Derek and Danielle

Chapter Twenty-Seven

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At the restaurant, the parents were seated around a large round table, and the teenagers were at a smaller, rectangular table. Shortly after they ordered drinks, Danielle excused herself to go to the washroom. After a minute or two, Derek realized he needed to go as well and excused himself.

Danielle was just coming out of the women's room when she spotted him. Looking around to make sure nobody was watching, she handed him a folded note, which he shoved in his pocket right away. Derek nodded and walked into the men's room. After secreting himself in one of the stalls, he took care of the needs of his bladder, then, when he finished and pulled his pants back up, he quickly unfolded the note and read her clear, loopy handwriting on a scrap of paper that must have been in her purse.

"I didn't want to say this out loud in front of everyone, for obvious reasons: You were fucking hot out there! I'd appreciate it if you'd get rid of this after."

Derek promptly ripped the note up, tossed the pieces in the toilet, and flushed everything down to oblivion. He tried not to let his hard-on go to full mast after having read Danielle's words.

After washing his hands and returning to the table (luckily, without obviously tenting his pants), the conversation seemed to split in two, with the guys talking and Katie and Danielle talking. Derek, Rick and Evan revisited the events of the day while Danielle was comparing school classes with Katie.

"Oh man, did you see my school's guy, you know, Antwon? Dude's almost like Usain fucking Bolt, you know," Evan crowed.

Rick and Derek nodded. They'd seen the powerfully built eighteen year old, thankful that the track competitions were age-segregated.

"Well, you remember, he was racing? And we all thought 'holy shit, he's gonna win!'"

"Then bam! He bit the track at the last minute!" Rick butted in, wincing in memory.

Derek shook his head. "Man, he looked pretty bad when they picked him up."

Evan nodded. "Yeah. Coach says the docs think he'll be okay. Still, man, one wet patch, one foot wrong—"

"Pretty much, yeah," remarked Rick darkly. One mistake like that could easily ruin a guy's career. Derek didn't know what he'd do if he wrecked his knee. Luckily, the conversation moved to some of the funner parts, and Katie and Danielle joined in with comments about what they'd seen as spectators.

Around then, the food was set out and the teenagers dug in, so conversation pretty much ceased, Derek enjoying a great clubhouse sandwich, while Danielle had a chicken Caesar salad. Before long, everyone was pretty much finished and they got the bill, which they paid after working out the tips. After that, they trooped to the 'parental table' and let the older generation know they were done. Rick asked his dad if he could hang out at Evan's house, and Derek and Danielle got clearance, as well, from their parents as Evan got the okay from his parents to have his friends over.

Outside the restaurant, the gathering of people broke up as everybody headed for their respective vehicles. Evan's dad, luckily, had a large truck, and invited the teens to ride along to Evan's place.

Evan's house was a pretty average-looking split level, made mostly from brick. The teenagers piled out of the truck after they pulled into the two-car driveway, but to their surprise, Evan's parents didn't come in with them. Evan went up to the driver's side window of the SUV as his father lowered it to talk to him. "Dad? Mom?" The other teens came up near him, wondering what was going on.

"Your brother James didn't show up for your meet at all; that much is obvious – I'm sorry, son."

"So what's the problem, Dad?" Evan scratched his head. His father got an exasperated expression on his face and looked at Evan's mom.

"He called during lunch and told us he's not coming home as long as you're there," she flatly stated. "He didn't say where he was staying, but we know who most of his friends are."

Evan's jaw dropped. "B-but..." He looked down. "I can't believe he hates me this much."

"Neither can we," Mr. Warren growled. "Look, I hate to drop this on you kids, but this just blew up in our faces and Helen didn't want to make a scene at lunch. We thought you kids would appreciate the chance to hang out for a while because Evan, your mother and I are going to find your brother and talk some sense into him. He's only seventeen, so he's supposed to be under our roof. We might be gone for a while – maybe overnight, because we might just take James to your aunt and uncle's up in Kentville and get this sorted out tomorrow."

Evan nodded glumly. Katie came up and put her arm around him, trying to comfort him. Brusque goodbyes were exchanged, and the truck roared off.

Rick rubbed his foot on the pavement and said, "Rotten luck, Ev. You want us all to take off?"

"No, come on in. Mom and Dad are right; I'd rather not be alone. You too, Katie."

The girl snorted (at least, Derek thought it was a snort). "As if I'd leave you alone right now!"

In the comfortable-looking living room, the five of them arranged themselves on the two long couches, such that Rick, Derek and Danielle were on one of them and Katie and Evan had the other one to themselves.

"Well, that was a bummer," remarked Rick.

Evan laughed bitterly. "Shit, James has been such an asshole the last year! Just after Thanksgiving he started being kind of a dick to me, though I got an okay present at Christmas. But on my birthday in April, what does he give me? Nothing! Not even, 'hey, sorry I forgot', you know?

"Look, even if he doesn't have any money, or just wants to be lazy, that's fine, but to just not even acknowledge me? Fuck, that hurts. And then on top of that he just takes things out of my room without even asking – like those model kits I build. He even broke one purposely, once."

"So just be selfish back. Fuck him if he doesn't wanna be like normal big brothers and call you a little twerp and then secretly beat up anyone who looks at you wrong," pontificated Rick.

Derek nodded. "Me and Danielle, we've never been as bad as you and James but we've had our occasional fights, yeah. But shit, if the chips were down and she needed my help, fuck yeah! I'd fuck anyone up who tried to hurt her."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Derek. And you know I'd kill anyone who started being an ass to you," remarked Danielle.

"No doubt about it, guys," Rick said. "You shoulda seen it when she defended him at school to those bitches who were spreading rumors around. She was hissing like a pissed-off snake!"

Everybody laughed, and Katie said, "What's this about rumors, though?" She snuggled up next to Evan.

Embarrassed, Derek said, "Well, it was just… I broke up with my girlfriend, her name's Sara. It was at the Hallowe'en dance – well, I guess you could say we broke up with each other. Someone heard about it and blew it up into this huge story."

Katie rolled her eyes. "Don't I know it! Look, I kind of have a confession to make. I guess you could say I'm pretty… well, the bitches at school would call me a slut. But I just really like being kind of open about sexual things." She looked at Evan. "Aw, it's cute when you blush, Ev-Ev." Evan had turned a bit scarlet.

Rick began snickering, and raised his hand for a high-five with Derek. Derek, chuckling as well, returned it as he said, "Evvy-poo, you're so cuuuuute," prompting Danielle to start laughing.

Katie continued. "Anyway it's like this. I'm sure Evan has told you boys already, but I sucked him off after a movie. Why not? I wanted to. And he liked it, so there!"

Danielle, impressed, said, "Wow. I know Rick here likes to call me a whirlwind, but you're so open about that kind of thing. I guess you get rumors a lot?"

"Tell me about it, sister. There isn't a day that goes by that the snotty bitches on the cheerleading team aren't coming up with some new story about me. It's only 'cause Evan's on the track team that most people don't get quite as nasty about it as they'd otherwise be.

Evan got concerned. "Katie! You didn't tell me you were being hassled like that."

She waved her hand. "It's nothing."

"Katie, isn't not nothing. C'mon, I liked the way you just came up to me and said you wanted to go out with me. Remember?" Katie smiled slightly, nodding in response. Evan continued, "You know what you want and you go for it. There's something kind of hot about that."

"I guess it'd be nice if you could get the football jocks to get their cheerleader girlfriends to lay off, but I really don't like the idea of having to have you defend me like that," admitted Katie.

"C'mon, aren't we going out? We gotta tell each other this shit," pointed out Evan.

"Um, maybe we should leave you alone," said Rick, his face a bit red. Derek had felt a bit uncomfortable, too; Danielle was still looking steadily at the couple.

Katie and Evan shook their heads.

"I'm not ashamed," declared Katie. Evan chimed in, saying, "Yeah. Katie's my girlfriend and that's that."

Danielle said, "You know, it's funny. There's a Katie at my school, but she's nothing like you."

Katie snootily said, "Well, I am special, then." This prompted chuckles from the guys.

Katie moved to sit on Evan's lap and said, "So how about you all? Girlfriends? Boyfriends? Both?"

Danielle shook her head. "Not me. The boys at my school mostly suck."

Derek, in a mock-injured tone, said, "You wound me, dear sister! What about me?" Even as Derek said that, he wondered if he'd accidentally put too much emphasis on his complaint, as joking as it was.

"And me?" Rick said, grinning.

Danielle shoved Derek. "Fine. You're special, 'cause you're my twin brother and all." To Rick, she said, "Anyone who dances with me gets a free pass."

Derek mentally smirked as he realized he fitted under that category, and as Danielle's eyes briefly flicked in his direction, he knew she had the same thought.

Rick reacted with mock shock. "I have been honored by the great Danielle Collins! I'm not worthy!"

Evan burst out laughing, forcing him to hurriedly grab Katie to avoid tossing her off his lap.

Katie said, "How'd that come about, anyway?"

Rick bit his lip and looked at Derek. He ran his hand through his hair, then studied the floor for a few moments. Derek, concerned, was about to jump in and change the subject when Rick suddenly said, "Look, can I tell you something?"

Katie sat up straighter and looked at Rick. "Um, sure. I don't see the problem, though."

Rick licked his lips. "Um, I'm… well, I've pretty much got a thing for guys, which I guess makes me gay. And uh, I kind of got Derek to help fix me up with Danielle as kind of cover, you know?"

Katie sighed. "Aw, Rick. That's so sad! Who did you want to go with?"

Rick put his hand on Derek's shoulder. "This guy here, actually." He tentatively smiled at Derek, who decided he might as well come clean too.

Derek grabbed Rick's hand. "And it'd have been kinda cool to go to the dance with my good buddy here, 'cept we're on the track team and we're not sure how well they'd take it."

Katie asked, "So, you're gay too, Derek?"

Derek shook his head as he let go of Evan's hand and snaked his arm around Rick's shoulders. "Nah, I think I'm bi. I like girls and guys. Me and Rick are kind of going out, actually."

Katie actually squealed. "Oh wow! That's so cute!"

Evan grinned. "Lemme just calm the lady down, huh?" Before Katie could protest, he pulled her in for a kiss.

After the very sound kiss, Evan said, "And just for the record I am totally cool with all this, too." He worriedly flashed a glance at Derek and Rick, telling them Katie didn't know about their 'extracurricular' gathering.

Danielle frowned, and was about to comment when Derek subtly nudged her knee with his. Katie was kissing Evan's forehead, while Rick was leaning against Derek, obviously relieved that his group of friends was taking his revelations well. Danielle looked at Derek, nodded slightly, and spoke up. "I totally agree with Evan, by the way. And Rick? I was happy to go with you even if nothing's gonna come of it."

Rick smiled. "Thanks."

Evan piped up again. "We all should hang out more, you know. I don't see you guys as much as I should. Danielle, too."

Katie mock-frowned. "Am I going to have to worry about competition here, Ev-Ev?"

Danielle burst out laughing. When she settled down, she said, "I don't think so. I'm not really looking for a boyfriend right now, anyway." She rubbed her hands pensively as she leaned forward, her arms on her thighs.

"If it helps, Danielle? The people who think you sleep around aren't worth knowing anyway," said Katie firmly.

Rick said, "Well, I dunno about you all, but Evan, I could do with some games. Whaddya guys say? Oh, and girls," Rick hastily added as he tried to break the serious mood.

The teenagers all looked at each other and shrugged. Evan thought for a minute and said, "Well, there's always Monopoly, I guess?"

Everybody else nodded. Katie untangled herself from Evan as the other teens got up to move to the kitchen table for some games.

The game finally ended in a bit of a farce (although Derek thought it was rather funny) when Katie, having landed on Evan's property, gave him a doe-eyed look and said mock-sadly, "But I don't have any money; could I give you … something else … instead?"

Rick guffawed first, then all hell broke loose as the fivesome broke up in laughter.

As the laughter subsided, Derek looked at Rick and said, "Oh, Rickyyyyyy…" as he batted his eyes.

Rick flipped him the bird. "No. You may not offer me sexual favors for a Monopoly game, Derek."

That sent Danielle, Katie and Evan into more peals of laughter as Rick tried, and failed, to look mad at Derek and leaned in for a kiss, which Derek hesitantly responded to. Rick said, "There. All better?"


Danielle tapped the table. "Hey. As the odd girl out here, I'm thinking now's as good a time to stick a fork in the game and call it done. You guys want anything to eat? I'm feeling a little hungry."

Evan checked his watch. "Damn, five o'clock already?"

At that moment, Evan's phone buzzed, and he rushed to answer it. "Yeah? Oh hey, mom! … Tell James to shut up, huh? … Overnight? Are you sure? … Okay, fine. I'll send my friends home later tonight and see you tomorrow."

Evan ended the call.

"That's that. Mom and Dad are at Uncle Kenneth's tonight with James. They're gonna stay overnight and try to sort all this shit out tomorrow."

"Shit, that sucks that you guys can't get along," Rick said feelingly.

Derek said, "Yeah. At least Danielle and I don't hate each other." He tried to avoid Danielle's eyes, not wanting to reveal the truth.

"Look," sighed Evan. "I don't even really know why James hates me so much. He's just become this total jackass. All I can think of is he's got a couple new friends and maybe they've been telling him he doesn't need to worry about his family or something."

"Geez," said Rick. "Anyway, look, you want us to stick around for supper, or what?"

Evan sighed. "I'd love to have supper with you guys, so thanks, Danielle – but I think your parents are gonna want you home soon." Katie's hand on Evan's leg made Derek wonder if Evan had another reason for wanting them out of the house, and sure enough—

Katie cleared her throat. "I, however, am staying, Evan, and you are not gonna argue with me about that."

Evan spread his hands in surrender. "Not sayin' anything."

"Good, because I am going to give you the Mother of All Distractions tonight," breathed Katie into Evan's ear.

Danielle whistled. "Does that mean what I think it means?"

Katie gasped in pretend shock as Evan blurted, "Whoa!"

Danielle grinned. "So, you two've done it before?"

"Nah, we haven't," replied Evan. "Not for lack of trying though."

Danielle said, "C'mon, tell us. Details, please!"

Katie stood up and got behind Evan, putting her hands on his shoulders. "Well, the first time, we didn't have any condoms and I was on my period since I haven't gotten the Pill yet. So he just fingered me. Then like, a week later, we're ready, and then it turned out somehow Evan had stolen the wrong size from the store."

Rick put out his hand. "Wait a sec. Stolen? What the hell?"

Evan chuckled nervously. "It was a spur of the moment thing. You know those little stores the Vietnamese immigrants run? Some of them don't have great security and I was in a neighborhood I normally don't go to 'cause I was getting firecrackers. I grabbed one of those little three-packs. Fucking thing wouldn't fit on right and kept squeezing me."

"Ouch, man," Derek said sympathetically. "Still, kinda dumb."

Katie said, "And then we were finally ready at my house, and then my mom comes rolling in an hour before she normally does, and Evan and I had to get dressed, like so quickly. We pretended we'd just been making out all that night instead of doing homework together."

Evan shuddered. "Oh, man. That was scary. Your mom was giving me the evil eye for a minute there, but she ended up believing us and just telling us next time not to sneak around."

"Rotten luck, huh?" mused Rick.

Katie and Evan both nodded. She kissed Evan on the top of his head and said, "Our luck's gonna change. Tonight."

Rick said, "And that's our cue to leave."

Derek tried not to show he was kind of turned on by the frank talk of sex. Katie and Danielle seemed to have similar personalities, and he wondered if what he was really attracted to was the fact that Danielle was strong, confident, and knew what she wanted. Even though Danielle had bouts of insecurity, it was obvious that the reason for them wasn't so much self-doubt as the social constraints and taboos they were under. Brothers and sisters do not, Derek reflected, normally plan to have sex with one another.

At the front door, Evan looked a bit glum. "Thanks for hanging out for a while, guys. Maybe James'll… I dunno. At this point, if he just even says hello, and doesn't take my model kits anymore, I'll be happy. He used to be so cool. James used to show me how to fix things, like my bike when the chain broke and I needed a new one."

Danielle reached for Evan and gave him a quick hug. As she let go, she said, "You looked like you could use the hug."

Derek grinned, gesturing Evan forward. "C'mon, gimme a hug, dude. You need one." He wrapped his arms around Evan and rubbed his friend's back. He slowly stepped back and said, "I dunno if that makes you feel any better."

"Last, but not least!" said Rick as he embraced Evan. "Hey, take it from me. Even guys need hugs, Ev. Look, if you need to call, you know the number."

Derek nodded. "Me too." He wiggled his cell phone, then shoved it back in his pocket.

Evan nodded. "Yeah. Cool."

Katie came forward and said, "Thank you all for being here. I can see how happy you make Evan and I just want that for him, okay? For him to be happy." She pursed her lips, then continued. "I know I come across like a total slut sometimes, but I honestly don't just give it up for everyone. Evan's the first guy who I felt like I had a bit of a connection with, and it didn't hurt that he had these exciting-looking blue eyes. Even if he does have normal contacts, too."

Danielle reached out for Katie and hugged her. "Hey. You don't need to explain yourself, okay? I'm not like those bitches in school you have to deal with. I promise."

Katie smiled and impulsively kissed Danielle on the cheek. "Thanks! It means a lot to know another girl doesn't think I'm… y'know, loose."

"De nada." Danielle smiled. Then, "Hey, Evan, can I borrow your girl for a sec? Katie, here's my number if you wanna have some girl talk, okay?"

The girls moved off to exchange phone numbers. Evan came up to Rick and Derek and whispered, "Listen. Guys? Thanks for not bringing up our… y'know."

Derek and Rick nodded. "No sweat, man. Sounds like you and her have a good thing going. Wouldn't wanna fuck it up," Rick said. He fist-bumped Evan.

Derek followed up, fist-bumping Evan as well.

Evan smiled wanly. "Thanks."

Danielle came back and said, "Okay. Let's roll, guys, we've got parents to make happy."

The three teens took their leave of Evan and Katie, and began walking back home.

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