Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story.

(Part 3)

As it turned out, everything and anything for Chimlin covered a lot of ground, some of which was entirely new to Dave. She did things with her hands and mouth and pussy that he didn't even know were possible.

She repeatedly brought him to the verge of a massive orgasm, backing off just in time and far enough that he didn't cum, even as he started begging her to let him. Finally, with her riding on top of him as he not so gently pinched her tiny tits, he could hold back no longer. His orgasm was so overwhelming he momentarily blacked out, literally seeing stars with his spent cum gushing out of her warm wet cunt to coat his balls.

Where did you learn to do all that?” he asked as they cuddled together regaining their breathes and composure. “That was undoubtedly the best...the most intense...fuck of my life.”

My mother taught me many ways to best please men...and yet others to pleasure women,” Chimlin replied softly, digging a fingernail in a tight circle around one of his nipples.

But...but...I thought...Gale said you were...only seven...when they...brought you back here,” he stammered in some confusion.

She did...and I was...just barely,” Chimlin answered with a wicked grin, licking her way down his body to suck first his balls, then his limp cock, into her mouth.

He didn't think it was possible to cum yet again right then.

He was wrong...twice over.

Dave blinked awake in the dim dawn light illuminating the room because of the movement on the bed behind him. He rolled to his back expecting to see Chimlin.

She was gone.

Morning, Dave, I hope you don't mind since you did seem kind of...uh...disappointed when I had to leave you alone last night. I know I sure was,” Jerry grinned down at him from where he knelt holding his own rigid dick in one hand.

In surprise, Dave looked back and forth from Jerry's grinning face to the purplish bulbous cock head complete extended past the fleshy foreskin. The silver bar piercing that hood glinted in the low light. Slowly a bright smile crept across his face.

May I?” Jerry asked solicitously, pulling back the sheet to reveal Dave's throbbing morning hard on, sharply drawing in a breath when he fully exposed Dave's rigid dick.

For a brief moment, Jerry just stared down at him. Then with a low gasp, he reached out to take Dave's shaft in his hand, thumbing the tip tenderly as a droplet of precum dribbled from his own cock head.

With the familiar tingle growing in his balls, Dave reached over to wipe the next drop of precum from Jerry's dick, licking that finger clean before wrapping his hand firmly around the base. Jerry groaned lowly and bent forward, flicking his tongue over the tip of Dave's cock before wrapping his lips around the head.

Dave shivered and propped himself up enough to lick Jerry's cock in response, the pleasant salty taste promising much more cum to come. Without another word, they fell into a rhythm sucking each other as deep as their cocks would go into the others throat.

That is so fucking hot!”

Dave looked up suddenly at the unexpected sound of that voice. He looked around frantically, before seeing Gale seated in a chair off to one side, one leg draped over the arm as she furiously fondled her fully exposed pussy.

Don't stop now,” she cooed, looking directly at Dave with a wicked grin as she continued to rub her clit with one hand and pump three fingers in and out of her cunt with the other, “I love watching him suck and get sucked even more than seeing him fuck...and get fucked.”

With an orgasm imminent, Dave took Jerry's cock back into his mouth, gently squeezing the older man's balls. He tensed and shot his cum deep in Jerry's throat just before Jerry quivered and filled Dave's mouth. Gale screeched her own orgasm seeing the cum dripping from both of their mouths. A glistening drop of her sticky juices dripped from the ring dangling from the hood of her clit.

For a few moments they lay there in silence, only the sound of their ragged breathing gradually returning to normal filling the room. Gale stirred first, standing and walking over to the bed to give her husband a deep tongue lashing kiss.

When she broke off the kiss, a combination of their spittle and Dave's cum drizzled from her chin. She bent low, her face just inches from Dave's, before ramming her tongue into Dave's mouth as she wrapped her fingers around his reanimating cock.

He became more aroused as the intense kiss continued. When he reached for one of her tits, Jerry took his hand away and instead put it right over her warm, wet pussy. The soft puffy lips still sticky with her own juices parted easily around his fingers.

Gale groaned loudly, straddling his hips and hovering over his rigid dick that her husband held straight up for her. Ever so slowly she lowered her pussy down to envelop Dave's cock until he was as deep inside her cunt as he could go.

Without a word, she leaned forward and again rammed her tongue into his mouth, crushing her tits against his chest even as she ground her pussy against his throbbing dick. Dave felt yet another orgasm building in his balls when he felt Jerry's tongue lashing his balls and asshole.

My asshole too,” Gale moaned.

Jerry repositioned until his chin rubbed against Dave's balls and thrusting cock while he rimmed her asshole. Gale's thrusts became harder, flailing as another climax surged through her pussy, sucking Dave's cum into her as she shrieked wildly.

When Dave's deflated dick slipped out of her, she rolled on to her back still breathing raggedly and staring at the ceiling. For a moment Dave was concerned he had gone too far.

Well, get down there and clean out my cunt,” she said to him with a stern look, “I want to make sure the guy who first fucks my daughter knows how to really pleasure her and is truly committed to helping her cum as often, and as intensely, as possible.”

She pulled her legs back as Dave crawled down between her thighs, his creamy cum mixed with her juices seeping from her cunt down toward her asshole. He looked up for a moment, grinned devilishly and started at her anus, licking the cum mixture and poking his tongue as deep into that tight sphincter as he could manage.

Gale squirmed and moaned, reaching down to tug on the ring piercing her clit hood, releasing a clit the size of an infant boy's cock. Dave just stopped when he licked his way to the base and saw that impressive nub.

Don't just stare at it,” she demanded panting heavily, “suck my clit like I know you will any little boy's dick you can and I'll cum all over you.”

Dave took her clit into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the tip before drawing it all the way into his mouth. At the same time, he easily slipped three fingers into her dripping pussy, finding her swollen, spongy g-spot in an instant. She wasn't kidding either. Her cunt cream erupting all over his face and soaking the bed.

If you don't mind me asking,” Dave asked as they sat drinking coffee on the patio a short time later, “but I still don't understand why you need me to teach the kids about sex. You two are way more experienced than me and Chimlin...well...she is in another galaxy.”

Jerry and Gale looked at each other for a long moment before turning back to him. Jerry spoke first as Gale sat back idly twirling a stiff nipple in two fingers.

We already told you we thought you knew more about anatomy than us and your closer in age so you can relate to them in ways we cannot. There is more to our...shall we say...reluctance. We were raised in a family that practiced incest for generations. Our parents introduced us to sex before either of us can really remember. It was always just something everyone did with everyone else...openly...unashamedly...for as long as we can remember.”

Wait a minute,” Dave exclaimed, putting down his coffee mug to stare directly at them both. “Are you telling me your related...brother and sister?”

Cousins, actually, although tracing the actual lineage is a lot more complicated than that,” Gale said softly, not flinching from his stare. “However, there's no doubt my father fucked his mother regularly, as did his father and my mother...not to mention the both of us...we both saw and experienced that growing up all the time.”

Dave sat back dumbstruck, his mind a whirl of mixed emotions and jumbled thoughts. Jerry and Gale both gave him the time and space he needed, waiting until he spoke again first.

Wow...that's a lot to process.” he finally told them, “but I guess I still wonder why me.”

We made a choice even before the twins were born to not bring them up like we were raised,” Gale continued while getting up to pour them all another coffee from a carafe on the table in front of them, her tits practically swaying in Dave's face. “Don't get us wrong, we both love sex in any way and every combination we can manage...with absolutely no limits other than inflicting or receiving serious pain or actual physical harm.”

That decision was met with a tremendous amount of chagrin and resistance from within the family,” Jerry added, sitting back and absentmindedly fondling his half hard cock, “one that's left us pretty much estranged from everyone.”

Anyway, we decided to not follow that path. We wanted our kids to make their own choices so we very deliberately never engaged them sexually,” Gale went on, glancing over to smile at Jerry before turning her gaze back to Dave. “Now that their sexuality is beginning to blossom, we knew it was time to decide how to proceed. Alice started her period a couple of months ago and Chimlin recently found dried cum stains in Alex's shorts and sheets. I suspect they've done some things with themselves and each other but don't know for sure. In any case, they are ready to take their first steps as sexual beings.”

So we did what we always do when there's a big family decision...we all sat down and talked about the options. They were eager to move forward, much more that we expected. It was Alice who suggested bringing you into the loop. I thinks her words were something to the effect...'I want him to teach us how to fuck',” Jerry chuckled reaching over to cup Gale's left tit in his other hand, “and we very rarely say no to our little girl.”

So you want me to get them ready...ready for you to fuck them?” Dave asked guardedly even as his dick twitched.

Not exactly, although there is no doubt we will do so,” Gale answered, smiling at Dave with her eyes again locked on his swelling dick. “Actually, we expect that you will fuck them both and they will do each other before they get to us...and Chimlin. That's the way we all agreed upon anyway when we had our family discussion.”

And how were you so sure I would agree to all this?”

Jerry's...uh...people...are very thorough,” Gale grinned, spreading her legs and twirling her huge clit in two fingers. “They documented those times in your early teens when you baby sat and got very...ah...familiar, shall we say...with some little boys and girls in the neighborhood, that very special and...er...close friendship with your college roommate and his girlfriend and, of course, your fairly regular visits to that gay bathhouse over in the industrial park.”

By the way, Dave, I'd love to go there with you sometime, maybe after we get back from Mexico,” Jerry chimed in gleefully.

Now don't take any of that wrong, we're not judging nor do we have a problem with anything you've done with anyone else, at any time...or age,” Gale continued even as Dave could see a droplet of her pussy juices seep down toward her asshole. “It just made you a good candidate for what we needed. The fact my daughter also thinks you're sexy and wants you to teach her how to fuck is icing on the cake.”

Moreover, once we get past this initial...er...stage...we hope you will want to stay on with us...all of us,” Jerry added, his own cock now hardened to the point the head was completely out from its fleshy sheath. “You see, we have very eclectic and adventurous...um...appetites...we intend to fully share with the twins...and with you, if you are so inclined.”

Does that mean you are into unusual things...like kinky sex?” Dave asked, feeling the tension growing.

Very much so,” Gale responded with a wide grin, squirming sightly as a steady flow of her juices seeped from her cunt, the tip of her clit visibly throbbing. “Everything and anything you can possibly imagine...and probably a lot more that has never occurred to you...yet.”

Before Dave could respond, the twins burst out on to the patio. With barely a nod to their parents, they ran up to Dave.

Can we have another lesson...right now?” Alice asked breathlessly. “We want you to tell us if we're doing it right. Alex and me were practicing kissing.”

With that, she stepped between his legs, threw her arms around his neck and rammed her tongue into his mouth. From the corner of his eye, Dave could see Gale smiling approvingly even as she continued playing with her own pussy in full view of her son and daughter.

Dave wrapped his arms around the twelve year old girl, sliding his hands down over her perky ass to pull her closer while lashing his tongue with hers in his mouth. The throbbing tip of his cock punched against her stomach and then slid upward until it was crushed between their bodies. He felt the warmth radiating from her mostly bare pussy against his thigh.

How'd I do?” Alice asked excitedly a few moments later after breaking off the kiss and stepping back enough his rigid cock flopped down to stand straight out between them.

That was awesome,” he responded, looking at her erect little nipples even as he heard her mother giggle in the background.

What about me?” Alex asked, stepping up next to his sister, his four inch cock already standing straight out from his body.

Dave opened his arms and embraced the boy, duplicating the kiss with his sister, his own cock throbbing as he felt a droplet of precum smear on Alex's stomach even as the young boy's hard dick pressed against Dave's thigh. Across the way, Jerry let out a low moan that excited Dave even more.

Can we have another lesson this morning?” Alice asked with a devilish grin.

I don't know. I really didn't expect to be here and I do have some things to do.” Dave answered Alice while staring at Gale.

I'll tell you what, you kids go get some breakfast and we'll talk about a schedule and tell Chimlin I would like a word with her,” Gale said cheerfully, standing to give each of her kids a peck on the cheek and a gentle swat on the ass to get them moving toward the kitchen.

Why don't you give them another...um...lesson...this morning,” Gale murmured softly as she stood in front of Dave, her trimmed pussy just inches from his face, the scent of her sex overwhelming his senses, “and then go back to your place, pack up your stuff and bring it here. You might as well move in now so we'll be ready to go to Mexico as soon as school is over.”

I...are you...sure?” Dave stammered.

Absolutely,” Gale laughed, “and Jerry will give you a hand...or even both if you prefer.”

As she talked, she straddled his leg and lowered herself down until he could feel her wet warm pussy lips split open on his thigh. She reached down and took his throbbing cock in her hand, grinding her cunt into his leg as she started to stroke him.

Do you think we need to take the edge off before the lesson?” she grinned impishly.

Naw,” Dave smiled back at her, twirling a stiff nipple in two fingers, “I think today's lesson for them will be masturbation and I'll have to be ready to give them a proper demonstration.”

Gale was grinding her pussy into his thigh and moaning lowly when her son and daughter returned to the patio, clamoring for Dave to start the next lesson. She rose and grinned at them, apparently not at all concerned they saw the way she was humping Dave's thigh. For that matter, they didn't seem to pay any attention to her or their father vigorously stroking his hard cock in a nearby chair.

What are we going to do today?” Alice asked excitedly, gripping Dave's hand as they walked to the room they used the day before.

You'll see,” he grinned down at her, drinking in the sight of her stiff little nipples and just the hint of hair between her legs, “but I'm pretty sure you'll like it.”

Even more than kissing?”

Dave just laughed, looking back to the trailing Alex walking next to Chimlin. He asked the Thai woman to join them to give Alice a girl to kiss but even more because she would undoubtedly do a much better job showing the twelve year old girl how to play with her pussy to maximize her self pleasure. When they got in the room, Dave had the twins sit next to each other on the bed while he and Chimlin stood in front of them.

First, I want to go over what we did yesterday...so show us how you kissed each other,” he told the twins, his cock beginning to throb.

Alex and Alice stood and embraced, their tongues meeting again before their lips. He and Chimlin watched them closely for a few moments before telling them to stop.

Now Alice, you kiss me and Alex you kiss Chimlin,” he instructed them, “and see if you can tell the difference.”

The twelve year old girl melted into his arms, her tongue eagerly searching for his with her hard nipples pressing into his chest. He held her close, running his hand down across her back to lightly brush over her ass. She instinctively spread her thighs to push against his leg as his cock throbbed. He glanced over to see Chimlin fondling Alex's taut ass as she kissed the young boy passionately.

OK, Alex, you come over and kiss me while Chimlin and Alice do the same,” he told them after a minute or two, “and pay attention to the difference.”

Alex's four inch cock was rock hard as it pressed into his stomach and Dave knew he spit a droplet of precum on to the boy when his own dick twitched. Even as he lashed tongues with Alex he watched Alice embrace Chimlin, the older woman, caressing the twelve year old's ass and sides even while tenderly and passionately kissing her.

When Alice's breathing became ragged, Dave called for them to stop, telling the twins to return to sitting on the bed. They both told him frankly that Chimlin was the best kisser and he explained to them they both needed a lot more practice with each other and Chimlin and himself.

Is that all we're going to do?” Alice asked plaintively.

Not at all,” he laughed, “that was just a warm up and some passionate kissing is always a good way to start with anyone. Now I want you to each show me how you touch yourselves and make yourself feel good.”

What do you mean?” Alex asked a bit too defensively.

It's called masturbation when you touch your cock or pussy and when it feels really good and you tingle all over, it's called cumming,” he explained patiently. “Everybody masturbates. It is completely normal. I know you both tried it already, so you might as well learn to do it in a way that makes you feel the best.”

Before he let them do anything to themselves, he had Chimlin lay down on the bed to demonstrate. Alice and Alex knelt of either side of Chimlin, getting a close up look at the way she first fondled both her tiny tits before playing with her pussy...encircling the hairy mound first...gently splitting the puffy lips to expose the pink moist inner flesh that contrasted with her dark skin...pulling the hood back to release her throbbing clit...then finally rubbing that pearl sized nub until her entire body quivered and she moaned her orgasm.

The entire time, until the orgasm surged through her body, Chimlin explained what she was doing, telling them both that there are many ways to stimulate their bodies and enjoy such pleasure. Dave's own dick was leaking precum watching the masterful way Chimlin got herself off for them all to see.

Now, it's your turn,” she said to Alice, gently helping the young girl to lay down before taking one of Alice's hands and placing it over a small tit while putting the other on her own pussy, “just like this.”

Chimlin tenderly guided Alice's fingers, pinching her stiff nipples...splitting the tight pussy lips...finding her throbbing clit...rubbing that tiny nub until Alice trembled like she was having a convulsion and shrieked a massive orgasm. As her climax faded away, Chimlin held Alice close, whispering soothing words into her ear.

That was awesome,” Alice finally managed to say in little more than a hoarse whisper.

Chimlin just smiled, kissed Alice tenderly and turned to Dave.

Now it's your turn,” she grinned.

His dick was already rock hard when he lay down on the bed, with the twins on each side and a grinning Chimlin standing at his feet. He started slowly stroking himself up and down while fondling his balls, but his quickly growing orgasm had him going faster and faster in less than a minute. When he started to cum, his back arched and he groaned loudly, five strings of his cum shooting on to his belly and chest, the first almost to his chin and the last barely dribbling over his fingers.

He lay panting for a few moments while the kids, at Chimlin's suggestion, rubbed their fingers through the spent semen on his belly and even tasted some of it on their fingertips. When he regained his composure, he switched places with Alex and, like Chimlin, directed the boy's hand to hold his own cock. Dave felt a distant twinge as his fingers wrapped around Alex's and together they slowly stroked it.

Alex's dick stiffened in their hands. He writhed and moaned as his orgasm grew until after a few moments, a few shots of watery cum erupted on to his belly and coated both their hands. Alice eagerly rubbed her fingers through her brother's cum as Alex regained his breath.

Wow, that was really nice,” Alex exclaimed finally, “better than any of the times I did it myself so far.”

It will get even better with practice,” Dave assured them, his own cock half hard again after helping and watching the twelve year old jerk off. “So both of you do that to yourselves as many times a day as you want until the next lesson.”

The twins turned to leave after giving both Dave and Chimlin tongue lashing kisses. Chimlin gently touched his elbow, holding him back from joining them.

We never got around to you cumming in my ass last night,” she grinned wickedly, dropping to her knees to suck in his stiffening dick while probing his asshole with a finger, “or for me to properly finger fuck you.”


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