Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story

(Part 2)

Alice grabbed Dave's hand and practically dragged him to the dining room with Jerry and Alex following behind. Gale excused herself to see to things in the kitchen.

He took a seat on one side of the table with Alice on his right and an empty chair on his left, one apparently for Gale. Across from them, Jerry and Alex took their seats, leaving the one between them empty.

Who was that young woman?” Dave asked as he poured himself a glass of wine at Jerry's invitation.

Her name is Chimlin and she's originally from Bangkok,” Jerry explained, sipping his wine and looking steadily at Dave. “She's been with us for a long time....”

Ever since she was seven years old and we brought her back from a trip we made before I was pregnant with the twins...one of those infamous sex excursions you might have heard about,” Gale interjected shamelessly as she approached the table with a huge platter of grilled chicken. “We found her in a brothel we patronized where her mother, eleven year old sister and ten year old brother...er...worked. All of them were wasted on heroin, so we basically saved her. She's as much a part of the family as any one of us.”

Chimlin entered balancing two large dishes of vegetables. She stood a few feet from Dave, smiling demurely as they were introduced. His dick twitched again looking at the young woman.

She was shorter than Alice and even slimmer, her tits little more than the two dark bumps of her stiff nipples. Except for the thick thatch of black pussy hair, she could easily be mistaken for another prepubescent girl.

Remind me to show you some of our old vacation pictures and videos,” Gale chuckled, sitting down next to him and brushing her hand over his thigh, “you might even be able to use some in your...uh...classes.”

Jerry, the twins and Chimlin all laughed at that and dug into their food. Dave had the distinct impression there was a lot more going on than he was aware of yet.

So when do you want me to proceed?” Dave asked as he finished a third glass of an exceptionally good wine, feeling very relaxed with the beginnings of a pleasant buzz.

Well, you're officially on the clock,” Gale grinned, turning to him so both her tits practically rubbed his arm, “so you can start right away, even this evening.”

I'm...not prepared,” he protested, his dick stiffening noticeably, “I just found out what you want.”

You sure look...uh...prepared...to me,” Gale grinned, sliding her chair back to get a clear look at his rigid cock under the table. “What do you think, Alice?”

Hmm, he sure looks like it to me,” the twelve year old girl answered with a giggle, ducking her head down to gaze at his cock, “but I've only seen two other dicks all hard like that before.”

That brought a good laugh from everyone except the blushing Dave. Gale filled his wine glass again then stood up. The others did as well, with Jerry and Alex making no effort to conceal their own swaying hard ons.

Dave thought he caught a faint whiff of Gale's musky pussy before he got to his feet. Across from him, Chimlin just smiled sweetly looking at his throbbing dick as she nonchalantly squeezed both Jerry and Alex's rigid cocks before walking back to the kitchen with some dirty dishes.

Why don't you take the kids someplace where you can talk and find out what they know...or think they know...so you have a basis for setting up a...uh...lesson plan?” Gale cooed, gently rubbing his upper arm, her erect right nipple almost brushing against his side.

We could go to my room,” Alice said excitedly.

Not a chance,” Gale laughed, “after he sees your room he might think there are still some unexploded bombs elsewhere in the house...and not Alex's room either. Go to the guest room your grandmother uses when she visits.”

Alice enthusiastically lead the way to another wing of the massive house into a large bedroom with a king sized bed and a sitting area with a couch and a couple of comfortable looking chairs. As soon as they entered, Alex and Alice jumped on the bed and turned to look at Dave with wicked smiles.

Do we fuck now?” Alice asked earnestly, surprising him with her bluntness and use of language.

No,” he answered sharply, pulling over a chair to sit facing them. “and that's not what your parents hired me to do.”

Mom said you were going to teach us about sex,” Alex chimed in with a look of both confusion and disappointment.

I'm going to teach you all about your bodies,” he explained, his gazing moving back and forth from Alice's tight pussy slit to Alex's stiff cock, “and of course that will include some things about sex since that is a really important part of everyone's lives.”

They looked at each other for a second before turning back to him, letdown obvious on both their faces.

Which one of you is the oldest?” Dave asked.

What do you mean?” Alice asked, leaning back on her elbows with her thighs spread wide. “We're the same age.”

One of you was born first, even if just by a few minutes,” Dave replied, his dick again twitching when he saw the small gap forming between the twelve year old girl's tight pussy lips.

Me,” Alice answered, “Mom said by about ten minutes.”

OK, we'll start with you although some of the things I have to say applies to you both.”

He went on for a few minutes about how both their bodies were changing because of hormones...the hair beginning to grow in their groins...the way Alice's tits were sprouting...the way Alex started getting hard ons and shooting watery jism...all being signs of the changes and what was yet to come.

We kinda already learned all that in health class,” Alex interrupted him after a few minutes with a bored sigh.

He thought for a minute before figuring he needed to be more direct. Since their parents didn't seem to object, he decided to take a step that crossed a line he knew could not be uncrossed.

I figured you two already knew all that, but I just wanted to be sure. Now we are going to make sure we are always talking the same language and using the same words for the same things,” he continued, standing with his hard cock dangling in front of him.

Both their eyes locked on his dick as he stepped up to the edge of the bed. He told Alex to lean back on his elbows like his sister and for both of them to spread their legs as wide as they could.

Alice's pink slit glistened in the soft light and Alex's rigid cock seemed to throb as they positioned themselves. Dave's cock twitched and Alice muffled a giggle when a droplet of his precum drizzled to the floor.

From now on, these are the names we will always use when talking about our bodies,” he began, leaning forward and touching the underside of both of Alice's tits with four fingers.

She gasped in surprise but didn't pull back, her eyes wide.

Alice has two tits,” he went on feeling the warmth against his fingertips before thumbing both of her hard pink nipples, “with a nipple on top.”

He removed his hands as Alice let out a low moan and turned to Alex, pinching both his nipples between his thumbs and index finger.

Boys have tits too, but they don't grow like a girl's, but it can feel good for both boys and girls when the nipples are touched and played with.”

He straightened up a little and turned back to Alice.

Girls have a pussy or cunt, the terms are interchangeable,” he said softly, reaching down between the twelve year old's legs and cupping her mostly hairless mound, waiting a few seconds as the look of surprise on Alice's face turned to a muffled groan.

There are different parts...the lips....”

....he split Alice's tight pussy lips with his finger tip....

“….and this hard little nub is called the clit....”

.he rubbed her pulsing clit in a circle with his fingertip as Alice groaned and pushed her hips back at him....

....and then the hole the opens up to the deepest part of her cunt....”

.he swirled his fingertip around her taut opening, slipping unintentionally into her to the first knuckle as she let out a loud cry....

....and finally the asshole that you both have....”

.his finger pressing lightly against Alice's puckered sphincter.

He pulled his hand back and straightened up with Alice staring at him with wide eyes and an open mouth, clearly surprised he touched her those ways. She reached down between her own legs but Dave gently pushed her hand away.

We have a few more things to cover before you can do that,” he smiled at her and turned to Alex.

Her twin brother sat up to watch Dave touch Alice as he touched and named her body parts, all the while stroking his hard cock. Dave noticed the droplets of precum staining the bed cover between the boy's legs when he instructed Alex to lay back down on his back with his legs spread wide. Alice propped herself up to get a better view.

Like Alice, you have a tight asshole too....”

.he dragged a finger over the boy's asshole, swirling the tip and lightly pressing in....

....and then two balls that produce the creamy stuff you shoot out called cum....”

.he gently squeezed Alex's balls as the boy gasped...

....and then the cock or dick that feels so good to stroke up and down and even better when you slide it into a pussy or asshole....”

.he wrapped the fingers of his other hand around Alex's cock, slowly stroking him until a few more droplets of the boy's precum dribbled over his fingers.

With that, he pulled his hands away and stood up again. Both twins looked at him with wide eyes, their faces flushed. His own cock was so hard it ached and both kids noticed even more precum stretching from the head to the floor.

Have either of you kissed someone else? I don't mean your Mom and Dad. I mean a real, passionate kiss,” he stated, hoping to change the subject and cool down the situation slightly.

They both shook their heads in the negative.

Kissing is an important part of sex since it can arouse you and your partner, especially when it is very passionate,” he told them, sitting back in the chair and beckoning Alice over to him.

She stepped up between his spread legs, her head and his close to the same height with him sitting down. He put a hand around her waist, letting it rest lightly on the top of her ass.

Open your mouth a little and when you feel my tongue on your lips, push your tongue into my mouth,” he instructed her, pulling her close enough the tip of his throbbing cock brushed against her thigh.

Alex got off the bed and moved nearer to get a better look. Dave curled his other arm around the boy's waist, bringing him even closer while fondling his taut ass.

Alice leaned forward and Dave bent to her, his lips touching hers softly, the tip of his tongue tracing her lips. Suddenly, her tongue exploded into his mouth, flailing against his wildly as she moaned loudly and pressed her body against him. He could feel the head of his cock pushing upward against her stomach, bringing him very close to the edge of a real orgasm.

Wow...that was very nice,” he exclaimed, pulling back for fear of cumming all over her stomach.

Yeah, I liked it a lot...let's do it again,” she gasped, her face flushed and her tiny nipples rock hard.

Let's give Alex a chance,” Dave told her thinking quickly to avoid another encounter right at the moment.

OK,” she answered unselfconsciously, turning to her twin brother.

Alex stepped forward tentatively, following his sister's lead as she wrapped her arms around him and brought her lips to his. Dave stroked his own aching cock not quite believing he was seeing what he was seeing.

After a moment, Alice broke off the kiss and turned to Dave with a frown.

He's not doing it right,” she complained.

Well you both just need to practice more,” Dave responded, suppressing a giggle.

You still need to show him how to do it right,” Alice pouted, “practice won't help if he keeps doing it wrong.”

You do have a good point,” Dave chuckled, surprising her by reaching past her to hug her brother close and giving Alex a deep tongue lashing kiss.

At first Alex's body stiffened then he wrapped his arms around Dave's neck and returned the kiss. Dave pulled the boy closer, feeling Alex's dick push against his leg and his own cock crush against the boy's stomach.

Dave broke off the kiss and looked at the dazed Alex with a broad grin before turning to Alice.

Try him now,” Dave smiled, putting his hand on both of their backs and gently pushing them together.

Their tongues met before their lips, the kiss going on and on, growing more and more passionate as their breathing became more and more ragged. Dave kept his hands on both their backs, slowly sliding down to fondle their taut ass cheeks. When they finally stopped, both looked at him with wide grins, neither moving away from his warm hands.

So...how'd he do?” Dave grinned, pulling them both a little closer to him, his cock tingling so badly he thought he might just shoot some cum on them without any further touch.

Better...much better,” Alice smiled, glancing back and forth from Dave to her brother...and their raging hard ons, “but I didn't know boys kissed other boys like that.”

Why not?” Dave countered. “If a boy and a girl can kiss like that, so can a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl. That's no reason to not have fun with another. You know, even three people can kiss like that.”

What?” they both exclaimed.

Sure, come closer and I'll show you.”

They crowded in closer to him and he put a hand behind each of their heads, tenderly bringing them together until their cheeks touched and their tongues met outside of their mouths. They didn't seem to mind or even notice when his hand slipped down over their asses again. Alice started giggling after a few moments and that was the end of the three way kiss.

I think that's enough for one day,” Dave said, standing and no longer concerned his rock hard dick still standing straight out from his body. “It's getting late and I need to get going.”

What he really wanted was to find a place and a couple of minutes to jerk off. By the time they wended their way back to the family room with their arms around each other, his dick had softened some but was still more than hard enough to make a noticeable bulge in his jeans if he could find them.

Gale looked up from the tablet she was perusing when the three of them walked into the family room, giggling and hugging each other. Alice and Alex rushed over to her, excitedly telling her the various things they had done and learned in the previous couple of hours. She listened patiently and attentively until the twins finally stopped long enough to take a breath.

It seems you made quite the impression,” she grinned at Dave, patting the seat next to her on the couch indicating for him to sit next to her before turning to her son and daughter. “Alice, go get Dave and me another cold beer and then it's time for you two to get to bed.”

Alex followed his sister to the kitchen to get himself a cold drink, leaving Gale and Dave alone for a few moments.

So what do you think?” she asked him in a husky murmur, resting a warm hand on his thigh half way between his knee and cock, just as she had with Jerry.

They're great kids and eager to learn,” he answered quietly, squirming around trying unsuccessfully to conceal his stiffening dick.

Gale just licked her lips and looked up as the twins came back with the fresh beers. When she started to shoo them off to their rooms, Alice stepped close to Dave, put her arms around his neck and gave him a deep tongue lashing kiss.

She stepped away with an impish grin before giving her mother a somewhat more chaste peck on the cheek. She turned and winked at her brother. Alex grinned back at her, stepped up to Dave and repeated the passionate kiss. Then the two of them giggled loudly and rushed away to their rooms.

I did tell them they needed to get more practice” he mumbled with an embarrassed smile, “both of them.”

Gale looked at him with a strange indecipherable gaze for a very long moment before she smiled wryly, her hand tightening on his inner thigh.

Just make sure that Alex likes playing with boys as much as girls and Alice with girls as much as boys,” she cooed, “and we will all get along just fine.”

He was about to say something in return, when Chimlin walked into the room followed closely by Jerry. Gale stood and gave them both a warm hug. Dave was pretty sure he saw a streak of something glistening on the inside of Chimlin's thigh and Jerry's dick dangled limply between his legs.

I really need to get going,” he said to the three of them, “it's getting late and I have lots to do before we leave.”

Nonsense,” Jerry exclaimed, coming over to put his arm around Gale's waist, “you've had a few beers and we have plenty of room, so just stay the night. Besides, you can give the kids another lesson in the morning and we can show you the materials...and things...we already have you might want to use.”

I...I couldn't...impose,” he sputtered.

Don't be silly. We're all going to be under the same roof in Mexico and we have plenty of room, so no problem staying tonight,” Gale chimed in, smiling wickedly and staring right at his half hard dick.

He halfheartedly protested but quickly gave in. He was very tired and he really needed to jerk off. Jerry showed him to a different bedroom in another wing of the house, asking about the session with the kids and all the while unabashedly looking at Dave's dick. The more Jerry look, the more Dave returned the gaze, wondering if perhaps Jerry would be up for a quick mutual blow job.

That didn't happen. Instead, Jerry showed him the room and private bath and bid Dave goodnight, leaving even though it was pretty obvious to them both that Dave wouldn't mind Jerry staying for a while.

He piled his clothes on a chair and jumped into a nicely tiled walk in shower, stroking himself while thinking about Jerry's dick, Gale's tits and pussy and the way those two twelve year old twins responded to his words and touches. He was right on the verge of shooting his cum against the tile walls when two small arms and hands slid around his waist from behind and took over jerking him off.

He craned his head backward to see Chimlin grinning up at him as she continued to stroke his throbbing dick. A moment later, his cum erupted in five or six spurts that splattered against the tile. When he regained his composure, he turned to face the young woman, one who didn't look much older than Alice with a thick bush of black cunt hair.

Gale thought you might want some company,” she murmured as he looked at her questioningly, “and she already promised to fuck Jerry with the strap-on tonight and didn't know if you were into that sort of thing. So here I am...for you...for anything and everything you want...or need...for the rest of the night.”


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