Derek and Danielle

Chapter Eighteen

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Derek and Danielle both felt better the day after they fell ill, and so that Tuesday they'd returned to classes, and by the Thursday of that week they had pretty much begun feeling like their old selves again. The Hallowe'en Dance loomed over them both, though, and Danielle in particular had begun fretting about needing a "cover date", she said.

Derek had decided to try and cajole Rick into going to the dance with Danielle. It hadn't been an easy conversation, as Derek could not reveal the truth about why she wouldn't go with any other boy.

"Rick, Danielle needs a date," he had said in his bedroom, seated on his chair as Rick sat on his bed. Said sister had gone out to do some shopping.

"Dude, I dunno about this. It feels kinda like false pretenses, you know?" Rick said uncertainly.

"Look, believe me when I say Danielle won't be interested in you. She talks about wanting someone else, but won't tell me so I can warn the guy to get out of the way," he had said.

Rick chuckled. "Yeah, she can be a force of nature when she wants to be. Remember the time we were hogging the Xbox so much she barged in and started a fight with you? Geez, even at eleven she was a spitfire!"

"Yeah, tell me about it! Anyway, look, will you do me this favor, Rick? She's been kind of stressing about it, and can't seem to land a guy to go with her." Danielle had, in truth, been trying to decide how to find a date without needing to fall back to Derek setting everything up, but after realizing all the boys she came up to ask about it had either already planned dates, or had been eyeing her up when saying they might go, she'd given up in exasperation after just a couple of days.

"All right, Derek. I'll do this. For you, not for her, okay?" Rick said.

"Great! Thanks," said Derek, relieved.

"But I want a favor from you, all right?" Rick eyed him steadily.

Derek said expansively, "Shit, name it, Rick!"

"You owe me a date down the road."

"Me?" squeaked Derek.

"You," repeated Rick. He sighed and said, "Derek, look, I'll be honest. Until I 'come out', and I'm honestly not ready for that yet, you're, like, my only hope here. Can you please do me this one favor? It doesn't have to be anywhere we know the guys from school usually hang out."

Derek said, "All right, give me time to think of something. Okay?" He leaned in confidentially and said, "I might be breaking up with Sara this year. We're doing okay, but I just… y'know, I don't really feel like she's the one."

Rick bit his lip. "Shit, I didn't mean you had to break up with her just because of me."

Derek shook his head. "It's been a while coming, I think."

Danielle had come home later, and Derek had brought Rick up to her to seal the deal.

That Friday night, their parents had indicated they'd be staying out late. Derek preferred not to think about that matter too closely.

Danielle had decided to go for a risqué outfit. That day, after school, she'd sexily sauntered into his room. Derek, having just turned from his desk in his chair, had been a little too distracted with the sheer black form-fitting outfit that left almost nothing to the imagination. Danielle, catching his look, gestured at herself. "Good, huh?"

She was wearing high-heeled boots; her minidress stopped at her mid-thigh and exposed most of her back. Her shoulders were bare, as were her arms; the outfit flattered her muscles quite well. Only the strap going around her neck held up the front, which rather prominently displayed her cleavage.

"Anyway, you've slow-danced with me. Now let's see how good you are with faster music, huh, Derek?"

Derek stood up to put a CD into the stereo, but was stopped by Danielle. "Get into your best clothes. You wanna do this properly."

Derek changed into his best black pants, and a good grey long-sleeved shirt. He found his good dress shoes and put them on. Danielle whistled. "You clean up nicely, studly."

He laughed. "Studly?"

She stuck her tongue out at him, then said, "Music time. And time to show you some moves."

Until that point, Derek had mostly just listened to such music, usually when gaming or when wanting to block out other sounds while he did homework or just fooling around on his computer. Now, as he heard the music, and seeing Danielle begin to move to the beat, he could see the attraction in dancing. Hesitantly, he joined her, feeling a bit stiff and awkward.

Danielle patiently corrected him, complimenting his growing fluidity and inventiveness until an hour later, the siblings had graduated to grinding together to a fairly fast-paced song, Danielle grabbing Derek's ass to hold herself against him. Derek reciprocated with a grip on Danielle's firm ass, provoking a grin and a searing kiss.

As the song ended, the siblings breathed heavily. Derek swallowed, licked his lips and carefully moved back. "That was almost like sex!" he breathed.

Danielle grinned. "Wanna keep going?"

"No. My legs are getting a little sore. Mind if I kill the stereo?"

Danielle nodded, and the strains of the next song abruptly cut off as Derek hit the off button. Derek fell onto his chair in relief. "Geez. I exercised muscles I didn't even know I had, and I'm a track runner!"

Danielle shrugged. "You've just never used them quite that way before. After we frotted—"

"Huh?" Derek broke in.

"Frotted," repeated Danielle. "Rubbed each other through our clothes, simulating sex."

The light bulb went on. "Oh!"

"So yea, after we frotted, my legs felt a little weird because I've never really wrapped them around anyone or anything before," noted Danielle. "Anyway, you definitely have the moves down."

He nodded. "For sure." He pointed. "Everybody's gonna be jealous of Rick when you two walk in!"

Danielle giggled. "Poor guy. Remember when he came over here and you practically marched him up to me when I came home?"

Rick had been rather nervous, asking Danielle to the dance "officially" on that occasion. Danielle had been gracious, answering in the affirmative. But Rick hadn't seemed that enthused to go with a rather attractive girl, instead looking at Derek briefly.

Derek sighed. "Yeah. He's… shit. I could really tell he wanted me to ask him out."

"We don't all get what we want," Danielle pointedly replied.

Derek came up to his sister and reached out, pulling her into a hug. Danielle returned it, burying her head in the crook of Derek's shoulder. He rubbed her back, and said into her ear in a low voice, "About getting what we want – Danielle, I'd be proud to take you to that dance. You have to believe me, if I could take my beautiful sister out on a date, I would. I'd show 'em all in a heartbeat."

Danielle moved her head back to look at him. She looked at him affectionately as she smiled. "Thank you. That really means a lot to me, you know. It's just… it's like I'm at war with myself. I'd love to just – you know, just fuck it! And strut into that gym with you on my arm. You know? Fuck those jerks. But—" her chest heaved as she sighed. "We'd never be able to show our faces again. It's not like the movies where the heroes win, you know? God, they'd call us freaks and – and perverts. I already feel gross just imagining all that coming down on us."

Derek, momentarily enthralled by the idea of throwing caution to the winds, felt his insides clench. "I know, Danielle. God, can you imagine?" He put his hands on her shoulders. "Everybody'd look at us like we were pieces of total dog shit."

He dropped his hands and sat heavily in his chair. He whined, "Why, Danielle? Why are we like this?"

Anger welled up in him as he glared at her. "Look at us. Pretending – fantasizing, even! – that we can be boyfriend and girlfriend," he spat. "Crazy brother and sister. We should be committed."

She knelt in front of him and hissed, "You listen to me! We made this bed, now we lie in it, Derek Aaron Collins!"

Derek snarled, "We do, do we?" Mockingly, he said, "Danielle Esther Collins, expert on all things, are you?"

Danielle's jaw set. "I should tell Sara about the way you think of me."

Derek shot out of his seat, prompting Danielle to stand as well. He pushed up against her. "You wouldn't," he growled.

"Please," she snorted. "All I have to do is be all serious and sad and upset and tell her I caught you smelling my underwear while jerking off." She shoved him backwards. "See if you wanna show your face at school after that!"

Derek hissed, "You lying bitch!"

He pushed her hard, causing her to nearly hit the wall. Danielle raced back, grabbing his arms and trying to push back.

The two remained locked in a battle neither could quite win. Derek might be a bit stronger, but Danielle had slightly better reflexes, and was able to avoid having him catch her off-balance as they tried to overpower each other.

Danielle hooked her foot around Derek's, tripping him and causing him to fall heavily to the floor. He grabbed Danielle's wrist before she could punch him and glared at his sister as she angrily glared back. He managed to roll over and pin her arms, but she brought her knee up and caught him on the inside of his hip, forcing him off of her as he winced in pain.

They fought like this for a few more moments until it finally became clear neither sibling could really win the fight. They lay side by side on the floor, tired and winded. Danielle shoved Derek roughly as she sat up. "Asshole." Her hair was mussed, but her clothes were intact.

Derek sat up as well, noting his clothes were also fine, and pointed. "Look who's talking."

She flipped him off and stood up unsteadily, Derek following suit.

By now, Derek felt the anger drain out of him. He realized now the stress of the upcoming event at school, which neither sibling could attend as they really wanted, must have been building up in each of them without either of them being really aware of it.

He mumbled, "I'm sorry I called you a lying bitch."

At that, Danielle's façade seemed to crumble, and she turned to face him. Tears fell from her eyes as she said, "No, you're right. God, you're right. What was I thinking, threatening you like that?" She sniffled. "Forgive me for being – a bitch?"

At that moment, Derek knew he would never be able to stay angry at his sister. Not forever. Not in that I-hate-your-guts way he knew Evan had with his older brother. He smiled wanly and said, "Yes. Yes, I do."

Danielle entered his embrace. Her shoulders shook as she sobbed quietly. Derek, for his part, let his head fall to Danielle's shoulder as he tried not to imagine how bad it could have gotten between them.

Derek reached up and gently moved so he could place his hands on either side of Danielle's face. He looked in her eyes, and said in the perfect moment of unguarded passion, "I love you, Danielle."

He slowly leaned in and caught her lips in a kiss. Danielle responded, and the two siblings, heedless of anything else, abandoned their fears and anger to the deepest expression of love yet shown between them.

When they disengaged from the kiss, Danielle put her hands on either side of Derek's face and with a slightly wobbly voice, responded, "And I love you, Derek."

He hugged his sister again with all his strength and remembered his promise: "One day."

At that point, Derek was 100% sure he'd be breaking up with Sara after Hallowe'en.

Addendum: I do not suggest that violence is, or should be, normal even in sibling sexual relationships. However, given that siblings can get on each other's nerves in a way few others can, it struck me as plausible that Derek and Danielle, being teenagers in close quarters as they are and in a relationship they have to hide, might lash out at each other more intensely than would otherwise be the case.

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