Jack Edwards

A Very Private Club


"Breasts are wonderful," I said, leaning back in Meg's arms and feeling her breasts against my back. We were sitting on the floor of the bathroom. Meg's back was against the tub. My butt was between her legs and I had just leaned back against her after she brushed my hair. We'd been in the bathroom for well over two hours with the door locked.

"Breasts are so… so… exciting; I mean, to just look at," I continued. "And they feel amazing, the way a boob fits your hand, and the way the skin is so soft and breasts so full-looking. And the way a girl's nipples tighten up, it makes a guy's mouth water and his cock grow hard.” I glanced back over my shoulder. “Your breasts are my favorite, Meg. I mean, of all the breasts I've ever felt, yours are the absolute best."

Meg chuckled. "Really, Dalton. Ash and Heather are only twelve and Olivia is only ten. Just how many other breasts have you 'had your hands on'?" She reached in front and pinched my nipples. "You've got as much breast as Olivia."

"Augh!" I squealed, squirming back against her chest.

Meg laughed, and scissor-locking my waist between her legs, she kept pinching.

I squirmed and howled until I managed to get her wrists in my hand and hold them away from my chest.

"You're strong!" I protested, struggling.

"From fighting off twin brothers," she told me.

"Yeah, well I'm the one having to do the 'fighting off' right now."

Meg chuckled and pulled her wrists away to the sides, freeing them. She kissed the back of my neck and wrapped her arms over my chest.

"I've felt other breasts," I told her, rubbing my tender nipples. "We used to go to naturist camps when I was a kid and I felt other breasts. And I’ve seen lots of breasts." I leaned back against her chest and leaned my head back to the side to smile back at Meg. "You've got the prettiest breasts I've ever seen," I told her.

She kissed me.

I laid my head back on her shoulder, gazing up at the ceiling. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Meg laughed. "I am not going to have a thirteen-year-old boyfreind."

"Why not?"

Meg kissed the side of my hair. "I do like you, though," she said.

"As a boyfriend," I suggested.

She shook her head. "As a special friend."

I frowned.

"You can be like another little brother," she said.

I thought about the things Meg did with her little brothers. The thought had potential. "You like your little brothers?" I asked.

She hugged my chest and pressed the side of her face to mine. "I love my little brothers."

I nodded slightly. "I might like having a sister. You can tell me all about girls."

"Oh? Other girls?" she poked me in the ribs and I jumped. "You want to be my boyfriend, but you already want to talk about other girls."

"Not other girls," I said, rubbing my ribs ruefully. "Just girls in general."

"I think you're finding out about girls just fine," Meg said.

"I don't think so," I said. "Like, how can you tell when a girl just likes you, and when a girl really likes you?"

"I tell you what," Meg said, dropping her hand down to pat my belly. "Let's go canoeing, and I'll answer all your girl questions."

"Just you and me in a canoe?" I asked.


We had to wait for a canoe, though both canoes were still in the cove. Heather and Ash had one, and Jason and Olivia had one. Ash and Heather seemed to be becoming good friends. I watched them laughing and talking in their canoe until they saw me and Meg. They looked away, and for a moment, I felt a little pang because I would have liked to be friends with them they way they were with each other.

"We get a turn with a canoe!" Meg called out across the water.

The others ignored us.

Meg frowned, then spotted a bottle of sunscreen on the dock, along with a hat and some other things belonging to Ash. Meg picked up the bottle and handed it to me. "Here," she said, turning away from me. "Put some on my back."

I set our things down, and my face was right at her white little bottom. I grinned and stood up behind her. "I'll put some everywhere you're white," I told her.

Meg glanced back over her shoulder at me and grinned.

I spread lotion over her shoulders and back and down onto her butt and under it and in between the backs of her legs till my fingertips hit her pussy. I dropped to my knees and spread lotion on the backs of her legs.

"Turn around," I told her.

Meg turned, and I spread lotion up her calves and smooth thighs, then up over her belly and blond pubic mound. "You're very white here," I told her.

"Turning redder by the moment," Meg mumbled, opening her stance.

I spread lotion up her belly, and then stood again. I had an erection by then, but we'd had sex twice in the bathroom, so I wasn't expecting to do anything with it. I, nevertheless, pressed the end of my cock on Meg's pussy as I spread lotion over the fronts of her shoulders; until I had to back a little to get at her breasts. I watched her eyes as I caressed her breasts with lotion.

She smiled. "You have a few places that I think we better put sunscreen on," Meg said. “You may be used to being naked, but you aren’t used to being naked outside.”

She took the sunscreen bottle from my hand and squirted some onto her fingers. I resumed lotioning her breasts with both hands, but then she slathered lotion onto my dick. My knees almost buckled.

“Geez,” I murmured, grabbing onto her shoulders.

“You like that?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

I nodded, dropping my forehead to her shoulder. She took her hand from my cock and spread lotion over the backs of my shoulders. I left my head down and dropped my arms to my sides.

Meg was as thorough with me as I had been with her. My dick stayed hard, and Jason and Olivia came over to investigate.

“You going to have sex together?” Jason asked as he pulled their canoe up to the dock.

“We already did,” I said, proudly, with a bit of thirteen-year-old hubris for having sexed with a seventeen year old, way-hot girl.

“We’ll take that canoe,” Tucker called out.

I turned to see Tommy and him approaching the dock from the house.

“No you won’t,” Meg said simply. “We’ve been waiting for it.”

“We weren’t done,” Jason protested. “We just came over to see if you were gonna have sex with Dalton.”

“We’ll let you watch sometime,” Meg said with a smile, sitting down onto the dock and pulling the canoe close with her heels. “Be careful getting out.”

Jason frowned.

Tommy came up beside me, looked at my boner, and made a point of letting me know that he was looking at my boner. I made it jump, and he grinned at me.

Reluctantly, Jason climbed from the canoe. Olivia followed.

“Hey, Ash!” Tucker called out to the girls in the other canoe. “Let us have a turn. You’ve had it for hours.”

Ash, in the front of their canoe, glanced back at Heather, who shrugged. They turned their canoe toward the dock.

“There’s a rule,” Jason warned Meg, “that you can’t go out onto the lake without clothes.

“We know,” Meg told him, and pointed to me because I had just bent to pick up my shorts and Meg’s shorts and shirt.

“We’ll put on clothes if we need to,” Meg assured him.

“I’ll get shorts,” Tommy told Tucker. He turned to Meg and me. “Wait for us!”

Meg and I got into the canoe, and I set our clothes on a thwart seat to keep them dry. Ash and Heather pulled their canoe up to the other side of the dock. I smiled at them. Ash looked away.

Tommy came running back with two shirts, a small ice chest, and a flopping cock. “I brought sodas,” he announced. “Just shirts, though,” he added with a grin. “No one’s gonna see us from the waist down.”

“Unless they get close,” Meg pointed out.

None of us put on any clothes before we shoved away from the dock and paddled out into the cove.

“Hey, Dalton,” Tucker called as they caught up with us, and I realized I could tell them apart fairly easily now. Tucker had maybe five more pounds of muscle than Tommy. “Meg put out for you?”

Meg splashed them both, expertly, with her paddle.

“Ayee!” Tommy called out as he got most of it.

Tucker splashed back and we all got into it, soaking both canoes and our clothes stack pretty thoroughly.

“Stop! Stop!” Tommy cried out after Meg caught him full in the mouth with a paddle full of water. “Stop or we won’t share.”

“Share what? Soda?” she teased.

Tommy leaned toward us over the side of his canoe. “I just said ‘sodas’ in front of the others,” he told us quietly. “I brought beer.” He nodded toward the inlet. “Let’s go out onto the lake.”

Unlike the three of them, I had canoed very little. Meg was a strong paddler, though, and she was in the back of the canoe. She covered for me while I paddled my best to keep us from falling too far behind the twins.

We made it out to the lake and turned left, hugging the shore. A motorboat was out on the other side of the lake. Another was at the far end of the lake, toward the right, probably fishing. Both were at least a mile away. We followed along the bank in the other direction, eventually pulling into a small, shaded inlet where we pulled our canoes side by side. I clasped the two boats together at the front while Tommy opened the ice chest. Tucker held the canoes together in the back. Tommy passed a beer can to each of us.

We sat back to drink them. Tucker and Tommy hooked a leg over the side of our canoe to hold the canoes together. I pressed the balls of my feet to the balls of Meg’s. We all took a sip. I’d tasted beer before, but I’d never drunk a whole one.

“So how was he, Meg?” Tucker asked, leaning toward his sister and nodding in my direction.

“Excellent,” she said, giving me a big smile. “We’re almost boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Tommy hooted and reached across to punch my arm.

“She’s adopted me as another little brother,” I told the twins with a self-satisfied grin. “So we’re all like brothers now.”

“Oh, really,” Tommy said, grinning widely at me. “You know what brothers do for each other in our family?”

I smiled back. “You’ll have to show me.”

“Hands off,” Meg said, protectively. “He’s with me today.”

“And tonight,” I told Tommy, apologetically.

“Ah, true love,” Tucker said, taking a long sip of beer. “Meg’s conquered another heart.”

“That’s not all she conquered,” I said, wriggling my eyebrows.

Tommy, who had been taking a sip, sputtered beer up his nose. He coughed and his eyes crossed slightly. “Oh, geez, don’t ever get beer up your nose,” he said with a gasp.

“I like him, Meg,” Tucker said, leaning toward Meg again and looking at me. Then he lifted his beer toward me. “You’re our kind of guy, Dalton. A real cocksman.”

“Ha!” Meg guffawed. “What a crock of shit. Cocksmen?”

“We are, you know,” Tucker protested with a hurt look. “We are good with girls.”

Meg shook her head disdainfully. She took a sip of beer and glanced at me. “They didn’t have their first girlfriends until last year.”

“We didn’t need to,” Tucker countered. “Why would we want girlfriends when we had you, Mom, and Ash at home?”

Tommy leaned closer to me. “We got girlfriends because they were horny for us.”

I took another sip of beer and wondered how much beer it took to get drunk if you never really drank much before. “I’m not used to beer,” I said, half to myself.

“Your dad lets you take hits of marijuana, and you’ve never had beer?” Tommy asked, surprised.

“I’ve tasted beer,” I said. “I’m just not used to drinking it. You guys have done a lot more than me.”

“They hadn’t smoked marijuana before last night,” Meg said.

I thought about that. “So,” I asked, “how did you guys start having sex together?”

“Our uncle,” Tommy said. “He and Mom had sex when they were growing up; like us.”

“Mom and granddad, too,” Tucker added.

“Yeah, and as far back as I can remember,” Meg added, “Mom and Dad never bothered to close the door when they had sex. Often, they didn’t even go back to their room.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I watched my mom having sex when I was like six.

“Not your dad?”

“Not that time.”

“Oh,” Meg said, cocking an eyebrow. “But your dad knew about it right?”

“Yeah, I think so. He was probably screwing someone else at the time.”

“Mom says your dad likes boys,” Tommy said, casually taking another sip.

“She said your dad does, too,” I countered. Then I had a thought. “Have you had sex with your dad?”

“Sure,” Tommy said with a glance at Tucker.

“We have sex together, too,” Tucker added, nodding at Tommy. “Just like you and Jason have sex together.”

I nodded. “But Jason and I haven’t done everything,” I said.

“What’s everything?” Tommy asked, cocking an eyebrow.

I felt my face flush. “You know… anal.”

Tucker laughed. “Tommy will be more than happy to teach you all about that. He loves it up the butt.”

Tommy angrily splashed water up onto his brother. Tucker frowned, but didn’t respond in kind.

We sipped quietly. The boat on the other side of the lake appeared to be returning home. I laid my head back and gazed up into the trees.

“Is that a rope swing?” I asked, pointing up at one of the trees at the mouth of the inlet.

There are a couple of rules for rope swinging into a lake: 1) Make sure you back up the hill with the rope so that your angle back down on the swing takes you out over the water instead of into a tree, 2) don’t drink too much beer before attempting your first swing [see rule one], 3) if naked, when you drop, protect your balls at all costs which can be difficult if you just swung too close to a tree and lost your composure, 4) when recovering from a ball whop, do not remain in the path of the next person to swing, especially if he’s fourteen, 5) when narrowly missed by the next person to swing because you were immobile from a ball whop, be prepared to be goosed, 6) don’t expect to be dragged to safety by any fourteen-year-old boys close by, and 7), recovery from a ball whop is quickest when one’s head is reclined in the lap of a naked, seventeen-year-old girl.

Tommy and Tucker made a couple more swings before I felt recovered enough to try it again. I was motivated particularly by watching their lean bodies as they climbed up the bank and then swung out over the water, hanging on with tightened muscles, legs drawn up. They really were beautiful guys.

I let Meg have the swing before me, then caught the swing as it came back. As I pulled it back up the bank to do a swing of my own, Tucker came up alongside, climbing the slope up the bank beside me. He grabbed a handful of my butt and leaned close.

“If Tommy gets a piece of this, I want a piece,” he told me with a leering grin.

I frowned. It wasn’t that the idea didn’t appeal, especially when Tucker ran the side of his hand up my buttcrack before stepping away. It was just that if Tommy got a “piece” of me, it wasn’t going to be just my ass. I mean, we liked one another.

“Go ahead,” I told Tucker, handing him the rope. I decided that I wanted to wait for Tommy.

Tucker swung out as Tommy came up the slope from the water. He caught the rope and brought it up to me.

“Be careful this time,” he said, handing me the rope. “We don’t want to hurt these.” He stepped in front of me and cupped my balls. He smiled at the joke, but I saw something more in his eyes. I saw some of the feelings for me that I also had for him.

Holding onto the rope with one hand, I clasped my other behind his neck and I kissed him, firmly, right there, naked. He kissed back, taking hold of my shoulder.

“You two really have something going, don’t you?” Meg said, climbing up toward us.

Tommy stepped back with a grin. I swung out over the water, and then, grabbing my balls, I dropped into the water. This time, I only got water up my nose.

I swam to one side, sputtering, and tried to clear my head while I waited for Tommy.

He swung out above me and for a moment, I gazed up at his butt, his reddish perineum, and his dangling balls and cock, and I thought that he looked awesome. He dropped and swam to me, and together, we moved to the bank and climbed out.

Partway up the path, Tommy took my hand and led me aside to a flatter patch of ground. There were tall ferns there, and sunlight fell through the leaves in small pools of gold. Dragging me by my hand, Tommy dropped onto his back among the ferns, laughing.

He pulled me down on top of him, and I landed on him, belly to belly. He opened his thighs to my hips and wrapped his arms over the small of my back. He grinned up at me with those seriously blue eyes of his. I held myself up on my elbows over him, and I felt like I could fall into those eyes.

My eyes dropped to his lips. I wished I had lips like that… such a deep pink… so perfect, so pliable. As gently as a leaf falling, I lowered my lips to his.

It was like entering another universe; just Tommy and me. I mean, I heard dragon flies nearby. I felt the warmth of sunlight on my back. I heard Tucker yell and then the splash of his body entering the water. But that was another world, far away. My world was in the taste of Tommy’s mouth and the brush of his tongue against mine; in the feel of his warm skin and taut muscles under my belly and chest; in the drape of my balls and cock on his; and in the squeeze of his smooth thighs against my hips. I licked saliva from his mouth, and it was like licking honey. His hands slid to my butt and squeezed in a way that told me he liked my butt… and wanted it.

Our cocks grew hard and pointed downward between our legs like crossed swords. I had been used to Jason’s thin stiffy. Tommy’s was so much bigger. I rolled up to my side, sliding an arm behind his neck while I reached with my other hand to close my fingers around his shaft. I lifted it and stroked it, feeling the heft, the soft skin, the hardness, and the heat. Tommy closed his hand around my cock and our eyes met. We watched one another’s eyes as we fondled and stroked.

We were expected to like the girls. We were expected to like sex with them. We weren’t expected to fall in love with each other, and maybe that’s why we did, Tommy and me; because we were falling in love in a first time, thirteen and fourteen-year-old way. We both sensed it. He seemed more wonderful to me by the moment, and he seemed happy to be with me.

We stroked our cocks, pulling them upward between us and I rolled back on top of him. We kissed again, and Tommy caressed my back and my butt. I ran my fingers through his thick red hair. It was soft.

“Meg and I are gonna take a canoe back,” Tucker called to us.

How long had it been? I had no idea.

I rolled off Tommy, but then he rolled me onto my back and rolled onto me, covering my mouth with his. I opened my knees to him like he had to me. I planted my feet flat on the ground, squeezing his hips between my thighs. I wrapped my arms over the back of his waist and pulled our bellies together; inhaling his breath when he breathed it out. His tongue and my tongue slid and twisted in a mouth-filling dance.

I liked falling in love with another boy. I liked falling in love with Tommy.

Tommy planted his elbows on the ground above my shoulders and wrapped his arms over my head. He rubbed noses with me. He rubbed his lips on mine.

“The day my dad showed me your picture,” he said softly, “and my dad told me that we would all be together here… from that moment,” he said, “I wanted us to be like this.”

“Really?” I asked, feeling over his back with my fingertips.

He nodded and swept the hair off my forehead. He gazed down into my eyes as if to see the things that were deepest inside me.

He stuck a hand under the back of my left knee and raised it toward my chest. He smiled, and holding my knee up, he kissed my neck and chest and belly, backing down my body. When he pressed his mouth to the underside of my cock, he lifted my right knee up, as well. Holding both of my knees up to my ribs, he licked over my balls, then down under them, and then down into my buttcrack. No one had ever licked in my buttcrack before. I was thinking that it was pleasant; and then he pressed his tongue to my pucker.

“Oh,” I murmured. I guessed what he had in mind.

He probed with his tongue in my butthole and got me wet. He knelt up at my bottom, and I watched as he applied spit to his cock. I felt his cockhead at my butthole, and I arched back when he pressed it into me. I wasn’t used to it, and Tommy had a thick cock. But I was thirteen and he was fourteen, and things fit easier sometimes at those ages. I relaxed and felt his cock fill my butt. I felt his lap against my bottom.

He held my legs up and worked his dick in and out of me, and we watched one another. His eyes dropped to my cock. He stroked it for me and felt over my balls. My eyes drooped with appreciation.

Tommy lay down onto me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He slid his palms under my back and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We pulled each other tighter and held on as Tommy moved his cock inside me. He thrust. We kissed and the impact of his loins jiggled us.

His lap made slapping noises against my bottom. He rubbed the side of his face against mine and his breath grew ragged in my ear.

I lost my erection, but that didn’t matter. I liked what he was doing to me; with me. I liked what I was yielding for him. He was my friend; my special friend. And he was lean and strong. His muscles were tight and his body was denser than the girls’. And yet, his skin was as smooth as Ash’s or Heather’s. His breath was a boy’s breath, not a girl’s, and his kisses were firmer, drier. His movements were male, and so were mine.

His pubic bone banged my perineum and his belly rubbed the underside of my cock. It crossed my mind that if I hadn’t had sex with Olivia that morning and twice with Meg, I would probably have been hard and close to coming because what he was doing not only felt good; it was exciting.

When Tommy came, I could feel his cum around his shaft at my opening. I held him tightly in my arms as he whimpered and shuddered. He slowly relaxed onto me and kissed under my ear.

With a deep, contented sigh, Tommy rolled onto his back beside me. We glanced at each other and smiled, then the two of us gazed up at the sky as he caught his breath.

“Have you ever done that with your dad or Jason?” he asked.

“No,” I said, idly noticing that a cloud passing overheard made a tall tree look like it was falling toward me. “Nothing like that. Jason and I have just, you know, rubbed boners together and sucked each other off.”

Tommy took my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine.

“Did you like it? What we did, I mean.”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“Me, too,” he said. “It’s never been like that with Tucker or my dad; not like it was just now with you.”

He squeezed my hand. I looked at him. He looked at me. I rolled up on my side beside him and drew my finger down his chest and belly. I did it again and again, memorizing every muscle and seam of his body. He drew out strands of my hair on his fingers and watched my face.

“We’re gonna be better than best friends,” he said.

“Yeah. Better.”

“And we’re gonna have sex again; a lot.”

“Yep,” I agreed. My brow furrowed. “Do you think I could do what you just did?”

He smiled. “You can fuck me now if you want.”

I shook my head. “I’m cool.” I bent and kissed his nipple. “But I want to sometime.”

It was summer and the sun was still up, though it was still late, when we returned. The others had eaten. Tucker, Meg, Olivia, and Jason were sitting on the dock waiting for us.

“It’s about time you two came back,” Jason said with a frown.

“So,” Meg asked me, “are you all worn out now?”

“No,” I told her, but with mixed feelings because I thought I’d rather be with Tommy later. “I mean,” I tried explaining, my face turning red, “that I didn’t, you know…”

“So Tommy fucked you, in other words, and you didn’t fuck him,” Tucker said with a laugh, getting up from the dock and brushing off his butt.

I frowned. Tucker was a pain sometimes.

I wondered where Heather and Ash were, but found out when we went inside.

Our dads had taken advantage of our absence to make their move on the two twelve-year-old girls. Dad and Sam were seated at opposite ends of the same couch. Dad had Ash sideways in his lap, her feet toward the middle of the couch. Sam had Heather sideways in his lap, and her feet were also toward the middle of the couch; toe-to-toe with Ashley. They were all naked, of course.

Our dads were speaking fondly to the girls, and all four were smiling, even though our dad’s had their hands on the girl’s breasts. I imagined them saying something like, “Oh, my pretty, what sweet boobs you have.”

I started to frown, but reminded myself that I had Meg. And then I noticed how adoringly Heather was looking at Sam. It dawned on me that she didn’t have a dad at home, and Sam had two daughters; he knew how to treat a young girl. He said something that made Heather smile happily, and I decided I would be an asshole to be jealous of her liking Sam.

The others had come inside with Tommy and me, and they sat at the table with us while we ate the last of a chicken casserole Bonnie had made. The women worked back and forth from the kitchen, clearing the table and bringing us drinks.

The twins, Jason, and I sat so that we could see what our dads were up to. We couldn’t see clearly, but when Ash’s mouth dropped open and her head dropped back, I figured Dad had something up her pussy; probably a finger or two.

We ate fairly quickly. It wasn’t that I wanted to see our dads fuck my first two girlfriends, but I didn’t want to miss it either. The twins seemed interested, too. But then, when Tommy and I got up from the table for a closer look, Tucker remained seated. I looked back to see that Olivia was between his legs and her head was bobbing. No surprise.

Tommy and I took up seats on an opposite couch to watch our dads, or more exactly, the girls with our dads. Tommy’s dick, like mine, pointed up from his lap. Ash, who was riding on my dad’s fingers with a very distracted look, glanced at my lap and reached for her breast with her hand. She pinched her nipple, staring at my cock. Heather’s forehead was tucked in the side of Sam’s neck and she clung to him with her eyes closed as he fingered her gently.

With her eyes steadily on Tommy and me, Ash climbed astride my dad’s lap, facing us. She pointed his long, thick erection up under her and rubbed it on her pussy, watching our crotches. She sat slowly onto my dad’s big dick, holding one of her breasts and watching my face. As she settled into Dad’s lap, he grabbed the sides of her waist. He leaned back, and for a while all I could see of him were his hands, his legs, his balls, and his thick shaft whenever Ashley rose off his lap.

Ash didn’t just rise and fall in Dad’s lap. She rocked. She rode his cock like she was riding a horse… and soon, like she was riding a bronco. She fondled her breasts. He fondled her breasts; his big hands flattening her firm mounds. She licked a finger and ran it over her areolas. She pinched her nipples. He pinched her nipples. She fingered her clit and sucked her fingers. And the whole time she rode Dad, she watched Tommy and especially me.

I was momentarily distracted when Tucker led Olivia to the rug which lay on the floor in front of the two couches. Olivia dropped to her back and opened her thin legs and arms to him. Tucker dropped onto her, and Olivia wrapped those thin arms and legs around him. Tucker humped, and his smooth skinned butt rose and fell with youthful grace and speed as he covered her smaller body with his.

Ash watched them, too.

Movement at the other end of their couch caught out attention. Heather got up from Sam’s lap and straddled him, face-to-face, the way she had done me the day before. We watched as Sam held his man-sized dick up under her, and, with her hands on his shoulders, Heather sat down onto it very slowly.

Tommy and I glanced at one another’s boners. He was fondling his; I was fondling mine. We had washed his in the lake before returning, so it was clean. I thought about giving him a blow job, even if everyone would be watching.

But then Bonnie led Jason from the table out onto the same rug Olivia and Tucker were on. It was a long rug, and Bonnie laid my eleven-year-old brother out on his back, perpendicular to how Olivia and Tucker were lying. Jason’s thin boner was wet, like Bonnie had been sucking on it.

Bonnie mounted Jason about as fast as someone throwing a leg over a horse. She started riding his boner with as much vigor as Ash had, riding my dad’s. Bonnie’s large breasts bounced and swayed, and for a moment, captured my attention.

Mom and Dee had come in from the kitchen and been watching. Meg came up beside my end of the couch. The three of them had begun fingering their pussies. Mom glanced at Tommy’s and my erections, then focused on Tommy’s. She came over to him and stood right up on the couch over him, shoving her crotch at his face. That was something I wasn’t used to seeing my mom do. Tommy reached up between her legs with both hands and grabbed her butt. He pulled her crotch to his mouth.

Meg did the same thing to me that Mom had done to Tommy. She stood up on the couch over me and shoved her crotch at my face. I got a glimpse of Ash across on the other couch. She was frowning.

Like Tommy had done, I reached up between her legs and grabbed two handfuls of butt. I pulled her crotch to my mouth. Her taste was awesome, and I probed her with my tongue excitedly.

A hand took my cock. A tongue licked over it. I glanced around Meg’s hips to see that her mom, Dee, was between my legs and licking up my shaft. With a groan, I returned to eating out Meg. She was soon humping my mouth.

Meg got down onto her knees over my lap, and Dee backed away. Meg reached under her to guide my dick up inside her, and I got another look at Ash. Her head was back on Dad’s shoulder. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Dad had her breasts in his hand, holding on as she rode him. Heather’s arms were around Sam’s neck, and she was riding his dick much more slowly.

But then Meg sat down onto my cock, and her breasts were like, in my face. So I feasted. I took both beautiful breasts in my hands and plunged my face between them. I licked and sucked.

The couch jiggled. Dee knelt up beside us. She took one of my hands from Meg’s breasts and put it between her legs. I cupped my fingers over Dee’s pussy. It was wet. I rubbed a finger in her soaking crevice and up into her vagina. I felt her mouth on the side of my neck. She ran an arm behind Meg and Meg ran an arm behind her, and the two of them, mother and daughter, pulled us together as Meg rode me with my face buried between her soft breasts and her mom eating my neck.

Meg rode my cock enthusiastically and brought herself. It surprised me, mildly, that I didn’t come, and that I did stay hard. In fact, by the time Meg was done and her juices were soaking my cock, I was just revving up. We kissed, the three of us. Then Meg climbed off and Dee climbed on.

In that moment, I saw that the dads, Ash, and Heather were gone, probably upstairs. Mom had cowgirled Tommy’s lap, facing him, and she was riding his cock slowly with a smile on her face and her forehead on Tommy’s. He was smiling dreamily.

Dee settled onto my lap. Her pussy was drier than Meg’s at that moment. As her vagina slid onto my cock, I sighed at the feel and had the random thought that I was changing to a fresh pussy. I also remember thinking that Tommy and I were fucking one another’s moms. That was a turn-on, strangely.

Dee slipped a hand behind my head and pulled my face between her breasts the way I had been between Megs. Dee began to move, and I responded. I bucked slowly, but firmly and I took her breasts into my hands to feast on, just as I had feasted on her daughter’s. Dee’s were looser, but no more ample.

Meg remained beside us. She fingered the back of my hair and my neck. She felt over my shoulders. Dee ground into my lap much more forcefully than Meg had. Dee was a woman and knew exactly what she wanted from me. She ground and rocked and took my head into her arms, holding my face to her breasts. Then she pulled my head back, smiled down gently into my eyes, and covered my mouth with hers.

Sex with a woman is different than sex with a girl; even a sex-wise girl like Meg or a sex-loving girl like Ash. Dee made love to me with a combination of grace and tenderness and strength that was strangely motherly. She rubbed her face softly on mine. She kissed me affectionately. She moved her hips expertly. She tightened her pussy on my cock and milked it. She did things to make me feel good, and she cooed gently in my ear as she brought me to a heart-filling climax and then ground down on my cock to one of her own.

I was drained. She kissed over my face fondly.

“You ought to get him to bed, Meg,” she said gently, climbing off my lap. “I think we’ve worn him out.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Meg said, taking my hand and tugging for me to get up from the couch. “It’s still early.”

It was still early, but it had been a pretty demanding day, even for a kid my age. Meg led me up to the double bed in the girls’ room and for a while, we simply talked and gave each other back rubs. I asked her questions about Tommy, and she asked me questions about Tommy and me. I treated her like a big sister, and she treated me like a little brother.

We got ready for bed together and I decided once more that was fun to have a big sister. We crawled into bed while others were still up downstairs. Meg spooned me from behind and we fell asleep that way.

The lodge was quiet when the bed jiggled, and I felt a naked body slide in beside mine. I opened my eyes sleepily. It was Tommy. He smiled and kissed me, and then rolled away and backed his butt into my lap so that I could spoon him the way Meg was spooning me. I wrapped my arm over his waist and returned to a much more contented sleep.


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