Dave's New Job (Part 1)

Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story

(Part 1)

Dave anxiously swiped through his emails. The term was almost over and he didn't have a replacement job for the fall semester when his current temporary one at the exclusive private school ended. He deleted three more rejections before the next email brought him to a sudden stop. He read it twice to make sure he had it right.

It was from the parents of two of his students...twelve year old twins...a boy and a girl. He was surprised their parents had any questions so near the end of the school year. He remembered meeting them once or twice, vaguely aware she was a tenured professor at the local university and he was a lawyer or something somehow involved in defense contracting. There was no doubt both were highly successful. As he recalled, they were quite elegant yet very down to earth when they briefly talked to him.

The email asked if he could meet with them to discuss some special tutoring they wanted for their twins, with the potential to become a full time position homeschooling those kids. They suggested a time the next afternoon at the husband's office and requested a prompt response. He didn't have to read the note a third time to send his acceptance of their invitation.

The elevator door opened into a lavish wood paneled foyer with subdued lighting on the floor second from the top of the tallest building in town. The circular staircase behind the receptionist sitting at what looked like an antique desk instantly told him the office included the top floor as well.

The stunning young woman with lustrous auburn hair stretching to the middle of her back eyed him warily as he approached. She was clearly skeptical of his open collar checkered shirt under a tweed jacket and wrinkled jeans. It was as formal as he could manage since leaving college.

Her haughty “May I help you?” clearly meant “You obviously got off on the wrong floor” before he had a chance to introduce himself and state his reason for being there. She kept eyeing him like he might try to either soil or steal the furnishings as she dialed a number.

After a very brief conversation, she rose and told him to follow her. He couldn't help but admire her provocatively swaying perfectly shaped ass as he followed her down a hall, her four inch heels clicking sharply on the gleaming marble floors with every step.

She stopped at a highly polished wood grained double door, knocking softly twice before pushing it open. She stepped aside for him to enter, the edges of her lacy white bra peeking out from her silk blouse and closed the door behind him.

He just stood and gawked for a moment when he entered the office, a room that was easily at least four times the size of his efficiency apartment. His running shoes sank into the deep pile carpet, his gaze immediately drawn to the view of the city and distant mountains in two directions.

Dave!” he heard his name called out, turning to see the twins' father approaching with a bright smile and his hand extended. “We are so very glad you could make it.”

Uh...thank you...er...Mr....,” he stammered, taking the older man's hand in his.

Jerry...please...call me Jerry,” he beamed brightly before turning to the handsomely dressed woman behind him. “Of course, you remember my wife, Gale.”

She stepped forward with her hand extended, a warm smile on her face, the musky aroma of some undoubtedly expensive perfume wafting to his nose.

So nice to see you again, Dave,” she cooed in what was something approximating a husky whisper that sent the chill running down his spin straight to his cock. “Please be seated so we can talk more comfortably.”

She turned and sat on a sofa indicating for him to sit in the chair across from her. Jerry sat close enough to her their hips touched, his hand resting lightly on her knee.

I suppose you are wondering why we asked you here on such short notice,” Jerry began.

You said something about special tutoring and home schooling for Alice and Alex,” he responded.

Quite right,” Jerry continued as Gale looked on with a wry smile. “We took the liberty to check out your resume and credentials. You certainly seem to have many of the qualifications we seek for our kids. Specifically, your degree in biology, with a specialization in anatomy, really caught our interest.”

I wanted to go to medical school but never quite got the grades in other subjects,” he sighed, looking at them questioningly to see if such a candid admission was immediately disqualifying.

More importantly, we got nothing but outstanding reviews about the way you relate to the kids at the school, from our own, some of their friends and other teachers,” Gale chimed in, making no effort to conceal the way she was looking at him, her eyes roaming all over his body and practically stripping him.

So here is what we propose,” Jerry added, moving his hand up on her thigh, pushing the hem of her dress towards her crotch. “We are taking an extended six week vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico, shortly after the twins' school lets out at the end of next week. We would like you to join us as the kids' personal tutor for that trip. If everything goes as well as we expect, you can take on the role of their full time home schooling teacher next fall.”

We will cover all expenses, of course,” Gale continued, her knees spreading a little as Jerry's hand again moved further up the inside of her thigh, “and provide reasonable compensation, at the least matching your current salary and with some bonus provision when the kids meet some agreed upon...er...performance goals.”

Dave just looked at them for a moment in stunned silence. He could have sworn Gale separated her knees even more as she smiled at him.

I..I don't know...what...to say,” he sputtered, “that's...a very generous...offer.”

Yes would be good,” Gale grinned, glancing at Jerry before turning back to Dave, the tip of her tongue sliding almost imperceptibly across her upper lip, “but there is one more step before we can finalize our...uh...arrangement.”

We strongly believe in involving the kids in major decisions, especially ones that affect them directly,” Jerry said, pushing off Gale's thigh with his hand as he stood, causing the hem of her dress to ride up even more, “so we would like you to join us for dinner Friday and we can all discuss the pertinent details.”

Sounds good and unless the kids decide to reject me, I'm in,” Dave replied gleefully.

Great. I'll have one of our lawyers draw up a contract...but don't worry I'll make sure it's simple and in actual English,” Jerry laughed. “So how about a drink to seal the deal?”

He turned and walked to a wet bar on a far wall. Gale slumped back against the sofa, smiling at him impishly. There was no longer any doubt Gale knew he was looking directly up under her skirt. Her knees were far enough apart he could clearly see the white thong splitting her pussy lips and she was shamelessly staring at the growing bulge in his jeans.

Oh you have one more qualification I forgot to mention earlier, perhaps the most important,” she murmured huskily accepting a glass of wine from her husband without closing her legs, “Alice thinks you are really sexy and, now that I've gotten to know you a little better, I can understand why.”

Dave blushed and accepted his own glass of wine. They continued chatting for a few minutes, settling on the arrangements for dinner that Friday. When he rose to leave, Gale stood as well and hooked her arm in his to walk him to the door.

There is one more thing,” she murmured softly standing close to him, “we are nudists at home so I hope you are not shy or too easily embarrassed.”

He just stared at her in astonishment, that being one of the last things he ever expected to hear from such an elegant woman. His dick twitched in his jeans just imagining seeing all of them nude.

Dave hesitated a few seconds before pressing the doorbell to the large house. Since Gale's comment a few days before, he could think of little else than seeing her and Jerry and the twelve year old twins naked. Jerking off three times that afternoon before arriving had barely taken the edge off.

After a few moments, he heard the latch unbolt and Gale threw the door wide open. He just stared with his mouth agape.

She was wearing a dark blue silky robe that reached to the middle of her thighs. It was completely open with the belt dangling to the sides. The upper portion barely covered her tits and fully exposed the slim runway of pussy hair inviting his eyes to follow the dark crease continuing down between her legs.

Dave,” she exclaimed cheerfully, unabashedly opening her arms to embrace him, “we're so happy you could make it. Please, come in.”

He just stood their staring at her.

Are you going to leer at my daughter's naked body like that?” she stepped back and asked crossly with her hands on her hips.

That had the effect of spreading her silky robe even more, exposing both of her sculpted tits completely, her dark brown fifty cent sized aureole with eraser like erect nipples pointing right at him. His face flushed and he adverted his eyes, not sure what to say.

Well...you better leer,” she exclaimed and broke into a hearty laugh, “she'll be very disappointed if you don't obviously and fully appreciate her luscious young body...and so will Jerry and I.”

With that, she curled her arm into his and lead him deeper into the sprawling house, her right tit bouncing against his upper arm with every other step.

Jerry rose from where he was sitting watching the local news when Gale and Ned entered the family room. Ned felt his dick twitch again seeing the thick six inch uncut cock, the loose balls dangling between the older man's legs and the silver bar puncturing the fleshy foreskin.

Dave, so glad to see you again,” Jerry exclaimed heartily, casually stepping closer with his hand extended.

As Dave took that hand in his, he felt Gale's fall to the small of his back. His dick pressed noticeably out against his jeans.

Why don't we get comfortable and have a drink?” she said to Jerry with her eyes locked on Dave, “and feel free to leave on as much of your clothes as you are comfortable with...or as little.”

Gale peeled off the robe before sitting on the sofa, casually putting one foot on the coffee table and the other on the floor. Dave gulped and blushed seeing the way her pussy lips blossomed open, the pink inner flesh gleaming moistly, a silver ring dangling from the hood still concealing her clit.

Jerry returned to hand them each a bottle of a local microbrewery beer, seemingly not at all concerned the way his wife was blatantly exposing her pussy to Dave. He sat next to her and as soon as he was settled, she slipped her hand on to his inner thigh, half way from his knee to his flaccid dick, swirling her index finger in little circles. Dave thought he saw the head of Jerry's cock peeking out from beneath his foreskin.

They chatted amicably for a few minutes. As soon as Dave finished his beer, Jerry jumped up and got them all fresh ones. Dave couldn't help but admire the way Jerry's dick swayed invitingly with every step he took...and Gale couldn't help noticing the way he looked at her husbands thick cock.

So, Dave, any ties that would keep you from traveling with us for an extended period of time...a girlfriend...or boyfriend?” she smirked with an impish grin.

Dave blushed again and glanced own at his feet for a few seconds before looking up at her. She was grinning widely and twirling a stiff nipple in her fingers.

Oh don't be embarrassed. I noticed the way you kept sneaking looks at his cock as well as my tits and pussy. I'm sure he did too,” she stated matter of factually. “Actually we take it as a compliment and, trust me, he's worth it too.”

No...no girlfriend...or boyfriend...at the...moment,” Dave managed to stammer as Jerry returned and handed him another beer, his still flaccid dick just inches from Dave's face.

He likes the look of your dick and my tits and pussy,” Gale announced nonchalantly with a warm laugh as Jerry sat down next to her again, “nor does he have a girlfriend...or boyfriend...at the moment.”

That could make our arrangement even better then, doesn't it,” Jerry murmured cheerfully, leaning back and putting his hand back on her thigh, this time close enough his little finger brushed against the outside of her smooth bare mound.

Gale didn't say a word or pull away. Instead she looked steadily at Dave, took a sip of her beer and wrapped the fingers of her other hand around the base of Jerry's cock. Dave watched them in stunned silence as she tenderly thumbed the silver bar piercing Jerry's foreskin until the glistening head of his cock emerged about half way.

A small stain formed on the bulge in Dave's jeans.

Why don't you go get that contract, Jerry,” she cooed huskily, “while Dave here gets more...er...comfortable.”

Be right back,” Jerry grinned, his stiffening dick sticking out in front of him as he stood and walked out of the room.

You do want to get more...uh...comfortable, don't you, Dave?” she murmured huskily. “I suspect that aching bulging cock will feel much better once you release it from the confines of your jeans.”

For a moment he just stared at her, taking in the way her erect nipples poked straight out at him and the way the pink flesh between her puffy pussy lips glistened in the late afternoon light. He really needed the job and she seemed to offer a lot more than a paycheck.

I think you're absolutely right, when in Rome and all that,” he exclaimed, standing and kicking off his running shoes, pulling his shirt over his head and unbuckling the belt on his jeans to let them fall around his ankles.

Gale licked her lips as he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs.

Can we help you?” two high pitched voices asked in unison, laughing from behind him.

Before he could completely turn his head, Alex and Alice tore his briefs down over his knees, freeing his rock hard dick to stand straight out pointing directly at their mother with a droplet of precum stretching to the floor.

I told you he was sexy, Mom,” Alice giggled, stepping back a couple of feet and unashamedly staring at his throbbing cock, “and that's before I even got to see his dick.”

Dave couldn't believe his eyes looking at the twelve year old girl...her small stiff tits with bright pink nipples...her firm developing ass...the blonde fuzzy above her pussy matching the hair on her head...and the darker gash continuing down between her thighs.

Her twin brother stood next to her, a wisp of blonde hair above the hard four inch cock he held in one hand. Behind them both, Jerry grinned happily.

I guess it's just a formality to sign this contract,” he muttered, stepping up to put an arm around his two naked kids.

It's all really pretty straightforward,” Jerry explained as Dave looked through the two page contract, “some standard non disclosure wording, the terms of compensation and your agreement to follow our directions regarding benchmarks and bonuses as spelled out in the appendix.”

Dave read the contract carefully then signed where indicated, not having any problem with Jerry's explanation. Then he picked up the appendix and began reading, his eyes widening and his mouth falling open in astonishment before finishing the document.

You mean...you can't be...serious,” Dave exclaimed before even finishing the first page of the appendix looking back and forth from Gale to Jerry in complete surprise.

Serious as a heart attack as they say,” Jerry intoned with a big grin, “and this is not only the way Gale and I want to proceed. The kids are all for this as well.”

Dave looked over at Gale who was gazing back at him with a bemused expression on her face while she twirled an erect nipple with one hand. Alice and Alex sat on the floor at her feet, giggling and whispering. Jerry's cock had not deflated in the slightest.

Of course, we will provide any books or videos or other...uh...teaching materials or devices you deem necessary and in fact we urge you to order as many different things as you can think about possibly using,” Gale chimed in with a wry smile before sipping her beer. “Jerry and I will observe or participate or stay out of the way as much as you decide.”

I'm having a very hard time wrapping my head around this,” Dave muttered still in disbelief, “I've never before even heard of any arrangement like what you are suggesting here.”

Oh, please, Dave,” Alice piped up from where she sat, dropping all pretense about his position as a teacher in her school, “we both want you to be the one, don't we Alex.”

Yeah, we do, for sure,” her twin brother grunted his assent, seemingly more interested in the way Dave's cock twitched than the actual conversation.

I'm not at all sure I know enough myself to do what you want,” Dave protested even as he realized he was not only losing the argument but that he indeed wanted to.

Don't sell yourself short, Dave,” Jerry chuckled before pushing the pen back to him. “You know a lot more about anatomy than we could ever hope to learn, can be somewhat impartial since you are not related in any way and are close enough in age to the twins to develop a lot of empathy and understanding.”

We simply want you to teach them everything you possibly can about their own bodies and their sexuality,” Gale added, squirming in her seat so the ring in her clit hood glinted in the light. “To put it bluntly, we want you to teach them everything you can about pleasuring themselves and sucking and fucking...each other...both of us...yourself, of course...and any other males or females they may choose now and in the future.

Please, Dave...please...I...we...really want you do do this,” Alice pleaded with both her breathless voice and her eyes, her tiny pink nipples stiffly erect.

His cock was throbbing as he looked each of them in the eye one more time and reached for the pen. Alice squealed in delight as he signed his name, jumping up to hug him from behind, her small firm tits pressing into his back.

Both Gale and Jerry were smiling happily when a short, slim, naked young south east Asian looking woman with ass length black hair, and a matching thick thatch topping her pussy, walked into the room and announced dinner was ready.


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