A Boy and His "Dad," part 7

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks forward and backward at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.

The Great Outdoors, part 3 and coda

Will once said that, for me, getting fucked was in no way a passive activity. Later in life I learned that I was an aggressive bottom (actually aggressively versatile). I also learned that guys like me that stay rock hard while getting boned are rare.

I felt Mark's legs begin to tremble and knew he was about to feed me. I thought for a moment about spitting his bone out and keeping him on the edge, but decided to bring him off instead. I moved my right hand from Mark's thigh to his ass and used my own saliva, dripping from his balls, gently pressed my long finger into his ass. He groaned and as I began to stroke his prostate, he unloaded the largest mouthful of jizz I'd ever had from him. He seemed almost to be in pain as his hands cupped the back of my head, but allowed me to piston up and down on his rod. The trick to not choking on a big load is to time your swallows with the pulsations of the cock. It's like a line at Disney World, take in as much at the end of the line as is joining the line at the beginning! As he slowed down, his cockhead apparently became very sensitive. He pulled out with a slight pop as my suction tried to hold him.

"Whoa, son. You're going to kill me if you keep that up," he said. Jared who had been almost still as I milked his uncut beauty with my ass, seeing me gulping down "Dad's" load, began speeding up until he was rabbit fucking me, his pelvis slapping my ass so hard it sounded like whip-snaps. I looked to the side and saw Bonnie using her hand and mouth to milk Jeff. Jeff's knees were slightly bent to give Bonnie better access. The girl eating Bon out reached up between Jeff's legs and began to finger his ass. Jeff moaned and bent a little more, indicating to the girl that she should spear him with her fingers. Soon she had three fingers reaming Jeff's hole while he urged Bonnie on. Bonnie loved (and still loves) to suck cock. Bon reached up to gently pinch Jeff's tits, a stimulus that put him over the edge. Jeff voiced a few staccato groans as he fed Bon and she swallowed the first of his load and let the rest spill out over his cock. The girl on whose mouth Bonnie squirmed pushed the excess cum into Jeff's asshole.

Bonnie lifted off the girl's mouth and turned 180 degrees toward Will as he tried to prolong his fucking of the girl. Bonnie settled back on the girl's mouth and leaned forward in a 69 position. She leaned into the juncture of her brother's cock and the girl's shaved cunt. She began to lick at the fat clit there and, as Will pulled out, she licked her juices off his cock. Will and Bonnie locked eyes, and Will pulled out of the pussy and thrust forward into his sister's mouth. After a couple of sucks, Bonnie levered Will's dick into the girls drooling pussy. Jared screamed as he pulled me fully onto his stick, and I felt the pulsing as his milk coated my bowel. His last thrust stroked my prostate and in one of those weird orgasms without warning, I poured my cum onto the ground, not so much in the usual jets but like a fuacet. Jared moaned as my contractions squeezed his deflating dick. Mark told Jared to look at the threesome beside us, saying, "Look at Will fucking both the girls, one in the mouth and one in the pussy." Jared, still deeply plugged into my ass as he stroked from my hips to my lats, told Will, "Put it in her ass. She loves it." Will slid out of her slot and let Bonnie lick the pussy juice off his big prong and then put his cock at her asshole and gently pushed in. The girl grunted into Bon's cunt and Bon pulled the girl's knees up to her chest. Bonnie now had a clear pussy to eat while Will whined about how hot the girl's ass was. Bonnie's clit work pushed the girl into a huge orgasm, causing her ass to contract around Will's dick and pull his cum into her rectum. Bonnie, seeing Will cum came onto the girl's tongue while pulling her own nipples. She turned and leaned down to french the girl, trading pussy juice. The girl licked her lips and told Bon, "I really love your ass and your abs are so hot." "Thanks," Bonnie replied, "and thanks for the pussy-eating lesson."

We all looked around at each other and realized how long we'd been playing. Mark said, "Guys, we'd better get going." Jared stood and found his pack. He wrote a note and handed it to me, saying, "Here's my number. Call if you want to get together with any of us. You are one hot little dude and not so little at that. You know, you'd look awesome shaved the way I am." The girl and Jeff agreed, the girl saying that totally smooth guys were a big turn-on. Jared gave Will, Bonnie, and I hot tongue kisses and told Mark, "You are one hell of a Dad and Uncle and these kids are going to have a great sex life ahead."

As we brushed the odd pine needle from our naked forms, we gathered our clothing and dressed for the walk back. I rarely feel tired, but I was now. On the way back to Mark's car we saw a lot of hot action that would normally have had me boned. But, I only chubbed a bit, although Will was invited by a older guy to fuck his wife as we passed them, probably because his sister stroking his cock outside his running shorts resulted in an impossible to miss boner. He declined only because of the time.

When we arrived at Mark's car, I retrieved our backpack and we went into the toilet building to change. Mark thanked us all for a great time, saying that he would never have gotten all that action without us. He checked with Will and Bonnie to be sure they weren't freaked by what they'd done. They both told him that they'd had a great time, and Bon told him that she was happy to be able to blow Jeff because she thought he was very hot.

As we were leaving the restroom block, dressed much more conservatively, Mark stretched and said he was sore and was going to need a gym session. I asked him where he worked out, and he said at the downtown Y. "I've never been there," I said. "Give me a call if you want to go, and I'll take my "son," nephew, and niece as guests. I said I would as Mark got in his car and the rest of us started back to the bus stop. I couldn't help but wonder if opportunities awaited at the Y, but then thought, "That's just too weird."

End of part 7