Derek and Danielle

Chapter Twenty-Four

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Derek awoke suddenly to pitch darkness. Was he in Danielle's room again?

He put his hands out, running them over the bed he was in. No, he was by himself. But wait a second—

Derek remembered now. He was with Rick! So where was he?

God, he hated this feeling of being disoriented when he was in someone else's bed. Maybe he'd get used to it if things kept up, but as it was, it was annoying him at this moment.

The slight creaking of the door alerted him that Rick had re-entered the room. "Hey Rick, I'm awake. What time is it, man?"

Rick shuffled over to the bed, opened a drawer in the bedside table, and checked his cell phone. Rick spoke, his voice now almost back to normal. "Just after five in the morning, man. You wanna take off now, or wait and get some running in and just make it look like you came over super-early? Shit, you could even borrow some of my clothes if you want."

"Hey, great idea, Rick!" Derek proceeded to smack his forehead. "Why hadn't I thought of that myself?!" Nobody would need to know he'd stayed the night at all!

Rick chuckled, then carefully slid into bed next to Derek. "Let's just stay here for another half hour, then get in a morning run. Even if it's raining we can just shower after."

"Sure thing." Feeling Rick's warmth next to him made Derek want to get even closer, and he slowly shifted until he was on top of Rick, rubbing himself against Rick as he leaned in for a kiss, and their hands began to roam. One of the first things Rick did was tug at Derek's underwear. Derek quickly slipped out of his undergarments, got naked, then slipped back under the sheets, running his hands along Rick's body as he resumed making out.

Near the end of their make-out session, Rick had by now shifted on top of Derek, the bedsheets thrown back so the cool air settled around them. Derek's legs were parted as Danielle's had been, and momentarily, alarm shot through him as he blurted, "Rick!"

"Hey, hey. Calm down, Der, okay? I'm not going to try and fuck you. Okay? I promise. I'm just gonna rub myself against you. That all right with you?"

Relieved, Derek said, "Yeah, that's fine."

Rick leaned in, rubbing his erection against Derek's as he kissed and licked just below Derek's jaw along his neck. Derek wrapped his arms around Rick, guiding Rick as he moved against Derek. My god, thought Derek, this is what being under someone else is like.

Rick was in control. He was the one who could set the pace. All Derek could do was verbally encourage him, or try to physically stop Rick. And yet – Derek found he didn't want Rick to stop frotting him.

"Faster!" he hissed in Rick's ear, as he felt Rick's body writhe against him. The rubbing was better than any masturbation Derek had yet done, and if Rick could just keep up the pace—Derek felt a thrill go through him as he anticipated the eventual orgasm. Rick had gladly obliged, his breathing getting heavier as he thrust against Derek, lifting himself up to get better leverage as the teens moved against each other. Derek grabbed Rick's shoulders, keeping his legs in the air as he felt the pressure build within him.

Then Rick said the magic words: "Shit, Derek – I'm gonna come!" Rick's thrusts sped up, the bed beginning to creak loud enough, but the rubbing was enough now—

Derek squeezed his eyes shut as he gasped loudly, spilling his juices over his and Rick's stomachs. A moment later, more warm and sticky fluid shot across Derek's stomach as Rick's head fell to the pillow, his body rubbing against Derek's as he jerked once—twice—and once more, then heavily slumped on top of Derek, relaxing into Derek's arms.

As Derek began relaxing after his orgasm, his head whirled. He had just simulated sex with Rick, and with him in the receiving position! Yeah, he'd liked the idea of Rick fucking him, but it suddenly got a lot more real to him as he mentally retraced how his legs had almost automatically parted, letting Rick slide more easily against him—how he'd shifted his body to more easily let Rick all but fuck him, his legs in the air like a girl's, begging Rick to move faster—

Was this how Danielle felt?

Suddenly, Derek realized how much trust Danielle had put in him to let him rub himself against her. Nothing, in theory, had stopped him from entering her except his own desire to slow things down between them.

Just like Rick had reassured him, showing Derek that he could be trusted not to violate Derek's wishes.

Heavy thoughts, mused Derek as he rubbed Rick's back and kissed his shoulder. Rick, his breathing under control, lifted his head up and said, "That was awesome! But c'mon, let's clean up, okay?"

The two of them reluctantly disengaged, and two very sticky teenagers had to leave post-(almost)-coital bliss to use an old towel to quickly wipe themselves down ("I'd totally lick our cum off you, Derek," Rick had said. Derek, in the light thrown by Rick's lamp, had shaken his head. "We've probably already tipped off your dad that something's going on. Let's just get dressed and get outta here to do some running."), then dress in some old clothes Rick could wash later in the laundry.

Quietly, Rick took Derek to the front door, where they stealthily got their shoes on and left.

"Aw, shit!" Derek snapped his fingers and stopped, breathing heavily. He and Rick had slowed down from running for a bit, and Derek had just spotted the flaw in his plan. It had rained off and on as they ran, and Derek was annoyed that his shower would be delayed.

He looked at his (very good) friend, noticing how the occasional rain and continuous sweating had plastered Rick's hair down. "I forgot, Rick. My homework's at my house!"

Rick grabbed Derek's shoulder. "So? No problem, just come back with me. We shower, and I get my dad to drive us and swing by your place. We can even get Danielle, if she wants a ride!"

He nodded. "All right, that's as good a plan as any. C'mon, Rick!" He clapped Rick on the shoulder, and the boys decided to resume their running as they headed back to Rick's place, the chill in the air becoming less noticeable as they ran.

Sure enough, as Rick predicted, his dad, awake, assumed Derek had gotten Rick out of bed for an early run when he greeted them. He then said, "Rick, just use my shower. Derek, use Rick's. You boys look like you could use the warm water!"

After the morning ritual (Derek reflected he'd probably need to start shaving soon as he felt a hair or three on his chin), Derek joined Rick in the latter's bedroom in order to pick out clean clothes. Rick surprised Derek as he said, "Shit, considering what we got up to? You might as well help yourself to all my stuff. Go ahead; I've gotta comb my hair."

Derek wasted no time getting dressed in fresh clothes, tossing his previous day's clothes in Rick's laundry hamper. He exited Rick's room to let him get dressed; Derek killed time reading an auto enthusiast magazine left in Rick's room.

Once Rick rejoined him, the teens went to ask Mr. Harlan for a ride. As it happened, he was ready to leave for work and said, "No problem. Say, Derek, do we need to stop at your place? I don't see your schoolbag or whatever with you."

Gratefully, Derek said, "Thanks! Yeah, I forgot when I came to ask Rick to have a run with me."

"Okay, boys, let's go, then."

The rest of the trip was perfunctory. Derek managed to slip in, get his homework and school books and then slip out of the house unnoticed all the while; Danielle was in the shower, and his parents were nowhere to be seen – presumably they had taken off already. After that, Rick and Derek were dropped off at their school, and the boys grinned at each other. "Easy cakes, Derek. My dad doesn't butt in, like I said."

Derek smiled. "Not complaining." His expression turned serious as he said, "How do you wanna play it, Rick?"

Rick nervously looked around. "Let's just see how it goes, okay? We've got a track meet coming up soon, just before winter totally screws everything over, so I'd like to not piss off the whole team before then, ya know?"

Derek nudged Rick nonchalantly as they walked up to the school doors. "Don't worry. I get you. It's your call, okay?"

Rick nodded. "Thanks."

Sure enough, the post-dance rumors were swirling around the school, and Megan, the girl he'd made out with once and who knew some of the volleyball girls, came up to Derek at Recess and said, "Oh my god, did you really break up with Sara after you saw her making out with your friend Rick and then tell her she's a lying whore?"

Stunned, Derek stared. "Say that again?"

She looked at him with the long-suffering look of one used to boys being a little dumb, and said, "Well, I heard from Tiffany, who I think got a call from Katie, who was texted by Denise, who Sara Facebooked, that that's what happened!"

"Um. No, that's not what happened, Megan," replied Derek. "Your grapevine, frankly, sucks. Sara and I broke up mutually. Like, we both decided it, okay?"

Megan rolled her eyes. "Whatever. See if I ever date you. Jerk!"

Derek had to admit, she'd gotten more attractive since they'd hooked up. Even so, she paled next to Danielle. Speaking of the devil (deviless?), at lunch—

"What the hell kind of rumor mill does this school have, Derek?" Danielle was gripping Derek's shoulder as she sat next to him in the cafeteria. Half the volleyball team was shooting Derek dirty looks. The other half, Sara included, were looking at him with embarrassment, and casting apologetic glances at the evil-eye people.

Derek replied, "Hell if I know! First I heard was when Megan came up to me and said I'd called Sara a lying whore. She said she got it from Tiffany, who got it from … uh, Katie, and… um." The names had dropped out of his memory by that point.

Danielle rolled her eyes. "I think I know how that got started. Denise is one of the girls over there giving you the stink eye. She must have misinterpreted what Sara said. I'll straighten her out in two seconds. Seeya, twin."

Before Derek could say anything more, Danielle grabbed up her lunch tray, purposefully stalked over to the volleyball girls' table, smacked the tray down into the empty spot next to Denise, and they began hissing harshly at each other.

Rick joining Derek made him smile, however. "Hey, man. I've heard the weirdest things about you, you know! And me, as well."

Derek let out a mirthless laugh. "Girls."

Rick nodded. "You know it. Thank God." He raised his eyebrows significantly.

"Hmp. Anyway, you do the cultural appreciation assignment yet?"

Rick drank down some of his pop, then reached for his backpack as Derek continued chewing his French fries. The two of them began going over the assignment, pointedly ignoring the stares from other students.

Danielle joined Derek for the walk home from school. Sara, blushing when Danielle had joined her brother, had quickly made an excuse and taken off on her own.

Derek bore her no ill-will, and thankfully, she didn't seem to either.

Between classes, Sara had briefly said in a small voice, "Sorry about my friends."

"Don't worry about it, Sara. I'm the one who should be sorry. You know that, right?"

Sara sighed. "It's hard to be angry at you when you're not trying to deny you kind of led me on. I guess that makes it easier to accept that we both kind of broke up with each other."

Derek looked around uneasily. In a low voice, he had said, (probably a bit masochistically, he later thought) "Look, if it will help you? You can slap me and scream at me if you want."

"Don't tempt me. I still might." Sara's eyes had flashed. "But no, I don't think it will help me. So just don't mention it again. See you."

She had walked off, heedless of the wolf whistle Randy Bowman had given her. He came up to Derek and said, "You broke up with that piece of ass? Shit, man. You must have, like, really bad eyes."

Derek had groaned. "Look, we just weren't right for each other. Okay? You wanna bang her so bad, be my guest." He looked his fellow member of the track team in the eye. "Seriously."

Randy had patted Derek patronizingly on the shoulder, saying, "Field's clear, then! Thanks!"

Rick, spotting Derek, said, "Call you?"

Derek nodded. "Yeah, later. Danielle wants to give me the third degree now."

Rick, by now behind Danielle's back, stuck his tongue out and waved.

Danielle turned and yelled, "Rick Harlan, I know you're sticking your tongue out—"

Derek had to grab Danielle's shoulder to stop her from shaking her fist at his friend. Rick waved again good-naturedly and took off for his own house.

The siblings, by now off the school grounds, were away from the crowds milling around and could talk without being overheard.

Danielle grinned and said, "Rick always likes to mock me when he thinks I'm being too serious. That's why I know he sticks his tongue out at me."

"I'll tell him he's too predictable," bantered Derek.

"Okay. Seriously, now. Mom and Dad may be oblivious, but I know when you're not at home, all right? Were you at Rick's overnight?"

"Yeah, I was," admitted Derek.

"Hmm," mused Danielle. "Sounds like you two are getting along pretty well, huh?"

Derek looked around, then whispered, "Shit, you would not believe what we got up to!'

Danielle eagerly gestured. "Go on."

"Okay, this is unbelievable. He let me fuck his mouth, first of all."

Danielle's jaw dropped. "Like, all the way? How the… you're really big!"

"He laid out on the bed so his throat was almost straight, right? Then he relaxed his jaw, and, well, I was in," answered Derek quietly, as he looked around to make sure no eavesdroppers were in sight.

"I'd love to try that position," she said enviously. "You and me, Derek. Some day, all right?" She thumped his shoulder to punctuate that question.

"We'll have to go slow when we do that. I think I hurt his throat a bit," Derek noted with concern.

"But he's okay now, right?"

"Yeah, he is. But the next part. Holy shit, Danielle!"

By now, the siblings were in the same shielded passageway that he and Rick had conversed in.

Derek leaned in and said, "This morning, Rick and I, we did that, uh, frotting thing?"

Danielle nodded. "Why're you so worked up over it?"

"I was under him."

Danielle gasped. Her eyes widened. "Go on."

"Well, it's like I said. We cuddled last night, me cuddling him kind of like I was in your position when we cuddled. I fell asleep like that, and then woke up early. Him and me, we started making out. And then somehow, he's on top of me."

Danielle stared, enthralled.

"I've got my legs spread, and he's rubbing himself against me."

"Jesus," gasped Danielle. Derek abstractly noticed her nipples were visible through her shirt.

"So then he's basically all but fucking me, no clothes on, just him rubbing his dick against mine. And it was so freakin' hot, him rubbing against me. It was like almost actual honest to god sex."

"You guys came, right?"

Derek snorted. "Hell, yeah."

The siblings slowly began walking again. Derek was sure nobody had overheard, as they'd been talking in low voices.

Danielle was clearly trying to process the news about her brother, as she was silent until they got home.

Inside the house, they bellowed, "Mom? Dad?"

When no voice answered, Danielle licked her lips. She said, "How did it feel?"

Derek frowned. "Whaddya mean?"

Danielle led him upstairs and dropped her backpack off in her room, then leaned against the doorjamb. She looked at him earnestly. "Being under him. Like, being the girl."

Derek looked away. "It was strange. I never realized just what it's like to trust that someone you like, a lot, can have this kind of power over you and not abuse it."

"Yeah. When you want to spread your legs for someone, that's a big step. That's just, like, wow, Derek. Do you understand that? That's me and you, you know."

"I definitely get it, Danielle. And when Rick and I cuddled? I felt safe. You know? Is that how you feel, too?"

Danielle beamed. "Totally! Sometimes it's nice to just feel protected."

"Well, if you want, we can do it more. Especially if you're feeling kind of, I dunno, bothered or whatever," Derek said.

Danielle reached out for him. As they embraced, she said, "That is honestly really sweet of you, Derek. That means a lot to me."

Derek leaned in for a kiss; Danielle opened her mouth as their lips joined; after briefly locking lips, Derek looked Danielle in the eyes as his hands rested on her hips. "I gotta ask. Is it going to bother you, if I tell you I want Rick to fuck me one day?"

Danielle pursed her lips and breathed sharply through her nose. She gripped Derek's upper arms and said, "I guess maybe it does, a little. It's one thing I can't really do with you – be the one on top. Even if we try every kind of position, it's still you going in me. But I guess I can sort of appreciate that it makes you understand how I feel. When I think about you fucking me, Derek? I get really turned on. But in real life? When we came close?

"Yeah, I was a little nervous. I was realizing, 'oh my god, he can push that huge dick inside me and I already trust Derek more than anyone else, and I'm still nervous…'"

"But you seemed so ready for it," replied Derek.

"I was. But that didn't stop me from being nervous. Just remember that come Christmas, okay?"

Derek tried to imagine Rick's engorged cock pushing through his opening – sliding its way inside him and filling him up.

It filled him with anticipation and not quite dread, but concern. He imagined Rick pushing a little too hard – a little too fast. And he knew if that happened, he'd be—well, he didn't quite know, but he'd definitely be all kinds of unhappy.

He could totally imagine Danielle being that excited and worried.

He put his hands on Danielle's shoulders and squeezed gently. "Danielle, I promise you, I'll be super careful. Okay?"

"Okay. Thank you so much!" She hugged him, then let go and laughed. "I guess we both have Rick to thank, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess. I guess being bi is good for something!" joked Derek.

Danielle let out a short laugh.

Derek then remembered something. "Hey, um, earlier, were you turned on when I was talking about what I did with Rick?"

"Yeah. I mean, not so much now, but I definitely was, earlier. Why?" Danielle peered at Derek.

"I was wondering why two guys together would turn you on," admitted Derek.

Danielle shrugged. "Probably just me. I mean, think about it. We turn each other on, which isn't supposed to happen, right?"

"Yeah, I guess," responded Derek. "Anyway I gotta do homework."

"Me too. See you at supper."

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