Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story.

(Part 4)

Which way?” Jerry asked from the driver's seat of the luxury SUV when they pulled out of the community gate to the main thoroughfare.

Turn right,” Dave instructed him, “my apartment is about twenty minutes away on the south side. We need to stop some place and get a couple of boxes for my books and a few other things.”

Jerry merged into traffic, following Dave's directions while glancing over at him hungrily from time to time. While Dave was at the upper end of Jerry's preferred age range, his openness, combined with the imminent availability of his own twelve year old son, was driving Jerry crazy.

So tell me, Dave,” Jerry asked quietly keeping his eyes mostly on the road ahead, “do you consider yourself a top or bottom...submissive or dominant?”

Dave looked over at him, not saying a word for a few moments, seemingly studying Jerry's face. When he turned his body in the passenger seat, Jerry could see a visible bulge in Dave's jeans.

I never really thought much about it,” Dave finally responded, “I just sort of go along in the moment. There's not much I don't like or at least willing to try.”

Gale's going to love that.”


She's much more adventurous than me...really kinky at times, actually,” Jerry grinned, shifting his hips so there was no doubt Dave could see the bulge in his pants, his smile growing broader when he saw Dave notice his stiffening dick. “But to tell you the truth, I prefer that she takes charge and even is rather...uh...domineering at times.”

Really?” Dave murmured, not exactly sure where the conversation was going but intrigued by that admission. “I would think someone in your position would be the one in charge.”

Oh, I am in my office and business dealings,” Jerry grinned, unabashedly staring at Dave's crotch until the light changed and traffic started moving again, “but at home it is entirely different and I like it that way.”

Meaning?” Dave asked, genuinely interested in what Jerry was telling him.

First, I am mostly a bottom, preferring to suck and get fucked. Second, I am very submissive at home, to Gale and to Chimlin. Hopefully, the twins will also dominate me when they are ready and, since getting them ready sexually is what we expect of you, you should know I want to, and will, be equally submissive to you as well.”

I'm not even sure I know what that means or entails,” Dave said in surprise, noting the intensity on Jerry's face and in his voice.

It means you are free to have me do anything you want, to use me any way you desire,” he explained softly. “My cock...my mouth...my hands...my ass...all are available for your use and pleasure...for anything, anytime and anywhere other than in my office or some other business setting.”

Dave just stared at him in surprise and confusion until he stopped in front of Dave's apartment.

Dave's furnished efficiency apartment was smaller than Jerry's family room and considerably dingier and darker. The single advantage was there really wasn't much to move. While Jerry loaded up any items of clothing he could find into plastic bags, assuring Dave that Chimlin would make sure all were properly laundered after they got back to the house, Dave packed his books and laptop and a few other personal items into the boxes they picked up. They were finished and had the SUV loaded surprisingly fast.

That it?” Jerry asked before closing the back hatch on the vehicle.

Yeah, I think so. I'll come over during the week and take another look around before settling up with the landlord,” Dave agreed, turning to climb into the front seat.

Jerry got in the driver's side but before turning on the ignition reached over and placed his hand firmly on Dave's thigh. Dave felt his dick stiffened at the touch even before seeing the obvious hard on filling Jerry's pants.

We have all afternoon. Why don't we go to that bathhouse and you can use me in every way you want...even whore me out if you want...sir,” Jerry exclaimed softly, his hand moving to fondle Dave's hardening dick through his jeans.

Dave just stared at him for a moment, before breaking into a wide grin and putting his own hand on top of Jerry's on his cock.

Turn left when we leave the parking lot.”

Dave was surprised to see more than a dozen cars already parked outside the bathhouse in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. They pulled into a spot and went to the entrance, waiting for a moment to pay their admission behind a man in his sixties eagerly pawing a heavily tattooed guy that didn't look a day over sixteen. The younger man looked Jerry and Dave over coolly, smiling brightly before entering with the older man grabbing his ass.

They allow guys that young in here?” Jerry asked in surprise, hardly able to conceal his excitement after the door closed on the other couple.

I thought you needed to be eighteen and they do require ID,” Dave responded before stepping up to the window and ordering them each a locker. “Now as to how closely they follow the rules is another matter, especially with a regular.”

Jerry paid for them both before they took the towel and keys the attendant provided, walked through another double door and turned into a small room with lockers covering three walls and two benches in the middle of the floor. A naked guy who looked to be in his fifties with a protruding belly and shriveled up cock smiled at them when they entered while continuing to talk on is phone.

Those other guys sure got in here and left fast,” Jerry commented after a quick glance at the lone naked guy.

They probably got a room, so didn't stop here,” Dave explained, looking for his locker.

A room? Why didn't we get one?”

We'll only be here a short time but you'll see what I mean when we walk around. By the way, no street clothes are allowed inside the club,” Dave continued as he stripped off his shirt and dropped his jeans to the floor, “so most guys walk around with the towel on...and a few don't bother.”

Dave grinned when he saw the hungry look on Jerry's face as he slowly pulled down his briefs, freeing his half hard cock to spring out. Without taking his eyes off Dave's dick, Jerry quickly stripped himself. They both wrapped their towel around their waists and Dave took Jerry on a quick tour.

They passed through another room that contained some gym equipment and free weights into a short hall that went off to their right and left. In front of them through another set of doors was an interior courtyard with a pool and in ground hot tub. Several naked men stood or floated in the pool while a few others lay on lounge chairs spread around the sides, not paying any attention at all to the young guy getting a blow job from a fat older man at a nearby table.

You ain't seen nothing yet,” Dave grinned at Jerry when the older man raised a questioning eyebrow, gave him a gentle swat on his ass and lead him out another door at the side of the pool.

They stepped into a long hallway going off to their left with a series of doors about ten feet apart on the right side.

These are some of the rooms I mentioned,” Dave informed Jerry, “and this hallway circles around the pool back to where we started. An open door is an invitation to look in or enter.”

How do you know the difference?”

Oh, you'll know,” Dave grinned and gave Jerry's half hard dick a gentle squeeze before starting to walk down the hall.

They got almost to where the hall turned to the left before coming across an open door. Dave looked in then stepped aside so Jerry could see.

The couple that entered the place before them were on the bed together, the older guy on his hands and knees facing the doorway with the tattooed guy vigorously fucking him from behind. Dave could see Jerry's dick visibly stiffening watching them.

The older guy was panting raggedly and moaning loudly as the younger man's dick plunged in and out of his ass. He looked up and grinned seeing Dave and Jerry standing in the doorway. Just about then the younger guy let out a screech, his cum obviously filling the others bowels and then crumpled down on the older guy's back.

Dave grinned at them, patted Jerry's ass and continued walking down the hall. They passed three more closed doors before coming across another open one...one where a fit and distinguished looking guy lay on the bed slowly stroking a rock hard cock while watching gay porn on a small TV screen. When Jerry and Dave looked into the room, the guy smiled and beckoned them to come in.

With the motion of his head. Dave indicated for Jerry to approach the smiling guy, gently pushing him into the room. Jerry responded instantly without questioning, crawling between the guy's legs to swallow that hard dick all the way to its base.

The guy moaned lowly, grabbing the back of Jerry's head and pushing him down even more. Dave could see the head of the guy's dick punching out against Jerry's throat. His own dick stiffened watching them, stroking himself with one hand and fingering Jerry's puckered exposed asshole with the other.

The guy on the bed must have been pretty close to cumming before they got there. In less than a minute, his back arched and he let out a loud cry as his cum flooded Jerry's mouth and throat. Jerry kept mouthing that dick until it went totally limp and slipped from between his lips.

Jerry looked up with a string of the guy's cum and his own spittle dripping from his chin. Dave beckoned for him to get up and leave the room to continue down the hall.

Not a single word had been exchanged between the three of them.

They finished the circuit without finding another open door and ended up back at the doorway to the pool area. Only one guy remained floating in the pool, shamelessly stroking his rock hard cock. Dave simply glanced out that way before leading Jerry down a different hallway.

The light was considerably dimmer as they pushed through another door into yet a different hallway. Doors lined each side, but closer together than the other area.

More rooms, smaller, basically a platform with a foam mat and enough room to stand up,” Dave explained walking purposefully in front of Jerry, “but the real play areas are at the end of this hall.”

The end of the hall opened up with three TV screens playing different gay porn on the far wall and benches facing each other. A couple of guys sat on the benches jerking off. There was an open doorway on each side of the TVs.

Maze on the left and Platform Room on the right,” Dave explained to Jerry even as one of the guys on the bench reached up and wrapped his fingers around Dave's half hard dick. “Have a preference for which one we try first?”

What's the difference?” Jerry asked, his own dick stiffening watching the other guy stroking Dave.

Not much,” Dave chuckled, “and besides, we're going to go into both.”

With that he gently pushed Jerry toward the left door, stopping long enough to reach down and tenderly squeeze the guy's cock who was stroking his dick.

They stepped into what initially seemed like total darkness. Even after taking a moment for their eyes to adjust, the gloom surrounded them. They felt there way along several short walls, stepping through openings as they occurred. At the second, Dave bumped into another guy who immediately reached own and groped for Dave's dick. Dave did the same, feeling a fairly average sized cock harden in his hand.

Jerry bumped into them both and the guy took Jerry's dick in his other hand. After a moment, the guy fell to his knees and took turns sucking them both.

I need a cock in my mouth...your cock,” Jerry whispered into Dave's ear as he squeezed Dave's ass.

This way,” Dave responded, pulling away from the guy kneeling in front of them, leading Jerry through a couple more turns before stopping and directing him to a bench against the wall.

As soon as he was seated, Jerry reached out, groping for Dave's cock then pulling him close to take that dick as deep into his mouth as he could manage. Dave groaned and bent forward, flicking his tongue in Jerry's ear.

Jerk off while you suck me...and anyone else who comes along,” he panted into Jerry's ear as he felt another hand brush over his ass.

Dave reached back and immediately contacted another hard dick. He tugged gently, bringing the other guy closer until he could step back and Jerry took that cock in his mouth. Even as he turned, he bumped into another guy, both of them reaching for each others hard dicks.

His eyes had adjusted enough by then to make out the vague shapes of several guys jerking or sucking each other. He backed up until he could sit down next to Jerry. For the next fifteen minutes or so, they both sucked or jerked off any guy who came close, both of them getting several shots of cum in their mouths and on their faces and chests. When the press of guys slacked off, Jerry reached over and grabbed Dave's cock while continuing to stroke his own.

That's was so fucking hot,” he exclaimed softly, “please, fuck me now.”

Let's go in the other room,” Dave demurred, rising and leading Jerry out of the maze, both of them stopping to grope others a couple of times before exiting. They walked directly across the open area to the other doorway into a slightly brighter lit room. There was a waist high platform on the far wall with benches all the way around.

A guy sat on the platform with is back against the wall. A second one was bent over sucking the first guy's cock while yet a third guy vigorously fucked the second. A half dozen others sat or stood around watching and jerking off while two guys knelt between others knees sucking those dicks. The only sound came from the moans of the guy getting fucked.

Oh, god, I need to get fucked like that,” Jerry whimpered in Dave's ear before dropping to one knee and taking Dave's dick in his mouth.

Dave let him suck until his cock was rock hard. Then he pulled back, raising Jerry to his feet and pointing to the side of the platform where the guy being fucked had collapsed breathing heavily.

Go bend over if you want a dick in your ass,” Dave told him.

But...I want your cock right now,” Jerry replied, reaching again for Dave's dick.

No, not now,” Dave grinned, turning Jerry around and gently pushing him to the platform, “I'll fuck you...but later...when Gale can watch.”

With that, Dave climbed on the platform and leaned back against the wall. Jerry took Dave's cock into his mouth and probed Dave's asshole with a sticky finger. One after another, three guys stepped up behind Jerry and rammed their cocks into his ass.

After the third guy grunted his jism into Jerry ass, Dave could hold back no longer and filled Jerry mouth with his cum. After regaining his breath, he pushed Jerry down on a bench, knelt between his legs and sucked his cock until Jerry exploded down his throat.

The showers are back by the pool,” Dave told Jerry as they walked side by side away from the Platform Room, “let's grab a quick one before we leave.”

Naw, let's not,” Jerry grinned, giving Dave's ass a gentle swat, “Gale's going to want to hear every detail and smelling like we just fucked our brains out will make her even more aroused.”

They walked into the house to find Gayle and Chimlin doing something in the kitchen. Both wore aprons to protect themselves from inadvertent splatters. Jerry stepped up behind them, placing a hand firmly on each woman's bare ass cheek and leaned forward to kiss Gale on the neck. Both women giggled and turned to him, each seeking a much more passionate kiss and the inevitable groping accompanying it.

Chimlin had Jerry's jeans and briefs down around his ankles in a flash and his crusty cock in her mouth seconds after that. Jerry leaned back against the kitchen counter stroking Chimlin's long silky black hair as her tongue and mouth furiously worked his hard again dick.

Gale looked at Dave cryptically for a moment, before stepping over to him and placing her arms around his neck, planting a deep tongue lashing kiss on his mouth as she began grinding he pussy against his cock.

I assume you and Jerry had a fun afternoon,” she cooed, while stripping of his shirt and unbuckling his jeans, “and of course we want a full description...blow by blow.”

With that, she dropped to one knee and took Dave's dick into her mouth, sucking his cock and squeezing his balls until he grunted a sticky load of cum into her waiting and welcoming mouth. With them both limp, Gale and Chimlin laughed and shooed them away to bring in Dave's stuff and go find the kids. They had about forty minutes before dinner.

Getting some more practice?” Dave chuckled, leaning against the door frame to Alice's room, his dick hardening as he watched her rub her tiny clit in circles with one finger.

Behind him, Jerry gasped an intake of breath before letting out a low moan, reminding Dave this might be the first time Jerry was seeing his twelve year old daughter masturbate. He stepped to the side and approached the bed, giving Alice a clear view of her father standing in the doorway holding his now stiff cock in one hand.

Hi Daddy,” she greeted Jerry cheerfully, spreading her thighs a little wider so the smooth edges of her pussy lips gaped open slightly, giving both of them an unobstructed look at the moist pink inner flesh just below her fingertip.

Hi, sweetie,” Jerry replied, stepping in to the room on the other side of the bed from Dave, a droplet of precum stretching from the head of his cock to the sheet next to his daughter's. “Does that feel good?”

Oh yes, Daddy,” she cooed softly, a shudder running through her body as her thighs quivered, “especially since Dave and Chimlin showed me different ways to make it feel even better.”

Her back arched and her eyes rolled back into her head. She let out a sharp yelp before beginning to flail about wildly, a full body orgasm flooding quickly through her. Jerry and Dave watched in fascination until Alice stopped trembling and her breathing returned to normal. Both of their dicks were rock hard, droplets of precum leaking to the sheets next to Alice.

Are you going to jerk off and cum all over me like Alex did?” she asked smiling sweetly, looking back and forth to the two rigid cocks.

No, sweetie, we aren't going to do that right now,” Dave answered, stepping away from the bed and tugging Jerry's arm to leave the bedroom. “Maybe after dinner you and your brother can show us all what you've learned and if your mother approves, we can cum on you then...both of you.”

Oh god, after watching my daughter do that, I'm not sure I can wait until after dinner,” Jerry moaned, this throbbing cock bobbing up and down as they walked back into the hall.

We don't have to wait,” Dave grinned, marching Jerry back into the kitchen.

Without saying a word, Dave pushed Jerry down on his back on the granite counter top. Gale and Chimlin looked up in surprise then stepped over next to them grinning broadly as Dave pushed Jerry's legs back over his head and rammed his own hard cock into the older man's tight asshole as Jerry jerked himself off.

After they helped clear the table, Dave pulled the twins aside and whispered something in their ears. The twins both nodded excitedly and followed him into the family room. He had Chimlin and Gale sit on a couch with Jerry between them before Alice lay down on the floor with her thighs spread wide. Alex knelt between his sister's legs, the outside of his knees gently pressing against the inside of hers.

OK, kids, let's show your Mom and Dad what you've learned so far,” he said quietly, falling to his knees next to the twins and taking his own throbbing cock into his hand.

Dave looked over to see Gale and Chimlin both groping Jerry's hard dick. He smiled and motioned with his head for Jerry to kneel on the other side of his daughter as Alice began to furiously rub her mostly bare pussy and Alex stroked his hard four inch shaft.

Gale looked on in surprise for a moment before breaking into a broad grin, fingering her own pussy while Chimlin sucked one of her stiff nipples. Alice smiled up at Dave and her father as they stroked themselves a few inches above her face. She moaned lowly, rubbing her clit and pussy slit faster and faster.

Alex was first to cum, shooting three watery streams of his jism on to his sister's fingers, some of the spent semen dripping down on to her clit and into her slit. Jerry groaned seeing his son cumming on his daughter's cunt, with five strings of thick, creamy cum erupting on to her tiny tits and belly. Dave followed almost immediately, the first shot of his semen hitting Alice in the chin before the next five mixed with her father's on her heaving chest.

Alice let out a deep howl, her own orgasm surging through her body as she flailed and thrashed. When she finally regained her composure, she grinned up at them both, rubbing their sticky cum all over her torso and mostly hairless mound.

Oh, Daddy, that felt so good,” the twelve year old girl moaned happily, kneading the drying cum into her erect little nipples and tight pink slit. “I'm so ready. When are you and Alex and Dave going to fuck me and cum inside my pussy?”


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