Derek and Danielle

Chapter Twenty

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Derek awoke to pitch darkness, with someone resting on his chest. Startled, he sat up, not immediately realizing where he was. He felt the bed shift and a sleepy teenage girl's voice say, "Huh? Whassup?"

Oh, right, he thought as he sighed, relieved. "Hey, Danielle. Sorry, I woke up and scared myself."

Danielle laughed, then said, "Hey, turn on my light on the table there, would ya?"

Derek reached over, found the lamp with some fumbling, and turned the light on. He wondered aloud, "What time is it?"

Danielle smacked her forehead. "Left my cell phone in the bathroom, damn it. I wanted to know what time it was when you were shaving my legs, so I could nag you after about how long you took."

Derek rolled his eyes. "Sure, laugh at me. If you had to shave my face I bet you'd take twice as long as me."

Danielle made to get off the bed, but Derek stopped her. "I'll get your phone. I'm closer to the edge of the bed."

Derek threw the bedcover off of him, swung his legs over, and stood up. He yelped as Danielle playfully swatted his ass, then turned around and, grinning, managed to swat Danielle's ass, provoking a girlish squeal from her. She reached up to tickle him, only to be foiled when he snagged her hands.

Laughing, the siblings fought playfully, not really noticing that Derek's knees were now on either side of Danielle's hips, and that she'd put her feet on either side of Derek's hips.

That suddenly changed when Derek, leaning forward as he locked fingers with Danielle in the 'test of strength', lightly pinned her hands down, putting their faces close together. Danielle's nightgown rode up, exposing her legs and pussy.

Derek semi-consciously leaned his head down and began kissing Danielle. When they broke the kiss, Danielle breathed, "Do you want to?"

Abruptly aware of what their position resembled, Derek gulped.

When Derek didn't answer, Danielle quietly said, "Derek, say the word. If you say the word, I will let you have me completely. All you have to do is pull those boxers down and say, 'yes'."

Derek's heart pounded as he breathed, trying to decide. He weakly said, "It's major, Danielle. It's… we can't just…"

Danielle squeezed his hands. "Derek, I am ready. Do you want me to say it? I'll say the two magic words." She mouthed, fuck me.

Derek bit his lip. He released Danielle's hands and pushed himself back, his hands on her knees. He looked down at her pussy, realizing Danielle was already wet down there.

He finally shook his head. "I can't. I'm not ready. Look, Danielle—" his heart went out to her as her face fell.

"I want you. God, do I want you. That's never in doubt, Dani. Okay?" Derek gripped her knees, willing her to understand that he wanted to wait – but oh god, feeling himself inside her so fucking hot and wet as he pushed inside—

He shook his head, almost visibly responding to the insistent voice in his mind that seemed to be communicating straight to his fucking hard-on.

He breathed steadily. "I … oh, you're gonna think I'm pathetic. I want it to be special. I want us to do all that stuff like in the movies. You know, we dance, we eat strawberries and whipped cream, then I lay you down on your bed, or mine, and I make love to you like there's no tomorrow."

Pleadingly, he looked at her, willing her to understand why he didn't want to just… do it in the middle of the night like it was some kind of casual encounter.

Danielle swallowed, hard. She pushed herself up on her elbows. "You mean all that? The special occasion – everything?"

Derek nodded.

"Promise me it'll be soon, Derek."

Derek uncertainly glanced away.

"Promise me, damnit! You owe me this much, Derek!" Danielle's intense look nearly frightened him.

He bit his lip, trying to decide when the best time would be. Then, as though a comforting blanket settled over him, he knew. He knew exactly when he wanted to make love to his sister, and he smiled widely.

"I'm going to make love to you on the Christmas holiday. In this house or out of it, I'll find a way, Danielle. I promise. And if I can make it happen, I will do it on Christmas Eve."

Danielle squealed in happiness. "Oh, Derek! I love you. I love you so much!" She got up on her knees and gripped him in a fierce embrace. Derek, for his part, was happy he had a few months to prepare, and got his special occasion to show his sister how much he loved her.

In the meantime, his left hand snaked down to her pussy, and he sank his fingers inside her wetness as she rode his left hand harshly and fiercely, matching his finger thrusts inside her. His right hand held her butt, keeping her upright against him as she dug her fingers into his shoulders.

Danielle's sobbing gasps heralded a shattering orgasm as she limply fell against Derek, barely staying up on her knees. Derek's cock was straining so hard against his boxers, he worried he was going to tear the fabric.

He gently withdrew his hand from inside her, then eased her down to the bed.

Danielle curled up into a fetal position, murmuring, "So tired now. Mmm, never been so fucking horny like that. So fucking hot…"

She whispered a few more words as her eyes fluttered shut. Derek pulled the bedcover back over Danielle, and tucked her in as best he could, arranging one of the pillows under her head. Before he left, he licked his fingers clean, trying to memorize the taste of his sister.

He quietly ducked into the bathroom after keeping his ear out for any sudden door-slamming or footsteps. He located Danielle's phone, then yanked his underwear off and stepped into the shower, grabbing his cock and furiously jacking off.

Derek had to shut his eyes as he shot his load, coming so intensely he fell to his knees. He breathed harshly, recovering his equilibrium as he rode the dying waves of his orgasm.

As he reluctantly turned the shower on, Derek mused that thinking about sex could be just as amazingly hot as the sex itself was likely to be.

Ten minutes later, a very tired, but sated, Derek plopped his sister's phone on her bedside table, turned out the light in her room, and flopped into bed in his own room, barely bothering to arrange the covers over himself.

A weight seemed to have come off Danielle's shoulders as he observed her on the night of the Hallowe'en dance. She happily pranced in the minidress she'd (sort of) modelled for him way back, having added black stockings for her legs, a kind of black cape, and a witch's hat, complete with her (as Derek learned they were called – though not in front of his parents) fuck-me boots.

For his part, Derek had decided on dressing like a Roman patrician; it was cold out, so he wore a tank top underneath the rather authentic-looking toga he'd managed to find with Sara and Danielle the previous week. It was the kind where you wore a white tunic, and then wrapped expensive-looking pleated satin around yourself, so he wouldn't have too much bare skin (except his lower arms and legs) exposed to the cold.

"Hey, kids! Let's get a picture of you, all right?" Samuel had said.

Derek and Danielle looked at each other, shrugged, and said, "Okay, Dad," in perfect unison.

Derek privately liked these 'twin' moments. They weren't like the stereotyped identical twins who practically knew each other's sentences, but they did occasionally say the same things at the exact same moment.

As their father snapped pictures, the siblings mugged for the camera, Danielle pretending she was casting a spell on Derek, Derek looking snooty as Danielle mockingly bowed, and other rather hammy poses.

Finally, Rachel broke up the moment, saying, "One more, a serious picture this time. Okay?"

Derek tried not to grin as he and Danielle stood still, standing rigidly as the camera flashed one last time.

The doorbell ding-donged, prompting their father to say, "Perfect timing! Thank goodness the real Hallowe'en is a couple of days away. I bet that's Rick."

Sure enough, when the door opened, Rick, dressed as one of the Men in Black, complete with sunglasses, grinned. He high-fived Derek, then gently kissed Danielle on the cheek.

"Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Collins, how are you?"

The parents nodded and beckoned Rick inside as they murmured, "Good" "We're fine".

Rick moved into the house proper and shook hands, freeing Derek to mutter to Danielle, "Feeling OK about this?"

Danielle nodded. She did indeed seem less stressed now. Derek thought his promise to her had somehow eased something inside her, but he had no way of really finding out.

Samuel said, "Well, now that we're all here, did you want to get a ride? That way you could pick up Sara along the way, Derek."

The teenagers grinned. Instead of having to walk to school in the rapidly cooling night, they could easily get dropped off!

"Well, I'll take those smiles as a 'yes'." To Rachel, he said, "Be back soon, okay, honey?"

At Sara's house. when Derek had walked up to ring the doorbell, he still had no idea what Sara was planning to be. She'd just teased him, saying it was "a secret".

Well, she'd decided to go as a nurse, which nearly made Derek laugh. He'd managed to convert it to a cough as he complimented Sara on her outfit and had the appropriate hi-how-are-you with Ms. Logan. He had managed to sneak a peek at her ass and the way her uniform flattered it as she walked with him to the car.

A small pang of guilt went through him as he remembered his plan to try and let Sara down easily after the dance. He temporized by deciding he'd give it this one last chance, see if he could go back to being more 'normal' than he had been for the last month or so.

Very soon, however, all thought on the matter was deferred as the teenagers got out of the car and crossed the school parking lot to get to the gymnasium.

Derek could already hear the pounding beat, and remembering the dance lesson with Danielle, was already anxious to show off what he could do.

They had to wait in line at the entry doors, however, as they showed their tickets to the Student Council members, who were flanked by the gym teachers as security. In return, every student entering got hand-stamped with a purple star. Just inside the doors was the coat check, and Rick left his in exchange for a ticket.

Once inside the gym, Derek saw that it was festooned with orange and black streamers, and big Jack-o-Lanterns hung down from the ceiling. The lights had been turned off and the DJ had clearly set up lighting to convert the gym into a proper dance floor.

Impressed, he turned to Sara and said, "You wanna drink, or do you wanna dance?"

She grinned. "Let's dance!"

The dance floor, as yet, was rather sparsely filled. Many students, Derek saw, were uneasily gathered in ones and twos along the wall, some dressed in rather smart costumes, while others had decided on 'come as you are'.

He looked behind him to see Danielle smiling at Rick as they, too, moved towards the dance floor. His gut twisted as he wished she could smile for him like that in public.

Swallowing hard, he decided to make the best of it. He put his hand out for Sara to take as he brought her onto the dance floor proper. At that moment, the reedy instrumental lull crashed into a fast bassy beat, prompting Derek to remember his newfound fluidity from his dance with Danielle. At least this way, he thought, it was the closest he'd get to dancing with his sister.

It helped, he thought, that Sara moved a bit like Danielle did. After the song ended, she nodded with an impressed look on her face. "You're pretty good!"

He smiled and said, "So're you." He couldn't help but flick a glance to Rick and Danielle though.

After who knew how long – Derek had decided to leave his watch at home since it didn't fit with the theme of a Roman patrician – Sara yelled in his ear, "Can we take a break?"

"Sure," Derek bellowed back.

By now, the few people who'd started out dancing had become a veritable throng. Derek spotted some of his fellow track team members and waved at them as he held Sara's hand.

He hadn't meant to, but he almost automatically looked around for Rick and Danielle, just as he'd occasionally done during the dance songs, and as it happened, they popped out of the crowd a moment later.

Rick heaved a huge sigh and took off his sunglasses. "Holy shit, Der, I've never seen this many people crammed into one place!"

It was true, thought Derek as he nodded. People must have brought their girl (or boy) friends from outside the school, or just plain sneaked their friends in who couldn't spring for the five bucks for a ticket.

The foursome gravitated to a large punch bowl, poured out their cups and drank the fruity-tasting beverage. Luckily, Derek thought, it didn't seem to taste like anyone had spiked it. That might have had to do more with the gym teacher, Mr. Randall, standing right near it with his arms folded as though he was daring anyone to try and adulterate the beverages. A woman (who must be his wife) stood next to him and smiled, nodding to the music.

Derek suddenly wondered – yes, there was Coach Hedrick with his wife dancing in the far corner. He grinned and realized the chaperones must have a system to trade off so they didn't feel like they'd wasted a night.

He turned back to Sara and put his arm around her. "Cheers, babe?"

She thunked her plastic cup against his and said, "Cheers!"

He leaned in and said, "Did I tell you how hot you look in this nurse's outfit?"

She lightly thumped his shoulder. "Oh, shut up."

"Nurse, can you check my pulse? I seem to be ready to faint in the presence of such an attractive one as you," Derek said in his best impression of a snooty rich person.

Sara stuck her tongue out at him, but didn't seem to mind when Derek let his hand slide down her back to briefly grope her butt.

Rick and Danielle didn't seem to be talking very much, so Derek said, "C'mon, how about we get back to dancing, huh?"

The other three teens near him nodded, and pretty soon, Derek was nearly grinding against Sara to the beat.

The first slow song came on, and Derek again mentally thanked Danielle's impromptu lesson as he held Sara close, but not too close, as they swayed to the soft tunes reverberating through the gym. The DJ had even dimmed the lights, creating a more intimate atmosphere. Derek could make out Rick and Danielle somewhat awkwardly dancing, and wished he could take his friend's place.

He looked back at Sara and smiled. She leaned in, gently ensnaring his mouth in a kiss. But his heart wasn't really in it. He almost perfunctorily let his hands roam a little, even going so far as to quietly slide his hand over Sara's breast, brushing his thumb across her nipple before she reluctantly pushed his hand away, letting him slide his hand down to settle it just above her ass.

It was becoming clearer to Derek with every passing minute that in the first seriously public display of his relationship with a girl, he didn't want her.

He wanted his sister.

Sara didn't feel quite right in his arms. Her mouth didn't feel quite right against his. Even the body parts he'd be excited to put his hands onto – they just weren't part of Danielle.

Sara seemed to pick on this, because she stopped him in the middle of a song and put her hands on his shoulders. "What's wrong, Derek? Are you feeling okay?"

He shook his head and forced a smile. "Just… I dunno. Don't worry about it, okay, babe?"

She looked at him with a solemn expression. "Derek, come outside with me. Please?"

He glanced anxiously at Danielle and Rick again, then said, "All right. Just for a bit, okay?"

Sara nodded, and took his hand to lead him out one of the side doors of the gym; they showed their purple stars to one of the Student Council members, then slipped out into the cold air.

Derek could see his breath condensing out as he shivered. "Geez! I wonder if it'll snow."

"Probably not."

Sara held out both of her hands, prompting Derek to hold her hands in his. The only light was the harsh white night-lamp, mounted near the gym roof, which threw the surrounding grass into sharp relief against the shadow he and Sara cast.

She fixed her eyes on him and said, "Derek, I need you to tell me something, and please be honest with me. Okay?"

Derek nodded. "Sure."

"Do you really even like me anymore?"

Derek gasped in surprise and shock. In a hurt tone, he whined, "Sara!"

She sighed. "Look, it wasn't really clear to me, but after tonight – I could see it. There's someone else you'd rather have, isn't there? And they're not someone you can just come right out and say you like them, right?"

Derek's head pounded. His breaths became shallow as he felt his hands beginning to tingle. His face grew cold, and he knew he had turned absolutely white in terror. He couldn't tear his gaze from Sara. God, does she know she has the power of almost-literal life and death over me right now?

He gulped and tried to say something, only to let out a pathetic croak.

He would do anything. If Sara wanted to force him to do the most disgusting things ever—

He would.

Because he loved his sister too much to be brave and throw caution to the winds. He knew it would destroy Danielle to be held up as The Girl Who Fucked Her Brother. (and they hadn't even done that yet!)

Sara's face filled with concern as she gently put her hands on his shoulders—

why? Why should she be? Shouldn't she be disgusted? Grossed out? –

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