Derek and Danielle

Chapter Twelve

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

After supper, Derek decided he should take Sara up on her request for help with the assignment she'd asked about earlier that day. He called her, and she was only too happy to invite him over. Derek avoided Danielle on his way out, his backpack on his shoulder. As much as Sara had hinted that more than homework would be done, he needed to at least put on a show for her mom.

Sara had changed into a different outfit: yoga pants and a T-shirt. He thought she looked pretty good, and said as much after looking her up and down, earning him a half-hearted swat on his arm before Sara reached out to hug him.

After hugging at the front door, Sara said, "Come on in; we'll work at the kitchen table." In Derek's ear, she whispered, "Mom's rule."

Derek could see the point in that. He shrugged the backpack off his shoulder and dug out his books. "So, Mr. Alcott's assignment, right?"

Sara nodded. "I'll just run and grab my books."

The history assignment was about the 1700s, and rather boring, all things considered, but the two teens managed to make some progress on the questions in the textbook; Ms. Logan, after seeing from her kitchen that the teenagers legitimately had homework, had slowly drifted away after offering them some drinks and snacks.

"Hey. Sara? Serious question, okay?" he tried not to bite his lip or bounce his leg.

"Hmm?" Sara looked at Derek inquisitively.

Derek wondered if this was a really good idea, but plunged ahead anyway. "Would you – maybe, just saying, no pressure, y'know, but if there was a school dance and all…"

Sara smiled. "That's sweet of you to ask, Derek. Really. And I'll go with you, of course! What is it, the Hallowe'en dance, I think?"

Derek frowned. "Not sure, but I could check it out if you want?"

"It's a date." Sara grinned. She kissed him on his cheek and briefly hugged him.

After a while of resuming their homework, Sara got a gleam in her eye and hooked her foot around Derek's, surprising him. He darted his eyes around to make sure Ms. Logan wasn't going to run in and tell them off, then scooted his chair a little closer to hers. He reached down, and put his hand on her leg, feeling the muscle through the thin material.

After a while, Sara gently lifted his hand off her leg, whispering, "Later." She poked Derek gently in the side, provoking a small yelp as he retaliated with a quick tickle to Sara's side. Pretty soon their laughter brought Ms. Logan in, and the two teens subsided, embarrassed. "Um, sorry, Mom," said Sara contritely.

Her mother just smiled and said, "At least I expect you've actually done some of your homework. Derek? It's getting a bit late so I'd appreciate it if you'd wrap it up soon, okay?"

Derek nodded. "Yeah. I'm just gonna call my buddy. We've gotta go running anyway; track tryouts are tomorrow."

Sara perked up at that. "Can I watch?"

Derek shrugged. "If the coach lets you, shouldn't be a problem."

Ms. Logan said, "Don't stay up too late, Sara. I'm going to bed now, all right, sweetie?"

"Okay, Mom. I just need to get my books put away and stuff."

Derek, for his part, was already stuffing his books into his backpack and rummaging in his pockets for his phone.

Sara smiled at him and put her hand on his shoulder. "Walk you out?"

Derek let his phone fall back into his pants pocket and walked to the front door. Just before he put his shoes on, Sara beckoned him closer, ensnaring his mouth in a sudden kiss. Derek gently let his backpack slide down to the floor as he embraced her. If she keeps up, I'm gonna want to take those clothes off, thought Derek as he decided to throw caution to the winds and put his hand on Sara's butt. Sara returned the favor.

A muted thump startled them out of the kiss and incipient make-out session. As they struggled to breathe calmly, the two teens hemmed and hawed as Sara fidgeted in the hallway, while Derek grabbed up his backpack and hurriedly got his shoes on. Sara couldn't quite meet his eyes as she said, "See you tomorrow."

Derek said, "Sure. Seeya." He leaned in and said, "And hey, Sara? Nice pants. They show off your ass." He hoped she wouldn't be offended by his rather frank remark.

"You have one thing on your mind sometimes. And flattery will not make our kissing sessions any longer." She managed a stern expression and then dissolved into giggles as she gently pushed Derek to the door. "C'mon, get going before Mom gets annoyed, okay?"

"Okay." As he stepped across the threshold, he clasped her hand. Then they let go, and waved briefly at each other before Sara closed the door. Derek stepped outside, and began walking, pulling out his phone as he did so, in order to dial Rick.

As it turned out, his friend was up for some late-night practice running.

As Derek and Rick did their cool-down walk back to Rick's place, Derek said, "Hey. I kinda got something on my mind, y'know?"

"Okay, shoot. What is it?"

"All right. Suppose, maybe, just… would you date my sister? Like, at all?"

Rick looked at him, a bit dumbfounded. "Uh, did you tell her I kinda mostly swing the other way?"

Derek's eyebrows went up. "Not exactly. She just mentioned you in passing – school dances or someshit. But would you? Even just, like, as a friend?"

"I dunno, man," Rick scratched his head. "Where're these questions coming from, anyway?"

Exasperatedly, Derek said, "Look, you ask her. I'm just the middleman."

"Yeah, all right. Maybe I'll ask her. It's not like I've got any single guys to go with."

"Hey. Um, listen," said Derek as he stopped Rick for a second, his hand remaining on Rick's shoulder as he kept talking. "I might, kind of, y'know, if the circumstances were right – I'd go with you if nobody else did and I wasn't dating someone else. I kinda want to make it up to you for being a bit of a dick like, the other day."

Rick rubbed his hands a bit awkwardly. "I guess that's cool, but Derek? You don't need to feel like you have to do this for me if you really don't want to. I can always try to find a girl who'll go, like, just as a one-time thing."

Derek clapped Rick on the shoulder. "Well, we're friends, right?"

Rick smiled a bit. "Yeah. But seriously, two guys dancing at school might kinda get us the wrong kind of attention. Anyway, you coming in or you wanna take off?"

"I better get home. Need to get a good sleep for tomorrow."

"Shit, yeah. We'll blow away the tryouts, huh?"

By now the boys were at Rick's place, so Derek grabbed his backpack and bumped fists with Rick before he headed home.

At breakfast the next morning, Danielle briefly nodded at Derek as she walked up next to him to snag a bowl for her cereal. He tentatively reached out and put his hand on her shoulder, relieved when she didn't shake it off. He squeezed gently and said, "You okay?"

Danielle nodded, reaching up to briefly clasp his hand. "Thanks," she muttered. Derek went to eat, followed by Danielle a moment later. They ate breakfast mostly in silence, Derek not wanting to upset his sister by talking about his date (as tame as it might have been). He was sure Sara had probably already regaled her with all the details anyway.

The siblings decided to walk to school together, having finished breakfast at the same time. They said their good-byes to their parents as they walked out the front door.

Out on the street, Danielle heaved a sigh of relief. Derek, puzzled, said, "What's up?"

"Just – it feels good to be able to talk to you for a little without worrying that Mom or Dad might hear. So I hear my twin brother has a date for a school dance, huh?" Danielle smiled, but Derek wasn't sure her heart was in it.

"Yeah. I think I'm not the world's best dancer, though," admitted Derek.

Danielle put out her hand to stop him. "Would you – if you wanted…" she quickly looked up and down the street. "Would you wanna practice, at home?"

Derek swallowed. He thought furiously, weighing the possible pros and cons. Something in him was tempted just enough, and as though he felt it being pulled out of him by his sister, he said, "Sure. I guess."

Danielle nodded. "Okay, we can work something out."

Derek snapped his fingers, relieved to have remembered something to change the subject. "Listen, Danielle, Rick said he might be okay with taking you to a school dance, if you're okay with it too."

As the siblings began walking again, Danielle grimaced. "It's… reasonable, I guess. I'm not crazy about the idea, but I guess it beats staying home. He knows I know about him, right?"

Derek gestured with a 'sort of' hand gesture. "I mean, he doesn't know you know we've done stuff, but he did ask if you knew he was mostly gay. So I guess he doesn't care if some people know that."

"Whatever, at least he won't be staring at my boobs the entire time, right?" Danielle grinned, having caught Derek's eyes move in exactly that direction when she mentioned the word.

"They're nice," said Derek. The moment his brain caught up, he blurted, "Shit! Did anyone hear that?"

By now they were in the same passageway that he and Rick had been the other day, and Danielle quickly looked up and down its entire length. She caught her breath and hissed, "Thank God!" She continued, "Derek, please be careful. Okay?" She looked at him, her eyes wide. Something inside Derek twisted at seeing how frightened his sister was. He wanted to just hold her, tell her it would be all right.

He wondered how she felt when she saw that emotion in his eyes. Derek nodded. "I'm really sorry, I just… damn it. I wasn't thinking."

He shifted his backpack on his shoulder as they kept walking. Danielle said, "Derek, I'm begging you, don't talk about us, not even on a dare at a party or anything."

"Yeah, I understand." He pointed. "That goes double for you too, sis."

"Don't I know it," she said heavily.

The siblings walked in silence the rest of the way to school.

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