Jack Edwards

This story is a bit different for me, and I’ll warn my usual readers that they might not go for it. There’s nothing violent or anything like that. There is a bit of incest and young sex, though. The idea actually comes from conversations I had several years ago, on two different occasions with two different guys who had had similar experiences. I have no idea where they are now, but I have always suspected that their stories were true for a number of reasons.

A Very Private Club


My parents would have been hippies if they had been born a few years earlier. As it was, they were naturists, at least when my brother Jason and I were little. Two or three times a year, they took us to a camp where everyone was naked. Little boys the ages that Jason and I were, take to nudism with a natural enthusiasm. We loved being able to roam outdoors naked.

Mom and Dad were active sexually, even back then, but Jason and I were oblivious to most of it. The first time I remember picking up on something going on was an afternoon when I was probably five or six. Mom had gotten stoned with a guy from the next cabin, and he fucked her on our couch. I thought they were wrestling and playing, but when I tried to join in, Mom ordered me out of the cabin. I didn't go out, though. I wanted to watch because I realized they must be doing something adult. From the end of the couch, I could see that the guy had made his dicky stiff and he was stabbing it into my mom’s cunnie. She liked it. I don't remember where Dad was; probably fucking in some other cabin.

Usually, they kept their sexual activities confined to times when we were asleep or to other cabins when we had a sitter. One sitter I remember particularly well; Jennifer.

Jennifer must have been twelve or thirteen, because I remember that she had a tiny pubic bush compared to some of the older girls, and her breasts were just little mounds. I must have been about five and Jason about three.

The reason I remember Jennifer is because of a game she played with me. We pretended that I was her little baby, and she had me suck on her breasts. She sat on the couch and cradled the back of my head in her arm, and I suckled on her nipple. The best part was that with her other hand, she fondled between my legs and gave me a stiffy. I think she did that so I would keep sucking. I remember the feel of her hardened nipple under my tongue and the soft warmth of her skin against my lips, and the feel of her gentle fingers on my little scrotum and erection. I remember the scent from her armpit and how the scent from between her legs grew stronger as I sucked. After I sucked on one side for a while, she would move me to the other.

At some point, maybe the second or third time we went to the naturist camp that year -- her family always seemed to be there -- she got Jason in on the game, too. The first few times, she had us kneel up on either side of her on the couch and suck her nipples while she fondled between our legs. One time was particularly memorable, because after we'd been doing it a while, Jason grabbed Jennifer's arm with both hands and rubbed his stiffy hard in her palm until his eyes rolled up and he shuddered real hard.

One night, Jennifer sat on the edge of the couch and had me suck on her pussy. She showed me where to suck and how to use my tongue, but I got tired of it pretty quickly. So she had me lay on the couch with my face in her lap, and she fondled me while I did it. She fondled Jason while he sucked her nipples, and he got to where he had the shudders almost every time. I got to where I got an instant stiffy every time Jennifer showed up to sit for us. My parents thought it was cute.

Back home, Jason and I shared a bed, and one night after we returned from camp and our parents had tucked us into bed naked, as usual, I was on my side facing Jason. He scooted closer on his side, facing me, and finding my hand, he put it between his legs.

I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to do what Jennifer had done. First, I took his hand and put it between my legs. We fondled one another till we had stiffies. We played with balls and rubbed our stiffies until Jason grabbed my forearm with both hands and rubbed his stiffy frantically against my palm with the same grunts and groans he used to do with Jennifer.

When he was done, I wanted to feel that, too. So I held his palm on my stiffy and rubbed against it. It did feel good, and I kept going. Jason started rubbing my stiffy on his own, hard with his palm. Feelings built inside my little cock and balls that I’d never had with Jennifer. Soon I was making the same noises Jason had made and shuddering shook my body. It was terrific.

We did it a lot after that. We even rubbed stiffies together, lying on each other. When my parents caught us at it, they simply laughed. “They’re your sons, alright!” I heard my mom say.

Just before I turned seven, my Dad got a new job at a new company, and we moved to Atlanta. We began wearing clothes around the house more because of neighbors showing up at odd times, and we quit traveling to the camp, which was back in California.

They bought separate beds for Jason and me, but we still slept naked, and from time to time, one of us would crawl into bed with the other, and we would rub stiffies.

After we'd been in Atlanta for a couple of years, my parents seemed to pick up new friends. They started hitting the gym, and they went out more often. I didn't know it at the time, but they had gotten into swinging with other couples.

At some point during that time, Dad bought a home computer. It was in the early days of AOL and CompuServe, and it didn't take him long to find sexual chat groups. The year I turned twelve, he made friends online with a couple who had sex with their children. Mom knew about it, but the first Jason and I heard of Dad chatting with them was when he decided to take pictures of all of us naked.

"They’re naturists like us," he told us at the time. “We’re exchanging family pictures.”

Dad sent our photos to the online couple and received pictures of their twin sons and two daughters. Dad showed us the pictures on his computer. In one photo of all four children together, the boys had erections, so Dad insisted on taking a photo of Jason and me with hardons.

To make sure we got hard, he put us on his and mom’s bed and showed us several photos of the twins fucking their sisters and their mom. It was the first porn I ever saw, and it blew my mind that boys only a year older than me were fucking their sisters and even their mom. Jason and I sprouted the stiffies Dad wanted pictures of.

“Let’s get a couple of you two sucking one another’s boners,” Dad said.

“What?” Jason and I asked at the same time.

“You haven’t ever sucked each other off?” Dad asked in surprise.

We shook our heads.

“Well, you oughta try it,” he told us. “Jason, lie the other way so that you can suck each other at the same time. Go on… Yeah, like that.”

It wasn’t like I’d never seen Jason’s stiffy before, but I certainly hadn’t seen it from this angle. It fascinated me enough that I looked at it and played with it first. Jason did the same to me. We examined one another’s balls as well. Then we tentatively took each other’s dicks into our mouths.

Dad coached us about not scraping teeth, and how to bob and stroke, and about swallowing to take each other without gagging. Then he took a lot of pictures.

After that, Jason and I added sixty-nines to our occasional sexing together. I had my first come in his mouth.

And honestly, after seeing pictures of the other family and the twins with their mom, I began looking at Mom differently, though Dad didn’t take pictures of us with her.

Mom got into chatting online with the other mother. And then, they all made friends with a single mother who had two daughters. That mom told my parents that she was "close" to her daughters, which meant she had some kind of sex with them.

The summer I turned thirteen and Jason turned eleven, the adults decided that it was time for our three families to get together. From the little Dad had told us about them, Jason and I were all for it. Neither of us had had real sex yet.

Because our three families had pooled their vacation money -- and even Bonnie, the single mom with two daughters, had good income -- they were able to rent a five bedroom fishing lodge on a private cove at a fairly remote lake in Tennessee. Our multi-family vacation was to take place the last week of June and the first week of July.

My family was the first to arrive, Friday afternoon.

"Your mom will show you which bedroom is for the boys, and which one for her and me," Dad told us. "Not that it's going to matter much,” he added with a swat at Mom’s bottom. “As soon as we get these bags inside, I want everyone naked. I don't want anyone getting here while any of us still has clothes on."

The tall trees reminded me of the naturist camp back in California, and I felt a little thrill because I had enjoyed the camp. And yet, at thirteen, I was a little less sure about being naked. I got a lot of hardons.

I comforted myself with the recollection that I had seen boys with hardons at the naturist camp. Maybe I wouldn’t embarrass myself too much.

The cove was large; like a very large pond, but private. The inlet from the lake wound in through trees on the south end of the cove, and the lodge was situated on the northwest end. We couldn't see the lake directly from the lodge, or be seen from the lake, and the only neighbors were across the lake.

"Is it okay to be naked outside?" I asked as I grabbed two bags from the back of our minivan.

"I think so," Mom said, picking up a box of groceries. "This looks even more private than they told us it would be. You can't even see the lake at all from here."

The two-story lodge had a long front porch facing the cove. The porch ran the length of the ground floor. Above, a balcony ran across the front of the second floor. Inside, one long common room extended from one side of the ground floor to the other ,with large windows onto the front porch for the full length. There was a fireplace at either end, and an open stairway at the rear of the room which led up to a landing and then up to the right and left to the second floor. On the backside of the first floor was the kitchen, bathrooms, a store room, and a hallway and door out to the back. Upstairs were the five bedrooms and many beds. Supposedly, three bedrooms were for the adults, one was for the boys and one was for the girls.

It took only a few minutes to unload and undress. Mom worked in the kitchen while Dad, Jason, and I walked down to the cove where someone had brought in sand to make a small, artificial beach. To one side, a wooden dock extended out over the water. An inverted johnboat sat on a rack nearby.

Dad was in the lead, and as I walked behind him, I admired the way his butt and back muscles flexed as he walked. I wanted to be as lean and strong as Dad when I grew up. Jason and I were already lean; we just weren't very strong yet. We did look like Dad in that we had dark brown hair, but we had Mom's blue eyes.

Mom was beautiful. She was thirty-three that year and Dad was thirty-two. Mom had golden blond hair. She was tall, but not as tall as Dad. She had pleasant curves and full breasts, and she kept her pubes shaved. Since our exchange of pictures with the other family, I had a stray thought or two of Mom sexually, and I was proud of how she looked.

Jason and I were skipping rocks across the water when we heard a car arriving. Walking up the rise toward the lodge, we saw three heads of black hair getting out of an Avalon. It was Bonnie, who was somewhere in her mid-thirties, and her two daughters, Heather, who was twelve, and Olivia, who was ten. The three turned to us as we approached.

Bonnie covered her eyes from the sun and grinned. "Hi!" she called out, unfazed by our nudity. Her hair was short, but thick and she had a happy smile.

Heather and Olivia saw our nakedness, and their eyes went big. They turned to each other. Olivia giggled and covered her mouth. Heather looked back at me and Jason and her eyes dropped to our dicks which swung freely as we approached.

Bonnie came from Italian stock. She, like her daughters, had black hair, gray eyes, and light skin. Heather's sleek hair was pulled back and hung down to her back. Olivia's was in pigtails. The three of them also had very white teeth, which Bonnie showed Jason and me as she grinned. "You boys certainly look like your pictures," she commented wryly. "The girls have been dying to meet you, haven't you girls?"

"Mother!" Heather said, turning red. Her eyes dropped, then rose to my crotch, then Jason's.

Dad gave Bonnie a hug; a long one. He kissed her on the lips and then took her by the hand to lead her inside. His dick had lengthened, and I could understand why. Bonnie was curvy and big-breasted.

"You boys help the girls bring their belongings in," Dad called back over his shoulder.

"I'm Dalton," I told Heather. My own dick lengthened as I eyed the small mounds under her t-shirt and the smooth skin of her long legs which were mostly bare because she wore short shorts. "This is my brother Jason," I told her.

"I'm Heather," she said. She tried to look me in the eye, but her gaze dropped back to my dick. "This is my sister, Olivia," she added, distractedly.

"Hi," Olivia said with a smile, and then a grin for Jason.

We carried their bags in, and my cock calmed down as we trudged back and forth. Bonnie and Dad had joined Mom in the kitchen, where the three talked and laughed. They came out when we told them that we'd brought everything inside.

"Clothes off," Dad said, smiling like a camp director. "No chickening out."

Heather flashed a desperate look at her mom. Bonnie chuckled and laid an arm over the back of Heather's shoulders, leading both girls toward the stairs.

"We'll be back in a moment," she called back over her shoulder.

The common room had one long dining table at the kitchen end of the room, and then a number of couches and chairs scattered about the remainder of the room. Most of the chairs and couches were cloth-covered, and all looked comfortable. Jason and I took a seat on a couch. Mom and Dad took chairs on either side. We were waiting when Bonnie and her daughters descended the stairs.

Olivia came first, bouncing down, skinny-legged. Heather's slender legs were just as long and smooth. Both girls were bald and flat in their pubic areas. Heather’s pussy was slightly puffier. Olivia was flat-chested. Heather had small mounds. Bonnie wasn’t fat by any means, but her breasts hung heavily over a slightly rounded belly. Her meaty legs looked shorter for her body than her daughters' did for theirs, so I figured the girls got their legs from their father. Bonnie had shaved pubes, a prominent pubic mound, and a pronounced gap between the tops of her legs.

Heather started to hang back, but Bonnie brought her along. Heather covered her pussy with her hands. I covered my dick because it had started to rise.

"Dalton," Mom said with a chuckle as Bonnie and the girls stood before us, "move your hands. Let the girls see the rise they're getting out of you. It's flattering for them."

Shifting uncomfortably, I pulled my hands from my lap. I had a small black pubic bush, which hadn't been around all that long. My dick and balls had grown a lot in the previous year or so, though, and my dick began to rise to its full, five and three-quarter inches. Beside me, Jason's started to rise as well.

"Of course the girls are flattered," Bonnie said, grinning at me and Jason. She patted Heather on the back. "I explained to them that boys your age get erections all the time around pretty girls, and that you don't have any control over that." She turned to her daughters. "Sit with the boys on the couch," she encouraged, giving Heather a gentle push. "You four need to get used to one another’s bodies, and you girls can finally get a closer look at a boy's equipment."

Olivia immediately took a seat between Jason and me, eyeing our laps. Heather approached more cautiously. I scooted the rest of us over, and Heather took a seat between me and the arm of the couch. Her eyes were on my boner.

"Oh, go ahead and touch them," Bonnie said with a laugh, hands on her hips. "They aren't like snakes that are going to bite you."

Olivia leaned over Jason's lap and gently touched a finger to the end of his dick.

"Oh, grab hold, Olivia," Bonnie said. She came to the couch and dropped to her knees in front of Jason. "Like this." She took Olivia's hand and closed her fingers around Jason's stiffy. Then she glanced at my empty lap. "You, too, Heather," she said. "It's way past time you discovered what a boy is like."

I glanced at Heather. Her eyes dropped to my lap, and her face turned red. Tentatively, she reached over and closed her hand around my dick. I forgot to breathe. I hadn't had a girl touch me like that since Jennifer.

"Boys, open your legs up,” Bonnie instructed. “Let them get a feel of your balls, too. Girls, you be gentle with those. A boy is sensitive there."

Heather lifted my balls on her fingers. I laid my hand inside her thigh.

"You can feel her, too, if you want, Dalton. Go ahead. See what a girl is like."

Well I knew what a girl is like, from Jennifer. But that had been a long time ago, and I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity. I turned toward Heather and reached between her legs. She shifted, opening her legs, and let me cup her crotch. Her pussy was damp. My forehead rested against hers as I felt in her slit with my fingers and she felt over my dick with hers.

Her fingers were long and gentle. Her breath was warm and soft and smelled of fruit-flavored gum. She wore some light perfume as well; a floral smell. Her pussy lips were soft and her skin there was warm.

"Why, David!" Bonnie said to my dad with a laugh. "You look like you're having a little trouble controlling things, too."

Without taking my forehead from Heather's, I glanced out the side of my eye at Dad. I never measured my Dad's erection, but it's at least nine inches, maybe ten, and it was pointing up at an angle.

That's when we heard another car.

"Ah, they're here," Dad said, rising from his chair. “What timing, huh?” He laughed. His erection pointed up rather dramatically as he stood. He glanced down at it. "Damn!" he murmured, and chuckled.

Heather pulled her hand from my lap so I pulled my hand from between her legs. We looked at each other, and she gave me a small smile. Jason and Olivia got up from the couch. We followed. Everyone headed for the doors out onto the front porch.

A black Expedition was approaching through the trees. On top were two inverted canoes. I tried to think about the canoes and other things, hoping my boner would go down. It didn't help, though, when Heather stepped behind me to hide her front behind my back. She pressed her naked body to my backside and wrapped her arms around my belly. I tried covering my crotch with folded hands as nonchalantly as I could. Beside me, Jason stood holding hands with Olivia. His dick started to droop. Dad's was hanging loose again, but thick and long. He had an arm behind Mom and another behind Bonnie.

The expedition stopped, and instantly, the back doors flew open. An identical fourteen-year-old, redheaded boy got out either side. They were grinning, ear-to-ear and I could hear them laughing. They pulled off their shirts at almost the same time, and tossed them back into the backseat of the Expedition. The driver's door opened and a tall, pale-blond man unfolded himself from inside. He looked athletic, like one of those guys from a Nike add. He smiled and waved.

The twins peeled off their shoes and socks, tossing them back in the Expedition. The front passenger door opened and a thin woman with deep red hair the color of her sons' hair got out. This was back, way before Cate Bhanchett became famous, but Dee Clark looked just like Cate Blanchett was going to look.

The boys were almost out of their jeans when the first blond girl climbed from inside, pushing her younger brother aside. Seventeen-year-old Meg Clark looked a lot like her mom, except that she had pale blond hair like her father's instead of red.

The boys were out of their jeans now, tossing them back in. There was a howl of protest from within the Expedition, and jeans came flying back out one of the doors as Ashley, the youngest sister got out. Ash was twelve that summer. She was blond like her sister and father, but unlike Meg's hair, Ash's was wavy and short. She had eyes so pale that they looked silver as she gazed up toward us on the porch.

The twin on that side of the Expedition had his boxers off and in his hand, and scooping his jeans up off the ground, he tossed everything back into the truck. His brother was naked by then, too, and the two came running up toward the porch, their ample endowment bouncing loose and jiggly. They looked athletic, too, and lightly tanned except for Speedo lines. They were smooth-skinned and hairless except for ruddy pubic patches.

The twins came up onto the porch grinning and looking Mom and Bonnie up and down, then Olivia and what they could see of Heather behind me. Then they both looked right at my cock and grinned at me. Their cocks began to thicken, identically.

"You'll have to excuse the boys," the dad said, following them up onto the porch. "We aren't used to being naked outside the house. This is going to be their first naturist experience." He stepped toward Dad and extended a hand. "I'm Sam," he said.

Dad took his hand and shook it. "I'm David," he said, "and this is my wife, Anne, and of course, this is Bonnie.

Sam nodded. "You look better than your pictures, ladies," he said with open appreciation.

"I'm Tucker," one of the twins said, grinning, stepping up to my mom. His eyes fell to her breasts. Mom has excellent breasts, full and firm, not droopy at all like Bonnie's.

"I'm Tommy," the other twin said, stepping up beside his brother. Both their dicks had risen and Tommy's pressed the side of his brother's hip as he crowded him forward.

"Boys," Dee, their mom, chided, pushing them both to one side as she stepped up and smiled apologetically at my mom. "They've been drooling over your picture for ages, Anne."

Dee glanced at my dad’s heavy cock and then our way and at my still obvious boner.

"Were you starting without us?" Dee asked my mom with a grin.

"The children were just getting to know one another," Mom answered with a smile of her own.

"I can tell," Dee said. "It looks like Heather and Dalton are already good friends." She stepped over to me as Meg and Ash stepped up onto the porch. She extended her hand and I shook it, feeling a bit embarrassed to shake hands while having an exposed erection.

"You may have a bit of juggling to do, Dalton," she told me as I gazed into her remarkable blue eyes. "Ash has been counting on getting to know you, too."

I glanced at Ashley. She was as tall as me and absolutely striking in a tanned, Nordic sort of way. Even though she was only twelve, like Heather, Ash had more of a proud little rack. Her eyes took in my body and she frowned when she looked at Heather's arms around my chest.

"Shall we bring your stuff in?" Dad asked Sam.

"Nah," Sam answered. "Let us get out of these clothes and relax for a moment. What's it like inside?"

"Come in and see," Dad told him.

Tucker had stepped up to Mom, and the tip of his erection pressed her pubic mound as he lifted her breasts on both hands. "You're beautiful," he told her wonderingly. "You're much better than your pictures."

Tommy crowded him to one side. "I decided I'm going to call you Annie," Tommy said, smiling and running a hand over her shoulder.

"Boys!" Dee chided, slapping Tucker’s butt, "Slow down."

Mom smiled at the twins, leaving her breasts in Tucker’s hands. “It’s fine, Dee,” she said. “I’m flattered.”

"Now's a good time to remind everyone of the rules," Sam said loudly as we all paused before going inside. "We've explained to our kids, and this applies to everyone. All our females are on the pill, and Bonnie has already popped her girls’ cherries with a dildo; so no one is off limits, BUT… ” He raised a hand. “No one has to do a thing they don't want to do… with anybody. Alright?"

He glanced around, and everyone nodded.

"And no clothes for the next two weeks," Dad added with a grin.

"Sounds wonderful to me," Meg said, pulling off her t-shirt. She was braless. Her seventeen-year-old breasts were well-rounded and high and widely spaced. Everyone on the porch watched as she kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her jeans. She wore pink bikini panties and she peeled them off to reveal a closely trimmed bush of blond pubes. "Ah," she said. "That feels much better."

As if only waiting her turn, Ash went next, pulling off her shirt to reveal true little breasts, as opposed to the mounds that Heather, the other twelve-year-old had. Ash’s breasts looked like they would fit each of my hands, perfectly. She kicked off her shoes and peeled out of her shorts and panties to reveal nicely curved hips, string bikini tan lines, and a thin little starter patch of blond pubes. She walked inside and everyone followed. I followed with Heather glued to the back of my body and my boner at full attention.


As everyone else took a moment to look around the common room, the twins pulled my mom aside and attached themselves to her body. They pressed their erections against her hips. One covered her breasts with a hand and a forearm, and the other ran his fingers down between her legs. They buried their mouths in the sides of her neck, and Mom’s head lolled back helplessly as she grabbed on to the backs of their fourteen-year-old shoulders and her knees appeared to grow weak.

They slowly backed her to a couch as, first, the rest of us kids, and then the other adults, drifted into a fascinated semicircle around them to watch. The twins laid Mom back onto the couch and dropped to their knees beside it. Tucker continued to caress her breasts while covering her mouth with his. Tommy opened her legs, hooking one of them over the back of the couch, before burying his face between them.

The twins had identical erections, and I could clearly see Tommy’s. It longer than mine by an inch, but not much thicker. It drew thin wet mark across the fabric of the couch as he worked on Mom. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on either boy. Both had the smooth skin of youths, lightly tanned except for creamy-white bottoms. They had long legs and arms, and lean-muscled butts. It was impossible to not admire their bodies the way one teenage boy admires another.

To my left, Dad had stepped up beside Meg to watch, and his hand was on her bottom. As I looked, his eyes dropped from Mom to Meg’s breasts.

Bonnie was already in Sam Clark’s arms and they were kissing passionately. Dee stood behind Bonnie, caressing the shorter woman’s back and bottom while her husband pressed her front. To my right, Jason and Olivia stood side-by-side watching Mom and the twins, and Jason’s boner was as hard as mine.

Heather watched the twins and Mom from behind my shoulder ,and she jumped when Ashley came up beside us and laid a hand on Heather’s bottom.

“My dad gave me a picture of you,” she murmured to Heather. “He said that you like doing things with girls.”

Heather clung to me more tightly.

“You want to do something with Dalton first?” Ashley asked.

Heather pressed the side of her face to the back of my neck and nodded.

“Yeah, I do, too,” Ashley said, and her eyes darted to mine. “Have you ever been with a girl, Dalton?” she asked, stepping up to face me and take my cock into her hand.

I shook my head, dumbly. “Not yet.”

“Have you ever been with a boy?” she asked Heather.

Heather shook her head against the back of my neck. “No.”

“Then you two should go first. I’ll tell you how.”

Over at the couch, Tommy moved up from between Mom’s legs to over her on the couch. I watched, fascinated, as he guided his cock to her pussy with practiced ease, and shoved it inside. Seeing that, Tucker, who had been kissing Mom, climbed up astride Mom’s shoulders and fed his cock to her mouth. Their slender hips and rounded bottoms began to pump. Muffled noises came from my mom.

“How about you two?” Ashley asked, turning to Jason and Olivia. “Have either of you fucked before.”

They shook their heads, but then grinned at each other.

“I’ll get you two started, too,” Ashley told them.

Meg had dropped to her knees in front of my dad. She took the base of his cock into her closed hand and she sucked on the end of it like it was ice cream.

Ash pointed at them and turned to Olivia and Jason. “You should do that to Olivia, Jason to get her ready,” she said. “Girls as young as Olivia don’t always make enough juice.”

With a happy grin, Jason dropped to her knees in front of Olivia. His eyes were only a couple of inches from her crotch, and they went wide in fascination. He felt up under her with his fingers. Olivia widened her stance and bent her knees. Sticking his tongue out tentatively, he licked her crack; once, twice… then Jason opened his mouth pressed his face to her pussy. Olivia grabbed his head. Her mouth dropped and her eyes closed.

“How about you?” Ashley asked me, closing her hand around my cock again. “How close are you to coming?” She gave my cock a couple of good, firm jacks.

In answer to her question, I shot a stream of cum across the hardwood floor. I hadn’t been shooting that long and my cum was mostly clear. She kept jacking, and with a groan, I leaned back against Heather, resting my head back onto her shoulder as my pelvic floor clinched and I shot all I had.

“That’ll slow him down a little,” Ash told Heather. “When they’re our age, my brothers shot off real easy, but you could get them ready again really fast. As if to prove it, she continued to jack me to keep me hard and even fondled my balls with her other hand. When she rubbed my crown up and down her slit, I hardened back up like steel.

“And what about you?” she asked Heather, looking past my shoulder. Ashley stepped to my side, and, while keeping a hand on my cock, she slipped her other hand behind my butt and between Heather’s legs. “Are you wet yet?” I felt the back of Ash’s hand on my butt as she probed Heather’s pussy.

Heather murmured softly against the back of my shoulders.

“Oh, yeah. You’re ready,” Ashley told her. For a moment, Ash silently jacked me and fingered Heather.

“That feels really good!” I heard Olivia murmur. I looked beside me to see the ten-year-old holding my eleven-year-old brother’s head with both hands as he lapped her pussy. I glanced in the other direction. Dee was on her back on the carpet, knees up and legs open. Her hands on Bonnie’s head because Bonnie was on all-fours, eating Dee out. Sam was on his knees behind Bonnie, hands on the sides of her waist, banging away with what looked like a cock the size of my dad’s. Sam folded his body over Bonnie’s and reached under to cup her breasts which had been swinging ponderously. His hips drove in long, jarring strokes.

On the couch, Mom and the twins had rolled. Tommy was on his back on the couch. Mom was face down on him, belly-to-belly, her legs outside his, and they were fucking. Tucker was face down on top of her, belly-to-back, and he appeared to be fucking her butthole. Their long, tan bodies flattened Mom’s white one so that it was mainly the twins’ hips that moved. Mom slid her body up and back between them. Red and blond hair draped their faces. There were a lot of moans coming from that couch; Mom’s and the reed-like moans of teenage boys.

“Here, sit down,” Ash said, separating me from Heather and backing me to a big easy chair. “Sit down.” She turned to Heather as I sat back in the chair. “You’ll like it this way, Heather. Get up on his lap, facing him.”

Heather glanced down at my upward pointing erection.

“Straddle his cock,” Ash encouraged. “You’ll know what to do once you get there.”

“Oh, wow! Oh, wow!” Olivia whimpered, to my right, as she threw her head back and clutched at Jason’s head with both hands. Jason mouthed forcefully between her legs, tonguing up into her opening like a kitten hungry for milk. Olivia’s legs quivered.

Heather climbed onto my lap, a knee on either side of my hips. She steadied herself with her hands on my shoulders and I scooted my hips forward on the seat to line up my cock under her. I pointed my erection straight up with one hand and guided her by the hips down onto it with my other hand. We poked around before I felt my glans slip between her labia. We froze for a moment. Then Heather sat, sliding down my shaft. I felt her moist warmth sheath my dick snuggly.

She settled into my lap with her head down and eyes closed in concentration. Heather had long, black eyelashes and I gazed up at her face thinking that she was very pretty. I slid my hands up and down her smooth thighs, then tugged downward on her hips with both hands and shoved my pelvis upward, wanting to get even deeper into her.

“You like that, Heather?” Ashley asked, leaning over the arm of the chair from the side and laying a hand on Heather’s back. “You like the feel of Dalton’s cock inside you?”

Heather nodded, eyes closed.

Ashley leaned in and kissed Heather on her lips. She fondled one of Heather’s small breasts and glanced down at me.

“You can caress her boobs like this,” she told me. “You can pinch her nipples gently, too.” Ash demonstrated on Heather. “See how her nipples tightened up. That’s good. Wet your fingers and circle them around her nipples like this.” She showed me.

I wetted my index fingers and circled one around each of Heather’s nipples. But then, Ashley’s slightly larger breasts were like, right there above me. So I took one hand from Heather and cupped one of Ashley’s breasts so that I had a hand on a breast of each girl.

Ash leaned down and kissed me, just as Heather began to move on my dick. I moaned into Ash’s mouth.

Ash lifted her head and kissed Heather again. And as they kissed, she reached down to Heather’s clit and rubbed it. Heather moaned and rocked forward and back on my dick slowly. We savored the new sensations. I savored the sight of her pussy flat on my belly, her slender body rocking on my lap, their breasts above me, and the two of them kissing.

Movement to my right caught my eye and I turned to see Olivia back her crotch from Jason’s mouth. Jason sat back on his haunches and his boner pointed up from his lap. Olivia stepped astride his legs and squatted, right down over his boner. She grabbed it, and sat down on it, and for an exquisite moment, she and Jason just froze there, heads back. Olivia squatted lower and wiggled. Open-mouthed smiles spread on their faces.

Olivia slid her feet back, and dropped to her knees over Jason, much like Heater was on her knees over my lap, except that Jason was back on his haunches, and they were on the floor. They wrapped their arms around each other and held onto each other as Olivia started bouncing. I wondered what it would feel like if Heather bounced on my lap that way.

But then, Heather wasn’t moving all that badly, actually. Her hips responded forcefully to Ash’s fingers on her clit and Ash’s tongue in her mouth. I still had a hand on both girls’ breasts and turned my attention back to them. I tweaked hard nipples between a thumbs and fingers.

With a moan, Ash cocked a knee up onto the arm of the chair. I took that as an invitation, and I took my hand from Ash’s breast to feel between her legs. She was wet. I probed and found her opening. When I slid my middle finger up into it, Ash sat down on it, trapping the back of my hand on the arm of the chair and driving my finger up inside her. She left off kissing Heather and ground on my finger.

Both girls leaned over me. Heather’s hands were on my shoulders. Ash laid one hand on Heather’s and reached down with her other to rub some more on Heather’s clit. When she did, Heather pulled her hand out from under Ash’s and reached for Ash’s clit.

As funny as it might sound, the way Ash ground on my finger was almost as exciting as the way Heather was grinding on my cock, and since the were both rocking and rubbing clits, it was sort of like fucking with both at the same time.

They rested their heads together. Heather grew more worked up and took over rubbing her own clit. Ash twisted to face her and caressed Heather’s breasts. I just held on to Heather’s hips and bucked up under her.

Heather was a noisy comer, and I made a bit of noise myself when, with all her writhing and grinding down into my lap, and her squeezing my dick with her pussy, and with all her juice running down onto my balls, she brought me off too. She kept going, even after I came, and by the time she finally collapsed onto her hands on my shoulders, I felt like dead meat under her.

“Get him ready again,” Ash murmured as she ground on my finger.

“Huh?” Heather said, lifting her head.

“Huh?” I said, at the same time, looking up at Ash from under heavy eyelids. Her eyelids were drooping, too, for different reasons.

“I, uh… ” I mumbled. “I uh, just came twice.”

“You can come again,” Ash said, confidently, circling her hips. The finger I had up her pussy felt wetter and wetter.

“But my dick’s gone soft,” I told her.

“Have you ever had it sucked by a girl?” she asked.

My eyes popped open.

“Heather,” Ash said, “get up.”

“Slowly, reluctantly,” Heather climbed off my lap.

Ash quickly climbed off the chair arm and my finger, and knelt between my legs. As she bent forward over my lap, she glanced up at Heather. “Eat my pussy while I do this. Seriously! I really need you to!”

Heather nodded as if she understood exactly. She moved behind Ash. A moment later, Ash moaned and laid the side of her face on my soft cock for a moment as Heather began working.

Then Ash went to work on me. She knew what she was doing. She didn’t just take my flaccid dick into her mouth. She licked my balls first, and in the seams of my legs. Only after my dick rolled up on my belly, beginning to straighten again, did she lick it on the underside. As it grew stiffer, she lifted it and closed her mouth over my glans.

I groaned at the feel of her warm wet mouth. My head rolled and I saw that Olivia was on her back on the floor with Jason on top of her. They were still holding each other, but his little butt was flying between her thin thighs.

Ash bobbed on my dick and the sensations were different from when Jason did it. She deep throated me and when I felt her nose on my pubes and her chin on my balls, I could swear my cock got even harder.

Ash must have thought so, too, because she crawled up astride my lap and sat down onto my cock, taking it up into her cunt with practiced ease like her brother’s. She ground down onto my cock the way she had ground on my finger. I arched back with a gasp as she stretched my cock up into her and her pubic mound pressed down hard on mine.

Shy Heather surprised me. She crawled up behind Ash as if they were riding double on a horse, and my lap and legs were the horse. I guess Heather had more confidence with other girls, and I suppose twelve-year-old girls can be pretty hot when they get worked up. She wrapped an arm across Ash’s breasts and reached in front to rub Ash’s clit with the fingers of her other hand, and, at the same time, she rubbed her own clit and pussy on Ash’s butt.

I fucked up under them. I squeezed and rubbed Ash’s smooth thighs with my hands. I felt her juices on my balls. Ash’s wet pussy was hot like velvet sliding over my cock. She reached a hand back over her shoulder and found the back of Heather’s head, turning back to kiss Heather, and then she kept holding the back of Heather’s head as she rocked through to a climax.

It barely slowed her, though. She glanced down on me.

“You wanna see what it’s like to be on top?”

I nodded my head emphatically.

Ash turned back over her shoulder. “Get off a moment, girlfriend,” she murmured.

Heather got up, and Ash lay down onto me. We held each other and I rolled her under me onto her back on the seat of the chair. We pulled her bottom, with me still inside her, to the edge of the seat. My knees didn’t quite reach the floor, so I lay down on Ash, with my legs straight out between hers, the balls of my feet resting on the floor.

It was the most natural thing in the world to start pounding, and like every boy discovers with his first fuck, doing the fucking is incredible.

Ash held onto me, and I banged away. Heather managed to work onto the seat on her side between us and the arm of the chair.

“Throw your leg over him,” Ash encouraged. “Fuck against his butt with your pussy. You’ll like it.”

There isn’t anyone better at sex than a twelve-year-old girl who knows what she’s doing. Ash knew, and Heather was learning. I was learning, too, and one thing I learned was that it was hot to have a girl hang onto the backs of your shoulders and fuck your butt with her wet pussy as if she was riding a trotting horse.

Ash moaned and groaned and writhed as if her earlier orgasm never ended. Having come twice already, I pounded on like a stallion until Ash cried out loudly, pawing my back, and finally grabbed my sides to slow me.

“Okay, okay,” she murmured. “Do Heather again.”

I knelt up and pulled out. Ash scooted up onto her side and Heather climbed down under me onto her back. We sorted out legs and I plunged back into Heather. She grabbed onto me and I grabbed on to her. Ash just sorta watched, sliding her hand down my back and resting it on my pumping butt.

I was already getting close to coming again when Ash stuck a finger up my butt. With a gasp, I plowed into Heather and shot dry heaves. It felt like my thirteen-year-old body pulled my already-empty balls right up from my scrotum. I arched up and cried out and shoved my cock deep into Heather, dry pumping as my balls tried to come up with something to squirt. Heather ground back furiously under me, bringing herself off as I finished.

I slipped from inside her and collapsed onto my butt on the floor in front of the chair. Heather and Ash slid down onto their butts beside me. Heather laid her head on my shoulder. Ash laid a hand on my thigh and smiled at me. Heather decided to lay a hand on my other thigh.

“You did really good,” Ash told me, “for the first time.”

I glanced around at Jason. He was still on top of Olivia, but his butt wasn’t moving. They were nose to nose talking, and I wondered if his dick was still inside her. I envied his eleven-year-old stamina. I remembered that before I started shooting cum, it might take a couple of dry orgasms before a boner would go down. At that moment, though, I felt like it would be days before I could get another hardon.

I glanced over at Mom’s couch. She and the twins were gone. Bonnie, Dee, and Sam were also gone off the carpet. So were Dad and Meg.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

At that moment, the doors onto the front porch opened and the twins, flaccid dicks swinging, came in carrying bags from their car. Mom followed, followed by Dee and then Bonnie and Meg, and finally the two men. Dad glanced over our way, and he and Sam paused at the base of the stairs.

“That looks like a worn out group of kids,” Dad observed with a grin.

“But happy,” Sam pointed out.

“Yeah,” Dad agreed. “I’ve never seen such a shit ass grin on Dalton before.”

The two of them laughed and continued on to the kitchen.


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