Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirteen

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

Derek and Rick had both successfully tried out for the track team as well. They met with their mutual friend Evan Warren that Saturday afternoon at Rick's house. Evan was a bit taller than Derek, he noted, as they stood in the entry foyer of Rick's house. Then he did a double take.

"Evan? Are those blue contacts?"

His friend grinned. "Yeah. I was waiting to see if you guys'd notice. They're pretty cool."

Derek lifted his eyebrows. They were a kind of cobalt blue; his regular eye color was hazel, like Rick's, only his hair was light brown. Evan hadn't tanned much, while Rick's olive skin hadn't deepened too much over the summer. Derek noticed his own tan had come in nicely over the summer. The overall effect was kind of startling, but Derek admitted to himself it made Evan look kind of hot.

Rick looked closer and said, "Oh, yeah. Hey, why the weird contacts?"

Evan shrugged and smiled. "I didn't want glasses, and I was able to get two sets: one clear and one any other color. So I figured, hey, something to get noticed for."

Derek laughed. "I'll say it gets you noticed! Pick up any chicks?"

"Actually, yeah. This cute girl – her name's Katie, same grade as me – she comes up to me at lunch the second day of classes and tells me flat-out she likes my eyes and wants to date me." Evan grinned.

"Awe-some!" Rick high-fived Evan and said, "Hey, Derek has a girlfriend, too, you know that?"

The boys had migrated to Rick's bedroom. Rick sprawled out on his bed, while Derek snagged the chair near Rick's desk. Evan shoved Rick's legs aside on the bed to sit at the edge, prompting a half-hearted middle finger from Rick.

Evan said, "Cool. How'd you meet her?"

"She's friends with my sister. We hung out one day after Danielle agreed to introduce me, and … I dunno. We just kinda clicked after I asked her out."

Evan smirked. "She suck your dick yet?"

"Whoa, whoa, dude. Not yet," protested Derek. Even though Rick's dad was out cutting the grass, his voice dropped to a whisper as he said, "Really? She… y'know?"

Evan nodded. "Totally. We went out to the movies that weekend, and she did it in the back of the parking lot."

Rick's eyes were a little glassy as he breathed, "Holy shit."

Derek leaned back in his seat and tried to process. Yes, he and Danielle had gone kind of fast, but they were… unusual. He and Sara had only gotten to the feeling-each-other-up stage, and he and Rick hadn't done anything since the showering-together thing, either. He wondered if there was something wrong with him, or if Evan had just hit the jackpot and didn't mind graduating to the heavier stages of a relationship right away.

Evan poked Rick. "Hey, what about you?"

Rick half-heartedly poked Evan's back with his toe. "Nothin' yet. Kinda… playing the field." Derek noticed Rick's eyes flick over to him.

Evan seemed not to have noticed Rick's unconscious giveaway, but he did frown as he thought. "Hey, I know. I got a cousin who was complaining there's no guys she likes in the small town an hour out of here. You know, Kentville."

Rick muttered, "Sure, I guess, if you wanna." He traced the seam of the thread on his blanket.

Evan shifted on the bed to look at Rick. "Dude, you really don't seem that happy about it. Are you gay or something?"

Derek couldn't help himself. He started chuckling at the way Evan had just baldly put the question out there, and Rick, at first trying to shush Derek, began grinning as Derek pointed and said, "Something, huh?"

Finally, Rick dissolved into full-out laughter at Evan's look of confusion. After a few moments, Rick managed to collect himself enough to point weakly and grin. "Evan, man. Thanks for the tension breaker."

Evan shrugged. "Uh, okay?"

Rick finally sobered up enough to say, "Okay. Uh, truth? I… think I kinda like guys more than girls."

Evan raised his eyebrows. "You sure about that?"

Rick sighed. "Yeah, pretty sure."

"So, like, you get turned on when you look at guys?" Evan seemed intrigued, if a bit mystified.

"I bone up so fast seeing some of those guys on the football team, it's unreal," admitted Rick.

"Hey, at least the cheerleaders will know he's not trying to look up their skirts," joked Derek.

"Yeah, 'cause I'd rather see the quarterback naked," bantered Rick.

"Wait, Derek, you knew about this already?" Evan seemed taken aback.

"Kinda, yeah," admitted Derek. "Me and Rick, we got to talking one day and it kind of, well, slipped out."

Evan wasn't slow on the uptake, and Derek uncomfortably shifted in his chair under his friend's gaze. Evan pointed at his two other friends and said, "You two?"

Rick abruptly started coughing after he gasped in surprise. Derek, for his part, had an unpleasant feeling in his chest. Was Evan going to stop being friends?

Rick sat up on the bed. "Evan, me and Derek just fooled around a bit. We're not dating or anything."

Derek didn't really want to tell, but he had to explain. "I think I'm, like, bi. You know, girls and guys?"

Was it his imagination, or did Evan's jeans seem to have a slight bulge?

But all Evan said was, "Cool. So what about the track team? I made the team at my school."

Rick grinned. "And so did we, buddy. Eat dust at the next competition!"

Evan lightly thumped Rick's leg. "Eat my dust is what you mean, asshole."

Rick laughed. "Asshole, huh?" He began roughhousing with Evan, the boys trying to get headlocks on each other.

Derek yelled, "Banzai!" and lunged into the fray. He tackled Evan to the floor, who managed to struggle out and break free, grabbing Derek in a headlock immediately afterwards.

After a few more minutes in which all three teenagers managed to pin each other on the floor, only to lose the hold and find it reversed on them, they finally called a halt. Derek lay on the floor, breathing heavily as Rick sat up near him. Evan was picking himself up off the floor.

Evan's phone rang, and he grabbed it off Rick's table, holding up a finger to indicate he'd be done shortly. He sprawled on Rick's bed and stuffed a pillow behind his head.

"Hey, Katie, what's up, babe?" Evan grinned.

Derek got back up and sat on the chair again, while Rick pulled a small four-legged stool from the corner of the room near his full-length mirror and sat down near Derek.

The grin slowly melted off his face as she spoke, and by the end of it he sat up and whined, "Oh, come on! Can't you get out of it?"

Frustratedly, he wrapped up the call, saying, "Okay. Call me later; we'll reschedule or something.'

He threw the phone on Rick's bed, and blurted, "Shit!" through gritted teeth. Rick said, "What's wrong? She bail on a date?"

Evan groaned. "Yeah. We were gonna go to this party, but then she calls and tells me her grandma's in town and she's gotta do this, like, family thing so our date's shot. I was looking forward to having some fun with her, too."

Rick said, "Oh, yeah? You were gonna bang her?"

"I wish!" Evan grinned. "Nah, I figured she was gonna blow me again, maybe."

The front door closing, followed by footsteps, led to Rick's dad knocking on the door. "Rick?"

"Yeah, come in, Dad," he called.

Rick's father entered the room. "Oh, hey, boys. Evan! Haven't seen you in a while." Evan waved in response and leaned back. Rick's dad continued, "I'm going to be gone for about an hour; I need to get some shopping done after I clean up from cutting the grass. Oh, Rick, remember it's your turn in a couple of weeks before it starts raining a lot in fall."

Rick nodded. "Sure thing."

"You guys staying for supper?"

The three boys looked at each other and shrugged. Derek said, "Maybe. I should call my parents first, though."

"Me too," said Evan as he picked up his phone.

"Just have Rick call me and leave a message. I'll get pizza if you guys are staying; how's that?"

After seeing all the boys nod, Rick's dad gave them a thumbs up and left the room.

"Your dad's still as cool as I remember," remarked Evan.

"Yeah. He knows when to give me space and when I want to hang with him for a bit. He doesn't take any of my shit, either," noted Rick.

Derek remembered. "Yeah, I remember he came down pretty hard when you stayed at my place past your bedtime. Grounded you for a week. In summer, too."

Evan slapped his hand to his forehead. "Oh man, I remember that too! You must have called me on my phone like, twice a day. And complained for ten minutes each time, too. 'Evan, I'm so fucking boooooored!'"

Rick flipped off his friends as they laughed, remembering. "See how you dickheads like it when you get grounded on the holidays."

Evan sighed. "Not that you two are the shittiest company ever but damn, I'd rather be with Katie later tonight."

Derek stepped out of the room, letting Rick and Evan talk while he called home. He got Danielle, who got their mom on the line. He got the okay to stay at Rick's for supper, then went back and said, "I'm good for supper, Rick."

Evan ducked out of the room to talk to his parents. Rick nudged Derek and said, "Evan was adjusting his pants, dude. He was boned up big time thinking about his chick."

Derek looked at Rick in shock. "You're not gonna—?" He hissed, "Dude. You could fuck this up so bad."

Rick whispered, "I'm just gonna offer, okay? Just… think of it like with you, right?"

Derek uneasily shook his head.

Evan came back in and said, "I'm cool, too. Rick, you wanna call your dad?"

Rick shrugged. "I'll just text him."

Evan laughed. "Make sure you don't fuck it up like you see on those websites. Like, 'Hey, Mom, wanna fuck?' and you're like 'Shit, I meant to say duck!'"

"Now, if you sent that to your girlfriend, she'd think something was wrong with you," Derek pointed out.

"Or maybe she'd be into seriously kinky shit," remarked Rick as he hit the SEND button.

Rick adjusted his pants, almost without thinking. Evan, in turn, shifted a bit and briefly stuck his hand in his pocket, trying to be unobtrusive about the adjustment.

Rick looked up and said. "Evan? You ever think about what you'd do if, like, Katie doesn't put out?"

Evan shook his head. "Probably just go to bed with blue balls and whack it, why?"

"It depends. You feel like it's not quite enough?"

Derek ran his hand through his hair. He just prayed Evan wasn't grossed out, because Rick could cause something bad to happen.

Evan shrugged. "What else is there gonna be? Unless you got a genius solution, it's me and Rosie Palm tonight when I go home."

Rick grinned, got off his stool and rummaged in his closet, pulling out a black cylinder. He twisted a lid off it, then stood up and turned around. Derek's jaw dropped. "Rick, is that a—?"

Evan sat up, shocked. "Oh my fucking god. How did you get a Fleshlight?!"

Rick made sure his door was locked. He said, "Okay. A couple days ago, my dad gets something in the mail. Whatever, right? I didn't see what it was, or what he did with it. Except, the day after that, I'm going into the supply closet, 'cause Dad wanted me to find a couple spare light bulbs for the outside motion detectors. I was on the ladder, looking on the top shelf for the spares. I grabbed a couple, but I accidentally knocked the old folded-up kiddie pool onto the floor beside me. I saw two of these things hidden under the thing, dudes."

Dumbfounded, Derek wondered, "Two? Why the fuck do you need two?"

"Shit, yeah," chimed in Evan.

"Hey, I'm not gonna fucking ask my Dad, okay? Maybe he ordered a spare in case his other one broke, I dunno. And maybe he figured I'd never notice."

Rick looked at Derek, then Evan. They shrugged at each other, deciding that was the most reasonable explanation. Evan said, "You use it yet?"

Rick chuckled nervously. "No, actually. But I did take it out and read the instructions and shit. You're supposed to, like, soak it in warm water to prepare it."

Rick's phone signalled a received text, which startled the three of them. Rick shoved the Fleshlight back deep into his closet, then snatched his phone off the desk. He sighed in relief. "Just Dad. He's texting he stopped at the auto parts store, so he's gonna be gone another hour between that and waiting for the pizza when he orders it."

Evan groaned. "Look at this fucking tent in my pants. Thanks, assholes."

"Aw, you know you love us," mocked Derek. He tried not to think about the fact that he'd been semi-hard the entire time.

Rick licked his lips. "Evan? Can I ask you something?"

Evan narrowed his eyes. "Yeah?"

"What if – like, just… think about it, okay? What if we just… did something about it now?"

"Whoa. No way," breathed Evan. "You mean, like—" He swallowed nervously.

Rick nodded. "Yeah. Like, I'm into guys, right? And Derek kind of is, so…" he trailed off, nervously bouncing his fist against his thigh.

Derek's teeth threatened to start chattering, he was getting that nervous. He held his breath, waiting for something to happen.

Rick looked at Derek. He touched Derek's shoulder and said, "You okay if we show him?"

Derek rubbed his hands on his pants and looked at Evan. He seemed intrigued and a bit puzzled. Derek stood up and looked at Rick. He nodded. "Your move."

Rick reached up and put his hand on Derek's chest, then leaned in for a kiss. Derek steadied himself with a hand on Rick's chest as he opened his mouth some more and flicked Rick's tongue with his own, the two teens deepening the kiss. Derek nearly forgot there was anyone else in the room with him until a loud, "Damn!" from Evan made him stop kissing Rick.

Derek felt Rick's chest muscles, remembering that they'd started arranging work-out sessions after school. He let his hand fall as he looked at Evan, who was staring in amazement.

"That – guys, that was actually kind of weirdly hot," admitted Evan. He leaned forward and said, "You guys did this before?"

Rick nodded. "We showered together and jerked each other off, too."

"Jesus." Evan got off the bed and stood up. "I am so fucking horny right now!"

Derek nodded at the tent in Evan's pants and said, "So take your pants off." Feeling a bit more brazen now that Rick's plan was working, he said, "C'mon. We're all guys here, we're just taking a load off, right?"

Rick laughed and stood behind Derek, putting his arms around Derek and pulling Derek back against himself. "I'll say he'll be more like busting his load off!"

Evan seemed to come to a decision, and yanked down his pants, exposing his boxer-briefs. A bit more uncertainly, he tugged off his T-shirt, showing off a fairly well-developed torso joining the muscular legs of a track runner. Derek was breathing heavily, watching Evan slowly pull off his underwear.

Rick put his chin on Derek's shoulder as he ran his hand up and down Derek's flat stomach. "C'mon, Evan, let's see what you got, huh?"

Finally, Evan stood, showing his erection. Derek and Rick whistled. He was perhaps a bit less well endowed in length, but the thickness of Evan's cock was comparable to their own.

Rick let go of Derek and came up to Evan, tentatively putting his hand on his friend's shoulder. Softly, he said, "Evan, do you want me to suck your dick for you?"

"M-maybe jack me off first? And can you guys, y'know—" said Evan thickly as he tried to wet his lips.

Rick wasted no time getting out of his clothes, Derek following suit a bit less quickly. Evan was surprised. "What the hell? You guys have, like, the hugest dicks. I haven't seen anyone like that in the showers at gym!"

Derek smirked. "What can I say? Luck of the draw, huh?"

Evan breathed, "Tell me about it. Shit, your girlfriend's gonna walk bow-legged after you fuck her!"

Derek fleetingly wondered how Danielle would react to that, but Rick upped the ante by saying, "You watch. The next guy you see who's walking funny, that was me."

Rick reached down, grasping Evan's erect cock with his hand, provoking a sharp gasp. Derek, for his part, sat on the bed next to Evan, who was standing. He noticed Evan had a bit more leg hair, and a butt that was about as firm as Rick's. He said, "Ev? Can I touch your leg?"

"Go for it. God, that feels good, Rick. Faster, man."

Rick obligingly began stroking a bit faster, while Derek put his hand on Evan's hip, then slowly ran his hand down his friend's leg, feeling the strong muscle under his warm skin. Evan's hand found its way to Derek's shoulder, holding on for support as he moaned in ecstasy.

Rick was now gently cupping Evan's balls with his left hand as he stroked with his right. Derek ran his hand up to feel Evan's ass, squeezing his friend's firm glutes.

"Suck my dick now, Rick," begged Evan.

Rick got on his knees, and Derek got an eyeful as he saw, up close, how to do it properly. Maybe he could pick up some techniques to tell Danielle next time they did something like this. Guiltily, he thought of how Sara might feel about Derek's other activities, but the sight of Evan's engorged cock slowly making its way into Rick's mouth got Derek's undivided attention. All thoughts of anyone except the two boys next to him vanished.

Rick was a natural, thought an amazed Derek, as Rick sucked down inch after inch, his head bobbing a little further forward each time; Evan was making incoherent noises of pleasure, gripping Derek's shoulder with his left hand and putting his right hand on Rick's head, stroking his friend's hair.

The only hold-up was when Rick choked a bit, stopped, then seemed to relax a bit, and then slowly, tantalizingly slowly, pushed his mouth forward, until, unbelievably, his nose was up against Rick's body. Evan managed to blurt out, "God, so warm. Oh, fuck, please—"

Derek thought he saw Rick's throat bulge a bit now that Evan's cock was all the way in. He fleetingly wondered what it would look like – and feel like if Rick sucked him off. He looked down and saw Rick's erection at full mast; Derek didn't need to look to know his cock was the hardest it had ever been.

Rick resumed his blow job, and Derek knew his friend had to be wanting some kind of relief. He murmured an apology to Evan as he slid down to the floor, moving behind Rick. Rick raised his hands to grab Evan's hips, steadying him.

He pressed up against Rick, his cock sliding against Rick's ass crack. He put his left hand on Rick's leg to steady himself, then reached around with his right hand to grasp Rick's cock, stroking slowly and deliberately. Rick's moan of desire was clearly heard in the room, even with Evan's cock in the way.

Rick's head bobbed faster and faster, bringing Evan to the edge as he blurted in a high whine, "Oh, jeez, Rick, you gotta – please, I'm—shit!"

Evan could utter no words, as his body began spasming, blasting his load into Rick's mouth and down his throat. Derek stopped stroking Rick, awed at the way Evan's eyes were squeezed shut and his jaw slack as he came. He had no idea how many spurts Evan had blasted, but if his own body was anything to by, Evan must have shot a good five or six gobs into Rick's waiting mouth.

Rick slowly pulled back off Evan's cock, keeping his lips closed as he did so. Evan slowly collapsed onto the bed, spent. Rick tapped Derek's leg, motioning to move back. As Derek did so, Rick turned around and carefully opened his mouth, showing a sizable volume of Evan's fluids. Derek wasted no time grabbing Rick into a kiss, tasting his friend's jizz for the first time.

It was fairly salty and maybe not ideal, but feeling the warm come slide across their tongues as he swallowed some of it was like an electric jolt to Derek's hard-on.

After the very sound kiss in which the boys had swallowed their friend's fluids, Rick pulled back. His hair was mussed and his lips were a bit red. His voice also sounded a bit different as he said, "Damn! That was hot. C'mon, Derek."

He rushed to grab a towel, spread it between him and Derek, and reached for Derek's cock at the same time Derek grabbed Rick's. The two of them put their foreheads against each other to brace themselves as they each quickly jacked each other off, exploding almost simultaneously as they shot ropes of jism across the towel. The amazing thing was how Derek's body kept spasming just a little, even several moments after he'd finished ejaculating.

The release of the heightened sexual tension drained Derek so much he nearly fell over when Rick moved back. Derek sat up on his knees as he watched, amazed as Rick suddenly got "all business": opening the window, turning on the fan on his desk, and cleaning up the cum-soaked towel and any drippings from Evan's dick on his bedsheets. He checked his cell phone. "Dad texted. He's just finished shopping now and is getting the pizza. C'mon, guys. We gotta move."

Rick extended his hands to each of his friends, who tiredly pulled themselves up to their feet.

Spontaneously, Evan grinned and threw his arms around Derek and Rick. "Shit, you guys! That was so fucking hot! Damn! Thank you both. You're awesome, seriously, Rick, for that BJ, and Derek, for that show you put on with Rick. You two jacking each other, God, if you could have seen your face as you came, Derek. If coming is heaven, you were there, man."

Rick smiled and rubbed Evan's back. "C'mon, we gotta get cleaned up. You shower first, okay?"

Derek gave Evan a gentle pat on the ass. "Yeah, go on. But be fast, huh?"

After Evan went into the bathroom just down the hall from Rick's bedroom, Rick sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Jesus! I had no idea. I thought for sure Evan was gonna turn me – us – down. Look, Der, I'm sorry I dragged you into this. It was just – I was so horny I wasn't thinking straight."

Derek waved it off. "Don't worry. It came out all right in the end, huh?"

Rick nodded. "Yeah, thank goodness. But listen, Derek, if I do this next time and you think it's not safe, you call it off. Okay? I trust you, man."

Derek, taken aback, said quietly, "I dunno what to say. I mean, you trust me that much that you'd back out of sex on my say-so?"

"Yeah. I think I get a little… I don't wanna use the word, but it fits, I guess – I get a little slutty. And I guess I kinda pull people along with me. So if you're around and you think you need to hold me back, you say it. I just – if we get busted or someone snitches out or… y'know, anything, I just don't want to think of that happening."

Derek could see Rick's point. He'd been the more cautious one, and he might have been more alert to any suspicious moves on Evan's part or anything happening in the rest of the house.

Still, he wanted to make sure of one thing…

"Hey, Rick?"

Rick, in the middle of finding some clean towels to dry off with when finished, said, "Yeah?"

"Will you suck my dick someday?"

Rick laughed gently. "Hey, you want to do something, I'm all for it." His expression grew solemn. "Seriously, Derek. Even if you want to go all the way – if you want to fuck me, even."

Derek's jaw dropped. "Holy shit, you're serious."

"I am. Look, this is probably just really fucked up, but there is nothing you could ask of me I wouldn't do."

Confused, Derek said, "Why?"

Rick bit his lip. "I kinda… like you."

The shower turning off prompted Derek to hurriedly say, "Hey, that's cool. Okay? I just… I got this thing with Sara right now. But you wanna talk or anything…"

"Thanks." Rick smiled wanly and handed Derek a towel before he shooed Derek out to take a shower, as a towel-clad Evan walked in.

All the teens were cleaned up and presentable, Rick having made sure his room would air out, so the smell of sex wouldn't be obvious, and also carefully placed the incriminating towel in with the rest of his laundry.

They were lounging in front of the Wii console game when Rick's dad came home and shouted, "Hey! Need some help with the groceries, huh?"

The rest of the evening passed by without incident, for which Derek was very thankful.

Sex, he thought, was also kind of risky in its own way.

The Hallowe'en Dance was being held on a Friday night, a few days before actual Hallowe'en. That being said, Derek hadn't quite figured out what he wanted to go as, and neither, apparently, had Sara. Then again, it was near the beginning of October at that point.

As Derek's thoughts turned to their relationship, he decided their relationship was … comfortable. But whatever spark there was supposed to be wasn't really there between them, and he wondered if she knew that too, even though they'd fooled around a bit. He hadn't forgotten that sentence to Danielle: "I don't think I can make it work," he had said.

But a kind of familiar inertia kept the two of them dating occasionally; catching the new James Bond movie had been fun, especially the part where the two of them ignored the movie and made out with each other in the back row. Derek had also had Sara over at his place, but studiously avoided getting too frisky with Sara when Danielle was present.

But there had been that one time, about a week after his get-together with Evan and Rick, when Danielle was away and they'd gone swimming. His mom had run off to get something and his dad was puttering around in the garage that Friday afternoon.

Sara and Derek had been in the deep end of the pool, which was hidden a bit from the house's windows. She was wearing her two-piece swimsuit, while Derek had on his Speedos. After some swimming and occasional horseplay, they were treading water in the deep end.

She had put her hand on his chest and gently pushed him against the edge of the pool, where he braced himself. She leaned in and they began kissing. Almost without conscious intent, Derek's hand wandered down from her shoulder, encircling her breast. He could feel her nipple pointing through the thin material.

Sara's hand moved down from his chest, and for the first time, she reached down there. When her hand groped his already full erection, she pulled back from their kiss and gasped, her eyes wide. "My God! That's huge!"

Derek's heart slammed in his chest as he tried to avoid hyperventilating. His hand fell from Sara's chest. His whole body started shaking as he quickly looked around for his parents. Sara, apparently oblivious to Derek's plight, was tugging his Speedos down and freeing his erection. Derek's mouth went dry as she ran her hand up and down his cock; the hungry look in her face made Derek wonder what would happen next if he didn't stop right there.

He managed to get hold of himself, and grasped Sara's wrist. He said, "Not—" He licked his lips. "Not here, Sara. Please." He looked her in the eye, willing her to understand how dangerous it was getting.

Reluctantly, she let go, and Derek, relieved, stuffed his dick back into his Speedos. He shakily said, "I just—my parents. We'd get our asses so kicked, Sara."

She nodded, clearly a bit unhappy. Derek, in a fit of inspiration, cast his eyes at the pool change room door. Sara, catching his expression, grinned and quietly exited the pool. Derek, a few moments later, carefully got out of the pool and checked the windows of the house for anyone. He then sneaked into the change room, and beckoned Sara into the shower.

To Sara's delight (and Derek's relief, to be perfectly honest, given that the more time the two of them spent in the change room the more suspicious it would look), it didn't take long for Sara to stroke him to completion; she'd been impressed when he blew his load all over.

However, she didn't seem to like tasting his fluids. She'd gotten some on her fingers when he'd dribbled out his last shot, and when she'd almost automatically licked it off, she made a face. Derek, embarrassed, had said, "Sorry."

Sara shook her head. "It's just really salty. Look, um, if I ever blow you? I'm not gonna swallow, okay?"

Derek had had to struggle to keep a straight face. Danielle would have a decidedly different perspective on the matter. Meanwhile, boyfriend and girlfriend cleaned up quickly after that, and once dressed, they didn't mention the pool incident again until their next date.

That night, playing a Need for Speed game, he quietly related this to Danielle, who dropped her jaw in amazement. "Jesus! After a couple of weeks? Derek, are you sure you two aren't going too fast?"

He looked at her steadily. "What about you and me? Or, like, Rick and Evan?"

"Well, with guys, you definitely act like it's just scratching an itch, so I'm not sure it's worth worrying about. Friends with benefits, y'know. And you and me? We're different, Derek. We grew up together," Danielle pointed out. "You only just got to know her a while ago."

Derek nodded, conceding the point. "To be honest? It was scary, but I admit it was kind of fun, too."

Danielle sardonically said, "Well, don't look at me if her mom kicks your ass or something."

"Her mom? Danielle, our parents would probably kick my ass if I got caught doing something like that with her."

Danielle nodded. She gestured at the screen. "C'mon, let's see you keep playing, huh?"

Derek, though, didn't resume the game just yet. Curious, he said, "When I told you about Rick, me, and Evan, what did you think?"

"Honestly?" Danielle ticked off her answers on her hand. "Well, at first I was kind of jealous and annoyed; if you remember I got a little snippy with you at the supper table."

Derek remembered. Danielle had been curt and abrupt when Derek asked her to pass the salt, and their parents had gotten a bit inquisitive, until finally Danielle blurted that Derek had stolen her mascara and she'd had to tackle him to get it back. Their mom had said, "Derek, it's not nice to tease your sister. Now apologize." And he'd had to mumble an apology for a non-existent transgression. Great.

"But then," Danielle began tapping her finger, "I got kind of … curious. I've seen you jack off, but I've never seen boys give each other blowjobs."

Danielle tapped her third finger. "Finally, a couple days later I was thinking about it while I was masturbating, and I got kinda turned on."

Derek took the plunge and asked, "So… you'd wanna… do something? With me?"

Danielle grinned. "With you? Say the word."

"Wait a minute," Derek said. "Are you gonna be okay about this? I mean, I feel kind of like… I'm using you, or something."

Danielle reached for Derek's hand. "I've had time to think since our last big talk. We haven't really talked much since then, or even really seen each other 'cause you've got track practice and weightlifting and I've got volleyball, as well." She took a breath. "The way I see it, Derek? I have a long-term goal. Okay? I want you and me to be together. But I know that what's for me isn't for you. So I will accept what I can get. If that means being a sibling with benefits, I'll go with that. It's probably even the best you and I can do, because we can't afford to let rumors go around about us."

"I'm sorry, Danielle," muttered Derek. A bit more loudly, he said, "I'm sorry I can't be what you want, but I do kind of want to experience other people, and all that. But I do really want you, too. Just… I can't be exclusively right now. Rumors and all that shit."

"But one day?" Danielle asked hopefully.

Derek didn't know how or why or what came over him, but he ended up making a promise to his sister. "One day, Danielle."

She scooted up and kissed him thoroughly, prompting Derek to wonder when his parents would be back. They were "working late", they'd said, at some company thing.

Fuck it, thought Derek. He said out loud, "Danielle? C'mon to my room."

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