Jack Edwards

A Very Private Club


Heather, Ash, and I headed down to the water. Olivia and Jason tagged along, holding hands. We walked on the small beach and out onto the dock. Without our shoes on, no one wanted to explore farther afield for the moment.

The five of us ended up sitting in the warm sand; Heather, me, Ash, Jason, and Olivia, in that order. We talked about those things kids talk about when getting to know each other, usually long before they have sex together. That we were doing it backwards didn’t occur to me. Now that I’d had sex with Heather and Ash, and now that I really liked them, I was interested in getting to know them.

We hadn’t been talking long before the twins ran past us, cocks bouncing, and into the water, hooting and splashing. Ash stood and brushed sand from her bottom, which was fun to watch, and when she headed for the water, we all did likewise.

No sooner were we in the water than one of the twins started flirting with Heather. That pissed me off a little, and I guess it showed.

“Dude,” the other twin, said, laughing and wrapping an arm behind my shoulder. We were in water up to our chests. “Chill! We won’t fuck with Heather until tomorrow.”

The other twin, came closer, grinning.

“Yeah, tonight,” he said, “we’re fucking Bonnie. She wants the same twin treatment that we gave your mom.” He frowned. “You aren’t pissed ‘cause we fucked your mom, are you?”

I shook my head and glanced at Heather. Both twins looked at her, and then grinned at me.

“We’re all going to share,” the twin with his arm across my shoulders told me. He gave my shoulders a shake. The gesture was friendly and the side of his naked body against mine was natural and chummy. “Anybody can have sex with anybody,” he said emphatically.

“You’re gonna wanna fuck our mom, too,” the other twin told me, confidently. He leaned closer. “Mom loves sucking cock. And Meg… you’ll want to do Meg. She’s got great Kegels.”

“What are Kegels?” I asked.

The twin with his arm over my back answered. “Kegels are muscles, you know, down there,” he said, pointing with his free hand, down toward his crotch. “Girl’s have ‘em. You got ‘em, too. When you tighten ‘em, that’s what makes your dick jump up and down. When a girl tightens hers, it squeezes your dick.”

“Oh,” I said, slipping a hand behind that twin’s back because it seemed a friendly thing to do.

The twin with his arm across my shoulders smiled. His deep red hair glistened in the sun. He gazed into my eyes with the darkest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. “You and I can have sex, too, if you wanna.”

I swallowed hard, and nodded. I felt life return to my well-exercised dick.

“Which twin are you?” I asked in a hoarse voice.

He smiled. “I’m the twin who spent his time looking at your pictures while Tucker drooled over the pictures of your mom and Bonnie and Heather.” He pulled me closer and put his mouth to my ear. “I really got off on the pictures of you and Jason sucking each other.” He kissed under my ear and gave my shoulders a warm squeeze. My knees felt weak.

Tommy laughed, dropping his arm from my shoulder to give my butt a grab before pushing away and splashing me. I splashed back. Tucker and Jason joined in the fight. As we horsed around, the twins made friends with me and Jason. I got to liking them. I figured they might not be so bad after all. But I still didn’t like the idea of Tucker screwing Heather.

When Tucker climbed out and dove off the end of the dock, us guys followed and all took turns. The twins did flips. When I tried, I landed on my back with a whop and came up to the surface to a chorus of teases. But then, the next time it was my turn, Tucked coached me.

“Tuck your head,” he said. “Throw it forward. Wherever your head goes, your body will follow.”

I tried and landed on my butt. My unprotected balls took a bit of a jar. I came up with a loud howl.

“Cover the jewels!” Tucker said, laughing, when he realized what I had done.

Tucker continued to help me until I was managing a good flip on my own. I liked him, and he liked me in the way that two boys do when they become instant friends.

Seventeen-year-old Meg came down from the lodge to join us. The adults soon followed. For an hour or two, we were like just about any three other families on vacation, except that we were naked, of course.

When everyone started going up to the lodge for supper, one of the twins held me back. I was pretty sure it was Tommy. I was beginning to be able to tell them apart. He pulled me beside the dock in waist deep water where we were out of the line of sight of the others. There, he slipped an arm behind the small of my back and pulled my belly to his, mashing our floating genitals together under the surface of the water.

He watched my eyes. When I steadied myself with my hands on his shoulders, his eyes dropped to my lips. He pressed his lips to mine.

Until that moment, I’d barely kissed anybody; just a couple of girls on the lips. But now I stood naked with a boy who pulled my body to his and probed into my mouth with his tongue. I was being kissed by a boy! It electrified me.

Our cocks rose between us. Tommy pulled them up between our bellies, then pulled us tight with a hand on my butt and an arm behind my back. He was a couple of inches taller than me. I wrapped my arms over his shoulders.

He paused and leaned his head back, looking into my eyes again. “My mom says we can’t do too much boy on boy stuff because there aren’t enough guys to go around for all the women and girls,” he told me. “But she knows I like boys a lot, and she knows I want to do stuff with you, so it’s okay once we’ve all sexed with her and the other moms and the girls… if you want to.”

I nodded with my eyes locked on his lips because I wanted him to kiss me again.

“Just,” he continued, “we don’t wanna piss Ash off. She wants to do a lot with you, too, okay?”

I nodded, thinking his lips were like, perfect in their shape and deep pink color. I was thinking that I liked being kissed by a boy like Tommy.

“I promised Ash that she could have you first, like, for a day or two,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna have sex with you right now; you know?”

I nodded again, and since he wasn’t kissing me, I took the back of his hand in both hands, and I kissed him. Our mouths opened again and our kiss grew hot.

His dick felt thick against my belly. I wanted to feel it, so I reached a hand between us to close it around his shaft. It was thick and hard and the skin was soft and warm under the water.

He pumped his hips while we kissed, and I jacked him, holding his crown against my skin above my hip.

“Tommy! Dalton!” his mom called from the porch. “Supper!”

Tommy moaned softly. “Shit!” he said, but didn’t pull away.

“You want me to jack you off?” I offered.

He shook his head. “No,” he said, pulling away, then. “When we do it, we’re gonna do it right.”

I nodded. He draped his arm behind my shoulder and we walked up from the water, our cocks hard and jutting up. They were still hard, and his arm was still over my shoulder when we walked inside.

Dee cocked an eyebrow at my mom and nodded in our direction. Mom looked, saw our hardons and Tommy’s arm on my shoulders, and she turned back to Dee with a, “You were right,” kind of grin. Others noticed our hardons, but nobody said anything. After all, all us guys had hardons that came and went that day and anybody could have sex with anybody.

There was room for everyone at the large table for supper that evening. I sat between Ash and Heather. Tucker sat on the other side of Heather and they flirted. I began to face the fact that whether I wanted her to or not, she was going to sex with him, or, worse thought, the dads. A funny thought occurred to me; I wouldn’t mind so much if she sexed with Tommy, because he really wanted me.

I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in a while, not wanting to leave Heather alone with the other males. After supper, I decided that I might as well, and headed for the john.

Sure enough, when I came back, Heather was sitting in Tucker’s lap in one of the common room armchairs. But then Sam said we were all going to night fish off the dock because it had lights for that. He had rigged several poles and ushered us all outside.

The night was pleasant. We noisily and happily crowed the dock. But we had only begun to fish when we discovered a problem. There were mosquitoes, and we were naked; not a good combination. There are only so many places a guys is willing to spray mosquito repellant; even more so for the females. The kids started drifting back inside. I was with the girls, but Tommy and I exchanged glances.

“C’mon,” Ash said as we came in through the front doors. She grabbed Heather’s hand and mine and headed for the stairs. “We’re gonna shower together,” she said, “to get off the repellent.”

We took one of the two bathrooms upstairs and locked the door. The bathroom had both a tub, and a nice-size shower stall. Ash started the water running.

“Well,” Heather said with a smile; running her hand over my shoulder. “We don’t have to undress to bathe.”

It struck me that I had had sex with both girls, and kissed neither of them. Maybe that’s why Heather flirted with the twins; I hadn’t kissed her yet. Now that I’d learned from Tommy, I figured I do Heather what he had done to me.

I slipped my arm behind Heather’s waist and drew her belly to mine. Her big brown eyes rose to mine in delighted surprise. My eyes dropped to her red lips, and I kissed her. I pressed my lips to hers and her body melted into mine.

I pressed the tip of my tongue between her lips. Heather opened her mouth to mine and wrapped her arms over my shoulders. She kissed hungrily. Obviously, she had kissed before. My cock stiffened and rose between her legs and up under her pussy.

Ash pressed from the side, wrapping her arms around both of us and flattening her pussy against my hip. She pressed her lips to my cheek, and I turned to kiss her, too. Her mouth opened instantly to mine and I wrapped an arm behind her back as I probed in with my tongue.

She kissed as hungrily as Heather, and I decided I liked kissing girls as much as I liked kissing boys. When Ash pulled her lips from mine, and she turned her face to Heather’s, those two kissed. We shifted. I pointed my cock out between the two girls and grabbed each of them by their fleshy bottom, pulling a pussy against the top of each of my legs. Ash grabbed my cock. I kissed the sides of their necks and ran fingers in their buttcracks. The kissed the sides of my neck an felt over my back and butt.

We returned to kissing, and both their mouths turned to mine. Our tongues played, and we discovered that there was such a thing as three-way kissing. With two naked, twelve-year-old girls… I liked it.

“We’re gonna use up the hot water,” Ash said, stepping back from us toward the shower. She dragged me along by my erection.

It was close quarters, but I was a skinny kid at thirteen, and they were slender twelve-year-old girls; there was enough room for us to wash up one another’s bodies. We took our time. Heather learned more about a boy’s body and I learned more about girls’ bodies. And I learned that I really loved boobs; even twelve-year-old boobs. By the time I got done washing them, there were no cleaner breasts in the country.

“We’re saving this for later,” Ash announced, pushing Heather’s hands away when Heather spent too long washing my erection and balls in return. With a smile for me, Ash twirled her finger in the wet hair behind my ear. “You’ve got work to do tonight, Dalton,” she told me. “There are two of us and only one of you, so you’ve got to last twice as long.”

I grinned because at that moment, I felt like I could wear them both out.

“I like you,” Ash said, gazing into my eyes with those silver-blue eyes of hers for a long moment. Then she remembered Heather, but didn’t take her eyes from mine. “You like Dalton, too, doncha Heather?”

Heather kissed my wet cheek from the other side. “I like you both,” she said.

Ash did glance at Heather then, and smiled. “No matter what else happens,” she said, looking from Heather to me, “the three of us are gonna be friends.”

The adults were sitting around one end of the long table, playing cards, when we came downstairs. We stood behind Ash’s parents to watch for a moment, and the twins came up on either side of Heather, Tommy moving between her and me. Their dicks began to rise. I frowned about Tucker’s erection. It seemed to me that he was always horny. I didn’t frown about Tommy’s erection. Since his hand was on my butt, I figured it wasn’t entirely for Heather.

Dad started a bong, and like they sometimes did, our parents let Jason and me take a hit. That led to the other kids taking hits, too. The adults were also drinking beer, but they only let Meg have some of that. We shifted around, behind the adults, and, at laughter from the end of the table, I glanced over to see a twin standing on either side of Bonnie, and her holding one of their lengthening cocks in either hand.

Tommy glanced at me and shrugged, as if to say there was nothing he could do about it.

“Aren’t they just beautiful?” Bonnie said with a slightly buzzed enthusiasm, looking from one dick to another. “I just love young boys.” She giggled then, and leaned toward my mom without letting go with either hand. “All this fresh air has me so horny,” Bonnie said with a chuckle.

Pushing back her chair, while managing to hang on to the dicks of both twins, Bonnie stood up between them. “The three of us are going upstairs for a while,” she said, mainly to the twins.

Laughing, she backed from the table and toward the stairs, tugging the twins by their dicks. Bonnie laughed even louder when Tucker goosed her at the bottom of the stairway.

When our attention turned back to the table, I found that Mom had straddled Sam’s lap, wrapped her arms around his neck, and planted her mouth on his. Sam’s big hands came up between their bodies and covered Mom’s breasts.

When my dad leaned over to whisper to Dee and fondle her breasts, Meg, obviously looking for someone for herself, looked over at Jason and me. She frowned, skeptically, as if we were too young, or not yet well enough endowed, though my cock was as almost as thick as the twins’; just a little shorter.

“Bonnie can’t have all the boys,” Meg murmured. She pushed back from the table and headed upstairs.

I would have been offended, but as I watched her butt dimple on alternate cheeks as she headed for the stairs, I decided that if her brothers took Heather from me, I was going to want a piece of that. I’d show a snotty seventeen-year-old just what a thirteen-year-old was capable of. After all, I’d fucked two girls that afternoon and made them come.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said to Ash and Heather, turning them from the table with an arm over the backs of each of their shoulders. “I want one of the good beds.”

The bedroom that had been loosely designated as the girls’ had a double and two twin beds, and as yet, no one else was in there. I led the girls in and closed the door. Almost instantly, it opened again, and Jason came in leading Olivia by the hand.

“We’re gonna hide out in here with you,” Jason said, drawing Olivia toward one of the twin beds.

Heather, Ash, and I huddled for a moment beside the double bed as I ran my hands down their backs to their fleshy bottoms and wondered how to begin.

“Let’s do a daisy chain,” Ash suggested.

“What’s that?” I asked, suddenly feeling ignorant again.

“We like, make a little circle,” she said, making a circular motion with a finger pointing down. “I’ll suck your dick, while you eat out Heather, and Heather eats out me.”

Heather and I glanced at one another and nodded.

“Sounds good,” I said.

“You’ll probably have to tell him what to do,” Ash warned Heather.

“I’ve eaten out a girl before,” I told them.

Ash raised a surprised eyebrow.

“When Jason and I were little, we had a baby sitter,” I started to explain, but then shook my head dismissively. “I’ll tell you later.” I glanced at Heather. “You can still tell me what you like,” I told her with an encouraging smile.

The three of us climbed up onto the bed on our sides with our top legs cocked up and open, and we arranged ourselves into a triangle with my face between Heather’s legs, Heather’s between Ash’s and Ash’s at my crotch. My dick was flaccid but hanging long; it felt great when Ash began to play with it while it was still somewhat soft. She fondled my balls and took her time, starting with just her fingers. So I did the same with Heather.

There was plenty of light coming from under the bedroom door from the hallway, and my eyes began to adjust. It was my first good, close-up look at a girl’s parts, and I took advantage of it to explore. Heather’s labia didn’t look as puffy as Ash’s but her skin there was amazingly soft.
She had no pubes at all; not one. I opened her lips to get a better look, and I could see the nub of her clitoris grow bigger. I touched it, and it was hard. Heather moaned.

I pushed on it.

“Augh!” she said, lifting her head from between Ash’s legs. “Don’t do that. That’s my clit. You can lick it or rub your fingertip over it lightly, or rub around it, but don’t be rough.”

“It’s sensitive like the end of your cock,” Ash added, instructionally. “Play nice.”

“Sorry,” I told them. “I’ll kiss it and make it well.” And I did kiss it, very lightly and gently.

“You have nice equipment, Dalton,” Ash told me, running a finger over my balls. “You’re going to be big like your father.” She kissed my scrotum. “You don’t have any hair down here at all. The twins have a little hair on their balls.” She rubbed her fingers behind my balls, on my perineum. “You’re thicker here, too. Your gonna have a thicker dick than the twins.” She glanced up my body at me. “I like thicker better than longer.” She smiled. My dick jumped, and she laughed, lightly.

I turned my attention back to Heather and spread her lips further down, looking for ‘the hole’, and I found it. I probed inside with my finger and felt the warm, moist lining of her vagina.

“Dalton,” Ash said, lifting her head again, “when you tongue inside Heather, use your chin to rub on her pussy lips, and that’ll make her clit feel good.”

I nodded and smelled my finger. If I was supposed to stick my tongue in there, I wanted to know what it smelled like.

A preteen doesn’t have the strong scent of an older girl, but Heather’s was still enough to send a jolt down into my cock. I liked it. I really liked it. I stuck my tongue into the bottom of her slit and tasted. I could feel my cock grow.

Inspired, I wrapped my arms around Heather’s waist and buried my face between her legs. She moaned. I covered her pussy with my mouth, and I licked. I sucked. I mouthed. I tongued into her hole. Heather moaned loudly. Her legs pulled up, and her soft-skinned thighs squeezed my head. Ash’s mouth closed over the end of my cock, and I was in teen boy heaven.

The three of us grew more excited. Besides the sensations, the sounds of our slurping and sucking urged us on. Ash seemed able to take the length of my cock into her throat at will, sending waves of pleasure up my body every time I felt her chin in my pubes and her top lip all the way down the underside of my cock.

Heather’s vagina grew wetter and wetter. I sucked her juices into my mouth, rolled them on my tongue, and let them seep down the back of my throat.

A bed rocked loudly, and I realized it must be Jason and Olivia going at it again. I would have been content to keep doing just what Heather, Ash, and I were doing until we all came, but Ash had something else in mind.

She pulled off my cock and the bed jiggled as she moved around. I lifted my head to see Ash reverse her body position. She got onto her back, knees up, and scooted her bottom to my lap. Guiding my dick into her vagina, she wiggled onto my cock, throwing one leg over my hips and slipping her other leg between my legs. By the time she finished wiggling on, the fit was surprisingly tight. Ash grabbed my top leg, which was between hers, and pulled us even tighter. She also used the back of her calf against my bottom to hold my lap to her bottom as she ground on to me. It felt incredible.

But Ash wasn’t done. She reached over and pulled Heather’s face to hers. They kissed. Ash took Heather’s hand and guided to where my pubic mound flattened Ash’s. Heather’s fingers slid into our meshed pubes and on either side of Ash’s clit. With a moan of satisfaction, still kissing Heather, Ash used a hand to caress Heather’s breasts.

I pumped my hips. Ash’s small breasts jiggled. The breasts of both girls were within my reach. I left one arm looped under Heather’s waist, but reached with my other hand for Ash’s chest. I squeezed a breast and tweaked a hard nipple, and buried my face back between Heather’s legs.

Pleasure came from everywhere at once. Ash’s vagina was warm silk over the length of my cock and when we ground, my cock stretched far inside her. At the same time, Heather’s smooth thighs had clamped around my head again, and my nostrils were full of her heady scent. I gnawed with my mouth on the preteen tightness and firmness between her legs.

I wanted to make both girls com. I lapped Heather hungrily and ground into Ash firmly. Heather helped with Ash, rubbing around Ash’s clit and caressing her breasts. Ash helped with Heather, caressing her breasts. The girls rocked their pelvises as firmly as I did.

Heather whimpered loudly and reached down to pull my head harder between her legs. She released a lot more juice into my mouth, and I knew I was bringing her off. Ash rocked her hips faster, wanting to come with Heather. Ash ground forcefully. Her bottom bones dug in around the base of my dick, and her movements triggered a sudden, deep churning in my balls. Her pussy grew even wetter inside and my dick slipped around inside it. I rolled my hips downward into her, shoved hard, and shot. Pulses of cum rose through my cock, and Ash’s pussy milked every drop out of me. ‘Kegels’, I remembered. Meg wasn’t the only one with good Kegels.

It grew quiet except for our heavy breathing. Heather rubbed her pussy gently against my mouth. Ash and I ground gently together. Juices ran out of Ash’s pussy into the seam inside my leg.

When, my dick grew soft and slipped out, I crawled up on the bed between them. We got between the sheets, and fell asleep with me on my back and with them draped on my sides.

I woke in the night. It took a moment to realize that the hand around my erection belonged to Heather. We were facing one another and her face was close to mine. When she saw my eyes open, she pressed her mouth and body to mine. Her skin was hot, literally.

Though I had come earlier in the evening, I could have been a statue and still been turned on by her heat and night hunger. I pulled her into my arms returned her kiss with growing heat of my own. I rolled on top of her. She opened her legs and I backed my hips, and we managed to get my dick inside her without breaking our embrace to use our hands.

Unlike the chair, earlier in the afternoon, Heather and I were completely stretched out; comfortably so. I kept her mouth covered with mine and ground into her with my dick. She pawed at my back.

We broke for breath, and panted like runners beside each other’s ears. I thrust hard and Heather grabbed my butt. When I thrust faster, and she whimpered, I realized she liked fast, and I fucked faster still.

I lasted a long time and it seemed like Heather came twice. We kissed for most of it, or pressed the sides of our faces together and breathed raggedly beside one another’s ears. It was intimate, the way a boy is supposed to be with a girl. And after I came inside her, I stayed inside her and kissed over her face tenderly and with genuine affection; the kind of affection a boy feels for a girl when he first starts fucking.

I almost fell asleep on top of her, but when my softened cock slipped out, I rolled off her to my side, and pulled her back against me, butt into my lap. We spooned and fell asleep that way, with my balls and flaccid cock resting between the backs of her legs and my arm over her waist.

Heather liked me. I knew that now. So did Ash. I wanted to keep them both to myself, but that wasn’t to be. I also wanted Tommy. That, I was more optimistic about. I wasn’t sure how we would sex together, but with him, I was willing to try anything.


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