Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty

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That Friday, their parents had another outing, and so the teens were on their own for supper. Derek had said, "Mom? Dad? I just wanna… y'know, thank you. For trusting me and Danielle."

Rachel smiled and reached for Derek, putting her arm around his shoulders. "Honey, you and your sister have proven you can do fine without a babysitter since you turned thirteen. In my book, once you're in your teens, that's when you need to start being trusted to do more on your own."

Samuel brought Danielle in, and the family had a four-way hug. He said, "When I turned thirteen, that's when your grandfather told me, 'A hundred years ago, you'd be a man already. As far as I'm concerned, that still holds true.' He stood by me as a father should, but he let me make my own mistakes. Maybe a bit too much freedom, looking back – but he had the right idea. You're growing up, kids. If we can't trust you to behave, who will?"

Danielle smiled. "Thanks, Dad."

"We also want to thank you both for being so open-minded about what we do with other adults. We work hard, but we also, as the saying goes, play hard," their father said.

Derek and Danielle sported identical blushes as they shuffled in embarrassment.

Rachel said, "I won't deny it's a challenge, as your father and I have discovered, but we try to make our marriage work. And we do try to make time for you kids; it's easier on us knowing you're not wild kids either. You put the work in and you don't try to raise hell.

She reached for her purse. "Here's some money in case you feel like ordering in. Don't expect us 'till late."

All four family members hugged again, then broke apart and said their goodbyes. As soon as Derek heard the car engine start, he turned to Danielle and said, "Quick, where can we go in the next couple of hours?"

Danielle mentally ran through the places the two of them had come up with after chatting online the previous night, and said, "There's one bus that goes straight past this little place that has decent reviews. Wanna dress up?"

"Not too much. It's not a real fancy place, is it?" wondered Derek.

"Nah. Tell you what. Just get on a nice shirt and pants, and I'll get a decent shirt and skirt on. It's getting cold enough that my legs are gonna hate me for it, though." Danielle grimaced.

Derek grinned. "All the better for me to put my hands on them, then."

"Oh, shut up, you horndog." Danielle grinned in return. "Hey, put on a little cologne. Like, just dab your finger with some and put it here and here." She indicated where his neck joined his left and right collarbone.

Shortly afterwards, Derek was waiting by the front door, clad in a grey shirt and black slacks. He thought the shirt was a bit tight across his chest; he experimentally stretched and decided it would be fine. He shuffled into his coat and fiddled with the zipper.

A few moments later, Danielle, in high heels, came down the stairs. She was wearing a dark blue skirt and a white shirt, and her hair was done up in a ponytail, which made her jaw look stronger. She had on nylon stockings, which he thought looked nice but probably wouldn't offer much insulation against the cold.

Danielle walked sexily up to him and said, "So, do I look nice?" She put her hands on his shoulders as he rested his hands on her hips. She leaned in and grinned. "You smell nice, too."

With the heels on, their heads were at the same height. Derek grinned and quickly kissed Danielle. "If we weren't heading out, I'd love to rip those clothes off of you." His right hand trailed down to her ass as his left began cupping her breast. "You smell hot, too. Perfume?"

Danielle gently pushed his hands away. "Yeah. I put on a little. And hands off, okay? We're going out and you don't need to be walking around with that pole sticking out of your pants. It's not like we don't get a million chances to touch each other, anyway."

Derek, with some regret, stepped back and grabbed the door handle. "Okay, fine. You ready?"

Danielle shrugged into her coat and made sure she had her purse. "Let's go."

Even though the chances were many to one against that Derek would bump into anyone from school, he still ended up looking around nervously every time the bus made a stop. Finally, however, Danielle nudged him when the bus stopped, and they exited the bus onto the street. Quickly, as the air was chilly, the two of them made their way to the rather small restaurant nestled in between a music store and a guitar shop. Derek looked up at the awning. The restaurant was simply named "Frank's". He checked his watch: it had just gone past five o'clock, and their parents had left the house around four, plus factoring in clothes-changing, bus-walking-and-waiting time. This meant, thought Derek, it would probably be a twenty-minute bus ride back home.

They went inside, and they saw immediately that for a Friday night, it was pretty sparsely peopled. The smiling waitress waved at the tables. "Sit anywhere, okay?"

Derek pointed to a booth in the far corner, where they couldn't be seen from the street. Danielle nodded, and walked ahead of him, her feet clicking as she walked with a businesslike air. A male in his twenties was walking the other way, eyeing Danielle with obvious interest, then seemed to snap out of it as soon as he caught Derek glaring. As the siblings made themselves comfortable in the well-lit booth, sitting across from one another, the same waitress came back and said, "Hey there. I'm Hannah. Here's your menus. Water?"

Derek considered, then decided. "Coke, actually."

Danielle said, "Root beer."

Hannah, having taken their orders, walked away. Over the menu, Derek hissed, "I saw that guy."

Danielle groaned. "Tell me about it. At least some people aren't as blatant about checking out the goods."

Derek looked over the menu, and said, "Geez. I can't decide. What'll you have?"

"I was figuring on maybe the chicken sandwich? And then salad on the side?"

"Huh. Not a bad idea," commented Derek. "I think I'm gonna go for the toasted roast beef. And a salad, too. Rick and I are trying to be a little more careful about our food, now that we're getting serious about keeping in shape through the winter."

"At least you're not a girl. I swear, we're our own worst enemies sometimes." Danielle shook her head in exasperation, her ponytail wiggling swiftly as well.

"What do you mean?" Derek leaned in, curious about what Danielle meant.

Danielle pushed the menu aside and laid her hands on the table. "Okay. You know those stupid girl magazines with teen idols on them? Half of them have, like, fucking stick figure models on them or girls who look like me, except they've got obvious boob jobs and are Photoshopped all to hell.

"So, of course, all my friends want to look like them, and sometimes, they just can't. I mean, some of the girls at school even hiss at me, thinking I'll take away their boyfriends. I also know for a fact that girl, Megan, is saving for her boob job when she turns eighteen."

"Shit," breathed Derek. "I had no idea."

Danielle's voice went soft. "It's not your fault. Boys don't usually look at those magazines." They were sitting so Derek's right leg was closer to the wall. Derek jumped, startled, as Danielle brushed her left leg against his.

"Shh. Nobody will see," said Danielle reassuringly. "Look where we are."

Hannah came back with their drinks and a candle, which she lit and left at the end of their table. The last of the twilight gave way to full darkness outside, and shortly after, the lights dimmed. Below the table was semidarkness. Above it, the now-dim light suffused the immediate area, leaving the booth ahead of them also in semidarkness.

Derek hesitantly ran his leg along Danielle's calf muscles, prompting a mischievous smile from her. The two siblings innocently drank as they secretly conveyed their illicit affection beneath the table, only interrupted as Hannah came bustling by. "Sorry about that! The chef took a little longer to toast the bread. Refills?"

"Sure," said Derek.

Danielle shook her head. "Just water, please."

With that, the siblings got to eating. It was nice, thought Derek, and he decided Danielle had had a good point about trying to 'normalize' their relationship. They had to develop their emotional connection, not just be physically attracted to each other.

He had an idea about that, and said, "Hey, why don't we do our homework together more often?"

Danielle stopped, her sandwich halfway to her mouth. "Hell! I never thought of that! We're twins for Pete's sake. Don't people practically expect twins to be like the Borg collective?"

Derek chuckled. "Yeah. I think Mom and Dad will think it's great, too. Especially if we make a habit of it. And honestly?" His expression grew pensive. "High school's gonna be harder, and we need all the brainpower we can get."

"You know it," fumed Danielle. "I just spent like a half hour after school going over my algebra with Mrs. Erickson because she held me after class to point out all the mistakes I was making."

Derek tapped the table. "Next year, Dani? Let's get the exact same schedule together."

Danielle nodded sharply. "You got it, buster. Now let's eat before the food's cold."

The two of them ate industriously, finishing the meal and their drinks. Shortly after, Hannah came by with the check, which they paid, leaving a decent tip as well. Derek made sure his shoes were on, as did Danielle, and then they got their coats on and left, shivering as the cold night air swirled around them.

The bus ride back was desultory; Derek again noticed nobody from his school was on the bus. Danielle said into his ear as they reached their stop, "I didn't see anyone either."

Once back home, Danielle kicked off her high heels, sighing in relief. "God, these things suck."

"Why do you wear 'em, then?"

Danielle barked a laugh. "Why do you think? So we girls can look sexy. It makes me walk differently and my ass swings more. Didn't you notice?"

Derek thought back and said, "Now that you mention it, I kinda liked the way I could see your leg muscles come out a bit more, and your hips kinda made me want to grab them."

Danielle came up to him. She reached for his hand and said, "Derek? Would you want me to wear these, again?"

"I kinda do," admitted Derek. "The way you walked down that hallway in the restaurant? I kinda thought that was hot."

"No sweat, then." Danielle squeezed, then released, his hand. "I don't mind a little bit of uncomfortable walking if I know you like it.

"Anyway, did you like that place, Derek? Or do you wanna try someplace else?" Danielle yanked the band off her ponytail, letting her hair freely fall around her shoulders.

"I liked that place. And that woman, Hannah? She was cool, didn't hang around like she was being snoopy."

"Me too," agreed Danielle. "So hey, Derek? Thanks for the date."

Derek smiled. "No problem, sister-girlfriend."

Danielle snapped her fingers "Hey, I like that." She mentally tried out the equivalent words in her head, then said, "See you later, brother-boyfriend. I gotta get changed."

"Yeah, so do I," said Derek as he realized he needed to get out of his good clothes.

That night, for a change, Derek and Danielle cuddled in her bedroom. Currently, Derek, wearing his usual bedtime T-shirt and shorts, rested his head on her lap, and he was perpendicular to Danielle, who was wearing her nightgown and was sitting up against her bed's headboard. He grinned. "I love the view from down here, you know."

Danielle gently swatted Derek with a rolled-up magazine. "Hey, now."

"Oh, come on. If you didn't want me to stare at your tits, why did you let me put my head here?"

"Fine. Whatever. Now, Thanksgiving is coming up. Who all do you think is coming?"

Derek groaned. "I just hope it isn't Uncle Darren and our annoying cousin again. I liked Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tina better."

Danielle made a noise at the back of her throat and said, "Well, Cousin Jack's kind of all right in small doses. I just realized though, does this mean we're gonna get pushed out of our own beds again if they stay overnight?"

"Aw, fuck, you're right."

Danielle put her hand on his chest. "Maybe we can play it right. Listen," she said excitedly. "What if we volunteer to sleep in sleeping bags in the rec room?"

"I dunno. I worry that Jack's gonna fucking trample all over us and fuck up the Xbox if he wants to play games before we're awake. He nearly fucking broke it last year, the klutz. Oh, and if the grands are coming down, too…"

Danielle huffed a sigh, causing Derek's head to shift against her stomach. The muscles were definitely there, and he wondered again what it would look like if she was riding him.

"Well, Grampa Walter and Grandma Olivia aren't feeling so good, so they're probably gonna stay home, I think."

"Yeah," said Derek. "I think Mom even said they might both go into an old folk's home. Grandma Olivia needs that walker all the time, now."

"Dad might go visit Grampa Don's grave with Uncle Darren if there's time," pointed out Danielle.

Derek said, "I wonder who Grandma was on Dad's side."

"They don't like to talk about it. I asked once when we were like seven, and Dad told me to be quiet. I think she died of some disease way back, and Grandpa never totally got over it."

"Hmmm. Sordid family history, huh?" He sat up and turned to grin at Danielle. "Listen, this is crazy, but what if they were like us?"

Danielle swatted Derek with the magazine. "Have you lost your fucking mind?" She frowned at him.

"No, wait. Listen," protested Derek. "Haven't you kinda noticed Dad favors Grampa a lot more than he should? Maybe Grandma was, like, his cousin on the same side."

Danielle tossed the magazine aside and folded her arms. "Now I know you're crazy. Jack is practically the spitting image of Uncle Darren except he has black hair, and we know for a fact our uncle used to be married, and his ex-wife's definitely pregnant in the pictures we have of them together, and then a year later, they've got Jack with them at his first birthday."

Derek sighed, deflated. "I guess you're right. I don't know what brought that on, honestly."

"At the risk of making a bad joke about 'favoring', I'll say there's two things Dad favors about Mom," snickered Danielle.

"Dan-ielle!" Derek blurted, horrified.

"Yeah, you're right. But still, I inherited Mom's figure."

It was true. Their mother was decidedly nicely proportioned in the chest area.

Derek wondered, "You know, I wonder if my dick is from Dad's side or Mom's."

"O-kay. This is getting into creepster zone here, okay? Being incestuous siblings does not mean we're suddenly also interested in perving on the rest of our family," Danielle said flatly.

Derek shuddered. "God, no. I mean, the only people I want to think about in bed are us."

"Speaking of. Do we know what's happening over Christmas?"

Derek mused, "Well, Mom and Dad are talking about maybe taking us up to the Grands for Christmas Day, so it sounds like everybody'll be there and not here – but that also kills any Christmas Day plans. Now, school ends on like the 18th of December or something. Now, I dunno if they'll take any vacation, but if Mom and Dad don't, then they only get – what, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off?"

"Sounds about right. Ok, let's figure out if they have, like, a major Christmas party going on. That means they might even just wear their good clothes to work, and not come home 'till the next morning."

Derek, jittery now with anticipation, said, "Okay, let's have the plan on, what do they call it, hot standby. That means we have everything ready and all we have to do is, like, snap our fingers and it's ready to go. We're doing the cooking now and then, right? That means one of us can get Mom to take us shopping. I can come up with something that needs strawberries and I'll just buy more than we need. Or you can do it. And we have our special clothes or whatever all laid out and ready to go. Plus I'll have the CD ready, or just have an MP3 ready to go."

Danielle grinned. "You're awesome, you know that? My awesome, smart, brother-boyfriend." They leaned in for a quick kiss.

"Just one thing. Rick's gonna want to spend time with me, too, over Christmas break. Can you live with that?"

Danielle shrugged. "It's not an issue."

Derek blushed. "Even if he and I, you know…?"

Danielle thought for a minute and said, "Well, I'll have time to get used to the idea. I'll want to go out anyway to leave you guys a clear field."

"You're not gonna try and hide in the closet and—?"

"No. Sheesh! You think I'd wanna accidentally ruin it for you guys?" Danielle frowned.

"Okay, okay." Derek raised his hands. He shifted so he was closer to Danielle. He put his hand on her knee and said, "What do you want for Christmas? Do you want, like, a present under the tree or do you want a fake present and a real one at our… y'know, occasion?"

"It's a nice thought, Derek, but I think you should just give me a normal present. The real present for us will be when we have each other in every way possible."

"Okay. Do you want a book, a necklace, a… bracelet, I dunno?"

Danielle thought. "You know what I would like? I keep kind of … a diary. A really secret but old-fashioned diary. I'm running low on pages, though. Could I ask you for one?"

Derek ran his hand through his hair. "Are you sure it wouldn't look kind of funny?"

"You can tell Mom and Dad it was either that or buying me a dress."

Derek guffawed. "Oh, geez." He shook his head at trying on dresses, even though the two of them had fairly similar waist sizes and he could probably pull it off. Even just the idea of telling a sales rep Danielle's measurements made him cringe as he imagined the rep nudging him man to man style.

"And you? What do you want?"

Derek sat back and thought. "Honestly? I'm not real sure. A nicer audio player, maybe? One that's a little more rugged so I can run and listen to music at the same time."

"Not a bad idea. I remember you tried that once with your old one. Didn't you take a spill and it shattered to pieces?"

Derek grimaced. "That sucked. I rarely fall over, but just – my foot caught on something that day and I nearly fucking faceplanted the sidewalk. Instead, I landed right on my hip, and bam! that was where I'd had my MP3 player clipped to. Bye-bye to that."

"Hm. Well, I'll keep an eye out. Anyway, we've been talking for a while. How about doing something else with our mouths? And hands? It's only eight, so we can play a little."

Derek reached out for Danielle, who promptly shifted on her bed so she could meet her lips with his. It wasn't long before his fingers snaked their way under her nightgown.

A fair hand at it by now, he was able to quickly work her vagina and her nipples, kneeling on her bed as she knelt in front of him, her arms gripping him as she held on, her body beginning to quiver as her excitement took hold—

Derek quickly grabbed her butt with his free hand as she began gasping, and Danielle's grip tightened further as she clamped down on his fingers, letting loose her orgasm in full-throated incoherent screams as she bucked against him. Derek tried not to think of the beating his eardrums probably took during those moments.

As her orgasm subsided, Derek pulled his fingers out of Danielle and prepared to lick them clean. She gasped, "Wait!"

Danielle looked him in the eye as she took his fingers into her mouth, her tongue expertly cleaning his fingers of her fluids. As she released his fingers, letting his hand fall from her mouth, she swallowed, making it obvious what she was doing.

Derek's erection was straining so much he had begun rubbing it through his shorts. Danielle noticed and said, "Stand up. Quickly."

She got to her knees in front of him, pulled his pants down, and began stroking him, positioning her mouth to catch his fluids.

Derek, already keyed up, found it impossible to hold back, and began breathing more heavily as he warned, "Gonna cum … gonna—"

Danielle immediately wrapped her lips around his cock, and that, plus one last stroke, caused his release. The orgasm rocketed through him, as he let out incoherent grunts, spilling his seed into Danielle's mouth. He tried keeping himself upright as the orgasm left him drained, gasping for air at the end. Danielle stood up, looked at him, and again swallowed, making it obvious she was doing it.

Sated, with a rather wet and sticky cock, Derek pulled his shorts up and said, "Wow! That was great. How was it for you?"

Danielle had a very satisfied smile on her face. "Between you fingering me, and me swallowing your juices? Pretty fucking good. I can't wait 'till you make me scream like that again."

Derek had to close his eyes at the sudden rush of mental images that brought to his mind.

Danielle chuckled. "G'wan, get out of here. You need to clean up. You'll probably end up jacking off to me again when you do."

Derek smiled lazily and said, "Okay. Maybe I will, sister-girlfriend."

As he left Danielle's room, he quickly checked that the coast was clear, then showered and got ready for bed. Shortly after, Danielle made her way past him to get ready for bed, as well. As he sprawled out in his bed, he distantly heard the water running, and then heard no more as he fell asleep.

He kept his promise the next morning, furiously stroking himself in the shower to the thought of Danielle shrieking her delight through the entire house. The rather sated feeling stayed with him most of the morning, which prompted Rick to say at lunch, "Did you take the happy pills today, or something?"

Danielle, overhearing this, laughed. Rick looked at the two of them and said, "That's it. You two are strange sometimes, and I'm boyfriends with one of you, too."

Derek joined Danielle in laughing at Rick's expense after that.

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