Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-One

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And here is the Thanksgiving chapter. Some interesting times ahead. ;-)

The days passed by in more or less of a routine for Derek, as his love life began to stabilize. He dated Rick off and on, going so far as to make out in the same movie theater as he and Danielle had used. However, Rick and Derek didn't get much of a chance to explore each other's bodies over the next while. Homework was beginning to mount up, and so were some heavy midterm exams.

Lunch times at school revolved around comfortable talks and silences with Danielle and Rick, especially as the three of them used lunches to begin comparing notes on homework assignments.

Occasionally, Derek and Danielle would slip away to eat at Frank's, letting Hannah the waitress believe their parents wanted them out of the house so their parents could have time alone. Danielle, true to her promise, wore her high heels, letting Derek surreptitiously ogle her behind as she walked.

Evan and Katie, by now wrapped up in each other, didn't interact much with Derek or Rick. Sometimes it still bothered him that James had so obviously been trying to make Evan hate him, but he felt like he was missing some piece of information.

The football game, held on a cold, chilly weekend, ended in a decisive victory for Rudolf Senior, cementing the tenuous grip first made by the track meet victory. This, Derek knew, meant Foster would be champing hard at the bit to be declared victors in any other inter-school events or indeed, at any state intramural events.

Also, during this time, the siblings would catch a few hours here and there to make out, sometimes mutually masturbate or 69, although never again with the vocal intensity exhibited that one night, as they wanted to avoid getting into the habit of being too loud.

Only once more before Thanksgiving did Derek and Danielle share a bed overnight, this time with him sleeping in Danielle's, and slipping away early in the morning.

And finally, the strangest day of his life.

Or, at least, that was what Derek thought of it later.

At the time, he was thinking it was more like Busywork Day as he and Danielle were helping in the kitchen, their mother snapping orders to keep the food preparation going, while their father was getting the rest of the house ready for the relatives to come cascading down.

As it turned out, both Uncle Darren and Uncle Kevin were coming, bringing their families with them. So Jack the annoying cousin (Derek still remembered the jerk nearly wrecking the Xbox) plus Aunt Tina and Melissa, another cousin, were going to be there.

Thankfully, thought Derek as he held up the turkey so his mother could stuff it, both members of the extended family were only going to stay for supper and then leave late that night.

Pretty soon, all the food was ready to cook, and Rachel, satisfied, heaved a huge sigh and said, "All right, kids. Thank you so much for helping out. You go get cleaned up and ready for everybody to come down in a couple of hours."

Upstairs, Derek muttered in Danielle's ear, "Be too much to say we should shower together to save water."

Danielle laughed. "You go first, okay? I want to take an actual bath today and get in my good clothes. You should too." She brushed Derek's cheek. "Shit. You've got peach fuzz. Did Dad teach you how to shave yet?"

"Once, but that was like, last Saturday." Derek said as he frowned.

"And right now, you maybe only need to shave once a week. Well, the week is just about up. Look, it's like shaving my legs. Just go slow and steady. It helps if you do it right after your shower. S'why I do my legs in a bath. The hot water makes it less painful." Danielle patted his shoulder. "It's not hard, sweetie."

Derek sighed. "Okay. See you in a bit."

Derek decided he should probably jack off so he didn't suddenly sport a hard-on later on, so between that and the extra care he took in the shower, plus shaving (slowly and admittedly, a bit awkwardly, so he didn't nick himself), it was half an hour before he was finally finished, including a quick re-rinse in the shower to get all the shaving cream lather off of him.

He took some care with his hair, as well. Unlike some of the guys in school who liked shaggier haircuts, Derek had found he liked shorter hair, and in fact, just the day after his dad taught him to shave, he went to the hairstylist's and got a short textured cut on the sides with hair just long enough to put into spikes if he wanted to. Danielle hadn't been able to keep her hands off his hair when he'd played a couple of Wii games with her that night. Neither, he reflected, had Rick after school the next day.

So he made sure his hair was nicely styled that Thanksgiving, as well. He didn't want to get yelled at by his parents for looking like a jackass. In that vein, he dressed in the same outfit he'd worn on his first dinner date with Danielle, hoping she'd remember and get a bit of a kick out of it.

Finally, he was ready and went downstairs. Samuel, also dressed up a bit for the occasion, whistled. "Sharp! Very sharp, son." Rachel, dressed in her best sleeveless one-piece dress and high heels, came into the foyer and smiled at Derek's appearance. "Thank you for taking the time to dress up. I know these occasions are annoying for you, but honestly, your dad just doesn't see his brother Darren enough and I don't see Tina anywhere near enough either."

Derek darkly said, "I just hope Jack doesn't get near my Xbox again."

The argument that had broken out between Derek and Jack was memorable enough that his parents raised their eyebrows and seemed to mutually agree to abandon that topic.

"What's up with your sister, Derek? You didn't happen to see her before she went to get ready?" Samuel looked at his watch and frowned. "We've only got maybe an hour, if that. Darren'll be here any minute. And your aunt Tina'll be driving in soon, too."

Derek shrugged. "About Danielle? No idea, Dad."

Samuel sighed and announced, "Get the wine, honey. We may as well get a little bit in before everybody shows up."

Derek trailed after his parents as they poured a quick glass of white wine. Samuel, noticing Derek hanging near the doorway, gestured him in and handed him the glass. "Have a sip. You might as well start getting used to it."

Derek tentatively drank, feeling the slightly sharp, sour taste of the wine across his tongue before he swallowed it. He found he rather liked it, and took a larger drink, then handed the glass back. "Thanks, Dad."

"Don't worry about it. To be honest, you looked a bit like you could use it too. Settle the nerves. Anyway, we'll call you down when we see everybody come, okay?"

Rachel patted Derek's shoulder. "Don't worry, son. Just a few hours and then we can all get out of these outfits."

"Well, you look great, Mom. And you too, Dad," Derek said, speaking honestly.

His parents broke out laughing. "If I didn't know your birthday was quite a ways off I'd think you were fishing for presents," said his father laughingly.

"Who says I'm not?" Derek said, grinning. "Christmas, remember?"

Chuckling, his parents sent him upstairs. Derek grabbed his phone and saw a message from Rick: "Call me."

Derek punched the buttons on his phone. When Rick answered, he said, "Hey, what's up, my man?"

Relief flooded Rick's voice. "Aw man! Derek, thank God!" Desperately, he said, "Listen, shit is crazy here right now. I'm hiding out in my bedroom. Dad and his girlfriend are busy arguing with my grandpa and my uncle. Grandpa Frank doesn't want to lend Dad some money to fix the roof and Dad's pretty sure it's because Gramps pissed it away on something. His words not mine, and Uncle Trent is pissed about something else, too."

"You should get over here, like now," Derek said flatly as he began pacing his room.

"No. Don't! Look, it'll blow over. You shouldn't have to make more space—"

"Rick, you wouldn't be calling me if you thought it was gonna be a flash in the fucking pan. You're gonna talk to my parents." Derek dashed with his phone downstairs to his parents and said, "Mom? Dad? Here, talk to Rick. He's not having a good time at his Thanksgiving. I want him to come here."

Samuel reached for the phone and said, "Rick? Son, is everything all right? … No, no. You come here right now. No, you come here. I can hear that yelling from the earpiece, for Christ's sake. Derek can lend you some good clothes."

He looked at Rachel, and at the oven. She eyeballed the turkey, and nodded.

"You eat here with us, and you go back home after. I'll call your father and let him know."

He handed the phone back to Derek and said, "Make sure he's over here. Tell him to run. He can use our shower if he has to."

Derek slapped the phone to his ear. "Rick?"

"Dude, I… I'm just really grateful. I'm already out the door; Dad was bellowing at the top of his voice in the kitchen and I don't think they even heard me when I slipped out."

"Run, dude. Run, okay? I'll get you some clothes."

Derek heard the beep as Rick's call ended and went to the front door. His father came up to him while he was waiting for Rick and asked, "Has anything like this happened before?"

Derek shook his head. "Dad, Rick's dad is so laid-back and calm. Sure, he's grounded Rick before and stuff, but I've never, ever heard of this happening before!"

"And Rick's never … you know, been bruised? or…?" Samuel looked intently at Derek.

"No way, Dad!" protested Derek. "Believe me, I've seen enough of Rick to know he's not being beaten!"

"All right, then. Maybe this is a one-time thing. But if it happens again… well, it's not always that much of a leap from yelling in a rage to hitting."

Derek nodded. "I understand, Dad. I don't want Rick hurt either."

Not long after that conversation, the rapping at the front door revealed Rick, who was breathing heavily. Derek grabbed him in a hug and said, "Shit, what'd you do, run like a pack of lions was after you?"

"Pretty much," gasped Rick. "I just didn't feel safe at all out there!"

"C'mon. Dad said you can use his shower. He says just use the towels by the sink in there and toss them in the corner. I'll give you some clothes before you clean up and lend you a comb and shit."

Rick smacked a quick kiss on Derek's cheek before bustling upstairs in the direction Derek indicated. Derek, following behind at a more leisurely pace, went to grab a pair of dark grey slacks and a clean white button-down shirt for Rick and trooped over to his parents' bathroom. "Here you go. Just come out when you're ready, okay?"

"Thanks, man. I just needed to get out of there, but I didn't wanna… y'know, wreck your Thanksgiving," admitted Rick as he looked away.

"C'mon, Rick. I'm your boyfriend for fuck's sake. You should be able to depend on me if you need to."

Rick grinned. "Learning experience, then. Oh, hey, nice shave. You look fucking hot in that outfit."

Derek smiled. "Just get ready quickly. The rest of the fam's coming down in a little bit so we all need to be ready."

As Derek walked back into his bedroom to put his cell phone away, he saw a bathrobe-clad Danielle quickly stick her head in the door. "What happened?"

"Rick's old man and uncle got into a three-way fight with his grandpa. They've been going at it for I don't know how long and Rick finally called me. He had trouble asking me to bail him out, but Dad convinced him."

Danielle's mouth formed an O of shock. "Oh, God, poor Rick! Is he okay?"

Derek nodded. "Yeah, he's fine. He's here now."

Danielle let out a sigh of relief. "Look, I gotta get ready, okay?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

Danielle took off for her room and got into an evening outfit. Derek overheard some raised voices downstairs and ran to see what was happening. After his father got off the phone, he wiggled his finger in his ear and said, "Well, I'm not deaf yet!"

Derek grinned and decided to tell Rick all about the phone call afterwards as he ran back upstairs to find the odds and ends for Rick like hair gel and a comb, and so on.

Rick, his hair still dripping a bit, came into his room and said, "Spare comb?"

Derek found one and said, "Here. It's now yours."

Danielle, by now fully dressed, stuck her head in the door. "Rick? Are you all right?"

Rick nodded. "Yeah, doing better now. See you downstairs?"

Danielle nodded and left down the corridor.

Quickly, Rick styled his hair; he liked his hair a bit longer (but not so long it looked like a revival of the Beatles mop top), so he combed his hair down into a slicked-back style reminiscent of Elvis Presley's, then smiled at Derek. "How do I look?"

Derek looked Rick up and down. In his pants and shirt, Rick filled them out nicely. Derek purred, "You, my man, look sexy."

"Do I? How 'bout you, huh? God, if you didn't have people over I would so throw you on that bed and have my wild way with you," Rick said huskily.

Derek ensnared Rick's mouth in a kiss. He breathed, "One day, Rick. One day I want you to get on top of me and fuck me."

Rick reared back in disbelief. "Derek?"

"I promise. Not today, Rick. But one day I want you inside me." Derek wasn't sure where that was coming from, but he knew it was a matter of when, not if, Rick would sleep with him. And something in him wanted, needed, the feeling of being filled up by someone else.

Rick swallowed. "We better stop; you've got family coming."

Derek nodded and breathed, "Yeah."

The boys, with some difficulty, straightened their outfits. Derek noticed Rick didn't have the right socks and quickly swapped him out for the right ones. After that, they went downstairs and caught up with Danielle and Derek's parents.

Danielle looked ravishingly hot. She was dressed in her sleeveless black minidress from Halloween, but she had it pulled down to her midthighs. She also wore a black vest, and Derek could distinctly smell perfume. She, on this rare occasion, was even wearing red lipstick! Rick whistled. "Damn! Danielle, wow!"

He caught himself and said, "Um, sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Collins." Derek's parents laughed and shrugged off the expostulation.

Danielle chuckled as well. "That's nice of you, Rick. Even though I think you like my brother better."

Rick nodded and smiled warmly at Derek, rubbing his back as well. "He looks awesome."

Derek grinned. "Danielle, you look great."

"So do you," Danielle noted.

Rachel said, "Oh, we have got to get pictures of you three! Wait just a moment."

Shortly after, Derek's parents had several pictures of the teenagers: one with just Rick and Derek together, one with Danielle and Derek only, one with all three, and then with smiling and serious faces.

The doorbell ringing caught them a bit by surprise, and the parents rushed to get the door, while the siblings and Rick hung back in the foyer. Briefly, Danielle reached for and squeezed Derek's hand, to which he responded before they let go.

It turned out to be Uncle Darren and the infamous Jack Collins. Uncle Darren was similar in height to Samuel, but Derek could see that Uncle Darren was less fortunate in the hair area, as he was already noticeably thinning compared to last year. Darren also had a bit more of a bulbous nose, and a heftier build as well.

Derek perfunctorily shook hands with his uncle, who was dressed in a pressed white button-down shirt, wearing a tie, and dark blue slacks, and made the barest of contact with Jack, who, Derek unwillingly admitted, had turned out to become rather good-looking. He was a black-haired, blue-eyed example of (Derek unkindly thought) walking seventeen-year-old douchebaggery. Even if that walking example had a really nice spiked hairstyle, and was wearing a clean, well-fitting purple shirt and black pants. In short, a somewhat-lanky and physically attractive young man.

Rick seemed to pick up on this and kept his greetings short, introducing himself only by name to Derek's uncle. Danielle was perfectly nice to both her uncle and cousin, but when nobody else was looking, she fixed Jack with a glare that promised instant retribution should he be clumsy with the gaming consoles.

"One second; can we get pictures, okay?" asked Samuel.

Uncle Darren herded the teenagers together, Jack noticeably standing on the end of the row the teenagers made, Rick beside him, who was beside Derek, and Danielle finally to Derek's right. Then the adults got pictures taken of each other. Derek was pulled in to snap the photos of his uncle and parents all standing next to each other and smiling.

Finally, however, the teenagers were shooed upstairs while the adults went into the living room; Derek could hear his father and uncle boisterously recalling some event they'd had when they were kids even from the top of the stairs.

In the hallway, Derek said, "All right. Jack? So we're clear? We're not exactly making a huge deal of it, but Rick is my boyfriend."

Jack seemed a little stunned, but rallied and said, "Hey. I'm cool." He looked into the rec room and said, "Look. Um, about last year. And me nearly breaking the Xbox."

Derek nodded coldly.

Exasperated, Jack said, "I'm sorry, all right? Dad finally sat me down and really laid it out for me a couple days ago and asked what if it had been like my model boat, you know?"

Derek grudgingly said, "All right, then. I'll let it go. But don't fuck up anything in there this time, okay?"

Warily, the teens entered said room and began figuring out games to play. Derek noticed that even thought Jack occasionally seemed to be checking out Danielle, he didn't seem that interested. Did Jack have his sights set on someone else?

Rick, for his part, seemed less wound up than he had when he'd first arrived. Derek smiled and put his arm around Rick's shoulders as they squeezed together on the couch, Jack taking up the rest of it as he frowned in concentration, trying to beat Danielle, who was kneeling on the floor.

Rick quickly kissed Derek's cheek, and murmured into his ear, "Thanks. Did your dad talk to mine?"

Derek said, "Whew! Did he ever. Dad was using the land line to call yours while you were in the shower, and you know that old expression about nearly blowing the phone off the wall? Well, fuck me if your dad exploding down the phone at mine wouldn't have made that happen it if it were true!"

By now, the game was paused and Jack tentatively broke in. "Um, sorry. We … uh, overheard. About your dad, Rick." He gestured at him and Danielle.

Rick waved it off. "S'all right. My dad, uncle and Gramps were arguing so bad I had to get out of there. From what it sounds like, my dad just has hit his limit today thanks to Grandpa."

Derek nodded in sympathy. "Yeah. Basically his dad was yelling so loud my dad had to start yelling back to get him to shut up. Dad then said real quietly, 'Rick is staying here for supper, and then I will drive him back over to your house. My brother is here, and he works in construction, and he'll be coming with me, too, when I drop your son off.' That pretty much ended things."

Jack grinned. "Awesome!" He raised his hand for a high-five, and then seemed to realize where he was. Just before he could pull his hand back, Derek reached up and slapped hands.

Rick followed suit, and then Danielle.

The doorbell rang again, and Jack, oddly, was the first off the couch and walking a bit quickly down the stairs, followed by Derek, Rick and Danielle. As Aunt Tina (she looked a bit like his mother, Derek thought, as he observed she was wearing an expensive-looking formal shirt and grey pants) and Uncle Kevin (who was in a similar outfit to Darren's, and was tall, broad through the shoulders and had brown hair and brown eyes) walked in the door, Melissa Duncan came in from behind them, and Derek had to avoid letting his jaw drop. She had turned into a brown-haired, brown-eyed epitome of beauty. She was dressed in an outfit similar to Danielle's, except in dark blue, and for a fifteen (sixteen? Derek wasn't sure) year-old, she walked like someone who was already a model in her late teens. It wasn't her upper part so much, realized Derek, as the fact that she had put on some makeup, styled her hair into an updo, and picked a flattering cotton dress which looked like a sleeveless shirt and skirt joined together.

Jack, releasing Melissa from his just-slightly-too-long hug, stepped back and Melissa came forward to greet the others.

Suddenly, it clicked into place for Derek, and he smirked to himself as he wondered if the older generation had noticed yet what Jack was up to. Melissa greeted Danielle enthusiastically, the two embracing like long-lost friends.

Her greeting with Derek was equally effusive, and Derek had to admit, feeling her boobs squash against him as they hugged would have been enough to get his attention, although her really attractive feature was her legs. He wondered how Jack had found out about what a bombshell Melissa had turned into, and decided that whatever it was, he hadn't paid attention because he wasn't friended with either on Facebook.

Melissa stood before Rick, and frowned. "You're…?" she extended her hand tentatively.

Rick, for his part, smiled gently and took her hand, and said, "Rick. Rick Harlan."

The foyer went quiet as they greeted each other, followed by, "Um, you're Danielle's boyfriend?"

Rick laughed. "No! Hardly. I'm Derek's!"

All the attention on the room made Derek wish a hole could open up in the floor and he could crawl inside. He coughed, and said, "Um, yeah. Uncle Darren – and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tina, I just told Jack a little while ago, but Rick here is my boyfriend."

Uncle Darren frowned. "You're gay, then?"

"Actually—" Derek felt even more heat rise to his face, and said, "Uh, I swing both ways."

Darren burst out laughing and said, "Well!" He extended his hand and vigorously shook Derek's as he said, "Good for you. Don't be afraid to be who you are, huh?"

He clapped Derek on the shoulder and said to Rick, "And you?"

"I'm gay, sir."

"Polite! And they say kids don't respect their elders anymore, huh?" Uncle Darren stepped back and raised his glass. "Cheers!" He took a drink, and then seemed to realize something. "Oh, and let's get some pics of you all, huh? Hey Rachel, how do I work this thing again?"

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tina seemed somewhat less than thrilled (especially with Derek's and Rick's presence), but still politely stepped aside for the inevitable round of pictures taken of the teenagers; Derek didn't miss that Jack at one point casually put his hand on Melissa's back as they shifted around.

After that, it was the adults' turn, and finally, they released the teenagers to their own devices as they trooped into the living room, Aunt Tina and Derek's mother chatting enthusiastically, and Uncle Kevin chatting with Derek's father. From the glance Uncle Kevin shot him, it wasn't hard to imagine what he was asking about.

The teenagers trooped upstairs; Derek again noticed little gestures between Jack and Melissa that made him wonder what he'd been missing by not being friended with them online. The glances and touches they shared didn't seem like an instant attraction; there was definitely a history, suspected Derek.

Danielle and Derek brought up the rear as they entered the rec room, Danielle pushing him towards Rick. She said, "Hey, Rick? Derek and I've been doing homework together and we gotta figure out when we have time to do the algebra assignment. If you wanna join us."

Rick nodded and groaned. "It's not easy. I will need to pick your brains this weekend."

Melissa, seated next to Jack on one end of the couch, said, "Math! I've had enough of it to last a lifetime."

Derek squeezed in next to Rick, leaving Danielle to perch on the couch next to Derek, putting her hand casually on his shoulder to steady herself.

Rick, engrossed in playing against Jack, failed to notice anything untoward. Danielle, however, seemed to start suspecting something, because she kept frowning at Derek as though she wanted to say something.

Luckily for Jack and Melissa, they managed to keep it on the DL and Rick, for his part, didn't suspect anything as he cheered Derek, currently attempting to race ahead of the police in the Need for Speed game. Danielle was also excitedly encouraging him to win as she squeezed his shoulder; both siblings barely paid attention to their cousins at that point.

Soon, however, the supper was ready, and the teens trooped downstairs. What the senior Collinses had decided to do was, because of the number of people attending, to give the adults the good table near the kitchen, and for the younger generation, a pair of card tables pushed together in the middle of the cleared-out living room area, covered with a tablecloth.

After the food was laid out, Derek sat next to Rick, with Danielle at one end of the card tables and Jack and Melissa across from Derek and Rick. Someone from the adult table called, "Time for Grace!"

Derek sighed, and lowered his head. He didn't believe, and he didn't think Danielle did. As he flicked his eyes around the table, he noticed Rick seemed to be mouthing the prayer along with Aunt Tina. Jack and Melissa just seemed impatient. Sardonically, he thought, given the fact that they so desperately want to bang each other, I doubt they much care for prayer right this moment.

Not, he decided, that he and Danielle were poster children for normal family relationships.

Finally, however, everybody tucked in, eating the delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables and much more besides. Melissa looked at Derek and Rick and smiled. "You're the first boy couple I've met. How do you two know each other?"

Jack leaned in as well. "Yeah, I kinda knew you two were friends already? But…?"

Derek leaned in and said, "You have to promise the stuff we say here doesn't get back to the 'rents, okay?"

Jack and Melissa nodded.

"All right. So me and Rick, we've been friends for a long time. Now Rick and I maybe kinda noticed each other before high school in a, y'know, sexual way? But the spark didn't really get lit until one day in the swimming pool. We were horsing around, and one thing led to another."

Rick nudged Derek and said, "What this guy means is that we jerked each other in the pool room."

Jack gasped; Melissa giggled nervously and Danielle just smirked at the two of them. Nonchalantly, she said, "I knew something was uuuuuuup."

"That is the silliest pun ever, sis," groaned Derek.

She poked his shoulder, mock-meanly.

Melissa said, "Anyway, go on."

Derek shrugged. "We kind of fooled around a bit here and there, and since then it's sort of gradually became a real relationship. We're not out at school, though, and I dated a girl in between all of this, but Rick and I are now officially, like, dating and shit."

Rick grinned. "We even made out at the theater once."

Jack whistled. "Damn!" He licked his lips and leaned in very closely. "You two do it yet?"

Derek couldn't help but laugh; it was so impertinent it was actually funny, it seemed. Rick grabbed Derek's shoulder and smirked. "Could be any time, Jack." He winked as he thumped Derek's shoulder, and Jack whistled. Melissa didn't seem fazed by it, however. Danielle was busying herself slicing open a bun. Derek shifted his leg so his knee touched hers. She looked up, a bit startled, at his brief apologetic expression. Danielle, apparently mollified, smiled slightly.

Danielle innocently asked, "How about you guys? Boyfriends or girlfriends?" She uncrossed, then recrossed her legs, so she wouldn't be seen touching knees with Derek.

Jack and Melissa both rather nervously disclaimed having any. Jack muttered, "I kind of went out with a girl in the summer, but we broke up."

Melissa shook her head. "Danielle, maybe you can relate: all the boys who seem to want me only want me for two things. Even if they're not quite as big as yours."

Danielle guffawed, laughing. "Preach it! I was complaining to Derek a month ago when we had the Hallowe'en Dance that the boys seem to forget I've got an actual face. I ended up going with Rick, who actually talked to me."

"What can you do, huh?" said Melissa fatalistically.

Conversation ceased as the teens fell to the food, eating industriously. Samuel gave them all each one glass of wine and said sternly, "No more than this, understood, kids? You're free to have Coke or whatever, though."

The teens nodded, then Jack thoughtfully toasted Derek's and Rick's relationship. Derek, by now, was finding Jack really wasn't a bad guy to be around this year.

But eating can only last so long…

Jack was the first to fall by the way, declaring, "If I eat any more my pants'll burst!"

A moment later Danielle swallowed the last of her mashed potatoes and declared, "That's it! They'll kick me off the volleyball team if they have to roll me out to the game."

Derek and Rick, still competing with one another, crowed as Melissa also stopped, saying, "That's it for me."

Derek and Rick took to feeding each other, daring each other to eat "one more bite."

Finally, however, even Derek met his limit. He looked at the stuffing on the fork Rick was holding out, and actually felt like crying out in pain, he couldn't eat another bite. He looked pleadingly at Rick and said, "Rick, please. My stomach is so fucking full."

Rick gulped down the stuffing as Derek slumped in his seat. Rick then threw his hands in the air. "Victory!"

Derek looked down at his stomach, and for the first time in a long while (probably last Christmas), he saw an actual curvature to his stomach. He said, "Shit, look at my gut."

Rick stood, looked down and said, "Holy shit, wow! I've got one, too."

Rick had to push his pants down a bit to accommodate the food, and groaned heavily. He said, "Derek, sweetie, do these pants make me look fat?"

The other teenagers burst out laughing, Jack nearly falling off his chair as he pointed at Rick, gasping for breath as he tried to get control over his laughter. Derek reached out for Rick, and patted his stomach. It felt somewhat hard and round, like a bowling ball. He said, "Don't worry. It'll be gone by Monday."

Jack stood up and said, "You can see I've kinda got one too." Jack had a lankier frame, though, and his shirt wasn't as tight across the shoulders as Derek's or Rick's. Derek thought Danielle's vest seemed a bit tight around her stomach, and though it looked kind of cute, but didn't say anything, as she and Melissa seemed to be trying to hide the fact.

When pumpkin pie was announced, none of the teens could do more than stare at the pie after Aunt Tina sat it down on their table. Jack said, "If I eat that I'm going to seriously need my stomach pumped."

Melissa shook her head. "No way am I touching that pie either."

Soon, the noises of the plates being cleared told Derek supper was at an end. He looked at Rick. "Hey. I'm happy you were here tonight. I'm sorry you've gotta go soon, though."

Rick took his hand and locked fingers with him. "Don't worry, Derek. My dad's probably sorted his shit out with my grandpa and uncle. They don't usually get in fights this bad, but I think Dad has been kinda counting on this money to fix the roof and it came out over Thanksgiving."

Derek leaned in for a quick kiss before he released Rick's hand and joined the others in cleaning the plates, Derek and Danielle in particular knowing they would be roped in the next day to begin cleaning all the cutlery and plates and bowls and whatnot. Melissa, at one point as she brushed past Derek, said, "You two make a really cute couple, you know." She smiled and continued on to the kitchen; Derek had to avoid looking as he realized she actually had a pretty nice ass.

The adults, except for Samuel and Darren, sat around on the couches in the living room, easing into comfortable positions as Uncle Kevin groaned. "I always say, 'never again', and then next year there's another excellent meal. You kids watch that holiday weight, huh?"

He noticed Derek and gestured Derek over. He extended his hand and said, "Look, son, I was a bit rude back there and I want to say I'm not upset about what you are or who you're going with. Okay?"

Derek grinned and extended his hand. "Thanks!"

Aunt Tina, leaning into her husband's embrace, said, "That goes for me too. Rachel explained she and Samuel already knew about it and that you two were good kids."

His mother, on hearing that, sat up and moved closer to Aunt Tina on the couch. "That's very kind of you, Tina. Thanks."

The two sisters smiled at each other, then as one, leaned back on the couch, sighing as they let their meals digest. His mother said, "Derek, honey, we're just going to have to sit here for a while and watch TV. Toss me the remote?"

Derek grabbed it and handed it to his mother as he noticed Danielle heading to the small ground-floor bathroom and Jack and Melissa drifting upstairs. He also spotted Rick and went to join him.

Next to Rick by the door to the garage stood the two older men, his dad and his uncle. Derek came up next to Rick and said, "I should come with you."

"No," said his father. "If it gets rough, I don't want you there, son. Rick's obligated to go back to his father; you're not obligated to go there."

Derek bit his lip and looked at Rick. He put his arm around Rick and said, "Listen, you call me or text me. Okay? Even if nothing happens. All right?"

Rick nodded and kissed Derek briefly on the lips. "I promise, okay?"

Uncle Darren said, "Don't you worry, Derek and Rick. I've straightened out a few ornery jerks in my time. Your dad wants to play a little rough, I'm not gonna back down. Okay?"

"Thanks, Uncle Darren."

"Thanks, Mr. Collins, but I'm sure my dad wouldn't hit me." Rick smiled tentatively.

"Never hurts to have backup, son. Let's get going, huh?"

The older men escorted Rick to Samuel's car. Derek watched as they drove away, then sighed. Danielle came up and put her hand on his shoulder. "Derek? C'mon upstairs, okay?"

The remaining adults were half-asleep, having obviously consumed too much liquor and too much food. His dad, he thought, must have purposely laid off the wine because he seemed alert and awake. Darren had maybe had a drink or two. Derek suspected that the two men would hit the bottles of liquor as soon as they got back.

In the rec room, Jack and Melissa were not quite in each other's personal space, but they were decidedly making moves in that direction. Derek and Danielle's abrupt entry caused them to shift apart, and Danielle frowned again.

After the siblings got set up to do a co-op game, Derek casually glanced to his side occasionally, noticing out the corner of his eye that Jack and Melissa were whispering to each other.

At that moment, they beard the back door close, prompting the teens to rush to the top of the stairs. "Hey, kids!" bellowed Darren.

Samuel said in a milder voice, "Hi! Anyway, Rick's dad – I forget his name already, sorry – was pretty mild when we dropped Rick off. He apologized again to me for yelling, and explained that his father had been provoking him in their discussion about the roof repair he wants to do. He also apologized to Rick for spoiling his Thanksgiving dinner, so it sounds like things are settled."

Derek reached in his pocket for his phone, and saw Rick's text had just arrived. "Home now. Fine. No prob with Dad Gramps or Uncle. XOXO"

Derek grinned. "Rick's home safe! Thanks so much, Dad, Uncle Darren."

"De nada, kiddo. C'mon, Sam, we need to get plastered now," Darren urged.

The older men trooped off, and Derek heard some 1960s instrumental tunes swell out of the living room downstairs. He guessed there was nothing good on TV to watch.

Melissa was the first to be conspicuously absent as the teens returned to the rec room. Jack said unconvincingly, "She had to go, I think."

The siblings sat on the floor, with Jack occupying the couch.

Derek, a bit tense, knowing the other shoe was going to drop, but not sure when or how, couldn't concentrate enough and Danielle kept complaining his game was off. Finally, he focused and they managed to pass the mission successfully—

"Hey, where'd Jack go?" wondered Danielle. Jack had sneaked out!

"Aw, shit!" spat Derek. "I think I know what they're up to."

Danielle slapped her forehead as dawning realization crossed her face. The siblings got up, and quietly began checking every room upstairs. Master bedroom: empty. Bathroom: empty. Derek's room: the door was closed and suspicious muffled wet smacking sounds could be heard, although the game console music and the mellower tunes downstairs drowned out most of them.

"Whaddya wanna do? Just be like the See No Evil guys?" asked Derek.

Danielle shook her head. "If they get caught, shit rolls downhill and I'd rather not be in the way. Let's bust 'em now and tell them to cool it or keep the noise down."

Derek grabbed the doorknob and lifted his hand.




The teens swiftly barged into Derek's room, catching a very naked Jack Collins and Melissa Duncan in the sixty-nine position on Derek's bed. The older teens froze in shock. Melissa, in particular, looked rather undignified as she tried to discreetly pull her mouth off Jack's rather thick tool.

Derek shut the door firmly and joined Danielle as he said authoritatively, "Your secret is not as secret as you want to think."

Jack gaped like a fish, while Melissa looked a bit stunned.

Danielle said icily, "Did you two really think we were stupid enough not to notice the way you two kept touching each other when we were playing games up here?"

Derek lowered the boom as he barked, "How long've you two been setting this up over Facebook? A month? Six months? C'mon, tell us. Shit, if you're gonna steal my bed and make a mess over it you owe me that much at least."

Slowly, trembling, the older cousins sat up on Derek's bed.

Jack whined, "What're you gonna do? Please, it'd kill my dad."

Melissa put her hand on Jack's shoulder. She kissed him gently on the cheek. Derek, despite himself, wanted to reveal his and Danielle's secret at seeing that act of tenderness. But kissing cousins was almost acceptable. Kissing siblings was not.

Melissa looked steadily at Derek and Danielle. "We began talking when we encountered each other at the family Christmas party with Grandma and Grandpa. You guys remember. Most of us hadn't seen each other since we were kids."

The siblings did indeed remember the rather boring, interminable gathering as he and Jack had, at the time, glared at each other with mutual dislike and Danielle had been bored out of her tree.

"Well, we struck up a small connection, and we agreed to friend each other through Facebook. We began chatting, just in a hi-how-are-you way. Then I ran into a bit of luck, as I did a model spread for my high school yearbook. I posted the pictures up, probably against better judgement. Jack was a bit too … shall we say, complimentary about them. But he was older and pretty cute, so I felt like I didn't have much room to call myself the boss of morality.

"It was then that I realized that he and I were starting to flirt in our online conversations. It was so gradual I didn't really notice it, because I just enjoyed chatting with a reasonably smart guy who didn't see a pair of boobs and a pretty face he wanted to bang and brag about the next day.

"But we did flirt, and I did as much of it as Jack did. We finally realized by the summer that we were physically attracted to each other, and Jack confessed he hadn't had much luck with girls, and felt part of it was a lack of experience – and being seventeen, that's a pretty big problem. I, for my part – well, Danielle, how often would you enjoy having to lie in your bed by yourself for the hundredth night in a row, masturbating with a dildo, wishing someone would actually make love to you instead of just wanting a quick fuck? I made that mistake with a boy on the football team."

Having made her point, Melissa didn't wait for Danielle to acknowledge the statement as she continued. "So we were planning to somehow sneak off here, at your house, and… well, experience each other. I'm sorry you two had to find out like this. I will not, however, apologize for my desire for Jack. Even if it's not a long-term thing."

She reached for Jack's hand and held it reassuringly. He looked up at the siblings and looked at them with pleading eyes.

Derek ran his hand through his hair. "All right. Look, it's on you two. Okay? Danielle and I will swear we saw nothing if you get caught."

Danielle moved to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Derek. "And Melissa? Please tell me you're not gonna get pregnant from this."

Melissa shook her head. "I'm on the Pill."

Jack said, "And I got a condom." Derek noticed Jack's cock, even when limp, still looked rather thick.

"All right. We're outta here. But if you guys fuck on my bed at least put a towel down, for Pete's sake," said Derek, a little peeved.

The twins didn't wait for an answer as they left the room. As soon as Derek's bedroom door closed, they looked at each other in the hallway, and moved down a bit so as not to be overheard. Between the music downstairs and the gaming upstairs, Jack and Melissa were free to explore each other in any way they wanted.

Danielle pensively looked at Derek. "Did you ever think of telling them?"

Derek shook his head. "Not seriously. Just because cousins occasionally fool around doesn't mean people leap from that to accepting that brothers and sisters—y'know?"

"Yeah." Danielle shrugged fatalistically. "Let 'em enjoy themselves. It's only one night, and they're in different towns. Who knows if they'll even want to do it next year?"

Derek groaned. "Are you trying as much as I am to not think about how hot the whole idea of the two of them going at it is?"

Danielle smirked. "And you're not going to do anything about it?"

He looked into Danielle's eyes and reached for her hands. "I want to. God, I want to." He shifted closer and said, "I would love to go with you into your room and just... do it with you like crazy. But shit, if we get caught—" he bit his lip. "It would just destroy me, Dani. Knowing we'd be separated and just—" he broke off, not sure what he could say or do.

Danielle tugged his hand. "C'mon. You can reward me later if we're not gonna ditch the Christmas schedule."

"Sis?" Derek whispered.

Insistently, Danielle dragged him to her room and shut the door quietly. Derek half-wanted to leave, and half-wanted to stay. "Let our cousins fuck each other's brains out and stay distracted." Danielle smirked, reached for Derek's pants—

And he found he very much wanted to stay.

Danielle, on her knees, expertly licked and sucked at Derek's engorged cock, pushing herself back and leaning forward, slowly, but carefully beginning to fit his dick partway down her throat. Wide-eyed, Derek managed to get a glimpse of her throat bulging as she swallowed him further than ever before.

The music from downstairs, running through his ears, only added to the keening sense of danger Derek felt, as he began thrusting into Danielle's mouth, feeling the beginnings of the familiar tightening of his balls—

Her throat wrapping around his cockhead, so tight and warm, finally pushed him over the edge, as a jolt rushed through his body and he moaned his pleasure through clenched lips as he shot his warm juices down his sister's throat.

Slowly, carefully, Danielle pulled off of him, her lips making a slight smacking sound as she licked the last drops of cum off of him. She swallowed, then stood up shakily. Her voice didn't sound as scratchy as Rick's did, probably as his head had only just gone down her throat a bit. "Go to the bathroom, Wipe yourself. And brother, you owe me the cunt-licking of my life for this!" she harshly whispered into his ear.

Derek grinned. "Sis, I'll eat you out so well you won't even remember to scream," he teased in a husky voice.

Danielle actually moaned at that. Her eyes fluttered shut and she reached down to rub herself briefly. Her jaw shook as she hissed. "Go. Now, Derek! I need to clean up and make it look like I didn't just take your load in my mouth!"

He sneaked off to the bathroom and hurriedly wiped his cock off, amused at the smears of lipstick he saw on his shaft. He did a final cleanse with a towel soaked in warm water so nobody would notice a smell later. He and Rick had discovered this by accident when Rick had blown him one time, only to notice he could detect the slight odor of his dried fluids and, while not unpleasant in the post-BJ relaxation with Rick, had been a bit distracting.

His pants up, his appearance tidy, he opened the bathroom door, letting Danielle rush in quickly. Not long after, he heard the gargling of mouthwash as he dropped the wet towel in Danielle's laundry hamper and sat down on the rec room couch. Idly, he checked his watch, a fancy one he usually didn't wear, but had decided to wear for the night. About forty minutes had gone by since his kissing cousins had decided to occupy his space.

Danielle came back in, still a bit shaky, but otherwise she didn't have a hair out of place or any lipstick smudges. She sat next to him and said, "I'm okay for now, but you definitely owe me one. I've had no relief and am that fucking horny!"

The twins tried desultorily playing games, but kept getting distracted checking the time, and knowing they couldn't cuddle anywhere yet. Finally, as the clock crept towards an hour since Melissa and Jack had agreed to have sex, they walked into the room with triumphant looks on their faces.

Jack punched the air. "I came twice!" he whispered.

Melissa smiled and wiped her lip discreetly. "First time was when we sixty-nined. Second time, I was riding him."

Derek whistled. "Damn."

Danielle shifted on the couch as she said, "Nice, huh?"

Derek considered that her voice sounded a bit different, but decided his cousins, so wrapped up in their own adventure of fucking and getting away with doing it, wouldn't pay attention.

Jack and Melissa held hands as they came around to kneel near the siblings. In a heartfelt voice, Jack said, "Derek, I cannot thank you enough for letting us use your room to explore each other. You are, like, the coolest cousin, okay? I mean it and I'm not trying to just butter you up. Look, you need a favor – anything – it's yours. I mean it. If you want money, anything…"

Derek, bowled over, just mumbled, "Hey, uh, it's cool."

Jack looked at Danielle. "The same goes for you for not busting us. I promise – if you want something and I have it or can get it, it's yours."

Melissa nodded. "The same for me. Thank you both!"

Danielle also seemed a little zinged and just reached for Melissa's hand, which the latter girl clasped tightly. Derek extended his hand to Jack, who took it in a firm handshake.

Derek said, "So you two wanna be, like, a couple?"

Jack nodded. "If we can. I dunno how we'll make it work, but we'll try."

Melissa nodded. "There's always Facebook. Or e-mail."

"Do it through e-mail in the future," interrupted Danielle. "I don't trust Facebook."

The cousins frowned. "Are you sure?" asked Melissa nervously. "We've been… pretty unguarded about it lately."

Firmly, Danielle said, "E-mail. Period."

Trying to ease the sudden tension, Derek said, "Hey. Group hug?"

All four teens stood up and hugged, then released each other. Derek sniffed the air, and then realized what he was smelling. "Jack? Melissa? You need to clean up. I'm serious. You only washed your hands and did a quick mouthwash, didn't you?"

Jack sniffed, followed by Melissa. Their faces turned white as she gasped, "Fuck! We smell like sex!"

Derek started giving swift orders as the sexual aura in the room abruptly collapsed. "Jack, get in the bathroom and take a really quick shower. Just long enough to soap up and rinse off. And make sure you haven't made a mess in your pants. A wet towel won't be enough to clean your dick with if you've gotten your pants sticky enough, so after you shower get a TP and wipe where you need to inside your clothes. Listen, did you use your condom?"

Jack shook his head.

To Melissa, he said, "Go in after he's done. I assume you know what you need to do."

Melissa reddened a bit as she said, embarrassed, "Yeah. Listen, Danielle, if you ever need to clean up quickly? The towel or cloth in really warm water thing works for girls too. Um, I tend to get kind of wet a lot when I masturbate."

Danielle, red in the face, coughed and looked at the floor. Derek shooed Jack off to the bathroom and then cleared his throat nervously. "Uh, my bedroom. I'll check it," he said.

Derek went to his bedroom to survey the results. Jack and Melissa had left a towel with a wet spot on it. He tossed it into his laundry hamper. The room smelled of sex, too; he opened his window and got his fan out of the closet to circulate the fresh air.

His bedsheets and bedcover, however, were clean and dry. That, at least, was fortunate.

Derek left his bedroom and rejoined his sister and cousin. Melissa was saying, "—know you're not supposed to do it with family, but there's just this connection. Sure, Jack's interested in my body, but when we talk online, we talk about all sorts of stuff."

Danielle nodded, her expression compassionate. "Look, I won't say I totally get why you two are into each other? But I think it's kind of sweet that you have, y'know, a partner, kind of. And I'll keep quiet, too."

Derek chimed in, saying, "Yeah. Our parents and uncles and aunts? Won't hear any of this from me."

Jack returned, and Melissa excused herself to clean up and make herself presentable. Derek critically eyed his cousin, and said, "Your hair's a little mussed, but we can chalk that up to me wrestling you. You clean up and everything?"

Jack nodded. "Yeah. Man, it feels way better in my pants now."

"Cool. Just take a proper shower when you get home and that's that."

"Hey. How come you're not, like, more weirded out about this?" Jack wondered.

"I know what it's like, sort of, to hide something. Rick and me? I think I mentioned we're not actually 'out' to our school yet. And I only came out to Mom and Dad like a while ago; they've been cool about it though."

Jack seemed to take that at face value and said, "What about you, Danielle?"

Danielle shrugged. "You should hear what the girls on the team have gotten up to with their boyfriends. Once you listen to a bunch of horny athletic girls, well… not much shocks me now. Although kissing cousins is new territory for me."

Jack chuckled. "I'll take your word for it."

As it happened, the timing was excellent as the music stopped downstairs, and shortly after, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tina called, "Kids! We're taking off now!"

Melissa, looking for all the world like she hadn't just had torrid sex, joined the teens as they passed by the bathroom, and went down the stairs. With perfect poise, she got her shoes back on, and then briefly hugged Danielle, Derek and Jack, and said to Derek's parents, "Thank you for dinner."

With that, Melissa vanished from the Collins household as Uncle Kevin waved goodbye and Aunt Tina hugged the siblings' mother goodbye. Uncle Darren hitched his pants up a bit and said, "Well, I guess it's time for me to hit the road, too; it's past eleven o'clock already and we've got a couple of hours to go. Good catching up with ya, Sam."

The older men roughly embraced, grinning at each other.

"And Rachel, pleasure as always." They briefly hugged.

"Danielle, stay smart in school, and you too, Derek. Remember, don't let the bastards grind you down."

He briefly hugged both siblings, then said, "Okay, Jack. Let's go, huh?" Jack smiled and waved, then exited with Uncle Darren.

Rachel sighed and pulled her high heels off. Danielle and Derek, having been clad in sock-covered feet only, had had the better deal.

"Kids, we'll clean this place up tomorrow. Your father has been peeking at my breasts all night and when he hasn't been doing that, he's been trying to feel me up—"

"TMI!" Derek and Danielle cringed and made shooing motions upstairs.

Their father laughed uproariously. "See you kids tomorrow. We'll try not to make too much noise."

Weakly, Derek waved and said, "Not a problem."

As soon as the door to the master bedroom closed, Danielle gasped, "Are Mom and Dad drunk?"

"Mom seemed a little tipsy, but she was obviously able to walk on those things."

"I think they are drunk."

A low female moan that sounded like a porn video escaped out of the master bedroom behind the closed door.

The twins let out matching groans of despair as they hurriedly rushed upstairs to the other end of the house.

The siblings tumbled pell-mell into Danielle's room.

Derek sat heavily on Danielle's bed and said, "Dani, I love our parents. I swear, I do. But when they do this whole PDS thing—"

"PDS?" asked Danielle as she sat next to him and rested her hand on his leg.

"Oh, Public Display of Sex," Derek said. "I invented that." He wiggled his eyebrows. "So anyway, PDS. When they do that I'd rather hear anything else."

Danielle chuckled. "So, Derek. We have kissing cousins in the family, huh?"

"Man, I never would have thought – Jack and Melissa together? Shit, she's a fucking bombshell. And he's kinda… I dunno, Evan-ish. Like, good-looking, but not like, male model hot."

"Takes all kinds, Derek. I mean, you're the only one I can stand being around me because you know me. You know?"

"I think we're kind of a special case, sis."

"Hmpf. Anyway, I feel kind of awkward-ish, knowing our cousins turned us on. I mean, Mom moaning was a total turn-off." Danielle shuddered.

"Me too," admitted Derek as he adjusted himself and tried not to imagine what his parents were doing at the moment.

Purposely changing the subject, Derek grinned as he looked Danielle up and down. "You know that thing shows your ass off? And those beautiful tits, too."

Danielle stood up and walked around sexily. "So, brother likes, does he?"

"Brother likes seeing his sister, he does," Derek breathed as he came up behind Danielle and began kissing her neck.

He ran his hand over the slight curvature of her Thanksgiving-fed stomach and said, "You know, I find this kind of cute. I think it's 'cause it you more than anything."

"Hmm. That may be true, but I think you also like it when I'm in trim."

Derek shrugged. "You're still hot."

Danielle hitched her minidress up over her hips, laid out on her bed and said, "C'mon then. Eat me out. Now. You promised."

Derek took one second to grab a towel from Danielle's dresser, folded it and slipped it under her butt. He was slightly surprised Danielle had gone with no underwear to the family gathering. He knelt on the bed near her, and roughly shoved his fingers inside Danielle, feeling how warm and wet she was, even though she'd cleaned herself up less than an hour before.

Danielle was still talking in a low voice. "God, I'm suddenly imagining what the hell those two cousins of ours got up to. Imagine Melissa riding that huge fuck-pole of Jack's, and him shooting a huge load up her cunt." So Derek hadn't been the only one who'd spotted the mouthful Melissa had when they'd barged in.

Into Danielle's ear, he huskily said, "Imagine that's me on my bed. You've got my dick in your hand as you get up on your knees. You slide down on me, and you're so hot and wet it goes right in, and all your pretty little head can think of is jackhammering yourself on me, shoving yourself off and on my dick so you can feel me filling you up—"

"God, Derek, use your tongue for something else. I'm so fucking turned on!" hissed Danielle. She was all but trying to ride his fingers as she bucked her hips on the bed.

Derek knelt, and began applying his tongue, keenly keeping an ear out for Danielle's hissed instructions. The smell of Danielle's wet vagina invaded his nose, buried in her bush as he licked and pushed with his tongue. Her excitement heightened, her breathing got heavier and faster—

Danielle shuddered violently, gasping and sobbing as she suddenly clamped her legs together, jerking as the orgasm crashed through her, so intense she couldn't even scream; she could only make incoherent gasping noises, her legs squeezing in synch with her gasps. Derek tried pulling his head back to get some air, managing to get his face free just in time as he saw gush of liquid rush over the towel, and in awe, he realized he had managed through sheer luck and the sexual energy from earlier, to make Danielle squirt as she came. He grabbed her knees to keep her from twisting as she nearly thrashed in the final throes of her orgasm.

For several minutes afterward, she continued spasming and gasping, staring glassily ahead of her as her jaw quivered.

Finally, even the aftershocks petered out and Danielle's eyes focused again, and she looked up at Derek in awe. "Derek, you were incredible! My god, I've never come so amazingly hard. Ever! Did I actually squirt? I just remember this rush through my body, and this incredible gushing feeling down in my cunt, and just felt so fucking good."

Derek smiled. "You did, Dani. You did. Look, the towel's wet." He flipped up the towel between her legs.

Danielle murmured, "So fucking hot." Her eyes fluttered closed, and she said, "Wipe me, would you?"

Derek carefully used the towel under Danielle to clean her up, then wiped his hands off, and began helping her out of her clothes. Derek unbuttoned Danielle's vest, then helped pull her minidress off, leaving her in her bra, which he unhooked easily and removed from her as well. The clothes went into a pile near her closet. The towel, into her laundry hamper.

Danielle by now was just barely conscious enough to let Derek help her under her bedcovers before she finally went limp, totally unconscious to the world as she crashed into a deep sleep.

Derek wasted little time afterward cleaning up, undressing, and getting ready for bed as well. He closed his window, halting the flow of cold night air through the room. He found the towel Jack and Melissa had used earlier, almost mechanically masturbated onto it, grunting slightly as he spurted onto it. He then wrapped the now very sticky towel and tossed it back in the hamper. He made a mental note to definitely get laundry started first thing when he woke up.

It wasn't long after that he was in bed, musing that it was definitely a strange, but interesting, day, he had had.

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