Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Two

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Derek woke up the next morning, feeling sluggish. Given all the food he'd eaten, he decided he'd better get back on the wagon or he'd deal with what the older folks blamed as their "Winter Weight": that ten or so pound gain you got from all the heavy food at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

After throwing all his stuff in the laundry hamper into the washing machine and getting it started, he went back into the house proper from the garage and checked the clock on his phone: it was eight in the morning. He punched his speed dial and got Rick. "Hey, sleepyhead! Get your ass up, huh?"

"Derek, you are an evil, evil boyfriend," groaned Rick. "Nobody should be awake this fuckin' early on a holiday."

"C'mon, let's get running again, huh? I'll bring Danielle, too. Get us all back up to snuff."

Rick sighed. "Yeah. You're right." Derek heard the rustling of Rick's bedsheets. "I'm looking at my stomach and I look okay, but I still feel kinda sluggish from Thanksgiving. Fuck, okay. Come over to my house and join me. Coach is gonna kill me if I don't watch myself."

Derek ended the call and knocked quietly on Danielle's door. "Dani? Hey, wake up."

"Go 'way, Derek," Danielle whined.

He looked up and down the hall, then slipped inside quickly. "Listen, Danielle, we gotta burn off all that food. Or at least try to, okay? Look, Rick and I are gonna go running. Join me or not, but you really should come."

Five minutes later, a very grouchy Danielle stood in her hooded shirt and jogging pants as she squinted at the clouds and the wet streets. "You realize I'm going to be pissed off beyond all recognition if it rains while we run?"

"That's the risk you take. C'mon. We'll take it slow." Derek, clad in his T-shirt and knee-length shorts, had purposely chosen an outfit which would be quite revealing when the rain came down. Nothing like a semitransparent wet T-shirt to motivate the two important lovers in his life.

Sure enough, the rain pelted down on a very annoyed trio as they made their second circuit of the block. All three runners were soggy and wet. Danielle's hair had gone dark and stringy from the water; Rick's looked mussed and made him look a bit like a cat after a bath.

The only saving grace was that both Rick and Danielle kept eyeing Derek up occasionally, Danielle's glances barely lingering past acceptable, but Derek noticed anyway. Rick, of course, got almost blatant about it. It made up for the fact that Derek was practically chilled to the bone and really wanted a shower.

Breathing heavily, the trio staggered up to the brick steps leading to the Collins house front doors, and sat down heavily. Rick said, "You could've taken your shirt off if you wanted more of an audience, you know."

Faux innocently, Derek said, "Oh, this shirt? Glad you got a view, then."

Rick shifted up next to Derek and planted a wet kiss on his cheek.

"I do kinda feel a bit less heavy-ish, if you know what I mean," admitted Danielle. "Even if certain very annoying brothers wake me up at a godawful hour on Black Friday."

Derek stuck his tongue out at Danielle, prompting her to return the favor.

"Me too," said Rick, not seeming to notice the slight aside of sibling teasing.

Danielle leaned over so she could see Rick and said, "Hey, how's your dad? Everything cool?"

Rick and Derek put their arms around each other. Rick said, "Thanks for having me over here last night, you two. 'Specially you, Derek. But anyway, yeah, things are still cool. Sandra showed me all the leftovers in the fridge last night and said I could have as much as I wanted after she gave a dirty look to the folks. They were majorly apologizing, too. I think your dad and uncle showing up with me kind of made it hit home that their arguing was getting way out of hand.

"So Gramps and my uncle took off last night. They were gonna stay over, but they figured it'd be better if they just headed back home to Kentville." Rick chuckled and shifted against Derek, trying to get a bit warmer; Derek tightened his grip a bit as he also snuggled in for warmth. "Sandra told my dad if they were living together he'd be on the couch that night. Apparently just after I left, she got fed up with the arguing and just sat in the garage and read a book."

Derek pressed a quick kiss to Rick's head. "That's cool that you're doing okay. My dad was worried about you, y'know."

"He shouldn't be. Dad's never hit me, you know."

Derek protested, "But Rick, them yelling like that? Even if not at you? You wanted to leave your house, it was that bad!"

Rick shrugged. "Look, it's all over now, okay? So just drop it." He took his hand off Derek's shoulder, then gripped Derek's knee and pushed himself upright. "I better go home. Call me this afternoon."

Rick loped off before the twins could stop him; he just sketched the barest of waves when Derek blurted, "Rick?!"

Dismayed, Derek stood up and wondered what he could have done. Danielle gently gripped his arm in sympathy before letting them both in the house. They went upstairs, and as they passed by Danielle's room, she got a rather devious smile on her face. She beckoned the two of them in, Derek following rather reluctantly.

Trying to delay what he thought Danielle might be up to, he said, "How's your throat?"

"Actually, pretty okay," Danielle replied. She put her hand on his chest and said, "C'mon, let's take your mind off things for a bit."

He hissed, "We don't even know if our parents are still asleep!"

"Shh. Just a couple minutes, I swear!" Danielle urged.

She pulled off her hooded shirt, showing she'd been wearing nothing underneath. Her nipples stood out, and Derek almost felt a physical pull to touch them. Danielle seemed to sense this, and purred, "My nipples need a little warming up. Kiss 'em better?"

Derek's resistance crumbled at the thought, and he enveloped his mouth around one of Danielle's nipples, licking and gently sucking. He brought his hands up, groping and rubbing at her breasts while she moaned softly and grabbed his head with one hand. He sensed her other hand diving down her jogging pants to rub herself.

As Derek licked and sucked his way across to Danielle's other lovely boob, he noticed her breathing was getting heavier. His dick pulsed inside his pants, and he desperately wanted to free it, but his hands seemed to like her body more.

"Rub my nipple, the one you're not sucking," gasped Danielle.

Derek quickly licked his thumb, and by now his mouth was on her left breast, so he rubbed her right nipple and quickly began raising his sister to the heights of ecstasy. He could hear the light wet smacking sounds as she masturbated herself, her hand working swiftly now under her jogging pants.

She sounded like she was almost at the edge, but not quite. Derek, realizing they needed something more, abruptly stopped suckling his sister's tits. Still partially clothed, he pushed her against the wall, lifted her legs and hooked them under his arms, and rubbed his clothed erect cock against her private area. Danielle looked at him wide-eyed, gasping in surprise as the friction of the almost-sex seemed to push the twins unstoppably towards final release.

Danielle grabbed Derek's head and pulled him in for a desperate, frenzied kiss as he frotted faster, finally pushing Danielle over the edge as she moaned loudly in his mouth and began spasming, releasing her urgent sexual need.

As Danielle went nearly limp, Derek pressed his forehead against Danielle's, looking into her eyes as he whispered, "So close – so fucking close…"

Just one more thrust, and Derek's jaw dropped as he shuddered, his own release flooding the inside of his shorts as he finally closed his eyes when the intensity got to be too much. A few moments later, he subsided, breathing harshly. He opened his eyes again, greeted by a rather satisfied Danielle. She smirked and said, "If it's this good now…"

Derek grinned and slowly let his sister's legs down as he withdrew. He said, "Still feel cold now?"

Danielle laughed and grabbed Derek's shoulders, pulling him in for a quick, but heated kiss. "Not now! And hey, Derek? Keep up those good surprises. I totally did not expect you to practically fuck me against the wall!"

Derek winked. "Spur of the moment idea, really."

Danielle stretched, working the kinks out of her legs. "Well, that was pretty hot. If kinda uncomfortable at first. We better get cleaned up though, huh?"

Derek nodded, leaned in for a final kiss and a quick grope, prompting Danielle to take a healthy grab of his ass before telling him to get moving.

The twins thus took turns taking quick showers and changing into dry clothes, then looking for all intents and purposes as though they hadn't just nearly had sex, went back downstairs to finish the laundry and continue the necessary domestic tasks of the day.

After Derek quickly moved his laundry to the dryer, with Danielle loading the washing machine with her own laundry load, they began the long task of cleaning the kitchen. Danielle stared at the task ahead of them and groaned, "I don't wanna do this."

Derek grimaced as he looked around. The adults had put away the leftovers in the fridge, but the dirty dishes and cutlery still needed to be taken care of, and the task was likely to prove to be as laborious as he'd imagined last night.

Still, though—

Derek pointed out, "Look, do you want Mom all pissed off because she has to clean up with a hangover? She'll probably make us clean the bathroom with toothbrushes!"

Danielle reluctantly squeezed his shoulder before she stood at the sink. "Let's get started. Bring the dishes."

Derek noticed, however, that even here, his rapport with Danielle was evident. They rarely bumped into each other, knowing when and how to work with or around one another as they began running the dishes through the sink and into the dishwasher.

"Hey, we should put some coffee on, huh?" wondered Derek as they were close to finishing.

Danielle snapped her fingers. "Good idea. You just get those pans finished. I'll get the machine started."

"What about breakfast, too?"

"Nah. Chances are if Mom and Dad are badly hung over they won't want to eat, and it would just go to waste anyway. And we certainly don't need it." Danielle reached over and patted Derek's stomach. Luckily for teenage metabolisms, his stomach had gone flat again. He knew he'd need to keep up his exercise schedule, though.

Derek laughed and snagged her hand briefly. "Yeah, well, the food was still pretty good."

"It was," agreed Danielle, as she quickly kissed his hand and let go. She smiled at him and leaned against the stovetop. Derek smiled back and moved so he could look at her.

The burbling of the coffee machine accompanied the pleasant silence, which was broken a couple of moments later as their mother came in, wearing a bathrobe and rubbing her head. "I thought I smelled coffee! Thank you, kids! You've done a great job. I'll give your father his coffee when he comes down. We both had too much to drink and we're just happy the company's closed for today."

"What about breakfast, Mom?" asked Derek. Danielle shot him a frustrated look.

He could have sworn his mother turned a bit green as she turned to look at the teens. "No, no – don't make any food right now. Your father and I need to really take it easy today. How about reheating the leftovers in the afternoon, okay? You go on now and do what you want."

The siblings nodded and took their leave, remembering the laundry. Inside the garage, Danielle punched his shoulder and made a 'duh' look as she said, "I told you Mom and Dad weren't gonna want food. Shit, I thought Mom was gonna barf when you asked."

"Well, what if she'd said yes?" protested Derek as they stood in front of the washing machine and dryer.

"Whatever. Anyway, are all your clothes done?" Danielle asked a little pensively.

Derek nodded. "Yeah, my stuff's should be finished. I'll unload it."

"Okay, let's move," said Danielle. The two of them got the laundry taken care of, and Derek was shortly on his way upstairs with clean and folded clothes.

Finally, Derek was back in his bedroom and was free of domestic tasks for the time being, having put away his clean clothes. He sat down and checked his Facebook; he had friend requests from both Melissa and Jack. Grinning, he accepted both, and found Jack dropped him a line referring obliquely to his instructions the last night:

"How'd you know what to do to 'clean up'?" he had written.

Derek smirked. He typed, "Rick and I have been in some 'sticky' situations before. ;) So we learned through trial and error. :)"

His cousins had obviously taken Danielle's warnings to heart about using e-mail in preference to Facebook, but he still was able to keep up with their relationship. He learned that last night had actually been Jack's first time going beyond oral, and that Melissa had been rather satisfied with his performance in bed.

The cousins were starting to make serious plans to meet up at Christmas. Derek fleetingly wondered if they would sneak away for a "quickie" and found himself becoming horny and jealous at the same time.

In a deliberate effort, Derek shifted his thoughts to Rick and the slight conflict they'd had. He leaned forward at his desk; he put his elbows on it so he could support his forehead with one hand and hold his phone to his ear with the other. This was the first point of conflict between Derek and Rick and he wasn't sure what he'd done, Danielle's attempt at distraction notwithstanding.

Rick picked up. "Derek?"

"Hey. Rick? Look, about today, I'm sorry, all right? I mean, was I being kind of pushy?"

Rick sighed. "I just – Derek, I don't like hearing anyone say anything against Dad. Okay? And you were getting kind of close."

"Okay. I'll drop it. I promise." Derek was reasonably pleased their argument had been barely one you could call as such.

"'kay. Now when are we getting together to do Math homework? Tomorrow's Saturday; nothing special's happening. Today Dad wants me to help him get the kitchen cleaned up, which, y'know, I don't think is fair considering I ate at your place, but … parents," Rick opined.

"Tomorrow's cool. And yeah, Danielle and I cleaned up the kitchen earlier. I think maybe we need to do a little more cleaning, like put the card tables away and shit, but we're pretty much done, thankfully."

"Good to hear. But I think Dad's calling me, okay? Talk to ya later," said Rick, sounding rushed.


Derek noticed Evan was online, and began setting up for a multiplayer game; he had a few hours to kill and the consoles were beginning to lose their hold on his interest.

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