Derek and Danielle

Chapter Sixteen

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The first inkling Derek had that he and Sara were drifting apart somewhat was when she was over at his place one day after school; they'd done their homework together, then moved upstairs. At first, she'd seemed interested in the Halo game.

Then Danielle had come in. "Oh, hey, Halo! Awesome. Hey Derek, what level?" She sat down, cross-legged, near the TV.

"Playing from the start to show Sara," replied Derek.

"Cool. The Grunts are always kind of funny; they just run around like chickens with their heads cut off."

Derek and Danielle had easily bantered through the level, and he only belatedly noticed Sara's jaw was set in annoyance when the level ended. Deciding to salvage the situation, he tossed the controller to Danielle and said, "Hey, you finish, okay? Sara and me, we should get going."

"Okay. See you guys later, huh?" Danielle grinned and winked. Derek jokingly flipped off his sister as he left the room.

Back in his bedroom, he reached for Sara, who grudgingly came over and loosely clasped his hand. Apologetically, he said, "I'm sorry, I just kinda got wrapped up in it and I thought you'd be interested."

Sara shook her head. "Danielle's always trying to get me to do… what d'you call it? Comp play?"

"Co-op play," said Derek automatically.

"That. I just… I dunno, I can't get into it."

"That's cool," replied Derek. He sat on his bed and said suggestively, "How about getting into something else?"

She closed his door and whispered, "Are your parents home? And what about Dani?"

"Nah. Mom and Dad work late. We've got another hour. And Danielle knows she's not supposed to come in if the door's closed."

Sara grinned and pulled Derek's hand to her breast. "I know a better way to kill time, Derek."

Derek lazily ran his hand along Sara's thigh as they lay on his bed. They'd kissed and felt each other up, but after about ten minutes of it, it had gotten kind of repetitive, which both sensed, so they'd let the make-out session peter out.

He said, "Hey. Babe? You ever write any more of those stories?"

"Yeah, a couple. I'm not sure I'm ready just yet to show you, though, okay?" Sara bit her lip and grasped Derek's arm. "That's okay, right? You're not upset?"

"Nah. It's a personal thing, I get that." Derek looked at the clock. "Listen, Sara, we've still got like half an hour. You wanna do something?"

"Hmmm. Like what?"

Derek ran his hand along the inside of Sara's thigh, up her skirt. At first, she clenched her legs shut and said in alarm, "Derek! What if we get caught?!"

Derek thought her action was counterproductive, as he now could feel the warmth of Sara's body all over his hand. He wiggled his hand a bit, and said, "Please, trust me. We can do this in half an hour. I swear, Sara."

"What makes you an expert, huh?" Sara's legs loosened up just a bit, but her expression was still guarded.

"I read it in a book," Derek snootily said as he leaned in for a kiss, which she briefly reciprocated.

Sara giggled, then sobered and took a deep breath. Her legs parted, and she said, "All right. Half an hour. No more, okay? I don't wanna get caught. I mean it, Derek!"

Derek ran his hand up to Sara's crotch, feeling the thin material of her underwear. He ran his thumb over her bush while his fingers slid in between their legs, provoking a bit of dampness to form down there. Sara shifted so she was lying on her back and spread her legs further. "Mmm, more."

He continued slowly rubbing and fondling Sara's privates, while he leaned in for a kiss. After they broke the kiss, Sara murmured, "Finger me. Please."

Derek grinned. He slid his hand inside her underwear, stretching it as he ran his hand across her bush, stroking her clit slowly but surely. Then he slid his finger down further, past her labia, into her most private opening. It was amazing how hot and wet Sara was down there!

It wasn't long before he had her writhing in pleasure, begging him to go faster. He obliged, roughly pistoning two fingers in and out of her. He mentally thanked his experience with Danielle as he remembered to rub her clit, as well, with his thumb. He leaned in, kissing Sara, then kissing and licking down her neck. Her T-shirt was open enough at the base of her neck to let him kiss her there, which seemed to turn her on more.

Sara was gasping and moaning, "Not quite there – hurry – need one more!"

Derek added a third finger and began kind of swivelling his hand up and down to push his fingers at different parts of Sara's insides as he thrust them in and out of her, making sure to keep rubbing her clit as well. His effort paid off as she stiffened, her back arching as she grabbed a pillow and screamed her orgasm into it as her vagina clamped down on his fingers.

Finally, Sara tossed the pillow aside, went limp and moaned, "Jesus. My legs're gonna be all wobbly now."

Derek slowly let his fingers slide out of her, slipping out with an almost unnoticeable wet plop. He removed his hand from her underwear, and looked at his fingers. They were coated with Sara's wet fluids. Curiously, he licked his index finger. It didn't taste too weird, either.

He licked off the remainder of Sara's fluids and looked at the clock. His fingers still felt a bit sticky, though. He smirked. "I finished you off with five minutes left, Sara."

"And how!" she breathed. "I better go, though; I probably smell like a total slut right now."

Derek regretfully nodded. "Yeah, I better wash my hands and stuff, too."

Sara sat up. "Wait. One last thing – how close are you, Derek?"


"To coming. How close?" She had an intense expression on her face.

"I dunno, pretty close I guess?"

Sara wasted no time. She got to her knees, pulled down Derek's cotton running shorts along with his underwear, and wrapped her mouth around his erection as she quickly added a hand-job because she couldn't fit all of him in her mouth.

Within less than a minute, Derek felt the warm feelings rocket through him as he spilled his seed into Sara's mouth. As it petered out, he sat heavily on his bed, shaking from the remaining wave of his orgasm.

Sara unceremoniously pulled a Kleenex out of her purse, and spat his semen onto it. She wadded it up and tossed it in his garbage can.

Derek pulled his pants up and said, "You okay?"

Sara nodded. "I better go, okay? Got stuff to do at home, as well."

Derek moved in to kiss Sara, but she uncomfortably sidled away. "Look, Derek, I just… I need to get the taste out of my mouth. I'm not used to this."

"Yeah, it's fine. Walk you out?"

She shook her head and fished a stick of gum out of her purse. "I'll see myself out, Derek. Bye!"

After Sara left, Derek realized uncomfortably, that this time he felt gross, sticky, and… well, maybe a bit used. Sara spitting his cum out in front of him like it had just been another job for her…

Sex wasn't supposed to feel like it was just something you put up with, thought Derek.

Derek, disgusted with himself, sticky with his and Sara's fluids, hitched his pants up and with his nonsticky hand, opened his door. He dashed to the bathroom, anda fter taking a quick shower, scrubbing himself clean with soap, he got his clothes back on, went into the rec room and slumped next to Danielle, who was just pausing her Halo game.

"God, I'd forgotten how fun the single player—Derek? What happened?"

Derek shook his head. "I'm kinda bummed," he announced.

Danielle, puzzled, said, "Okay. What went on? Obviously you two went back to your room to make out with her or something."

"Yeah. We made out a bit. Then I kind of got her to let me finger her. I even made her come."

Danielle's eyes went a little glassy. "That's kinda hot, actually. Was she loud?"

Derek's eyes went wide. "Shit, Danielle, she'd be a total screamer. She grabbed my pillow to keep from letting the entire house know what happened."

Danielle whistled. "Okay, but I still don't see the problem?"

Derek said, "Look, it's what happened after. She saw my hard-on, asked me how close I was to coming, and finished me off in like a minute with a blowjob. Then she just… like, got all businesslike. She actually spat it out into a Kleenex, threw it away, and wouldn't even kiss me after." Derek flushed in embarrassment.

Danielle, stunned, said, "Wow."

"Yeah. And honestly, I kinda feel kind of gross, too." He couldn't look Danielle in the eye.

"Hey. Derek. C'mere." Danielle gestured, and Derek reluctantly scooted closer to her. She threw her arm around his shoulders and said, "It's not the end of the world. I'm sorry you guys didn't have fun this time."

Nervously, Derek asked, "Danielle… have I ever, you know, made you feel like you've got to do something with me just because it's something you're supposed to go through?"

Danielle pulled Derek closer and kissed his cheek. She squeezed his shoulder and said, "No, never. And I'd tell you if I didn't want to do something, or whatever. Okay? Don't worry about that."

"Still—" Derek was uneasy and looked away from his sister.

"Well, okay, I could be less or more interested than you in certain things. That's likely to happen, yeah," Danielle admitted. "But Derek? If I agree to do anything, it's because I really want to and not just as a do-your-duty kind of thing. And promise me you'll do the same for me, huh?"

Derek nodded. "Yeah. No question about that." Perplexed, he asked "Why're you helping me about things I did with Sara, though?"

"Because you deserve a little help. And if you wanna go out with my friend, I'm not gonna get in the way of that." Danielle grinned and pushed Derek's head away. "And boys are morons."

Derek laughed. "Oh, that's fighting words!" He leaped at her.

Before long, the twins were laughing as they playfully attempted to tickle each other, only ceasing when their mother yelled, "Dinner!"

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