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Our Conservative Parents







I never really learned to masturbate as a kid, because my mother and father were rather conservative—in their way. Fact is, they were a couple of hardcore cocksuckers who barely let me touch myself. And I mean that in the most loving, respectful way, because it was literally true. It's still true. See, I never needed to jack off because I had plenty of sexual stimulation. In fact, a lot of psychologists would say I was over-stimulated. But it never bothered me that my parents loved giving oral sex, and they were all over me and my brother as we grew up. My first memory was of Pop sucking me to hardness and saying to Mom, "Look at this kid! Not even four years old, and his pecker's gotta be three inches long!"

Her response was to giggle and rub her furry pussy, flashing what I realized later was her pearl at him. That was his next object of his attention, and then I think he fucked her, but it kinda gets hazy at that point. I just knew I loved the attention and it felt good.

We grow up in a sexually free household, and most of our friends did too. Virginities were lost early, and sex play was casual and common among us young ones. We did a lot of experimentation and had a lot of fun, and there was never any stigma about sexuality. We grew up in a clothing-optional community, so the human body and its workings were never a mystery. Add our parents' fascination with our young bodies, and there was rarely an evening spent as kids, even just watching TV, that my brother Caleb and I weren't in a loving parent's lap, being stroked where it felt best and stroking back, and often latching onto a tit for a nice, comforting suck if we were sitting with Mom. As we got older, we all just cuddled together on the couch. Sometimes our parents would have sex while they sucked our cocklets, but we never took part in the penetrative sex; and although we stroked, they never asked us to give them oral, though we still did it sometimes just to see what it was like.

It wasn't unusual for me or Caleb to go up to my Dad as a child and say, "Hey, Daddy, how 'bout a suck?" and get one. Mom was just as amenable. After-school blowjobs were as much a tradition as after-school snacks. It was during one of those when I was ten that I felt my whole body tingle, and there was this rushing sensation centered on my cock—and I spurted into Mom's mouth! I had been having dry orgasms since forever, but this was the first time my body told me I was actually on the way to manhood. It felt so good I literally fell down, my spunk dribbling down Mom's chin.

Giggling, Caleb recorded it for posterity with his smartphone. I've jacked to it dozens of times since.

Aside from my parents being hardcore cocksuckers, I had a pretty ordinary childhood. For a nudist, anyway. I guess. My parents weren't shy about throwing down and fucking wherever they felt like it, so they sometimes embarrassed us when our friends were over... though our friends always enjoyed the show. And they were willing to suck off or eat out our friends if they promised they wouldn't tell, which made them the neighborhood Cool Parents. As we got older, they even let us sneak our girlfriends into our rooms and make out or even have sex whenever we wanted. One thing they never did was have sex with us, not even when we got horny and tried to initiate it, which became something of a weekly quest after we turned 12 or 13. They didn't think of oral sex as incest, but there was still that line, I guess, so we boys had to turn to other kids for that kind of gratification.

That changed in high school. As we joined sports teams, became more aware of our bodies and maybe a little shyer than before, we also realized that our parents, especially Mom, were prime specimens of adulthood. I think it took us a while to realize that as we grew, those same genes were making us pretty damned attractive, too. That was also the time we all realized that a little clothing, rather than none at all, could be incredibly sexy... and us boys started wanting Mom more than ever, especially when she wore the pink bikini at the pool when our girlfriends were over. It made our girls look like the skinny, underdeveloped kids they were. Lucky them, we satiated the lust Mom inspired on their sleek little bodies!

For me, it came to a head as I arrived home from school one afternoon late in sophomore year and decided to go for a swim. I dumped my backpack on the kitchen table and then stripped down to my racing trunks, which I was wearing under my clothes. There had been a fire drill, so we didn't get to practice, and I needed something to eat up my energy; I was feeling horny and jumpy, and figured I'd need a couple blowjobs later from Mom and Dad to settle down. After I neatly folded my clothing and set it on the kitchen table, I was headed down the hall toward the back door when I heard a low whistle behind me. "Goddamn," I heard my mother say.

I looked back and saw her that she'd just come into the kitchen, her nipples crinkling. I could tell she was excited. "What...?" I said blankly.

"That ass of yours sure looks hot in that little red marble sack!"

I kinda blushed. "You see my butt every day, Mom."

"Not dressed in tight spandex I don't."

"Why should that make a difference?" I asked as I came back into the kitchen. "You know every inch of my body. Heck, you probably have every inch of my penis memorized!"

"And a fine five inches it is, too." She lowered her head and looked at me from under her auburn brows, and once more, I admired her firm cantaloupe-sized breasts, that mane of dark red hair, her narrow waist and wide hips, and the flat belly I liked to kiss when she let me. I started to get hard, which she noticed. "My, my, looks like you're horny."

"I'm always horny when you're around, Mom," I said truthfully.

"Awww, aren't you sweet. If you weren't my son, I'd just let you sweep me off my feet!" She picked up my school uniform shirt off my stack of folded clothing and flipped it open, then slid it on and buttoned the bottom two buttons. It almost fit, except that her big breasts stuck out too much to close the top buttons. Down below, it fit her like a short nightie, the hem hitting her about mid-thigh.

When I saw the way my shirt framed those ripe melons and showed off her sexy legs, I practically drooled. She noticed that, too, and cooed, "Oh, does my wearing a little bit really do it for you, too?" She was rubbing herself down there, I noticed.

"Hell yes!" I realized, and hurried up to her. We were pretty much of a height by then, so when I put my arms around her and drew her in, it was easy to kiss her. I held her in lip-lock for a long moment, then hesitantly pushed my tongue between her lips, and I'll be goddamned if her tongue didn't start playing with mine! She started stroking my cock through the swimsuit, too, and it was all I could do not to come in my pants.

After a good five minutes of making out, which was a first, Mom pulled back and said, "Looks like you need a good cock-sucking."

I moaned, "Two at least!" That's when I felt the liquid running down my leg and realized that my own mother had been so turned on by me that her pussy juice had overflowed its origins. I could smell it, and it made me so horny I almost lost it.

I did lose it when she pulled my trunks all the way down to my ankles and pushed them completely off me. As she put a hand on my cock, I moaned low and loud, then kind of growled and took her by shoulders, turned her around, and shoved her over. As she planted her palms on the table to catch herself, I lifted the back of my shirt, which she was still wearing, revealing the glistening thatch of fur that covered her sex. Mom was moaning, "Go on! Do it! Make me your doggy bitch, Cray!" so I aimed my cock at her gleaming hole and rammed it in doggy-style, then started fucking her fast and hard, like my life was going to be over if I didn't hit 120 thrusts a minute, which I probably did.

I didn't care how Mom felt at the time, I was too caught up in my own sensation, so the only way I can justify it as not being rape was that Mom was encouraging me to fuck the shit out of her the whole time. I didn't last long, but probably lasted longer than most boys my age would have, since I'd experienced oral sex from a young age and had been coming in her mouth for years. I think it was about five minutes; I only know that I felt Mom start to twist and clutch as I made her come (Me! I made my own mother come!), and then the jets of sperm exploded out of my cock, and it was the Best. Orgasm. Ever. I didn't collapse like I did my first time, but when I came back to Earth, hard cock still imbedded in Mom's cunny, I felt like I had been turned inside out and wrung dry.

Then, since I still felt that background excitement that had been building in me for years, I gave her another fuck, slow and happy and gentle, to congratulate us both. The comes that resulted for both of us were less explosive but no less fulfilling.

After that, Mom started sprinkling the occasional hot fuck among my normal blowjobs. We also started doing 69s when no one was around. I didn't think that Caleb was getting anything like that, and I felt kinda superior from my lofty pedestal of one-year-older brother.

Turned out he wasn't fucking Mom. He was focused on our other parent.

I didn't find that out for months, and I shouldn't have felt jealous, but I did. It was probably because I was enjoying something I thought my brother wasn't. We got along mostly, but there was the normal sibling rivalry, and I was still mad about that time he'd talked me into blowing him but refused to do me in return. That was my only experience with male-on-male oral sex, and I hadn't really liked it. He barely made any cum at all, and it was bitter.

Dad and Mom seemed to like it, though. Go them.

Caleb and I had long since agreed that while both our parents had talented mouths, Dad gave the best blowjobs. And unlike me, Caleb liked them to last a long time, so he had Dad edge him a lot. When he was about ready to come, he'd tell Dad to back off a little. Dad was pretty compliant and did what he said. Me, I'd rather shoot my load so I could get another blowjob in an hour or two that would last longer anyway, but Caleb liked maybe one a day, and lately he said that they felt even better when he did it that way, like the top of his head blew off when he came. And he made more cum, too. Lately, he'd been locking me out of our shared bedroom so Dad could do his edging thing. I didn't know why it had to take an hour or more to get a blowjob, but I wasn't that worried about it because Mom and I were fooling around a lot by then.

One day I guess he didn't lock it right, because the door was open a crack. I looked in to see what was up, and saw that Caleb and Dad were doing the 69! I was pissed because he wouldn't do it with me even though we had lots of chances, sleeping in the same room and all, but maybe it's because Dad has a bigger boner than us. I know size means a lot to gay guys, which I figured Caleb was, though I didn't think I was. I mean, a blowjob is just a blowjob, right, and we were well sized for them. Caleb's was a little smaller than mine, but Dad's was like eight inches. Caleb was swallowing it all. How long had it taken him to figure out how to deepthroat Dad? How long had they been doing this?

That wasn't all they did. I watched, rubbing myself through my shorts as Dad twitched and came, spewing a big ol' pure white load that spilled out of Caleb's mouth. But Caleb swallowed most of it (!) and then he licked up the rest off Dad's cock and belly (!!). Wow! That made me cum a little in my shorts. But then the real surprise came. Even though my brother hadn't come, Dad got up off him, then got on his hands and knees. Caleb moved up behind him, his dick wagging, and though I couldn't see very good, it looked like he buried his face between Dad's ass cheeks. Dad started moaning real loud, because I think Caleb was licking his butthole. This went on for five minutes, then Caleb stood on his knees and put his dick in Dad's butt! He started pumping his ass back and forth, and they both moaned; and what was funny was that he smacked Dad on the ass cheek and said, "Take that big, hard cock!" and later said, "Ima rape your candy ass full of cum, biyatch!" I was shocked. I would never say such things to our loving parents!

After a while Caleb stiffened up and went "UUUNNNGH!" When he pulled out, his cock was covered like icing with the watery seed he and I were both still making. Shit, my brother had just buttfucked our Dad! And they both liked it! And then I saw that he had stuck his half-hard cock in Dad's face, and Dad leaned forward and clean off all their juices. I thought I would puke. Who cleans ass-juice off a cock?! You could get sick that way!

I guess Caleb had decided he was going to play the role of dominant male. Huh. Well, I guess I couldn't say anything, but I was kind of envious that I wasn't the only boy getting some any more. But I scrambled to my feet before they could find me and got out of there.

The next day at lunch, which was a Saturday, I made a point of asking Dad to give me a good, long cock-sucking, with lots of edging, and he did. Caleb looked kind of jealous, so Mom buffed his helmet for him. Mom may not have been the champion cocksucker in the house, but she sure could make you come, and she liked to watch it spew. I laughed when my brother spurted a foot in the air, leaving milky streaks in Mom's hair. It looked cool and sexy.

That afternoon, Caleb and Dad went out to buy him a new hockey stick, as he'd broken his. Soon I was all over Mom, who'd put on a loose blouse and crotchless panties as soon as they left. Me, I was in those trunks she found so hot. She looked scrumptious in her light ensemble, and before long I had her down on the carpet cleaning out her pussy with my tongue, making her moan until she shivered all over for five minutes. Then I moved on up and unbuttoned the blouse till I got out her tits, and began to suck. Meanwhile she'd pushed my swimsuit down so my cock was jutting out, and I hunched my hips a little so she could line me up with her pussy. Then I pushed forward and I was in, still sucking her, and started to move my hips. This went on for a while until I could feel her really starting to get riled up, so I raised myself up on my hands and put it into her deep and fast, until we both lost control and came nice and hard as close to simultaneously as we could. I settled down on her and just lay there, head on her pillowy breasts. I'd already learned she didn't mind that, as I was still a little lighter than her.

I found myself thinking about what I'd seen the day before, and I said to my mother, "I think Dad and Caleb are doing it."

"You mean like we're doing it?"


She laughed lightly. "Of course they are!"

I lifted up and looked at her, which movement finally caused my cock to slide out of her hole in a rush of our combined juices. "What, you knew?"

She grinned big. "The boy came into my room one day last month and told me, 'Mom, Dad's ass belongs to me now.' Just came out with it like that, no apologies, no hemming and hedging. He's been fucking your Dad for a while. Dad doesn't do him, though, Caleb won't allow that. And didn't you see how jealous he looked when you asked Dad for your cock-sucking today? He just allows it because he's not willing to let you learn about him and Dad."

"Cocky little bastard! Yeah, well, too late, I saw them boning yesterday. At least he sucks Dad off."

"Oh yes, I wouldn't allow him to lay claim to your Dad without giving him giving Dad some pleasure in return."

"What about you and Dad?" I demanded.

"Well, darling," she said wistfully as she played with my hair, "we still love each other, but we don't really belong to each other anymore. Your brother's taken your Dad as his lover, and I've got you."

I snorted. "I knew Caleb was gay."

"He's not, really, he's just kind of a developing alpha male. Any tight hole's good enough for a cock to come in. Pretty sure he'll keep fucking girls too."



I liked fucking Mom, but I'd never treat her like she was scum that wasn't good enough to fuck me back. If she had a dick, I mean. So I figured I had to get Caleb's goat and teach him not to mistreat our father, even if they were willingly playing dom and sub. Dad deserved to get as much as he gave. So the next evening after dinner, I said brightly, "Dad! I love you!"

"Yeah, right, what do you want?" he asked warily.

"How 'bout a little suck on your eldest boy's cock?"

Dad smiled. "I think I can do that for my boy."

Caleb scowled furiously as I led Dad into the living room and had him suck me off on the couch, being very vocal and really loud about how good a cocksucker Dad was, but my brother didn't say boo about it. He just sat there and fumed. As always, it felt fantastic; Dad really was good at it, and he had this way of licking the rim of your corona that put you on edge almost immediately. After I spunked off a big load in Dad's mouth, I dramatically threw my arm over my eyes and said, "Omigod, Dad, that was incredible. But... I... well, I think it's time we all went a little further, all right? Caleb and I aren't little kids anymore. We're practically men, and men have certain needs."

I sat up and looked at my father intently. "Dad, I've always thought you were fucking hot. You've got a great body and a huge cock. I want more than your mouth. I want your dick, Dad. Will you fuck me? Here and now?" I lay back on the big couch, spat into my hand, and rubbed the saliva on my anus, legs spread wide. "Fuck my ass, Daddy! I want that big cock in me right now! Please?"

"NO WAY, cocksucker!" Caleb shouted, but Dad looked delighted, and approached me, hard dick in hand. As he pressed his cockhead against my asshole, Caleb followed up with, "Your ass is mine, old man! You know that! Mom knows that!"

"This isn't Dad's ass," I groaned, as my father's fat cockhead slipped inside me. I'd already prepared my hole with lube, so I was ready; and hell, I'd been fucking around with my friends for years, so it wasn't like I hadn't been buttfucked a bunch of times. Not by anything this big, though. It was a revelation, and it felt... odd, but compelling. Definitely not bad.

"No it's not," my father moaned as he slammed into me, and I cried out in pleasure. "It's my cock, and it's been needing a tight hole, you selfish little bitch."

Yes! Caleb tried to make some noise, but Mom played the parental card and told him to settle down in no uncertain terms. There were times when we were lovers, but the parental rights of dominance always came first, no matter what the sexual hierarchy was at any particular time. Now that there was a sexual hierarchy. So my younger brother watched in impotent rage as my father's huge cock violated my innermost spaces, stretching me good and proper and wringing waves of pleasure from me as he thrust repeatedly into the body he'd helped make with that same cock 15 years before. I didn't even have to touch my own erection; I had one of those elusive rectal orgasms and blew all over my own chest halfway through, and when he was finally done, Dad bellowed and blew a thick wad into my guts with a satisfied sigh.

"You motherfucker," Caleb spat at me as I sat up, rubbing my splooge-filled hole. I was going to be a little sore later.

"And proud of it," I smirked. "If you're really nice to Mom, she may do you too."

"You're fucking Mom?!" he gasped. "Asshole!"

"Dude, you've been fucking Dad and making him your sub bitch."

"I'll still be," Dad said, "as long as I can fuck your Mom and brother whenever I feel like it."

"NO! That ruins the whole scenario!" Caleb howled in protest. "I'm the dom! I'm supposed to have total control!"

By then he was in my face, so I jumped up and grabbed him hard by the shoulders, my whole body hot with a mixture of anger and arousal. "Yeah? How'd you like to have someone in total control over you, asswipe?" I looked at the shocked faces of Mom and Dad, and told them, "Me and Caleb are gonna go sort this out. Don't wait up for us or nothin'." Still holding my brother by the shoulders, I marched him backward and out of the living room, then into our shared bedroom, where I pushed him down on my bed. He protested and fought the whole way, but I was still a lot bigger than him, so I was in control.

"The fuck you doing?" he exclaimed as he hit the bed ass first, the door slamming behind us. I locked it.

"Making you my bitch," I told him as I grabbed a pillow and yanked off the pillowcase. He was so surprised he hardly even tried to struggle as I got on the bed, rolled him over, and yanked his hands together. I sat on his ass as I tied him up, then reached for the lube on my dresser drawer.

He wriggled impotently. "What are you doing? You–you're gonna fuck me?" he demanded, breathing hard. With my full weight on him, he wasn't going anywhere.

As I pulled his cheeks apart and dribbled lube on his little brown asshole, I grunted, "Told you I was making you my bitch. The way you've been treating Dad, you need to see the other side of the equation. And I've always wanted to fuck that fine ass of yours."

Oddly enough, the fight went out of him then. Maybe he wanted it too? Grinning fiercely, I slathered my cock with the goo and told him, "You're lucky I don't fuck you raw. That would hurt something awful."

"No one ever did my ass before! It's gonna hurt like fuck anyway if you rape my ass!"


Without any more talk, I put the head of my cock to his anus and pushed. Despite my tough talk, I didn't rape him. I took it real easy, almost romantic-like, and you know what? The little fucker loved it. He was moaning like a diesel engine going uphill and pushing his ass back against my cock before I was halfway into him. Hah! The little shit was an ass-slut after all. Not that I was feeling superior about that. After the fucking Dad gave me, I was an ass-slut for him and I wanted more.

I'd never been in Caleb's ass before, though we'd shared sex partners for a couple years now. There are only so many boys around who like the pole as well as the hole, after all, and we had to make do. His asshole was probably the tightest hole I'd been in, tighter than Mom or even my best friend Ned's ass. I'd done girl's asses that weren't as tight. I grabbed his slender hips and eased my way deeper, admiring his fine, muscular butt. He didn't have a fem-boy bubble butt like Ned; his swimming and running had left his cheeks masculine and lean, and I felt an extra thrill run through my body to add to the sensations clustering in my dick. Damn, I was fucking my younger brother, and it was good. As I bottomed out, I groaned, "You like my big dick in ya, dontcha, little brother?"


I pulled out a little, thrust back in, and started pumping slowly.

"...Yeeessssss! That feels... really good... you... fucker!"

"Imagine how.. it would feel... if Dad was... fucking you... with that... huge cock," I panted as I started to work my way toward orgasm. "I can still... l feel him... inside me." I could, too; my rectum was throbbing pleasantly the whole time I fucked Caleb. Damn, he was tight! I was afraid if I went too fast I'd skin my dick, even with all the lube. But I couldn't help it; the sensation was so overwhelming my body took over and started moving my hips automatically, and when he yelled, "Cray! Harder! Faster!" between gritted teeth, I couldn't help but give him what he asked for. Pretty soon I was pumping him harder than I think I'd ever fucked anything, him pushing that ripe ass back at me to match, and after a couple minutes he wailed, "Crayyyyy!" and I felt it when he came. There was a tight clenching, and a pulsing sensation. Well, fuck, now I'd have to change my sheets! He went slack, just lying there, not contributing any more energy to the excursion as he huffed and puffed, but I kept going for another five minutes at least, maybe longer, before I dumped a nice big load into his sissy ass.

I collapsed on top of Caleb, spent, and nuzzled his cheek. Then I kissed his ear gently and asked, "Who's my little bitch?"

"Me," Caleb said in a small voice.

"Now that we're having sex with Mom and Dad, we need to share better," I told him. "And I think you need to wear a little something like a tanga or jock sometimes. It really turns Mom on. I think she'll love your dick." I reached up and untied his hands. "And now I think I'd love your dick."

"You want me to fuck you?" he asked doubtfully as I rolled off him.

"In a minute, not yet. I need to recover."

He put his hands under his chin and looked at me, with a kind of respect for once. I rolled into a similar position and looked back. Fuck, he really was a cute kid; I guess I understood why Dad had let him have his way the way he had. I couldn't help but reach out and brush his chocolate-brown hair out of his blue eyes. Suddenly we were kissing, just lips and no tongue, but I could feel his love and lust straight down to my toes. We stayed in the clinch for quite a while before we pulled apart and he said, "Wow."

"Yeah, wow." I reached out and patted his lean ass, then dipped my fingers between his asscheeks. His hole was still gaping a little, and he was leaking my cum. I slathered my finger with the cream and brought it to my lips, where I licked it clean. Caleb just smiled lazily and said, "Cray, you ready to be my bitch for a little while?"

I felt my nipples crinkle, and a tightness in my belly, and I said, "Yeah, I think I am, for the next half hour or so. And then when Dad and Mom finish fucking"—we could both hear them going at it in the living room—"we'll go out there and you'll fuck Mom like a young porn stud while I take Dad's ass. 'K?"

"'K," my little brother said, a smoldering look in his eyes as he rose onto his knees. I could see that his pubescent cock was hard again; all the better to fuck me with. He was a little smaller than me, maybe four and a half inches, but a cock that size can really wreck an ass if the wielder knows how to use it. Caleb does. Quick as a snake, his right arm darted out and he grabbed a handful of my hair. "On your knees, slut!"

I trembled. "You gonna fuck me, Caleb? You gonna rape my ass now?" I demanded, my voice cracking a little in anticipation.

He yanked at my hair, and I scrambled up on my hands and knees. "You know it, ass-whore! I'm gonna make you my bitch, Cray! I'ma make you scream my name!"

I went along with it and let him, and at the end I did shout his name; and for the time being, I was Caleb's bitch. It felt very, very good.