Derek and Danielle

Chapter Twenty-Six

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Luckily for Derek and Danielle, when they woke up, it was five-thirty in the morning. They kissed quickly, and then reluctantly untangled themselves from each other and got out of bed. Even amid the sense of obvious danger, when Derek turned the bedside light on (the overhead light might be seen under his door), he grinned at Danielle adjusting her nightgown. She caught his look and mock-sternly wagged her finger at him.

Derek whispered, "C'mon, you love me perving on you."

Danielle just smirked, then looked to his door and nodded towards it.

Derek cautiously stuck his head out into the hallway first, as him leaving his room in a bathrobe could be explained. The coast was clear, and he reached behind him for Danielle, who took his hand. He squeezed it briefly, then ushered her out and bade her to hurry.

Danielle's door closed a few moments later with the subtlest of clicks.

Derek breathed a sigh of relief, and went back to his bed, putting his head on the pillow where Danielle's had been. He could still smell the faint odor of her shampoo: a tangy apple smell that he remembered from the multitude of bottles in the rack that hung off the neck of the shower spout.

He drifted off for an hour, waking up after dreaming of dancing with Danielle at school. They had been dancing, and nobody had said anything about it.

Uneasily, Derek wondered why his mind would tantalize him with things that could never come to pass.

That day, at lunch, Danielle sat with Derek and Rick again. Ostensibly it was because she had homework she wanted to check with Derek's, but considering that comparing their essays didn't take that long, he suspected the real reason was just to be around him when she could.

After she handed his essay back, she began staring off into space as she sipped her juice. After a few moments of this, he poked Danielle's shoulder. "Hey, sis. Penny for your thoughts?"

Danielle smiled. "Just … stuff. That's all."

Rick said, "Hey, Derek, you think you're ready for tomorrow?"

"Whew, shit man, ask a tough question, why don't you?" Derek thumped Rick's shoulder, leading to a mini-fight as the boys laughingly traded punches.

Rick finally managed to grab Derek's fist in his hand and pushed it down. "So, are you ready?" His gaze was steady as he regarded Derek.

Rick really did have nice eyes.

Derek reluctantly yanked his hand away, as much as he liked the warmth of Rick's hand holding his own. "I hope so. That's all I can say: I hope so."

"Yeah. Me too."

Derek finished his lunch in relative silence, punctuated only by occasional accidental bumping of arms with Danielle or Rick when he'd reach for something on his tray. He noticed Danielle was writing in her notebook, but put it out of his mind.

Rick finally said, "Screw this. I wanna walk around for a bit. You coming, man? You can come too, Danielle, if you want."

Derek nodded. "Sure. We've still got ten minutes anyway."

Danielle waved her hand. "Nah. I gotta get a couple things done. Maybe some other time, guys."

As Rick turned his back, Danielle hurriedly shoved a small piece of paper into Derek's hand, then gestured for him to join his friend. "Go!" she mouthed.

Confused, Derek pocketed the paper and didn't think of it again for the rest of lunch.

Derek and Rick joined the rest of the track team, who congregated in the parking lot in the rather chilly midafternoon air. They didn't talk much, but Derek was happy for the company, knowing the big day was now less than twenty-four hours away.

Suddenly, the warning buzzer rang and Rick bellowed, "Shit!" He ran, gesturing behind him at Derek to come with him. Derek took off a half second later, but in the confusion of students all crowding around the door to get back in the school, the two friends were separated.

Derek swiftly got his books from his locker for his afternoon classes, then remembered Danielle's note. He nervously looked up and down the hallway, then quickly unfolded it while keeping his hands inside his locker to cover it up if he needed to.

On it was just one thing: The characters "DC x 2" with a heart around them.

Derek stared, alarmed, and quickly crumpled the sheet and stuck it back in his pocket. As he thought about it, though, he remembered all the other hearts surrounding initials he'd seen, and had to reluctantly admit seeing the little note made his relationship with his sister seem just that little bit more normal.

But class was due to start soon, so Derek quickly shut his locker and ducked into his next class just as the bell rang.

That night, Danielle came into Derek's room. "My pen ran out of ink. You got any?"

"C'mon. Don't you have, like, ten million pens with each color of the rainbow or something?" groused Derek as he turned in his chair to look at her.

"I left my pen case at school because I forgot it in my locker after practice today," Danielle answered in that annoyed voice you reserved for someone who was being a bit dense.

Derek rolled his eyes. "Well, I guess I can give you one." He reluctantly handed her one of his pens from the pen-holder on his desk. She came up close to take it from him and put it in her pocket. In a low voice, checking the door first to be sure, Derek said, "I got your note. Shit, Dani, if anyone saw that…"

Danielle shoved her hair out of her face and tucked the strands behind her ear as she looked at him steadily. She pursed her lips and said, "I guess it was kinda risky. Nobody else has our initials, as far as I know. But c'mon, Derek, don't you see?"

Derek stood, confused. "What?"

Danielle put her hand on his arm. "Derek, I've been thinking. The thing we need to do, if we're going to really do this, we gotta figure out how to make it more normal in our heads."

Skeptically, Derek said, "With little love notes?"

"C'mon. I know Sara did that with you. She gave you that little poem with hearts written all over it once, didn't she?"

Derek winced. "Oh my god, you saw that? I was so embarrassed, reading it afterwards. She even put in that line about 'entering the garden of her bounty' – like holy shit, what the hell was that?"

Danielle took her hand off Derek's arm as she began laughing, covering her face with her hands when she would keep giggling after looking up at Derek.

Finally, when she managed to get hold of herself, she said, "Trust my brother to inspire poetic sexual references." In a low voice she said into his ear, "Was this after she got to feel the equipment?"

Derek nodded. He added, "Before the BJ, in case you're wondering."

Danielle whistled. "Well, she won't be disappointed. Rumor has it her intended football guy isn't too bad in that area." She seemed to visibly shift tracks in her mind as she looked at Derek. "But seriously, that note? Yeah, it was my way of trying to be like, y'know, a girl who has a boyfriend. You have to understand, Derek—you're the one who I think about. Have, for a year. I try talking to other boys and I just can't seem to connect to them. But you? It's still so easy to just talk to you, be near you. I don't even mind when you check me out. It doesn't make me feel gross like when that idiot Randy on your track team practically undressed me when I was asking him to the dance. He was all like, 'Yeah, I have a date already, but I could be… persuaded.' I swear to god he all but whipped it out for me to suck."

Derek groaned. "He didn't."

Danielle nodded.

"You know what this means, don't you? I'm supposed to, like, officially tell him to stay away from you because you're annoyed at him. It's like a law of brothers or something," Derek pointed out.

Danielle, exasperated, shook her head. "Forget it. I don't care about him and neither should you. Besides, didn't you say he's practically drooling after Sara?"

Derek sighed. "Well, what do you want me to do? Leave you notes and shit? Sooner or later someone's gonna see."

Danielle snapped her fingers and beamed. "A code. We'll invent one."

Derek lifted his eyebrows. "Not a bad idea. Let's figure one out later. But look, do you want me to take you out for lunch sometime? That wouldn't be too… y'know."

Danielle smiled. "I'd love it. Let's have our special place, okay? We'll try some places and the one we like, we'll go there on dates."

Bemused, Derek looked at the floor, then paced his room. "Dating my sister. I still can't believe it. I guess you're right, though, about making it be more normal." He stopped, and said warningly to Danielle, "But Dani, don't ever forget – we can't get stupid like outside the theater. We just can't. Someone we know could see us."

Danielle let out a deep breath. "You do not need to remind me, at all. But promise me you'll try, as much as you can."

Derek nodded solemnly. "I promise. Let's figure it out online. Oh, make sure it's not saving any logs of the conversations."

"I looked that up as soon as you told me which program to use," Danielle replied. "I turned all that shit off like, ASAP."

"Okay, then. See you… girlfriend."

Danielle reached for his hand and said, "That feels strange, coming from you. Boyfriend."

Derek chuckled. It did feel weird, he had to admit. "You better go." He let go of Danielle's hand.

The two siblings quickly blew each other kisses. After that, Danielle left the room, and Derek, just to reassure himself, stuck his head out the door to make sure that the TV was still on downstairs. He hoped his parents would not suspect anything out of the ordinary about what he and Danielle were getting up to; they had been incredibly lucky so far.

He went back to his desk and resumed his homework, making sure his laptop was turned on and that he was signed in so Danielle could message him.

Some time later, she had worked out a simple, but easily memorizable, code they could use. Derek spotted one weakness right off – since the letters were just shifted, someone could break it fairly easily, but Danielle pointed out they could also decide the meanings of certain words and use those words in a way that made the coded phrases basically nonsense to anyone else.

Danielle then began discussing the track meet.

daniqueen: Hey, listen… I know this is gonna sound super-crazy, but I was wondering. Do you… need "relief"?

Derek's heart pounded. She couldn't mean that!—Could she?

kingderek: Holy shit, whoa. What do you mean?

daniqueen: I think you know what I mean ;) C'mon, just tell me. Do you need 'help' getting to sleep? I've been hearing some stories about what some girls do with the football players the night before a match.

kingderek: Shit, I dunno. Our parents are just downstairs… this isn't like when Mom and Dad are out banging some dude.

daniqueen: DEREK! EW! Gross gross gross. OMG!

Derek laughed out loud, remembering the last time he'd gotten Danielle to react like that when he'd tossed some mud in her direction a couple of years back.

kingderek: Hehe. Actually, y'know, aren't we supposed to be more weirded out about that?

daniqueen: Maybe, but considering what we're doing with each other? I think Mom and Dad can get a pass on that. I just don't want to THINK too much about what they actually DO.

kingderek: Anyway, I think I need to keep my focus tonight and tomorrow. But maybe tomorrow?

daniqueen: HJ or BJ, you name it, it's yours. *smooch*

kingderek: I'll keep that in mind. :P *smooch*

daniqueen: One last thing. If you still want it tonight just come to my room. I won't mind.

Derek didn't know what to say to that, and waited until he saw that Danielle had signed off, and breathed a sigh of relief.

He encountered Danielle in the bathroom as she was brushing her teeth. He began brushing his teeth as well, occasionally glancing at Danielle in the mirror. As they both still had all their clothes on, it didn't look too unusual. And given their talk about feeling 'normal' earlier – well, wasn't this what a boyfriend and girlfriend might do? A bit comforted by that thought, Derek paid no more thought as he automatically went through his pre-bedtime routine.

But before Danielle left the bathroom, she looked at him inquisitively.

Derek frowned, then in realization, he quietly said, "Maybe later."

He still wasn't sure he and Danielle could get away with a lot under their parents' roof, and he couldn't bear the thought of the consequences that would ensue if they were ever found out.

Yet, in his bed that night, Derek found he just couldn't quite sleep. Why had Danielle put that idea in his head?

He had a race to run tomorrow. He needed to be focused. He didn't need the distraction of knowing Danielle was just a room down and would oblige a request if Derek had one. But then again…

Finally, after an hour of tossing and turning, trying to imagine everything from being on the actual track oval to literally counting sheep, he gave up, mentally groaning about the semi hard-on he'd been sporting off and on since Danielle had made her offer.

He quietly got up from his bed, and his heart pounding, stuck his head out in the hallway. It was in semidarkness, lit only by a couple of night-lights plugged into the electrical outlets along the hall. But the light in Danielle's room was on. He tiptoed to the door and quietly knocked; she opened it, and smiled when she saw him, urging him to come in. She was clad in her nightgown.

She whispered, "Just lie down on my bed; I'll take care of you, okay?"

Derek wouldn't have believed it, but his hard-on actually stiffened at hearing that. He went and laid down as directed, then was plunged into darkness as Danielle killed the light; he felt the bed shift as she got on the bed covers beside him. She whispered, "I'm going to jerk you off and then have you come in my mouth, okay?"

"Blow me as well," rasped Derek.

Danielle had him out of his underwear, expertly running her hand up and down his tool. Derek closed his eyes, let his head fall back against Danielle's pillow, and let his excitement rise as she used her hand and mouth, taking care never to let her bed squeak in a recognizable pattern. He breathed harshly through his nose, trying to avoid moaning his delight at her handiwork. The only noises in the room were the occasional heavy breath and slight smacking of lips as Danielle sucked on Derek's cock in concert with her hand's motion.

The warmth of her mouth around his cock finally worked its magic, and he clenched his teeth, unloading his seed into his sister's waiting mouth as his orgasm slowly left him.

Derek felt his dick fall back against his stomach when Danielle carefully let go, leaving a small wet trail as he heard Danielle's lips smack, then a slight gulp as she swallowed. The bed shifted again, and shortly after, Derek felt a towel fall across his midsection. Danielle hissed, "Wipe yourself, and then give it back to me."

By now, he could see her faint shape in the darkness, and so after cleaning himself up, he handed the towel back to where it ought to be – Danielle's waiting hand – then got off her bed and pulled his underwear up.

He reached for her and gently pressed a kiss to her lips, tasting himself on them. He murmured, "Thanks. Maybe one day I can return the favor."

Danielle just ran her hand up and down his back, then squeezed his shoulder before guiding him to her door. She stuck her head out into the hallway, then tugged his arm. It was safe.

In less than no time, Derek was back in his room, snuggling under the bedsheets. He decided this might be a regular thing from now on at sporting events, as he smiled, relaxed, and fell asleep.

The next morning. as the siblings passed each other at the bathroom door, Derek muttered, "About last night? Thanks. And if you ever—y'know?"

Danielle smiled. "Hey. You needed it. And yeah, I might ask when the volleyball tournament comes up. Anyway, good luck out there and kill 'em dead, huh?"

Derek grinned and went to get dressed.

At the track meet that Saturday mid-morning, the weather was cold and blustery, but at least there was no rain. The grassy football field had puddles of water here and there from the sporadic overnight rains, but the oval track that surrounded it was in good shape, and reasonably dry.

Derek tugged at his track singlet, thankful he at least could wear shorts around his midsection. Rick, stretching next to him as he prepared for the one-hundred meter race, noticed and leaned in. "Too tight? Feels kinda like a T-shirt molded with spandex underwear."

Derek said noncommittally, "Not crazy about these uniforms. But Coach said we have to wear 'em 'cause our numbers are on 'em. It just feels like I'm poured into this outfit." He looked down and noticed he could see his nipples through the material. Great, he thought. Now everybody in this school's gonna know what my chest looks like.

Rick chuckled. "Yeah well, at least they can't see the best parts of us."

Derek grinned and shoved Rick. "Shut up. C'mon, let's get ready to kick some ass. Hope it doesn't rain."

"Me too."

Pretty soon, Derek was focused just on racing against his opponents, cursing every time a false start was declared. He'd be keyed up – ready to go – BLAM! And then every now and then, they'd have to stop. His face flushed, his heart beating rapidly, he'd have to go back to the starting blocks and wait again.

His school had pulled some pretty respectable scores so far, but there was boy's track and girl's track plus age segregation of the racers, so it could still go either way as an overall victory for Foster versus Rudolf. Evan, at one point, had been right next to Derek and the two boys had raced virtually neck and neck in the 200 meter, Derek managing to eke out a split-second lead at the last moment. The look on Evan's face promised retribution the very next chance he got.

At one point when Derek wasn't competing, he looked up into the stands and spotted his parents plus Danielle, who all waved when they saw him looking at them. He wasn't sure, at that distance, but he thought he saw Danielle checking him out. Privately, he wondered what she would think if she could see him without his shorts on.

Finally, after the races were done, it was early afternoon, and Derek just wanted to take a shower as he stood with his team, waiting for the results.

His legs ached from the serious competitive running on a scale he'd never done before in middle school, and his lungs and throat protested from the heavy breathing he'd been doing, even though he'd been drinking freely from a water bottle throughout the day. Concerned, he looked at Rick, who was wiping the sweat off his forehead on his hand and then wiping his hand on his shorts. He put his hand on Rick's back briefly, and said, "Hey. Your throat okay?"

Rick nodded. He provoked a laugh from Derek when he muttered behind his hand, "Just don't fuck it the night before the next meet."

Finally, the announcements were made, after the requisite speeches by the principals of the schools competing. Derek just cared about the end result: For this year, Rudolf Senior was the winner of the two schools in track!

Boisterous roars rose from the Rudolf Secondary team, and Derek found himself in the middle of a massive team embrace on the field. After the congratulations broke up, Derek looked across at Evan, who was commiserating with his team. Evan caught his gaze, and gave a mock-salute to Derek.

After hitting the showers and getting dressed, Rick and Derek waited for Evan as they sat in the bleachers with their families. Danielle leaned over and said, "Hey, guys! That was awesome. I cheered for you both, you know."

Derek, who was next to Danielle, said, "I doubt we heard any words; every time we started racing it was just this huge roar in my ears."

Rick whistled. "Yeah, I never thought sports could get so serious, but I guess when you've got two schools who each wanna be the best…" He shrugged.

Evan's parents joined him out on the field, and a girl ran up to join him as well. The foursome spotted the Collinses and Harlans (along with Rick's dad's girlfriend, who he didn't quite remember the name of), and joined them up on the bleachers. Derek got his first look at Katie; she was pretty hot and resembled the actress Natalie Wood, who he remembered from West Side Story. Danielle, he thought, if he had to compare her to a movie actress, wasn't really sure who came to mind.

Evan, his arm slung around Katie's, bumped fists with Rick and Derek, then waved hi to Danielle, as he introduced the three teenagers to his girlfriend. Katie, for her part, waved at all of them.

Evan's dad said, "So, Evan tells me you all want to grab some supper – or I guess you could say a late lunch – after?"

Rick nodded. "Yeah, we thought we'd have a little get-together, win or lose. Derek told us about this restaurant, the Olive Garden?"

The parents all looked at each other and gave each other approving nods. Derek's dad said, "We'll join you and get separate tables, all right?"

The teenagers all looked at each other and shrugged. What were they going to do, say no?

As the parents began handing some money to their children, Derek looked at Danielle. "Hey, sorry I didn't invite you along before. Wanna come?"

Danielle thought for a second, then said, "Sure. C'mon, let's go. I'd rather eat with you guys than at home later."

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