Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story.

(Part 6)

Due to a quirk in scheduling, all of the finals for Dave's classes were set for the first two days of Exam Week. When he walked into the school that Wednesday with his papers graded and grades finalized, his job was basically over. He was lugging a box of books and other items to his car when Kate Hargrow, the principal, stopped him in the hall.

If you have a minute, Dave, I would appreciate you coming to my office,” she told him in her quiet yet firm way, holding the door so he could take his things out to the car.

Sure, be right there,” he replied, wondering what she could possibly want as he was walking out the door.

A few minutes later, he settled into an uncomfortable chair in front of her desk. Kate was a stout, matronly looking woman in her mid fifties. Dave couldn't help himself from imagining what she looked like naked as he gazed at her large tits.

We're sorry to see you go,” she began so softly Dave almost needed to lean forward to hear, “but you understand the state requirements about a teaching certificate.”

Yeah, I knew coming in that the job was only temporary but I am going to miss this place and everyone here.”

I understand you will be doing some special tutoring and possibly home schooling Alex and Alice,” she continued, looking at him intently. “Their mother called and asked me to put together some resources to help you cover areas outside your expertise.”

Before Dave could respond, she handed him a thumb drive Dave had not noticed on her desk.

You should find everything you might need on this, including web sites that cater to the academic needs of the home schooling community,” she added with a bright smile, “and I truly do wish you well.”

Dave thanked her and headed for the parking lot, not wanting to delay his departure or make it any more painful than it already was.

You're back early,” Chimlin said looking up from whatever she was busily doing at the enormous gas range when he walked into the kitchen, “the coffee's still hot if you want some.”

Thanks,” he replied pouring himself a mug while admiring the young woman's perky bare ass that peeked out from an apron that practically encased her entire body, “where's Gale?”

In her office, I imagine,” Chimlin responded, turning to smile at Dave, “she said something about getting some teaching materials together before we leave.”

Thanks again,” he said, stepping up behind Chimlin and gently rubbing his hand over her bare ass.

Keep that up and you'll ruin dinner,” she murmured, pushing her ass back against his hand before turning and playfully pushing him away. “Go fuck Gale or something for a while and maybe you can join me for nap after lunch.”

Dave grinned and gave her a gentle swat on her right cheek before turning and heading down the hall towards Gale's office.

Even though the office door was open, Dave knocked before entering. Gale looked up from her twin computer monitors and motioned him in with a big grin.

Oh Dave, I'm so glad you're here,” she began, indicating he should move a chair over next to her, “I really need some help sorting through all this stuff.”

OK, what are we looking at?”

This is some of the...uh...educational...materials we mentioned the other day,” she explained pointing to a jumble of DVDs and thumb drives strewn across the top of the desk. “I'm trying to sort through what might be...er...helpful to you. Take a look.”

She picked up one of the thumb drives and inserted it into a USB port on the front of her computer. Almost immediately a video started playing, one that was clearly amateurishly produced.

A man sat on the side of a bed with a woman down between his thighs sucking his cock. It took Dave a moment to realize the couple were younger versions of Gale and Jerry.

What's this?” he asked even as he felt his cock stiffen when he saw Jerry's cum erupt on to Gale's face and tits.

Over the years, Jerry and I have videoed many of the things we've done...alone...with each other...and with others,” Gale explained, putting a DVD into the slot on her computer, “and we thought some of them might be something to share with the twins.”

Another video started, this one with Gale's face buried between a very young girl's legs...unquestioningly Chimlin at what looked to be about ten years old. Dave just stared for a moment before turning his attention to Gale.

So what do you want to do with them?” he asked incredulously.

Well, I thought first we ought to catalog them and separate them out, maybe like Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced or something of the sort, then decide which ones are worth showing and sharing with the twins now or later.”

For the next two hours, they did just that, getting through less than half the pile of DVDs and thumb drives. Dave was astonished at the variety and depravity of some of the videos, assigning the most intense and kinky to the Advanced category.

He was astounded at the number of videos and the sheer range of sexual play and perversity involved. In addition to Gale and Chimlin and Jerry, and the numerous combinations in which the three of them could engage, there were others too, men and women, boys and girls, of all ages, as well as a wide variety of toys.

Dave's dick quickly hardened and Gale noticed. With a knowing smirk, she wrapped one hand around his cock, slowly and sensuously stroking him while not quite letting him get to the point he started to cum even though his entire body began to feel like the tip of his engorged cock.

You really meant it when you said you and Jerry like all sorts of kinky stuff,” he gasped, his cock ready to explode in Gale's warm hand.

Much more than you know or might even imagine...yet,” Gale purred, turning from the monitor to look directly in his eyes while stroking his throbbing dick even faster. “I...we...want you to make sure our kids...and you too for that matter... willingly and happily join us in everything we do from now on...everything...and...anything.”

As she spoke, Gale kept slowly, softly stroking Dave's throbbing cock. His entire body shuddered as a body quaking orgasm surged up from his balls through his torso and down through his legs.

Gale smiled wickedly, keeping her eyes lock on his even as they rolled back in his head and five strong spurts of cum shot onto the monitor nearest him. When he slumped back in he chair, Gale leaned forward and licked the sensitive head of his dick, coating her tongue and lips with the last of his spent semen.

Was that your first orgasm today?” she asked solicitously, still holding his deflating dick in her hand.

Yeah,” Dave answered softly, reaching over to twirl one of her stiff nipples in two fingers.

You didn't jerk off this morning, not even when your cock was throbbing when you first woke up?”

No, didn't take the time this morning.”

Well, we are just going to have to make sure that doesn't happen again,” Gale laughed, standing and extending her hand to him. “Do you know that Jerry just has to cum at least four times a day...and he's the laggard in this family.”

You're kidding,” Dave gasped as he stood next to her, the faint scent of her sex wafting to his nose.

Oh no, he really does,” she continued leading him out of the office and back toward the kitchen, “always first thing in the morning with me or whoever else is sharing the bed that day, then right after he gets home, again after dinner and of course before sleeping. When he's really horny, there's always that lovely young receptionist, a very avid anal addict he tells me...hers and his.”

When they arrived in the kitchen, Chimlin was sitting at the table with a mug of coffee reading a tablet. She looked up with a bright smile as Gale and Dave approached.

Gale walked over to the young woman, bending forward to give her a deep tongue lashing kiss. Chimlin returned the kiss, rubbing her hand up the inside of Gale's thighs until reaching Gale's pussy. Gale obligingly spread her thighs, letting Chimlin easily split her obviously damp pussy lips with a finger, squirming around slightly as that finger disappeared into her welcoming cunt.

Dave watched intently as the two women kissed passionately while Chimlin fingered Gale's cunt. After a few moments, Chimlin broke off the kiss and looked at Dave with a wicked grin, beckoning him closer.

Don't just stand there gawking...come closer,” Chimlin demanded with a bright smile.

As soon as he was close enough, Chimlin took his dick into her free hand, tugging him until she could take him into her mouth. Gale moaned lowly with Chimlin's fingers plunging in and out of her cunt faster and faster, even as Chimlin took Dave's stiffening cock into her mouth until her nose pressed into his pubic hair.

Once again, even though Dave didn't think it possible, Chimlin did her magic. His cum flooded into her mouth just before Gale let out a loud groan, her pussy juices puddling on the floor around her feet.

A nap after lunch?” Chimlin asked coyly as they finished sandwiches and cold drinks on the patio.

Lovely idea, but first I want to show Dave some of the...um...equipment we can take with us next week,” Gale replied, the twinkle in her eye setting Chimlin giggling.

They stacked the dirty dishes before Gale lead the way to another part of the house Dave had yet to visit. Gale opened a door into a small room, not much larger than a walk in closet. The three walls were lined floor to ceiling with shelves filled with a wide variety of sex toys, some of which were totally unfamiliar to him.

We will have to be somewhat selective,” Gale murmured, placing one hand on Dave's ass and gently pushing him forward. “We can only take one suitcase of toys on the plane.”

Then we should make sure not to duplicate the ones we already have there,” Chimlin added, her hand joining Gale's on Dave's ass.

See anything that strikes your fancy?” Gale asked with an impish grin.

I'm not even sure what all I'm looking at,” Dave replied looking around.

It's pretty straightforward once you know the layout,” Gale explained pointing to the shelves, “dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, Ben Wa balls and cock rings on this side, restraints, cuffs, ticklers, paddles, blindfolds and such on the other and nipple clamps, strap-ons and larger items on the far wall.”

What's this?” Dave asked , picking up what looked like two cocks pointing away from each other in a leather harness.

Oh, that's one of our favorites, isn't it Chimlin,” Gale murmured softly, giving Dave's ass a not so gentle squeeze. “That's a double strap-on. One end slides into my or Chimlin's pussy and the other into another's pussy...or ass.”

I think we need to give him a demonstration,” Chimlin chuckled, picked up two other items and left the room.

Gale squeezed his ass cheek again and motioned with her other hand for him to follow. They turned down another hallway and through a door into the master bedroom
and Jerry and Gale's over sized bed.

Chimlin handed the double sided strap-on to Gale and wrapped her arms around Dave's neck, kissing him passionately for a moment while grinding her damp thatch of pussy hair against his hardening dick. Then she pulled him down on the bed next to her as they watched Gale slide one end of the toy into her pussy.

Do me first and I'll get his asshole ready for you,” Chimlin said to Gale before crawling up between Dave's legs, licking and sucking his balls and cock as she probed his tight asshole with two fingers, “fuck both my pussy and ass.”

Gale lathered the strap-on with some lube she produced from the nightstand drawer. Dave watched in fascination over Chimlin's back as Gale drew close, grabbing both of the younger woman's hips and slowly plunging the fake cock all the way into Chimlin's pussy with a single thrust.

With her mouth and fingers, Chimlin expertly probed and stretched Dave's asshole even as she was being relentlessly fucked with with the strap-on. After a few moments, she raised her head and looked back at Gale, smiling devilishly.

He's ready,” she murmured and rolled over to the side, the strap-on sliding out of her cunt and glistened with her juices and the lube right in Dave's face.

Are you ready?” Gale asked, stepping closer and pulling Dave's legs until his ass was right at the edge of the bed. “We've been wondering if you were interested in getting ass fucked as much as you like doing it to Jerry or others.”

Dave looked back and forth from Gale's face to the swaying fake cock. His own dick throbbed and leaked precum down the side. After a moment, he grinned back at Gale, spread his thighs wide and pulled his knees up to fully expose his tight puckered asshole.

I love it,” he answered, taking his cock in his hand, “as hard and fast as you can fuck me.”

As Gale stepped closer and pressed the tip of the fake dick against his asshole, Chimlin straddled Dave's head, grinding her pussy into his face and taking his aching cock into her mouth. Gale flipped her hips forward, driving the strap-on dildo as deep into Dave as she could go with a single hard thrust. Then for just a moment she held still, fiddling with something on the side of the toy.

A sudden shock like a bolt of electricity surged through Dave's body causing him to quiver uncontrollably followed by a massive eruption of his cum in Chimlin's mouth and throat. The orgasm seemed to go on for hours, consuming him so thoroughly he lost all track of everything else. When his climax finally subsided, Chimlin rolled off him, wiping the cum she didn't swallow from her face with the back of her hand and giggled along with Gale.

Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Gale chuckled as she removed the strap-on harness and handed it to Chimlin, “it vibrates too...on both ends.”

By the time the twins burst into the bedroom after getting home from school, Gale, Chimlin and Dave lay in an intertwined heap of arms and legs breathing raggedly. The twins didn't seem to notice or mind as they vied for Dave's attention.

Hold on for just a moment,” Gale told them sternly, sitting up on the edge of the bed, her tits dangling provocatively with remnants of Dave's cum seeping down the inside of her thighs, “go finish your studies for your last exam tomorrow and then you can have him for an hour before dinner.”

Although they both complained it wasn't necessary, the twins reluctantly complied, each giving Dave a passionate kiss before leaving their parents' bedroom. Most surprising to Gale was the way they both tenderly squeezed Dave's flaccid cock as they kissed him. In turn, Dave dragged a finger through Alice's tight pussy slit and then gave Alex's half hard cock and shriveled up balls a gentle squeeze.

You have no idea how much I want to do that,” Gale murmured as they watched the twins' asses swaying when they walked out of the room, “touch them like you just did...and have them touch me.”

Why don't you?” Dave asked, turning to look at her. “I'm sure they would have no problem at all touching you and you touching them...like that.”

No, we decided...Jerry and I...that we wouldn't do anything with them until we can do everything with them,” Gale murmured lowly, an impish smile forming on her face, “so you better get going and have them ready to do anything and everything with us...all of us...very soon.”

Trust me, they are very close but I do have to borrow Chimlin again for the next lesson this afternoon,” Dave grinned, standing and extending a hand to both of the women.

Sure, no problem,” Gale replied as she stood. “Why's that?”

Well they both know how to suck a cock now and Alex is pretty good at licking Alice's sweet cunt,” Dave answered, giving Chimlin's ass a tender pinch, “but I need Chimlin to give Alice some practical experience eating pussy.”

Gale just stared at him a moment before sitting back down on the bed and flopping on to her back. She closed her eye for a moment before saying anything.

Now you damn well better have them ready...both of them...very soon,” she gasped, reaching down to roughly rub and pull on her large, engorged clit. “I need my son's cock in my pussy and my daughter's tongue on my clit soon...very, very soon.”

Chimlin giggled and lead Dave away, leaving Gale flailing and gasping as she squirted even more pussy juices on her own bed while moaning her children's names.

What do you want me to do?” Chimlin asked, sitting next to Dave on the bed in the guest room that had become the twins' de facto classroom.

Just lay back and let Alice lick and suck your pussy and clit,” he said even as his own cock stiffened at the thought, “and of course, tell her anything you think she needs to know as she does it.”

A few moments later, the twins entered the room excitedly asking what they were doing next. Dave told Alice to suck her brother until his watery cum filled her mouth, then had Alex lick Alice's pussy until she climaxed on his face.

OK, now Alice I want you to lick Chimlin's pussy until she cums,” Dave told the twelve year old girl.

Chimlin lay on her back with her thighs spread wide. Alice crawled up between those legs and tentatively dragged her tongue through the moist pink slit encircled by Chimlin's thick thatch of black pubic hair.

Don't hesitate or think about what you're doing,” Chimlin urged the twelve year old girl, “just think about what feels good to you and do that.”

Alice reached up to spread Chimlin's pussy lips until the older woman's small clit popped out. Alice wrapped her lips around that pearl sized nub, sucking it into her mouth while lashing the tip with her tongue. At the same time, she slipped one finger into Chimlin's warm wet pussy hole, quickly followed by two more as Chimlin groaned and pushed her hips toward the girl's hand.

Oh yeah...just like that...more...harder...deeper,” Chimlin gasped, beginning to flail as an orgasm started to flood through her body.

Alex and Dave looked on in silence, both of their dicks stiffening the more Chimlin flailed and moaned. When he glanced over to see Alex stroking his rock hard four inch cock, Dave could not help himself. He pushed the boy down on his back next to Chimlin, pulled the twelve year old boy's ankles back over his shoulders and wrapped his lips around Alex's throbbing shaft.

Chimlin turned her head and smiled seeing Alex's dick disappearing into Dave's mouth. She thrashed even harder against Alice's face, pulling Alice closer by her hair.

With a loud moan, Chimlin's body tensing as she started to cum, drenching Alice's face with her pussy juices. That was more than enough for Alex. He shot his cum into Dave's mouth while thrashing about wildly.

Alice looked up with Chimlin's juices and her own spittle coating her face just a moment before Dave raised his head with her brother's cum dripping from his chin.

Change places,” Chimlin suggested, “I want Alex to lick my pussy while you two suck and lick each other.”

Alex crawled over between Chimlin's legs while Dave lay on his back with Alice straddling his face and leaning forward to take his cock into her mouth. Dave's cock immediately spit out a couple of droplets of precum on to Alice's lips when he inhaled the musky aroma of her wet warm cunt.

Alice didn't hesitate a moment, taking Dave's hard cock deep into her throat with one gulp. She squeezed his balls with one hand and pushed a finger deep into his ass with the second. His wild thrashing told her he was close to cumming in her mouth and she didn't want to lose even a single drop.

Meanwhile, her own cunt was on fire with his tongue flicking across her clit and a finger probing both her pussy and her asshole. When the first spurt of Dave's cum hit the back of her throat, Alice ground her cunt into Dave's face, smearing her pussy juices across his tongue and chin and cheeks as yet another orgasm flooded her young body.

Their parents are going to just love how they both do that,” Chimlin commented quietly to Dave while they all lay catching their breathes. “When do you think they will be ready for everything.”

Except for fucking, they are ready right now,” he responded with a wide grin, “maybe we should give them a partial demonstration after dinner.”

Chimlin's wicked grin told Dave that was absolutely the right decision.


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