Derek and Danielle

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

"Holy shit," Derek breathed.

Rick, face flushed in embarrassment, muttered, "Look, buddy, I'm just gonna get changed, okay?"

"Wait!" blurted Derek.

Rick couldn't quite meet Derek's eyes as he rested his back against one of the change room walls, near the bench that ran along the wall perpendicular to it.

"Was – was that what you were really gonna ask about, earlier? Like, if I liked you or something?" asked Derek.

"Yeah." Rick swallowed nervously and said, "Man, when I got outta the pool I should've just jumped in the shower first. Now you know I… kinda like you. Not your sister."

Derek found, to his surprise, he wasn't as grossed out by the idea as he'd always thought he'd be. Instead, he found himself kind of curious about the idea. His heart began pounding as it had in the pool, when he'd felt Rick's erection brush his butt. He'd discovered masturbation a few months ago, but had never dared bring the subject up with anyone. His usual habit was to have one off in the shower, because he'd found out that doing it in the bed made it squeak too noticeably, and he couldn't exactly fake going to the bathroom at weird hours.

He also found himself wondering what Rick's dick would look like. Derek had occasionally caught glimpses of other boys' penises while changing for gym or showering after track, but had never seen anyone's up close like he could with Rick right now, if he wanted to. His mouth was dry; he licked his lips before saying, "Uh, that's cool. I guess. Why do you like me like that?"

Rick chuckled weakly. "You need to ask that? Check out that chest of yours, for one thing. And you have a really nice smile. I'm serious." He took a deep breath, and locked eyes with Derek. "Derek? Thanks. You know, for not bitching me out and throwing me out of here."

Derek tried to steady his breathing as he took the plunge. "Rick? Could I… could I, you know?" He hesitantly reached his hand out, waiting for Rick's response.

Rick's eyes went wide. "You – you're not making fun of me here, are you? You really wanna – you actually wanna touch my dick?"

Derek nodded.

Rick moved closer. Derek could see his hand shaking as he reached out for Derek's wrist. His hand was warm as he gently put Derek's hand on his erection.

Derek couldn't believe it! He was holding his friend's dick in his hand for the first time, ever. He rubbed along the firm flesh, feeling it through the thin material of the speedo. A moan escaped Rick's lips as he did so. Derek half-noticed his own erection tenting his swim shorts; Rick's hand reaching out prompted Derek to nod wordlessly.

The feeling of another person's hand on his own dick was amazing. Rick was rubbing it through the material, as well as gently tugging his dick and balls. That made Derek realize he hadn't felt Rick's balls yet. Gently rubbing and squeezing seemed to do the trick as Rick's eyes fluttered shut and he smiled, moaning quietly.

Derek looked down at Rick's speedo and noticed a spreading wet spot near the head of his penis. Curiously, Derek rubbed there some more, and was immediately rewarded by a gasp and some more wetness beginning to seep out. He said, "Hey. What's that stuff called? I've had that happen to me, too."

"Precum. Dude, I gotta ask you to take your hand away for a sec. These speedos're so tight right now it almost hurts. You don't have to take yours off, but god, I need to jack off."

Rick pulled off his speedos, freeing a very firm, nice-looking cock. Before Rick could start rubbing one out, Derek reached out quickly and said, "Can I?"

"Oh god, please. Jack me off, Derek," Rick half-whined.

Derek noticed Rick didn't have much hair down there (then again, Derek didn't have much either), but the size of his friend's penis left no doubt as to whether or not he was a red-blooded male. Derek, if he had to guess, figured Rick was about the same size and thickness as he was. He wrapped his hand around Rick's warm, throbbing member, and began slowly rubbing up and down, watching as the foreskin moved.

"Oh, fuck, that feels so goddamn good. Do it faster," gasped Rick.

Derek obligingly began stroking faster and more vigorously. He put his other hand on Rick's shoulder to steady him, feeling his own hard-on stiffen as Rick began breathing faster. Rick's muscles began to stiffen up as Derek brought him to the point of no return—

"Derek! Fuck! I'm – oh, shit!—" blurted Rick as his dick began pulsing, shocking Derek with the volume of white jism that began spewing out of his cock. The first blast splattered all over Derek's chest and stomach, with the next several coating Derek's swim shorts and the floor of the change room. Finally, the last few drops dribbled out and Rick hissed, "Stop pumping, man. It's sensitive!"

Derek said, "Shit, sorry about that," and slowly released Rick's penis. Derek uncomfortably realized his own hard-on was not subsiding any time soon, and awkwardly, he attempted to shuffle off to the shower.

Rick, grinning widely, said, "Hey. We're not finished."

Derek blushed. "You don't have to—"

"Shut up, okay? I want to do this for you. Drop 'em. You're going to have to wash them anyway, so you might as well give 'em here for a sec."

Derek struggled out of his swim shorts and handed them to Rick. Rick used Derek's swim shorts to quickly wipe off the fluids on the floor, then tossed them to one side. He said, "Don't wipe my cum off of yourself. I've got a better idea."

Derek, perplexed, watched as Rick ran his hand over Derek's body, scooping as much of his jizz onto his hand as possible. He got the idea in a flash as Rick's warm hand began smearing it over his dick. Rick reached out to grab Derek's shoulder as his other hand began working Derek's dick. "See, Derek? Instant lube." Rick winked as he began pumping, provoking a low moan from Derek.

"Feels so good. Keep doing that," he breathed.

Derek closed his eyes, clutching Rick's shoulder with his hand to further steady himself. He felt Rick's muscles move under his hand as Rick pumped away.

Soon enough—

"Rick – Rick, it's–I'm gonna…" Rick responded by moving his hand even faster up and down Derek's shaft.

Derek tensed up, feeling the urge to come rush through his body and through his dick as he could no longer hold it in. He threw his head back, blurting, "I'm coming!"

He opened his eyes to watch the most amazing orgasm of his life so far: his prick shot white milky fluid all over Rick's body, once – twice – the third time on the floor near Rick's feet, and a few more shots later, Derek was totally drained as he rode his orgasm to the finish.

Like Rick, he had to hiss "Stop!" as his dick became too sensitive to keep masturbating. Rick let go, and in awe, gasped, "Wow! You came so fucking hard, dude!"

Wearily, Derek said, "Sorry 'bout making a mess on you. But thanks for the hand-job."

After using Derek's swim shorts again to clean the floor, the two boys wordlessly entered the shower; there was enough room for both of them. Derek waited while Rick washed off the chlorine and jism, then soaped himself down and rinsed himself off a hundred percent. Derek followed suit, making sure the smell of sex wouldn't be on him when he went back into the house.

After the two teenagers had both gotten their normal clothes back on, Derek suddenly felt kind of sheepish. He said, "Um, I hate to change the subject, but can I get your help with the pool cover?"

"Yeah. Sure," said Rick laconically.

It was a matter of a few minutes to re-cover the pool. The boys re-entered the house, Derek quietly dropping his swim shorts in the washing machine on the way to the living room, which had the wide-screen TV. Derek's parents were on the couch, watching a talk show. They looked up as Derek announced, "I covered the pool up. Rick's gonna take off now."

"No problem," came from each parent as they settled back in to watch the show.

At the front door, Rick looked at Derek.

"You're okay, right? You're not gonna, like, get weird about this, are you?"

Derek didn't know what to say. Considering he'd gone from being a boring ordinary teenager to realizing he was definitely not completely normal in his sexuality, he felt like retreating for a while. But not wanting to hurt Rick's feelings, he just said noncommittally, "Yeah. Don't worry. See you tomorrow, K?"

"Cool. Tomorrow's Friday. Maybe we can hang out or go somewhere." Rick winked broadly as he smiled and opened the door to leave.

Derek dashed upstairs and went into his bedroom. After closing the door and leaning his back against it, he whispered, "Holy shit!"

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