Derek and Danielle

Chapter Ten

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

Derek hadn't often had reason to be in Danielle's room. His was, he thought, pretty typical of a teenage boy's room; Rick's was similar, with some books on a bookshelf, a dresser, a homework desk, and various other knickknacks.

Danielle's, though, seemed frillier. She had a dresser festooned with various bottles, and her desk had some styling gear on it (Derek recognized a hair dye kit from when Danielle had gone out last year as a witch for Halloween). Even her bed seemed different. The cover was white, instead of dark blue on Derek's bed, and her pillows looked more decorative than functional.

But the more important thing—

Danielle had been wearing her casual clothes all day, and the first thing she did was take off her shirt. Derek was surprised to notice she hadn't had her bra on. She then slipped out of her pants, revealing her underwear, made of a kind of shiny material. "Is that really silk?" wondered Derek aloud.

"Nah. Just looks like silk, is all." She came closer and said, "Check this out, Derek. There's this wet spot from being so turned on already."

She took off her underwear and showed him the wet stain. He'd heard stories about the smell and tried to catch a whiff as she held it in front of his face for a second. Then she tossed her underwear on the clothes pile and got onto her bed. He noticed that her genital hair was trimmed quite closely. Correctly interpreting Derek's look, Danielle said, "Trimmed bush. A bit less annoying than totally shaved, because then the hairs don't itch when they grow back." She blushed. "Actually, Sara told me about it. She said she read it in a girl's magazine."

"Cool." He leaned in closer as she spread her legs, and began rubbing her vaginal opening. "Feels good," she moaned as she reached up to rub her nipple as well with her other hand.

Pretty soon, Danielle's fingers, slick and wet, were thrusting in and out of her as she arched her back, moaning in delight. Derek thought he might know what to do to help and said, "Danielle?"

She opened one eye and said, "Yeah?"

"Can I suck your nipples? I'm kind of curious about that."

She jerked her head. "Get on the bed and get started, then."

Derek carefully crawled onto the bed beside her and brought his mouth down to her nipple. He licked it at first, liking how the hard nub felt against his tongue. Then he wrapped his mouth around it and began sucking, but it started throwing Danielle's rhythm off. She tapped his head. "Stop."

Confused, Derek lifted his head and said, "What? I thought you liked that!"

She shook her head. "No. You're sucking too hard. It's more like a lollipop or a popsicle stick, okay? Try it."

She pushed his head back down, and Derek gently encircled her nipple with his mouth, then let his lips glide off it as he lifted his head a bit. "Like that?"

"Yeah!" she crowed. "Like that! C'mon, keep going."

Pretty soon, Derek had his sister gasping in delight as she masturbated herself, occasionally rubbing her bush before plunging her hand back inside of herself. He began branching out, putting his hand on her other breast, squeezing gently as he began licking and sucking the rest of her breast. Apparently, that worked well, because she didn't stop him as he began licking and sucking her neck.

"Kiss me," she breathed.

Obligingly, Derek kissed Danielle full on the lips, enjoying the feel of their lips touching. It seemed this was the final catalyst, because she began moaning into his mouth. He pulled away, hearing her moans become words. "Ohgod, ohgod, ohshiiiiiii—ah! YES!"

With that, her back arched, and every muscle tensed as Danielle's orgasm began rocketing through her. She was making incoherent gasps as she spasmed, and Derek noticed a wet spot begin forming on the bedspread.

With a final loud gasp, Danielle's body went limp, her hand resting listlessly between her legs as she breathed harshly, her head lying back on the pillow.

He looked at Danielle, and to his surprise, he thought she looked utterly beautiful. He wanted to make love to her right then and there, but the thought of sex with her scared him a little.

He ran his hand along her leg. "Wow. That was fantastic!"

She grinned. "Awesome, huh?"

"You bet. And boy, did that turn me on." It was true; Derek's erection had sprung right back to full mast.

Danielle said, "You said Rick blew you?"

"Well, sorta. I was so turned on, he barely sucked more than a bit in before I busted my nut."

Danielle got a calculating look in her eye. "Hmmm. How about we compare?"

Derek's jaw dropped. "Whoa. Are you sure you wanna—?"

Danielle looked at her bedroom clock. "It hasn't even been an hour. Mom and Dad are probably getting loaded again."

Derek bit his lip, then decided. "Okay. Uh, how do you wanna do this?"

She smirked. "We're gonna 69. You get to learn something new, too. Eat me out, Derek."

Before she could position herself, he said, "Where'd you learn all this stuff?"

She chuckled. "Online, of course. If you know where to look, anyway. Thank God Mom and Dad don't use that Net Nanny shit or whatever on our computers."

"Oh, hey, I think the popsicle stick idea thing works for dicks, too," cautioned Derek.

Derek nervously began following Danielle's directions as she began setting up the 'sixty-nine'. He laid down on the bed on his back, in the middle. Danielle's wet spot was about a half a foot away from his butt.

"Okay. Now I'm gonna get on top of you and put my cunt near your face. Use your fingers too, but be careful with them."

As Danielle did so, he took an experimental sniff. No smell. So much for all the jokes about fish.

He gently pressed his finger against the lips (the labia, the sex ed book had said) and after some rubbing of her still-wet opening, slowly pressed a finger into what he assumed was the right hole, since it was the largest, and wasn't in her bum.

Meanwhile, he felt Danielle's hands on his penis, slowly moving up and down, getting the feel of how to jack him off.

After figuring out how to get the best reaction from Danielle with his finger, and feeling a very pleasant slow masturbation from her, he extended his tongue and experimentally licked her pussy lips.

"Push your tongue in more."

Pretty soon, he had his face buried in his sister's snatch as she rewarded him. Her mouth was hot and wet, and it felt so damn good feeling her move her lips up and down on his cock. She couldn't fit more than about half in her mouth without choking, but even so, she was giving him a pretty good BJ.

As for his part, he began rubbing her thighs and ass as well as licking and poking his tongue inside her, which he must be doing right, judging from the pleased noises she was making. Unfortunately, that meant—

"Shit! Teeth! Watch it, huh?"

"Sorry! I'll kiss it all better now, huh?"

Derek chuckled. "Just … remember, it's like when I sucked your nipple. All lips, no teeth." He paused, then said, "Hey, rub my balls, but carefully, okay?"

Before long, Derek was in sexual heaven. He was giving his sister what he hoped was pretty damn good oral sex, and with the way she was licking and sucking at his dick, it wouldn't be long before he came.

Redoubling his efforts, he was rewarded with a sudden jerkiness to the rhythm of her mouth, and he slowed down, prolonging the knife-edge of her orgasm as she quickly began pumping her hand up and down on his prick. "Faster, sis. Faster!"

She responded, "Hurry, finger-fuck me! I'm so close!"

He began matching her pace as he pushed two fingers inside of her and began pumping in and out, which rapidly brought Danielle to the point of release as she sagged on top of him, her body jerking as she gasped out her orgasm.

He felt her take a deep breath a few moments later and then she pushed herself back up and began pumping his cock again. Pretty soon, Derek's breaths became ragged. Danielle must have sensed it because she wrapped her lips around him and brought him over the edge, his eyes squeezed shut as he spilled his load into her mouth.

Danielle lifted her lips slowly off of him, taking a final careful lick at the last dribbling of his cock. She pushed herself up, kneeling on the bed. She visibly swallowed, then said, "Whoa, that was exhausting!"

"But fun, you gotta admit." Derek rested his hand on her leg.

"Yeah. Fun. But it's gotta smell like sex in here." She got up to open the window and then turn on the upright fan in her room.

Derek got up too, and said, "We should get ourselves cleaned up, huh?" He extended his hand to Danielle, who took it as he led them to the bathroom.

Showering with Danielle was kind of like with Rick, but not quite. Her hair was longer, for one thing. Also, there was an air of greater intimacy and care between them, as though the love that was supposed to be between brother and sister was being interwoven with a different kind of love.

Derek got to experience Danielle's body up close, and she also got to experience his, in a way that even Rick's shower time with Derek hadn't quite gotten to. Rubbing soap between her breasts, down her stomach and gently in between her legs was somehow uncommonly more intimate than quickly washing Rick's penis. The same was true when he slipped his hand between her ass cheeks, as well.

Danielle rubbing soap over him and then gently washing under his balls also felt very closely intimate.

The emotions Derek felt were so intense, but he couldn't put a name to them. All he knew was that he felt a rush of warmth and deep longing for his sister. As she stepped back from the showerhead, he put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. He couldn't quite tell what she was feeling, but she smiled and put her hands on his shoulders as well, letting him draw her into a deep, languorous kiss. The siblings embraced as they shared what they felt for each other.

After the kiss ended, Derek gently rested his forehead against Danielle's and said quietly, "I can't begin to thank you enough, I really can't."

She responded, "I feel the same way. Thank you so much, Derek. How on Earth I got lucky enough to get born with a brother like you – I have no idea. But I'll count my blessings."

The siblings slowly withdrew from each other and somewhat regretfully, exited the shower to begin drying off.

Back in the hallway, Derek yawned. "I'm done, man. I gotta get up for school tomorrow and if I stay up any later I'll fall asleep over my desk or something."

"Me too." As the towel-clad siblings went to their respective rooms, Derek stopped Danielle and kissed her on the forehead. "You showed me an awesome time, Danielle. I mean it."

She grasped his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. "Same to you."

"Anyway, I feel like going to bed now, all right?"

"G'night, Derek. Sweet dreams, okay?"

He smiled at Danielle and hugged her before brushing her hair over her ear. He headed into his room, dropped the towel and flopped into bed, pulling the covers over himself before dropping off to sleep.

The next morning, Derek woke up blearily at six in the morning. He yawned as he reached over to grab his cell phone. He noticed a couple messages from Rick, and had a 'duh' moment as he realized he'd promised to fill his friend in about how his date had gone.

After he finished his morning routine, Derek had his phone out as he grabbed some cereal.

Rick said, "Hey, Derek! Don't tell me you were banging her all night, huh?"

Derek laughed a bit nervously. If only he knew…

"Nah. Well, not like that, Rick. But there was this, like, family outing and I couldn't call to let you know. Sorry about that."

"Huh. So what went down, huh?" Derek could hear the grin in Rick's voice.

"Gimme a sec." Derek poured out the cereal and the milk and then sat at the table, spoon in one hand and phone in the other. "Okay. So we had lunch. Pretty nice. We seemed to click kinda well, too. Then we went to this park and that's where we made out for a while."

Rick whistled. "All right! So, gonna date her again?"

"Maybe," said Derek. "We'll see, I guess."

Rick's voice got confidential. "Listen, I meant what I said about her not putting out."

Derek muttered, "Yeah. Hey, look, change of subject. I think I got all the math homework but can I look at yours real quick at school?"

"Sure. Hey, look, I just got outta the shower and I want to get dressed, K?"

"Still in your towel, even?" Rick's naked body briefly flitted through Derek's mind.

Rick laughed. "Want pics of my dick to prove it?"

"Shit, no, don't do that," blurted Derek. "I heard about some kids who got busted doing that and the assholes actually charged them for 'distributing child pornography'."

Incredulous, Rick said, "Are you fucking kidding me? Christ, what a bunch of sour-ass pricks we got running this place."

"Yeah. Hey, I gotta eat this cereal. See you in half an hour or so, okay?"

"Will do." Rick rang off, leaving Derek to quietly finish his breakfast.

Danielle came in just as he was putting his bowl in the sink, and without thinking, the two siblings embraced each other like two lovers, his right hand slipping down near her butt and her hands remaining near his hips as they slowly disengaged from the hug. Derek smiled. "Hey, how're you doing?"

Danielle brushed her hair out of her face and smiled in return, putting her right hand on his shoulder. "Pretty good. Hey, listen, last night, I saw forgot that towel when you went to bed."

The bottom dropped out of Derek's stomach as he remembered the semen-soaked towel Danielle had dropped. He breathed, "Oh, shit."

Danielle gripped his upper arm. Earnestly, she said, "It's okay! I tossed it in the laundry with my bed cover and then put the clean towel back in your room; I literally just managed to get upstairs from the dryer before Mom and Dad came in."

Derek swallowed nervously, and he realized their poses right now were very incriminating. He whispered into her ear, "Danielle – I don't mean to hurt you, but we gotta drop this hug or Mom and Dad—"

She jerked her hands away from him like he was poisonous and gasped, putting her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide in realization and fear.

Relief crossed her face as her eyes flicked to the stairway to see if their parents were coming downstairs yet. She turned back and shakily brushed her hand through her hair. "Look, you better go to school."

Derek nodded and made his escape, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was in a bit of a brown study as he walked up to the entry doors, having mentally kicked himself for forgetting himself around Danielle. He didn' t see Rick until the latter had bumped into him with his shoulder. "Oh. Hey, Rick! Didn't see you, man."

"Yeah. You looked like you were, like, contemplating string theory or something." Rick grinned as he shifted his backpack on his shoulder. The two boys walked to Rick's locker, and Derek said, "Let's make sure we find out from the coach the exact track tryout time; I remember hearing it was supposed to be tomorrow but don't remember what time."

Rick nodded, having obtained from his locker his notebook and math textbook. "C'mon, let's see those math problems."

Derek, at his own locker, remembered to set his phone on vibrate before putting away the books he didn't need. After that, the two boys sat down in front of the door to a classroom that hadn't been unlocked yet, and quickly compared answers to the math assignment.

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