A Boy and His "Dad," part 6

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks forward and backward at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.

The Great Outdoors, part 2

Jared's eyes captured mine, and he said, "Let's move over by your Dad and Jeff so I can fuck your hot, young ass where your Dad can see the action. I want him to give me some pointers on reaming out his son with my thick, hard dick."

He reached down and pulled my cock away from my belly with his right hand, and, using it as a handle, pulled me over toward Mark, who was holding the sides of Jeff's, the slender dark-haired dude's, face and softly telling him to lick just the head of his vibrating hard-on. On the periphery of my vision, I saw Bonnie with her head thrown back as the older girl inhaled one of Bon's nipples and fingered her tight little pussy. Bonnie was fucking her pussy into the girl's fingers and pulling the girl's face into her breast. "All right, Bon," I thought as Jared and I reached the side of Jeff and Mark. Mark smiled at me and, looking down at the kneeling kid, said to Jeff, "Get your buddy's boner wet so he can fuck my boy."

Releasing Mark's knob, the dark-haired kid swivelled around and, as I held blond Jared's prong at a ninety degree angle from his bare pubis, Jeff went down on his buddy, slobbering his spit on the thick, uncut cock, pushing the skin off the head. As Jeff wet the dick that would soon bust my ass, I toyed with the bar in his left nip. Mark reached out to lightly pinch the right nipple and told Jeff, "That's it. Get that ram ready to split my little boy's ass. I want your buddy to jam that thick bitch up Robbie's hole to the hilt in one thrust. None of this gentle shit. Robbie, you know what I want, right?"

"Yeah, Dad. I've practiced enough with Will and you to get my hole ready for that bad boy."

While Jared was beginning to fuck his buddy's face as "Dad" and I worked his tits, he looked at Mark and asked, "Did he just say that he's practiced getting fucked by you?"

Mark answered, "Slow down there, Jared. I don't want you whitewashing your buddy's tonsils before you blow your ball juice up my son's hot ass. And, yeah, he and I have done everything you can think of together. In fact all the kids have played with me. We're a close little family!"

"Holy fuck, man. That's so hot. I wish my Dad and I had done each other. You must really love it when the kid shoves that huge fucker up your ass. Maybe the kid could suck his Daddy off while I'm skewering him. I know Jeff would love to suck your boy off while we're both doing him."

Just hearing Jared and Mark talking about me like I was a fuck toy made me drip. Being out here in the woods, naked and boned to the max, while my "Dad" was getting ready to tell this college hunk how to fuck me while I sucked "Daddy" off and another hot college kid sucked my sperm had turned me on more than anything in my young but full sex life. I looked at Mark and, with a leering grin on my face, said, "Please, Dad, fuck my throat while you tell Jared how to fuck me."

Mark just laughed and replied, "You don't think watching you suck your Daddy's cum would make Jared blow up your ass too quickly?"

Jared, who was still being lubed up by Jeff's spit, said, "Fuck no, and, if I do, I can stay hard while I bring another load for his hot little ass."

"It's settled then. I think you're wet enough, Jared. Jeff, get off his cock and Robbie, get over here facing me so I can fuck your face while Jared puts that nice shaft up your hole in one thrust. I want you distracted by your Daddy's cock when he buries himself in your ass," Mark said.

I was facing Mark now, bent forward at the waist with my hands on the back of Mark's thighs. His boner curved up toward my mouth. He humped up at my mouth and his cockhead rubbed over my mouth, leaving a coating of precum that I quickly licked from my lips. My tongue then licked out over Marks glans, cleaning the remaining juice, which I hungrily swallowed, before I opened wide and quickly buried the dick in my throat. My lips were tight against Mark's freshly shaved pubic mound. he groaned and tried to get his cock deeper into my throat. I sensed Jared moving behind me and felt a finger that he had wet worm its way up my shoot, twisting as it went. My hard cock throbbed against my abs. I heard Mark say, "Don't open him up with your finger; slide that rammer up his ass now."

I moaned my assent around Mark's boner, and waited for the plunge. Jared said to Mark, "Fuck, man, you're gunna feel my cockhead against yours when we meet in the middle." Then he gripped each of my glutes, using his thumbs to separate them. I felt the head of that still wet, uncut beauty against my anus. Then, Jared followed Mark's instruction and buried his cock to the hilt in one stroke. I was pushed forward against Mark whose cock braced me, as I pushed back against the invader, pushing out like I was taking a shit. The feeling was so incredible, dull pain mixed with a greater pleasure and fullness. Fortunately, I was no virgin. Jared didn't withdraw, but began to move his pelvis in a grinding, circular motion, stirring my gut with his thick stick. It rubbed my prostate, and I swallowed around Mark's cock.

From a distance, I heard the female voice of Bonnie's partner say, "Holy shit, little one! Look at your brother getting fucked at both ends. He must love it; his cock's like a crowbar. You must love having that little stud on tap. If you're not doing him, you're crazy, cousin or not."

Bonnie answered, "He loves to get it and give it. Hell, yes, I fuck him. Let's go over so you can get a feel!"

As Mark and Jared were getting into a nice rhythm, front and back, Bonnie and her friend walked over. The girl said to Jeff, who was standing silent and watching the fuckfest, "You look like you're enjoying the show, Jeff. You've got the only cock that's size competition for the kid."

Jeff responded, "I can't believe I'm seeing a thirteen year-old being fucked by my best bud while he sucks his Father off! Shit, yeah, I'm enjoying it! Look how hard the kid is. He loves getting stuffed. I want that dick in my ass before long!"

"Ever the bottom, Jeffie," the girl said as Bonnie laughed. "Why don't you get under there, and I'll feed you his throat stretcher."

I felt the girl reach under me and rub my abs with the back of her hand, deliberately moving over each ridge until her hand was against the root of my cock. She changed her hand position, gripping my boner at the base, her fingers like a cock ring and her palm supporting my nuts. She levered my dick away from my abs and told Jeff, "Come on, pig. Come to the fountain."

Jeff kneeled at my side, facing Jared and ducked under until I felt his mouth sink over my dick. "Suck my cousin's jizz, you perv!" Bonnie ordered Jeff. He moaned and went three-fourths of the way to the root before beginning a first-class suck job. Bonnie went behind Jeff, and, after wetting her fingers with spit, began to rub Jeff's asshole. Jeff whimpered and Bonnie slid two fingers home.

"Suck my cousin's dick, you little pig. You like that kid dick, don't you. Fuck your hole on my fingers while you blow him," Bonnie encouraged.

Even now that I'm older, my favorite action is getting fucked while sucking a dick while being sucked. The only thing lacking was having my nipples worked! The girl took care of that problem. Standing in front of Jeff's head, which was busy at my spout, facing Mark, she reached around my sides and began to gently pull and twist on my nips. I just short-circuited, going into a zone where I was all sensation. I began to take over the fuck-suck action, slamming my ass back on Jared's boner while I drew my mouth back to Mark's cockhead. Then, I lunged forward to throat Mark as my ass squeezed up Jared's dick until just the head was lodged just past the ring.

Mark groaned, "Hold still, Jared. Let the boy's ass suck your jizz out of those bull nuts while he drains my juice!"

Hearing "Dad," I regulated our action, alternately banging my tight assagainst Jared's cock root and sliding Mark's rammmer into my craw. As I slid down on Mark's dick, I squeezed Jared's thick boner with my ass ring. He moaned with each stroke, telling Mark, "Your kid's asshole is like a fucking hand milking me. You sure as shit trained him well."

Jeff, Jared's hung friend, was having a real problem keeping my dick in his mouth as I bounced back and forth. Bonnie told him to stop and stand up. Then she indicated with her eyes that the girl should recline on the ground. When the girl as on her back, Bonnie straddled her head and moved her pussy to the girl's mouth. The girl maoned in pleasure into Bon's cnt and began to eat her out. Bonnie reached over to Jeff and pulled him around to stand in front of her.

"If I can get my cousin's big boner down my throat, I should be able to manage yours," Bon told Jeff, and began to suck his sizable piece.

Poor Will, who had been watching all this while stroking his cock, saw his opportunity, and knelt between the girl's legs, hooking his arms behind her knees, placing her calves on his shoulders, and burying his pork in her shaved pussy. He and I locked eyes as I sucked and fucked and he began to pound the girl. I really loved him and Bonnie, and was excited to see them getting some action.

End of part 6