Jack Edwards

A Very Private Club


The sun was well up when the twins barged into the room that morning. We were still sleeping, and their whooping and laughing was not how I wanted to wake up.

They came in with hardons and made right for Heather’s side of the bed. Tucker got her under the backs of the shoulders and Tommy grabbed her legs up around his waist. Tommy threw me a quick grin, and then they were gone, laughing.

“Fuck!” I murmured, sitting up.

Ash groaned and rolled over onto her stomach beside me. “Heather’s gonna be tired,” Ash murmured. “You fucked her in the night. You guys woke me up.”

“She woke me,” I protested. “She was really horny.”

Ash said nothing more, and acted as if she would doze off again. I glanced over at Jason and Olivia. They were awake, side by side on their backs. Jason had an erection and he made the sheet rise and fall with it. Olivia giggled.

I needed to take a piss.

Stumbling down the hall, I passed the room set aside for “the boys”. The door was closed, and I heard the twins laughing. Then I heard Heather laugh. With a deep frown, I continued on to the bathroom.

I pissed. I brushed my teeth because it was the bathroom where I’d left my stuff. It felt like it must have been mid-morning, and I was actually feeling well-rested. I heard people downstairs and it smelled like someone had baked rolls for breakfast. My stomach growled. I brushed my hair. I figured I’d go back and get Ash, and we would head for breakfast. I figured I could at least keep Ash to myself for a while.

When I walked back into the room, my little brother Jason was fucking her.

His smooth little butt was pumping between her thighs at rabbit humping speed. Ash had her hands on his shoulders, her head back, and she seemed to be enjoying the shit out of it.

“Crap!” I murmured. “I wasn’t gone that long.”

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Olivia said.

I turned to look at her, still on the twin bed.

Okay, when you’re a thirteen-year-old boy, a ten-year-old girl can look pretty good, especially when she’s lying naked on her back with her legs lying wide out to the sides, rubbing both sides of her little pussy so that it pulls open, and grinning like she wants you to jump on.

“I’ll suck your dick first if you want,” she offered.

My dick was rising quite well on its own. Besides Olivia lying like that, I’d had, after all, several hours sleep, and Jason was fucking Ash right there beside us. Looking over Olivia with her legs wide open and her completely bald pussy, I remembered what Ash told Jason about getting Olivia ready first, so I threw myself onto the bed with my dick close to Olivia’s mouth and my mouth over her crotch.

Olivia didn’t hesitate. She twisted up to dive onto my dick as fast as I dove with my mouth between her legs. I held her thin legs open and mouthed her as enthusiastically as I had done her sister the night before. Olivia was thinner down there; more tendons and less puffiness. I liked her taste which was mild and faintly like girl piss.

I got her good and wet and she got me good and hard. I pulled from her mouth and spun over her. As I knelt at her bottom, Olivia shoved a pillow under her butt. Grabbing her knees, she pulled her legs up and out which was like offering her pussy up to me on a platter. I pushed my crown low between her little labia.

My dickhead was an angry crimson against the lighter flush of her small labia, and it looked impossibly big to fit inside. I eased forward. As I pushed, her labia stretched into an O, sliding deliciously over my glans and clamping onto my shaft after my cockhead disappeared inside. I glanced up at Olivia. She was smiling. I remembered then that Bonnie had been using a dildo on them.

I eased farther in and felt the smooth lining of her vagina slide tightly over my crown and down my shaft. I grabbed her narrow hips and pulled her pussy all the way down my shaft until her stretched little ring was snug at the base of my dick and my balls rested under her butt. She felt a lot tighter than Ash or Heather had.

“Geez,” I murmured. I glanced up at Olivia. “You okay?”

She grinned and nodded, and held her open arms up happily to me.

I plopped down onto her, belly to belly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I wrapped my arms under the backs of her shoulders, and looked for a moment, down into her large brown eyes.

“This feels good!” I told her.

She grinned and wiggled her hips. “Me, too. You’re bigger than Jason.”

I covered her mouth with mine. As I probed in with my tongue, I pulled back my hips and felt her vagina drag on my cock like a sucking mouth. I drove forward with my hips and felt the warm lining of her vagina slide down over my crown and shaft again.

I pressed the side of my face to hers. She hugged my neck tightly, and I hugged her under the back of her shoulders. I pumped. She pumped back, driving my length into her with our hard impacts and grinding me into her with her hips. She was good. She was very good in the natural way girls that age sometimes are. And her smaller body under mine seemed a perfect fit.

We rolled onto our sides and kept pumping. We rolled back and kept pumping.

My balls slid around under her pussy as we ground. Her insides slid snuggly on my dick. She whimpered and grunted with our impacts. I moaned beside her ear. She grabbed my butt and pulled as she pumped her pelvis up to mine. I went up on my elbows and we watched one another’s faces as we banged. She was biting her lip. My mouth was wide open and I was breathing hard. I kissed her again, then pumped, then kissed, then pumped.

She didn’t come the same way the older girls did. She came at least once for a really long time, or multiple little times. By the time I came and felt the slickness of my cum around my cock, we were alone in the room.

I kissed her again while still inside her. I rubbed her smooth cheek with mine. I decided that if Heather stayed with the twins, and Jason wanted Ash, I would be just fine with Olivia. I liked her a lot, and she and I fucked really well. In fact, Olivia was so tight that my dick wasn’t going soft, and I thought about going again.

“That was great!” she said, hugging my neck.

“Oh, yeah!”

“Next time,” she said, thoughtfully, “I think I’ll do it with Tucker.”

I frowned, though she couldn’t see it. “How the fuck can you even tell a difference between them?” I asked. I mean, I knew because of Tommy. It bothered me that she knew.

“Well,” Olivia told me, “when they have erections, Tucker’s curves up more.”

I groaned and rolled off her.

Olivia bounced down the stairs alongside me. Mom and Sam were lying together on the couch; Mom on her back, Sam on top of her. They were still and talking, as if they had just had sex or were about to.

“Good morning, Dalton,” mom called to me. “There’s still some eggs and bacon from breakfast if you want to microwave some. Just remember it doesn’t take long for eggs or bacon.”

Sam smiled at us and gave me a wink.

Olivia approached the couch curiously, trying to see if Sam’s cock was inside mom. Sam opened his legs and pumped his hips for her. He was evidently inside. I took Olivia by the hand to lead her away, but I had to look. Sam’s balls were drawn up, and we could see his cock disappearing into and come back out of mom’s pussy. My cock started to rise again, so I quickly led Olivia into the kitchen.

The only person there was Dee. She was cleaning up, and she served us breakfast. We talked. I liked her.

“And you’re having fun?” she asked with a smile.

Olivia and I glanced at one another and Olivia grinned. “Oh, yeah!”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said.

Dee eyed me for a moment and then nodded, knowingly. She came over, pulled out a chair beside me, and laid her hand on the back of my neck, giving it a rub. My eyes darted to her high breasts, so close beside me.

“Dalton,” Dee said gently. “In a group like our three families are in right now, you can’t be possessive. You can’t expect a girl to belong only to you. Give it a few days, and friendships will all sort out. Then, perhaps, you and one of the girls will feel special about each other.” She smiled sadly. “You’re a boy. You should understand the other boys and the men. It’s like a man to want to fuck every female in sight… and a few of the boys. Once he has been with each of them, he’ll start settling on a favorite or two.”

“I already did,” I told her sullenly.

“A favorite? Who?” Dee asked, amused, giving my neck a rub.

“I liked Heather till she ran off with the twins. I liked Ash till she couldn’t wait to fuck with Jason.” I nodded toward Olivia. “I liked Olivia, but she want to have sex with the twins.”

Dee’s smile grew wider. “Are you falling in love with every girl you have sex with?” she asked delighted.

“No,” I said with a frown.

“Have you had sex with anyone else?”

“No.” I almost said that I liked Tommy, and I hadn’t had sex with him. But then, he didn’t act like he felt special about me that morning.

Dee smiled sympathetically. “This is only our second day here, Dalton. Be patient. I know my children. I know that Ash really likes you.” She kissed the side of my head before getting up from her seat.

“It’s not unusual for a boy to fall in love with a girl when they’ve had sex,” she said, philosophically, moving back to the sink. “I think it’s more common with older boys who have sex for the first time, but you’re a sweet boy.”

I frowned. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a “sweet boy”. And, though I liked Ash and Heather and Olivia, what if I wanted to ‘fall in love’ with Tommy?

Dee glanced back over her shoulder at me. “It would be sweet if you fall in love with me after we have sex.”

I was stunned. I knew, at least in theory, that I might have sex with the adult women… maybe even my mom, though I was still thinking that one over. But for Dee to just say it, like it was a foregone conclusion that we would have sex, blew me away.

“You will have sex with me, won’t you?” Dee asked in a sweet way of her own.

I nodded dumbly.

She smiled.

Olivia leaned close to me. “Did you fall in love with me?” she asked in an awestruck whisper.

“Not if you’re going to fuck with the twins,” I whispered back.

She thought that one over, then turned toward Dee. “I think girls like to have sex with all the boys, too.”

“Do you really?” Dee asked, turning to lean back against the sink counter with another amused grin. Her lean, rounded hips were thrust forward by the counter. Her pubes were trimmed and they had red in them, but they weren’t ruddy like the twins’ were.

Olivia nodded.

Dee looked thoughtful for a moment, and then nodded. “Yes, when I was your age, I remember sex being a lot of fun with different boys.”

“And men?” Olivia asked. “Did you have sex with a man like Sam or David when you were my age?”

Dee chuckled. “You want to have sex with Sam or David?”

Olivia shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Well be careful, honey,” Dee said, turning back to the sink. “You get a man excited, and you may not have much choice in the matter. That applies to you, too, Dalton. Sam and David both had a lot of sex with other boys when they were growing up, and they still like boys.”

That was news to me about my dad. Olivia and I were both thoughtful for a moment.

I pushed back to get up.

“Are you done?” Dee asked, turning when she heard the chair scrape the floor.


“Bring your plate here, then, and I’ll wash it.”

I walked the plate over and set it on the counter beside her. Olivia followed with her plate. Standing next to Dee, I looked her body over. She was thin, but in a lithesome, attractive way. The skin on her bottom looked soft. I laid my hand on it and ran my palm over it.

Dee paused in her washing to flash me a smile. I smiled back and left the kitchen momentarily happy. But the twins and Heather were coming down the stairs, laughing again, and I went outside.

I had an unhappy morning. Heather was happy; she hung all over the twins. So did Olivia, who was happy, too, when she finally joined us. Jason was happy. He hung all over Ash. I couldn’t tell if Ash was happy. The twins were happy, obviously.

That made it worse because, ever since Tommy kissed me, I’d been thinking more and more about him. My eyes were drawn more to the twins’ lean bodies when I was around them; their lightly tanned, smooth skin, their deep red hair, their extraordinarily blue eyes. My eyes went to Tommy particularly; to his flat, well-defined pecs and abs, to his long leg muscles, to his narrow hips and the V of his lower abdomen. My body had been pressed to his, and I liked the memory.

Even though I had enjoyed sex with girls since previous afternoon, I had enjoyed doing things with my brother Jason for years. I liked another boy’s body. And I liked Tommy’s more, every time I looked at him.

But when he smiled at me, I looked away because, after the way he hauled Heather off so happily that morning, I figured that he was just being friendly with me, and I wanted him to be more than friendly. I wanted him to like me as much as I was beginning to like him.

We put on our shoes and I followed the others like a dark cloud as they explored the cove and peeked from behind trees out onto the lake.

As we headed back toward the lodge for lunch, Tommy held me back.

“Are you mad at me?” he asked, pulling me behind a tree.

I shrugged. “Why would I be mad?”

Tommy studied my eyes for a moment. “I don’t know,” he said with a frown, and left for the lodge.

I followed unhappily. His tight, white butt flexed and dimpled as he walked. His skin looked so smooth. I grew even more unhappy.

I was standing by myself, waiting for lunch, when I felt two strong hands on my shoulders. I recognized my dad’s hands as he gave me a shoulder rub the way he sometimes did.

“You okay, Dalton?” he asked in a kind, fatherly voice.

“Yeah, Dad,” I said. I wanted to lean back against him and feel comforted by my dad like when I was younger. But I was thirteen and at thirteen, you just didn’t do that as much.

“You sure?”

I nodded.

“Okay,” he said with a swat to my butt. “Looks like the food’s ready.”

At lunch, I noticed that seventeen-year-old Meg, of everyone there, possibly seemed as unhappy as me. That’s why I went looking for her after lunch. I found her as she was about to go into one of the bathrooms carrying a towel.

“Gonna shower?” I asked, hopefully.

She paused and glared at me.

I felt almost like I’d been slapped. I turned, about to make a hasty retreat.

“Wait!” she called.

I stopped, turned back, and approached her carefully.

“Look, I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m really not mad at you.”

“Are you mad at somebody else?”

She chuckled mirthlessly. “Yeah, everyone else.”

She headed into the bathroom, and I followed since she didn’t bother to close the door. She set down her towel and sat down onto the toilet. Immediately, her piss stream rang off the porcelain. A faint look of relief passed over her features. Sunlight from the window gave her pale blond hair a soft look.

I leaned back against the counter. I’d seen my mom piss, so it was no big deal, even though Meg was a beautiful girl.

“Actually,” she said, “it’s nice to have someone under thirty-five wanting to hang around me.” She smiled lopsidedly at me. “Maybe you being around would keep Bonnie and our dads away.” She frowned again. “I told my parents I didn’t wanna come if there wasn’t going to be anyone my age.”

“Sorry,” I said.

Meg rolled off some toilet paper and glanced at me. “You haven’t looked so happy yourself, today. My brothers stealing your girlfriends?”

“Yeah. And my brother.”

“They stole your brother? I’m not surprised.”

“No. I meant my brother stole my girlfriend… that is, I mean, Jason was having sex with Ash this morning, when I came back from using the bathroom.”

Meg stood and flushed the toilet. “Well, get used to it,” she said, coming to the sink beside me. “For the next two weeks, it’s going to be that way.”

My eyes dropped to her shoulders. He skin looked soft and warm.

She glanced at me and then back at the mirror to study her face. “I’ll tell you something,” she said, retrieving her toiletry bag from others on the counter, “Ash thinks you’re hot.”


Meg fished around in her bag. “Ash has had a wet pussy for you,” she murmured, “ever since she saw your photos.”

I leaned back in surprise.

Meg pulled out a bottle of clear liquid and cotton pads. She glanced at me. “I shouldn’t be gross,” she said, opening the bottle. “I just meant that Ash looked forward to having fun with you here.”

I grinned. “She actually had a wet pussy?” I asked as my cock began to rise.

Meg laughed, applying the clear liquid on a pad to her face. “I was exaggerating Dalton.”

“Oh,” I said. I noticed a light amount of makeup coming off Meg’s face. I never thought about any of the girls having makeup on while they were naked. But I wasn’t surprised. Mom did it.

“Meg,” I asked thoughtfully. “Do girls want guys with big dicks?”

“You mean the way guys want girls with big tits?”

“Yeah, I guess, except that I don’t like really big tits.”

“Bless you, my boy child,” she said with a smirk before turning on the hot water. She splashed some over her face.

“I think you have beautiful breasts,” I told her sincerely.

“Thank you for saying so,” she said, turning off the water and reaching for her towel.

“I mean it,” I said, my eyes dropping to the side view I had of her chest. “I think your breasts are beautiful.”

She dried her face and set down the towel. She glanced down at her chest and then at me, and smiled. “Thank you.” She leaned close. “And you don’t have to worry about the size of your penis. You’re well-endowed. What you’ve got looks pretty damned big on a skinny guy like you.”

“I’m not skinny,” I told her with a frown.

Meg leaned back against the counter beside me. She was perhaps half an inch taller than me. “Okay,” she said. “Thin. But the point is, you have a big cock for your age.”

“But not as long as the twins’ cocks.”

“Well, they’re older. They’re almost fifteen, and you’re thirteen, right?”

“Just turned thirteen in May,” I said.

“See,” she said, poking me in the ribs. “They’re almost two years older than you.”

“And stronger.”

“Yeah, well, they’ve always been athletic. But they aren’t as cute as you.”


“What?” she asked back. “You think they’re cuter than you? They aren’t. Ask Ash and Heather. You’re a very cute boy.”

I looked over her fine features and her pale eyes. “You’re a beautiful girl,” I told her reverently.

Meg chuckled and mussed my hair. “Go on now and let me take my shower,” she said.

“Can’t I take it with you?” I asked, and my dick began to thicken again. “I can wash your back for you,” I suggested hopefully.

Meg looked me up and down. “Okay. But lock the door. I don’t want one of our dads or my brothers trying to come in and screw one of us.”

My eyebrows went up.

Meg laughed. “Lock the door.”

I locked the door as Meg turned on the shower faucets and adjusted the temperature.

“Shall I get washcloths?” I asked.

Meg smiled slyly at me. “I just use my hands.”

My dick climbed higher.

Meg stepped into the shower. I followed. We took turns getting wet under the shower head, and our bodies brushed as we exchanged places. Her hip bent my erection sideways the second time we passed and I pulled my hips back with an, “Umph!”

“Sorry,” she said with a chuckle. Her eyes dropped to my dick and she looked me in the eye. “You’re hung Dalton. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

There were a couple of bottles of shower gel on a ledge. Meg took one and squeezed gel onto her fingers, then handed the bottle to me. She turned off the water and lathered up the gel in her hands. I did the same. She rubbed lather under her arms and over her breasts and down onto her belly. I did the same to myself. She rubbed lather between her legs. I did the same, soaping my balls and erection. We watched each other as we scrubbed our crotches. Meg’s eyes watched my cock bob.

Meg squeezed more gel onto her fingers.

“Turn around,” she said.

I turned around and she smoothed lather over the backs of my shoulders, up the back of my neck, down my spine, and over my back, working lower.

“Just because you’re more slender than the twins doesn’t mean you don’t have a nice body,” Meg told me. “From this angle, it looks like a very hot body to me. I like your little butt.” She pressed the back of her body to mine and hugged my belly. “I like how it fits,” she murmured behind my ear, and then leaving an arm around my belly, she stepped back to run soapy fingers down into my butt crack. She rubbed my anus with her finger, then slid her finger lower, rubbing down between my legs and behind my balls.

“Have you ever been seduced?” She asked quietly and then gave a nibble to my ear. “Because I think I want to seduce you.”

I moaned, softly. “I thought I was going to seduce you.”

“Shssh!” she whispered in my ear. “Don’t spoil it.” She pressed her pussy against my buttcheek while sliding her hand up my back and into the back of my hair. She closed her fingers there, gripping a handful of hair while she rubbed her pussy on the side of my wet butt.

“Since we got here, yesterday,” she whispered beside my ear, “the ‘adults’ have been chasing my ass. Now, I’m chasing yours. And I’ve got it.” She pulled my hair back and ran her tongue into my ear.

I gasped and my cock throbbed.

Holding my head back with one hand, Meg slid her other hand down my belly and closed it around my cock. “I want this,” Meg whispered. “I want it in me.” She sucked on my earlobe. “How does it feel to be wanted, Dalton?”

“Oh, shit!” I murmured.

She turned my head with her hand in the back of my hair so that my face turned toward hers. She pressed her mouth to mine, hard, and plunged her tongue onto mine. She squeezed my cock. She sucked my bottom lip. She mouthed under my ear and down my throat. She sucked on the side of my neck. And all the while, she rubbed her pussy on my buttcheek.

Holding my cock tightly, she let go of the back of my hair and turned on the water, cold first. Before I could jump from the cold, she added warm water; almost too hot, then just right.

Meg moved me under the water with her and turned me to face her. Using her hands, she swept water over my chest, belly, and crotch to wash off the soap. Slipping a hand over my butt and one behind my neck, she pulled me hard to her and covered my mouth again with hers. My cock pressed up between our bellies.

Meg backed to the back wall of the shower, pulling me with her. Reaching between us, she grabbed my cock around the base and pushed me downward. I grabbed onto her shoulders and bent my knees between her legs. Meg widened her stance, bending her knees as well, and she pulled my cock up to her pussy. When I felt her pussy lips pass over my crown, I straightened my knees to shove my cock up inside. I straightened my knees and she bent hers to drive my cock up her vagina as far as it would go.

Meg grabbed my butt with both hands, and leaning back against the wall, she held me up inside her and ground on my cock.

We were eye to eye, watching one another; me holding her shoulders, her pulling my butt hard between her legs. I tilted my head and my eyes dropped to her lips. We kissed. She held my butt tightly and did all the grinding, with her hips.

I pressed the side of my face against hers and wrapped my arms around her neck, feeling her breasts against my chest. I let her do everything. For a long time, I simply held on and whimpered from time to time because it felt so damned good.

Eventually, reflexes took over and I started pumping my hips, meeting her thrusts with mine. I slid my arms down around her, grabbing the backs of her shoulders. I sucked on the side of her neck. She tongued in my ear.

I drove up into her, lifting her a little each time on my cock. The water made our bodies slide against one another. Meg let go of my butt, gripped my shoulders, and leaned back against the wall, laying her head back against it. She let me drive, and she moaned each time I thrust. I slid my hands to her bottom. My feet were firmly planted and I held her by the butt as I fucked.

I bucked up into her. Her head lolled. Her eyes met mine and focused. She smiled. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed the side of her face to mine. I pressed her to the wall and fucked.

She whimpered. She sucked on my ear and my neck. Suddenly, she gasped. She shoved her hands between my arms and sides and grabbed my butt again so that we had each other by the butt, mouths on one another’s necks.

“Ah! Ah!” Meg cried out, pulling hard on my butt and grinding her pussy down on my cock. She tossed her head back and my forehead fell onto her collarbone. My balls pulled up, and I shot.

The water was growing cold. Our bellies heaved as we caught our breath. Meg reached over and turned off the water. Then she wrapped her arms loosely over my shoulders while I held us together with my hands on her bottom. She smiled at me dazedly.

“Wow!” she murmured.

“Wow!” I agreed.

She stroked back my hair. “Maybe it won’t be so bad here without someone exactly my age,” she said. “There’s a lot to be said for a thirteen-year-old with a big cock.”

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” I asked.

“Ash might not be happy,” Meg said, shaking her head sadly.


Meg laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave it a hug. “It’ll be fun,” she said. Then she leaned back and looked down between us. “Is your cock still hard?” she asked surprised.

I nodded, grinning.

“You came?”

I nodded again.

“Shit!” Meg said. “Let’s dry off and find a bed” She ground her pussy against me. “Oh hell, let’s just get on the floor!”


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