Derek and Danielle

Chapter Nineteen

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After they'd hugged for a while, Derek eased back, and said, "Danielle?"

She looked at him steadily. "Yes?"

"Look, about earlier." Derek bit his lip. "I'm kind of worried we're fighting at all."

Danielle nodded somberly. "It's bad enough, I think, when brothers and sisters fight anyway. They say the reason family fights are the worst is because you're so close to each other, you want to just dredge up the nastiest shit and use it." She moved back a bit and extended her hand. "It's a little unreal."

Derek locked fingers with Danielle and kissed the back of her hand. "I was being a dick. I wasn't even mad at you. I was mad about society, y'know? But I took it out on you like an asshole."

Danielle tried to shake her head in the negative, but Derek pressed ahead. "C'mon, I was. I should have told you why I was mad instead of just being all spiteful at you."

Her other hand on his chest finally stopped him. "No, Derek. You're not totally to blame. I was being a real bitch. I had no right to threaten you like that. I just… God, I just wanted you to stop, and I just lashed out to try and shut you up."

Derek was shaking as he let go of her hand. "Danielle, we were ready to hit each other. It's a little unbelievable. Aren't we supposed to be, like, lovers?"

She brushed her hair back with her hand and said, "We're most definitely not your usual definition of lovers. I think we learned something important: when we do fight, it's going to be fucking ugly, Derek. But I don't know how to keep from ever having fights again, to be honest."

Derek rubbed his face with his hands, then looked at Danielle. "I don't either. How about keeping up that 'we communicate everything' thing we've got going? Like, if one of us gets angry, it's probably not really about the other person even if it looks like it."

"Makes sense," conceded Danielle. "Also, about being ready to hit each other?" Danielle reached out for his hands. "Look, I know I provoked you, but Derek? You're already a bit stronger than me and you're only gonna get even stronger as you get older. You could hurt me badly without meaning to."

Derek's face flushed in shame. "I just… I wasn't thinking."

"Then let's promise we'll try to fight with words. Okay? We'll get mad, we'll yell, we'll call each other nasty names. But we never get physical like that again. Can we do that, Derek?"

He looked up to see Danielle's earnest look. For her? He was starting to realize he really did love his sister. He'd go to the ends of the Earth for her! He could do this, he thought.

"I promise."

Danielle heaved a sigh. "Okay. Heavy stuff's out of the way. Think this minidress is a good Hallowe'en Dance outfit? Maybe with a witch's hat? Or some hair dye? I could go as like, this gothic witch."

Derek laughed. "Don't do the goth thing, sis."

Danielle made a face. "Yeah, you're right. Putting all that white makeup on me – Ugh, I'd look so unhealthy."

She poked his chest. "Hey! I just remembered. You owe me a leg shave."

Derek rolled his eyes. "Still? Shit, I thought you'd forgotten about that." He whined, "I don't even know how."

"Then learn," she said as she grinned nastily.

Derek wondered if it was too late to plead a sudden meet-up with Rick and Evan.

Luckily for their seating arrangements, the bathtub was the kind that had a drape, not a glass door in a groove. So Derek sat at the end near the taps while Danielle locked the bathroom door, propped her cell phone up on the counter near the sink, and began taking her clothes off.

Derek took a moment to admire his sister's body. Her legs, toned and somewhat muscular, met a firm round ass. Around the front, a flat stomach met her large, firm breasts. And from the back, the set of her shoulders just drove Derek wild for some reason.

Derek stuck his hand in the water and said, "It's pretty warm, you know."

Danielle handed him the razor and shaving cream, then dipped her toe in the water. She smiled and stepped in, casually grabbing Derek's shoulder for balance as she slipped into the water, breathing a sigh of relief. She nodded. "Hey, shut the water off, huh?"

Derek obliged, and mentally groaned as his hard-on began to stiffen when Danielle said, "Time to get started!"

It had taken Derek forty-five minutes to accomplish what should, he thought, have been a lot more straightforward than it looked. It hadn't helped that touching her legs – a lot – had meant Derek was turned on the entire time, especially as his sister really did have nice legs. But, he thought proudly, he hadn't nicked her once, even when he'd begun staring at her when he realized she'd been staring at him.

Finally, however, she took pity on him as she pulled the drain plug and said, "C'mon, shower with me. Mom and Dad are overnighting, so we might as well take advantage, right? Hey, throw my phone under the sink. Steam rises, so it should stay cool under there."

Derek slipped his sister's cell phone into the cupboard under the sink, in a clean area beside the other supplies. He then wasted no time getting out of his clothes as Danielle got the shower going, and joined his sister as the warm water pelted down on both of them. Derek grabbed the shampoo and held it up. Danielle smiled. "Sure! C'mon."

Now that they had the luxury of time, he slowly massaged the shampoo into her hair, eliciting pleased moans as she closed her eyes and leaned against him. Once he had completely worked the shampoo in, he said, "Wash it off now?"

Danielle nodded. He carefully moved her back, guiding her with his hands on her shoulders, so the water began falling on her head.

After some moments, Danielle stepped out from the spray and rubbed her eyes. She said, "We'll do the conditioner later. We've got more time than the last time we showered together, so let's just relax and pamper each other a bit, okay?"

Derek grinned. "What next?"

"Body wash. You get to clean every inch of me." She wiggled her eyebrows.

It was all Derek could do not to moan as his erection stiffened further, even as he poured out some of the body wash to rub on his hands.

Slowly, almost lazily, he began with Danielle's shoulders, then carefully, unhurriedly, lathered up her arms. As his hands moved back to her collarbones, he leaned in and briefly kissed her on her forehead, prompting a pleased smile.

Deliberately, he ran his hands down her chest, soaping and caressing her breasts, brushing her nipples before he slid his right hand up the gap between them. She gulped. "Please. Keep going, okay? If you keep that up I swear I'm gonna come."

Derek chuckled. He began lathering up Danielle's stomach, then gestured for her to turn around so he could do her back. As she did so, she made sure to push the showerhead off to the side so it wouldn't spray her before Derek was finished.

Danielle's strong back was a marvel, and Derek tried using some of the massage techniques Danielle had used on him. After he'd run his hand gently down her spine for the third time, she murmured, "If you keep doing that I'm gonna fall asleep in here, okay?"

"Wouldn't want that to happen, would we?"

Derek promptly began sliding his hands down – down past her hips to her beautiful ass, rubbing her glutes and eliciting pleased hums.

Danielle gasped in shock and looked over her shoulder as Derek, having applied a little more body wash to his hand, was sliding his hand in between her ass cheeks, brushing over her opening. She gulped again and said, "Not inside, not now, please."

"Hey, it's okay. I promise, I won't. Okay?" Derek withdrew his hand, and Danielle turned to look at him. She said, "Sorry, I'm just not ready for that yet. But wash my cunt all you like."

Derek grinned. "You should shower down, then I'll do your legs and the rest."

Danielle made short work of her upper half, then stepped out of the spray again. "Now my legs. Kneel before me, peon."

Derek laughed. "Okay, my princess."

He didn't mind. Her legs felt fantastic; his hands glided so smoothly over her skin that he almost hypnotized himself, only to be tapped on the head. "Hey, you've lathered up my thighs for like the fifth time. You need to finish up, remember?"

Derek stood and gently lathered up Danielle's bush, then slid his hand between her legs, causing her eyes to flutter shut as she moaned, "Just the outside. Don't get any in me."

He carefully rubbed in between Danielle's legs once more before he reluctantly withdrew his hand, washing it off under the shower spray. "Time to clean up."

Danielle began rinsing off, which prompted an idea of Derek's. He came up behind her, pressing himself against her back as he ran his right hand down to her vagina, rubbing gently, then carefully sliding his wet fingers inside her. He began rubbing her breast with his left hand, groping occasionally at her nipple.

She let her head fall back against his shoulder as she said, "Please. I'm so close."

Derek obliged, rubbing at her clit as well as he could while plunging his fingers in and out of her. Before long, Danielle's ragged gasps got louder, then suddenly, she clamped her legs together and shuddered as her orgasm crashed through her.

After some time, she slowly relaxed, and breathing heavily, she disengaged from Derek's embrace, smiling contentedly. She said, "Your turn, now. And I'll give you a happy ending."

Derek switched places and luxuriated as Danielle began massaging his scalp with shampoo. She said, "Stand there and leave it for a sec. I need to get conditioner in my hair. Keep your eyes closed, too."

Derek waited for a minute, then felt Danielle's hands gently push at his shoulders so he was back under the showerhead. After all the shampoo was off, he stepped forward again.

He opened his eyes, blinking. Shortly after, Danielle was lathering him up, spending a lot of time on his shoulders and chest. As it turned out, he really liked it when she rubbed his nipples. She said, "Not gonna complain. I think your chest is getting bigger, too, with those workouts."

Shortly after that, Danielle did his stomach, then his back. From behind him, he heard, "I'll try not to make you fall asleep either."

Even so, her backrubs were good. He bet people would pay money for professional massaging from his sister.

Soon, her hands on his shoulders signalled Derek to wash himself off again, then she followed by lathering his legs.

But she had a surprise in store for him!

As Danielle moved her hands around to soap up his ass, she took him into her mouth and began licking and sucking on his cock.

All Derek could do was gasp in shock at the intense pleasure emanating from that part of him and pray he wouldn't finish too soon because oh my fucking god, that blowjob reverberated through his mind.

Danielle had another surprise for him; she began running her soaped hand up and down his asscrack, then began rubbing little circles around his opening. He couldn't hold out much longer – Danielle had managed to fit just over half of him in her mouth and holy shit, the way she was staring up at him as she moved her head back and forth

He came so quickly there was almost no warning. Derek squeezed his eyes shut as his jaw dropped and he grunted incoherently, shooting his load into her mouth. Danielle still had her mouth around him as she pulled the last drops of cum from him, leaving him gasping in sheer amazement as he tried to stay standing as he recovered.

Danielle slowly let her lips slide off of him and stood. She looked at him questioningly and pointed at her mouth. He reached up and gently put his hand on the back of her head, pulling her in for a kiss. His hot jism spilled over his tongue as he locked lips with his sister, and with pleasure, he swallowed after withdrawing from the heated kiss.

He looked at Danielle in wonder as he said in a voice filled with awe, "That was fucking amazing!"

Danielle licked her lips, then beamed a pleased smile at him. "Any time. And I thought, hey, why not? You were so stiff! God, I want to fit all that down my throat someday. I mean it."

"Maybe. Right now I gotta clean up. Just a sec."

Derek busied himself rinsing off all of his body, then stepped aside to let Danielle do the same, as the conditioner was still in her hair.

Outside the shower, Derek said through his towel as he dried his hair, "Thanks a lot."

Danielle's voice came back: "No, thank you. You did pretty good with my legs today and then getting me off in the shower."

After the siblings were totally dried off and presentable again, Danielle said, "Come on; cuddle with me in my bed, okay? Just get some boxers on and I'll get on my nightgown. We'll just relax for a bit."

In the afterglow of their intense sexual pleasuring of each other, Derek found his resistance to the idea wasn't as great. He shrugged. "Sure. Meet you in your room."

With that, Derek put his clothes away, then slipped on a clean set of boxer shorts and went to Danielle's room. In her nightgown already, she was just getting into bed, and when she saw him, she shifted over. After Derek lay down, Danielle curled up next to him, her head on his chest. In a pleased voice that was almost a purr, she said, "See you when you wake up."

Derek put his arm around her shoulder, then snagged Danielle's free hand near his chest. He planted a kiss on her head, and said, "See you, too."

He closed his eyes, promising himself they'd just nap for a little bit.

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