Derek and Danielle

Chapter Fourteen

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

Derek led Danielle into his room and closed the door. He said, "Are you sure you're okay with this?" Hurriedly, he added, "I mean, I would love to make out with you and stuff, but if you don't want to—"

Danielle shushed him, putting a finger on his mouth. "I am, Derek. I promise." Her finger trailed down his neck, then down his chest. "C'mon, kiss me."

Derek leaned in and began kissing his sister as he tugged her over to his bed. Slowly, he broke the kiss, sat on the edge of his bed, then put his hands on her hips. "C'mere, huh?"

She smiled and straddled him, perching her butt on his legs. She reached up and yanked the elastic off her ponytail, freeing her hair and letting it fall to her shoulders. Danielle held his shoulders for balance and leaned down to kiss Derek again. Derek's hands wandered down Danielle's legs, feeling the muscles through her yoga pants. She was wearing a thin T-shirt, and her large breasts brushed against his jaw occasionally when Danielle shifted slightly as they kissed. The thought became action as his left hand moved up, past her stomach, encountering the bottom of her bra cup, groping and gently squeezing her breast. Danielle drew back from kissing Derek, letting out a pleased moan. "I like that; play with my boobs some more, Derek."

He needed no further invitation, running both his hands over the swells of his sister's breasts. He marvelled again at how they were firm, yet yielded just right (well, if he were honest with himself, he'd only touched two other girls, so he didn't have much to compare to, but Danielle's still felt the best so far) when he groped and rubbed them.

His desire to do more finally overrode how good it felt, and he slid his hands down Danielle's sides, hooking his fingers under her shirt. He looked at her questioningly; she nodded in response. Derek began pulling her shirt up, prompting Danielle to raise her arms to help as he pushed her shirt up and off of her. He tossed her shirt somewhere on the floor. Then he looked Danielle in the eye, and felt her breathing pick up as he deliberately slid his fingers down, past her breastbone, in between her breasts, then left his hand there, feeling her heartbeat.

Danielle ran her hand through Derek's hair. "Hey, Everything all right?"

Derek grinned. "More than all right. I just felt kinda… connected to you, more than normal anyway, when I did that. Feeling your heartbeat. Feeling you, I guess."

Danielle leaned her head down to kiss Derek again briefly. "That was sweet. Thanks."

"Now, um, can I take your bra off? Only, uh, I haven't had to figure that part out yet."

Danielle got off of him and gestured to stand up. She turned around and said, "Okay. See the hook there where my bra straps join up?"

Derek snagged the appropriate part with his finger, and tugged a bit. Danielle sternly said, "Don't you dare even think about snapping my bra, Derek." She couldn't keep up the stern atmosphere, and giggled. "Go ahead. Unhook it, then hook it up again."

Derek fumbled the first time, but after some encouragement from Danielle, he got pretty proficient at unhooking a girl's bra from the back, as well as hooking it up.

"Now the front, Derek." Danielle turned around and held his hips. "C'mon, little brother."

Derek rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Yeah, by five minutes or so. Big deal, big sister."

He reached around Danielle, and fumbled the first attempt at unhooking so badly she laughed. She pressed her lips together to stifle further laughter as she apologized. "Sorry, I'm just so used to doing it now I forget what it's like when you're starting out."

Derek managed to get the hang of it, and, holding the ends of Danielle's bra, looked at her. She nodded to go ahead, and Derek slowly pulled Danielle's bra off, exposing her breasts and revealing her erect nipples. Derek tossed Danielle's bra off in the direction of her shirt, and murmured, "C'mon, let's get back on the bed."

Shortly after, Danielle was straddling him again, and Derek was transporting Danielle into a world of delight as he licked and sucked his way down her left breast, teasing her as he never quite got to her nipple.

Finally she could take it no more and ground out, "God, suck my nipple already!"

Derek flicked his tongue across her nipple, eliciting a half-moan, half-gasp from his sister. The next time, he slowly ran his tongue all around her areola, then brought his lips to her nipple to suck gently on it. He left one hand on her other breast, brushing his thumb across her nipple, while his other hand trailed down to the front of Danielle's pants, rubbing down near her clit. After some rubbing, he ran his hand down further between her legs and felt the beginnings of a damp spot which seemed to get wetter as he slowly rubbed her pussy.

Danielle reached down and tugged at Derek's shirt. He lifted his arms and let her tug his shirt off. He was now clad in only his knee-length cotton jogging shorts. He took a moment to adjust his erection, rubbing along his stiffness. Reluctantly, he stopped, though he would have loved to just jack off right there.

After Danielle tossed his shirt somewhere in his room, they got back to kissing and putting their hands everywhere they could put them. Danielle had started trying to rub herself against him, but it didn't seem to be working very well. Derek put his hands on Danielle's shoulders and gently broke the kiss. "Hey, can we change positions? I have an idea."

Danielle got off of him and stood up. Derek stood up as well, then came up to Danielle and put his hands on her hips as she held his upper arms. Her pupils were dilated and he could tell she was breathing more quickly than usual. "Do you trust me? I wanna show you what I want to do," said Derek quietly.

Danielle nodded. "Okay. Show me."

Derek slowly backed Danielle up to the bed; she automatically sat down on it when the back of her legs touched the mattress. She made a move to pull his pants down, but Derek gently stopped her. He said, "Lie down, okay? But keep your pants on."

Danielle got the idea at once and lay down, her legs spread just a bit. God, this is perfect, thought Derek. He moved onto the bed and got on his knees near her legs. "We're not gonna take our pants off tonight, okay?"

"So what are you gonna do? Jesus, Derek, I'm so freakin' horny right now, if you leave me hanging like this—"

Derek grinned. "You'll what?"

Danielle glared. "Derek, I am your twin sister. You don't think I know how to get revenge?"

"Yeah, I remember when we were ten," replied Derek. "But stealing something of yours isn't what I'm after."

He ran his hands from Danielle's knees, up her thighs, a quick grope of her ass, then steadied himself on his left hand as his right continued up her torso, encircling her breast. He quickly licked his thumb, then rubbed her nipple with it, eliciting a gasp from Danielle.

In moving his hands up Danielle's body, Derek had been leaning further forward so he was almost on top of his sister. He adjusted his knees, placed his hands on either side of Danielle's shoulders, and let himself down, so he was rubbing his erect cock against Danielle's privates.

Danielle got the point at once and arched her back a bit, letting Derek get a better angle as he rubbed back and forth, almost as though he were actually having sex with her. He noticed how her hair was carelessly splayed all over the pillow

Danielle put her hands on Derek's hips, encouraging him to grind against her more vigorously. Derek, for his part, was now in heaven. His penis was leaking pre-cum inside his shorts as he rocked back and forth, and his breathing got more ragged as he moaned, "So hot. God, I wanna do the real thing one day!"

Danielle's response was to wrap her legs around him after a last grope of his ass, and look Derek right in the eyes. "Come on, faster, Derek. Like you were really fucking me!"

Derek gulped and closed his eyes, letting the sensations wash over him as he rested himself on his elbows and let his head fall beside Danielle's on the pillow. His upper body was now rubbing against hers, and feeling her beautiful boobs rubbing against him was almost too much.

He could feel the momentum beginning to build now, and lifted his head just enough to look at Danielle. "Close – getting close!"

She squeezed her legs a little more, prompting him to grind faster against her. Danielle ran her hand down Derek's chest, and rubbed his nipples a bit. She hadn't done that very much, previously, but now, on this occasion, it seemed to add just that extra spark he needed—

"Oh, fuck—Danielle!" was all Derek managed to get out as his body shuddered as his erect cock flooded his shorts with several spurts of his fluids. He finally could come no more, and collapsed on top of Danielle, who let her legs fall to either side of Derek on the bed. She held him, rubbing his back as he felt a couple of aftershocks from the sexually charged experience he'd just had.

After a minute, Derek regained enough energy to lift his head up and kiss Danielle. Almost unconsciously, the siblings rolled over so Danielle was on top of him. He lazily ran his left hand down to grab her ass while his right hand ran through her hair. For her part, she was supporting herself on top of him with her hands aside his shoulders.

Just when he thought they might even be able to safely sleep in the same bed overnight, and was about to say that to Danielle, their parent's strident voices abruptly began filtering upstairs.

A cold blast of fear rocketed through Derek as he and Danielle gasped, their eyes wide as they looked at each other, momentarily frozen. Danielle swallowed and rasped, "Quickly! Derek, what do we do?!" Even after she clamped her jaw shut, Derek could still see her control slipping.

Derek decided. He hissed, "I'll jump in the shower. You – your room, now!"

Danielle set a speed record, he thought, for how fast she jumped off him, snatched up her clothes, and raced out of his room. For his part, he threw his window wide open and set his fan on high to circulate the air before he shut his door, holding the doorknob so the latch wouldn't click loudly. He fairly ran to the bathroom, his hands shaking badly as he fumbled at the taps.

His shower was just long enough to clean himself up; he couldn't make himself enjoy it as his heart was still beating quickly, his nerves rattled at how unaware he and Danielle had been to anything around them. Unbidden, a nightmarish scenario played across his mind as he imagined the absolute life-fuckery he'd have experienced if his parents had caught him and Danielle in bed together.

But after he was in bed, his incriminating clothes safely at the bottom of his laundry basket, it was then that he realized his parents had been arguing from the moment they'd walked in the door and hadn't even come upstairs. In fact, he thought he caught the gist of it: the consultant they were seeing had done something they didn't like. They were arguing about whether they should discuss the matter with him or not.

Oddly, to Derek, the argument sounded very strident for all that it supposedly involved work-related material. Abruptly, he decided he did not want to imagine his parents being anything but parent-y people and shoved the thought out of his mind as he wondered how his sister was doing. He still couldn't make himself comfortable in his bed.

Neither his mom nor his dad came to bid him goodnight (to be fair, they hadn't done that in a while, but Derek felt lucky they chose not to do it on this particular night). Derek tried to calm himself and distract himself by remembering what he and Danielle had done before his parents showed up; to an extent, it worked and he was able to finally fall into an uneasy sleep.

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