A New Life Opens Up Part 1

Two years ago I `had' to move from Australia to California. Well, didn't have to but it was best for my health. As a high-school gym instructor I had diddled more than I should into the local team talent and there was sufficient heat rising to dump me or perhaps something more serious so I decided on a change of scenery. Now Oz is big but reputations follow so the coast of California beckoned.

Learning a lesson that being surrounded by temptation is a weakness for me, the job had to be different but use my physical skills as a gymnast and perhaps open up the possibilities of a screw or two.

They say luck is made but she fell on me unexpectedly. Lunch at Spago's was a treat by an old flame who now worked in advertising in LA. We were thinking photo shoot for agency distribution and decided to do the studio work that afternoon. As we were about to leave the restaurant Joe spotted a client who had connections and was gay.

`Go into the restroom and strip off your shirt. Put your coat back on, single buttoned and take this chain.' he instructed me. `When you come out I'll be talking to him so just come over to collect me.' A simple plan.

I changed, hung the T from my back pocket and headed to the indicated table. `I'm ready.' I said to Joe while simultaneously acknowledging the agency man with a nod and an extended hand. "Hello.'

I half turned and released his hand but he held on. `Phillipe Delange. And you are ... ?' `Peter Mayfair, nice to meet you.' I was polite and non-committal. He was handsome, well taken care of but a bit old for me. Still he was onto me like cum at a jerk-off. `Joe, where have you hidden him all this time? Naughty. Please join us.' His hand swept over the table and indicated a seat.

PD, as he liked to be called, ran a chain of gyms but also provided special services door-to-door, if you catch my drift. Call-men. Within the week I was managing a gym for him -- unisex. I was within temptations reach but a different age group -- young to want-to-be-younger. I decided to try to keep my source of pleasures independent and the slate clean. It was difficult at times. One day I may fall from grace but so far my `outside work' sources of supply haven't let me down, figuratively or boner.

So here I was. New job. Catching the best fire-flys when needed and flat on my back as often as I needed to release the tension in my crotch. But, this was not a typical morning for a Monday ...

Last thing I wanted was for him to pull his cock out of me. Damn! This kid was a natural at sex. Virile, strong, hung and full. I wanted him to stay in. I squeezed and trapped his deflating member. Past experience was that teens come good if they wait just a while. To take his mind of the matter, I spoke to him for the first time since he'd started to fuck me.

I said, `You're good.' `Thanks' came the half embarrassed reply. `No, really good. I haven't been screwed like that for a while. You took me, knew what to do and now you're getting hard again.' I had felt the life return to his cock as it responded to my muscles trappings its withdrawal.

`I know you've 19, like you said, so when did you start to have male sex?' I though recalling his early conquests would add some spice to the relaxing time we were having before the next session of hot sex. The response wasn't what I expected but it added further imagery. `My big brother and I used to play-around some, then college, and then selected friends.' `And you?', he asked in reply looking into my eyes with his deep blue peepers.

`A school friend, the lots a college and finally heaps of cock and arse at university. Since then I get it everywhere I look.' I replied. I started a squeeze and release motion with my arse muscles, like sucking. He responded with strong flexes of his hard, hot organ.

Now I am not one to state sizes and inflate the truth. He was well hung for his development. Stocky and very well proportioned, blond from the beach and tanned within an inch of Hawaiian butter. Me? I come in some better than average size. Had no complaints about it or technique.

He was rock hard again and could not overcome his sexual drive to thrust into my warm and obviously wet rear. He sat up on me and tried to use my cum soaked chest for leverage but slipped and broke out laughing. `Shit, man you're covered in your own sperm.' True, I was. My load had sprayed over while his had clogged my bottom. My fingers wiped over me and I smeared it on my lips as I pulled towards him for a sloppy cum kiss not knowing if he would respond to the strongest male sex essence.

`What do you think you're using for lube.' I said smiling broadly as he came close. I had nothing to fear. He opened his mouth and sucked my juice right off my lips then proceeded to suck my cum wet nipples and chest. Only one word did he utter, `Yum.'.

His rhythm started to increase. His hard cock took longer withdrawals. I imaged his mushroom cap just stopping short of popping out of my arse and releasing his flow of ejaculation down my crack.

His inward thrusts told me that the kid was seriously horny for another fuck of my bum and a recharge of teen milk. God! He was gorgeous. My cock replied by swelling hard and holding hard over my abs. My belly button held a reservoir of my previous hot shots of cum juice.

I wanted him to pull out when he was ready and to show me what he was worth in the spurting stakes. "Hey! Squirt on me when you come this time, OK?' `Sure. On your face, nipples, tummy or cock?' was his reply as his speed of fucking me increased with the suggestion. `Make it do all,' I replied, `if you can.' Accepting the honour of the challenge, he egotistically said, `Just watch we wet you all over.'

Our fucking rhythms grew. My hole was fire hot and the rubbing of his mushroom crown on my internal knob was firing up my orgasm. `I'm not far off,' I stammered. `You're dick is pushing me over the edge faster than I wanted but do it, FUCK ME.' I closed my eyes and imagined his tube of hard teen cock meat pistoning into me. The slap of his balls against my wet arse further excited me and I badly wanted him to empty those sacks over me.

When I first saw Daniel jogging along the beach, I was hooked. Loose old Speedos. Cock semi-up and flopping around on display. We wanted to be picked up. I had turned and run up beside him. `Nice package. Body and cock.' I was never one for feint courtesy's at 6am. The mark either blew me off with a `Piss off fag.' Or would just run away. He didn't miss a beat.

`Look whose talking. You're looking good too.' `Names Daniel and who is trying to pick me up?' Big smile and a blown kiss. `Peter and I suppose a fuck isn't out of the question? Top or bottom for you?' I pushed the envelope as we thundered along pacing each other well.

`Just depends. Whose is closer? Your place or mine or the surf club, I don't mind risk.' Now this was becoming interesting.

I'd like to appreciate what I am looking at so a bed is best. Although a quickie in the showers suits my ball pressure.' I wanted to see where his thinking was going. `Comfort can be arranged as I start late today. Unless that condo is further away than yours, we've got a bed there. Oh! And mines top this morning.' He nodded to the beach pad on our right, turned and we moved onto dry loose sand and huffed up to the stairs.

`Formal introductions would seem in order if we are about to have raw male sex.' His hand shot out and gave a firm, friendly grip with a scratch of my palm with his index finger. Was he double checking my gayness or just joshing?

Daniel opened the door which wasn't locked. Curious, but only for a minute. The condo had another occupant on a treadmill overlooking the beach. Stunning blond. At a single glance you could tell. Twins. `Now he is really nice, Daniel, well done. Hi! I'm Catrina.' `Hello, came my surprised reply.' I had wanted to grab the boy and almost rape him (but gently) and now company.

`Mum and Dad called. The cruise is going well and we're not to make any mess if we party for our birthday. OK with you?' `Yeah! Sure? No-way.' Came the laughed reply, `we'll get cleaners.' She never missed a tread. Now although gay, I can appreciate fine form in a woman. Shit! She had it in spades like him.

Daniel grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him toward the stairs. `I said something really stupid like, `Nice to meet you.' She smiled, waved and called to us, `Make noise boys so I can also get off to the show.'

Sweat, some sand, salt spray and body heat all combined to add to our natural randiness. We stripped each other of trunks and kissed, and groped, and pulled cock, and bit nipples while eager fingers stretched buttocks and sought hot holes.

The floor was our bed save for a thick rug and hastily grabbed pillows. A big bottle of lube was proudly displayed on the bedside table and raked into the scene of men in sex rut.

We asked ourselves and each other a really stupid but good question, `You safe?' `Yes, was the simultaneous reply without thinking.' `Oh! Fuck wonderful. I want my load deep up in you quickly or I will waste it on the floor.' His penis was almost purple with urgent hardness and the deep blue veins stood out like twine around the strong long shaft. I knew my meat was as hard and triggered as his. There was just something about this guy that inflamed my sex drive into out-of-control mode.

Lube was squeezed. Applied to cocks, balls and arses. Like two naked warriors we clashed into each others arms. Struggling to dominate, we fought, tested and prodded, then I felt something I love and never get tired of experiencing. A hard, young cock pushing to enter me.

Daniel took my face in slimy hands, pulled my attention to his own eyes and growled to me in a voice not his, `I'm going to fuck you and fill you with cum. Lay down.' His command was not to be refused. I lay back. My legs opened voluntarily and gripped his waist pulling his erection towards my hole. His own hands masturbated my cock with slimy fingers and squeezed balls, sack and organ expertly such that I writhed and bucked with the electricity of his fingers.

A thumb pushed into my hole. My hole is experienced so two thumbs found comfort there then several fingers stretched me. I wanted his penis, not fingers. I reached up to his face this time and shouted, 'Just FUCK ME.' For an instant I answered Catrina's request to make noise but this thought was rudely removed from my mind with the penetration of a fulfilling large cock entering my body. Pressure, head pops in, one, two, three seconds delay then that strong inward thrust impaling me on his young hard penis.

Daniel's members pushed, expanded, pushed more and then slid fully into my arse. Or, so I thought. It kept going further in. Still further then it flexed and I was full of this wonderful youth's sex organ. He held still. I relaxed and when ready for him to fuck me, gave his cock several squeezes of my strong arse muscles. The train started to move away from the station and pumped up to speed for the journey that would finish in our wet ejaculation and climax.

I forced my eyes open and beheld this boy/man who was doing the most intimate acts among humans. Fucking another man. He was experienced too. Knowing my excitement would soon bring me to climax, Daniel lay on me enough to press his strong stomach muscles onto my raging hard-on. His thrusts made his rippled stomach and abs a great masturbation tool across my shaft. My hands supported his upper body and we kissed and chewed each others lips and tongues to red. Our morning stubble said of our faces, `These are men fucking each other.'

He wined. Shook his head. Grunted deep down. The piston in my backside slowed to long strokes in time with the guttural grunts. His orgasm was building. This realisation made me stop holding back against the rub of his body on my full erection. I let my climax rise too.

Daniel fell onto me and wrapped his powerful arms around my shoulders. His hot breath and man/boy smell assailed my nostrils. My own cock rode up and pushed against him. Small particles of sand assisted the friction and I rushed headlong to the edge of coming. Coming hard.

His hissing breath in my ear and lashing tongue across the sweat of my neck told me we were about to blow our store of sperm. His body went completely rigid with his hips flexed forward so that is cock was buried as far up in me as it was possible for that hard tube to penetrate. I imagined the crown swelling obscenely as a tennis ball and the piss slit opening. Then it happened for him. I felt his organ pump his cum from his balls, up his shaft and explode from his cock washing my bowels with hot semen. He pumped and pumped and spurted, and came in me. I was being rinsed with boy ejaculation and I loved it.

All of this flashed across my mind as my own body responded and didn't want to be left behind. My cock, crushed as it was between us, well lubed but trapped, gave its usual fine performance and jetted my man cum up, over and across us both. A flood of white jerk squished out and spread over our torsos. I felt my hot discharge run down my sides and nearly lost consciousness. My usual five powerful spurts of cum was followed by long gushes that dribbled and flowed across muscle.

I loved Daniel's weight on me. A semi-dead weight of spent maleness. Some minutes later is when I felt his cock start to relax and withdraw. I wasn't going to let that happen.

And so here we were. The first hot rape/fuck was past and we were starting to have slow sex. Love making would follow in time, all being well. But for now his cock was alive again and I anticipated a second cumming when he was ready.

Faintly, elsewhere in the condo I thought I heard some applause and a comment, `Sounded wonderful, Thanks.' I sincerely hoped that Catrina had also got off. I was becoming more curious about these two and I was right to think so ...