Derek and Danielle

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

Supper that night was Chinese take-out: chicken chow mein, rice, and other assorted tasty food. Derek's father, Samuel, was saying, "Your mom and I didn't feel like cooking. How'd it go today, kids?"

Derek shrugged. "Okay, I guess."

Danielle nodded. "Yeah. I mean, school was okay; it's not like there's anything to write home about. I had Sara over earlier, though."

Their mother, Rachel, said, "That's fine, honey. Did you go swimming? I noticed the pool change room door was left open."

"Yeah. I can put the pool cover back on if you want," Danielle said.

Derek said, "Actually, can you leave it? My friend Rick might be coming over and we might want to swim instead of playing on the Xbox 360."

Danielle, who was seated on Derek's right at the square table, seemed to give Derek a searching look. Derek, wondering if she'd caught him watching from the upstairs window, uneasily looked away and poked at the chow mein on his plate with his fork.

He wasn't going to think about her like that.

Their father said, "Fine. As long as one of you gets the pool cover back on before bedtime. Okay?"

The siblings nodded, and the conversation turned to other channels.

At the sink, while Derek and Danielle were washing their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, he remembered Sara and said, "Hey. Could I talk to you about something upstairs?"

"Sure," said Danielle quickly.

After the siblings excused themselves and went to the upstairs entertainment room, Danielle said, "So what's up? Need class notes or something?"

Derek shook his head. "Um," he said.

Danielle waited patiently, and Derek finally blurted, "Can you introduce me to your friend Sara?"

Danielle giggled. Derek scowled and said, "What? Come on, Danielle. Like I'm gonna walk right up to her in the middle of school and ask in front of everyone!"

His sister shook her head in amusement, then soberly looked at him steadily, her brown eyes seeming to take him in and assess him critically. "She's been telling me she wants to date a guy with a little more… experience, if you know what I mean."

Blushing and defensive, Derek angrily said, "What would you know about it, huh?"

"Hey, hey. I'm just kind of the messenger here. Look, she's just got this kind of crush on Jason, you know, the football quarterback? He's dated around a bit, and… well, I haven't exactly seen you with anyone," Danielle pointed out.

"I was with Megan at the June dance at the junior school, you know."

Danielle folded her arms and leaned her shoulder against the wall. "Be honest, Derek. How far did you really get with her?"

Derek looked at his shoes and mumbled, "We kissed and maybe made out a little."

"By which you mean you fumbled at her boob and she had braces, so it sucked, right?"

Derek had to admit to himself that Megan's braces had kind of made things harder when they were in the shadows of the junior school gym, having sneaked out while the music was still going.

Exasperated, Derek said, "Look, can you just introduce me? Geez!"

She sighed. "Fine, I will! But it's up to you after that. I mean, I wouldn't even have to try and play matchmaker if you'd hang out with us some more instead of being all like, Mr. Invisible around my friends when they're over here. But I'm gonna tell you, Derek, she might turn you down. Can you live with that?"

Derek nodded, trying to display a confidence he didn't feel.

Danielle's hand on his shoulder startled him. "Hey. Being a runner has to count for something, doesn't it?"

Derek had been on the junior school track team, and was planning to try out for the team at his new school. He'd been trying to build up his endurance for long-distance and relay running over the last year.

"Not like football, I'm thinking," he admitted.

Danielle squeezed his shoulder, then let her hand fall. "Well, good luck. I gotta go do homework now. I'll talk to Sara tomorrow."


Almost without conscious volition, Derek's eyes fell to Danielle's back as she left the room. He swallowed nervously, realizing he'd get to finally meet Sara up close.

The ringing of his cell phone was a grateful distraction as Rick called to let Derek know he was going to be visiting soon.

As it turned out, Rick got bored quickly of playing Halo, even though he was winning, and turned to Derek. "Hey. Wanna swim?"

"Sure. Why not?"

The boys thundered downstairs and made a bee-line for the pool change room. Inside, while they changed, Rick said, "Hey. Uh, can I ask you a question?"

Derek, having just slipped on his swim shorts, said, "Yeah. What is it?"

Rick seemed strangely nervous as he seemed to try and decide what to ask as he stood up, adjusting the waistband of his speedos. Finally, he just said, "You know if your sister's seeing anyone?"

Derek had the distinct impression that wasn't what Rick had actually meant to ask, but let it go. He replied, "I don't exactly keep track of that shit, you should ask her."

"She's kinda cute, though," Rick said a bit uncertainly.

"Dude. That's my sister you're talking about. I think I'm supposed to, like, threaten you with bodily harm or something."

Rick laughed. "Yeah, okay, whatever."

Derek shrugged. "Wanna swim now, or what?"

In a faux British accent, Rick said, "After you, good sir."

The two teens stepped out into the late evening sunlight, and slipped into the pool at the shallow end. As Derek slowly lowered himself up to his neck, Rick plunged below the surface.

When Rick came back up, he pushed his wet hair out of his eyes and sighed. "Oh, man, that's good! Even an air-conditioned shopping mall doesn't beat this!"

Derek looked Rick over. A bit more muscular than Derek, he had been on the track team as well in junior school. His friend's brown hair had turned almost totally dark due to having been soaked in the water, and his hazel eyes were currently intently focusing on Derek.

Derek splashed Rick and said, "C'mon, let's race to the end and back!"

While neither teen swam competitively, they'd had some lessons when they were younger and knew all the basic swim strokes. As Derek cut through the water towards the other end of the pool, he noticed Rick had fallen just a bit behind.

The boys were neck and neck when they had reached the shallow end again. Rick said, "I win!"

Derek snorted. "No way; I win!"

Rick responded by splashing Derek, prompting Derek to dive under water and tackle Rick around the waist. The two friends, laughing, began fighting half-seriously in the water, prompting a lot of horseplay for a while afterwards. Derek lost track of how many times he'd made sudden dives to dodge Rick, or when they'd tried coming up under each other's blind spots to sort of tackle each other.

The first sign that things were a little different was when Rick got Derek in a headlock, and in doing so, Derek felt Rick's body brush past his back. Had it been his imagination, or did Rick have a hard-on?

Suddenly, his throat went dry and his heart began hammering at the thought. What did it mean? Did—

Derek's head being dunked underwater snapped him out of that train of thought and he elbowed Rick's stomach, prompting him to yell "Hey! Foul!" when Derek's head popped back above water.

"Fair! I had my head under water, jerk!" barked Derek.

Rick leaped, poking his finger into Derek's stomach, prompting him to start laughing as he tried to not be ticklish. Rick quickly caught on and had Derek cornered, using both hands to tickle Derek's sides.

"Oh man, stop! Please!" begged Derek as he tried to fend off Rick's hands.

Luckily, his mom saved him as she came out and pointed out the sun was about to set. "Sorry, boys, but it's going to be bedtime in another hour and Derek needs to get the pool cover on for the night."

Both teens nodded, and Rick, breathing as heavily as Derek was (though Derek couldn't imagine why Rick would be trying to relax after not being tickled), said, "Hey. I'll get out first, okay?"

Surprised, Derek couldn't respond as Rick swam a bee-line for the pool ladder in the middle, which went right up to the change room, which was one part of a little bungalow that also had a separate space for the pool cleaning supplies. Rick was already inside before Derek was even on the second stair of the ladder.

As Derek entered the change room, casting a quick eye over the shower stall to make sure no spiders had made their home in that area, he saw Rick quickly turning out the corner of his eye.

"Hey? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," said Rick brusquely. He seemed intent on keeping the towel wrapped around himself.

Derek, confused, put his hand on Rick's shoulder. "What is it? Did my mom freak you out or something? She didn't mean anything by telling us we had to finish up."

Rick swallowed, apparently defeated by Derek's hand on his shoulder. He turned and said, "Fine, you wanna know? I can't make this go away, thanks to you."

He pulled the towel away and Derek's eyes widened as he saw the definite outline of a very large hard-on through Rick's speedos.

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