Dave's New Job

I want to thank reader DW for giving me the idea that turned into this story.

(Part 9)

Who the hell is flying the plane?” Dave gasped as he stepped back from Jeanine, eyeing her in confusion while looking back and forth from her smiling face to her ponderous tits and that thin five inch cock.

Hmm, probably Chimlin at the moment, or at least it looked like it the way she lowered her pussy down on Ben's cock facing forward,” Jeanine laughed heartily before noticing the panic stricken look on Dave's face. “Kidding...only kidding...the plane's on auto pilot until we get a lot closer to Mazatlan.”

She's really something, isn't she?” Jerry said cheerfully, walking over to fondle one of those tits with one hand and the thin cock with the other, “a little bit of something for everyone.”

Jeanine grinned at Jerry, taking his limp cock in one of her hands while brushing the fingers on the other across Dave's cheek.

As usual, you are much too kind, Jerry” Jeanine beamed, twirling the head of his stiffening dick in her fingers, “and I do hope your new friend is just as...um...shall we say...accommodating.”

Oh he most definitely is,” Gale chimed in, wrapping her arms around Dave from behind to put one hand on his throbbing dick and the other on Jeanine's with her husband's, “and he's the twins' very special...uh...tutor.”

Jeanine smiled wickedly and without saying another word moved her hand from Dave's cheek to his cock throbbing in Gale's hand. Dave gasped before grinning himself, reaching up to tweak Jeanine's other stiff nipple.

What about us?” Alice called out from behind her mother, standing next to her brother with some of her father's semen visibly dripping down to dry on the inside of both of her thighs. “Don't we get to play with Jeanine now too?”

Of course, sweetie, step around here and tell her what you just did,” Gale murmured, putting her arms around both of her kids' shoulders and bringing them closer to Jeanine.

I just fucked my Daddy for the very first time,” Alice said proudly, taking Jeanine's hand in hers from her father's cock and dragging the fingers between the lips of her pussy to feel the sticky cum still leaking out of her, “and he filled my pussy up with his cum.”

And I fucked Mom for the first time,” Alex added with a bright smile, “and my Dad too.”

Is that so?” Jeanine chuckled, taking her hand from Dave's dick and extending her arms for the twins to come to her. “As Captain, I think we should do something special to celebrate such a big event like joining the Mile High Club and happening the first time on my plane.”

The twins moved closer to hug Jeanine, both nonchalantly groping her tits and now stiff cock. For her part, Jeanine held them tightly, running her hands down their backs and over their smooth ass cheeks. After a couple of moments, she stepped back and grinned at Jerry and Gale.

Do you mind?” she asked, nodding her head toward the fold out bed.

Of course not...Captain,” Jerry smiled back at her, “please enjoy...both of them...in every way you can.”

The twins squealed in delight, pulling Jeanine over to the bed. Before climbing on it, Jeanine reached down and fondled Alex's stiff dick and slid a finger between Alice's warm, gummy pussy lips. Alex took her cock into his mouth while Alice squeezed both of her large, soft tits.

Jeanine moaned lowly, falling on to her back and pulling the twins on top of her. Alice and Alex licked her hard dick together, a droplet of precum bubbling up to smear over both of their tongues.

Where did you learn to do that,” Jeanine gasped, “if you just fucked your parents for the first time?”

Dave,” they answered in unison, before Alice continued when her brother went back to sucking Jeanine's cock, “Dave taught us...everything.”

Is that so?” Jeanine asked, craning her head to look directly at Dave as Gale and Jerry stroked his hard dick just a few feet away. “I guess I'll have to do something special for your friend Dave too.”

How about you fuck me first,” Alice insisted, climbing on top of Jeanine and bending forward to give her a passionate tongue lashing kiss, “and suck my brother hard so he can fuck you after you cum inside my pussy.”

Without a word, Jeanine held her stiff dick upright, giving Alice a chance to straddle her and slowly lower herself down until all of that thin cock was buried in the twelve year old girl's tight pussy. Alex crawled up to kneel at Jeanine's head, shuddering slightly as his cock slid into her warm mouth.

That is so fucking hot...just look at my babies,” Gale exclaimed, taking Jerry and Dave's dicks in her hands before falling to her knees. She alternated taking those cocks into her mouth while never taking her eyes off her daughter bouncing up and down on Jeanine's shaft or her son pumping his cock in and out of Jeanine's mouth faster and faster.

Jeanine began to quiver, thrusting her hips harder against Alice's tight wet cunt. A loud grunt told Dave and the twins' parents when Jeanine's cum erupted into the young girl's pussy. Alice kept humping that dick until Jeanine went totally soft and slipped out of her. At the same time, Alex kept pumping his cock in Jeanine's mouth, shuddering himself as his watery sperm shot down Jeanine's throat.

Jerry stepped back from Gale, his stiff dick swaying wildly as he rushed over to bury his face in his young daughter's dripping pussy. He eagerly lapped up the cum leaking out of her cunt and, as Alice began to groan loudly, slipped two fingers into her until a climax surged through her body and she again shrieked her pleasure.

Gale took Dave's cock out of her mouth, stood, and, keeping her eyes on her son and daughter, bent over a nearby captain's chair. She looked back over her shoulder while spreading her legs as wide as she could manage.

Fuck me...fuck me now...hard,” she insisted, reaching down between her legs to fondle her large dangling clit, “my ass or my pussy...your choice....just get your dick inside me...now!”

With his cock on the verge of exploding anyway, Dave plunged his dick into Gale's dripping wet pussy, the silky feel of her grasping cunt sucking his sperm deep into her on the third or fourth thrust. When his deflating cock slipped from her on a gummy stream of his own cum and her pussy juices, Gale kept rubbing and jerking on her clit until she cried out and crumpled down on the back of the captain's chair. Even more of her cunt cream drizzled down the inside of her thighs to puddle between her feet.

By that time, Alex was getting hard again playing with Jeanine's large tits. Jeanine beckoned Dave over, cupping his balls in one hand and pulling his flaccid cock into her mouth. He felt a familiar tingle growing deep in his balls as his dick slowly stiffened in Jeanine's practiced mouth.

Alice crawled out from under her father, the thin wisps of her cunt hair matted above her pussy slit with a combination of her father's spittle, Jeanine's semen and her own juices and sweat. When Jeanine saw the girl, she took Dave's cock from her mouth and motioned Alice closer.

Fuck her for me, right over me,” Jeanine murmured, directing Alice to straddle her face with her ass pointed back at Dave. “Yeah, just like that. I'll lick her clit and your balls until you cum inside her.”

With a quick glance and joyous smile over her shoulder at Dave, Alice leaned forward, grinding her warm wet pussy in Jeanine's face and taking Jeanine's five inch dick into her mouth. Before thrusting his hardening cock into the girl's gaping cunt, Dave probed her asshole with his tongue, causing her to squirm and moan while pressing her pussy even harder into Jeanine's face.

Then he slipped his cock into her, slowly sliding his hard dick into the twelve year old girl until his balls slapped against her ass. Before he could pull back, he felt Jeanine's lips sucking in those balls, stretching and pulling him as he involuntarily pumped Alice's welcoming pussy harder and faster despite, or maybe because of, the sharp pain shooting his crotch.

For the next hour and a half, they sucked and fucked and groped and kissed and licked in every combination they could imagine. Dave managed one more orgasm himself, that last time in Jeanine's ass while Jerry was cumming in her mouth.

At last, Chimlin walked out of the cockpit, spent cum drying on her cheeks and tits and in her thick thatch of pussy hair. She announced Jeanine was needed back in the captain's seat for landing, then headed into the bathroom at the back of the plane, noisily pissing without bothering to close the door. Jeanine shared tongue lashing kisses all around then got up and walked away more steadily than Dave thought he could manage.

I didn't know boys could have tits or girls could have cocks,” Alex murmured as Jeanine disappeared back into the cockpit and they all got dressed and settled in for landing, “but Jeanine sure is fun.”

It can be a little confusing at times,” his mother said softly, checking his seat belt and giving him a tender kiss on the lips, “and I'll explain it to you sometime.”

The plane circled out over the Pacific Ocean before settling into its proscribed landing approach to the airport somewhat south of Ciudad Mazatlan. Dave could barely feel the impact when Jeanine expertly set the plane down on the runway. Within a minute or two, they taxied to a small executive terminal, stopping next to a large minivan with heavily tinted windows.

Ben stepped out of the cockpit even before the engines completely wound down, unlatching the door and lowering the built in stairs. He descended and walked to the baggage compartment while the rest of them gathered up their belongs and prepared to deplane.

Jeanine stood at the doorway, impeccably dressed in her pilot uniform, giving each of them a warm kiss and tender squeeze of balls or pussy. Dave marveled at how she managed to get the uniform so crisp looking in the limited confines of the cockpit, forgetting it all when her tongue rammed into his mouth and her hand grasped his deflated cock and balls.

I do hope you enjoyed your flight,” she murmured, pressing his free hand against her own limp cock, “and we'll be able to service...ah...serve...you again very soon.”

Dave returned the kiss and the squeeze before descending the steps and walking up to what seemed like a rugby scrum at the foot of the stairs.

A tall thin man in his forties, with a shock of black hair and a thick black mustache walked round from the other side of the minivan. Almost immediately he was mobbed by Gale, Jerry, Chimlin and the twins, with everyone trying to hug and kiss him and he them all at the same time.

After a few moments, they all broke apart laughing and talking over each other. Gale brought Dave forward to make an introduction.

This is Dimas, he and his family take care of our place here and have become very dear friends,” Gale explained as Dave shook hands with the tall guy, “and Dimas, this is Dave, the twins teacher...and now also a close, dear friend.”

After a quick acknowledgment, they took the luggage from the plane and put it in the back of the van. Jerry climbed in the front seat with Dimas, while Gale and Dave took the middle row and Chimlin and the twins, the one in the rear. Dimas quickly left the environs of the airport, heading back toward the city before turning inland in the direction of some mountains in the near distance.

Dave was surprised to hear Dimas and Jerry carrying on an animated conversation in Spanish. He glanced behind to see Chimlin holding Alex's four inch dick in one hand while fingering Alice's bare sticky pussy under her sundress. The twins, in turn, played with Chimlin's tits cum encrusted cunt, the three of them giggling between low moans.

So how's your Spanish,” Gale asked after smiling at her kids and Chimlin and placing a hand on Dave's thigh less than an inch from his half hard cock.

Very limited,” he responded casually cupping one of her tits through her top and thumbing the erect nipple, “pretty much limited to gracias, por favor, cerveza and banos.

Gale chuckled and turned to Dimas, rattling off a few quick sentences in Spanish herself. Both he and Jerry laughed heartily before Dimas responded, the exchange going on a few moments before a grinning Gale turned back to Dave.

"Dimas says that's not a bad start but you will need four more phrases while you stay at the house," Gale grinned wickedly. “Buen coño...nice pussy, buenas tetas...nice tits, quiero chupar...want to suck and quiero follar...want to fuck."

Dimas and Jerry continued laughing as Gale gave Dave these instructions. He just looked at her stunned and confused.

"I...I don't...understand," Dave muttered even as Gale placed her hand on his stiffening dick and squeezed gently.

"Oh, senor, it is really very simple.” Dimas explained in heavily accented English, barely able to contain his laughter. “No need to say buen pene...nice cock...in the house since all the guys speak English, as do all the kids. So you need these words only for the ones that don't speak your language very well...my mother and my wife.”

Gale and Jerry grinned happily as Dave looked back and forth at them, his cock stiffening achingly in his jeans under Gale's hand.

There is one word you can and should always use with anyone at the house and you'll never have a problem,” Dimas continued, reaching over to stroke Jerry's hard dick he had removed from his pants.

And...and what is...that?” Dave asked, squirming slightly as Gale unzipped his jeans and freed his throbbing dick from its confines.

The only word any of us ever uses with another,” Dimas said, twirling the head of Jerry's dick in his fingers and looking back at Dave in the van's mirror, “and the one you should only use as well...si...yes!”

Jerry groaned lowly, some watery precum smearing onto Dimas' fingers as Gale took Dave's cock in both her hands and smiled at him sweetly.

Quiero chupar?” she cooed, licking her lips as his dick throbbed in her hands.

Fuck yes...si...oh god...si...si...si,” Dave cried out as Gale wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked him into her mouth until the head of his dick pounded the back of her throat.

His cum erupted in Gale's throat before Jerry's sperm coated Dimas' hand.

About twenty minutes later, Dimas turned on to a much narrower road that switch-backed sharply upward, climbing through a thick grove of trees. After about a mile, the road leveled out in an open meadow less than a hundred yards from a guarded gate built into a fifteen high foot concrete wall that disappeared into the trees on either side. Two heavily armed men stood in front of the gate with another two on the wall.

Dimas stopped, rolling down his window to talk with one guard while the other peered into the van from the passenger side. Both men instantly recognized Dimas, Jerry, Gale, Chimlin and the twins. After a moments conversation, they politely asked Dave to get out of the van, looked at his passport and directed him to the guard shack for a picture. When that was done, the gate opened and they proceeded through.

Well that was special,” Dave muttered as they drove down a winding road past a few other walled compounds with closed gates, some with even more heavily armed men slouching against the walls.

The...shall we say...developer...of this compound is most security conscious,” Jerry said, turning to look at Dave seriously, “and because of it, we are in many ways much freer here to do as we please than we would ever be in our other home.”

Still, seems a little excessive to me,” Dave murmured as Dimas pulled up in front of a gate he opened remotely with a device on his visor.

Just remember this is Sinaloa. That security benefits us in many ways you have yet to realize,” Gale told him with a gentle pat on his thigh, “just leave it at that.”

Dimas honked twice when he approached the house and pulled the van into a courtyard enclosed on three sides by the main body and wings of the two story building. Dave realized immediately that he was seeing just a small part of what would prove to be a very large house indeed.

As they started to exit the van, an older woman, short and stout with streaks of gray in her waist length black hair, stepped from a doorway. She waved vigorously, turned and shouted something Dave could not hear back into the house before rushing over to them, even as Gale and others hurried towards her.

My mother,” Dimas explained proudly to Dave as they watched, “I'm sure she will be most anxious to meet and get to know you. Just remember, the right answer with her is always si...always.”

A few moments later, two other women, one short and stout like Dimas' mother who looked to be in her mid forties and the other tall and slim and probably in her early to mid twenties. They crowded around talking loudly over each other greeting Jerry and Gale and Chimlin and the twins. Three chocolate Labrador Retrievers ran among them, their tails wagging energetically, barking for attention.

Each of the three women were naked save for the aprons covering their fronts and sandals on their feet.

By the time Gale pulled herself away from the group to introduce Dave, she had already stripped off her sundress and stood naked with everyone else. Jerry and Chimlin and the twins immediately did the same, leaving Dave as the only one clothed. He shrugged and pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his jeans around his ankles, his deflated cock dangling freely between his legs.

This is Alma,” Gale told Dave, hooking her arm in the older woman's and gently bringing her closer. “She's the real boss at this place and trust me, whatever she says goes.”

Alma smiled and nodded her head, unselfconsciously staring at Dave's dick before turning to Gale and saying something in Spanish he had no hope of understanding.

She says you are most welcome to this house and her family,” Gale informed Dave with a wink, “and she's very much looking forward to enjoying your beautiful cock.”

Si,” Dave blushed, having no other idea how to respond to that so he just smiled at Alma, noticing her nipples seemed stiff pushing through the fabric of the apron.

She grinned back at him for a moment, then turned and returned into the house.

You won't believe how soft and silky her mouth is when she wraps her lips around your cock,” Dimas whispered in Dave's ear, “she gives the best blow job by far of anyone else in the house.”

Dave just stared at Dimas as his dick twitched.

The other two women crowded around, anxious to meet this new visitor. In turn, Dimas introduced them.

This is my wife, Velma,” Dimas said proudly, wrapping his arm around the plump woman with large floppy tits that was a good foot shorter than himself.

Dave extend his hand but Velma grinned and stepped closer for a warm hug, the large erect nipples topping her sagging tits pressing firmly into his stomach. She said something that made Dimas laugh before he translated for Dave.

She says she gives a much better blowjob than my mother and invites you to compare whenever you want.”

Si,” Dave responded again, shuddering slightly when Velma's calloused hand softly engulfed his rising cock.

And this is Velma's daughter, Dulce,” Dimas said beckoning toward the younger skinnier woman with obviously perky tits.

Dulce smiled at Dave, taking his hand while casually looking him up and down and her mother's hand on his dick. He felt his cock twitch under that unblinking gaze before Dulce excused herself and followed Alma into the house with Gale and Chimlin and the twins.

My wife and I will show you around,” he grinned, “and I doubt the language barrier will be a problem for you and her.”

I have a question,” Dave said his cock twitching as Velma thumbed the sensitive tip. “If Velma is your wife and Dulce is her daughter, isn't Dulce your daughter as well.”

She may well be but we are never quite sure who the father is for most of the children here, so we always attribute them to their mother,” Dimas explained patiently. “The only ones we can be sure are not the fathers are the ones that can't make a woman pregnant...the dogs.”


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