Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story.

(Part 5)

So, when are you going to do it?” Gale asked softly even as she squirmed with Chimlin's face buried between her legs.

When...am I...going...to do...what?” Dave responded between ragged pants, his hard cock sliding easily in and out of Chimlin's warm dripping pussy from behind, only a moment away from filling the young woman with his sticky sperm.

Fuck her, of course...you know...my twelve year old daughter...the one you are teaching about sex...the one that was begging to be fucked a little while ago,” Gale grunted before grabbing the back of Chimlin's head and groaning loudly as the younger woman sucked a climax from Gale's throbbing clit.

Dave's back arched as he filled Chimlin with his cum before rolling off to one side. Jerry crawled up behind the younger woman to lick Dave's jism dripping from her pussy and rim her tight asshole.

You still haven't answered my question,” Gale said quietly as she and Dave watched Jerry bring Chimlin to two body quaking orgasms.

I'm still trying to figure out how to proceed,” Dave replied, propping himself up on one elbow to look at Gale over Chimlin's writing body, “but given that everyone, including the twins, seems more that ready to go, I'm sure it will be sometime soon.”

We do hope so,” Gale smiled wickedly, reaching over to pinch one of Chimlin's nipples as the younger woman moaned loudly. “You have no idea how anxious I am to see Jerry's cock plunging into our daughter's pussy, not to mention feeling my son's dick cumming inside of me.”

They both looked on in silence as Jerry crawled on top of Chimlin and very quickly shot his cum into her. Gale leaned over to kiss Chimlin and then Jerry before rising to her feet, extending her hand to Dave.

Let's get a cold drink before bed,” she murmured to Dave as she lead him toward the kitchen, “and tonight it's my turn to fuck your brains out.”

With only one week of school remaining, the kids' homework mostly consisted of studying for final exams. Since both twins were excellent students, they hurried through those tasks to get to the special instructions in which they were truly interested at that point.

What can we do next?” Alice asked, laying on the bed with her fingers still splitting her pussy lips after masturbating next to her brother for Dave's approval. “I think we know how to play with ourselves.”

Alex nodded his agreement even as some of his spent watery cum dibbled down his side. Dave's cock was rock hard in his hand standing over them, equally enthralled with the twelve year old boy's deflating dick and his sister's moist glistening pink slit.

Have you two touched each other yet?” he asked thumbing away a droplet of precum bubbling up on the tip of his cock.

The twins glanced at each other guiltily, each waiting for the other to answer. Dave just grinned at them for a moment, their silence telling him everything he needed to know.

OK, so you did, that's not a problem,” he continued with a bright smile. “I assumed you did but I had to ask to be sure. Now we're going to practice getting the other to cum with your hands, starting with me.”

He lay down between them holding his cock straight up. First, he had Alice wrap both her hands around his dick and stroke him a couple of times, then had Alex do the same. The twins went back and forth like that until Dave could hold back no longer, his cum spraying on to his belly before finally dripping over Alice's fingers.

Wow that was really good,” Dave murmured after he caught his breath, pulling both of them down for a tongue lashing kiss, “now let's try it on each other with Alice first.”

Alice lay down between them, smiling brightly as she eagerly spread her thighs as far as she could manage. Dave showed Alex how to fondle his sister's tiny tits, getting the nipples hard as she moaned lowly. While keeping one hand on her tit, he took Alex's other hand and guided his middle finger slowly up through her puffy pussy lips, stopping on the hard nub of her developing clit.

Now rub her clit in little circles, not pressing too hard,” Dave instructed Alex, keeping his finger on top of the boy's.

That feel good, Alice?” he asked even as the twelve year old girl writhed against her brother's finger.

Oh yes, that's wonderful,” she moaned, her hips pressing upward against the finger, “just do it...faster and...harder.”

Dave pressed Alex's fingertip down harder over her clit and moved it even faster. Alice began to thrash her hips against her brother's finger wildly, letting out a loud groan when her back arched and her entire body quivered, a massive orgasm surging through her body. She clamped her thighs around their hands, stopping them from continuing to caress her clit as her climax subsided.

That was awesome,” she managed to murmur after a few moments, releasing their hands and grinning up at them both, “even better than when I make myself cum.”

We aim to please, ma'am,” Dave chuckled, reaching over to cup Alex's hardened dick and balls in his hand. “I think your brother is ready for you to jerk him off now.”

Alice scrambled to her knees smiling brightly while Alex lay on his back. She easily encircled her brother's hard cock with her fingers of one hand while Dave reached down and gently squeezed the boy's balls.

Just like you did with me,” Dave told her softly, “up and down and as he starts to tremble, go faster and faster.”

It didn't take long for Alex to begin moaning and squirming, followed by shooting four spurts of watery cum on to his belly and his sister's hand. Dave grinned and, without saying a word, bent forward and scooped up some of that semen with his tongue, showing his coated tongue to them both before gulping the jism down. Alice looked at him in surprise before smiling brightly and licked up some of her brother's cum too.

Kinda salty but doesn't taste bad,” she commented, swirling the jism around in the mouth, swallowing that tidbit when Dave nodded his head at her.

Good...and tomorrow, we'll try some more things together,” Dave grinned.

“Did you help each other cum yet today?” Dave asked, sitting with the twins on the king sized bed the next evening.

Twice,” Alex answered, “once when we first woke up and then again after school. Want us to do it again now?”

Very good,” Dave replied with a devilish grin, “but no, we're going to try something else tonight and for the next few days...using your tongue and mouth.”

He directed Alex to stand next to the bed while he and Alice knelt on the floor in
front of the twelve year old boy. Alex's four inch dick pointed straight out at them both.

Now watch what I do,” Dave instructed Alice, placing his fingers around the base of Alex's cock and flipping his tongue across the head.

Alex looked down, surprised yet grinning as a low moan escaped from his mouth. Dave smiled up at the boy, then slowly licked down the length of Alex's short shaft, encircled his tight balls and licked back to the head. Alex trembled, steadying himself with a hand in Dave's shoulder.

You try,” Dave said quietly, pulling back from the boy's dick and holding the hard shaft out for his sister.

Alice took her brother's cock in her hand and tentatively flicked the tip of her tongue over the tip. Alex moaned again, his fingertips gripping Dave's shoulder a little tighter. Alice continued, mimicking Dave by licking down one side of Alex's dick, over his balls and back up the other.

Oh, wow, that feels really good,” Alex whimpered, a droplet of mostly clear precum bubbling from the head of his dick.

Just wait, it gets way better,” Dave grinned, his own cock throbbing in his hand as he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the head of Alex's dick.

Alex's eyes widened while letting out a louder groan. Dave parted his lips far enough for Alice to see the way he was twirling that cock head around with his tongue. Then, rolling his eyes up to look at the twelve year old boy's face, Dave slowly took the entirety of Alex's dick into his mouth until his nose pressed against the boy's wispy pubic hair.

Dave slowly pulled back, keeping his lips firmly around Alex's dick until the head popped out of his mouth. He turned and grinned at Alice even as another droplet of precum dribbled from Alex's cock.

Now, you do it,” Dave murmured softly to Alice, “but be careful not to scrape your teeth on his dick.”

Alice smiled at Dave before leaning forward to take the cock Dave held up for her into her mouth. He could see from the way her jaw moved she was swirling her tongue around the head of her brother's cock.

Dave's own dick was throbbing so hard he was afraid the slightest touch would make his shoot his cum right then. Instead, he put one hand on the back of Alice's head and the other on Alex's ass.

Alex closed his eyes and moaned lowly as his sister took all of his dick into her mouth. When she started to pull back, Dave held her head, whispering softly into her ear.

Keep going up and down on his dick. He's going to cum in your mouth and you don't want to let a drop spill out.”

Alice started bobbing up and down as Alex's legs trembled and his body stiffened. Dave slid his hand down her back when Alex put both of his hands on her head and started pumping his hips, his dick sliding ever deeper into his sister's throat.

When Dave's finger split her ass cheeks, Alice obligingly wriggled around, spreading her thighs enough he could slide a finger through her warm damp pussy lips. She pressed her hip down against his hand even as she more energetically sucked her brother's cock.

Oh...that feels...so...so good,” Alex moaned, pulling his sister's head hard against him, ramming his dick as deep into her throat as he could possibly go. “Don't...don't stop...I'm...so close...I'm...I'm...cumming.”

Keep his cock in your mouth until he gets soft,” Dave instructed Alice, dragging a fingertip back and forth through her pussy slit. “Remember when you tasted him before, so don't swallow either...let his cum coat your tongue and show us when he's done.”

With one final loud groan, Alex's body stiffened, his cum spurting into Alice's mouth for a few seconds. Then he relaxed, stepped back so this cock slipped out from between her lips and sat down on the bed looking a little dazed.

Alice turned her head to Dave, smiling brightly before opening her mouth and sticking out her cum covered tongue. Dave leaned forward and kissed her, swirling his tongue in her mouth, sharing the spent jism until it was completely dissolved.

So, what do you think?” Dave asked the twelve year old boy after breaking off the kiss.

That was great, even better than my hand or hers,” Alex replied, still panting a little raggedly.

How about you, Alice?”

I liked it and his cum didn't taste bad or anything,” she answered.

That's good,” Dave said with a big grin, “because you should always swallow when someone cums in your mouth...both of you.”

They stopped for a few minutes to get a cold drink, then Dave directed Alice to get on the bed and spread her legs wide apart.

Now, I'll show Alex how to lick your pussy until you cum on his face.”

His breath caught in his throat when he looked down to see the way the twelve year old girl's taut pussy slit blossomed open when she spread her thighs and pulled her knees up. Dave had Alex kneel close to get a good look as he positioned himself between Alice's knees, the faint scent of her sex, mixed with just a hint of her piss, wafting up to fill his nose.

He glanced over at Alex then up at Alice before extending his tongue and gently splitting her tight yet moist pussy lips. Alice groaned softly, her eyes widening even as her smile brightened.

Dave flicked his tongue up and down several more times as Alice's hips began to rotate and push back against him. The first musky taste of the twelve year old's moist pussy nearly overwhelmed him, causing his cock to throb and a droplet of precum to bubble from the tip. For her part, Alice writhed on his tongue, moaning lowly as she felt another orgasm swelling up in her cunt.

Don't...don't stop,” she whimpered, pressing back against Dave's face, his nose buried in her thin pussy hair, his tongue flitting across her throbbing clit faster and faster, “oh...god...god...that's...so...so...good!”

At that point, Dave wasn't able to stop even if he wanted to...and he most definitely did not want to. With every flick of his tongue he could feel more of the twelve year old girl's pussy juices seeping from her tighty cunt, the musky taste filling his mouth as the pungent fluids coated his tongue.

He slipped a hand under her ass, pulling her to him even tighter as she moaned louder. Her trembling thighs told Dave Alice was right on the edge of another body spanning orgasm and he had every intention of making it her most memorable yet.

His lips encased her clit, holding the throbbing nub tightly while flicking the tip of his tongue over it faster and faster. At the same time, Dave slipped his other hand down, his index finger finding the dripping warm hole leading to the deepest recesses of Alice's young cunt.

Dave's finger slid smoothly into that tight, warm, moist channel past his second knuckle until the tip of his fingers contacted the young girl's still developing pulsing spongy g-spot.

Alice's back arched and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Dave sucked her clit deeply into his mouth.

Alice's entire body quivered as she began thrashing wildly.

Dave pressed his fingertip against her throbbing g-spot as hard as he could.

Alice screamed...and screamed...and screamed.

For Dave, it seemed like the young girl shrieked and thrashed for a very long time, when in reality, the entire episode probably lasted less than minute. Alice went completely limp, panting heavily and crumpled on the bed.

Next to her, Alex looked on in astonishment, his four inch dick rock hard in his hand. Dave raised his face from between Alice's thighs, his chin and cheeks glistening with the girl's pussy juices.

I think your sister needs a few minutes to recover,” Dave grinned at Alex as he rose into a sitting position on the edge of the bed, “so you come over here and show me what you learned about sucking a cock.”

Alex returned the devilish grin, eagerly positioning himself between Dave's legs. He cupped Dave's balls in one hand while holding the base with the other. He looked up, keeping his eyes locked on Dave's as he dragged his tongue across the head.

Dave moaned lowly watching the first droplet of his precum smear across the boy's tongue. He leaned back on his elbows next to Alice, letting the familiar tingle in his balls grow as Alex wrapped his lips around Dave's dick and started bobbing his head up and down.

A flash of movement to his side caught Dave's attention and he turned to see Alice propping herself up on one elbow watching her brother. She smiled at Dave, dipped two fingers into her pussy and offered them up for Dave to sniff and lick.

That was really nice,” she cooed, rubbing her fingers through her puffy wet pussy slit and again holding them up for him to lick.

Dave fell backwards, pulling the young girl to him for a passionate kiss even as he started to pump his hips into her brother's throat. Alice held the kiss for a moment before sitting back up.

I want to watch him suck you and see your cum fill his mouth,” she said to Dave before turning toward her brother.

Sit on my face looking his way, so you can see while I lick your pussy again,” Dave instructed her.

Alice straddled his head, settling her still damp and very pungent cunt down over his face. Dave reached up to twirl her budding nipples in his fingers even as he again dragged his tongue through her warm slit.

Don't forget to show me your tongue and then swallow all his cum,” he heard Alice tell her brother as his thighs began to quiver.

He sank his tongue as deep as he could manage in Alice's pussy hole with his nose pressed firmly against her puckered asshole. She ground her cunt into his face. He lost track of anything but the overwhelming pleasure surging through his body as his cum exploded into Alex's mouth.

They all lay breathing raggedly for a few moments after Dave's deflated cock slipped from Alex's mouth. When Alex rose up, Alice crawled over to him, pulling his head down for a tongue lashing kiss, sharing Dave's spent semen with her brother. Then the two of them climbed up next to him, each kissing him passionately until the remainder of his cum dissolved in all three of their mouths. He pulled them both down for a warm embrace, his hand rubbing over both of their taut asses.

Are we done for tonight?” Alex asked, reaching over to put his hand on Dave's limp dick.

We better not be,” Alice chimed in, her hand joining her brother's while she looked up at Dave expectantly, “Alex hasn't licked my pussy yet.”

She does have a point and it is something you need to learn how to do,” Dave agreed with a chuckle, sitting up and directing Alice to get on her back with her legs spread wide.

Alex positioned himself right above his sister's puffy pussy on his knees as Dave asked. Alice reached down to spread her pussy lips with her fingers as Alex gently licked her from her asshole to her clit a couple of times. Dave knelt next to them, gently fondling Alex's stiffening dock with one hand and Alice's tiny tits with the other.

Very good,” Dave whispered to Alex as Alice began to moan softly, “now flick her clit with your tongue.”

Alice's body quivered as her brother began sucking her clit. Dave bent forward and sucked one of her tits into his mouth for a moment before straightening up and looking back at Alex.

Slide your finger up through her slit until you find her pussy hole,” he instructed the young boy, “and then very gently slip that finger into her while sucking her clit harder.”

Alex did as he was told and his sister writhed harder on his finger and face.

Oh...good...that's...so...good...don't stop,” she moaned, reaching down to pull Alex's face harder against her cunt.

Oh, yes, make her cum all over your face,” Dave exclaimed, giving Alice another passionate kiss as she shrieked her orgasm into his mouth.

When she went limp, Dave broke off he kiss and Alex looked up with his face coated with his sister's pussy juices. Dave's cock was rock hard and throbbing, as was the twelve year old boy's. Dave reached over, pulled Alex close then leaned forward to take that four inch dick in his mouth. It only took a few seconds for Alex's cum to erupt in Dave's mouth.

Dave wiped a drop that dribbled down to his chin away with the back of his hands. The twins looked up at him grinning happily.

One more thing before we're done tonight,” he smiled at them, moving over to the chair near the bed, “I want you to suck and lick me together until I cum in both your mouths.”

Both twins eagerly agreed, quickly falling to their knees between his legs where he sat on a chair. His cock stood straight out, gently throbbing in his hand. Alice sucked the head of his dick while Alex licked his balls. Without any prompting, one of them probe his asshole with a finger as they took turns bobbing up and down on his rigid shaft.

He only lasted a couple of minutes before grabbing the back of both of their heads, his cum exploding first into Alex's mouth and then into his sister's. When he finally looked down, they were both grinning at him devilishly and then opened their mouths together to show him his semen coating their tongues.

Remember what a good cock sucker always does,” Dave grinned.

They closed their mouths and gulped down his jism before laughing as they replied in unison.

Always swallow the cum.”


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