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Angel and Aidan




I almost choked on my oatmeal when my sister asked out of nowhere, "Dad, how big is your penis?"

My 13-year-old brother Mason did choke on his oatmeal, and Dad had to slap him on the back to help him clear his airway. It's not exactly something you expect a young girl to ask at breakfast. Dad looked at her and said calmly, "Why do you ask, Angel?"

"We're doing a section on male sexuality in health class. The book says men's penises can vary greatly in length." She looked into the air and quoted in a sing-song voice, "'The largest human penis on record belongs to a man in Mexico. It measures 19 inches long and five inches thick, and he can barely lift it. Its owner claims to have been cursed by a bruja, or witch, who ruined his life by making his penis oversized and unusable.'" She looked at Dad and said, "And some grown up men have little tiny micropenises less than three inches long."

"Um, can we talk about something else?" I asked, squirming uncomfortably.

She looked at me. "I know Bryce's penis is a little over six inches long."

That started a laugh out of Mom. "And how do you know that, young lady?"

"He told me."

"Well, he's not completely grown yet, so don't go making comparisons."

"Ten inches," Dad said suddenly.

"Wha...?" Mason and I both said.

"That's how long my erect penis is. Ten inches, over two inches thick."

"John!" my mom cried. "You can't just say something like that in front of the kids!"

"Why not? She asked. Might as well tell the truth."

My sister looked at our embarrassed mother with shining eyes. "Wow, Mama, you're a lucky woman!"

Mom just turned redder.

"What about you, Mase?" Angel piped up.

"Seven," he muttered.

"You're a fuckin' liar," I said, popping him with my napkin. "No way my little brother's wang is bigger than mine!"

"Believe what you want."

"I'd believe maybe five inches, if you're lucky," I sneered.

"Oh yeah? Want me to whip it out right here and show ya?" he demanded, his blue eyes blazing.

"Boys!" Mom snapped. She sighed and put her hand over her eyes. "I can't believe I'm literally refereeing a dick-measuring contest. Keep in in your pants, boys."

"Yes ma'am," we said politely. To Mason I mouthed, Prove it later. He mouthed back, Fine.

Meanwhile, Angel watched the fracas, grinning smugly.

Later, to my chagrin, Mason did prove it. I was pissed, but I had one thing he didn't have yet: a nice, steady sex life with the girls at my high school. And I was fucking the tightest pussy ever on a regular basis.


I've always considered myself sexually adventurous. For example, I really enjoyed watching my best friend Aidan stroke his long, thick cock when we jerked it together. I don't know why, but it seemed to add to my own orgasm in some strange way, different from what I enjoyed when I was sexing up a girl. There's something about getting off with a good friend that, well, really gets me off.

One Saturday, we were stroking off in my room together when my parents were off on parent business. Aidan's comes are always amazing; he shot about three feet in the air, which always impressed the hell out of me. This time was no different. After we'd cleaned our guns and put them away, Aidan looked at me and sighed, "That was great. We haven't done that in a while."

"I know. I've been busy with the ladies." I waggled my eyebrows at him.

He blushed. "Well, um, I've never been lucky that way." Aidan was kind of a science geek, thick glasses and all.

"Still a virgin?" He nodded, blushing more. "You still like girls, right?"

He looked at me like I was nuts. "Of course I like girls!"

I shrugged. "Wouldn't bother me if you didn't. It's not like you mind jerking off with me."

His blush deepened.

"Hey, don't feel bad if you don't. I mean, I figure if you really wanted a girl, you could get one. All you'd have to do is show one of the Whore Corps that big dick." The Whore Corps was what we called our school's 30-girl drill team, for... reasons.

"I do like girls!" he protested shrilly. " I... I just don't know how to talk to them!"

"Well." I grinned and leaned forward. "I know a girl who wants to do more than talk to you."

His eyes widened comically. "Uh... what?"

"In fact," I drawled, "she thinks you're cuuuute. And she really perked up when I told her you were hung like a horse. She isn't much for conversation... but she's willing to give you all the pussy you can handle. If you want it, of course."

"You're shittin' me. This is a joke, right?"

"I wouldn't shit my favorite turd, Aidan. This is the real deal."

He looked at me dubiously. "So... what's the catch?"

"Ah, smart man. There is a catch, kinda." I rubbed my hands together briskly. "You've gotta keep this an absolute secret, okay? If you don't, I will absolutely kill you, and you won't be getting any pussy this side of college, all right? Assuming I even leave your dick intact."

He rolled his eyes. "All right, whatever."

"Here's the deal. I've been screwing this one girl that I shouldn't be, okay? We've been doing it a lot, and it's fucking great, let me tell you, but we need to cool it before we get into trouble."

"Huh. Is she married or something?"

"As if! Cute as a button and the hottest little body you've ever seen. But the emphasis here is on little. She's a lot younger than us."

"How much younger?" he asked slowly.

"Um, well... she's twelve."

"Excuse me? I couldn't hear that."

"I said she's twelve!"

"Twelve what?"

I rolled my eyes. "Twelve years old, doofus!"

"WHAT! That's way too young!"

I grinned fondly. "Dude, I know. But let me tell you, Aidan, she's a little firecracker. Tiny and tight and just totally uninhibited. She has a lot of experience now, and she love, love, loves sex. She could get a whole bunch of boys in middle school just by snapping her fingers, but," I laughed, "she says their cocks would be too small! I don't think she'd have that problem with you."

"So why would you want to stop screwing her?" he asked doubtfully. "Besides her being so young, I mean. As long she doesn't tell anyone, you'd be okay. And it's not like you're 18 yet anyhow. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but who is she?"

"I don't want to stop screwing her, I need to." I cocked my eyebrow at him. "Think about it, Aidan. Put two and two together, okay? She knows you well enough to think you're cute. She's 12. I'm not supposed to be fucking her. Who do you think it is?"

He looked at me for about a minute, then his eyes grew wider than I have ever seen, and I thought he might faint. "Angel!" he squeaked. "You're fucking your baby sister!"

"Bingo. Now you see my problem, and hers."

He just stared at me and swallowed hard. "Dude, that's just so..." he ran out of words.

"Sick? Depraved? Wrong? Perverted?" I challenged, prepared to be mad at him.

"No... except maybe the last one." He rolled his eyes at me again. "And who am I to say anything? I just jacked off with my best friend, pretending he was sucking my dick."

"What? Wait, you were fantasizing about me—?"

"The point is," he said loudly, overriding my curiosity, "I'm as pervy as the next guy. The words I was trying to find were 'so fucking hot.' Incest is one of my hot buttons. If I had sibling, who knows how much pussy or dick I'd be getting?"

"Oh," I said, and shut up. Don't think I forgot what he'd said about fantasizing about me, because I didn't. I'd be bringing it up again later.

"Anyway," he said, idly rubbing the erection I could see growing in his shorts, "do you think she really means it?"

"She totally means it," I said. "She told me, and I quote, 'If his dick really is bigger than yours, I'm going to have a lot of fun teaching him how to fuck."

"Oh. Jeez, okay. I think I could get on board with that program," he said, grinning. But then he got serious. "But dude, she's 12. That worries me. I don't want to get caught by your 'rents and get in trouble. Obviously that's why you're backing off on doing her, so what's different about me?"

"Our parents don't mind if us kids have sex," I told him. "The tell us that when they give us the talk when we're ten. They just don't want us having sex with each other. Be discreet and they won't bother you, okay?"

"What about, you know, in public?"

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. "Dude, she doesn't want a boyfriend. She's not even dating for reals yet. She just wants a fuck buddy."

"Well... I think I could do that."

"Yeah, I'll bet." I threw a pillow at him, and reached for my cell phone. "No time like the present." I dialed Angel's number, and when she picked up with a perky, "Hello," I said, "Come up here, will you? I think I've got it figured out."

Two minutes later, my door opened, and in came Angel, wearing the tiniest bikini I have ever seen on a real girl in the flesh. I'd taken it off her more than once before I fucked her bald little pussy silly, and just looking at her like that made my dick rise again. I glanced at Aidan and saw that he was gaping. I didn't blame him. She was radiant: pretty pixie face famed by long, pale red-blond hair, with skin tanned the color of dark honey—and she filled out that bikini pretty damned well for a kid. Her tits were apple-size and fully tanned, as I had plenty of reason to know, and if she'd had any hair on her puss the thong wouldn't have hidden it. Her tummy was tight and faintly washboarded, and she was just muscular enough to pluck some taut chord deep in my psyche. My cock was already painfully hard, and I could see that Aidan's pants were bulging too.

She sniffed and grinned widely. "It smells like boy cum in here. You been foolin' around?"

I grinned and shrugged. "Aidan likes to fantasize about me sucking him off and I like watching him jack his big ol' cock, so we do it together sometimes."

Aidan blushed and glared at me, but there was a little bit of interested surmise in his expression. I'd never told him that I enjoyed looking at his cock in action.

Angel laughed and clapped her hands together. "Awesome! I wanna see!"

This time, Aidan paled. "Umm, I, uh..."

She put her hands on her hips and pouted. "You wanna fuck me or not, mister? I gotta see the goods first! So let's get naked, chop-chop!" She led the way, pulling a couple of strings and letting the fabric of her swimsuit fall away. I sighed contentedly as my eyes devoured her naked form. I loved her crinkled nips with their nickel-sized pink aureoles, and God, her little puss—those fat little-girl lips, with the hot pink gleaming line between them! She was already steamed up, and OMG, was I going to miss our brother-sister playtime!

Maybe they'd let me watch sometimes.

Swallowing hard, Aidan took off his glasses and put them on my desk, then peeled out of his T-shirt, showing off a surprisingly well-defined chest and abs. He then dropped his pants and boxers. He was hard already, just from the look of Angel and the thought of fucking her. A lopsided grin on her face, she grabbed the protractor off my desk to measure him, but it was too short. She knew right where my ruler was (she did this to me a lot) and got it out of my top desk drawer. Then she laid it beside his cock, using one hand to hold his cock out straight. Aidan looked like he'd died and gone to heaven.

"Nine inches!" Angel crowed. "Almost as big as Daddy's!"

"Um, how does she know that?" Aidan asked, looking concerned.

"Long story. Dad's not fucking her or anything, if you were wondering."

She looked at Aidan and his tool with smoldering eyes, then looked at me as a spark of mischief transformed her expression. "Strip, Bry."

I grinned. "One last time, then?" I was out of my clothes a moment later, my six inches erect and ready to go.

"Now," she said slowly, looking from one of us to the other as she slipped delicate fingers between delicate pussy lips, "I want to see you go down on each other."

"WHAT!" we both shouted simultaneously.

"You heard me."

Into the long silence that followed, Aidan finally said, "But... we're not gay."

She rolled her eyes. "You're bisexual and you know it, Aidan. Bryce is bi, too, but hasn't admitted it yet. Now, do you want to fuck me or not?"

Angel clinched the deal by putting her hands under her breasts and pushing them upward, using her thumbs to work the strawberry-colored nipples crowning her little glories to sharpness. Suddenly Aidan was all over me like a cheap suit, grabbing at my cock—and before I knew it he'd sucked half of it into his mouth!

Though I'd been blown before, often by my sister, the feeling of Aidan's mouth on my cock was indescribable. This was a guy, which ratcheted up the perversity factor, and it was Aidan, whom I'd kinda crushed on for years—especially after I found out about the size of that snake in his pants. "Jesus, that feels good!" I moaned. "Wait, wait! You gotta feed me your cock too, dude!"

We lay down on my queen bed side-by side in the 69 position, and Angel made sure my door was locked. The 'rents weren't home, but you could never be too careful, as we'd learned once when fucking on Mom and Dad's bed. We hadn't been caught, but it had been a near thing.

I shook off the memory—which still made a thrill shoot through me—and concentrated on the python bobbing in front of my nose. The incredible sensations from my crotch made it hard to concentrate, especially when he took the time to suck my balls into my mouth and work them over, one by one. Holy fuck! Desperately, I dived in and brought my lips down over the head of his cock for the first time. It was long but slender; still, it filled up my mouth. It didn't taste as nasty as I might have expected, just salty from his sweat, with a creamy sweet hint that might have been from the semen he'd spilled earlier. Well, hey – his cock was usually under clothes, so except for his cum, it was probably the cleanest part of his body, right? When I pushed down further and swirled my tongue around the fat head, Aidan took his mouth off me long enough to gasp, "Fuck yeah! Suck it, baby! I've wanted this for years!"

I didn't know what to say to that, so I didn't say anything, just did my best to lick and suck on the top half of his cock. I couldn't see any way to go any deeper; I didn't have any blowjob skills, after all, this being my very first time. I assumed it was his, too, but he already had my cock deepthroated, right down to my balls, and was making a kind of swallowing action with his throat that was bringing me right to the edge. He'd stop a little and let me catch up, especially when I gasped, "Holy shit, man!", and then eventually work his way back to it. Soon I could feel his balls start to pull up against the base of his cock. I wasn't going to finish off before he did, so I started pumping my hips, fucking his face—and he really got off on that. He helped by bobbing his head back and forth, faster and faster, until the sensations were too much to stand, and the huge load waiting at the base of my cock gushed out of me into his waiting mouth in half-a-dozen jets. I thought I was done, but he gently squeezed my balls and the base of my cock, sucking down half my length, and I shot another couple of jets and a long, steady dribble. It was the best orgasm of my life to that point; I felt like my body was on fire, and all my erogenous zones, from my earlobes to my nipples to crotch and ass, were tingling like crazy.

That was when I decided I wanted Aidan to fuck me like a girl someday.

But now I had an important job to do: I had to make my bestie come. I swallowed as much of his cock as I dared and started bobbing my head, gagging a little sometimes when the head of his cock hit my uvula. He started gently fucking my face, as I'd done him, my deflating cock still in his mouth; and then he groaned loudly and sent a torrent of his juice flooding into my mouth. I choked and tried to swallow, but I wasn't able to take it all in. I know for sure he sent me more than the teaspoon or so they say most guys ejaculate, and by the time we pulled off one another, the overflow was dribbling down my jaw.

Angel reached out and scooped it onto her finger, which she stuck in her mouth. "Mmmm, sweet," she said cheerfully.

"Yeah, it is," I said, still panting from my orgasm and Aidan's.

"Not as sweet as my Candyman's," Aidan said with a short laugh. I glanced at him; he was lying back, eyes closed, a ridiculously pleased look on his face. I grinned and looked at my sister, noticing her cunny was red.

She leaned in to whisper to me, "I came twice playing with myself while watching you guys. It was So. Fucking. Hot."

"You're so fucking hot," I said; and, wrapping my arms around her bottom, I drew her in to me. "Speaking of sweet..." I thrust my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, and she groaned, tweaking her nipples to maximize the sensation.

Suddenly, Aidan sat up and stretched lazily. "Thought you were supposed to stop doing shit like that," he said, grinning.

"One last time won't hurt," she gasped.

"Well, beautiful, I've ready to start learning about sex from you. Can I call you Sensei?"

"Sure!" She said, giggling, as I sat up and licked my lips. Their turn.

"Smoking Hot Sensei" – later he shortened the nickname to Smoky, which no one but us ever understood –"could you teach me how to fuck, please? I prefer hands-on instruction."

"I prefer pussy-on instruction," she replied in a husky voice, and pushed him back down on the bed. His giant cock was already reaching for the sky, so she slowly, carefully lowered herself down on it. Aidan watched, fascinated, as his root disappeared into my sister's tight cunt. She seemed to have trouble taking the last few inches, but got past that with a little discomfort that seemed to pass quickly. Soon enough she was sitting on his lap, his pubes brushing against her hairless labia.

"Ohmigod," he groaned, "I can't believe my cock's in a girl's pussy! And it's so goddamn tight. This is better than I ever dreamed!"

"We haven't even gotten started yet, baby," my sister announced, and then started bobbing up and down, riding his cock. His hands flew to her hips, cupping her buttocks, and he began lifting her up and lowering her onto him, meeting her cunny with hard strokes of his own. He was stronger than I'd thought, or else his horniness increased his strength; she was little, but not tiny. I found the way his muscles bunched and relaxed in his arms and chest disturbingly erotic.

Angel must have found the situation hella erotic too, because she was moaning loud enough to be heard throughout the house. Thank goodness we were here alone! "Ahhhhhh... I'm so full!" she squeaked and gasped. "I wonder if this is how Mama feels when Daddy fucks her!"

"Probably she doesn't feel as full, since she's a grown-up and has fucked him thousand times," I sighed, jacking my cock as I watch my best friend get off in my sister's remarkable tightness. The thought of Mom fucking Dad added to the spice. I finally said fuck it and stood beside Angel, pushing her head down toward my groin. "Suck my fat cock, you hot little minx!" I growled.

"Ooh, I- love- it- when- you- talk- dirty," she replied, her words coinciding with Aidan's deep thrusts. Then she took me into her mouth, and the vibrations from her moans passing to my flesh soon got me hot again. I started to gently fuck her face, moaning myself as I ramped up toward another big explosion. When she let out a muffled squeal as she came, hard, I'd had enough and jetted a couple streams of my juice down her throat. Her clutching cunny pushed Aidan over the cliff, and he too came, thrusting up into her before pulling out and painting her face, tits, and tight belly with a typical Aidan gusher. I laughed weakly and said, "You can keep it in there next time. Mom has her on the pill."

He looked chagrined. "Okay. Sorry, Smoking Hot Sensei."

She giggled. "I'll let you get away with a passing grade if you and Buddy lick it off me."

Well, that was no hardship at all, especially after drinking each other's cum earlier. We were on her eagerly, licking her silky skin and kissing her deeply and eagerly. When she was clean, I pushed her down on the bed and growled, "Bubba's gonna pound you now, little girl."

"Really?" she purred. "I thought we were stopping."

"Not yet we're not." My cock was hard again, and I slid it in right to the top as she squirmed and sighed beneath me. My cock may not be as big as Aidan's, but it's thick and I know how to use it. I twisted and moved and slid in at different angles, and she was loving it; I felt that tight hole grab me several times as she came, and it seemed like I could go on forever. I'd already come, so I had some staying power... but I realized finally that something was missing, something I'd already thought of. I slowed down to deep even strokes, and said to an amazed Aidan, who was watching avidly, "Go to the bathroom and get a clean wet washcloth, and the KY from the medicine cabinet."

"Okay, but why?"

"Show you in a minute."

When he arrived with the lube, big dick bobbing comically, I said, "Put it on the bed next to you. Clean up my asshole with the cloth if it needs it. It shouldn't—I keep myself pretty clean down there. Then I want you to eat my ass for a while."

"What?! Why?"

"Because that's supposed to make it easier to take a cock... and I want you to fuck me while I'm fucking Angel."

"Holy shit!" he yelled, and her only response was a low, deep moan as her pussy clenched me again. "Um, how do I, uh, eat you?" Aidan asked nervously.

"Pretend my asshole is a pussy," I gasped. "Lick my hole, stick your tongue in it, you know. I'm clean."

"Okay," Aidan said doubtfully. "I thought this was all about me getting to do it with Angel...?"

"It is," I grunted. "But you'll love what comes next, I promise."

"Well, okay." Without hesitating, without bothering with the cloth, he pried apart my ass cheeks and stuck his face between them, and seconds later I felt his tongue gently probing my anus. "Oh, God," I groaned. It felt a lot better than I expected, and in a few seconds, I could feel my clenched anal muscles relaxing. "Oh yeah," I panted as he probed into me with his tongue—pretty deep, too. He really got into it, and was soon easing a finger into my asshole, which felt strange but welcome at the same time. I pushed back against it, and it popped right in to the last knuckle.

I couldn't help it. When his finger slid over my prostate I came, blasting away into my little sister's cunt for like the hundredth time in the last six months. I let out a huge groan and collapsed on top of her as Aidan pulled away, afraid I was done for the day... but when she giggled and clenched her vagina around my invader, I realized I was still hard. Grinning, I rose up until the tip of my cock was barely in her, and said, "That was fun. Did you like it?"

"Not bad, man," Aidan said, and I looked at him; he was grinning crookedly, and his nine-incher was sticking straight out and oozing pre-come.

"So lube my hole up, big guy, lube up your cock, and get to fucking!"

"That's so hot," Angel whispered to me. "I'm practically coming just from thinking about it!"

"You practically come just from someone touching you in the right place," I snickered. "Remember when Dad put his hand on your butt to help you into the minivan that time? I thought you were going to cream on the spot."

"Oh yeah," she moaned. "I think about it a lot. Ima get that cock someday."

"Yeh, Aidan can help break you in to big cocks. Speaking of which, where's yours, A?"

"I have a lot to lube," he muttered as he stuck a jelly-coated finger in my pucker. It went right in, and he lubed up the first couple inches inside, and spread more of the cold, slippery stuff around my butthole. Then I felt something press against me, and knew it wasn't a finger, but the fat mushroom head of his cock.

"Fuck me," I said roughly.

"'K." He pushed, and I was surprised to feel my ass kind of flower open to take his meat. It felt weird but good again, with very little pain; and it was a good pain, at that, even though it felt like he was forcing a baseball bat into my rectum. My knees almost gave out as the wave of sensation swept through me, and I began to tingle hotly, like I was on fire from the inside out. The head popped in surprisingly easily, and that was the widest part, so I figured the rest would go right in; and it did, for a minute, until the head hit my still-sensitive prostate. God, he was HUGE. It took a little work, and quite a bit more hurt, to get past that, but once the head was past, his full nine inches slid right up my ass until I could feel his downy pubes knocking at my back door. I was almost gone from the ecstasy by then. God, this was ­nothing like what I'd experienced with any girl I fucked, not even Angel! I wasn't going to give up girls any time soon, but I decided I wasn't gonna pass up any hard cocks that came my way from now on, either.

Though to be honest, I felt such an intense attraction, even love, for both the people fucking me right then that I could almost imagine not needing another lover again, not ever.

Gasping and grunting his own enjoyment, my best friend and now-lover pulled most of his cock out of me, then eased it back all the way in—and it felt good, in a way I imagined nothing else could ever match. Fuck, I was addicted to cock already. "You fill me up so goddamn good, Aidan," I moaned. "God, I love your cock!" Then I said something I didn't mean to. "God, I love you."

He stopped completely, and I moaned, "No, don't stop! Keep fucking me! Fuck me harder!" I dropped down into and onto Angel, found her lips with mine, and started kissing her hotly, my tongue probing her sweet little mouth, as Aidan started again, pumping harder, the new angle increasing the friction and making the pain-tinged pleasure all the more intense. I'd never felt something more powerfully in my life. I lifted my lips from Angel's, thrusting into her as he thrust into me, and said, "I love you, baby girl. Now and forever."

Her dreamy-eyed response was to moan, "Fuck us harder, Aidan baby!"

"Yeah, fuck us harder, baby," I said loudly. He picked up the pace, hands tight on my hips, steadily accelerating as my bowels loosened up and his own excitement drove him harder, and I just let him control the whole thing, pushing my cock deep into Angel's slick candy cunt, wrenching more pleasure out of me from that side, chanting, "Fuck... Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" as he pounded into me, the slapping sounds of our bodies meeting in passionate union filling the room. I was completely out of control of my actions, and it was with a mixture of regret and relief that I felt him slam into me one last time and lock there, as he cried out wordlessly and filled my rectal cavity with semen. I could feel its warmth spreading through me, like a hit of brandy spreads through you, only from the opposite side of my body.

Holy. Fuck. This was gonna be a helluva mess to clean up, but by god, it was worth it.

My cock spasmed one last time in my sister's pussy, and with an almost painful sensation, my balls and prostate gave up another small load of semen. After Aidan pulled out and fell across the end of the bed, totally spent, I rolled off poor, dazed Angel and said, "I love you guys. You've both gotta try receiving anal. Oh. My. Gawd."

Breathing hard, Aidan cracked, "You prepping for your Daddy's cock too, Bud?"

I reached over and caressed his flaccid, slimy member. "If it's anything like yours, hell yeah, I'll take it. Did you like it?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods? Fuck, it was almost as good as fucking Angel."

"Thanks, big guy," she gasped.

"I think I like pussy better. Not sure I want a cock up my ass either, Candyman, not when you taste so good."

"We'll take it slow, Hot Rod," I told him. That was another nickname no one ever figured out, since he didn't even have a car. "You might like it as much as I just did."

"That was so fuckin hot," Angel said after a long moment. "I came at least 10 times. Mmmm. I don't think I can even move. Buddy, can you draw me a hot bath and carry me to the bathtub?"

"Why should I do that?

"You guys are heavy. You practically smooshed me. And my cunny's so sore... and so full. And because you love me and I deserve it!"

She was right on all counts. After I got rested up a bit, I prepared the bath, then picked up Angel's tiny form and laid her down in the big tub in the bathroom that connected our bedrooms, kissing her on the forehead before turning up the water. I noticed that her cunny was dripping with spunk, so I crouched and licked her until the water covered her crotch, then used a washcloth to scrub her clean. Damn, she was surprisingly full.

You know, in the stories, young lovers bounce back like Jack-in-the-Boxes, ready to go all night. Maybe that's how it works with some kids, but our sex had been so callisthenic and lasted long enough that we were all exhausted, and Aidan and I were total spent. He and I did lie on my bed and neck while my sister soaked and scrubbed, which was fun, and definitely nothing I had ever expected to do with him. "My butthole's gonna hurt for a week," I murmured at one point.

"Sorry," he replied.

"Don't be. Totally worth it. While it was happening it felt unbelievable. Seriously, you have to try it someday." I laughed. "Unless I get a real growth spurt soon, it'll be a lot easier for me to fuck you than it is for you to fuck me!"

"I can't believe we did that," he said breathily. "I never thought..."

"You don't feel guilty or ashamed, do you?" I asked, worried. "'Cause I don't. It was the best sex ever, with my best friends ever."

"If I felt guilty or ashamed, Bud, would I do this?" He asked, then took my right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. "Or this?" as he lowered his head and took my flaccid dick in his mouth. It didn't stir, I was literally tapped out, but it felt really good.

"I guess not," I said when he came up for air, and we both laughed.

Angel entered the room in her bathrobe then, wet hair clicked back, and saw that we were still nude. She shucked off the terrycloth and crawled in between us, and we all lay one our right sides and cuddled for a while. I would have loved to have fallen asleep like that, but before long my parents would be back from wherever they'd taken Mase. I made sure to set an alarm for an hour before their expected arrival.

By the time they arrived, more than an hour late, we'd aired out the room so that it no longer reeked of sex, cleaned up the place, and were playing video games. Aidan and I were, anyway; Angel was doing homework in her room. The others didn't have much to say, but they all seemed unusually relaxed, including Mason. Supposedly he had some kind of medical issue that required long weekly doctor visits, but he didn't seem worried about it at all anymore.


I never did stop fucking Angel, as I had intended, but we did tone it down a bit, mostly having sex when Aidan was with us—and it wasn't long before he'd graduated to a Grade-A fucker. He and I both realized we were bi, but only for each other. We got together whenever we could—not just when Mase and the parents were gone, but when we could catch a few hours at Aidan's house after school, a couple times a week. He was an only child, a latchkey kid whose parents never got home before 6 PM.

I didn't really think about it, but I also stopped asking out the girls at school. The sex I was getting with Aidan and Angel was fantastic, better than anything those self-absorbed teenyboppers could or ever would offer. A few of them tried to get me to take them out again, but I politely turned them down. One actually tracked me down at home and demanded to know what the hell, but the 'rents were home then, and she left in a huff.

We kept at it for three years, until suddenly the specter of graduation and college rose up. Aidan and I had already been accepted to the same university, but we couldn't bear to break up the trio. We'd each tried just fucking one of the others, and sure, it was great, but it paled in comparison to our adventurous, super-exciting threesomes. By then, I had realized that I was hopelessly in love with both Aidan and Angel, and not just in a BFF or brotherly way. I wanted to be with them forever. I know that sounds like something odd for an 18-year-old who was fucking his best friend and younger sister to say... but I knew it was real, and it would tear me apart inside if we went our separate ways. I had no interest in anyone else. At all.

Maybe that's fucked up. Maybe it's true love.

When I sat down to talk with Aidan and Angel, they expressed the same sentiments... and the explosive sex we had that day was probably our best ever. It was the first time we both tit-fucked Angel, because she'd finally filled out enough to do it right, and it was special.

By then, my parents were beginning to hint that they knew something sexual was going on between us—just as I figured there was something going on between them and Mason. They weren't going to any damned doctor's office. Once I'd found a hotel receipt for a place ten miles or so away in Dad's pocket, time-stamped for the time of his latest "doctor's appointment," while I was washing the clothes (one of my boring chores), and another time I found a pair of panties in Mase's pocket that were stained with what I recognized as semen. I checked Mom's underwear drawer, and sure enough, they were hers.

I really, really doubted he was "borrowing" them from the laundry to get himself off with, because I'd never seen anything like it before. And it was in the pants he was wearing when he came back from the "doctor's office" that week. Fucking hypocrites, telling us not to fuck each other, and here they were boinking our middle sibling on a regular basis! Apparently because his dick was bigger than mine, the bastard.

Well, we had what we wanted. Let them have what they wanted.

Knowing what I knew, and suspecting what I did, Angel, Aidan, and I decided to come clean one night. We called a family meeting, and I knew the others knew what was going on when Aidan attended and they didn't say a damn word. Apparently, they thought of him as family now, too. Without preamble, I said, "We have a confession to make. Angel and I have been having sex for almost four years now. We don't intend to give it up."

No one said anything.

Aiden contributed, "And the three of us have been having sex together, a lot, for over three years. Now that Bud and I are going to college, well... we don't want to stop loving Angel. Even though our college is hundreds of miles away."

"We're in love," Angel said in a small voice. "We want to be together forever."

We were startled when Mom clapped her hands together and said, her eyes shining with unshed tears, "Ohhhh! Another true trio! That's so wonderful!"

"Another?!?" Angel yelled.

I looked at Dad and Mason, who was smirking. "Apparently it runs in the family. You've been having an affair just like ours," I said flatly. "Those weren't doctor visits. They were hotel visits so you could fuck in peace."

"Well, yes," my brother said, looking at me challengingly.

I glared at my parents. "You freakin' hypocrites! You warned us all from the very first that you wouldn't interfere with our sex lives as long as we kept it out of the family!"

"Umm... to be fair, it did start out as doctor visits," Dad said, cutting his eyes at Mom, who had the good grace to look a little sheepish. "You brother's privates were developing too fast for his age, and we were worried. But one day we were driving home, and he was... really upset about it, and... I don't know how to describe it, something just came over me, and I started rubbing his, um, his crotch. That calmed him down, so... well, his mother joined in and started giving him a handjob... and the rest is history."

"And you didn't have the courtesy to ask us to join?" I demanded, incensed.

"Would you have?" my mother asked quietly.

To be honest, I'd never been attracted to my parents or Mase, or any other boy but Aidan. "I don't know. Maybe?"

My Dad looked uncomfortable. "Well, we... we didn't want to get the rest of you involved. I mean, it's illegal, and we couldn't take the chance of you accidentally letting anyone know. Plus, we always felt somewhat uncomfortable about it, but we just... couldn't stop."

Aidan said quietly, in a dignified voice. "Please, sir, be honest. I've seen the way you look at each other; you just didn't want to share. We understand how you feel. "

Dad looked at the table and nodded.

"And then you guys started fucking every chance you got," Mase said bluntly, "and we didn't feel like we needed to worry about it anymore. So we didn't. It wasn't like you were being left out of anything."

I threw a wadded-up napkin at him.

"So what now?" Dad asked. "We don't want to break up a true trio."

I swallowed hard. "We want her to live with us at school. We can get an apartment easily enough. There's a private prep school in the same town as our university, and Aidan and I both have scholarships..."

"You want us to pay for a prep school just so you can keep fucking your sister on a daily basis? Can't you just come home on weekends?"

"It's not just fucking!" I protested. "We love her. A lot." I squirmed uncomfortably. "She's... she's our wife. We would miss her so much that we, uh, wouldn't be able to concentrate on our studies," I said. Aidan just nodded solemnly.

Mom sighed. "Hon, we're going to have enough trouble paying for Mase's college when he starts next year."

"No you won't," Mase said, looking at her intently, then did the most selfless thing he's ever done for us: "I'm willing to give up college for the chance to stay home with you guys. Never really wanted to go anyway. One true trio. You can use my college fund for Angel's tuition."

Mom's eyes teared up, and she leaned over and kissed Mase... and not in any motherly way, either. "Oh, that's wonderful! I don't know what we'd do without our M.E. anyway!"

I frowned. "Mom, you've been calling him that for, like, two years. Mason's middle name in Thomas. What's that stand for?"

Dad laughed. "Tell us what 'Smoky', 'Candyman', and 'Hot Rod' mean, and we'll tell you!"

When we did, they all started laughing like crazy. Finally, Mase calmed down enough to say solemnly, "It's short for 'Mr. Eleven.'"

Angel looked at him speculatively as I said, "Huh? What the hell does that mean?" Then it hit me. "You fuckin' liar! There's no way my little brother's wang is that much bigger than mine, medical condition or not!"

"Believe what you want."

"Prove it."

He unzipped his pants and hauled out the biggest wang I've ever seen. I was pissed—but then, I already had everything I wanted.

We did have a celebratory fuckfest that night, but only that once. I got to have sex with my hot hot Mom, and Angel satisfied her curiosity about what it was like to fuck Daddy's huge cock and Mason's huger one. Aidan chose to stick to the two of us.

We moved out, the three of us, five months later. Aidan and I attended classes at the university, while Angel finished high school at the prep school. No one who didn't already know guessed that I was anything more to them than best friend and devoted brother. Angel and Aidan married the June after he and I graduated, and then she went on to college herself, while we continued on to grad school and beyond. Aidan became a medical doctor; I got my Ph.D. in biology. Twenty years and three babies after we started, we're still together, still devoted to each other... and keeping an eagle eye out for clues that our daughters and son have discovered sex with each other. So far, so good.