A Boy and His "Dad," part 8

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks forward and backward at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.

A Razor and a Workout, part 1

Bonnie and I were in my room the weekend after our episode in the park. Will was playing pick-up football, and she had walked over wearing only a T-shirt and some square-cut short shorts. Her nipples, although not erect, were clearly visible through her shirt. I told her I was considering Jared's comments at the park. I really liked his totally hairless look, and Bonnie told me that she thought I'd look great shaved. "You'd be like a combination of Jared and Jeff. Huge dick and smooth."

I asked her if shaving was as much of a pain as I thought it would be. She said that I had eaten her out enough to know if there were problems. Yeah, I really did enjoy licking her smooth pussy, and I had never noticed razor burn or anything. She said that I should be able to manage since most of the female population shaves at least its legs. "Hell," she had said, pointing out that I did my legs during swimming season.

"Well, trust me. There's a big difference between leg hair and pubes, as you most definitely know."

She told me that if I decided to do it, I'd have to keep after it because stubble was a bitch and that I'd have to use lotion after I shaved. Then she asked if the guys in the locker room would have a fit if I showed up smooth. She had a point, but I could probably bullshit them by talking about swimming times or something. Only the coaches would know it was bullshit, but they didn't come into the shower room very often. As we talked, I got hard, which was difficult to hide in my shorts. Bonnie laughed and said, "Oh yeah, you should definitely get rid of what little hair you have. You'll really give the girls and a lot of the boys something to look at!"

I skinned my shorts down, allowing my very erect cock to spring out toward her, and said, "Here, look all you want."

She took my cockhead between her thumb and first finger and pried my rod from my stomach. She acted like she was inspecting me, as she used the fingers of her other hand to rub the short fur at the base of my cock. "I wish I could get Lee to trim this close. I finally told him that if he didn't trim his bush, I wouldn't give him head. That solved the problem. I can see that this would be a little trickier than shaving my puss."

Lee was her boyfriend, but was fairly vanilla in his tastes. She didn't invite him to our little sessions. During one of their trysts, she had mentioned that she thought guys sucking each other would be hot, and he had said he could never do that. But, he was considerate, handsome, well built, and according to Bonnie had a very thick root that rubbed her clit crazy when they fucked. She cupped my sack and said, "All these wrinkles, and your package would get in the way when you're cleaning up around your asshole. You could do what I do, and get a friend or a brother to help."

"Are you offering?" I asked as I reached out to tweak a now obviously erect nipple through her T-shirt.

"Hit the shower, studly, and take a hot one. Then get back here with shaving gel and your best razor." She released my cock, and as I moved toward my bathroom, she swatted my ass. "And no beating off in there. I need it hard to do a good job."

I left the door to my bedroom open and turned the shower on to hot. I let the water heat up and then, dropping my T-shirt, opened the shower compartment door and stepped in. After thoroughly wetting myself I did the usual soapy wash thing. When I got to my cock and balls, I paid special attention. I must have moaned a little because Bonnie said loudly, "Cut that out! No cumming in the shower."

I took a breath and finished up, noticing that the bathroom was pretty steamy even though the door was open. Bonnie stuck her head in and said, "When you're finished, don't dry the good stuff. Dry everything else and come out."

I popped out of the bathroom with a towel, my razor with new blade, and shaving gel. Bonnie was staring at me. "What?" I asked.

"You make it very difficult for me to concentrate on the job when I really want to suck the cum out of that cannon."

"We can see about that after we finish the project!"

"Put the towel on the bed and lie back. Eventually, you're going to have to do most of this yourself."

I lay back on the bed with my ass on the towel and spread my legs. Bonnie dashed into the bathroom and came back with a washcloth soaked with cool water. She gently massaged my sac with the cloth. "What the fuck are you doing?" I asked.

"I don't want those walnuts hanging down to your knees, dummy. Just let me do my job. Wait a minute." She went downstairs while the effect of the cool cloth caused my nuts to pull up close to the base of my drooling cock. She reappeared a minute later with a large bowl and filled it with warm water from the bathroom faucet. She picked up the can of shaving gel and got a glob on her fingers. I felt the gel being spread over the closely trimmed patch above my boner and then over my balls and the space between my balls and asshole. Bonnie knelt between my legs looking up into my eyes. Her wonderful, open gaze made me relax, but also made my dick start drooling all over my belly. She smiled and, prying my bone away from my abs, began to pull the razor over my little patch. After making each swath, she dipped the razor in the bowl and swished it until the short hair floated away and the razor was clean. When she got near the base of my cock, she was trying without much success to keep it perpendicular to my belly. Finally, she took the head into her mouth and now could use both hands to shave. I don't think she meant to do it, but as she was shaving the base of my boner very carefully, she would lick that spot just below my cockhead and swallow the juice I was producing. Every time she did it I would moan and involuntarily try to shove the whole thing into her throat. "Sta tha. Ah cat conentate," she mumbled around the penis.

I felt the razor move below my dick and onto the skin of my sac. Bonnie had let my dick spring back onto my belly and now put her left hand over the lower half as she concentrated on not nicking my scrotum or castrating me. I knew better than to do anything silly at this point. The fact that my balls had pulled up a little from the effect of the cool cloth made her job a little easier as she shaved from the base of my stalk downward. She then cupped my balls and lifted them as she shaved the perineum back toward my asshole. Then she spread some excess shaving cream back over my balls and below them and began shaving from my asshole up toward my dick. Finally, she made a ring with the index finger and thumb of her left had around the base of my sac, causing it to bulge out. She then shaved gently from side to side over my balls. By now, all this handling had me right on the edge. "If you don't finish up soon, you're dessert's going to spit all over my belly," I told her.

"We're almost there. Just hold on a bit, and I promise I'll put all that sweet cream somewhere nice." The surface of the water in the bowl was now covered with the sort hairs that had recently adorned my package. I was dying to see and feel the results. Bonnie used a corner of the towel I was on to gently wipe away the remnants of the shaving cream and leaned in close to inspect her work. I felt her tongue swipe across my balls, and she said, "Passes the tongue test!"

I raised up on my elbows and could see her nipples were extremely hard and that her pussy was dripping. "Let's give you your treat," I said and turned over to get on my knees.

"Wait a minute, Cuz. We're not quite finished yet. Keep on your hands and knees facing the other way."

I did as I was told. So, I was on my elbows in front and knees in back with my ass in the air, facing Bon. She leaned in to me and licked a long lick from my balls to the base of my asshole. "Almost passes, but I need to do just a little work here, and then we'll be done. If you can hold your cum. I'll make it worth your while."

Since my ass is nice and hard when I'm kneeling and spread out, Bon had easy access to the area between my cheeks including my little hole. She spread more gel around the area and as she shaved me, she gently inserted a thumb into my hole. "Bitch!" I said. She just laughed and twisted the thumb around to flick my prostate.

"Hold still. Don't you have any self-control?"

"I'll self-control you in a minute. You'll be lucky if I don't fuck your throat through your cunt."

She pushed hard into my ass and I groaned and pushed back. "You are such a little pussy," she laughed as she finished with the razor. She disengaged her thumb, wiped my ass, and leaned in again for another long lick. "Meets the tongue test now, smoothie." She slapped my right ass cheek and said, "Over on your back, studly. You've been a good boy. Now you get the reward."

I rolled over and looked down across my chest and belly to my boner arching over a perfectly smooth surface. What little hair I had was now gone and I looked a lot like Jared. I liked the look, thinking that the combination of big cock and little boy smooth was very hot. Bonnie walked on her knees until she straddled me. "Hold it up, Cuz." I did and she lifted a little and then settled her pussy over it and slowly sank down. She was so wet and slippery that all I felt was warm slickness until she was fully seated on my rod. The sensation of her shaved pussy on my shaved pubic mound was amazing. I could feel her chubby clit poking me, something I'd never felt through my hair before. Bon's head was turned up and her eyes closed as she began a circular grinding on my cock. Her nipples were tight, and I reached up to pinch them lightly.

"They won't break, Robbie," she murmured. I pinched a little harder and rolled the nubs between finger and thumb. She moaned and began to rise off my bone. I could see her juices puddled at the now smooth base of my cock. I took my hands from her tits and reached behind her, cupping her taught ass cheeks. God, I loved her ass, almost like a boy's but a little more rounded. I pulled the cheeks apart and began to stroke over her hole. "Stick it in, Robbie. Please!"

I wet my finger thoroughly with juice from our connection and gently eased my finger into her ass. "Oh, fuck, that's good," she mewled. "Too bad Will's not here to plug in the real thing." I let her move up and down stuck on my cock and finger. I could feel my dick moving in her pussy through the muscle separating her rectum from her cunt. I could never figure out why, without a prostate, she loved her ass penetrated, but Bonnie knew just where she wanted my finger to rub.

I heard the front door open and close. I knew my parents were out until evening, but they could have come back early. I almost panicked but I heard Will's voice. "Robbie, where are you guys?" As he bounded up the stairs and walked down the hall into my room, he saw his little sister riding my stick while I finger fucked her ass. "Jesus, don't you ever give that thing a rest?"

Then he looked closely at the base of my dick when Bonnie lifted off, noticed the towel and the bowl, and chirped, "You bastard. You really did it. That looks so cool. I'd never have the balls to do that. You look just like the blonde kid from the park!"

"Speaking of balls, get yours over here. I need something in my mouth while your sister uses me."

"I just got back from playing ball. I probably stink."

"I don't give a shit about that. I need cock."

Will stripped while watching Bonnie ride me. She was picking up speed, rising half way off me and then slamming back down and grinding her clit into me. When he was naked, he walked over and knelt on the bed at my side. I reached for his very hard dick and began to pull it to my mouth. He reached out and lightly slapped my hand away, then leaned over and licked at the place where his sister and I were joined. His tongue grazed Bonnie's engorged clit and the base of my boner and he slurped up our combined juices. Then his tongue made a long journey up my belly until he got to my pecs, which he licked thoroughly. He latched on to my nipple and sucked and lightly bit.

"Eating your tits is just like eating Bon's."

Then he went back to nipping my nipples. I reached between his legs and began to stoke his beautiful dick. He thrust into my fist as he nursed on my chest. His mouth and Bonnie's milking pussy (not to mention all the shaving action) triggered a ferocious orgasm that sent a torrent of cum into Bonnie. She felt my pulsations and began to cum as well. Will straightened up and tried to get his cock to my mouth, but before he could, he shot two healthy strings of juice onto my chin and face before I sucked him in and swallowed the rest of his load as he held my head with his right hand and fucked into my mouth.

Bonnie leaned forward onto my chest in her post-orgasmic haze and Will reclined beside me. I embraced Bonnie, rubbing her back and ass, and then Will leaned in to kiss me and her in a nice unhurried kiss. They both licked his jizz off my face. After a few minutes, Bonnie said, "Into the shower with all of us. We smell like sweat and cum. And I got my dessert where I couldn't taste it! It's running down my legs."

After the shower, we dressed and cleaned up, but not before Will got to run his hands over Bonnie's handiwork. "I hope the guys in the locker room don't give you a bunch of shit."

"They won't. I'll figure out what to tell them, besides most of them scope me out all the time. If I was going to get a load of crap from anyone, I would have gotten it when I trimmed up."

On Friday, I called Mark. He asked how I was and if I was still OK with what we did in the woods. I told him that we all had a blast and that Will and Bonnie agreed with me that it was one of the best play sessions ever. I said that playing the family game made it all the more hot. Near the end of our conversation, I mentioned that Bonnie had shaved me and that I looked a bit like Jared now.

"That I want to see. There's something about the combination of a big cock on a hairless boy. You're going to drive a lot of guys crazy."

I asked about going to the Y with him to work out. He said we could use the same routine we had at the arcade. He'd bring me in as his "son." Mark said that things were a lot more low key at the Y than at the arcade, but that he always managed to get some action. Plus, he said that a few kids around my age were usually there, and that he had fooled around with the father of one pair of kids. Mark suggested that we meet a block away from the Y and that I bring what I had worn in the arcade to work out in.

Early on Sunday I waited until Mark pulled up. I hopped in his car, throwing my gym bag on the back seat. As Mark had suggested, I wore running shorts and a tight sleeveless T-shirt. When I had settled in, Mark looked at my crotch and asked, "Well?"

I quickly pulled the waistband of my shorts down to show the smooth skin above my package. "Shit!" he said. "That's very hot. Showing you off is going to be a lot of fun."

After we parked in the lot next to the Y, Mark reminded me that we'd use the same story we had at the book store. I'd be his "son," and he'd be my "Dad." He said that if I liked the experience, he'd buy me a membership. We walked into the deserted lobby and approached the desk. Mark explained to the attendant that I was his son and that I wanted to try the place out. The attendant looked college age. He had short blonde hair and was wearing shorts and a YMCA T-shirt. He looked up from his paperwork, staring into my eyes and then down my body to the plump bulge in my nylon shorts. "I didn't know you had a son, much less a son as old as this," the attendant remarked.

Mark smiled at the guy and said, "He's only thirteen, but he fools a lot of people."

"Really?" the guy said.

"Yeah, just a junior high school jock," Mark replied.

The young guy told us that the place was quiet now, but would pick up a bit after noon. He said that another father and his two kids were working out, but the kids were a bit older than I, although I looked as old as they did. Mark nodded and winked at me.

Mark and I used his swipe card to get through the door to the locker room. "Mark, would you be pissed if I spent some time with those kids the guy mentioned. You've been so great to me and all. Shit! I like fucking around with you, but I'm more at home with kids my own age."

"Robbie, I'm not going to get pissed if you need some time for yourself. Christ, you've given me a couple of the best experiences of my life. I actually sort of feel like you're a younger brother if not a son. Just be careful, and I hope you want to get it on with me occasionally."

"Mark, there's no question that I like playing with you. You're cool. I really appreciate you looking out for me and helping me have some fun. Maybe you can get with the father of the kids!"

"I think that'd be too much to ask unless he's the guy I had before, but I probably can distract him so you can scout out the kids."

End of part 8