Babysitting his Daughter

If I didn't have this part time job babysitting Becky, things would be tough. It's the only thing keeping me going while I'm looking for work. Ken pays me a pretty generous hourly rate to look after his daughter Becky while he's at work and I get to chalk up about 25 hours a week, and it's fun, too.

So what's so terrific about babysitting? You wouldn't ask if you knew Becky. She was born 11 years ago to a 16 year old mother, when Ken was 18. They never married and when Becky was 5, he got sole custody, mostly because he had wealthy parents. Now he works in the Mayor's office and is thinking of running for political office. Ken and Becky live in the two bedroom apartment across the hall from me, which makes it a pretty short commute to work. The rents are subsidized which is how I can hang on here.

Getting back to Becky. She's pretty bright for an 11 year old, with the little-girl, skinny, flat-chested body of a child who's about to become a woman. A real head-turner, her long brown hair, huge dark eyes and perfect skin all indicate that she'll break a lot of hearts when she gets older. She hasn't yet shown any interest in boys, but that won't last. O.K., so she's a looker but, you ask, why is it so much fun to sit with her? Because she's a real tease.

Let me digress, and tell you about myself. I'm Tony, a twenty something lay-about who should be looking for a career, but I don't really want my life to change. I'm something of a pervert, being bisexual and into just about anything kinky. I have two major obsessions, the first being underwear, either male or female as long as it's white. Guys in white briefs get me really turned on and the sight of a stiff dick poking out of a pair of briefs, or even boxers, will have me jerking off like a teenager when I thing about sucking it. But my biggest fixation is for little girls, preferably about 10 or 11, before they loose their innocence, while they're still trusting and vulnerable. And if a little girl is wearing white panties, then I'm lost! Which is why my last two jobs were at girls' private schools, the kind of school where they wear uniforms, and as we all know, a girl's school uniform has a skirt that can be looked up.

When they're little, girls are told that they mustn't show Their underwear in public, but you'd be amazed at how many little girls like to flash their panties. Do you think that they do cartwheels in the playground because they need the exercise? Wake up! They want us to look. They're saying, "Hey, look at me! I'm sexy!" And all those occasions when a little girl is sitting with her legs apart, flashing her white panties: Maybe some of it's just carelessness, but I think they're mostly seeking attention. But then I could be biased.

Now you may be thinking `this guy's a fucking child molester' but you should look up the word "molest" in the dictionary. It means "to force unwanted sexual attention on somebody, especially a child". I don't do that. I would never do that. I would never do anything to a child that would make them even slightly uncomfortable or embarrassed or freaked out. I'll admit that I had "inappropriate" encounters at the schools where I worked, but no girl has ever said `no' to any kind of advance that I made. Most of the activity was initiated by the girls, but I'm not going to give away any secrets, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Getting back to Becky. Remember I said she was a tease? From when I pick her up at school to when Ken comes home, she seems to find unlimited opportunities to give me a glimpse of the white cotton underpants she invariable wears. No thongs or boy shorts for her: Ken insists that she wears regular white full-cut schoolgirl panties, the high waisted ones, not bikini briefs. Hers have a little pink bow on the front of the waist. How do I know? I do their laundry. This chore also gives me access to Ken's underpants, which are white briefs, which I've occasionally tried on, just for that intimate feeling of having my cock nestle in the pouch where his cock goes. Ken is pretty hot, but I'm afraid to hit up on him, because if it backfires, I'm out of a job. So I'm limited to fantasizing about sucking his cock and letting him fuck me (that's when I'm not fantasizing about Becky`s white panties).

Today, we're in the middle of a heat wave and I pick Becky up at her school to walk the few blocks home. We're sweating by the time we arrive. Her school uniform is the classic plaid skirt, a white short sleeve blouse and white knee socks. She's had the skirt for a couple of years and she's growing out of it, so it's kind of short. Well, really short actually and she certainly knows how to take advantage of that. Just a pirouette will send her skirt swirling out enough to give me, and anyone else who's nearby, a glimpse of her white panties. Out in the street, she behaves herself, though on all the occasions I've taken her to the park it's a different story. She's an expert at all the tricks little girls use to show off their panties while pretending not to: handstands, cartwheels, tree-climbing, bending over, squatting or just the plain old sitting down with her legs apart. On the face of it, it's all quite innocent, but I know she likes to be looked at.

We arrive at her apartment and I let us in with the key that Ken gave me. She dumps her school bag and sits on the couch.

"I've gotta get these socks off," she says lifting one leg and pulling off her shoe. She looks up at me, just to check that she has my attention. I'm used to this routine and never miss seeing her lift her legs up one at a time, letting me see the crotch of her panties. Then it's the other leg and shoe. The whole performance is repeated for each sock, four erotic glimpses of white cotton. She's not so promiscuous as to take everything off in front of me because she suspects I might mention it to Ken, though I'd never dream of spoiling things. "I'm gonna take a shower," she says and heads off to the bathroom. I get a beer from the fridge and a coke for Becky and put them on the end table by the couch. I listen to the sound of the shower, imagining her taking her clothes off, sliding her panties down and stepping out of them, standing in the shower with streams of water running down her slender body, soaping her armpits and then her. . .well, you get the idea.

After a few minutes, she comes out, wrapped in a towel with another one wrapped as a turban on her head. Usually, she'll go straight into her room, but today I call her and say, "I've got a coke here for you, honey."

She comes into the living room and sits next to me on the couch. If there were a chair opposite, I'd sit in it and look up her towel, but there isn't. We gulp at our drinks and she says, "You don't have a girlfriend, do you, Tony?"

"Not exactly," I say. She looks puzzled. "Well, I'm in love, but I don't know whether she loves me or not."

"Why don't you ask her?"

"Oh, I will. In fact, I'm gonna ask her to marry me."

"Do I know her?"

"You do. I'm gonna ask her to marry me in about seven years."

"Why do you have to wait for seven years?"

"Then she'll be old enough."

A brief pause, then she laughs. "You're gonna marry me?"

"If you'll have me."

She giggles. "You don't love me."

"I do, sweetheart. I love you very much."

"But I'm way too young." I can see a faint blush.

"That's why I'm gonna wait."

"You're silly," she says with a smile, gives me a peck on the cheek, gets up and goes down the passage and into her room. She doesn't close the door so after a few seconds I walk past her room to the bathroom and glance in as I pass. I just get a glimpse of her in the mirror on her dresser and she's wearing white panties and a white cami. It's a very brief peek and she probably saw me, but it's all very innocent. In the bathroom, I take a much needed leak and have a shower. Then I dress again and come into the living room to find her sitting on the couch wearing a short pale blue dress. Of course, she's sitting in such a way that I have a good up skirt view. I stand and look at her for a few seconds. She smiles. "You're looking up my skirt," she says, matter-of-factly, like it`s no big deal.

"I am."

"You do that a lot."

"I know I do."

She giggles. "I think you like looking up my skirt."

"I can't deny it. I like it a lot. Do you mind?"

"No, I don't mind. What can you see up there?"

"Your white panties. They're very sexy." Standing in front of her is becoming awkward, so I sit down beside her.

"They're just plain old school panties. It's not like they're Victoria's Secret or anything."

"You can keep your Victoria's Secret. Give me plain white cotton any time."

She stand up in front of me and lifts her dress up above her waist. "What's so sexy about these?"

My pulse races. "There's a sexy girl inside them. Come a little closer." She steps with a foot of my face. "Can I touch them?"

"Of course you can." Wow, I've died and gone to heaven! I reach out my hands and place them on her hips, stroking the smooth material, then reach round and cup her buttocks, giving them a gently massage. She giggles again. "Daddy likes to touch my panties." Wow! This is a bombshell. Daddy is fondling his own daughter! Holy Shit! "He likes to touch me down there." She nods downwards. "Let me show you what he does." She lies on the couch and puts her head in my lap, right at the top of my thighs. Under my trousers I'm wearing tight briefs, which restrict my hard-on somewhat and I know if I'd worn boxers, my pants would be tenting. Lifting her hips, she pull up her dress again almost to her armpits. I gaze at the expanse of white underwear open for my inspection, seeing the pink bow at her waist and the scalloped edge of the elastic at the leg of her panties. She takes hold of my hand and places it just below her rib cage, where here cami is tucked in. "He starts here," she says, "then his hand moves lower down." I caress her tummy while I look at her smiling face. "Lower than that." I touch the front of her panties just above her pubis and make a gently side to side motion. "Then he goes lower, right between my legs." I follow her instructions to the letter and slide my hand down over where her panties have been stretched to reveal a perfect camel toe. She raises her knees and lets her thighs fall apart. I run my middle finger up and down her slit. "Yes, that's just how Daddy does it."

"Does it feel nice?"

"I love how it feels." I'm gazing down into her smiling face and now my dick is getting really stiff. She must be able to feel it with the back of her head. Then I have a sudden realization.

I have committed a crime with an underage girl. The law would refer to it as lewd and lascivious touching, and guys go to jail for this sort of thing. But this is not necessarily a disaster. If she ever blows the whistle on me to Daddy, I can make a counter accusation. Daddy gropes his girl as well. He wouldn't be able to reveal my behavior because I'd reveal his. Bingo, I'm safe! I don't have to reject this little girl's advances.

I continue to stroke her vagina for a couple of minutes, then I bend down and kiss her on the lips. She responds eagerly, and her breathing is quickening. Then she lets out a little gasp and pulls my hand away. Did she cum? I don't know. I don't know if 11 year old prepubescent girls can cum. Maybe they have something like mini-orgasms, I hope so. She sits up and leans into me. "That was nice, Tony, thank you."

"It was nice for me too. I love to touch your panties. Please don't tell your Dad. He'll be really mad at me and I'll get fired and then I'll never be able to marry you." She chuckles.

"I shouldn't have told you about Daddy."

"True, but we'll keep his secret as well as ours, O.K? Promise?"

"I promise."

"But next time he touches your panties, do you know what you should do?"


"Lift up the elastic at the waist. Then he'll know that you want him to put his hand inside. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"He won't be angry at me?"

"Count on it. He'll love it. He does love you, you know."

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do. We're gonna get married, aren't we?" She laughs.

"I have to get my homework done before Daddy gets home." She gets up off the couch and goes into her room.

The secret to winning a war is intelligence. I need to find out more about Ken, in case we get into a conflict over Becky. And where do people keep their secrets? In their computers, of course. I go into Ken's den and hit the space bar on his desktop. Fortunately, he's left it on standby so it fires right up and I'm in. I look at his documents, but there's nothing remarkable there. I check his history which is set to erase every three days. He's only been on the internet once but the sites he visited are quite revealing. There's a page of up skirts and another of panties, but the interesting one is of teenage boys having sex with each other. Lots of sucking and fucking. Ken, you gay old dog! I'm going to get inside your pants. I look at his photos, but they're all vacation stuff. I don't see any CD's or DVD's so I look in his desk drawer and there is a thumb drive. I plug it in and I hit gold. It's full of pictures of little girls, some naked, some in their underwear. Gotcha! Now I have a lot of stuff on Ken that I can use if I need to defend myself. How would it look on his resume, boy lover and child fondler.

A little while later, Ken comes home. He hugs his daughter and tells me thanks I can take off and he`ll be over after dinner and give me my check.

* * *

I'm ready when he steps across the hall and knocks on my door. I'm dressed in a clean pair of white briefs and a white tank. Having checked myself in the mirror, I know I look pretty hot, like some of those boys on the website he visited. I open the door and invite him in. His eyes go wide as he sees me flaunting myself as flagrantly as his daughter does. He accepts the mug of coffee that I offer and sits on my couch. I waste no time.

Standing in front of him I put my hands behind my head and thrust my hips forward. "Do you think I look hot in these underpants?" His jaw drops.

"I don't know what to say."

"How about inviting me to take your pants off?"

"Have you been drinking? What`s brought this on?"

"Just a few beers. I've always fancied you, Ken. I think you're a pretty hot dude." I drop to my knees in front of him and as I reach for his zipper and his knees part, I know I have him. "Face it, Ken, I know from the way you look at me that you've suspected I'm gay. Well, I am. So gay that I'll do anything you want me to." His resistance collapses as I unzip his pants and pull them off. He's wearing the briefs that I know so well, and he's as hard as a rock. Thirty seconds later, we're on my bed sucking each other off. He's pretty good at it and in just a minute or so he's swallowing my cum. I finish him off by hand, even though I always lose interest after I cum. We lie there for a few minutes, our dicks softening.

"You little fuckin' tease," he says with a laugh. "I never knew I had a cocksucker in my house every day. We're gonna have to make up for lost time." We chat for a bit then he gets dressed, then he leaves.

What he doesn't realize is that the whole incident has been recorded by my camcorder hidden in the house plant which stands in the corner. My insurance is now fully paid up.

* * *

It's the next day, and I've picked up Becky from school and she's really eager to tell me something but I tell her to wait until we get home. As soon as we're indoors, she sits sideways on the couch, lying back against one end, her knees bent. I sit where I can get an exciting view as she casually opens her legs from time to time. She comes right to he point. "You know what you said about Daddy touching me and what I should do?" I can't wait to hear this and it all comes out with a rush. "Well, last night, after you left, I lay down with my head in his lap, the way he likes and my dress got hiked up, by accident of course. . ." she giggles. . . "and he started stroking my panties and his hand moved down to where it feels nice and I pulled up the elastic of my panties and he said `Inside?' and I said `Yes please, Daddy,' and he put his hand inside and put his finger in my pee pee." She says this all in one breath, clearly excited. I love the way she uses that little-girl description of her vagina.

"How did it feel, sweet pea?"

"I've never done anything that felt that good before. And he was so excited too. I could feel his dick against my cheek and it was really hard., and he was breathing real fast. Then he kissed me on the lips so I opened my mouth, but then he pulled way and told me to get ready for bed. He was a long time in the bathroom, then he came and tucked me in and kissed me again and told me he loved me.

"You wanna show me what he did?" I ask, hoping against hope.

She swivels her body round and lies down with her head in my lap, right where my cock is straining against my briefs, and pulls her plaid school skirt up above her waist. This time I don't bother with a cautious approach, just place my hand on her slit and start to masturbate her. She pulls up the waist of her panties in invitation and my hand goes inside.

"Yeah, just like that," she murmurs. "Rub it up and down, yes, like that. You can put your finger in if you like." I have to use my other hand down the front of my pants to adjust my bent cock to vertical, then I pull my hand out and she rests her cheek against it. "You've got a stiff dick," she says with a chuckle.

"Of course I have. You're driving me crazy. Let me kiss you." Her mouth is open as I press my lips to hers and I can feel her tongue against mine. She pulls away and then, like yesterday, gives a little gasp, and pulls my hand out.

"I do love you, sweetheart," I say.

"I know you do, just like Daddy and I love you both back."

"If you want to make your daddy really happy, next time you're lying with your head in his lap and you can feel his stiff dick, just reach up with your hand and give it a squeeze. He'll like that." When she goes into her room to do her homework I have to go into the bathroom and jerk off. Later, Ken comes over and we get into some serious cock sucking, then he lets me fuck him up the ass. He's really into, telling me how much he likes my dick inside him.

* * *

Each day, I make a suggestion to Becky as to how she can make her Dad love her more, and she carries out my ideas to the letter. Each evening, over the next several days, after I have left, she tries a new stratagem She gives his dick a squeeze, the next day, a dance to slow music while grinding her crotch on his thigh, at the weekend she walks into the living room in just panties and a little girl training bra, and another time she leaves the bathroom door open while she lies in the tub, inviting Daddy to wash her pee pee. Each day, I ask her how it went the previous evening and she gives me a demonstration, and each evening I give her a new suggestion. Eventually I tell her she should go into his room late at night and tell him she can't sleep and can she get in his bed? I won't be able to emulate that little move, but I have a lovely time imagining what will happen.

On Sunday, everything changes. Early morning, he's banging on my apartment door, and I let him in. He ignores my attempt to grope his crotch and is clearly angry. He says, "I want to know what you've been doing to my daughter." Uh oh! She's blabbed! I hesitate long enough for him know I'm guilty of something.

"What did she tell you?"

"That you've been touching her inappropriately."

"Inappropriate? Yes, inappropriate for both of us." He looks stricken.

"She's told you about me? When?" The dismay shows on his face.

"More than a week ago."

"So why didn't she tell me about you until last night."

"When you were being `inappropriate' with her, did you make her promise not to tell anyone, to keep it a secret?" I ask.

"No, I didn't. I just assumed she would."

"There you go. I made her swear. She was just keeping a promise. She loves you a lot more than she loves me. What did she say, exactly?"

"We were talking about her underwear, and she suddenly blurted out `Tony likes to touch my. . .' then she froze up. I guess she never intended to tell me but it slipped out."

"So you don't know exactly what has happened between me and Becky?"

"There's obviously been something."

"I'll come clean. Everything improper that's happened between you two has happened with me, too."

"Jesus fucking Christ." The full realization of the situation he's in strikes home. "You're fucking fired."

"I don't thing Becky would like that. Listen, we both have to keep quiet about this. We sink or swim together. Can you imagine me in the witness box while a prosecuting attorney asks me about my relationship with the victim's father?" The full horror of his situation dawns on him.

"O.K., calm down. I have to think this thing through. What the fuck am I gonna do?"

"Nothing. Just do nothing. Let everything go on as before."

"You're abusing my daughter, for fuck's sake!"

"And you're not? You're just as morally culpable as I am, more so."

"I can't let you go on feeling her up."

"Then explain to Becky why not. I haven't harmed her in any way. She loves what's happening and she won't want it to stop. Her happiness is more important than anything else."

"We have to talk to her about this," he says, reluctantly.

I put on pants and a shirt and we go across the hall. Becky is in her room and Ken calls her. We all sit down and Becky can see that something is brewing.

Ken says, "First of all, I love you, darling. We have to talk about all the things that have been going on, you know what I mean?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Tony has told me that you do the same things with him that you do with me."

"I'm sorry, Daddy." .

"You haven't done anything wrong. It's Tony and I who should be apologizing. We shouldn't have done those things, and we have to stop."

"But I love you both, Daddy and I really like that naughty stuff. You know I do, and you like it too, and Tony does."

"I can't deny it," I say.

"Please don't stop loving me Daddy, please," and she throws her arms round his neck and starts to cry

"Please don't cry, darling. I hate it when you cry. I won't stop loving you, I promise." She gives him a big kiss full on the lips.

"I don't want Tony to stop. Please, Daddy. Do you really love me?.

"Of course I do."

"And you love Tony, too."

"Yes, I love Tony."

She gives him a sly grin. "I know that you and Tony have a secret thing going on." He's amazed at this

"How do you know?"

""Cos of the way you look at him, like you look at me. Mommy left because she found you with that other guy, so I know you're gay, Daddy. It's O.K. I don't mind. I can have two Daddies now."

Ken is overwhelmed by this sudden upheaval in his life. "What the fuck am I gonna do?"

She looks at me. "Daddy used the F word."

"He's upset."

"I'm gonna go lie down and figure this out," he said, and goes off to his room.

Becky comes and sits on my knee and I put my arms round her waist and give her a little kiss on the lips. "Daddy's mad at me."

"No, he's not, he's mad at me, and at himself," I say.

"We have to make him happy."

"Well, you know how to do that."

"Shall I go into his room and do something special, like take all my clothes off?"

"I need to make your daddy happy too. We should go in together. Tell you what, let's tie him to the bed and he and I can watch while you do a nice little strip tease for him. How does that sound?"

"Ooh, yes! He'll like that."

"When we go in, get a couple of neckties from his closet and give one to me. We can tie his wrists to the top of the bed, but we'll have to be quick, before he realizes what's going on."

She giggles. "Let's do it."

We go into the bedroom, where Ken is lying on the bed. "We want to apologize, Ken," I say and sit down beside him. Becky hands me a tie and goes round to the other side of his bed and kneels beside him.

"O.K., I accept your . . .What's going on?" I've looped the tie round his wrist and pulled it up to the brass metalwork at the head of the bed. Beck immediately does the same thing. Now he's lying in the `I surrender' position.

"Becky and I want to make you happy, so we're gonna play a little bondage game. Becky, do your thing."

She goes to the bottom of the bed and lifts up her dress showing off her white panties right up to he waist, and swings her hips from side to side. "Look at me, Daddy, I know you like looking at my panties. So does Tony, don't you, Tony?"

"More than anything. Lie still, Ken, you can't escape. Lie back and let Becky do what she wants."

"You little minx! I ought to spank you." Underneath his faked anger I can tell he's really excited.

"Daddy's gonna spank me!" she sings, "Daddy's gonna spank me!" I have a quick mental vision of her over daddy's knee while he pulls her panties down and spanks her. I'm as hard as a rock. I unbutton the top of Ken's pants, unzip them and Becky drops the hem of her dress and pulls the pants off him. His boner is tenting his briefs. I give it a couple of strokes through the white cotton.

"Look, Becky, Daddy's got a hard on."

"Daddy's got a hard on," she sings happily, "I think Daddy loves me again. You like Daddy`s cock, don`t you, Tony?"

"Nearly as much as I like your panties. Can we see them again?"

She lifts her dress again in that intensely provocative way, then lifts it over her head, shaking her long hair clear. She has on a white cami top with a thin strip of lace along the scooped neckline.

"Do you want to see my titties, you naughty men?"

Ken just groans and I give her a big nod. She slowly slides the top up exposing her tiny nipples. It's not that they're sexy in themselves, it's the fact that she's showing them that has got my dick so hard. While she's strutting around in just her panties, I pull off my pants and shirt. Ken tears his eyes away from his daughter long enough to give me a lustful look.

"Jesus Christ! You're both driving me crazy."

I slide his briefs down to mid thigh, and Becky leans forward and slides them the rest of the way down and takes them off. His cock sticks up like a flagpole.

"Ooh, Daddy's got a big dick! I like your dick, Daddy."

"You've seen it before."

"But not nice and big and stiff like it is now. It's beautiful." I can't resist taking hold of his cock and gently stroking it.

"Would you like to play with Daddy's dick, Becky?"

"Ooh, yes please!" She sits on the bed beside him, and takes his dick in her hand. Ken is beginning to pant. She gives it a dozen strokes then places a lingering kiss on the wet tip. Then she goes to the foot of the bed again, and I can see the gleam of moisture on her lips.

"Shall I take my panties off for you, Daddy? I really want to. I want you to see me with nothing on. And you, too, Tony. I'm your little stripper girl."

I've resumed stroking his cock, while, in the most provocative lewd way imaginable, she slowly slides her panties down until we can see her little slit. With her panties at the upper end of her thighs she does a pirouette, then stands with her hand on her butt and her hips thrust forward. "Look at me, Daddy. Look at my pee pee."

"Oh, God, I love you," groans Ken. "Let me kiss your pee pee."

"I will Daddy, but first you have to let Tony know that you're still friends with him. You have to let him touch my pee pee."

He`s desperate to get at her. "Anything! Whatever will make you feel good. Whatever he likes." She pushes her panties down until they're just above her knees, then brings her legs together so that they fall to the floor, and she steps out of them. I abandon Ken's dick, pull my briefs off and go and stand behind her. She pushes her butt back so that my dick is in the crack of her ass and my arms go round her waist. With Ken staring, transfixed, I gradually bring my right hand down on to her mound and bring my middle finger on to her slit and rub it up and down.

"Mmm, that's nice. That's what you like to do, don't you, Daddy." Ken is beyond words. She turns her head to me and says, "Kiss my pee pee, Tony, please."

I turn her ninety degrees to the right so that my head will not obscure the action, then kneel down in front of her. I look at Ken and he says nothing. I kiss her tummy below her navel, then move my kisses down to her mound and push my tongue into her as far as I can stretch it. I wish my tongue were longer. She panting a little, obviously excited. I lick my tongue up and down her crack in such a way that Ken can see everything.

"You little witch!" he says. Untie me, I want to hold you." We both know he wants to do a lot more than just hold her. I come up for air to see Ken struggling to get free.

"Go and sit beside him, Becky. I think his dick needs some attention." She lies down beside him, splaying her legs for my benefit. I lie down beside her, my dick as stiff as Ken's.

"Now I have two dicks to play with," she says, and takes hold of both of us. I've never been so aroused in my life and she starts to jerk us both off. We're both beyond speech.

"Tony's got a nice dick too. It's all wet at the end, like yours, Daddy. I think both my Daddies love me." Ken and I are gasping, our hips bucking up and down, both of us on the edge of cumming.

"I know you both love me now. I'm glad you like this, can I do it again, soon?"

Oh, shit! I'm gonna cum. I'm trying to hold on but it's any second now.

She's giggling again. "Will you tie me up next, Daddy?"

For him, that's it! Those words and the vision they evoke send him over the top and he shoots a big load of cum all over his chest and stomach.

"Ooooh!" she says. "I think I've made Daddy happy. We can untie him now. Tony, will you come into the shower with me and soap my back?"

The End


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