Derek and Danielle

Chapter One

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

Derek Collins was your ordinary fourteen-year-old freshman in high school. At least, that's what he thought of himself that day in school during lunch hour in mid-September. His friend, Rick Harlan, was seated next to him and looking at the food on his lunch tray.

"Dude, it looks like they went to the worst slaughterhouse ever for our hamburgers today. You think we can sue if we get sick from this crap?" Rick grinned in amusement as he lifted the burger off his tray and began eating it.

Derek snorted. "Yeah, right. They'd probably just blame it on eating too fast or something." He sighed and decided eating something was better than not eating.

Just then an exclamation of delight from a nearby table momentarily startled Derek. He looked up and recognized his fraternal twin sister, Danielle. She was grinning at her friend, who Derek thought was named Sara. He shrugged. They were probably squealing over some silly bracelet some girl's boyfriend gave them.

Truth be told, the burger was just bland and didn't taste much of anything. While Derek ate lunch, washing down his burger every so often with some swigs from his Coke can, he looked around the lunch room. He knew quite a few of the people from his old junior high, but probably about half of the people he saw were brand-new, from the other junior school in the catchment area for the senior school he now attended.

Lately he'd been noticing girls. And their curves. And the way their tits jiggled when they ran. And his body's reaction to their bodies. That last was really annoying, forcing him to try and think about anything, usually desperately boring thoughts that would let his erection subside enough to avoid walking around with a book in front of his privates trying to act like he was naturally holding it there.

His eyes settled on Danielle's friend, Sara; both girls were seated at the table in front of Derek's. She had brown hair that kind of floofed out a bit, and she had brown eyes. Her wide, attractive smile brightened her face as she nodded at something Danielle was saying. The girl had on a green tank-top that flattered her muscular shoulders and arms (being on the junior high girls' volleyball team will do that, mused Derek), and he could make out the definite swell of her breasts under the tank top.

Maybe he'd try to ask Danielle to help hook him up with Sara. At that moment, though, Rick thumped Derek's shoulder and said, "Hey. C'mon, quit staring off into space and let's get going, huh?"

Classes for the rest of the day were the usual run of the mill teacher-talks-and-you-take-notes deal. Derek's boredom was relieved when the final bell rang, freeing him from being cooped up in school for the day.

He bumped into Rick on the way to his locker and said, "I gotta go home. Call you later, 'kay?"

Rick nodded, saying, "I'm gonna go check out some shoes and stuff at the mall; I'll leave my cell on."

Derek shoved his books into his backpack, then closed his locker and exited the school. It was in a nice neighborhood, and his house was about a fifteen-minute walk away. The days were still warm, and the morning had been clear and cloudless. Derek hadn't even needed a coat, so he just had on his T-shirt and cargo pants.

Soon, he ended up at the front door of his house, a nice two-storey place with a lush green lawn out front and a swimming pool in back. He and his sister each had their own sizable bedrooms on the second floor, and their parents' bedroom on the same floor was well separated from theirs by a long hallway running the length of the house. In between was the upstairs lounge room with some gaming consoles and a TV set, and downstairs were the usual living room, dining room, kitchen and so on.

Derek used his key, since he knew his parents wouldn't be home yet. They had high-paying jobs and often worked long hours because of that. Inside, he yelled, "Hey, Danielle, you home yet?"

When no answering voice echoed back, Derek shrugged and grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge, then went up to his bedroom to fool around online for a bit. While he waited for another friend of his, Evan, to respond via instant message, he flipped open his cell and called Rick.

"Yeah? Who's calling?" asked Rick distractedly.

"Hey, it's me, Derek, man!"

Rick replied, "Oh. Hey. Sorry about that. I'm trying on some shoes and I was walkin' around to check them out when you called, so I wasn't paying attention."

"Cool. Which ones're you getting?"

"Not sure yet. I might go for the Vans, but I also like the look of the Converse shoes they've got."

"Huh. Anyway, I was just callin' to see if you wanted to hang out later, maybe," said Derek.

"Yeah, maybe after supper. That OK?"

"Sure. Just call before you come over, all right?"

"Gotcha. Seeya later." With that, the connection was dropped and Derek shut his phone.

Before he could respond to Evan wondering if they could play a multiplayer game, Derek heard a loud splash from outside his window, and went over to take a look at the swimming pool.

Danielle and Sara had come home before him, apparently, but had gone straight to the pool. The two girls were wearing rather skimpy swimming suits: Sara had a dark blue bikini top on, and Derek could see the bikini bottom she was wearing as she climbed out of the pool, pushing her hair out of her face as she wiped the water off.

Derek's erection started to become uncomfortable as he swallowed at the realization that Sara had a really nice body, especially her legs.

Unwillingly, his eyes were drawn to Danielle, as he realized uncomfortably that his sister was starting to really fill out in the breast department. Even from the upstairs window he could see that his sister was probably a cup size larger than Sara. Where Derek had short blond hair and blue eyes, Danielle had blond hair that went down to her shoulders, and brown eyes.

In her bright white bikini top and shorts, Danielle presented an equally attractive image as Sara, showing off strong legs and shoulders. The fact that both girls played volleyball wasn't lost on Derek, either.

Derek shook his head, suddenly realizing where his thoughts were taking him. He abruptly turned away from the window, put his headphones on, and set up a multiplayer game with Evan. Maybe, he thought, occupying his time with Team Fortress 2 would shake him from thinking like that about his sister.

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