Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story.

(Part 8)

At dinner that evening, Alice and Alex could barely contain themselves, giggling and poking at each other. Both Gale and Chimlin raised questioning eyebrows at Dave but didn't say anything. As soon as the table was cleared, Alice grabbed Dave's hand and lead him away, simply announcing she and Alex needed some more practice before the flight to Mazatlan in the morning.

Even before they reached the room they used for lessons, Alex wrapped his hand around Dave's cock, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

Will you fuck me too?” he asked, his four inch cock standing straight out from his body.

Oh I want to see that,” Alice chimed in, reaching over to stroke her twin brother as soon as they entered the bedroom, “and get fucked in my ass too.”

Dave flopped back on the bed, pulling the young twins on top of him, groping Alex's rigid cock and Alice's moist pussy as the three exchanged tongue lashing kisses. His finger found the girl's tight hole, sliding inside her to the second knuckle until the tip pushed against her spongy g-spot. Alice gasped and ground her cunt against his hand, her juices seeping down his finger to coat his palm.

Your brother should be the first to fuck your ass,” Dave gasped, breaking off the kiss and sliding his finger out of Alice's pussy, “besides I'm probably too big for you right now anyway.”

Alice stared at him briefly, the disappointment obvious on her face, before she slipped down from his chest and took Dave's cock in her mouth. Dave pulled her brother closer, taking Alex's dick into his own mouth and probing the boy's puckered asshole with a finger.

OK,” Alice replied after a moment, taking Dave's cock out of her mouth and getting on her hands and knees next to him, “but then you have to cum in my pussy again for Alex to lick me clean.”

After I fuck Alex, and if I can get hard again, I'll be happy to,” Dave answered.

Oh, you'll get hard again,” Alice chuckled knowingly, “Chimlin showed us a couple of tricks.”

Dave looked at her in surprise at that, not expecting the twins did anything with Chimlin without his knowledge. He squirted some lube on Alex's dick, tenderly lathering him up as Alex's cock throbbed in his hand.

Rim her asshole and finger her until you can get two fingers inside,” he instructed Alex, “then you should be able to slip right into her.”

Alice grunted and squirmed when her brother's tongue flicked her puckered anus. Alex licked all around before probing her asshole, getting the tip of his tongue a short way inside. Then he pushed a finger into her, causing Alice to cry out before pressing back against her brother's hand.

She looked up at Dave, beckoned him closer and began licking his cock even as her brother steadily pumped and swirled a finger in her asshole. After a few moments, Alex pushed in the second finger. Alice tensed but kept licking Dave's balls.

Alex pulled his fingers out of Alice, grabbed both of her hips and pressed his cock against her asshole. Dave took the boy's dick in his hand, guiding him into his sister's anus the same way he guided him into her pussy earlier. Alice let out a low cry before burying her face in her hands, furiously pushing her ass back against her brother's cock.

As tight as she was, Alex lasted for only a few hard thrusts before tensing himself and grunting his cum into his sister's bowels. He kept humping her as long as he could until his deflating dick slipped out of her followed by a steady stream of watery cum.

Dave immediately crawled over between Alice's legs and licked that spent sperm as it dribbled from her asshole. He could feel Alice's hand bumping against his chin as she furiously rubbed her clit until she started to cum herself.

By the time her climax faded, Dave's dick was rock hard.

Get on your back with your legs in the air,” he told Alex, “and lube up your asshole.”

Alice crumpled on to the bed and Dave moved over between her brother's upturned legs, pushing them even higher until Alex's ankles rested on his shoulders. Alex's asshole glistened with the lube directly in front of the head of Dave's throbbing cock. Dave just admired that tight hole for a few seconds before pressing the tip of his dick forward.

Alex let out a low cry when Dave's dick first breached his anus, stretching the tight sphincter much more than ever before. Dave stopped with just half the head of his cock in Alex's asshole, reaching down to fondle Alex's flaccid dick.

Is that too much?” Dave asked seeing the way Alex's face contorted. “I can stop if it hurts too much.”

No...no...don't...stop,” Alex hissed, panting heavily.

Dave waited a few moments until Alex seemed to relax a little before pressing forward again, the head of his cock disappearing into Alex's asshole. He stopped again, letting Alex adjust and when he again pushed forward, he easily slipped all the way into the boy.

Alex let out a sharp cry even as his cock stiffened in Dave's hand. Dave stopped again, his cock completely buried in Alex's ass, throbbing on the brink of cumming. Alice crawled over to them, replacing Dave's hand with her mouth.

More...more...harder...more,” Alex shrieked, thrusting his hips up against both Dave's cock and his sister's mouth, “don't...don't...stop.”

Alice's head bobbed up and down on Alex's cock even faster than Dave pounded the boy's asshole. Alex screeched unintelligibly, his cum erupting in his sister's mouth as Dave tensed and flooded the twelve year old's bowels with his own semen.

Dave's cock slipped out of Alex's asshole coated with his own cum. Alice pushed him aside and eagerly lapped up as much as she could before turning and kissing Dave passionately, the mixture of her brother and Dave's semen coating her tongue she lashed with his. After a few moments, they all collapsed in an intertwined pile of arms and legs, catching their breathes and basking in the afterglow of their orgasms.

You both need to go take a shower and get some sleep,” Dave said when they finally started moving around a little again, “your mother said we have an early start and a long day tomorrow.”

Come with us to the shower and then stay with us tonight,” Alice pleaded, reaching for Dave's limp cock and squeezing his dangling balls as they walked toward the twins' bedrooms. “I want you to fuck me again...and again...tonight.”

I don't think that's such a good idea,” Dave replied, tweaking one of her budding nipples, “at least not until after you both fuck your Mom and Dad and Chimlin and they all agree about who can spend the night with whom.”

Well, we're going to sleep together...tonight...and from now on,” Alex insisted with a devilish grin, “and fuck as much as we want for as long as we want.”

I'll see you in the morning then and you can tell me all about it,” Dave just grinned, kissed them both passionately, fondled Alex's cock and Alice's tits and left them at the doorway to her room, “but don't be surprised, Alex, when your sister keeps going longer than you and has more orgasms too.”

Dave smiled to himself as he walked to his own room. Ever since he was the twins' age, he preferred boys and girls younger than himself. As he grew older, his predilections did not change, even when it became more difficult to find prepubescent girls or boys with whom to play. Now he was thrust into a perfect situation for satisfying his perversions with two kids whose parents happily encouraged him and them to do anything they desired. Once he was more settled with the family, he hoped to delve yet deeper in some acts of depravity he only fantasized about until then.

He turned the corner in the hall to see the door to his room ajar and light from the lamp next to the bed dimly splashing out into the hall. He pushed the door completely open to see Chimlin laying there, her legs spread wide, the flat end of an anal plug peeking from her asshole while brushing a Magic Wand on the low setting back and forth across her clit.

I was starting to think maybe you decided to stay and fuck them both again,” she said sweetly as he approached the bed, “I know I will when given the chance.”

Why would you think I actually fucked them once, let alone again?” he asked grinning.

Besides the shit eating grin on your face, I happened to see you fuck Alex and assumed you fucked Alice earlier. You do know Gale and Jerry are just dying for you to give them the word they can fuck them both.”

You got me there, but please don't say anything to Gale and Jerry just yet, we have something very special planned for them,” Dave told her earnestly.

When Dave reached the side of the bed, Chimlin pulled her knees up, spreading her thighs even wider, the pink inner flesh of her cunt glistening against her black pussy hair . He cocked an eyebrow, reaching down to gently tug a bit of string dangling from her pussy.

Don't want to make a mess in your own bed?” he chuckled before sitting next to her and twirling a hard nipple between his thumb and index finger.

Actually, that string is for the Ben Wa balls currently buried and gently vibrating inside my cunt,” Chimlin smiled, changing the Magic Wand from one hand to the other so she could cup his balls. “Besides, we...both Gale and I...actually really like period sex and are probably horniest then. But you just missed us, since we all finished last week, including Alice. You aren't scared off by a little blood now are you?”

Not at all as long as it isn't mine,” Dave laughed, bending forward to suck her other nipple into his mouth.

Well there's some very extra special things I like to do after someone licks me to orgasm when I have my period...some very special things,” Chimlin groaned, tightening her hand on his balls and leaning forward to playfully take one of his nipples in her teeth.

I'll keep that in mind,” Dave murmured pushing her hand with the Magic Wand aside to finger her warm, wet pussy slit.

Pull the Ben Wa balls out when I start to cum,” she whispered into his ear, pushing him upright, “then fuck me as hard as you can.”

Chimlin placed the Magic Wand back on her clit and began flailing wildly as her climax quickly grew. Dave positioned himself between her trembling thighs, stroking himself hard yet again watching her masturbate.

Now...pull them out...now,” she shrieked, her entire body shuddering when her orgasm began, “and fuck me...fuck me hard.”

Dave slowly pulled the Ben Wa balls from her cunt, four in total, each popping louder than the last sliding out of her cunt. He crawled forward, pushing her legs up and roughly shoving his dick into her pussy. It was only on the third thrust, with his cum ready to erupt into her, that he realized it was the anal plug vibrating against his cock inside Chimlin's cunt.

Dave walked into the kitchen in the morning, surprised to find Gale and Chimlin already dressed for their trip in light colored sundresses that ended mid thigh. The stiff protrusions of their nipples told him neither was wearing a bra. He poured himself a coffee and sat on the patio with Gale.

We're leaving for the airport in about an hour,” Gale told him, unabashedly looking at his limp cock and dangling balls, her knees spread wide enough Dave could see she didn't have panties on under the dress. “the flight is around three hours, so we'll be there by early afternoon. Bring your bag and laptop and whatever else you want to take out here as soon as you can so we can load up the SUV.”

As they chatted, Alice and Alex came bounding out on the patio, each carrying a large glass of juice. Alice grinned at Dave, holding up four fingers then pointing to herself, then two more before flipping her thumb towards her brother. Dave just grinned back at her, realizing the young girl was silently telling him how many orgasms she and her brother had with each other the night before and probably again just shortly before that morning.

After hugs and kisses and tender groping all around, Gale explained the timetable for the day's trip to her son and daughter. Then she sent them and Dave off to get dressed and ready to go.

Mom said we have almost an hour,” Alice murmured to Dave as they walked back toward their rooms, “more than enough time for a fast fuck.”

Nice thought but we'll stick with the plan we made last night,” Dave laughed, giving the young girl a gentle swat on her ass, sending her and her brother to their rooms while he went to his, “and don't the two of you start fooling around now either.”

Dave looked over to Gale as they drove past the exit to the main passenger terminal and continued toward the far end of the airport. They stopped next to the Executive Terminal, waiting a moment until a security guard opened a gate and they drove right up to a waiting business jet. A man and a woman in crisp pilot uniforms waited for them at the foot of the stairs leading into the cabin.

Jerry stopped the SUV and jumped out to vigorously shake the hands and hug both pilots. Gale and Chimlin and the twins followed behind, each hugging both pilots warmly as well before Gale turned and introduced Dave to them.

It turned out Jeanine, the pilot, and Ben, the co-pilot, were the regular crew when Jerry used a company jet. As such, they had flown the family many times before. Dave even got a warm hug from Jeanine after the introductions.

While Jerry took the SUV to the parking area, Dave helped Ben load their luggage into the plane and Jeanine went to the cockpit to warm the engines. Within about ten minutes of arriving at the airport, they were in the air.

Dave could not believe the opulence of the plane's cabin...plush carpeting...leather captain's chairs...even a sofa he soon found out folded out to a queen size bed. It was almost too much for Dave who usually ended up in the middle seat of coach at the back of the plane flying standby to save money.

The twins sat on the sofa, whispering and giggling as the plane climbed to cruising altitude. Jerry and Dave sat facing Gale and Chimlin and, with the table between the seats folded down, both women teased them mercilessly by spreading their legs and fingering their bare gaping pussies.

After a few minutes, Jeanine announced they reached cruising altitude and would have about three hours fight time to Mazatlan. With that, Chimlin stood and shrugged off her sundress in a single practiced move. She bent forward to passionately kiss Gale, sliding a hand under Gale's dress to finger her already glistening pussy. Then she stood, leaned forward to squeeze both Jerry and Dave's bulging cocks through their shorts and walked up to the cockpit cabin door.

She knocked twice softly and a moment later a smiling Jeanine opened the door for Chimlin to enter wide enough Dave thought he could see both pilots were already partially naked.

An in flight perk both Jeanine and Ben always enjoy,” Gale grinned as the cockpit door closed, “and will happily reciprocate before landing.”

Dave didn't say a word, just grinned as he stood, pulled off his own shorts and shirt and turned to the twins.

Know what the Mile High Club is, Dave?” Jerry asked, stepping up behind him and wrapping his arms around Dave to fondle his half hard cock. “It's what people call having sex while flying, although technically we're more like five or six miles up at the moment. It's the thought that counts.”

Oh yeah, I've heard of it,” Dave chuckled, feeling the tip of Jerry's hard dick brushing against him as he turned and taking it into his own hand as soon as he could. “In fact, we planned to make it a very special time today.”

We?” Gale asked, coming up next to them and adding her hand to her husband's on Dave's dick and pressing her now bare tits against his side.

The twins and I thought it would be a great idea for them to fuck you both while flying, for a most memorable first fuck with you two for everyone concerned,” Dave beamed, stepping back so their parents could see the twins standing naked near the sofa.

Alex was tenderly fondling Alice's budding tits while Alice caressed her brother's rigid cock and slightly dangling balls. Both smiled sweetly at their parents before walking over to hug them warmly.

May I suggest that Gale fucks her son first, then Jerry fucks his daughter,” Dave laughed almost acting like the director of a porn video. “Trust me, by the time Jerry's done with Alice, Alex will be ready to fuck him and Gale and Alice's pussies will be filled with cum for both to enjoy.”

They pulled out the sofa bed and Gale and Alex climbed on to it while Alice crawled between her father's legs and began licking and sucking his cock. Alex kissed his mother passionately for a few moments while they groped each other, then slowly slid down her body, stopping to lick and suck both stiff nipples before sliding his tongue up and down in her dripping pussy slit a few times. Gale groaned loudly as her son took her huge clit into his mouth, sucking it like another little boy's dick and pushing three fingers deep into her warm, wet pussy.

Fuck me, baby...oh...yes...fuck your Mommy...please...fuck Mommy...fuck me!” Gale squealed, thrashing her hips as her son slowly slipped his rock hard four inch dick all the way into her cunt.

She grabbed his ass and flailed against him wildly, screaming when almost immediately a massive orgasm surged through her body. Dave surmised the boy's cock was just the right length to punch her g-spot directly with every thrust. He also figured Alex must have fucked Alice at least twice that morning since he seemed to last quite a long time in his mother's pussy before cumming.

Oh Mommy...Mommy,” Alex groaned after a few minutes, his face reddening and his entire body shuddering when he started shooting his watery cum into his mother's cunt for the first time. The very thought sent Gale into another orgasmic spasm, almost throwing her son off she was thrashing about so wildly.

As they lay breathing heavily, Dave turned to see Jerry had changed places with Alice, his face buried between his daughter's thighs, eagerly licking and fingering her young cunt. Alice was squirming violently, obviously close to cumming on her father's face.

No daddy...I want to cum...on your...cock...with your cock...inside me...the first...time,” she panted pushing his head away from her puffy pussy, “Please...Daddy...please, fuck me...fuck me...Daddy...fuck me...now...Daddy.”

Jerry scooped her up and gently placed her down next to her mother. Alice happily spread her legs and pulled up her knees as her father crawled between her thighs and bent forward to kiss her passionately. Gale reached over to rub her husband's dick up and down a couple of times in Alice's moist slit, stopping to position the head of that throbbing shaft right at the tight opening leading deep into Alice's waiting cunt.

Slowly...oh so slowly,” Gale hoarsely whispered as she gently pushed Jerry's ass forward and the head of his cock breached Alice's pussy lips for the very first time, “I want to see your cock slide into her...all the way into our baby girl...and then slowly pull out so I can see her pussy juices coating your dick.”

Jerry did exactly as his wife asked, slowly and methodically pumping his throbbing cock in and out of his twelve year old daughter's tight pussy, going slightly deeper with every thrust until the head hit the deepest recesses of her cunt. Alice flailed and moaned, begging her father to fuck her harder and faster until her eyes rolled back in her head, her entire body quivered and she shrieked the climax surging through her body.

That was more than enough for Jerry. He started humping her faster and faster, his own back arching and thighs trembling when he shot his cum into his daughter's pussy for the very first time. Alice's pussy was so tight, she held her father's deflating dick inside her cunt even as he crumpled down on top of her, struggling to regain his breath.

Gale pushed Jerry to the side on to his back to bury her own face in Alice's cunt. She eagerly lapped up her husband's cum dripping from their daughter's pussy and at the same time brought Alice to yet another shuddering orgasm.

Alex wasted no time taking his father's cock into his mouth, quickly cleaning off the remnants of Jerry's cum and Alice's pussy juices. Then he pushed Jerry's legs upward and pressed the rehardened head of his four inch dick into his father's asshole.

Jerry's tight anus sucked the cum from his son into his bowels after only a dozen hard thrusts. As soon as he was done cumming, Alex again took his father's dick into his mouth again, telling him he too wanted to get fucked by his father's dick right now.

Dave stood with his back to the cockpit, watching Gale and Jerry each fuck their twins for the first time. He was pleased with the way the twins both brought their parents to body quaking orgasms. His own cock was drizzling precum in his hand, on the verge of shooting his cum in the general direction of the writhing bodies on the fold out bed.

Suddenly Dave felt two arms snake around his body to grasp his hard dick as a tongue flicked into his ear. He turned quickly expecting to see Chimlin behind him. Instead, Jeanine stood grinning at him, her large taut tits with erect little finger tip sized nipples pressing against his chest...and her thin rock hard five inch dick pressing straight into his side.


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