Derek and Danielle

Chapter Twenty-Three

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As it turned out, the trick-or-treaters began ringing the doorbell around the time Derek was putting his plate in the sink. Rick hurriedly handed him his plate, then rushed to the door.

As Derek began washing the plates and cutlery, he heard Rick saying, "… and what's your costume about, huh? … One of the Jonas brothers, cool! … G'night!"

Rick rushed back to the kitchen. "Whew!"

He stood next to Derek and put his arm around Derek's waist, grinning irrepressibly. "Man, you should have seen it. This kid – maybe eight? I dunno. Anyway he's all dressed up like one of the Jonas brothers and his mom's standing there beaming at him like he's the most amazing guy ever. Oh, god, Derek—"

Rick's grin got wider and finally he started laughing, moving away from Derek so he could cover his face with his hands. Derek finished his washing, then washed his hands thoroughly before he turned off the water taps, and dried his hands as he tried to press his lips together to keep his own laughter inside.

After Rick's laughter subsided, he looked at Derek again, letting his hands fall to his sides. He shook his head. "Damn, it was hilarious. Did we ever look that stupid going around as kids?"

"Probably," admitted Derek. "C'mon, let's get back over to the door. I have an idea."

Derek grabbed Rick's arm and led him to the front door, which had solid walls on either side instead of glazed glass windows as Derek's house did. The only way you could see if anyone was home was if the light was on through the window over the door, or if the light just outside the front door was illuminating the area so someone could check with the security eyepiece.

Derek grabbed a small bag of chocolate almonds, opened it, then held one out to Rick. When Rick, puzzled, reached out to take the chocolate-covered almond, Derek wagged his finger. "Ah-ah, Rick. Think of another way."

Rick waggled his eyebrows. "Oh, that's how it is, huh?"

He opened his mouth, letting Derek quickly drop the almond onto his tongue.

The doorbell rang again, prompting Derek to open the door, showing him and Rick two little angels, one girl a bit taller than the other. "Trick or treat!" they cried in unison.

It was kind of cute, but also funny. He could see why Rick had nearly dissolved in hysterical laughter over the absurd outfit he'd seen. Derek put the open bag of almonds on a side table and quickly dropped a couple of packages into each girl's bag, then waved good-bye.

As Derek closed the door, he saw that Rick had snagged the chocolate almonds. Derek promptly opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, prompting Rick to feed one to him.

Between the interrupting trick or treaters (who were starting to arrive in greater frequency and numbers now), Derek and Rick finished off the bag of almonds. During a respite, Derek said, "Aw, shit."


"Look at my hands. I got that chocolate smeared on my fingers 'cause it started melting."

Before Derek could lick his fingers off, Rick snagged his right wrist gently. "Let me do that," he said quietly.

Derek watched, transfixed, as Rick slowly brought Derek's fingers to his mouth. As Rick gazed steadily at Derek, he slowly wrapped his mouth around Derek's index finger, taking Derek's breath away as his dick suddenly sprang to attention thanks to Rick licking the chocolate off. Rick repeated this for Derek's middle finger and thumb, and feeling the warmth of Rick's mouth made Derek want to moan in agonized ecstasy.

The doorbell ringing shattered the moment, making Derek jump in fright. Rick dropped Derek's hand, his eyes going wide in shock. "Shit!" Rick ground out through gritted teeth. Derek quickly put his hands behind his back, feeling his hard-on soften a bit as Rick yanked the door open, smiling insincerely at the latest batch of costumed guests.

After Rick doled out more candies, Derek heaved a sigh of relief. "Jesus, Rick, I thought I was gonna jump out of my fucking skin!"

Rick's lips lifted in a half-smile. "So did I. But that was kinda hot, don't you think?"

He lifted his hand to show Derek the chocolate stains, and Derek, albeit a bit nervously, brought Rick's hand up with his left hand. He tentatively licked at Rick's finger, tasting the chocolate from before. Emboldened, he sucked Rick's finger into his mouth, and bobbed his head a couple of times before releasing Rick's finger.

Rick had gone glassy-eyed, shaking himself out of his daze with some difficulty. "Wow," he marvelled. "What made you think of that?"

"Dunno." Derek shrugged. "I just thought it'd be kind of exciting."

"Fuck, I'll say it was!" Rick had to reach into his pocket and shift his erection a bit.

Derek said, "C'mon, I'm not finished. Gimme your thumb."

Rick raised his thumb to Derek's lips, pushing them open almost like Derek remembered pushing his fingers into Danielle. Rick began slowly moving his thumb in and out of Derek's mouth, prompting him to wrap his tongue around it. He only reluctantly relinquished it when Rick looked apologetically at him, saying, "We better stop."

Derek swallowed and licked his lips. "That was hot, Rick!"

Rick said, "I better wash my hands though. You still didn't get all the chocolate off." He wiggled his middle finger, then dashed to the bathroom, Derek chasing him right afterward.

At the door, Derek grabbed the handle, pinning Rick between him and the door. "Open the door, Derek!" demanded Rick.

Derek purposely pushed up against Rick. "So… my services are no longer required, are they?"

Rick's breath stirred Derek's hair at his ear as he said, "That depends."

"On?" breathed Derek into Rick's ear as he slowly rubbed his erection against the other boy's.

"Whether you want to kiss me." Rick didn't give Derek a chance to answer before he put his mouth on Derek's, prompting the latter to open his mouth, accepting the strident, demanding kiss. Rick shoved his tongue into Derek's mouth, then after a moment, broke off sharply, breathing heavily. "I want you, Derek," he said huskily.

"Me too," moaned Derek.

Rick said, "I dare you to let me suck your dick before the next person comes to the door."

"Shit, you can't be serious!" gasped Derek.

"I totally am!"

The doorbell rang. Through gritted teeth, Derek cursed, "Damn it!" To Rick, he said, "Go wash your hands. I'll deal with them."

Before Derek opened the door, he shoved his hand down his pants and tried to make his erection not look as visible. He exhaled, then opened the door.

He saw some teenagers from his school, and he asked, "Are you just freeloading candy or what? You aren't even in costumes." He grinned, showing he wasn't going to give them a hard time over it.

One of the guys chuckled. "Yeah. I ditched my mom and dad with my cousin here. We're just loading up."

Derek shrugged. "Why not? Here, pick one each from the bowl." He held it out to the teens, and they plucked out two of the Mars Bars.

They waved. "Thanks, dude!"

Derek shut the door, then leaned against it. Was being horny supposed to make you crazy? It sure seemed to be doing a number on the two of them!

He reluctantly went to the bathroom and found Rick wiping his hands dry. Whatever, he thought. Derek washed his hands, making sure all the chocolate was gone, then dried his hands on the same towel Rick was holding.

Rick grinned, then bit his lip in anticipation. "So? You up for it?"

"Let's check the bowl," Derek temporized. As the teens discovered, it was nearly empty. Derek could only withstand temptation for so long as Rick locked the front door, and shut off the outside light illuminating the front door's immediate area.

Rick came up to him and put his hands on Derek's shoulders. "Please," he begged. "I want to suck you off so bad. God, I used to jack off thinking about you fucking my mouth, you know."

The image popped into Derek's head so vividly he gulped, wondering how it would work but finding the idea of Rick's mouth wrapped around his manhood intoxicatingly exciting. "Let's go to your room, okay, Rick?"

Rick grinned and grabbed Derek's hand. "Come on!"

Inside Rick's room, Rick and Derek set speed records for how fast they could get their clothes off.

The two boys began kissing. Derek could taste some chocolate on Rick's tongue as the two boys began kissing more torridly, shuffling awkwardly to Rick's bed. As they toppled over onto the mattress, Rick got on top of Derek, kissing and licking his way down Derek's jaw and neck. "Oh, Rick, that feels so good. Keep going."

Rick needed no further encouragement to begin licking and kissing Derek's chest, pausing to encircle Derek's nipples, one at a time, with his mouth. Derek's hard-on stiffened even more. Rick seemed to sense this, and ran his hand over Derek's erect penis, making Derek let out an incoherent whine.

Rick tugged at Derek's erection. "You sure you wanna blow job?"

"Blow me," he said. "I want to see you fit my dick down your throat, Rick." In a lusty haze, he said, "I want to come down your throat."

Rick's eyes widened; Derek could see his pupils had dilated. He whispered, "That was so fucking hot."

Rick wasted no time. He got on his knees and bent over, his tongue ready to begin as Rick brought his head down. His warm tongue lapping at Derek's cockhead made Derek bite his lip in anticipation.

Rick teased Derek, licking up and down the length of his shaft until finally Derek groaned, "Rick. Please, suck my fucking dick!"

Rick grinned, said, "Good boy," and wrapped his lips around Derek's manhood, so slick and warm it was unbelievable. Rick tilting his head just a bit to lock eyes with Derek was the cherry on top of a memorable blow-job.

Rick settled into a steady rhythm licking and sucking Derek's cock, easily gulping about two-thirds of the length when his head bobbed down before bottoming out. But in the position they were in, Rick just couldn't fit the rest in no matter how enthusiastically he tried; his throat just curved too much. He regretfully let Derek's slick cock slide out of his mouth, spit trailing off as he did so, and said in a rough voice, "I gotta change positions. Can you get on your knees?"

As Derek got to a kneeling position on the bed, Rick laid himself out flat on the bed, then grabbed a pillow and put it under his chin. He said, "Okay. Now, Derek? I want you to slowly push your cock in my mouth. You're gonna probably feel me choke; stop for a moment, then when I tap your leg, keep pushing slowly until you're all the way down my throat."

In a different, husky tone, he said, "Then fuck my face, Derek. Fuck my face until you come. Then shoot down my throat."

Rick opened his mouth wide, and encouragingly beckoned Derek forwards. It wasn't long before Rick and Derek had the mechanics worked out, and Rick's mouth and tongue worked wonders as Derek slowly pushed forwards. As Rick had indicated, Derek felt the first resistance as Rick's throat pulsed around his cockhead. When that subsided, Rick tapped his leg, and he slowly pushed further in, gasping in amazement as he felt Rick's throat wrap around him. He put his fingers to Rick's throat, and felt the bulge where his dick was pushing in. Pretty soon, he finally was in all the way, Rick's nose butting up against his pelvis as he felt Rick breathing heavily in and out of his nose. Rick's hands were resting on Derek's thighs.

Derek whispered in amazement, "That's eight inches in your mouth, dude."

He leaned forward, keeping his knees well apart. Slowly he pulled back, just to where he could feel Rick's throat trying to push his cockhead back out, then slid back in, prompting Rick to moan, sending vibrations through Derek's cock.

So wet and slick, moaned Derek mentally.

As it happened, Derek, in leaning forward, noticed he could put his hands on Rick's ass without stretching his arm. As he slowly slid in and out of Rick's mouth, he slid his hand down Rick's back and felt his friend's firm ass, remembering the feeling he had when he'd showered with his friend earlier. Even with the added stimulation, though, Derek just couldn't seem to quite come. Every time he tried to speed up his dick's movements, Rick would sooner or later cough, breaking Derek's concentration.

He remembered what Danielle had done—

Fuck it, thought Derek. He said, "Rick, finger my ass, would you?"

Rick hesitantly began rubbing his middle finger around Derek's asshole, then stopped. A little more turned on, Derek said, "Go ahead, stick it in."

The anal intrusion felt… kind of hot, actually. His cock stiffened even more as Rick began sliding his finger in and out of his opening; he couldn't help but wonder if that stretching feeling he had in his asshole would be what getting fucked felt like in miniature.

But his cock, demanding his attention…

Derek began slowly sliding his dick in and out of Rick's mouth, and he got into a pretty good rhythm with Rick's finger, sliding in and out of his most intimate parts and sending the most amazing feelings to his cock.

Derek could feel his momentum – closer, just a bit closer – he squeezed his eyes shut, blurted, "I've gotta go faster!" and went for broke, shoving his dick in and out of Rick's mouth, and was rewarded a few seconds later as he spurted his load down Rick's waiting throat, pushed that extra bit by his asshole clamping down on Rick's finger.

Derek, panting with exhaustion, slowly pushed himself up on his knees. He gently tugged at Rick's hand behind him, and Rick slowly slid his finger out of Derek. After that, Derek slowly began pulling out of Rick's mouth, finally feeling Rick's lips slide over his cockhead as they made a slight smacking sound.

Rick slowly rolled over. Derek could see that it was almost painful for Rick to swallow and said, "Oh, shit, dude. I'm sorry, man. I fucked your throat too hard, didn't I?"

Rick shook his head and spoke slowly, his voice scratchy due to Derek's invasion earlier. "It's okay. I felt the same, a bit, from Evan that time, remember?"

"Still. Shit, man. He didn't jam his cock all the way down your throat. Lemme make it up to you somehow."

Rick grinned. "Get the Fleshlight, then. And get me some water."

Derek whooped. "Hell yea! I've wanted to see how that fucking thing works."

Rick leaned back against his pillow, slowly stroking his own erection. "Ok, go soak the pink part in some warm water for about a minute. Then put it back in and let's go to town."

Derek, enthralled by the strange idea, said, "So you've used this before?"

"Just once. I was curious, but I don't wanna make a habit of it. I think Dad knows I took it, because he's started giving me these weird looks like he's trying to debate with himself how to ask me something he doesn't really wanna ask."

Derek smiled. "Well, gonna get this thing ready."

As Derek left the bathroom sink to warm the rubbery insides up, he wrapped a towel around himself as he slipped to the kitchen to grab a cup, knowing in his head there was no danger, but even so, he didn't feel safe until after he re-entered Rick's room with a cup of lukewarm water and the re-assembled Fleshlight.

He was back on Rick's bed, facing his friend as he sat astride Rick's legs. He handed Rick the glass of water, which his friend drank from slowly. "Thanks a lot, Derek. 'Preciate it. My throat feels better now."

Derek then reached out and wrapped his hand around Rick's erection, stroking it a few times, feeling its thickness and length before he settled his hand at the base, propping it up. Rick set the glass of water aside on the bedside table.

"Okay, since it's still kinda wet, that should be enough. Just push it down onto me, Derek."

Derek positioned the Fleshlight's hole at Rick's cockhead, then carefully began pressing it down. He leaned over, seeing the hole begin to open as it slid down over Rick's manhood.

"Yeah. Keep doing that. God, that feels so fucking warm and good," panted Rick.

Derek soon had it all the way down Rick's length, then began moving the Fleshlight up and down. It was a strange, yet hot, form of sex. Rick began talking pretty crudely, yet openly, as Derek started moving the Fleshlight faster up and down Rick's engorged cock.

"Jesus, Derek, it feels almost like I'm fucking you. Do you know I'm imagining that right now? You riding me, letting me shoot my load up your ass after I fuck you so hard you're begging me to stop 'cause your ass can't take it anymore?"

Derek, awed, just silently kept masturbating Rick with the sex toy as Rick, his eyes closed, tried pushing up to fuck the Fleshlight even faster. Derek sped up, causing Rick to groan.

"So close – so fucking close – I want you, man…"

Rick's voice trailed off to ragged gasps as he clenched the bed sheets. By now, Derek's shoulders were getting a bit sore as he gripped the Fleshlight with both hands, working it up and down like a well-oiled piston.

Rick's eyes flew wide open. "Fuck!" He looked straight at Derek as his body spasmed, spilling his seed into the waiting Fleshlight. Derek found he couldn't look away. They had made an uncommonly intimate connection, and seeing his friend after confessing while helping masturbate him awoke a strange feeling in him he couldn't name. He shook his head, dismissing it quickly.

Rick finally subsided. He moaned, "Damn, that was hot."

Derek busied himself pulling the Fleshlight off of Rick, turned on by how slick and wet Rick's cock looked while covered in cum. As Rick's cockhead came out with a slight plop, Derek found he couldn't resist. He gently took Rick in hand, and carefully licked Rick's tool clean. He tentatively brought his mouth down, then – finally – just dived down, wrapping his lips around Rick's still-rather-impressive shaft. It tasted, well, like cum and skin, he thought as Rick hissed, "Careful! Still sensitive!"

Derek slowly moved his mouth up Rick's shaft, cleaning it with his tongue. He gently squeezed a small bit of remaining cum out of Rick's slit, and as his lips moved over it, he lapped that up, making sure to lick it all off before he sat up and swallowed Rick's essence.

His friend tasted pretty good, and fleetingly, Derek wondered if Rick would let him give his friend a blowjob. But meantime, Derek needed to take care of something and he didn't care how perverted he might look because Christ, his erection had sprung right back up—

He pushed the Fleshlight down onto his dick, feeling how slick it was inside as it rubbed Rick's fluids all over his shaft. Rick, awed, stared as Derek smirked, purposely exposing his rigid shaft to Rick as he slowly slid the sex toy up and down, not wanting to come too soon.

For a few minutes, the only sounds were the repeated wet smacks as Derek gripped the Fleshlight with both hands, closing his eyes and pretending Danielle was riding him, accompanied by Rick's shallow breathing as he watched, enthralled.

Derek could hold back no longer, and began thrusting with wild abandon as he blurted, "Gonna come—"

His cock pulsed in rapid-fire as he blew his load, mixing his fluids with Rick's. Derek's breathing slowed as he relaxed, and he opened his eyes.

He shivered as he slowly eased the Fleshlight off his dick. He looked at Rick and said, "Whoever designed these was a fucking genius. I'm gonna go clean it out, okay?"

Rick wet his lips, and said, "Cool. And Derek? That was seriously hot, watching you. If you ever want the real thing—" He looked uncertainly at Derek.

Derek nodded. "I understand, man. Anyway, look – uh, just use lots of warm water?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Make sure you use lots, though. I don't want my closet stinking a day later."

Derek laughed. "No fear of that!"

When Derek finished cleaning the Fleshlight in the bathroom, he carefully wiped his cock, as well, cleaning it of his and Rick's fluids so his underwear wouldn't be too sticky.

Back in Rick's bedroom, he made sure he put it in the farthest reaches of Rick's closet so his dad wouldn't spot it. He stood back up and looked at Rick; he made a snap decision.

"Wanna sleep together? Just cuddling, okay, Rick?"

Rick grinned. "Sure. Don't forget it's Sunday though. You might have to sneak out of here tomorrow morning unless you don't mind wearing the same clothes tomorrow."

"Who cares? Nobody saw me except Danielle and my parents, and I think she'll keep her mouth shut." Derek reached out and shut off the overhead light, prompting Rick to turn on the bedside lamp.

The boys occupied themselves arranging their positions under the bed covers. Derek, feeling a bit like he wanted to be cuddled at the moment, snuggled up to Rick's right side, putting his head on Rick's chest, his arms a bit uncomfortably resting alongside Rick's body. He closed his eyes, feeling Rick's heartbeat as his chest slowly rose and fell.

Derek heard the click of Rick's lamp as he plunged the room into complete darkness.

Rick wrapped his right arm around Derek's shoulders, then began running his left hand through Derek's hair, prompting him to snuggle in a bit more closely, letting out a pleased hum. Derek thought if he were a cat, he'd be purring about now.

Rick said in a low voice. "You feel better about… us, now?"

"Mm-hmm," said Derek lazily.

"Sure seems like it from the way you jumped into the swing of things."

Derek wondered, "Are we gonna keep hanging out and doing other things, though? I mean…"

Rick's heartbeat had sped up a bit. "Look, we're teenagers. We're horny, almost by definition. I can't count the number of times I've had to put a book in front of me a particular way to keep my hard-on from showing. If I couldn't do anything with you I'd be jacking off at least twice a day. So I think we got the doing sexual things part covered. As for doing other stuff? Well, let's try playing it by ear. I mean, it takes two to tango, man."

"I guess," muttered Derek glumly.

Rick let his hand fall from Derek's head. "We'll figure it out as we go, huh? Get some sleep, okay?"

"Your dad—?" asked Derek, a bit worried.

"Nah. He'll see my door's closed, won't bother coming in," reassured Rick.

Derek sighed contentedly, feeling safe, if just for a while. He wondered if that was how Danielle had felt when she had cuddled with him. If so, he promised himself to do it more often for her.

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