” she said, “remind me to tell you how small it is.” And she sing-song mimicked his last comment — “It’s not so big, I suppose it’s only because it’s stiff.” And then he felt her hand land on his shorts and press against his dick where it was sticking straight up. His heart stopped beating. In fact everything seemed to stop. There were paroxysms of pleasure jolting through his body. She was touching his hard-on. Deliberately. She was actually feeling it through his shorts, her hand was closing around the cloth as if she was measuring the hardness and length of the slim rigid shape the fabric contained. It was the first time in his life anyone other than himself had ever touched his hard-on. Oh, fuck, it was buzzing.

“So do I get to see yours?” she said.

“You’re getting a good enough feel of it.”

“Is it nice?”

“Shit, yes.”

“I can’t believe how hard it is.”

“I suppose you’ve never seen one, eh?”

“Of course I’ve seen one. I’ve got a brother.”

“Oh, yes. But … I meant a boner. You know.”

“Actually I have.”

“Whose?” he said, suddenly feeling challenged. She laughed.

“Declan’s, of course. Who else?”


“Not very often, but sometimes. It’s kind of cute the way it goes hard and sticks out.”

Jason grinned. “Listen, you can say mine’s not very big if you like, but you’re not ever allowed to call it ‘cute’. All right?”

She unsnapped the stud at the front of his shorts and pulled down the zipper, revealing the soft white cotton of his undies sticking up in a sharp round-ended peak. Her fingers started feeling that hard shape. Thrilled to bits by feeling her fingers stroking the soft cotton up and down on his boner, Jason held her shoulders gently and leaned in and kissed her very sexily, while she explored the feel of his dick. He remembered how she’d surprised him a few minutes ago by moving away from him and flicking off her tee shirt to let him see her breasts. So he stood up off the couch, startling her the same way. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his undies, he pushed his shorts and undies together down his legs to puddle around his ankles. His hard-on sprang free. He stood up straight. His heart was going thumpety-thump like crazy. She was staring at his boner. Right there in the open air, sticking out from under his tee shirt.

“Well, now you’re looking at a real one,” he managed to say.

“Wow,” was all she said. He smiled nervously. Another first. The first person other than himself to ever see his hard-on.

“So is it too small, then?” he said, trying for a bold and saucy smile to hide his nervousness.

“Um … it’s bigger than I thought,” she said. Jason beamed. He was proud of it. He knew it was four inches long. And then her hands touched it, skin to skin, and intense jolts of pleasure pounded through him again. He stood there with his whole young body shimmering as he felt her hands all over his bare boner. She wasn’t stroking it but just exploring it, like she was feeling its shape, how long it was, how hard. “It’s incredible,” she breathed. She eased his foreskin back, revealing the delicate red berry that was the head of his dick. She played with that for a while and Jason was almost buckling at the knees. She cupped his balls, exploring them too. “Your balls feel nice,” she whispered. “They’re so kind of … heavy and … well … fat.” I’ve died and gone to heaven, Jason thought.

“When did your Mom say she’d be home?”

“She didn’t know. She said a few hours. Not before seven.”

“What about your Dad?”

“Oh, him too. I forgot to tell you. She said he was going straight to the hospital from work. They’ll both come home together. When Dec’s all done with tests or whatever it is. She said the emergency room was busy, and Dec’s not an urgent case.”

Jason looked at the clock on their living room wall.

“It’s just after five,” he said.

“And … ?”

“Well … we have … lots of time. You could … um … you know … take your shorts off too.”

“Oh, I suppose you never saw one of those before, either?”

“Fair’s fair.” He shrugged, and smirked. He had a new idea. Quickly, he pulled off his tee shirt, dropped it to the floor, and gingerly stepped out of the puddle of his shorts. He stood in front of her stark naked now as she sat there on the couch, still staring at his boner and balls. Somehow he wasn’t embarrassed or nervous any more. “Here I am,” he said. Patti looked him up and down. “C’mon,” he whispered. “Your turn.”

Patti stood up beside him, unsnapped her own shorts and pushed them and her panties to her feet. She stepped out of them and stood up straight again. Jason’s eyes were riveted on her crotch. He’d once seen his Mom’s and there was nothing to see but a great patch of hair. But Patti was hairless down there, just like him, and he could see a soft mound of flesh that disappeared between her legs, and it was sort of split like a peach by a vertical fold going inwards. That was it. There wasn’t anything else. He was a bit disappointed.

“There’s nothing to see,” he breathed, mystified.

“Yes, there is. You just can’t see it yet.”

She sat down on the couch again and as she did, her knees separated and suddenly that vertical fold parted a bit and he could see inside. Transfixed, he knelt between her knees and put his hand right on her. It was cool and damp inside. He ran a finger up and down in it. She shivered slightly. Her hands were back on his hard-on too, fondling it again, feeling its measure, rubbing his balls. He felt his way around inside her, felt a dip at the bottom, the inside edges of her further up, and some kind of little folded bit at the top. As his finger brushed it he felt her tense slightly and shiver again. He deliberately brushed it once more. She was reacting to that touch just like he reacted to her hands when they stroked his boner. She was breathing harder. He kept stroking it. She was acting just like he did when he tossed himself off in bed and he realised that whatever it was he was feeling, and whatever it was he was doing with it, he was giving her the same feelings that stroking his dick gave him.

“You like this?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she breathed back at him. He kept rubbing on it for her. His fingers were wet now as he realised that the inside of her there was getting more and more slippery. He wondered if girls shot juice, like he did. Was she shooting her juice? His stroking fingers found a source, a tiny hole further down, and he realised in a flash what that was. His finger slipped into it. It was like a tube inside, flexing, warm, incredibly slippery. He started sliding his finger back and forth a little. His boner was aching.

“Do my dick,” he rasped at her. Her fingers closed again around his boner and as soon as they did his brain froze, his body snapped into spasm, and he collapsed across her on the couch with his boner shooting jets of juice all over her hands.

“Oh, my god!” she blurted out. “You have this stuff? Wow!”

For a moment or two he was aware he was alone, lying on his back on the couch, his breath returning to normal. He felt immensely happy. She came back from the kitchen and he watched her walking small and beautiful and naked towards him, his girlfriend, smiling, drying her hands on a tea towel. She sat beside him on the couch again and used the towel to dry his belly and his limp dick and balls. She tossed the towel on the floor with their clothes, leaned over and kissed him lightly. His hand reached up and stroked her tits.

“I suppose I have to marry you now,” he joked.

“There’s only one bit of you I want to marry,” she said. “This little baby factory of yours.” She was playing again with his soft dick and balls. He shut his eyes. It felt nice even when it wasn’t stiff. He opened his eyes. He thought she was the most beautiful thing on the planet. He looked down at her hands on him. She was fascinated by his dick and balls. He pulled her down on him and they lay together, kissing, as he ran his hands over her, feeling all of her body, completely naked for the first time under his touch … her neck, her arms, her hip where it jutted slightly from her waist, that soft split little mound between her thighs. Together they rolled over on the couch so he was on top of her. She was stroking his entire body too now, tracing his own nakedness with her hands, feeling his shoulders, his flat belly, brushing his nipples too, kneading the firm rounds of his buttocks. He felt his dick coming back to life.

“I like us being naked,” he said. “I like feeling you. You know … all of you.”


“I don’t know. I just do.”

“I know why. I mean I know why I like seeing you naked. It’s … it’s because your body’s … strong. You know, with muscles and shapes I like.” She was stroking his butt again. “I like feeling your butt. It feels kind of … powerful.”

He rolled off her and hitched himself up on one elbow. He slid his free hand down her tummy and cupped her mound again, letting one finger tease up and down in the split of it.

“I like feeling you here,” he said. She lifted her knees and separated them, opening herself to his touch. For a moment she shut her eyes, trembling slightly as he stroked that little pleasure-thing she had. She opened her eyes and her hand closed around his dick.

“And I like feeling you here,” she said. “It’s going stiff again. It’s sort of magic feeling it do that.”

He wriggled down and leant into her groin, and gently kissed her mound. He ran his tongue roughly over the swollen little bit at the top. She shivered with pleasure. When he lifted his head, she rolled him onto his back, leaned over his groin, and planted a kiss on his swelling dick. She looked at him brightly, smiling with glee. Her fingers eased back the foreskin and she kissed the head of it. She was licking and tonguing his dick head like it was the tiny red fruit that it was. It was suddenly very stiff again.

“Oh, shit,” he sighed. Wasn’t it a bit ‘gay’, he thought, this sort of thing? But it was too nice. And she wasn’t a guy anyway. She was a girl. His girl. And she was kissing his dick. Actually she was sucking it. She was sucking the head of it right into her mouth. “Oh, fuckin’ hell,” he hissed. Nothing had ever felt like this before.

He tried to remember to use his fingers on her as well, to give her some of the pleasure her mouth was giving him. His thumb played with her little fold, his finger slid into that little opening below. She was wet and slippery again. Her lips were kissing down the length of his dick, kissing his balls, her tongue was licking all the way back up to the head again, her mouth was engulfing it. His hips were flexing instinctively, like they were trying to push his boner in and out of her mouth. His finger was doing the same, pushing in and out of her pussy hole, and he could feel a short tube in there flexing on it, gobbling on his finger as hungrily as her mouth was gobbling on his dick.

She came up for air.

“This is silly,” she said. He didn’t think it was silly. He thought it was fucking hot. It was thermo-fucking-nuclear. “We both know what we want to do.” His finger slid out of her and he sat up. What she was saying crystallised in his head.

“Shit, Patti, I can’t.”

“You can’t?”

“No … I mean … “

“Of course you can. Don’t you want to?”

“Shit, yes. Of course I want to.”

“Well … I want you to.”

“No, no …”

“Why not?”

“Don’t you know? You’ll get a baby.”

She looked astounded. Then she laughed.

“Oh, Jason, no I won’t. I won’t.”

“Of course you will. That’s how it works.”

“Yes, but … God, Jason, I do know all that stuff. But that’s not happening yet. I haven’t started.”

“Started what?”

“Menstruating.” Jason looked blank for a moment. “Having periods. Jason. Having eggs. There’s nothing there to make a baby.”

Slowly it dawned on him. And as she saw the realisation flood his face, she grinned.

“It’s safe as can be, Jason.”

“Are you sure?” he croaked.

“Yes.” They stared at each other in silence. She lay on her back again, knees up and wide apart. She smiled up at him there, with wild excitement sparking her eyes. “Do it with your dick, Jason.”

“Oh, God,” he breathed.

She looked at his dick almost hungrily, like her eyes were feasting on the four inches of it standing up so slim and straight and ready, and on his potent young balls drawn up so tightly against its base. He shuffled on his knees between her legs, staring down at the exposed gift she was offering. Lying spreadeagled like that, her pussy was wide open, waiting. She reached up and gently stroked his fat balls, and ran her hand right up his hard-on, her fingers closing around it. His heart was pounding fit to bust. He looked at his boner, so stiff in her fingers. He looked at her pussy, so open and slippery. Oh, god. She wanted his stiff boner inside her pussy. She wanted him to … fuck her. Oh god, oh god. He was about to have his first fuck.

He took his weight on his hands each side of her and lowered his body between her legs, watching in awe as his hard-on descended towards her belly. He watched as her hand held it, stroked it gently, guided it into place until the soft head of it was nestling where his finger had penetrated her. He watched the head of it slip into her. Shit and damn, that felt good! It sent jolts of electric shock right through his body. He watched the shaft slowly start to disappear too, thrilling beyond belief as it enclosed itself. An inch in, he stopped. Oh, fucking god, this felt good! He tried to calm down. He couldn’t breathe. He was gasping for air, his heart going so loud he could hear it inside him. He pushed. Nothing. Puzzled, he drew back very slightly and pushed again. Only an inch? Again he pushed forwards, strongly this time. And again. Suddenly he felt something happen … like she opened up … and he saw the entire length of his boner slide right into her and she gave a whimpering squeal. She was panting breathlessly too, her chest heaving. His dick was in fucking heaven. He could feel every fibre of it, completely enveloped in a kind of tight, warm, and slippery tube. Automatically he started flexing his hips, rocking his butt, driving his dick back and forth inside her. Oh, man, how could anything ever feel this good? He lay down on her, belly to belly, and kept up his flexing rhythm, using his hands to hold her. I’m a man, he thought. This makes me a man. The irony of that wasn’t lost on him. In fact it pleased him. I’m only thirteen, he thought, gleefully to himself. Thirteen, and my dick is right up her pussy. Thirteen, and I’m fucking my girlfriend. Actually fucking her. She was fucking him too, he realised. Her legs were locked tight around his back, her hands were on his flexing butt, and she was grinding her hips at him, matching his thrusts with her own, like her pussy was trying to get more of his dick, get it deeper. He kissed her, and brushed a hand over her shoulder, her neck. He could feel everything, every part of her, every part of himself. He could feel her pussy devouring his boner, feel his balls swelling, his dick screaming with joy, feel his lips on hers, his tongue on hers, feel his own nipples, tiny and incredibly hard, brushing hers.

“This is so fucking awesome,” he rasped, his voice squeaky and ragged. “Oh, shit, Patti, this is so fucking good.”

She was grunting too much to answer. He could feel spasms from deep inside her as if she was already blowing her nuts off, or whatever girls did. But that slippery juice was dribbling out of her, and every spasm of hers on his boner drove him wild. Like her pussy was sucking on his dick, pulsing and sucking right along the whole length of it. He knew what was coming. He could feel it gathering in his belly, feel his balls tightening, feel his whole body rushing headlong into his dick. And then his brain went into slow motion. The last wave loomed up over him and he thrust his dick as far as it would go and stopped there, motionless, his butt clenched, his toes digging into the couch behind him, his rigid body riding that wave to oblivion, an eternity of seconds passing, passing, and then thunderbolts of intense pleasure smashed through him and he felt his dick, stiff as steel, four inches inside her, squirting jet after jet of his juice right up her pussy.


“Don’t you go getting ideas about me and Patti,” Jason told Timothy now. “We’re baby-sitting you and we’re in charge. Ok?”

“You said!”

“No I didn’t. You asked. I never said. So when it’s nine o’clock you go to bed and you stay in bed and you go to sleep. No sneaking round thinking there’s anything to ‘watch’.”

“What d’you mean? Like you’re not gonna do it? Ha!”

“Mind your own business.”

“I know you’re gonna do it. It’s not fair. I wanna watch. I told you.”

“I don’t care what you told me. For fuck’s sake, Timothy, you’re only eight fuckin’ years old. You can’t go round watching people do sex.”

“So you are gonna do it!” Timothy smirked.

“Yeah, right, and we’re gonna do it alone. Ok?”

Four months had gone by since the first time Patti and he had their first fuck on that evening at her home when Declan and her parents had been stuck at the emergency centre. They’d both had their birthdays since then, her twelfth, his fourteenth. And they’d done it a lot more. Maybe thirty times. It wasn’t easy to find the place and the privacy. But they did. They took whatever chances came along. After that first time, they’d only twice again been alone in either of their houses. Not that they were being watched or controlled. Nobody suspected a thing. Jason knew that adults had no idea that two ‘little kids’ like them would even be thinking about sex, let alone doing it whenever they could. Adults could be pretty dumb-ass at times, he thought. But both their houses had four people living in them, all coming and going at different times. It just hardly ever happened that he and Patti were alone together at either house long enough to get it going. So they did it in lots of different places. And they usually didn’t have much time. The easiest was in the school sports shed during lunch break. They could slip away for ten minutes and if they were quick enough nobody noticed. They’d done it in a cave once, down by the lake, and a few other times in the woods, off the track and behind some bushes. Sometimes at the movies, when there was hardly anyone there, they could sit alone at the back, slip their pants down and Patti would sit on his lap, sliding herself up and down on his dick, like it was her pussy fucking his boner, not the other way around, and Jason would lose track of the movie until he squirted. It was like being sucked off by her pussy instead of by her mouth.

Yeah, they’d done that too. He’d even shot in her mouth once or twice. Shot it right down her throat. Pretty hot, that. And she’d tossed him off a lot, watching his hard-on squirt all over her belly, which made her laugh — but she liked it. One time, he’d shot his juice three feet in the air. She’d been rubbing his balls with her other hand, which always got him going, and she’d started playing with his butthole. He’d got so horny. Three feet. Right over her head. Awesome. They’d tried fucking all kinds of different ways too. Like the way she sat on him in the movies. That started the one other time they’d been left alone all evening at Patti’s house and they’d decided to have a bath together before hitting the couch naked. But they’d got so sexed up they’d done it right there in the tub. Twice. Both of them were firsts too. He’d been on his back in the water with her squatting across his legs while they washed each other and they’d got all soapy and sexy and suddenly she just lifted her pussy above his dick and slid right down on it. Talk about hot sex. He just lay there while she fucked her pussy up and down on his boner. That was way cool, letting her do the fucking. Then when they’d pretty much finished the bath, he was already boned up again only she’d turned around and was on her knees facing the other way. Looking for the soap or something. Her pussy was right there between her legs, winking at him from behind her. It was even a little bit open, so he’d reached out and cupped it from behind, and she’d giggled and wriggled it on his hand. He’d got a kind of picture in his mind how that’s the way animals did it, so he knelt behind her and slid his boner right into her pussy. Man, it was that easy. He’d fucked her like a dog. That was now his other favorite way. He liked doing it tummy to tummy because he could look down and watch his dick fucking her, and watch her face too and see how much she was liking it, and he could kiss her too. But he liked dog-fucking her as well because it seemed like he could get it very deep that way, and he could reach around and play with her tits, or even her clit, as he now knew it was called, while he did it. There was a bonus too. His balls were out in the open that way and she could reach back between her own legs and rub them while he fucked her. Was that hot, or what? It always made him shoot loads.

And now they had a third chance to be alone at home. At his house this time. Another babysitting night it was. His Mom and Dad were going to be gone for four and a half hours … seven-thirty till midnight at least … and the only problem was the ‘baby’ they were sitting. “Can I watch you next time?” Timothy had said when he’d spied on them the last time they babysat him, only to find out the next morning that he’d missed the main event. “Can I watch?”. Talk about cheeky. And just like that morning plea a month ago, he and his little brother were having this out between their twin beds in their room as well, while Patti made hot chocolate in the kitchen for all three of them.

“Timothy, it’s eight o’clock already. Just go take a shower and get your pyjamas on.”

“Jason …”

“Get ready for bed,” Jason said very firmly now. He held out his little brother’s pyjama shorts to him. “Then you can come have your chocolate and watch some tv with us. At nine o’clock, it’s bedtime for eight-year-olds. No argument.”

Timothy grabbed the cotton shorts aggressively and sloped off. Jason saw him into the bathroom, heard Timothy snap the lock from inside, and headed down the passage to the guest bedroom at the rear, where it was agreed Patti would be sleeping the night. Jason had been agitating since he’d turned thirteen a year ago that this ought to be his room so he could have some privacy from Timothy. His Mom and Dad had sort of agreed but hadn’t seen the need yet, and anyway, they’d argued, it did get used fairly often for guests staying over … usually relatives for a weekend, sometimes friends. His latest deal was that if this became his room, he could always use the other room with Timothy when they did have guests. His Mom and Dad were considering that one. He went into the room quietly and looked around. Well, he thought, I’m sure going to use it tonight. At least for two or three hours. He smiled to himself, and he felt his dick warm and swell a bit at the idea. The guest room had a double bed. Patti’s backpack was already in the middle of it. Her pyjamas, he thought, and whatever else girls carry around. He grinned. She wouldn’t be needing pyjamas tonight, and nor would he. Once Timothy did fall asleep they’d have two or three hours. As far as Jason was concerned double beds were made for couples and that meant they had only one purpose. Well, it was about to get its purpose. It would be fantastic to have all that mattress space to roll around on, bare-ass naked and doing all the sex they could think of. On a double bed. Three fucking hours. Very cool.

He went back down to the kitchen, happy to hear the shower going in the bathroom as he passed. Patti had set three mugs on a tray and was taking the hot chocolate milk out of the microwave.

“We’ve got a frother,” he said.

“A what?”

A frother … you know, it froths the milk like they do in a café.” He opened a cupboard, got out a tall glass pot and showed her. “See, you pour the hot chocolate in here and put the lid back on and then you pump this plunger up and down and it froths the hot milk. It’s really cool like that.” He helped her do it.

“I can’t wait to pump your plunger up and down,” she muttered, smirking at him lewdly. He grinned and jiggled his crotch on her hip, trying to think of a good response.

“You just want to suck all my froth out of me,” he quipped back. She laughed, and Jason tweaked with pride at the reply he’d thought of. She was always very witty. He liked that. And he’d got wittier himself over the last few months, trying to match her quick mind.

“I will, I will,” she said.

“Make that three ‘I will’s’,” he smirked back at her. “Three or more. I’ve got a lot of froth to suck tonight.”

They hadn’t done it for a week. There’d been no chance. He’d tossed off a couple of times in bed while Timothy was asleep, but nothing else. So he was especially keen tonight to get the kid asleep and join Patti on that double bed. He’d ‘join’ her all right, he thought, smiling inwardly at the wit of that too, and feeling his dick swell a bit again. Anyway, he wanted, needed really, to get all the sex he could while he could. He didn’t know how long they’d be able to keep doing it. She still hadn’t started her periods. When that happened, he knew they’d have to stop. It made him glum. There were other things they could do, but it wouldn’t be the same without the fucking. They could use their fingers, their mouths, they could kind of fake-fuck on her belly. They could sure make each other blow their nuts, whatever they did. But he liked real fucking the best. And he knew she liked it the best too. His dick liked her pussy and her pussy liked his dick. It felt unfair to him that they’d have to stop doing it when her eggs started. He’d thought he could maybe wear a condom. He knew that’s what adults did. That or the pill. But why would her parents put her on the pill? She was only 12. They could hardly ask them. And of course he couldn’t buy condoms. They’d throw him out of the pharmacy. Anyway, he knew now that those things wouldn’t work. He’d been over at his friend David’s house one afternoon, and David had shown him his older brother’s supply. Jason had asked if he could keep one. Like, for a laugh. Sure, David said. But at home, he’d unrolled it onto his dick and it was so big it just fell off him. He got pissed off. It made him feel small. He knew his dick had grown another half an inch in the last few months. It was four and a half inches now. But not any thicker. Were adults’ dicks that much bigger?

So he figured they’d just do it as much as they could in the time they had. Maybe, once she started her eggs, his dick would get even fatter after a while so the condom wouldn’t fall off, and he could fuck her again without the baby thing happening. That’s if he could get condoms. He wondered how many you needed, how many times you could use one. Meanwhile he was giving her pussy all the dick it wanted whenever they could.

As she picked up the tray to take it into the living room, Jason stepped close behind her and slipped his arms around her from behind, squashing his dick and balls into the crease in her butt. He flexed his hips so she could feel his ‘plunger’ rubbing up and down in the crease.

“Jason, I’ll drop the tray,” she giggled.

“Are you guys gonna watch tv?” said Timothy, suddenly standing in the kitchen doorway fresh and clean and in his pyjama shorts.

“Yes,” Patti said brightly, and strode into the living room.

“Ok, you’ve got forty minutes, Timothy,” Jason said in his best parental voice. “Then it’s your bedtime.” In his mind the sentence continued, ‘And ours too as soon as you’re asleep’, but he kept that thought in his pants.

Timothy followed Patti and Jason followed him, adjusting his pants as he went.

“What’s on?” said Timothy.

“I don’t know. You choose.”

Timothy plonked himself on the couch and started flicking through the channels on the remote. Jason sat next to his little brother, leaving enough space for Patti to sit beside him, but she deposited the tray on the table in front of them and dismayed Jason by sitting instead on the other side of Timothy.

“Oh, cool!” said Timothy, “they got Star Rangers on.” He dropped the remote and grabbed a cup of chocolate, nestling back into the couch. Patti took her own cup and settled beside the youngster. She put one arm around his bare little shoulders, caught Jason’s eye, and winked momentarily at him.

“I like Star Rangers too,” she said. Timothy beamed.

Ah, she knows what she’s doing, Jason thought, all smiles again. Well, she has a little brother herself. Declan’s still only six, of course, but she knows how to play mother to a kid, make Timothy feel comfy so he trots off to bed happily at nine, and goes to sleep like a baby. If we ignore each other, that’ll work. He snuggled closer to Timothy on the other side.

“So who’s your favorite?” he said, radiant with big brother companionship.

“Shhh,” Timothy responded, riveted on the tv. Jason looked across his little brother at Patti and they both shrugged and smiled.

Patti seemed to actually enjoy the show as much as he knew Timothy did. Jason was bored by it, at least at first, but the space adventure action drew him in enough to pass the time. He listened to Patti’s comments about it to Timothy from time to time, and to Timothy’s excited responses, and he dutifully interjected his own remarks. By the time the credits were rolling, Timothy was snuggled up against Patti so much that Jason felt almost like the outsider, but he accepted this was the best way to get his little brother off his one-track idea about what the other two were going to be doing. And it did work. The kid looked almost asleep already.

“Ok, Timothy,” he said. “It’s nine o’clock now.”

Wearily, Timothy stood up and stretched.

“Patti, can you tuck me in?” he piped.

“Sure,” she said, standing up as well. She gestured at the tray of empty mugs. “Jason, why not take this all into the kitchen and get started washing the cups? I’ll be back in a tick.” Holding Timothy’s little hand, she led him off to the boys’ bedroom, and Jason obediently gathered up the tray and headed for the kitchen. He put the three mugs in the sink with the frother jug from before, put the tray away, and turned on the hot tap.

“Timothy’s such a sweetie,” Patti said from the doorway. She walked back in and grabbed a tea towel. He handed her the first rinsed mug.

“Is he asleep already?”

“No, but he will be soon. You weren’t jealous, were you?”

“Nah,” he said. “All part of the plan, eh?” He rinsed out the two other mugs and turned them upside down on the sink bench. He started rinsing the frother jug. She dried the mugs.

“You’re a sweetie too, you know,” she said. “Watching that whole tv show.” He looked sideways at her. She was smiling. He smiled back. “And you have some other benefits.” Her hand with the tea towel reached out and cupped the front of his shorts, assessing the spongy bulk there. “Mmmmm,” she said. “Now there’s a benefit little brothers just don’t have to offer.”

Putting down the rinsed frother, he took the tea towel from her and dried his hands, tossing it onto the sink and turning back towards her. Her hand was still fondling his crotch. He grinned archly.

“Depends on the little brother,” he said. “Mine’s got quite a bit to offer in the benefit department.” She raised a quizzical eyebrow. “Must run in the family,” he joked. His dick was swelling in her hand.

“I like this one,” she said.

His hand matched hers, cupping her mound.

“You got a pretty good benefit yourself,” he said. He turned her around and nestled his stiffening dick into the crease of her butt again, as he’d done earlier. This time, of course, Timothy wasn’t about to appear in the doorway. She pressed her butt back onto him and his hands slid around her hips and down her belly to rest between her thighs. He started teasing her mound in her shorts. He rubbed his stiffening dick up and down in the cleft of her butt. He whispered in her ear, “I think it’s bedtime now for bigger girls and boys.” He released her and took her hand. As silently as possible they walked up the passage to the bedrooms. At the guest room he opened the door, reached in and flicked on the light. She stepped into the doorway. They both looked at the double bed, which seemed vast now.

“You get into bed,” he whispered. “I want to go check on Timothy.” She nodded.

Jason crept stealthily back down the passage and paused at his own bedroom door. Not a sound. Very slowly he turned the handle and opened the door a crack, peeking in. Timothy was stretched out under his bedsheet, breathing steadily. Cautiously, Jason closed the door again without a sound. He glanced towards the living room and kitchen, and padded back that way. The tv was still going. He flicked it off and then turned off the lights in both rooms, and headed back up the passage. They were in the clear.

The guest room door was shut again, but a soft wedge of telltale light leaked out from under the door across the carpet of the dark passage. Quietly he opened the door and slipped into the room. Patti smiled at him from the bed as he shut the door behind him. She didn’t have the main light on at all, but instead just one of the little yellow-shaded bedside lamps, and she’d tossed her tee shirt over it, so the cloth reduced its light to a soft golden glow that washed over the room and the bed. She’d thrown back the covers and was lying there in the middle of this gigantic bed. She was completely naked. It looked like something in a movie. So cool, he thought. They weren’t Hollywood actors, they weren’t even adults, just a young boy and girl. But they were the stars in each other’s movie.

He sat on the edge of the bed beside her and pulled off his tee shirt, marvelling at the gold of his own skin now in the spill of tinted light. She’d put her backpack on the floor by the bedside table. Her pyjamas were still in it, he thought, sexily, but on the table itself were its other contents … a little travelling alarm clock, and a plastic dispenser bottle of some toiletry thing. Sometimes, he thought, girls are definitely weird. Like they can’t even go to bed without make-up? He felt her hand touch his bare back and slide around to locate one of his nipples. Shirtless now, he twisted round and kissed her lips briefly. He sat up again and looked at her naked body. He watched his hands trace over it, her shoulders, her unformed breasts, her sharpening little nipples, her tummy, the soft bare mound between her legs and the vertical split there that hid the special place he liked sliding his dick into so much. He kissed her again, more passionately this time, with her hands on his back, pulling his chest against hers. She smelled really nice, and her skin seemed very smooth and silky all over. But he sat up again and stared at her face, and at the whole slenderness of her frame. She’s got a boy’s body, he suddenly thought, like a boy with a pussy.

“You smell nice,” he told her.

“I put skin lotion all over myself,” she said, smiling. He glanced across at the bedside table and the dispenser bottle.

“It feels nice too,” he said. “Makes you kind of smooth everywhere.” He kissed her again, breathing in deeply the smell of the lotion.

“You can put some more on if you like,” she chirped.

He rolled her over onto her tummy, and stroked her butt. He liked how small and firm those two mounds were. He reached out and picked up the dispenser bottle, squirting a glob of white creamy lotion onto his hand. It was cold and slippery and smelled like the woods do in spring. He wiped it on her butt, spreading it with both hands all over her two small mounds. She purred. It was really slippery on her skin. He wiped it downwards between her thighs and felt her fat round pussy in his slippery fingers. He leaned in and smelled the lotion on her butt. The first thing we’ll do tonight, he thought, is I’ll fuck her from behind. There was something really awesome about dog-fucking. He liked looking at her butt first, and putting his hands on it, and stroking it, and getting all sexed up with that, and then finally sliding his boner into her pussy from down between her butt cheeks, and feeling her butt mounds like two big firm tits pressing on his belly while he fucked her. It was weirdly exciting, that.

He rolled her onto her back again, picked up the bottle once more and squirted a pile of lotion right into her belly button. She giggled. He wiped it all over her chest, her nipples, her tummy and down onto her mound. His hand stayed on her pussy, massaging the slippery lotion into it.

“You know what double beds are for, eh?”

“For two?” she said, deliberately playing dumb.

He leaned over her and whispered in her ear.

“Yes,” he said, “so one of them can fuck the other one.”


“Doing it on a double bed,” he said, “it’s like we’re married now.”

“Another first,” she said.

“The first of many,” he grinned. “And that’s just for tonight.” She laughed. She was unzipping his cargo pants, getting her hands inside his undies, releasing his stiff dick into her hands.

“So this boner of yours is the groom, is it?” Already she was fondling his balls with one hand, stroking the full length of his hard-on with the other.

“Yes, and guess what’s the bride.” He squeezed her pussy.

“Oh, and what’s it going to give the bride? A baby?”

“Oh, it’ll give her a baby, all right,” he said. “It’ll shoot her full of babies. And they’ll all be boys, and they’ll all have gigantic boners.”

“Ah, yes. It runs in the family, you said.”

“Sure does.”

“You better get your pants off for your wedding night, then.”

He shoved his pants and undies down and pulled his feet out of them, tossing them aside. Naked, he lay beside her and her hand was back on his boner.

“Shall we put some wedding night cream on your boner?” she said.

“I got plenty of wedding night cream inside it,” he quipped. He thought about how slippery the lotion was. “If you like,” he said.

She squirted a dollop onto his dick and started spreading it up and down, cold and slippery.

“Shit, that feels good,” he said. As always, she was sliding back the foreskin, teasing the exposed little head of it with her fingers, slicking up the length and hardness of the shaft. She leaned in and smelled the scent. She stroked his boner again. She sighed.

“It’s incredible. I just never believe how stiff it gets.”

“I know.”

“I love it inside me. Really. It’s incredible. I can feel everything it does. I can even feel it jerking and squirting at the end.”

“Oh, shit, Patti … let’s do it right away,” he said. “Then we can do some other stuff until I’m boned up again.” She started to position herself. “No,” he whispered. “Turn over. You know.” She knew. Patti rolled onto her knees, her head and arms nestled on a pillow, her bottom raised eagerly in the air, knees wide apart. Jason knelt behind her. He held her hips steady and looked at the small firm mounds of her bottom and at her third little mound exposed below and between them, its split cleft open, waiting. He pressed his hard-on flat against the crease of her butt. He reached around her hip and his fingers found her clit, already swollen, and her hole, already wet. She sighed. Stroking her there, he started rubbing his hard-on up and down in her butt-crease, teasing both himself and her by delaying the actual fuck. Just a little bit, he figured, until he couldn’t wait any longer and would plunge it right into her. They fell into silence, their minds and bodies intent on their mounting excitement. He could feel his balls were tight as all hell. His dick was absolutely throbbing. He eased it backwards, nestled the head of it right on its target.

There was a soft metallic click from somewhere in the house.

Jason stopped.

“Shhh,” he hissed. He pulled away from her and listened hard. Another click. From further away. He felt some of the urgency drain out of his dick, felt another urgency in his mind. “Damn,” he said.


“What’s the time?” Patti sat up and squinted through the golden gloom at her clock on the bedside table.

“Ten past nine,” she said.

“We should’ve waited. I think Timothy’s got up again.” He sat up. “I heard the bedroom door shut. And then I think that was the living room door. He’s trying to find us.”


“Well … he knows that … you know … he knows we … well, he knows and he wants to watch.”

“He knows?”

“Well, he guessed … last time. He … um … he spied on us in the living room, but he went back to bed before he saw much. But he guessed afterwards.” Patti was silent while she absorbed all this.

“And he wants to watch?” Then she laughed.

“It’s not funny,” Jason said.

“Of course it’s funny,” she said, grinning fit to bust. “How cute!” Jason studied her for a moment. “Well … Jason … wouldn’t you have wanted to watch … when you were eight? I mean, if you knew?” Jason shrugged.

“I suppose,” he said. He got up and padded silently to the door, took a breath and opened it suddenly. A very startled Timothy was standing right outside. Still in his pyjama shorts, at least, Jason thought. There was a long silence.

“I told you to go to sleep,” Jason said.

“I can’t sleep.”


“You’re not going to sleep. You don’t even have your ’jamas on.”

“I’ll come to bed later.”

Timothy looked past him. “And Patti’s got naked too.”

“Timothy …”

“And your dick’s got big.”

“Timothy …”

“Oh, please, Jason. Please. I just wanna …”

“I know what you want.”

“Jason,” Patti said from the bed. Both boys looked at her. “Don’t spoil things.”

“Exactly,” Jason said.

“No, I mean, let’s not argue about it. It doesn’t matter.”


“I mean, really,” she said. “Why does it matter?” There was another long silence, while Jason tried to orient himself in this universe that was suddenly not the one he’d thought he was in. In his world, he was responsible for Timothy, big brother, little brother, all that. He couldn’t let him watch sex. He was only eight years old. Eight! Would he have wanted to watch at that age? Well … um … yes, sure he would’ve. What would it feel like to be watched? He realised it would feel pretty exciting. Part of him wanted to be watched. It would be like some kind of proof. Look, I’m fucking my girlfriend. See? Watch me do it. And Timothy, no matter that he was small for his age, would get all excited too and pop that more-than-three-inch woody of his for sure. That would be ‘cute’, as Patti would say. Part of him wanted to see that too, see his little brother so turned on again, maybe especially because he was his little brother, turned on by watching his big brother. But part of him was horrified. It felt like abandoning some much more important brotherly duty. It felt like … kind of like … ‘corrupting’ his own little brother. And what about his duty to Patti? It felt like throwing that away too, like breaking the special bond of intimacy he had with her.

“I don’t care,” Patti said. “Honestly. I don’t.”

Hesitantly, Jason shifted a few inches backwards. Automatically Timothy stepped forwards. Jason let out a sigh and shut the door. He pointed at the bedroom chair over by the wall.

“You sit there,” he said.


Timothy scuttled over to the chair, clambered up onto it and squatted there like a little garden gnome, his feet up on the seat, arms round his legs, his chin tucked onto his knees. Jason went back to the bed and sat down. He looked at Patti, a question mark still on his face.

“It doesn’t matter, Jason. He wants to watch. Let him watch. Better than Star Rangers.” Jason laughed out loud at that. Her sense of humour always got him. “It might even be exciting.”

“Oh, he’ll get excited all right.”

“I mean us. You know. Like doing a show.” She grinned, with her tongue out like a puppy. “Don’t you think that might be … I mean, with someone watching us?” Jason reviewed the thoughts he’d had at the door. He knew it would be hot to be watched. Especially by little Timothy. It appealed enormously to his pride. Look, Timothy, this is what I do with my dick. See?

“Man, your stiffie’s gone really hard,” Timothy said from the chair.

“Don’t push your luck,” Jason told him. “We don’t need a commentary.”

Patti pulled him down onto the bed and he lay on his back beside her.

“Let the show begin,” she said, grinning.

“Another first,” he said. This time it was her that laughed.

She knelt over him and started rolling his balls around in one hand, stroking his chest with the other. God, he thought, my dick’s so fucking hard again. She’d been right — it was because he knew Timothy was watching. He glanced over at the younger boy. He was watching all right — staring, eyes wide, mouth hanging slightly open. Patti’s lips suckled one of Jason’s nipples and her fingers slid up from his balls to his boner. Her kisses travelled down his chest, his tummy. She licked his belly button. Then she held his boner in place like a lollipop, drew back the foreskin, and her lips closed over its head. There was a squeal from Timothy.

“Oh, wow! Oh, man, Jason … she’s got your knob in her mouth!”

“Yes,” Jason said, amused. “I do know, Timothy.” He glanced again at his little brother on the chair, and smiled at the kid’s excitement. Patti’s mouth started sliding up and down the full length of his boner. He wondered what it must look like for Timothy, sitting there watching his big brother’s dick disappearing in and out of Patti’s mouth. Suddenly he realised he was giving Timothy an experience he’d never had himself, the experience of watching, and he wanted to see it himself through Timothy’s eyes. Man, Jason thought, I’m not going to last much longer if we keep this up. But she didn’t. She stopped and swung a knee over him, settling herself down across his thighs. Her pussy sat against his balls. Thank god, he thought. Time to bury my boner and let it rip.

“I can’t see now,” Timothy said.

“Sit a bit closer, then,” Jason told him.

Timothy jumped down off the chair. But instead of pushing it closer, he walked straight to the bed and stood right beside them there, a foot away, staring down into Jason’s lap, and seeing between Patti’s thighs too, where her pussy was now slightly spread and Jason’s dick was standing stiffly against it.

“Oh, man,” Timothy hissed. “Are you gonna stick your stiffie in her now?”

“Yes, he is,” Patti said. She flexed her hips enough to slide her pussy along the length of Jason’s dick. Timothy shivered as he watched. His hands were already grasping the front of his pyjama shorts. Patti grinned when she saw that. “D’you like seeing Jason’s … um … stiffie, Timothy?”

The kid nodded furiously.

“I like seeing your thing too,” he croaked.

Jason glanced at the front of his little brother’s shorts where Timothy’s hands were unconsciously working. Somewhere in there, behind the grappling fingers and the thin cotton, was that awesome little hard-on.

“Why don’t you let Patti see yours?” he said. Timothy looked uncertainly at Patti. She smiled. The boy grinned widely, bent over, pushed down his pyjama shorts and stepped out of them. He stood up straight.

“Wow,” Patti breathed. Jason checked out his brother as well. He was glad Patti could see it now. It made him feel proud. Just like that morning a month ago, Timothy’s dick was sprung almost vertical against his little-boy belly, his balls a tiny little sac, swollen up hard and tight against the base of his boner. “Oh my god,” Patti whispered. Timothy’s hands moved back to clutch himself, but Patti’s hand stopped him and Jason watched amazed as her own fingers approached the eight-year-old’s hard-on and gently stroked it. Timothy whimpered and trembled. She had her fingers around it now, angling it slightly away from his belly, and she was stroking it steadily back and forth. Timothy was shivering with excitement. “Timothy, your dick is so hard!” Patti hissed. Jason reached out as well so his fingers could feel the base of Timothy’s dick. God, yes, it was hard as steel. Shit, he thought, I’m touching my little brother’s dick. But it was incredible. It was not just hard, but actually warm. He’d never in his life touched another boy’s dick. It fascinated him. Jason looked back at his own dick where Patti’s pussy was flexing on it. Fucking hell, he thought, I am so going to blow my nut.

“Are you ready to watch us now?” Jason asked. Timothy nodded, eyes bright with glee. Patti put her hands back on the bed each side of Jason, and Jason let his own fingers stay where they were, playing on the thrilling hardness of Timothy’s boner. She took her weight on her hands and raised herself slightly, so her pussy’s open lips slid along the length of Jason’s dick. Two or three times she teased his dick up and down that way. Jason felt the anticipation already gathering in his balls. His fingers tightened on Timothy’s boner. The boy was whimpering loudly, as if in pain. He felt Patti’s hand take hold of his own boner and position it for entry, her little hole right there now, sucking at its head. He could feel Timothy’s dick flexing stiff in his hand, and his own flexing as desperately for release. All at once, Timothy gasped out loud, and Jason felt his little brother’s boner start to twitch wildly, felt the boy’s small body shiver out of control, and too late, too late, he felt his own dick jerk as the thunderbolts hit him, felt it shooting juice into the air, felt it splattering warm and wet across his own belly.

He lay there, chest heaving, panting for breath. Patti had rolled down beside him. Timothy had clambered right on to the bed and was on his knees, more or less between them at hip level.

“Oh, man, you didn’t stick it in,” he was saying. “And you pee’d all this goo out. What’s is it?” The boy’s fingers wiped through a little puddle of it on Jason’s tummy.

“It’s his … um … baby juice,” Patti said. “It makes babies.”

“Oh, that,” said Timothy. “Uh huh.” With one finger he smeared it around on Jason’s belly. “Oh, cool! Are you guys gonna make a baby?”

“No,” Patti laughed. “It just comes out when he … ah … when he finishes.”

“I thought he was supposed to stick it in to finish,” Timothy said.

“Well … I think he got a bit too excited, you know.”

Jason grinned. He started wiping up his tummy on a corner of the bedsheet.

“Oh, I know!” Timothy squeaked. “He had a twang.”

“A what?”

“A twang. You know.” Patti and Jason raised eyebrows at each other. Timothy sighed. “What happens,” he said patiently, “is like, you rub your stiffie for a while and it gets better and better and then you get a big shock. Everything goes twang, kinda like a bow and arrow. You know. And then you gotta wait a few seconds. That’s a twang.”

“Oh, yes,” Jason said, smiling.

“I had a twang too,” Timothy confided. “Just when Jason was gonna stick it in I got a big one. I had one on the chair before, too.” He grinned at Jason. “I bet you had one.” And then at Patti. “Do girls get twangs?”

“Yes, they do,” Patti said. “But they don’t shoot out baby juice. Only boys do that.”

“I don’t.”

“Big boys,” Jason corrected. “You’re not old enough,” he said as kindly as he could. “You will.”


“I don’t know. I guess in a few years.”

“That’s not fair.”

Patti reached out and lay her hand comfortingly on Timothy’s thigh.

“It doesn’t matter Timothy. You don’t want babies when you’re eight, anyway. That’s why it happens when you’re older. Before that you can just … have twangs.”

“Yeah,” Timothy said, grinning again. “I can. All the time.” He looked down at his own lap, where his dick was still standing upwards almost as hard as a minute before. “It always wants another one.”

“Yes, I think it does.” Patti’s hand moved up the boy’s slim thigh to fondle his tiny balls. Timothy purred.

“That’s nice,” he said. “I know what!” he added, brightly. “I’ll rub it and get another twang and you can both watch me.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Patti said, grinning at Jason. “Why don’t Jason and I both give you a twang this time?”

“Count me out,” Jason said as he watched Patti’s fingers rolling around on Timothy’s ball sac.


“Why do you think?” Jason said. “Duh.”

Patti turned back to Timothy. “Let’s change places, Timothy. You lie down here.” She stopped fondling his balls and patted the bed. Happily, Timothy flipped himself over and landed on his back between them. Patti rose and knelt beside him and her fingers resumed her exploration. “You’ve got a really nice stiffie, Timothy,” she said. Timothy beamed.

Jason watched and was struck by how weird it seemed. Patti was only twelve herself, and not big for her age. Neither was he. But Timothy was so small for his age, so small in comparison with even them, that his body seemed like a perfect little infant miniature lying between them. But he wasn’t an infant. Never mind the tiny hands and feet, the little round tummy, the skinny arms and legs. He was eight years old, And here was this dick of his, as slim as the rest of him, but stiff as a peg again now and over three inches long — not that big, really, but amazingly long and slender on his tiny frame.

“See, Timothy,” Patti said, glancing at Jason as she spoke, “Jason and I can show you all the things your stiffie likes — especially Jason, because he’s a boy too. He knows all that stuff.” She winked at Jason. “And that’ll get his dick ready for another one too, so you can watch us do it again. Properly.”

Jason liked the sound of “do it again”. And he liked “properly”. And he really liked “he knows all that stuff”. It was cool that she mentioned what an expert he was. And passing that on to his little brother. He liked that logic too, liked the idea of teaching him. So he let his hand do what it wanted to do, which was reach out feel Timothy’s boner and balls again. Patti’s fingers were dealing with the boy’s boner now, so he played with Timothy’s balls. They were fascinating. So small and tight. He rolled them around gently. He could feel the two tiny lumps inside the swollen sac, moving lazily like heavy liquid in his fingers. It was weird, he thought, playing with his little brother’s balls and watching his girlfriend’s fingers stroking to and fro steadily on the kid’s long skinny boner. His own dick stirred again.

“This is nice,” Timothy sighed. His hands were fluttering on his thighs, automatically looking for something to do. Jason realised his little brother wasn’t used to just lying there and enjoying it. He was used to having to do this stuff for himself. His hands were used to being busy. So Jason sat up, mirroring Patti’s position on the other side of Timothy, and he took Timothy’s far hand and raised it to Patti’s chest, brushing Timothy’s fingers across one of her tits. “Oh, man,” Timothy breathed, and he started fondling Patti’s nipple. “Your tittie’s gone stiff,” he whispered in awe. He transferred his attention to her other nipple. “This one too,” he said. Patti smiled.

“It’s just the same for you,” she said. “Your titties go stiff too. They feel nice.” She leaned down over his small body, and gently placed her lips on one of Timothy’s nipples, suckling and licking it. Timothy trembled and sighed. Her hand kept stroking his boner.

Jason decided to do something for Timothy that he knew he liked having done to him. Very gently he lifted Timothy’s knees up and apart, spreadeagling the boy like a little frog, and then he brushed his fingers back behind Timothy’s little ball sac, and along the swollen ridge there that ran all the way into the deepest part of his butt crack, scraping one finger around the little puckered star of an opening that was the boy’s little asshole. It was something Patti sometimes did to him that drove him wild. Timothy whimpered and his small body shivered all over and Jason knew he’d hit home. He kept doing it, to and fro from balls to butt hole. Timothy was almost writhing in pleasure.

“Oh, man, Jason” the youngster squeaked. “Are you gonna stick your finger in my butt?”

“Don’t be a jerk. That’s so gross.”

“No it’s not,” Timothy said. “Anyway, it feels nice. I do it sometimes.”

“You what? Shit, that’s so gay.”

Jason paused on his next stroke, feeling again the pucker of Timothy’s tiny asshole there.

“You gotta lick your finger first,” Timothy said. Jason felt his cheeks blush, as if he’d been caught in the act of even thinking about such a thing. Quickly, he resumed stroking the swollen ridge and then concentrated instead on Timothy’s balls again, rolling them, rubbing them, occasionally meeting with Patti’s fingers to squeeze and tease Timothy’s straining boner. She was still suckling one of Timothy’s nipples, his little hand still planted on one of hers. After a few moments, Jason felt Timothy’s other hand arrive on his own thigh, searching for something to do. It found his dick sticking straight up again and started clutching at it.

“What are you doing?” Jason breathed.

“I like your stiffie,” Timothy said. “It’s bigger than mine.”

“Well, duh,” Jason said. But he smiled despite himself.

Jason sighed. He reached over to the bedside table to get the dispenser bottle of lotion and squirted some on his dick. Timothy watched him do it and his little hand started wiping it up and down Jason’s boner. Shit, Jason thought, this is so gay. He squirted more of the lotion onto his fingers. He brushed his hand back down the ridge behind Timothy’s balls and rested one slippery finger on the boy’s tiny butt hole pucker. Timothy shivered. Jason pressed. He felt the little asterisk of flesh stretch open, felt it slowly engulf the end of his finger. Shit, I don’t believe I’m doing this, he thought. He slid his finger further in. Timothy’s back arched in response. Jason pulled his finger backwards and then pressed it in further. He wriggled it around a bit, feeling the ridged sides of Timothy’s passage in there, and a round lump of some sort pressing through the wall of it. Timothy went totally out of control. His butt and hips literally rose up off the bed and he cried out. He was gasping, grunting, shaking all over. His tight little asshole clenched on Jason’s finger. His hand clenched round Jason’s hard-on. And Jason realised his little brother was shooting his nuts off. Well … without the ‘shooting’, he guessed. He was having his ‘twang’. That makes three, he thought. God, what a horny little fucker he is.

His own boner was about as stiff as he could ever remember it. His balls felt so tight they’d burst. As soon as Timothy collapsed in a heap, panting, gasping for breath, his tiny chest heaving, Jason reached over him and turned Patti’s face to his, pulling her to him and kissing her full on the mouth.

“I am so going to fuck you now,” he whispered in her ear.

“I so want you to,” she whispered back.

He clambered over his little brother and rolled Patti onto her back, scrambling to kneel between her legs. As she rolled her knees up, his hands were already on her tits and her open pussy. Her tits were hard and pointed. Her pussy was slippery as hell. Her hands too were already stroking his hard-on, pulling back the skin, exposing that little red fruit of the head. His balls were boiling.

“He’s such a turn-on,” she said to him.

“Fuck, yes,” Jason agreed, grinning. He pushed her knees even further back, rolling her pussy up towards him, and he lowered his boner right onto it, pressing it flat between the open lips. For a moment he watched downwards, watched the stiff length of his hard-on lying there, watched himself sliding it to and fro, watched the head of it stroking her clit.

“Oh, man!” Timothy squealed from beside them. Recovered, he’d sat up, right beside them, his beaming face inches away from what it was he’d wanted to see all along. Jason glanced over at him, for a moment bursting with pleasure and pride at what he was about to let his little brother watch him do.

“You watch, Timothy,” he said. “This is what you can do when you’re older.” He raised himself off her slightly in readiness. Timothy reached out and wrapped his hand round Jason’s boner.

“Where does it go?” he breathed. “Can I put it in?”

Oh my god, Jason thought.

“No you can’t. Just watch.”

Timothy’s hand withdrew. Patti’s replaced it, holding Jason’s boner downwards, on target, as she usually did. Jason flexed his hips forwards.

“Oh, man, Jason, it’s going in!”

Jason slid home. He badly wanted to lie flat on her, belly to belly, to kiss her tits, kiss her mouth, to have their bodies tangled together, to fuck the living daylights out of her, but he also wanted to let his little brother see what was happening down below. So he continued to take his weight on his arms, to stay raised off her enough for Timothy to see what he wanted him to see, his big brother’s boner slowly fucking his girlfriend’s pussy.

“Oh, man, Jason, you’re doing it. You’re fucking her.” Not for long, Jason thought. “Oh man this is sooo cool! It’s going all the way in and out.” Patti started rocking herself under him, matching his thrusts. Man, this is already the best fuck, Jason thought, not sure why but sharply aware of his little brother’s eyes watching it happen, and of his little brother’s dick so stiffened yet again by the excitement of the show.

“This is what you can do later, when you get your own girlfriend,” he said. “You can fuck a girl with your boner. Just like this.” Timothy sighed. “Don’t worry,” Jason added. “You’ve got a great boner, Timothy.” He bent down a little and suckled one of Patti’s tits. He focused on what he was doing.

“Are you gonna have a twang?” Timothy squeaked.

“Shit, yes.”



“How soon?”

“Pretty soon.”

“Tell me when.”

“Just shut up and watch,” Jason gasped.

Timothy fell silent, staring fixedly at the action, his hands grappling in his own lap, his eyes riveted on the view he had of his big brother’s boner sliding in and out of a girl’s ‘thing’.

“Oh, god!” Jason rasped. Patti grunted back at him. He could feel her pussy pulsating all along his boner.

“Are you gonna twang now?” Timothy squealed.

Jason glanced briefly at his little brother again and exploded. The whole show stopped for three or four seconds. A silent freeze-frame while he blew his nuts off. Then he collapsed onto the bed, rolled out of Patti, and off her. He shut his eyes, getting his breath back. That was a great fuck, he thought, aware that a whole other layer of intensity had come from doing it in front of Timothy, from demonstrating it. From being watched. From showing off. From thrilling Timothy as much as he thrilled himself. That kid was definitely a bone-up, just like Patti had said. It hadn’t lasted very long. But what the heck? Didn’t matter. Even lying there with his eyes shut as he recovered he was aware that, oddly, his dick was still more or less stiff. He could do it again. Yeah, well … he would do it again, for sure. Plenty more where that came from, he thought. Anyway, he hadn’t fucked her from behind. Not yet. That would be next.

Timothy was giggling. Jason opened his eyes. Patti was still lying back pretty much as she had in the fuck, and Timothy had clambered half across her and was suckling one of her tits and giggling as he did it. Talk about cute. Jason felt very indulgent then. His little brother was having so much fun and god knows Jason himself knew what that was like, what fun it was. He moved around on the bed behind Timothy and reached out to lay his hand softly on Timothy’s little butt, amazed by how small and firm the two little mounds were. Really, he thought, I could damn near hold them both in one hand. He wanted to feel the boy’s hard-on again, because he knew it intrigued him to feel how stiff it got. But Timothy was lying with his belly across Patti’s. So he carefully eased Timothy’s legs apart instead, and there between the boy’s skinny little thighs, where a girl’s pussy would be visible from behind, he saw instead that ridge of swollen flesh and that cute little ball sac, as tight and round as a pussy, and cleft like a pussy as well, not by a split that opened up to lead inside it, but by a line like stitching that ran down the middle. It’s like a double sac, he thought, which he supposed it actually was. He saw as well, again, that starlike pucker usually hidden between the two mounds. He put his finger on it. Timothy purred. He scraped his fingers forwards along the hard ridge to Timothy’s little balls. They were tight as hell. He slid his hand deeper under the boy, palm upwards, pushing right over Timothy’s balls and underneath him, wrapping his fingers tightly around the insane hardness of his little brother’s young boner. His ‘stiffie’, as Timothy called it. Man, it was one hell of a little ‘stiffie’. At once he understood Patti and her fascination with his own dick, why she liked feeling it so much, especially boned up. He started to gently and slowly ‘fuck’ Timothy’s boner in his hand. Timothy wriggled with delight and stopped suckling her tit, pushing himself upright onto his knees. Patti hitched herself down the bed, and started kissing Timothy’s boner. Jason pulled his hand back to give her access and to concentrate on Timothy’s balls and butt hole, and he lay beside them so he could watch Patti’s mouth on Timothy’s boner. Talk about hot. The little head of Timothy’s dick was like a tiny strawberry, fully exposed. She was tonguing it like a little fruit. She was licking it. Teasing it. She was sliding her mouth right down the stiff little shaft. She was sucking his little brother off. This is round two, he thought, where we work on Timothy again. Cool. I might just finger-fuck his ass again, he thought, now that I know it gets him off. Anyway, sexing up Timothy bones me up as well, he thought. And I still want to dog-fuck Patti. Jason grabbed the lotion again and squirted it all over Timothy’s little bottom. He started massaging it into the tiny twin mounds, down the crease between them, right along the swollen ridge, all over Timothy’s tight little ball sac.

Patti looked at him, smiling, and he grinned back. Nobody was talking any more. She was obviously getting off on sucking Timothy’s boner. Timothy was getting off on having it sucked. And Jason knew he was getting off himself doing his part of it, playing with Timothy’s balls, teasing his little butthole with his slicked up fingers. He wondered what it felt like for Patti, with a stiff dick in her mouth. Well, she’d done it to him enough times. I wouldn’t mind a turn, he thought, imagining Timothy’s boner in his own mouth. He’d pretty much given up worrying if ideas like that were ‘gay’. He knew that deep down they were all just getting off on each other, but he also knew Patti’s point of view, mostly unspoken, was that they were not just getting off on Timothy, but that he, Jason, was playing the big brother, showing little brother the ropes, teaching him, being his … well … kind of sexual role model. So in that way none of it was ‘gay’. On the other hand, getting off on it was kind of … well … to tell the truth, it was a massive turn-on. Timothy had a great body for a little kid. He was much more athletic than Jason was himself, much more built like a jock. A miniature jock. Small as he was, he had a classic swimmer’s frame with the broad little shoulders and the slim hips and firm little butt. Now, Jason saw that his brother’s body was, well, dead sexy. It boned Jason up no end to watch that small perfect boy body getting aroused, having sex, blowing its nut. Wasn’t that just a little bit ‘gay’? Well, that was stupid too, really. Jason knew he wasn’t gay. He had a girlfriend, for god’s sake. He fucked her. And he liked fucking her. That was important. He absolutely loved fucking her. He couldn’t get enough. Nor could she. Right now, he thought, watching Patti’s lips and tongue driving Timothy’s young dick and balls mad with pleasure, it was like she couldn’t get enough of that either. Well … ok … nor could he. It was incredibly horny to watch it happening, watch Timothy’s boner sliding in and out of Patti’s mouth right in front of his eyes, and even better to be doing the same himself, giving intense pleasure to his little brother. Like teaching him what his little body could feel and do. Slowly, Jason slid his slippery finger right into Timothy’s asshole again. He felt Timothy’s body shimmer in response. God, that was such a major bone-up. Finger-fucking his little brother, feeling the kid tremble, knowing it was pushing all his young buttons. Timothy was grunting. He wasn’t blowing his nut yet, though. Well, Jason thought, he’s done it three times already. Had his ‘twang’. Jason grinned at the word. A fourth twang was going to take him longer.

His own dick was as stiff as hell again from it all. He figured Patti was majorly turned on as well. She took one of Timothy’s hands and moved it down her belly, right onto her open pussy. Timothy’s eyes watched where she was putting his hand, and his little-boy fingers eagerly started exploring there. Jason reached out to guide Timothy’s exploration, letting him see and feel her swollen clit, letting him get used to stroking it, guiding another of his brother’s fingers to her opening below, guiding it into her there. And then, as soon as he saw Timothy’s finger slip inside, Jason knew what it was he wanted to happen. He looked at Patti and she stared back at him wordlessly. She was damn near panting. She wanted it. He knew Timothy wanted it. A month ago he’d said he ‘sooooo wanted it’. And here it was right in front of them. Waiting to happen. And he wanted it too. He wanted to watch it.

He pulled his finger out of his little brother’s butt. Wordlessly, he gently pushed Patti away too from sucking Timothy’s dick, and instead pressed her to roll onto her back again. He raised her knees once more, rolling her up into the air and spreading her until her pussy was wide open. Timothy was already kneeling between her legs.

“Put your finger in again,” he said quietly to Timothy, and the boy reached down and slid his finger back into her pussy. “In and out,” he said, moving the kid’s hand himself. “Like this. In and out. That’s right. And use your thumb to rub this bit here. Yes, like that.” Patti groaned. “Is it all swelled up?” Timothy nodded. “Is her hole wet and slippery?” Timothy nodded again. He was breathing really hard. They all were. “Take your finger out,” Jason said. “And put your stiffie down there instead. That’s right.”

“Oh, man …” Timothy rasped, his voice all wobbly. He lowered himself towards Patti’s belly.

Jason took hold of his little brother’s boner and held it downwards. It was sprung so hard against his tummy that he found it remarkably difficult to do. But he managed to pop the head of it right into Patti’s tight little hole. Timothy yelped and jerked and his boner popped out again. Jason popped it back in.

“Slide it in,” Jason told him, still holding it in place. “Go on.” Timothy did, and Jason’s own boner almost burst with the intensity of seeing it happen, seeing that slim virgin ‘stiffie’ disappear into Patti. “Don’t pull it back,” he said. “Lie down and just let it stay where it is. If you pull back it might pop out again.” Jason smiled. He spoke from early experience. But Timothy settled himself on Patti’s belly and lay there, shivering with excitement.

“Oh, shit, Jason, my stiffie’s gone right into her.” His whole body was trembling.

“Does it feel good?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Lie still.”

“But I want to do it,” he hissed, his thin voice full of pleading. “I want to do it like you did.”

“Wait, Timothy,” Patti breathed at him. She looked up at Jason. “Jason, it’s so stiff,” she sighed. Jason rested his hand on Timothy’s butt, holding him in place. Patti’s hands were wandering all over the young boy, his face, his neck, his shoulders, his skinny little body. “Timothy, you’re so little I can’t believe it. You’re almost as small as Declan. But god, your boner’s amazing. Honestly, Jason, it is, and it feels almost as long as yours.” Timothy raised his slight body up again so he could look down and see where his delirious boner was planted inside her. He was shaking all over, trying desperately to stay still. Patti sighed. “Oh, god, Timothy. Go on. Just do it slowly.”

“Oh, man,” Timothy gasped. With Jason’s hand on his butt to steady him, he flexed his hips, whimpering as he did. “Jason …”. His face was screwed up like he was in pain. He was almost crying. He flexed his hips again. “Oh, god, Jason, my stiffie’s going in and out.”

“I know.” Jason’s hand pushed and relaxed on Timothy’s little butt, helping drive the kid’s boner to and fro, an inch or two each time.

“Shit, Jason, I’m having a fuck.”

“Yes, you are,” Jason whispered back. God, this is so fucking hot, he thought. Well, everything they’d done had been ‘hot’, but this was the hottest of all. “Just go easy. Go slow. Ok?”

“Ok, ok,” Timothy blurted out. Somehow he’d got control of himself now. His tiny butt was flexing steadily. “Oh, man, I know why you like this so much.”

Jason laughed. He watched as Timothy’s toes dug into the bed behind him, giving him purchase to push his legs forwards. He watched as the boy’s pistoning little thighs and driving hips rolled Patti’s hips higher, giving him easier and easier access to her pussy. He watched as Timothy’s small strong butt mounds flexed and flexed with every thrust. He watched as the boy’s ‘three and a quarter inches’ of boner slid relentlessly back and forth into Patti’s devouring hole, pleasuring itself beyond its own wildest dreams. He watched. He watched his little brother having his first ever fuck. His eight-year-old brother. And he was seriously boned up by it. The kid was actually fucking his girlfriend. He was watching them at it. He’d shown him how to do it, for fuck’s sake.

“You like fucking?” he whispered.

“Shit, yes.”

He turned to Patti. “Is it ok?” he whispered. She nodded, breathlessly. Jason grinned. God, he was so small, so good-looking, so perfectly ‘boy’, and so fucking sexy. Patti was turned on by him, for sure. She was grunting and gasping. Her hands were all over Timothy’s body, clutching and stroking it, like she was reminding herself how intensely young and small the owner of this hot hard boner was.

“I think Patti likes you fucking her,” he whispered at Timothy.

“I like it too.”

“Is your stiffie going to have a twang?”

“Not yet,” the boy breathed back.

“D’you want to speed up?”


Jason knew he was overwhelmingly turned on. Like Patti, his own hands were all over Timothy’s body as well, stroking his slim little thighs, feeling them pump, caressing those firm butt mounds, feeling them flex. Oh, god, he thought, I’m so fucking out of it. He was teasing Timothy’s butt cheeks apart, rubbing his fingers down between them, feeling how swollen open his little pucker was, stroking along the puffed up ridge in front of it, rubbing his tiny tight balls from behind, the tips of his fingers feeling through to the base of the young boy’s boner, feeling Patti’s slick wetness on it, listening to Timothy’s baby-squeak grunts as his long skinny hard-on slid back and forth, in and out of her with steadily increasing intensity. Jason slid his fingers back and up into the boy’s butt crease again, teasing the open pucker there. He knew exactly what he wanted to do. He knew it would blow Timothy’s nuts off. And his own.

There’s a first time for everything, he thought.

He squirted more lotion all over his hand and wiped it up and down his rigid boner. He knelt behind his little brother, pressed himself against him, felt his boner nestle stiffly into the cleft between Timothy’s flexing butt cheeks, positioned it with shaky fingers. It’s not much bigger than my finger was, he thought, and not much longer, really. He pressed the head of it into the boy’s little pucker star, felt the pucker stretch open, felt his slicked-up boner slide in. Timothy groaned and his asshole tensed all round Jason’s boner. He slid deeper. Oh god, he thought, my dick’s right up his ass. I can feel his butt cheeks hard on my belly, just like Patti’s when I dog-fuck her. Man, his ass is so fucking hot and tight. It was already too late. He was about to blow his nut. No way out of it. He started pumping his boner to and fro up Timothy’s bottom, each of his own thrusts in turn thrusting Timothy harder and faster into Patti. Holy shit, he thought. He tried desperately to match the flexing rhythm of his little brother’s hips. But suddenly there was no rhythm any more. Timothy’s small body was floundering mindlessly. He was gasping for air, grunting wildly. Patti was making the same throaty noises, like an animal out of control. Jason felt Timothy’s entire young frame clench, felt his tight little asshole gripping his boner over and over, felt his own control explode as well, his whole mind melting away, his juice squirting and squirting, spasm after spasm, deep up inside his little brother’s butt.

When he recovered he was flat on his back, his dick limp and utterly spent. Patti was sitting up, her hand still absent-mindedly draped across Timothy’s small body. Timothy lay there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes closed.

“Fuck, that was good,” Jason said.

“Shhh,” she whispered. “He’s asleep.”

“Already?” he said, more quietly.

“Yes.” She smiled. “Wouldn’t you be?”

“I guess.” He smirked.

“He’s only eight, Jason. He’s worn out.” They regarded each other in silence. “You’re not jealous, are you?” she whispered. “I mean … that I liked him … fucking me so much. That I wanted him to.”

Jason thought about that. “Hardly,” he said. “Anyway, it was my idea, eh? I knew he wanted to. And I knew you kind of did too. Well … so did I. I wanted him to … um … experience it. You know. And I wanted to … teach him … like you said.” He paused. He grinned. “And I wanted to watch him do it,” he admitted wryly.

“Yes,” she said, grinning. “I know.”

“It’s you should be jealous,” Jason added. “Not me. I thought you’d be jealous that I … that I actually … um … well … I …” Jason realised how hard it was for him to say these words, to say them out loud. “That I … fucked him.” There. He’d said it. “Instead of you,” he added. He was blushing.

“I don’t know why boys worry so much about what’s gay or not,” she said, smiling at him. “Anyway, what does it matter? You know you’re not gay, Jason.”

“Well, yeah … only …” and he grinned, “I’m sure as hell gay for him.”

She laughed softly. “No surprise,” she said. “I would be.”

“So you’re not jealous?” he said. She shook her head. “That’s good.” He tried to sort out what he thought. “See … well … it wasn’t like I was just fucking Timothy. It was like fucking you … or like … fucking both of you at once. You know, fucking you … like … through him.”

“Oh wow,” she whispered. “Jason, that’s exactly right. Through him. Yes. See … you fucking him while he fucked me was … I mean, I could feel you fucking him … I could actually feel you doing it, Jason … I mean, both of you together? That was the end of me.”

He chuckled. “I think it was the end of all of us,” he said. They sat there grinning at each other. “Man, we are so going to do that again.”

“But not now,” she said. “He’s fast asleep. I’m tired. You must be completely wasted. You’d better carry him back to his bed and go to bed yourself. All right? I’m going to get up early and wash these sheets. Your Mom and Dad will think that’s a really nice thing for me to do.” He chuckled quietly. “They’ll like that, and guess what? — they’ll be happy for me to sleep over any time.”

“You think of everything,” he said.

“I sure do. Don’t forget your clothes and Timothy’s pyjamas. They’re on the floor.”

Jason got off the bed, and picked up the telltale garments. He leaned over the bed and gently gathered Timothy’s tiny frame into his arms. The boy stirred but didn’t wake. He stood up, easily hefting Timothy’s weight in his arms. Patti sat up on the bed and put her arms around the two of them, pecked the sleeping Timothy on the cheek, and kissed Jason on the lips.

“Goodnight,” she whispered. “To my two-in-one boyfriend.”

Jason smiled.

“Goodnight,” he whispered back at her. He glanced at the bedside clock. It was heading for eleven. Patti reached out and flicked off the bedside lamp and the golden glow was replaced by a warm darkness. She pulled the bedclothes over her. “Goodnight,” he said again, and padded for the door.

Back in their room, he deposited Timothy on his bed, and covered him. He lay down on his own bed, covering himself. All at once he was overwhelmingly tired. And as he felt himself cascading down into rapid oblivion, a new thought struck at the last corners of his mind. Patti’s periods. When she started her periods, they wouldn’t have to stop fucking. Her pussy could still have all the dick it wanted. Only it wouldn’t be his dick. It would be Timothy’s. Timothy’s dick could fuck her over and over, at least until he fell asleep from exhaustion. And it couldn’t shoot her a baby if it wanted to. And his own dick could have all the pussy it wanted. Only it wouldn’t be her pussy. It would be Timothy’s hot little butt. Now he wouldn’t have to try to buy condoms, or try to score them somehow, or try to keep them from falling off.

Timothy was his condom. Best condom in the fucking world.