This story involves two young boys, who are best of friends, discovering the real truths about themselves while devilishly spying on one of the boy's cousins...a beautiful young girl who is the envy of all eyes who befall on her 13 years of pure and spine tingling beauty. The two boys share the same name, but spelled differently. The first boy, his name is Shawn. Shawn, who is 12 years old, is rather uniquely built for his age. He is already 5'6" and weighs a very solid 156 pounds. Shawn likes to lift weights every chance he gets and is very sports oriented. He is the type of guy who excels at every sport, and it all comes effortlessly natural. His brown hair is feathered back, cut above the ears, and his eyes are of the purest emeralds. Without a doubt, Shawn is a serious looker, though with the truth being known, his true age does not do him justice, for he looks somewhat older, thanks to his muscular physique.

The other boy is Sean. Sean is pretty much the exact opposite of his muscularly built best friend. Sean, at the age of 12 stands closer to the 5'2" mark and probably doesn't weigh 100 pounds just yet. On the other hand, for Sean, his breath taking beauty is unheralded, long wavy natural blonde hair unfolds just below the neck line and perfectly cut just above his perfect little ears. Two small dimples set off his breath taking beauty every time his cherry thin lips quiver or move. Sean's eyes are made of crystal blue that have the ability to entrance all who dare to peer into them. His teeth are perfectly white and will never have a need for braces, being that perfectly straight.

The female part of this story is Sean's cousin Dana. Dana is 13 years old and she and Sean live with their grandparents. The best way to describe Dana is that she is drop dead, flat fucking gorgeous. Just like Sean, she has long natural blonde hair that dangles down somewhere close to the middle of her back and with the same color eyes as Sean...bluer than blue! Dana has been involved in many a boys cum shooting dreams, due to her pure and natural beauty. Her body is perfectly proportioned, especially her tear drop shaped bubbly, yet tight, ass. Many a nose has sniffed the seat she once occupied and she never knew anything about it. Without a doubt, Dana is breath taking beautiful, but not stuck up on herself by any means either.

Here is where this story begins, in Shawn's home, two blocks away from where Sean lives. It's summer time and there is no school, so this can only lead to where this story occurs. Shawn and Sean was inside Shawn's bedroom playing X-box. Both boys were sitting on the floor cross legged when Shawn paused the game, looked at his best friend Sean, and inquisitively asked,

"Have you ever seen Dana naked?"

Sean shot Shawn a devilish grin, then replied,

"Not really, just her wearing her panties and bra. Why?"

Shawn slung his head from side to side, then stated,

"Come on Sean, your cousin is the hottest girl on this fucking planet and you got the balls to ask me why...dude, if she was my cousin living under the same roof, I'd be doing whatever I could to catch her naked as often as I could."

Sean forced out a faint laugh, then laughingly whispered,

"Your sick man...all you want to do is jack-off seeing Dana naked!"

Shawn shot back,

"Fucking A man...I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't seeing her naked."

The two continued on playing their video game, but thanks to Shawn's persistence, Sean finally owned up to the fact that he had been contemplating hiding in Dana's bedroom to see her naked. So, with the two boys initiating a plan, they agreed that Shawn would spend this upcoming Friday night at Sean's house. So, without further ado, I will skip the next couple of days and bring this story to midday on Friday, at Sean's house.

Shawn and Sean were inside Sean's bedroom, which was across the hall from Dana's bedroom. Dana and Sean shared a bathroom in between their two bedrooms. Dana was out with some friends and Sean's grandparents were gone doing some grocery shopping. The two boys opened Dana's bedroom door and like two thieves in the night, tip toed into her room, easing her door shut behind them. They carefully eased open each of her drawers and looked at the articles of clothing inside them. Shawn found Dana's underwear drawer and nervously held up one, showing Sean his discovery. It was white and skimpy, like a thong. Without even thinking, Shawn raised the thin fabric up to his nose and inhaled, letting out a soft moan with his exhale. Sean picked up a red panty and did the same as his best friend.

Neither boy knew exactly what it was that they were trying to achieve, but they were having the time of their life sniffing Dana's clean underwear. With that being said, I should mention that it wasn't until just recently that Shawn's hormones kicked in igniting his passion and desires with Dana. For Sean, his true passion wasn't really over his cousin, but Shawn, his best friend instead. Sean couldn't explain why, but all he ever thought about was seeing Shawn naked. Though they had been best friends for all of their lives, neither had ever seen the other naked. While Shawn was sniffing Sean's cousin's underwear, Sean only pretended to be sniffing Dana's underwear. He was actually straining his eyes on the distinct and definite bulge protruding itself from Shawn's blue jean cut off shorts. Sean's eyes lavished on his best friend's muscular and virtually hairless tanned legs.

They rummaged in her room for awhile discovering a great hiding place inside her huge walk-in closet. As the day progressed, later that evening, each boy took turns taking a shower. They ate and waited patiently inside Sean's bedroom for Dana to take her shower. Once she would go inside the bathroom, the plan was to go hide in her closet and wait for the spectacular show to take place. Within a few minutes, Dana peeked her head into Sean's bedroom and informed them that she was going to take her shower. Dana was completely unaware that she was getting ready to be spied on as she closed the bathroom door behind her. The boys waited for the shower head to activate, then carefully snuck into Dana's bedroom and quietly got into position inside her closet, which according to Sean, she never closed.

Sean was standing in front of Shawn, intentionally grinding his butt onto his best friend's crotch. Sean was wearing baggy nylon shorts and Shawn was wearing baggy green shorts. Sean could already feel his beast friend's erection as he pressed his butt firmly up against it. Thanks to the height difference, Sean's butt was in great position to feel his best friend's erection. Just like he had fantasized about, Sean felt what truly felt like a huge cock gracing his begging ass cheeks.

Neither boy had anything else on except their shorts, and the freshly shampooed aroma of Sean's hair kept spewing heavily into Shawn's nervous and excited nostrils. Shawn could feel the simmering heat from Sean's back electrify his stomach and chest as he anxiously awaited Dana's arrival into her bedroom.

The two boys froze in time as Dana entered her bedroom wearing nothing but a towel draped around her perfect body. Peeking through the hanging clothes which concealed their position, the boys got to see the show, especially Shawn, that they had hoped to see. Dana was standing up and removed the towel leaving the four sneaky eyes to marvel over her nude backside. Shawn's cock twitched and jerked as he groped at Dana's tight little tear drop shaped ass. Each mound begged for attention with her every step. Sean felt his buddy's cock react to his cousin's nudity and that afforded him the opportunity to rub his ass even harder on the rock hard chunk of beef he so desperately fantasized about.

Dana turned, now facing her sneaky intruders, and Shawn's eyes quickly fell onto Dana's perfectly blonde pussy. The hair was blonde and trimmed into the shape of a runway. His eyes drifted up and he was drooling over her perfectly jutting tits. They were about the size of a handful, but her perky pink nipples were definitely erect. If things couldn't be any better, Dana wet one of her fingers and began taking turns twirling each erect nipple while making the most precious heart stopping faces ever seen by any human eyes.

After a short time of tweaking her nipples, Dana lay on her bed, legs spread with her heels tucked close to her ass, and in direct view of both boys, she began playing with her pussy with her right hand while pulling on her nipples with her left hand. From this position, Shawn could see her pink pussy and puffy lips as her finger dove in several times, then she began using her palm to bring herself into the faintest moans while jutting her ass off the bed. From time to time, Dana would shove her finger that once pile drove hard into her pussy into her mouth and she moaned as her own juices electrified her taste buds.

Shawn was besides himself with agonizing hormonal rage as to all that was transpiring, and he was so overwhelmed with the show that he never once had the brain cells to discover that it was his best friend's ass that was gripping and groping his rock hard boner. Nevertheless, Sean was getting his own fantasies somewhat filled. He was watching his gorgeous cousin masturbate while stealing the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill his inner most desire...Shawn's rock solid cock!

A short time later, Dana brought herself to a series of ass humping orgasms. When she was completely done, Dana began licking her pussy juice coated fingers clean. After taking a short break, she hopped off the bed, put on her robe, then quickly darted into the bathroom. It was then that both boys hurriedly, but quietly, exited her room and snuck back inside Sean's room. Now, safely inside Sean's room, and ever so confident about what they had just done, they sat on the floor, cross legged, and began playing video games. Shawn was really the one who was having trouble sitting down, mainly due to his raging hard-on. Trying to be a bit sneaky, Shawn fought desperately to rearrange his uncooperative cock without being busted by his best friend. But, that wasn't about to happen cause Sean was straining his eyes to see Shawn's overly stuffed crotch.

To Sean's frustration, nothing between he and his best friend happened. Though they slept in the same bed, nothing happened. Sean thought about trying to be sneaky and touch his best friend's cock, but he was simply just too scared to even try it. Shawn on the other hand, kept replaying Dana's perfect body, and wanted ever so desperately to haul his aching cock out and pound it until his cum juices spewed freely, but he too was simply too scared to try that. So, with both boys being sexually frustrated, they fell heavy into sleep.

Early the next morning, Sean awoke first and all he could do was stare at Shawn's muscular chest as his friend was in a peaceful sleep. The bed covers was just above Shawn's crotch and Sean took this time to study every intricate detail of the one guy he masturbated to all the time. Shawn's body was deeply tanned and his solid muscles rippled with his every breath. His nipples were small and like a pale pink color. His belly button protruded inward, but not so deeply. In Sean's eyes, Shawn was a God and that's all there is to it.

Shawn awoke next and looked straight into Sean's entrancing blue eyes. Both boys smiled at one another and said good morning. Each one took turns in the bathroom and after both was done, Dana got up and met them in the hallway.

"Morning guys..."

They exchanged good mornings and Shawn watched as Dana stood by the bathroom door, flung her sexy face to the side, then angelically whispered,

"Grandma and Grandpa have already gone into town and probably wont be back until sometime later today. You guys heading out somewhere this morning?"

Sean replied,

"Yeah, we're going over to Shawn's."

With that being said, Dana entered the bathroom and both boys went right back into their hiding place in her closet. Both boys were in the exact position they were in the first time and Sean continued to sway his little butt onto his friend's crotch. Just like before, Shawn was already hard as a rock.

A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened and Dana yelled out their names several times. Neither boy spoke as they stood perfectly still. A few seconds later after she apparently walked around the house, she entered her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her, sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the phone. Though they couldn't hear the person on the other end, they could clearly hear Dana state,

"The coast is clear and the back door is open...hurry, I'm hornier than shit right now!"

After she hung up the phone, Dana stood up and removed the towel. She got back onto the bed and lay on her back with her legs widely spread. She began pinching and pulling each nipple while grinding her ass hard and heavy onto the bed. The boys was watching her as she softly spoke,

"Fuck, I had to start without you!"

Then, the frame of a person stood directly in front of the closet and neither boy could figure out who it was. Whoever it was began undressing while saying things like,

"I'm gonna fuck the shit right out of you...Shit girl, that pussy of yours should be patented...Today, I'm gonna take your ass cherry!"

As the body in front of the closet walked towards the bed, now totally naked, both boys found out precisely who it was...Mr. Kingsley, or better known as Frank by the adults. This guy had to be in his forties and he was the Algebra teacher at high school, as well as Sean and Dana's next door neighbor. Frank's wife was a nurse and she must be working for him to be able to walk right on over.

While both boys were trying to bring themselves back into reality, Frank mounted the bed, inched forward on his knees, holding his rather thick 7 inches of man cock by the base, put it into Dana's face and ordered,

"Suck this mother fucker like you want it!"

From their view, they could see Dana's mouth stretch around the thick cock and watched in awe as the grown man fucked the mouth of 13 year old Dana, and she was sucking it like a pro. She gagged several times but she must have enjoyed it cause both boys ears could clearly hear her moans of passion as she slurped eagerly on the adult cock, choking inch by inch down her overly stuffed throat.

Not only was Frank way older than Dana, but his large beefy hairy frame had to be well over 230 pounds, compared to her 95 pounds or so of sheer utter perfection. Dana sucked the man's cock for some time before he yanked her legs open and stuffed his mouth directly onto her glistening wet pussy. Her moans and his grunts bellowed inside the closet. While he was dining on her pussy, Frank pulled her legs up even higher and both boys watched as the man began licking and kissing Dana's asshole. In the meantime, Dana was struggling to get into position to suck the man's beefy cock again. Now, Frank was taking turns eating her pussy and asshole and Dana was gulping down the man's cock like a starving dog.

To both boys bewildered excitement, they watched as Frank got in between Dana's legs and slammed his man cock hard and furious into her pussy. Dana was literally screaming,

"God yes...fuck me, fuck me hard damnit!"

And Frank was doing just that. The gut wrenching sound of flesh striking flesh savagely tore throughout the bedroom, especially inside the closet as both boys stared with wide open eyes as to the man's cock pile driving Dana's pussy into a frantic wild frenzy.

Frank flipped Dana over onto her knees, giving both boys a perfect angle view as he drilled his thick cock in and out of Dana's sopping wet pussy. Dana was doing some thrusting of her own as she was slamming her ass frantically onto the adult cock impaling her perfect pussy. Frank was constantly cussing while Dana was constantly groaning and moaning. Then, to both boys endless amazement, Frank pulled his cock out completely then said,

"Beg me to fuck that sweet ass of yours bitch! Tell me just how bad you want to feel this thick mother fucker up that hot ass of yours!"

Dana cried out,

"Fuck me, fuck me damnit, fuck my ass baby, make me feel that cock, make me scream, please fuck my ass any way you want mother fucker, fuck my asshole like you've never fucked before...get that fucking cock up my ass NOW you God damned son-of-a-bitch, mother fucking ass wipe!"

Frank, in one fast motion, slammed his beef all the way up Dana's ass, forcing Dana to scream,

"Ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiit, ittttttttttt fuckingggggggggg hurtssssssssss!"

Her cries apparently fell on Frank's deaf ears as he began slamming his man cock in and out of Dana's overly stuffed asshole. The boys could see the agony all over her face as her tears fell rapidly onto her bedding. Her face was making all sorts of twisting and contorting gestures as the man showed no remorse as he slammed his meat ever so savagely in and out of her ass.

Then, as if Dana did a complete 360, she began screaming,

Fuck me Frank...Ohhhhhhhhh fuck my assssssssssssssssssssss, harder damnit, I said fucking harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

It seemed endless, but sometime later, Frank yelled out,

"I'm gonna cum bitch...swallow this fucking load like you love it!"

Dana quickly turned around and sat on her knees as both boys watched Frank aim his cock up to her lips while jacking his thick meat furiously. Both boys silently jumped as the thick jets of milky white cream shot out of his cock and landed sharply into Dana's wide open mouth. It seemed like gallons upon gallons of man cum spewed thickly into Dana's mouth and she not once tried to avoid it as she held her mouth open, moaning as each thick jet shot straight into her mouth. Frank yelled,

"That's it you little bitch...take my cum...hold that shit until I tell you to swallow!"

And Dana did just that. When Frank's cock began to go soft, he wiped his cock head across Dana's lips several times. Then he hoarsely ordered,

"Go ahead you little cum whore, drink my spunk and let me hear your moans of my taste bitch!"

Dana held her mouth open and both boys could see as her throat opened and she began moaning in what had to be pure ecstasy as she swallowed his massive thick cream. Frank reached down with his left hand and grabbed a strong hold of her long blonde hair and yanked it hard, causing Dana to moan that much louder. Her mouth was still wide open and she was swallowing the man's thick cream while groaning and fingering her pussy.

With the last of his cream trickling down her throat, Frank released her hair then stated,

"Damn girl, you sure do know how to make a guy feel. I'd marry you in a heartbeat if I thought I could get away with it, but I don't see that happening right now."

Dana was looking up to Frank, still sitting on her knees, and whispered,

"That's okay with me just as long as you will fuck me every time we get a chance!"

Frank smiled and began rubbing his hands along the sides of her cheeks, then replied,

"That's okay with me cause I would fuck you every waking moment of each and every day if that were possible. Damn girl, you make a guy want to bust a nut just looking at you, much less tasting that sweet body of yours. I can't wait till your Grandparents go to church tomorrow...I'll be back over cause my wife has to work."

They kissed for a few seconds, then Frank slipped off the bed and began putting his clothes back on. Dana remained on the bed, still buck naked, and still dipping a finger in and out of her well fucked pussy. Frank opened her bedroom door and walked out, closing her door behind him. A few short minutes later, Dana took the same finger that was fucking her pussy and began sucking on it. When her finger was clean, she slid off the bed, placed her bathrobe on and walked out of her room. The boys heard the bathroom door close and they took that time to carefully sneak out of her bedroom.

Just as both boys exited her room and shut her door, the fright of their lives cause both of them to almost nearly wet their pants,

"What the sneaky son-of-a-bitches..."

Dana was standing just inside the bathroom but the door was not closed and she was screaming at both boys at the top of her lungs. Her face was a bright red and her eyes revealed her anger as well.

"You pieces of shit were in my room spying on me...Oh hell no...You fucking perverts...I, oh shit I'm pissed...I'm going to, uh, fuck, I'm going to get you both, you spying fucking pieces of low life shits!"

The boys stood frozen in their tracks as Dana blasted them with her verbal onslaughts. Her fists were balled up and she was madder than a freshly stirred up bunch of killer bees. She was still standing in the same place and after another round of verbal bashings, she looked hard at the two boys with very noticeable bulges in their crotches, then with a more calming voice said,

"Go into your room and when I'm done, we'll talk things get your spying asses in your room...NOW!"

She slammed the bathroom door shut and both Shawn and Sean quickly entered Sean's room and sat on the edge of the bed. No sooner than their asses hit the bed, Sean looked over at his best friend and whispered,

"We're in for it now...she is some pissed off!"

Shawn replied,

"Pissed off aint the word...she's down right ready for war."

Sean shook his head in agreement, then whispered to Shawn,

"I still can't believe what we just saw...Mr. Frank of all people. He talked to Dana like she was some piece of shit or something."

Shawn was agreeing as he spoke,

"Yeah, but she must have loved it cause their planning on doing the same thing tomorrow. I still can't believe his big dick fit inside her asshole and she swallowed his sperm too."

Sean immediately fired back,

"Not only that, but Dana sucked it right after he had just finished fucking her in the ass."

Before they could continue their conversation, Dana, still wearing a bathrobe, walked into Sean's room, stood a few feet from them, and just stared. Her arms were folded in front of her and from the look in her eyes, she was still extremely pissed. Before she could say a word, Sean hesitantly and nervously stated,

"We are sorry and we wont ever spy on you again...I promise!"

Dana's eyes darted from one nervous boy to the other. Licking her lips, she responded,

"So, I take it that this aint the first time you hid in my room to spy on me. I hope you got to see what you wanted to sick fucks! What, you wanted to see me naked, see my tits, my pussy, my ass...well, you perverts got to see a little more than that too, huh, now aint that right?"

The boys shook their heads back and forth in agreement as Dana took turns looking at each of them.

The boys sat there looking at Dana as nervous as nervous could be when Dana spoke again,

"Since you perverts have been spying on me, the way I see it, I have several options. One, I can tell our Grandparents and God only knows what they will do to the both of you. Secondly, I could call the cops on you perverts. Thirdly, Shawn, I can tell your parents and I know for a fact that your dad will whip your ass until you have to shit through a straw for a month. So, you sick fucking perverts, I'll let you pick which one you want...So, go ahead and pick!"

Sean was the firs to speak,

"Please Dana, can't we just promise to never do that again...please!"

Dana looked down at Sean, cracked a forced smile, then shot back,

"Oh hell no...You just saw me fuck Frank and now you have a secret you can use against me the next time you get pissed at me. No, an apology is just too easy for the shit you both just pulled!"

Shawn spoke up for the first time,

"We wont say nothing...I promise!"

Dana shot Shawn an evil glance then harshly stated,

"I know neither one of you will say anything, cause I will get you back...somehow! I'm going to have some shit on both of you if it's the last thing I do!"

Sean tossed out his plea,

"Come on Dana, please don't tell on us. We'll do whatever you want, just don't tell on us, please!"

Dana unfolded her arms and a soft smile darted across her gorgeous face, then repeating what Sean had just said, said,

"Let me see if I got this right, if I don't tell on you perverts, the BOTH of you will do ANYTHING, ANYTHING I tell you to...Is that right?"

Sean quickly replied,

"Yes, anything, anything you want, but please don't tell."

Dana looked over at Shawn, still sitting on the edge of the bed shaking like a falling leaf. Shawn was silent as Dana pointed at him and asked,

"How about you big boy, I've got Sean saying he'll do anything...what about you?"

Shawn was nodding his head in agreement as the words began to flow from his quivering mouth,

"Me too, I'll do anything you want, just please don't rat us out!"

A devilish grin shot across Dana's face as she spoke,

"Here's the deal. If I tell you to do something and you don't do it, or refuse to do it, I will spill my guts. Got it! If I tell you to do something and you hesitate, I'll tell on you. The bottom line boys is real simple...Whatever I tell you to do, you just do it and do it right then and there without hesitation or question. Got it! Now, do both of you agree on those terms or do I just need to go ahead and tell on you?"

Both Sean and Shawn responded at the same time,


Dana smacked her lips and began walking in front of the boys with her arms folded once again, never once taking her eyes of either of them. Both boys followed Dana's movement, but dared not to move, only their eyes. Dana knew she had one of the top jocks, being Shawn, by the nuts. She definitely noticed his chiseled physique as well, but if it wasn't for the fact that she preferred to have sex with older men, she would have already fucked his brains out by now. Her mind rambled as to something she could have them do so that she could get some really good shit on both of them. That would etch her sex secret with Frank in stone.

She walked around to the other side of the room and sat on the computer chair facing the boys who had their upper bodies turned in such a way to face her. Her lips opened, then the words followed,


Both boys stood up and without hesitation, kicked their shoes off, then peeled down their shorts and flung them to the side. Their erections had since subsided and they were now wearing their respective underwear. Dana pointed a finger at them and with a more stern voice said,

"Strip means strip and that means everything, including your underwear!"

With a mild hesitation, both boys pulled down their underwear and slung them to the side. Now, neither had a stitch of clothes on and was as naked as the day they were born. Dana pointed at her cousin Sean and said,

"Come here and stand in front of me!"

Sean quickly followed her command and Dana peered at her cousin's nude body. The boy was completely hairless with exception to some peach fuzz on his shins. His flaccid cock was cut and it jutted out from his hairless well tanned body a good inch or two. The shaft seemed somewhat slender, but the head was much larger as it rested on top of two hairless nickel sized nuggets. Even the tight sac holding Sean's balls was hairless as well. After studying her cousin's flaccid cock for a short time, she ordered,

"Turn around and face Shawn!"

Sean obeyed and Dana began marveling over Sean's small, but extremely taught ass. The crack itself was tiny and she could only wonder what treat lay hidden between those tiny solid mounds. She wasn't the only one studying Sean for Shawn couldn't help not to notice his best friend's pure perfect little body.

Shawn stared hard at Sean's cock and inwardly wondered just how big it would get if it was hard. He had also had the distinct privilege of seeing his best friend's butt. Shawn couldn't quite understand why he was so suddenly interested in his best friend's body, but his mind forced the rest of his unwilling body to adjust to the perfection his eyes were now viewing. With that being said, Shawn's cock began to inflate, and now that it was semi hard, Dana's voice brought him back to reality,

"Get on the bed...on your back...Shawn come over in front of me!"

He obeyed and as he stood in front of Dana, his eyes were locked on her gorgeous face and now his cock stood proudly, rock hard. From Sean's angle, all he could see was Shawn's butt, and oh what a butt it was. Even his best friend's ass looked like they too had been chiseled. The two mounds arched with muscular pride as Shawn stood before his cousin, Dana. Dana was studying Shawn's body, from head to toe. His chest was more than well defined and his stomach muscles rippled with his every breath. Then her eyes couldn't help not to notice the boy's proud cock as it stuck straight out from his chiseled body a good 7 inches. To be only 12, Dana quickly discovered that Shawn would one day be hung like a horse. It was quite thick and had a downwards arch right in the middle of the shaft. Just like her cousin, Shawn too was cut, but his cock head was just a tad larger than the already impressive shaft. Unlike Sean, Shawn had some pubic hair, black by nature, and in the shape of a small V. His balls hung down a good two inches and the sac itself appeared to be void of any hair.

Dana studied the front features of Shawn with intricate detail, even taking the time to notice his muscle ripped legs. Fighting back the urge to reach out and lock onto his impressive cock, Dana pretended as though it was no big deal.

"Turn around pervert!"

Shawn obeyed, now giving Sean the view of his cock he so desperately wanted and Dana was peering onto two well chiseled ass cheeks that looked so inviting. For Dana, this was her first time looking at such a muscular butt, and for Sean, he got to see his best friend's cock and oh what a cock it was. As Sean lay on the bed admiring the cock of his dreams, his own cock decided to go on display. Sean saw and felt his own cock as it grew to its 4 inches. Comparing his cock to his best friend's, Sean thought his looked more on the deformed side. The shaft was rather slender, but his cock head was extremely thick, unlike Shawn's, being so long and equally as thick.

Shawn saw his best friend's cock as it rose from his body, profoundly displaying its pure and candid hardness. He could feel Dana's eyes burning holes on his butt, and at this point, he would have been more than willing for her to tell him to turn around and start eating her pussy. Dana's voice shuddered throughout his body,

"Get on the bed and lay next to Sean pervert!"

Shawn obeyed and was now laying to Sean's left side with both boys heads melting into their perspective pillows. Both erections revealing their true state and eagerness to obey Dana's every command.

Dana slid onto the bed just below both boys feet. As she sat on her butt, her robe opened up just enough so that Shawn's eyes marveled on her spectacular pussy. This only made his cock seem to get that much harder, not to mention the vibrant heat radiating off of his best friend's nude body. Dana flung her head back causing her beautiful blonde hair to wave in the air, smacked her lips, then cordially whispered,

"Remember have to do everything I tell you or your butts will get into trouble! Okay, now, I want to see you kiss one another and I don't mean a simple peck on the cheeks or lips...I want to see some tongue action, heavy tongue action...I want the both of you to kiss one another like you mean it...Now, do it!"

Sean rolled his head to his left while Shawn rolled his head to his right. Neither had ever kissed the way Dana was wanting, but for Sean, his cousin was making him do the things he had jacked off to so many times, and with the person he had fantasized about. Though Shawn was a bit hesitant, Sean took control and sank his cherry colored thin lips over Shawn's and slid his tongue deeply inside. Initially, Sean's tongue startled Shawn, but after getting a mouthful of his best friend's minty tasting saliva, Shawn simulated his best friend's actions and stuck his tongue inside Sean's super hot mouth.

Dana fired,

"If it feels good, I'd better start hearing some fucking moaning!"

It was Sean who bellowed out a loud moan, followed by Shawn's heavy groans. Dana watched as the two boys began really going to town with each of their tongues dwelling ever so passionately inside the other's mouth. Periodically, Dana took the time to rub her super wet pussy as she watched her cousin and his best friend as they were unknowingly rewriting the book on how to kiss with such a deep and devoted passion.

"Stop!" Dana barked out.

Neither boy wanted to break their seal, but Dana was the one giving the orders. Their wet lips broke their passionate seal, and their eyes, though both were glassy, looked up towards Dana. Sean was torn between looking at his cousin and zeroing in on Shawn's pre cum glistening cock head. He could see a pearl drop of pre cum as it formed at Shawn's piss slit. Dana saw it as well as she softly whispered,

"Now, I want you both to feel each others manhood's. I don't mean just touch it either. I want to see your hands make love...Do it!"

Neither boy had ever touched another cock with exception to their own, but they were left with no other option but to follow Dana's orders. Shawn reached out with his right hand as Sean locked onto Shawn's proud boner with his left. The cock in Shawn's hand felt velvety soft, yet brick hard all at the same time. His hand rubbed over Sean's bulbous cock head and he could feel Sean's excitement as his pre cum smeared into the palm of his hand. Sean, on the other hand, well he was fulfilling a life long dream as his left hand manipulated every square inch of the cock he so longed to see. The shaft felt satiny smooth and Shawn's pre cum greasing up his hand only made his mouth water that much more.

For a moment, both boys totally forgot that Dana was even present as they both were lost in the texture and feel of the other's proud cock. Their moans and ear pleasing grunts told the story of just how excited both were and Dana picked up on this as well. Her finger ripped into her pussy as her eyes marveled in luxury as to both proud cocks being manipulated like never before. She could sense that if they kept this up, both would soon be shooting their cream and she was not ready for that to happen, or at least, not just yet. She had already made up her mind that she was going to get some really good shit on both so she would know they would never tell a soul about her sexual appetite, especially the fact that she likes older men, and not boys close to her own age.

Dana barked out,

"That's enough...STOP!"

Both hands went back to their perspectives sides. Just as their hands settled down, Dana spoke,

"Listen up and listen good...I'll tell you when it's okay to cum, so you better not be blasting your wads until I tell you...Got it!"

They both answered at the same time as Dana shifted her butt on the bed. Once she was sitting in a more comfortable position, still on her butt, she looked at both, pointed at her cousin Sean, and ordered,

"Okay you little spying brat, I want you to suck your best friend's cock...NO, I want you to make love to it with your mouth...Get to it...NOW!"

For Sean, this was a dream come true and though his own cousin was forcing him to suck his best friend's cock, he knew that she didn't have a clue that he had dreamed of this moment for a rather long time. So, without any need for hesitation, Sean rapidly inched his body down the bed until he was resting on his left side and quickly shot out his tongue to capture the pearl drop of pre cum oozing out of Shawn's piss slit. Sean let out a rather loud moan as the taste of his best friend's pre cum filtered throughout his mouth, sending shockwaves upon shockwaves rippling throughout his body. Shawn moaned freely as he felt Sean's tongue swirl around his cock head and explore his meat with his slithering tongue.

Dana didn't have to tell her younger cock sucking cousin on what to do, for she witnessed Sean's tongue roam freely over Shawn's balls, and when his mouth bobbed up and down on Shawn's more than impressive cock, Sean's right hand was fondling Shawn's balls. Sean did gag several times in a defeated attempt to swallow all 7 rock hard inches of his best friend's cock, but soon realized that he could only manage about 4 or 4 inches. Nevertheless, Sean was having the time of his life and his slurping noises and passionate moans only validated it.

Shawn was squirming all around as his best friend sucked his cock and played with his balls. He could feel his cum boil as Sean's over heated mouth and snake like tongue performed some type of mystical magic on his raging erection. Inadvertently, Shawn began thrusting his ass off of the bed, driving his cock in and out of Sean's vacuum like mouth. At this point, Shawn was still aware of the fact that once Dana stopped Sean from sucking his cock, then, he would have to suck Sean's cock, and to be honest, he wasn't sure he would like it, especially the way Sean seemed to be enjoying it.

Dana watched as Shawn's toes kept curling and monitored the look on his face and knew it was time for her to stop Sean from sucking Shawn's soon to be exploding cock.

Dana harshly ordered,

"STOP...Look at me!"

Sean reluctantly withdrew his mouth off the one thing that felt so humanly natural, Shawn's cock. He was still leaning on his side and looking at his cousin awaiting her orders. Dana was no idiot for she had already put two and two together. She knew that her younger cousin had a crush on his muscular friend and she was going to play all the cards to see where things would go.

Pointing her finger at Sean, Dana whispered,

"Hike his legs up and let me see you make love to his asshole with your tongue!"

Sean quickly got in between Shawn's legs, and with Shawn's help, placed Shawn's knees way above his ears, impaling the mattress rather sharply. Sean peered into the muscular crack and noticed that his friend had no hair growing in his crack whatsoever and the little rosebud of an asshole was tightly sealed. Sean flattened his tongue out right over Shawn's asshole causing Shawn to squeal loudly as if being tickled. Dana offered,

"Relax...Right now it might tickle, but in a few seconds you will be craving his tongue up your ass!"

Dana was right and soon Shawn was cooing and groaning as Sean's tongue slithered up and down and all around his puckering little pucker hole. Sean was grunting as he bathed in the luxury of what it felt like to lick his best friend's asshole. It was in no way as weird as he imagined and it offered no foul aroma as to the reality of where his tongue was actually at.

Without having to be told, Sean would take the time to lick Shawn's balls, then slowly return back to his best friend's beloved tight little asshole. Shawn had already grabbed two fistfuls of the bedding while biting his lips and grunting like crazy. Dana had since moved to her knees and positioned herself to her cousin's right side so she could watch the show and finger fuck her pussy into submission. Sean was going crazy fulfilling his dreams as he let his tongue wander up and down Shawn's crack and dwell heavily onto his buddy's twitching butt hole. Dana barked out while pinching Shawn's left nipple,

"Yeah, yessssssssssssssss, how's that feel you fucking pervert? Tell me how much you like my cousin's tongue up your tight little ass?"

With his eyes tightly closed, Shawn gasped and with a raspy voice screamed, slashed panted,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt, this feels sooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood!"

Dana was all too aware of what it feels like to have your asshole eaten out, cause she absolutely loves for hers to be dined on for as long as possible. So, she knew precisely what Shawn was feeling as she continued to tweak his left nipple forcing the mind boggled boy to groan even louder than he already was doing. Dana let Sean have his pleasures as she watched her younger cousin make fire hot passionate love to his best friend's asshole. She already knew that sooner or later, Sean's tongue would find away to break Shawn's tight seal and crawl up the boy's unsuspecting chute.

As if her mind controlled all that was happening, Sean's slithering tongue dipped into the seal of Shawn's tightly puckering butt hole, and dove harshly inside. She not only saw it, but she heard Shawn's scream as Sean's tongue battled the solid resistance and dove deep into the boy's anal canal. Shawn was literally screaming at the top of his lungs as his buddy's tongue dipped in, the swirled around inside his rectum. Never, ever, had he felt anything like this, especially coming from a place where he was taught was forbidden. The pleasures racing throughout his mind stole his every breath as he fought from within to grasp a fresh breath of air as the sensations piping from his asshole commanded his every thought.

Dana must have let Sean have his way for close to an hour, wondering if Sean would soon tire from eating his best friend's butt hole, but apparently and evidentially enough, Sean wasn't even close to being tired. Dana ordered Sean to stop and suck Shawn's cock some more to which Sean eagerly obeyed her command and began slurping up and down Shawn's throbbing cock. Within seconds though, Dana had to stop Sean for Shawn was seriously close to busting his load. Dana ordered the two boys to kiss once again, and as if they had been lovers forever, both boys eagerly swallowed the other's tongue and their moans of pleasure echoed off the bedroom walls.

After nearly fifteen minutes of fiery hot passionate tongue swapping and sucking, Dana ordered them to stop. What Shawn feared the most was now at hand as Dana looked at him, pointed, then said,

"It's your turn pervert! Suck Sean's dick just like he sucked yours and you had best suck that mother fucker like you love it!"

Shawn crept in between Sean's already spread legs, looking down at his best friend's erect cock, noticed that the overly large mushroom head was spitting pre cum a mile a minute. His mouth watered from bitterness, but that was only the taste his mind played on him, but as he lowered his mouth, the pre cum awoke some hidden passion deep within him. It was by no means bitter, nor heavily coated with salt, but Sean's slick pre cum tasted like nothing he had ever tasted before. The taste was actually pretty good as he let his tongue flicker all around the enlarged bulbous head as his lips found it easy to seal themselves around the shafts slender girth.

What he once most feared, he now rather enjoyed. The feeling of the velvety satin skin as it slid between his lips ignited a power deep within his soul. Shawn, as he sucked his buddy's cock, discovered that Sean's cock fit perfectly inside his mouth. Mixed with the feeling of Sean's cock and the natural aroma spewing from Sean's body, Shawn became extremely overheated and began sucking Sean's cock like a madman. While Shawn was busy working on Sean's throbbing young meat, Shawn did what was done to him as he let his mouth slip from the hard meat and his tongue began swirling all over Sean's tightly withdrawn hairless cum holders. Sean's balls fit easily into Shawn's mouth, causing Sean to exhale his moans of ecstasy as the fiery heat from his buddy's mouth slowly baked his aching balls.

Dana was besides herself as she watched in awe, fingering her soaking wet pussy like a runaway pile driver. While Shawn was taking turns sucking Sean's cock and swallowing Sean's balls, Dana blurted out,

"Eat his ass...Eat his asshole NOW!"

Without even so much as a thought process, Shawn hoisted Sean's legs way up into the air, pushed them beyond Sean's gorgeous head, and pressed Sean's knees deeply into the mattress. Using his mighty strength, Shawn held Sean's smooth hairless legs as his inexperienced face was immediately drawn towards the spectacle that his eyes were now seeing. To the best of Shawn's knowledge, this was the first asshole, other than Dana's, his eyes had ever seen. It honestly didn't look like anything more than a mere speck that was the same creamy complexion as the rest of Sean's little tear drop ass was.

As if caught in some form of powerful magnet, Shawn's nostrils were being forced closer and closer to the hairless marvel. That little speck didn't pucker, or do anything for that was nothing more than a tiny indentation into what had to be the most perfect ass known to mankind. Shawn's nose reached the point that it was actually pressing against Sean's little butt hole. With the deepest of breaths, Shawn inhaled the powerful aphrodisiac causing his mind to spin way out of control. The aroma was a strange for Shawn, but it was not anything remotely close to being disgusting or foul.

Shawn pointed his tongue and began making long loving strokes up and down the entire small length of Sean's super delicious butt crack, stopping only at the point of the tiny indentation forming its beloved little seal. Sean was cooing and moaning while Shawn was busy making slurping noises and grunting. Dana's own tongue lurched out as if she were able to dine on her exquisite cousin's tasty asshole. From the sounds Shawn was making, Dana knew that her cousin's butt hole must be pretty darn good, and for the first time in her life, she wanted to taste what Shawn was tasting on her own cousin, his young virgin asshole.

Dana was probing her pussy with her right middle finger and was rubbing the palm of her left hand all over Shawn's jutting muscular ass. Shawn was way too busy dining on his best friend's butt to pay any attention to the hand caressing and groping his hiked up butt. Dana didn't even have to give any orders as Shawn used his left hand to position Sean's pre cum spitting rock hard cock towards his ass eating mouth. Now, Shawn was driving Sean wild as he began to lick and suck Sean's cock and dine on the boy's tasty aromatic bung hole. Not ever having done this before, Shawn stuck his tongue back onto Sean's butt hole and the tightly restricted seal gave way, allowing his tongue to dive into the fiery hot depth of Sean's anal canal. Sean cried out as his best friend's tongue dove deep, then deeper into his rectum. Shawn would tongue fuck Sean's asshole, then quickly sink his cock craving mouth back over Sean's throbbing pole.

Sean was slapping the sides of the bed and Dana knew that her younger cousin wouldn't be able to last much longer, so she stopped Shawn from ravishing her cousin. With all the absolute reluctance in the world, Shawn withdrew his mouth from the body that offered him such exciting tastes. Now, up on his knees, still in between Sean's spread legs, all Shawn could do was ogle over Sean's hairless perfect nude body. Sean, on the other hand, was straining through watery eyes to vision his buddy's proud jutting erection. Dana was aggressively fingering her pussy and with a heavy panting whisper, she barked,

"You wanted to see me naked, now taste my juices pervert!"

With that being said, she withdrew her pussy juice coated finger from her dripping wet pussy and shoved it straight into Shawn's mouth. This was Shawn's first taste of pussy and from his loud bear like growl, it must have been exquisite. Shawn was tasting Dana's pussy juice and although he couldn't describe the taste, he knew he could never get enough of it. He sucked her finger like he sucked Sean's cock...with all the mad passion his mouth could ever possibly offer.

Dana pulled her finger out of Shawn's mouth and literally fell backwards so that she was flat on her back with her feet pointing towards the headboard. Looking at Shawn, she said,

"I want you to eat my pussy (pointing at Shawn) and I want you (pointing at her cousin Sean) to eat his asshole, but don't touch his cock. Get to it!"

Her legs were already spread as Shawn spun around on his knees and immediately lowered his lips to Dana's puffy pussy lips. His tongue darted out like a dog lapping at a fresh bowl of water on her soaking wet pussy. Sean fought to rise up from the bed on his knees and wasted very little time in slamming his snake like tongue deep into his best friend's bowels.

She had to help Shawn find the spot as his tongue was lapping at the insides of her pussy opening. Raising the hood from her clit, Shawn closed his lips around the little bud and began sucking while stabbing the point of Dana's clit with his tongue. Dana was arching her ass off the bed as the boy's inexperienced pussy eating endeavors heightened near the edge of being a pro. Shawn was grunting wildly from the taste of Dana's delicious pussy mixed with the feeling of having his ass tongue fucked by Sean's ass dwelling tongue.

After nearly twenty or so minutes, Shawn's mouth and tongue brought Dana to a body bucking climax. Her hands locked his head sharply to her pussy as she began screaming for dear life as her climax was long and very powerful. Being that her pussy was now just a little too sensitive, Dana forced Shawn's mouth from her exhausted pussy and she quickly flopped over onto her stomach and got into a doggy style position. Pointing her right index finger to her asshole, she hoarsely whispered,

"Eat my asshole and eat that fucker really good!"

Shawn took the short time to peer into her tiny pucker and was amazed to see that something so awfully tiny once accommodated the girth of Frank's overly thick cock. Like being sucked in by a magnet, Shawn lowered his head and began licking all around Dana's exposed pink pucker hole. Just like Sean's asshole, Dana's offered no foul aroma, just something more like intoxicating if words had to describe it.

Unlike Sean's super tiny little hole, Dana's quickly invited Shawn's tongue deep inside her boiling hot chamber. Now, his asshole was being ravished by Sean's tongue and his own tongue was plugging away in and out of Dana's delicious bung hole. This went on for a rather long time before Dana realized she had to stop it and move on. Though she was being pleasured in so many ways, this moment, this time, was all supposed to build up some dirt on the two boys.

Being the only true experienced one there, Dana knew that both boys would need a break or their cocks would accidentally erupt their youthful cream. She had both of them lay down on their backs, side by side, and ordered both of them not to touch the other. On very wobbly legs, she walked out of the room and darted down the hall. Both boys were laying there panting for oxygen, and both set of eyes were eying the other's proud erection. Sean was the first to whisper,

"So, what did her pussy taste like?"

Shawn whispered back in a low growl,

"Oh fuck man, I could eat her forever and ever. Her pussy is awesome!"

There was a brief pause when Shawn nervously asked,

"How was it sucking my dick?"

Sean innocently enough let out a sneaky grin and replied,

"At first it was kind of weird, but to be totally honest, it was pretty awesome. You sure do have one big dick there!"

Shawn grinned as well and fired back,

"Thanks, and yours is a pretty good size too!"

Both had some more questions to offer the other, but neither of them could muster the courage to ask, so they just lay there anxiously awaiting Dana's return. In the meantime, Dana was in the kitchen drinking a cold glass of water thinking of ways to get back at the two boys. Although she was doing her best to come up with ideas, her mind kept painting the picture of the two hard cocks and Shawn's perfectly chiseled body. The photo in her mind studied the differences of the two cocks. Shawn's was a good 7 cut inches and was rather thick for a boy his age while her cousin Sean's cock was 4 cut inches with the shaft being somewhat very slender but his mushroom shaped cock head was extremely thick, making the shaft appear to be that much slender. If things right now were different, she knew she would have no problem sucking their cocks until their tasty cum filled her mouth, but this was not about her, it was all about getting some stuff on them to blackmail their silence.

Dana spent nearly 30 minutes in the kitchen pondering various ways of making the boys do things to get back at them and when the last of her second glass of water slipped down her throat, the most devilish of grins crossed her face. The boys lay perfectly still as they could hear Dana walking down the hall. She walked in and the first thing she saw was both boys still wearing proud boners. She slid on the bed, angling her nude body down by their feet and sat cross legged, staring sharply at both boys.

Eying both boys, Dana devilishly spoke,

"I made you suck each other's cock, and I watched you eat the other's asshole, so if you want to keep that a secret, both of you will shut the fuck up about me and never spy on me ever again or I will tell everyone that the two of you are cock sucking faggots. But, don't worry, it aint over yet cause I am not nearly done with you just yet. (pointing at Shawn) You lay your perverted ass here (pointing down at her feet so that he would be laying across the bed.)"

Shawn followed her command, then she pointed at her cousin Sean and ordered,

"You get on top...this is called the 69 position. This way, you can suck each other's cock at the same time and you had best make me believe you are fucking loving every second of it...NOW, DO IT!"

Sean was already on top of Shawn and wasted no time in shoving his mouth down on Shawn's meaty pole. Shawn had his mouth open and his hands were instinctively groping his best friend's butt cheeks as Sean's cock was lodged inside his mouth. Dana sat there and admired the slurping noises and soft moans coming from both boys as they worked feverishly on the other's cock. As both boys worked hard on the other's young meat, Dana tossed out,

"You boys had best let me know when you are close to busting your nuts!"

With meat stuffing their mouths, both boys grunted their understanding of her last command.

Dana could see Sean's saliva dripping down the shaft of Shawn's cock and she could see her cousin's cum filled swollen balls smash across the bridge of Shawn's nose with his every humping motion, driving his young cock in and out of his best friend's mouth. Dana got up onto her knees and inched herself closer to Shawn's head, keeping her eyes locked onto her cousin's perfectly shaped butt. She was now standing on her knees just above Shawn's head in total awe of her cousin's virgin asshole. The temptation was simply too overwhelming as Dana lowered her tongue onto Sean's humping little bung hole. She enjoyed eating a guys ass, but this was the first ass that was totally hairless, not to mention the simple fact that it was her cousin's asshole. Sean cried out a muffled groan as Dana's tongue dove straight into his asshole, slithering straight up his anal canal.

Without the need to be considerate, Dana shot her tongue in and out of Sean's asshole a mile a minute. Sean fought to keep Shawn's thick cock inside his mouth, but the pleasures of having his own cock fucking his best friend's mouth and his asshole being tongue fucked was driving him absolutely crazy with some type of sexual delirium. A very short time later, Sean peeled his mouth off of Shawn's cock just long enough to cry out that he was close. Dana forced her tongue from her cousin's asshole just long enough to bark out,

"Go ahead and shoot your load, but you (tapping the side of Shawn's right facial cheek), you had best not swallow any of hear me?"

Shawn grunted his acknowledgement as he continued to increase his sucking pressure on Sean's soon to be erupting cock.

Being that this was his first cock he had ever sucked, he didn't really know what all was about to happen. Sure, Shawn had been jacking off, but the thought of ever tasting his own sperm never once crossed his mind. Now, here he was, sucking his best friend's cock, and was just about to get Sean's sperm shot into his mouth. He was torn in between nervousness and some mad form of excitement knowing what was about to happen. While he was thinking about it, Dana was busy once again tongue fucking Sean's muscle gripping asshole. Dana heard her cousin's loud angelic grunts and Shawn felt Sean's cock swell even harder than it already was.

Just as Sean was about to fire his long overdue load, Dana removed her tongue and quickly slid her right middle finger all the way up Sean's ass chute. Sean cried out a stifled moan as his cock unleashed the load from hell, heavy and hard into Shawn's unsuspecting mouth. Shawn felt the power of his buddy's sperm, as it was being fired from his cock like missiles. Dana was absorbed by the pressure of Sean's ass as her cousin was blasting his load. His anal muscles attacked her probing finger as she twisted it and turned it while ramming in and out as fast as she possibly could. Shawn's mouth was rapidly filling with Sean's sperm and Shawn was grunting like crazy.

Sean fought to suck his friend's cock and felt the already thick cock get thicker. Then, Sean felt Shawn's cock as it sprang its thick seed from its roots, firing round after thick round into his mouth. Both boys fought with a passion to hold the other's love juice inside their mouth without swallowing any of it. They both inwardly agreed that the sperm firing harshly and heavily into their mouths was hot and somewhat thick.

Dana kept on finger fucking Sean's ass knowing that both boys had just shot their cream and was getting close to coming down from their overly powerful orgasm. She intentionally waited a good 3 to 4 minutes before pulling her finger from her cousin's finger crushing asshole. Both boys were still angelically moaning, though not nearly as loud as they once had been. Just to quench her curiosity, Dana raised the finger that had just fucked Sean's ass up to her nose and inhaled. She had done this many times before, but unlike the other times, her finger offered no indication of where it had just been. She even went so far as to dip her ass dwelling finger into her mouth and suck her cousin's ass juice from her finger. She moaned ever so elegantly as to the divine taste her finger offered her.

Once Dana was done satisfying her curiosity, she had both boys sit before her, holding their heads backwards with their mouths wide open. She made sure that each mouth held the precious sperm that had just been served up. Without the need for any measuring cup, Dana could easily tell that Shawn shot the biggest load. His cream nearly was dripping out of her cousin's wide open mouth as she took her time to cordially inspect each mouth. Pointing at Shawn, Dana said,

"Listen up pervert...Only let a little bit down your throat. I want to see his shit slowly disappear...NOW, DO IT!"

Shawn was more nervous than ever as he obeyed her command. As the first bit of Sean's sperm trickled down his throat, Shawn felt like he might throw up, but once he got over his initial fear, he rapidly discovered that his buddy's sperm tasted more like melted candy. Once the first drop trickled down his throat, Shawn had no need for hesitation as he opened up his throat for some more to tingle his taste buds. Like all good things do, Sean's addicting sperm left Shawn's mouth and was now safely tucked away inside his stomach. Only the after taste remained as he smacked his lips while looking into Dana's eyes.

Dana pointed at her cousin and said,

"It's your turn!"

Unlike Shawn, Sean craved for this moment as he got his first taste of Shawn's sperm. It tasted just like he had fantasized about as he continuously allowed small portions to slip down his throat. To Sean, Shawn's thick cream tasted like it was sweeter than pure honey as the last of the heavy load slid down his throat. Just like Shawn, Sean smacked his lips when the last of the tasty cream departed his mouth.

Dana looked at the two boys and ordered,

"Now, kiss each other!"

Like two life long lovers, both boys locked their lips over the other and their tongues intertwined. Their hands roamed the others body as their moans grew to more of a loud growl. Dana sat on her knees and watched in awe as the two boys nearly forgot she was even there. Even more impressive than their passionate kissing was the mere fact that both of their cocks was still rock hard. While the two boys were lost in their kissing, Dana couldn't resist the opportunity to crawl in between them and take turns sucking on their rigid boners. The boys were growling before, but now that their cocks was being sucked, they began howling. Dana sunk her mouth all the way down Shawn's cock, sucked it for a few seconds, then turned her head and sucked her cousin's cock. When she was sucking one cock, her hand was jacking the other.

Dana stopped sucking their cocks and slid off the bed and hurriedly went into her bedroom where she grabbed the bottle of baby lotion and returned where the two boys were still sucking the other's tongue as if tomorrow would never come. She ordered them to stop, and both boys reluctantly retrieved their tongue from the other's sperm saturated mouth. She had Shawn get into a doggy style position and had Sean kneel beside her. Dana poured some baby oil onto her right hand and showed Sean what she wanted done by slipping her index finger straight up Shawn's retaliating anal canal. Just as soon as Dana slipped her finger up his ass, Shawn began slinging his head to and fro as the burning from the shock of being stretched and penetrated overcame him. Dana buried her finger up to the last knuckle, then slammed all the way home, instructing Sean that's how she wants it to be done.

Dana pulled her finger out of Shawn's asshole, then poured some baby oil onto her cousins right hand. Sean slipped his middle finger in, twisting and turning it as it spiraled deep into his buddy's rectum. Shawn's legs were quivering as he felt the extra girth of Sean's finger force itself straight up his butt. Dana saw Shawn's toes as they curled as her cousin began slamming his middle finger in and out of Shawn's butt fast and furiously. While Sean was working on Shawn's finger crushing ass, Dana was busy greasing up Sean's cock with the baby oil. Sean was cooing as his cousin molested his cock with the slick oil mixed with the feeling his finger was giving him as it worked Shawn's ass into a body humping frenzy.

Shawn was now head butting the mattress as Sean was thrusting his finger with vengeance in and out of his ass. While Sean was doing this, Dana caught Sean's attention and held up two fingers. Sean understood and quickly shoved a second finger up Shawn's ass. Shawn screamed as the second finger seemed like it had tore through his system with the heat of a welder's torch. He cried out,

"Shiiiiiiiittttt, ittttttttttttttttttt huuuuuuurtsssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo baaaadddddd!"

Dana fired back,

"Shut the fuck up pervert. Just wait until you feel his cock go up your ass. Believe me, after today, you're gonna love his cock up your ass! So, shut the fuck up and take it, you little cry baby cock sucking piss ant!"

Even when Sean added the third finger to the ass pounding session, to be honest, they were still no match for his overly enlarged cock head. With three fingers ripping in and out of Shawn's butt, Dana made sure that he never got remotely close to getting acclimated with her cousin's fingers. She also noticed, that during this time, Shawn's cock never once lost its hardness. After about two or so minutes after the third finger was added inside Shawn's ass, Dana made Sean stop with his fingers and helped him to line up his cock to his buddy's pain riddled ass. Dana whispered into Sean's ear,

"Stick it up his ass and fuck his brains out, but remember, before this is all over, he's gonna fuck you with that big cock of his!" She planted a simple peck on his right cheek and swatted his butt cheek with her right hand.

Shawn could feel Sean's bulbous cock head as it pressed sharply against his asshole. His mind was racing with the thought that there was no way that something so thick could fit inside of him. If it did go in, he could not imagine the pain that would have to accompany it. As his mind raced with fearful thoughts, Sean bucked his hips and pushed his over sized cock head into his buddy's asshole. Shawn screamed as it felt like his ass was being pried apart and a hot poker iron was being shoved straight up his ass. Sean pushed his cock straight up Shawn's ass and never once stopped so his friend could get used to it as he began thrashing back and forth, using Shawn's hips as a weapon against him, driving his buddy harshly onto his anal impaling cock.

The pain was immense and Shawn felt like he was going to die from the fiery pain that exploded throughout his body. Dana slapped Sean's ass one more time, stating,

"That's it little cousin...fuck his ass good! Make him feel every inch of that cock of yours! Pound him senseless! Fuck him hard...HARDER DAMNIT!"

Sean obeyed and the room quickly filled with the gut wrenching sound of flesh pounding flesh. Shawn could barely breathe from the searing pain that riddled his body. It felt as though with each thrust, Sean's cock was stabbing his lungs. Dana let go with 6 hard slaps to Shawn's spread ass cheeks as Sean continued to wale away, fucking his buddy like a maniac. Dana crept up to Shawn's buried face, grabbed his hair and yanked his head backwards, then angrily yelled,

"You like that mother fucker? Yeah, yeah, I bet you like the way my cousin is plowing that tight ass of yours, you sack of shit. Tell me you cock sucking spy, does his cock feel at home wearing your pathetic little ass out? I bet when this is all over, you and your pervert little friend will be fuck buddies! Let me hear how you like it mother fucker...tell me how good it feels to be fucked...TELL ME DAMNIT!"

Something inside Shawn's ass snapped as Dana was verbally humiliating him. The pain that once exploded inside his body was now replaced by a feeling he could in no way explain. By now, Shawn's ass was happily greeting Sean's pile driving thrusts with thrusts of his own. He was now cramming his ass onto the very item that once wreaked all hell and havoc inside his ass. With his eyes filled with water, Shawn looked straight into Dana's eyes and hoarsely replied,

"Yessssssssssssssss, it, ittttttttttt, feeeeelsssssssssss soooooooooo gooooooooood! Fuck me Sean, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Dan snickered still holding Shawn by the hair and said,

"See cock sucker, I told you that you would soon love it! Now, enjoy the ride!"

Dana crawled back towards her cousin who was thrashing his cock in and out of Shawn's ass at a record setting pace. Kneeling in behind him, Dana stuck her slick middle finger straight up Sean's thrusting ass. Sean let out a blood curdling scream as Dana not only buried her finger all the way up his rectum, she began fucking his ass with ass cheek pounding velocity. Dana yelled at Sean,

"Don't you even fucking stop wearing his ass out! Fuck his tight ass and fuck him good!"

Sean couldn't believe just how tight Shawn's ass was, not to mention the burning heat that seemed to be melting the flesh right off of his anal pounding cock. It felt like his cock was trapped into the clutches of a coiling anaconda, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into uncharted territory.

Dana was more than impressed as to just how long her younger cousin could keep up the furious pace. Sean was relentless to his anal pounding of his friend as he continued to drive his cock harder and harder as time went on. Shawn was a little more than just into it as he was now using both hands on the mattress to help drive his cock hungry ass onto Sean's thrusting cock. Dana was relentless as well with her finger darting in and out of Sean's ass. She began caressing Sean's hairless balls, tugging down on them from time to time to only add something extra to all that was transpiring.

Sean cried out,

"I'm, Ummmmmmmmmm, I'm cuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!"

Dana pile drove her finger in and out of Sean's ass even harder while yanking down on his balls as Shawn felt Sean's anal pleasing cock expand, then felt the fiery hot sperm torpedoes as they pelted away inside his anal canal. All three went while with their actions, and Dana's voice rose above the two boys moans and groans,

"Shit yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, shoot that load up his ass little cousin. Fuck your sperm into his tight ass...fuck him hard...HARDERRRRRRRRRRR!"

Sean was plowing his cock into his buddy's ass even more feverishly now as his sperm rocketed from his cock. Shawn too, helped out his friend as he clamped down with every ounce of strength he could muster to force his anal muscles to lock onto the jack hammering action of Sean's cock.

When it was all said and done, Sean's hard anal pounding resorted to a mere collapse on top of the back of his best friend. His once ass hammering cock was now deafly limp as it plopped from Shawn's well fucked asshole. Dana removed her finger from Sean's ass and once her finger slipped out, Shawn slid across the bedding to where he was now laying on his stomach with Sean still attached to his back. Both boys were panting heavily and Dana couldn't resist the mental picture of how both boys looked so heavenly peaceful in this position.

Dana literally had to help Sean slide off of his friend and helped him to lay on his stomach. While Sean was almost on the verge of passing out, Dana placed both of her hands on Shawn's ass cheeks and spread them wide open to look at the muscular boy's asshole that had just been fucked for the very first time. Miraculously enough, what she saw was that the little pucker was now completely sealed once more and it glistened from the baby oil as it trapped her cousin's youthful cream inside his muscular anal walls.

Shawn felt empty as he lay there still pondering the pleasures he once felt from Sean's cock pile driving his mind from his body. Oddly enough, Shawn missed the way his body reacted to having Sean's cock pound the very breath from his chest. As he lay there, he prayed upon all prayers that this would not be the last time he and his friend would do this. Without a doubt, Shawn craved for more, especially more of Sean's cock inside his ass.

Dana helped Shawn arch himself up to his knees while telling Sean to hike up his ass. Sean was very weak, but he managed to inch himself up into a doggy style position while Dana smeared some baby oil all over Shawn's big throbbing cock. Shawn already had both hands on his friend's butt cheeks and had his head tilted backwards admiring the way Dana was greasing up his pulsating cock. Dana looked into Shawn's eyes and whispered,

"You're gonna fuck him just like he fucked you. Make him scream like some little bitch. I want you to make this little pervert know your cock is in his ass, so fuck him, and I mean fuck him HARD!"

Though Dana had whispered, Sean heard every single word. He had fantasized about sucking his best friend's cock, but never did he ever imagine his cock sliding in and out of his ass. Reality was setting in for Sean for he knew he would soon feel the meaning of pain. While he was thinking this through, Dana had squirted some baby oil on Shawn's right hand and pointed to Sean's tightly sealed hairless bung hole. Shawn knew what she wanted as he placed his right index finger up to his friend's creamy colored speck of a hole and shoved. Sean grunted as Shawn's finger crawled inside of him. Dana placed her left hand over Shawn's right wrist and began showing him how she wanted him to finger fuck her cousin. Sean was basically squealing as Shawn's finger ripped in and out of his confused and dazed asshole.

Shawn applied a second finger to his friend's ass and Sean definitely felt the uninvited finger's invasion as he bellowed out in ass burning pain. Before Sean could feel any pleasure from the finger fucking taking place inside his ass, Shawn added a third finger to the already painful equation. Sean screamed, but it was Dana commanding voice that blurted out,

"You little bitch...go ahead and scream...if you're screaming now, just wait until you feel this big cock as it pounds the very shit from your perverted little body. Yeah punk, you'll be screaming like some little cunt then!"

Dana forced a chuckle as she continued to smear the baby oil all over the cock she knew that would soon cause her little cousin so much pleasure, but not until he felt the ass stretching pain first.

Dana released the cock that felt so good in her hand and scooted herself directly in front of her little cousin's head to which was already impaling the bedding cover. Using both her hands, she held the sides of his gorgeous face and raised his head up to where their eyes met. Dana was sitting on her butt with her legs spread out on either side of her shaking cousin, and with a voice so passionate, she whispered,

"I know you want this...I can see it written all over your face. Believe me little cousin, you will feel pleasure like you never thought was possible, but first, you are going to have to feel a little bit of pain. Let me hear your pain, then let me hear your pleasure."

She lowered his lips on his and forced her tongue to dive deep into her cousin's heavy breathing little mouth. With her right finger, she pointed at Shawn to begin. With Dana and Sean's lips locking their passion between them, Shawn lined up his over sized 12 year old cock against Sean's speck of a hole, and pressed hard.

Dana's throat echoed the pain vibrating from her cousin's mouth as Shawn's 7 inches of thick cock dove straight into Sean's convulsing little asshole to the point that Shawn's balls slapped hard up against Sean's shriveled up little nuggets. The sound coming from the two locked lips was nothing more than,

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

The searing pain ripping through Sean's body could only be heard as a muffled moan, and not one of ecstasy. Shawn flung his head back as his buddy's ass muscles converged all over his rectum buried cock. The heat scorching the flesh of his cock was almost too unbearable. He could feel Sean's anal muscles as they coiled themselves around his cock, choking the very breath deep within his lungs. Sean's hands reached out and grabbed two handfuls of bedding as the pain of his ass being stretched wider than ever before brought a new meaning to the words, "Reeking HELL and HAVOC!"

Shawn had no choice, or at least he thought so, and began pulling his cock from Sean's anal clutches. He looked down and saw the girth of his cock being surrounded by Sean's asshole as he forced about 6 and 3/4inches from its fiery hot depths. When the base of his cock head was visible, Shawn shoved his cock all the way back up Sean's ass. Sean was grunting feverishly, but his moans and grunts were somewhat blocked by Dana's mouth, which locked itself over Sean's mouth tightly.

Having Sean's hips for support, Shawn began plowing his cock in and out of his buddy's once virgin ass as fast as he possibly could. Dana could hear the sounds of Shawn's cock as it was being driven home and by the way Sean was reacting, the pleasure she knew would come, had not yet arrived. Sean felt like his ass was being ripped open, from the inside out and a traffic cone was being forced in and out of his butt. Tears fell down his precious cheeks like rain and he couldn't find a way to even open his eyes. The pain he was now enduring was nothing like he had ever experienced before.

Sean had fantasized about his best friend numerous times, but not once, not in any fantasy had he ever dreamed of being fucked. That thought had never crossed his mind, and now he was feeling why it never happened. There were times that he thought he would pass out, and to be quite honest, Sean hoped that he would. At least, being unconscious, the pain would go away. As his friend plowed his ass, Sean felt every square inch of Shawn's cock as it rapidly pounded the very breath out of him.

Dana forced her mouth from Sean's, but still held onto the sides of his cheeks with both hands. Though his eyes were closed, Dana could feel his pain as his teeth were now clenched together, occasionally taking the time to clamp down on his lower lip. His body was shaking more feverishly now than ever before as Shawn never once let up on his heavy ass banging motion. Dana could easily tell her little cousin was fighting the pain as only his angelic grunts blurted from his sealed lips from time to time. Dana barked out,

"Tell me...tell me how much you love his cock up your ass!"

Sean forced his teary eyes open and softly, but hoarsely, replied,

"It fucking hurts bitch! Fuck, fuckkkkkkk ittttttttttttttttttt hurtsssssssssssssss!"

With a handful of his blonde hair, Dana yanked his head backwards and screamed,

"Who the fuck are you calling bitch, bitch! I'm not the one who's got a cock fucking my ass! I'm not the one screaming, now am I you little pathetic bitch? He's fucking you, and real hard too, so, you fucking little cock sucking puke, fuck him back! Drive that sweet ass of yours onto his cock! NOW, fuck him back bitch!"

In one way, Sean hated the way Dana had spoken to him, but in some other odd kind of way, it really turned him on, so, as ordered, he began lunging his ass backwards as Shawn was driving his cock forwards. Initially, Sean was fucking his ass onto his buddy's thrusting cock out of sheer anger, but within a few seconds the anger he once felt was unexplainably gone, and now, nothing but pure pleasure coursed throughout his entire body.

Dana yanked harder onto Sean's hair and yelled,

"You like it now, don't you boy? Tell me how much you love that big cock wearing that pretty little sweet ass of yours out! Come on faggot...Tell me!"

Sean screamed back at his cousin zeroing his eyes onto hers,

"Yessssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss, God I love ittttttttttttttttttt! Ittttttttttttttttttt yessssssssssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood! Go ahead Shawn, fuck me...fuck my brains out!"

And Shawn was doing just that as he heightened his already rapid pace and began thrusting his cock in and out of Sean's ass like a runaway freight train. Dana, using Sean's hair, pushed his head downwards while saying,

"Eat my pussy bitch...yes, yessssssssssssssss, eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Sean was still thrashing his cock filled ass backwards as his tongue was now ravishing Dana's sobbing wet pussy. This was Sean's first taste of pussy and it was his own cousin's pussy at that. The taste was divine as he lapped at her pink cunt like a thirsty dog finding water. Dana rolled higher onto her back, giving Sean more room to dine on her cock hungry pussy. She used her left index finger and peeled back the flesh hiding her swollen clit. Sean quickly sunk his lips over it and began sucking while stabbing the pink sweet tasting morsel with his tongue. Sean dipped his left middle finger all the way inside Dana's boiling hot pussy and began finger fucking her like a crazed maniac.

Shawn slowed his pace and began mixing his ass fucking frenzy, driving Sean absolutely wild with frantic never before felt emotions. Shawn was fucking Sean, who was using his ass to fuck back, while Sean was dining on his cousin's sweeter than sweet pussy and fingering it like a jack hammer. Dana was tweaking her nipples, pinching them as the pleasures coursed throughout her body. The more of Dana's pussy juice Sean drank, the more his cousin offered him. With his finger drilling away inside Dana's pussy, Sean's tongue traveled further south and began digging on Dana's exposed asshole. Dana was crazy from sexual delirium as Sean's tongue entered her backdoor highway. She screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss, eat my assssssssssssssssssssss!"

Sean forced his tongue as far up her up her anal canal as his tongue would allow, wiggling, stretching, twisting, turning, and thrusting. Shawn was still forcing his powerful meat in and out of his best friend's ass while basking in the sensation of his friend's coiling anal muscles. Sean was doing his best to match pace with Shawn, happily slamming his cock stuffed ass backwards as hard and as fast as he possibly could while continuing his ass eating assault. Sean took turns eating Dana's tongue crushing ass and super wet delicious pussy.

Shawn couldn't hold back any longer as his piss slit opened and gallons of thick gooey sperm shot deeper into Sean's anal passage. Sean shivered as he felt the hot cream shoot up his rectum as his friend pile drove his sperm shooting cock ever so rapidly in and out of his bung hole. Shawn was grunting like crazy as his cock continued erupting his sperm to what felt like bucket loads. Round after heart stopping round, Shawn sent his cream deep, and deeper, up Sean's cock crushing chute. What felt like an hour, but more so, only a few body jolting seconds, Shawn's cock ended its creamy assault and started the downward slope of deflation.

Now, with his very soft cock barely hanging on the inside of Sean's cum filled ass, Shawn was on the near verge of passing out. His mind was blank and his vision was very distorted. The nest thing Shawn new, he fell on his right side and somehow managed to roll flat on his back. Sean moaned from the vacancy his ass was now dealt with, wishing upon wishes that Shawn would fill his cock hungry ass back up with his big cock, but that wasn't about to happen, or at least, in Shawn's mind.

Dana saw Shawn laying motionless and ordered her younger cousin to stop. She knew that Shawn had blasted his load up her cousin's ass and she also knew that sooner or later, Sean would have to relieve himself from all the cum lodged inside his rectum. She further knew that Sean's cum was still up Shawn's rectum as well. Dana was a bit more than surprised to see just how the boys obeyed her every command, but she still had an idea tossing around inside her mind, but this one, this particular idea, she wasn't all too sure that either boy would go along with, but she pointed at Sean and fired,

"Go squat over his face, facing me!"

Shawn was in the very beginning of recovering from his sexual bliss and heard Dana tell Sean to squat over his face. Before he knew anything else, his eyes zeroed in on Sean who had straddled his body and was now lowering his shiny already sealed asshole ever so close to his mouth. Dana latched onto Shawn's flaccid cock and cum drained balls and ordered,

"Suck your cum from his ass pervert...DO ITTTTTTTTTT!"

Sean's asshole was just a few short inches from his mouth when Shawn saw his own sperm form a bubble at Sean's glistening chute entrance. Within a blink of an eye, Sean had squatted fully down over Shawn's mouth, and before Shawn could do anything, strands of his own sperm, mixed with Sean's anal juices, slid directly into his mouth and down his throat.

Dana slid her mouth on Sean's semi flaccid cock and began sucking for all she was worth while Shawn was getting way more than he ever bargained for. His sperm and Sean's anal juices rapidly shot out of Sean's ass and exploded inside his mouth. At first, Shawn thought he would throw up, and though be it he gagged numerous times, he found the awkward taste somewhat rewarding. Dana was milking Sean's now hard cock while her right hand lovingly caressed Shawn's semi hard cock and aching cum drained balls.

Sean was besides himself with emotions, cause he pretty much knew he was emptying his bowels into Shawn's mouth while his cousin was performing magic on his cock. It was Shawn who was growling and grunting as he gently planted his lips on Sean's asshole and sucked the sealed entrance for dear life. With every breath, Shawn's tongue would reach out and make contact with Sean's asshole, sending goose bumps dashing across Sean's heavy breathing body. Between having his ass sucked, drained, and tongued and having his cock skillfully milked, Sean felt another cock spewing build up beginning.

By now, the cock in Dana's hand was rock hard as she continued to milk her cousin's steel like cock. Sean was moaning like crazy as all sorts of sensual sensations raced all over his trembling body. With his friend's tongue now deeply impaling his anal chute and his cousin's over like mouth bobbing up and down on his cock, Sean's cock erupted, sending watery strands of cum flying sharply into Dana's cock sucking potty mouth. As soon as the first wave struck the roof of her mouth, Dana began grunting heavily as her vacuum like suction increased on her cousin's cock.

Sean offered a very little load, but Dana relished the sweetness until the last morsel had been removed from her cousin's cock. Shawn, on the other hand, had sucked all remnants of his sperm from Sean's ass and was now doing all he could to stick his entire face up Sean's beloved anal canal. It was Dana who was in sperm drinking mode as she ordered the boys to switch. Sean could barely stand and needed the headboard to steady himself as he inched himself down, laying on his back with his eyes staring at the God who was now beginning to lower his solid ass towards his already open mouth.

No sooner than Shawn squatted fully over Sean's mouth, Sean crammed his tongue as deep as it would go up Shawn's ass while Dana never hesitated to wrap her succulent lips around the rather thick shaft of Shawn's cock. She was able to slide her lips all the way down to Shawn's pubic area while caressing Shawn's balls at the same time. Dana bobbed her mouth up and down, deep throating Shawn's cock with each downward stroke. The tongue slithering inside his anal chute forced his bowels to release, and Shawn could feel his inners being sucked out by his friend. Sean tasted the first glob of his own cream along with his idol's inner juices. Sean let out a rather loud and long moan as the concoction filtered inside his mouth, then slid down his gulping throat.

Dana sucked Shawn's cock like there was no tomorrow, taking her mouth off his cock only to swallow both of his aching balls, then return back to her cock sucking passion. After several long minutes, Dana took her mouth off of Shawn's cock, stood up, turned around, then angled her perfect body so that once she got into position (doggy style), she grabbed Shawn's rock hard cock and forced his entire meat into her starving wet pussy. Dana began ramming her pussy onto Shawn's steel like pole while Sean continued his oral anal assault on Shawn's ass.

Shawn was beyond excited as his cock now felt the warmth of Dana's pussy as she rammed her ass extremely hard and ever so wildly upon his rigid cock. Dana was panting and moaning as she frantically crushed her pussy onto Shawn's cock, then began lapping at Sean's flaccid cock and smooth hairless balls. Now, all three were moaning and grunting as their sexual sensations grew to an ever so higher climax.

Sean's once flaccid cock appreciated the way Dana was lapping at it and rose to its hardest state. Dana deep throated Sean's cock while caressing and fondling his balls, never once missing a beat as she harshly impaled her pussy onto Shawn's impressive hard cock. With Dana's super hot mouth on her cousin's cock, her pussy ramming Shawn's cock, and Sean's tongue crawling all around inside Shawn's anal canal, their heated passion grew to what would soon be a mind boggling explosion.

Shawn was the first to feel his gooey sperm fire from his cock as he held onto Dana's hips for dear life. Dana had fucked herself into a brain twirling climax as she literally went blind from the sheer ecstasy of it all. She was grunting and whimpering as her pussy faucet opened full blast, then Sean's cock exploded his cream into his cousin's cock sucking mouth.

The verbiage and grunts that all three were doing was without a doubt, madly wild. Dana fucked her pussy onto Shawn's cock until the boy's once rigid meat was nothing more than a limp noodle. Dana had slurped down the last tiny bit of her cousin's mouth watering sperm and with Shawn's limp cock now slipping out of her pussy, she rolled to her left as Shawn slid to his right and lay down right next to his buddy, Sean. All three were laying on their backs with Sean in the middle. Their breathing was heavy and their eyes were watery and none could offer nothing more than a mere soft moan.

After a very short time, it was Dana who recovered the fastest. Though her legs were trembling and her breathing was not yet back to normal, she walked on her knees towards the ends of their feet, slung her hair back and whispered,

"Here's the deal...If you tell on me, or ever spy on me ever again, everyone will know that you sucked each others cock, drank each others sperm, took the others cock up your ass, and kissed each other like two lost lovers. So, with that being said, I feel certain that we each have a secret that can never be told to anyone. Besides, you have no reason to spy on me anymore. We just had sex and if you guys want to do this again, well duh, you know where I am."

Sean's blurry eyes opened a tad bit wider as he listened to his cousin, then offered,

"You mean, you would, you would do this again with us?"

Dana smiled a pleasing heart felt smile, then softly whispered,

"Little cousin, anytime, and I mean anytime...Oh yeah, just for the record, I'm not some jealous bitch either, if you guys want to fool around with one another, then go ahead...just do it, but just don't forget me all together!"

Dana rubbed both of their shins before sliding off the bed letting them both know she had to go get ready. The two boys lay side by side, totally naked and with two very flaccid and spent cocks when Sean rolled onto his left side, facing Shawn, and whispered while grinning,

"So, how was it?"

Shawn grinned and replied,

"Fucking awesome!"

Pushing it a bit further, Sean asked,

"How'd you like sucking me off, tasting my cum, and feeling my dick up your butt?"

Shawn rolled onto his right side with their faces now inches apart and whispered,

"This should tell you how I feel!"

Shawn sank his lips over Sean's and their two tongues collided. Their hands roamed each others body as they tongued each others mouth for a long, long time. They were so lost in their affectionate tongue swapping, neither ever saw Dana standing at the doorway. She looked on with tears running down her eyes as she realized that the two boys found something she could only wish she

As time grew, their love for one another also grew. Now, some 25 years later, Shawn, Dana, and Sean are still together. For the record, Shawn and Dana married and now have three beautiful children...two boys and one girl. The father of the children could either be Shawn or Sean, but to them, that didn't matter for Shawn, Sean, and Dana still sleep in the same bed and share non stop sex with one another.