Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Three

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The Friday, one week after Thanksgiving, Derek's parents had a surprise for him and Danielle – not one he'd exactly anticipated, however.

It all started with a rather ordinary supper, one the family of four actually all helped prepare, with the twins designated the choppers and cutters of the veggies and cheese while their mother and father made the tacos and ground beef to go with them.

As he sat at the table, from his vantage Derek could see the now-empty swimming pool. The twilight was already beginning to come on, and the night would soon come. He looked to his left, noticing Danielle had already grabbed the grated cheese to prepare her taco, while his dad had the beef, and his mother had the lettuce. Derek sighed and grabbed a couple of tomato slices and unenthusiastically dropped them at the bottom of his taco shell. More warm shells sat on a plate near him if he felt like another one later.

To take his mind off the seemingly interminable wait for the remainder of the taco-building accessories, Derek decided to ask about something he'd only vaguely thought about. "Mom? Dad? Um… this is kind of embarrassing to ask."

His father looked up across the table, smiled and said, "Well, ask anyway, son. Unless it's about something very personal, that is."

To his right was his mother, who briefly patted his elbow. "Even if it's about us, you know." Even so, Derek thought she turned a bit pink.

He shifted in his seat, looked at Danielle briefly, who seemed to be curious as she absently set the bowl with the cheese beside her. He said, "Well, it's… look, do you ever get jealous? Of each other or someone else?"

"What a question. And at dinner, too!" chuckled Samuel.

Derek blushed and mumbled, "Um, forget it." He busied himself with assembling his taco.

"No, no. It's okay. You know, your mother and I had some discussion about what we'd reveal about – to be frank – our sex and dating lives, earlier, and we thought we'd leave it up to you kids to set the pace. Now, that being said, I'm not going to be crude or overshare things either, so if you're curious about really intimate details you may not get a satisfactory explanation. You kids understand?"

His mother and father busied themselves with the taco materials as they let Derek take his time furthering the conversation. Danielle touched his foot with hers; Derek looked at her abruptly. She mouthed, "What?"

Derek reassuringly brushed her arm with his fingers, then said out loud, "Yeah, I get it."

"Same here," Danielle added quickly.

"Well, ask away, Derek," his mother said encouragingly.

Derek shifted again in his seat, fiddling with his taco. Finally, he said, "Well, like… I understand you're both bi, like me. How do you deal with knowing you like guys and girls but you can only date, or marry, one at a time?"

"Good point, Derek," his father replied after gulping down his bite of his taco. Danielle, Derek noticed, began eating industriously, occasionally glancing at the other family members.

"To tie this to jealousy as well, you have to understand that in principle, it's not so different from, say, your sister dating one boy exclusively, knowing there might be others out there who she might like, too. Also, you kids should both understand that just because Derek is dating, Danielle, you shouldn't feel obligated to start doing that too.

"Sexual jealousy between brothers and sisters isn't the same as sexual jealousy between a romantic couple, but there are common elements – feeling like you don't measure up, that something's wrong with you – that kind of thing. When I was your age, for example, your uncle Darren was already quite the favorite of many girls in high school. And my cousin – you've maybe met her once when you were little kids; she's in South Africa now – she also seemed to have a steady stream of boys to date. And there I was, not feeling very cool," said his father as he reminisced about the past.

Rachel said, "For me and Tina, it was the same way. It actually got to the point where I used to purposely try and sabotage her dates by hiding her perfume, messing her clothes up – we had some real screaming matches back then, I'll tell you!"

Danielle blurted, "But you and Aunt Tina get along fine now, right?"

"It may seem like a cliché, sweetie, but the truth is, as you get older, your feelings about people can change. You get a kind of … perspective, I guess, that you're sometimes lacking as a teenager. Especially when someone you've been in close quarters with is no longer the next room over and you can stop feeling like you're competing with them for everything. Sometimes you just need to be apart from someone for a while."

Samuel nodded. "For me, after Darren went away to trade school, that's when I really felt like I caught a break. I didn't have to feel like Darren was taking all the girls – well, at the time I didn't really understand that I liked boys, too – or that I felt like they were comparing me to him and finding me lacking.

"I never got as bad as your mother did, but I do remember when I was young I would sometimes purposely end your uncle's make-out sessions early by slamming the front door and making noise, for example. Childish, but when you're seeing your brother and a rather attractive cheerleader go into his bedroom …"

Derek chuckled, as did Danielle. Rachel smiled at her husband and reached out for his hand. "Well, now your father has me, and if I may say so, he got the better end of that deal."

"To tell you the truth, though, it's not Darren's fault he married a woman who found she leaned to being a lesbian. That may be why she never contested for visitation rights," pointed out Samuel.

Danielle perked up. "I didn't know that! It was always just 'oh, the ex-wife, and changing the subject…'"

"Well, we didn't feel it really was necessary to tell that part. Now, though, it was probably time." Their father sighed. "Now, to circle this all back to sexual jealousy between romantic partners and bisexuality – Derek, you're going to find that there are certain needs you may find more easily fulfilled by boys rather than girls. You may find you like certain forms of sex more with boys than with girls. You might even find that, like us, you'll find yourself happiest in a somewhat open type relationship."

Their mother chimed in, saying, "That covers the bisexuality, I think. I'm rather fortunate in that I tend, on balance, to like men a bit more than women and to be mostly monogamous. But jealousy – there's a story for the night, kids. Let's just eat up a bit and then I'll talk."

Samuel chimed in, "And it seems to me I like men and women about equally, but there's intellectual compatibility to think about, too. Now, as your mother says, discussing jealousy is on the agenda."

Quickly, but without truly enjoying the meal since he was so anxious to hear more, Derek ate the rest of his taco and drank it down with his Coke, Danielle matching him bite for bite and sip for sip.

Rachel finished her taco, muttering, "Delicious!" She wiped her hands on her napkin and drank down a bit of her water.

She took a deep breath. "It goes without saying that what we say here at this table is not to be repeated outside this house. Okay, Derek? Danielle?"

The twins nodded solemnly.

"Once upon a time, when I thought your father was a hundred percent straight, I was struggling with the fact that I seemed to be in a phase – oh, good Lord, it must have been when you were four – where I just seemed to desperately need to be with a woman. At some point, I got incautious and started making plans to meet Anna, her name was. She was, as you kids like to say, 'hot'. She worked in the restaurant in the building where I worked, and I started realizing she was flirting with me over the cash register when I ordered food.

"Well, that didn't quite pan out the way I thought it was – I imagined it would be a clandestine, guilty affair – because Samuel was with me not long after he got a job with the same company as me, and he happened to want to eat lunch with me. Well, it took him all of – what, thirty seconds of watching me and Anna, Samuel?"

Their father chuckled. "It was more like fifteen. As soon as your hands touched and you took a sharp breath, I think I twigged to it."

"Well, that's all it took. Oh, we ate lunch as normal and all that, but the moment he and I got home, he said, 'you like women, too, don't you?' I was so thunderstruck and – I admit – fearful I'd get divorced, I just stood there, rooted to the floor as my secret was stripped away from me in no time flat and Sam started yelling so loudly!" Derek noticed how his mother's eyes got wide and she gestured emphatically with her hands as she recounted this time in her life.

Danielle, he saw out the corner of his eye, was licking her lips nervously.

Their father took up the thread now. "Well, I admit, I was at first upset and I started in on your mother about the lack of trust she had in me to explain she liked women, but – God, Rachel, you looked so unhappy." Samuel's face was full of concern as he reached for Rachel, who scooted her chair next to him and let him hold her to himself, her head leaning against his.

"Your father stopped yelling almost as fast as he started, when he saw I was literally going to start breaking down in tears, and he comforted me and got me to explain myself that night." She took a shaky breath and continued. "You see, I've always known I liked boys and girls, and to be perfectly straightforward about things as they work in our society, girls with big breasts get away with a fair bit more than they should. I managed to juggle relationships with one of the boys on the football team andthe female co-captain of the cheerleading squad at the same time in my senior year."

Danielle whistled. "Whoa, Mom. You were a player!"

Derek burst out laughing and had to fall back against his chair as his laughter slowly petered out. Rachel rather loftily said, "Well, perhaps I still am," as she smiled.

As Samuel, chuckling, sobered up, he said, "Well, I admit I was a bit insecure. I mean, I flatter myself I was rather attractive back then, probably still am—"

Rachel gently poked his stomach. "Oh, honestly. Don't undersell yourself, honey. Don't you kids think he still resembles that actor from Ben-Hur?"

Samuel grinned. "Well, I may not be Charlton Heston exactly, but I may have had a passing resemblance when we were married." He took a breath, then said, "But even so, anyone can be insecure, kids. It really can happen to anyone without a huge ego. You're just sometimes not sure of yourself and I'm a little ashamed I took it out on your mother."

Derek flashed back to the time he and Danielle had fought, as he nodded solemnly.

Rachel said, "You have to understand, in those days you could be a kind of 'lipstick lesbian' or any of those rather unflattering terms, but once you got out of school it was kind of expected you would outgrow all that, settle down with a guy, and maybe have some children. So I tried to be more secretive about my encounters with other girls in my university years, and after I met your father and married him I tried to not think about that aspect of myself anymore."

Samuel said, "A lot of trouble could have been avoided if your mother and I had had more confidence in each other when we first met and had you kids, but I, like her, wanted to be a model parent. Also a model husband. I decided that thinking about being with other guys wasn't in the cards after my few careful, low-key relationships in university.

"Unfortunately, the happy ending didn't start that night when your mother tearfully confessed to me her sexual attraction to women and men, because I still couldn't bring myself to explain to her my own sexual feelings – somehow I thought if I did we'd end up just partying all the time, neglecting you kids and being like the stereotypes of bisexuals you sometimes hear about on TV or books or what-have-you."

Rachel took a sip of water, sat up and put her arm around her husband as she said, "That said, I did get Anna out of my system. With your father knowing I had an interest in her, I finally just – called her. One of the things that came out of my discussion was that he did accept occasional, discreet, encounters with other women provided I used proper precautions and never brought them back here. We couldn't have you kids seeing or hearing something and blurting something out to your grandparents or relatives." Her eyes sought them out as she regarded them apologetically.

"As it turned out, while Anna and I found we liked mutually scratching our itches, sexually, as it were, neither of us was really looking for anything more long-term and after a few intense nights with each other it dawned on me we really hadn't that much in common except a mutual physical attraction. And it kind of killed me that Samuel couldn't fully participate."

"To make a long story short, though I offered your mother the chance to meet her urge for other women, it wasn't until she saw something happen with me and someone else that broke the logjam about six months later. Honey, was it around when we bought this house to make more room for the kids?"

Rachel nodded. "Yes, that real-estate agent, as a matter of fact. John? He really was quite good-looking."

Samuel chuckled. "Your mother understates the matter. It seemed like he'd stepped off the pages of one of those fashion modelling magazines. And he kept making it obvious – touching me in a little ways, standing a bit closer in my personal space – but the confusing part was that he was also checking out your mother."

Rachel smiled. "And that, kids, was when I finally just had it out and all the secrets really got revealed! I remember being annoyed enough that your father obviously seemed to have been hiding an attraction for men and not letting me in on it that I remember I bodily came between them and said to that man, 'You stop ogling my husband this instant and I am going to have some words with him right now!'

"And then I turned around and – well," her smile faded as she continued in a low voice. "I'm also ashamed. I slapped your father across the face right there and shouted, 'And how long were you going to hide who you were?!'"

She sighed. "In reality, I was angry at the real estate agent for putting us both in a position he didn't even realize he was creating. And I took it out on the wrong person. Danielle, Derek, it would hurt me so much to see you two fighting so bitterly – I don't know what or how, but if you both ended up liking the same boy, perhaps—"

Derek uneasily wondered what it would take for Danielle to be absolutely, coldly, angry at him for something – enough to slap him hard across the face like that.

Their father took up the train of conversation. "Well, I was shocked, angry and upset, but I didn't want to escalate things because it's so easy for a fight to get out of control. I remember glaring at the poor kid – really, he was maybe twenty? Fresh out of real estate school or whatever, and we were already in our mid-twenties – and he skedaddled out of the house. I grabbed your mom's arms and braced for a kick as I said, 'I admit it! Okay? I admit I want to bend that guy over, all right?'"

Danielle giggled. She flushed a deep red and said, "I am so sorry, Dad. I really am. It's just… did you actually say that to Mom?"

Rachel grinned slightly and looked at her husband fondly. "Indeed, your father said exactly that to me. And that's when the fight just went out of me, because he wouldn't have admitted it otherwise. But finally hearing that he was like me – that he obviously liked men and women – was what really helped. We actually ended up sitting down in front of this house – this very house – on the front steps, just talking to each other after we apologized to the poor man and promised we'd call him back."

"The details don't matter, but what does is that's when – tentatively at first – your mother and I both agreed to try and satisfy our mutual interests together. Our first person of interest, incidentally, was that very real estate agent," concluded Samuel.

Derek, awed, whispered, "So… like… a three-way?"

"That would be the term," said Rachel dryly. Briskly, she said, "But even then I won't say it was smooth sailing. We have to keep talking – communicating with each other. If we don't, well, we end up misinterpreting each other and having trust issues. You'd think after years of being married we'd know each other inside and out, but as you kids heard, a rather good-looking man trying to get me alone in the house and me being somewhat reluctant to make a scene as he put his hands all over me, can seem to a husband who hasn't seen me want to get someone alone for some years now to be a bit like trying to cut him out of my sex life."

Samuel nodded. "That's true. I just wasn't thinking straight at the time to really look at what Travis – that's the jerk's name – was doing, just that Rachel seemed to be letting him put his hands on her. So, as you can see even romantic couples have their own jealousies and ways they end up fighting over them. But if you love your partner at all, you'll stick with it and try to work it out."

"And – although this may seem embarrassing for you kids – the one thing I'll point out is that the make-up sex is the best part," Rachel said archly.

Derek and Danielle grinned, a bit tentatively. Derek then said, "Um… okay. This may seem a bit stupid, but… you, what do you call it, anyway? That thing you do?"

"Swinging?" Samuel shrugged. "I'm sure there's other terms, but that's been around since the 1970s."

"Okay. Um, why do you still do it after all this time?" Derek said, a little puzzled.

"Let's make an analogy here," said Samuel as he and his wife disengaged from one another. He leaned forward, pushing his plate out of the way as he set his arms on the table. "I assume you both masturbate occasionally?"

"Uh, yeah," mumbled Derek. Danielle's reply was even less audible.

"Okay. You do. You've probably found that even if you've been at all sexual with Rick – or have been with Sara – that you still sometimes prefer to satisfy an essentially physical urge. Right? And Danielle, you no doubt are in a similar situation. Right as well?"

The siblings nodded.

Samuel continued, "Well, in a similar way, your mother and I have found that sometimes we prefer to experience sex with other people primarily as a way to be physical in different ways or, as I pointed out, satisfy certain needs that only a member of the same sex can really help with.

"Since the last year it's been just with another couple we found through a rather discreet website devoted to the subject. And there's no actual romance involved; no meeting of the minds, no … you know, no intellectual compatibility or anything. It's a pleasant enough experience, but we don't mistake it for love. Or for an expression of love. They call sex 'making love', but really, there's different levels of that. There's sex for the sake of sex. I won't be crude, but you kids have probably used the f-word for that. Then there's not just sex as a physical release, there's sex as a way of showing how much you love and care about someone. And that's what your mother and I share. So sex between us is, I think, more fulfilling than sex between me and someone who isn't Rachel."

Danielle protested, "But what about after Thanksgiving? I mean… it seemed kind of sudden."

Rachel smiled slightly. "Your father and I still occasionally want to just do it for the sake of 'doing it', honey. Even adults get horny."

Derek chuckled, and then covered his mouth. "Mom, I am so sorry. I just… look, I'm fourteen and—"

"We all seem ancient to you and can't possibly want to have sex for fun?"

Derek nodded, a little bit abashed.

"That's all right. When I was a teenager, I used to think your grandparents were practically Stone Age fossils, and that they must have had sex exactly the number of times it took to make me and your aunt."

Laughter went around the table.

Rachel sat up, her back totally straight as she eyed her children intently. "Seriously, though, there's something you need to be careful of. When sex becomes a way to interact – the only way to interact with someone, you're going to probably find it's like with me and that girl, Anna, so long ago. At first I had hazy dreams of somehow developing some kind of polygamous type long-term relationship, but we found all that we had in common was liking women's bodies. She wasn't even that interested in computers, for example.

Rachel said with an air of finality, "So, bottom line: go to bed with whoever you want to go to bed with, but don't ever make the mistake of one night of sex equalling finding out you've met someone whose mind you like as much as their body. And with whoever is your partner, communicate with them. Always make sure you get stuff out in the open. Never assume. That is doubly important if you plan to be non-monogamous."

Derek nodded, realizing it was fortunate that he and Danielle had already implemented part of that regimen for a better relationship.

Danielle's brow furrowed. She was already thinking ahead to the practicalities as she asked, "But what about, like, protection and stuff?"

"That's a good point. Your father and I have always been very careful when it comes to things like this. Even with the real estate agent, we insisted on condoms, and the only thing our mouths touched was bare skin and not any sex organ or any of his orifices. With Anna, she and I used dental dams or if we had to use bare hands we washed up very well afterwards. With others in the future we've always asked for recent test results.

"I know it's a stereotype to find people who won't kiss the person they're having sex with – while part of it is emotional distancing, for Sam and I it's really a matter of cutting down the risk of certain disease transmissions until we know that other people have been safe and tested for diseases," their mother said firmly.

"And we still get tested every six months, your mother and I. We've never come up positive on anything, so you can still kiss us good-night," their father joked.

Derek looked around at the by-now cold remains of the meals on the table. He figured all the taco materials (only four of the shells and half of the meat had been taken, and even less of the toppings) could be put away for leftovers, so he got up from the table and said, "Well, um… thanks for the discussion. I learned something, I guess?"

Samuel waved Derek back to his chair. "Oh, sit down, sit down. We're not quite finished yet!"

As Derek sat down, his father said, "I appreciate you two being open-minded and mature enough to discuss personal issues like this. Again, it's not that we don't want to discuss our lives with you; it's more a question of whether you have the necessary sense of appropriateness about it all, and so far you two've been great about it.

"Anyway, you should know that your good behavior is what's allowing us to feel more free about our sexual expression with other people, because we know we can trust you not to make silly jokes about it or let it slip to people who have no business knowing what we do in our bedroom. And that leads me to something you kids should know for this weekend."

Rachel said, "Yes; we need to let you know that we have had a standing offer from Richard and Angela – the married couple we see sometimes – for a weekend getaway. After seeing how responsible you kids have been getting about the food and your chores, as well as how good you've been with not abusing your overnight freedom-of-parent privileges, Sam and I decided a couple of days ago to ask them to set things up. We'll be taking off within the hour, actually, and be back on Sunday night."

Danielle sat up bolt upright and said, "Are you serious?"

Derek gasped. "Like, all weekend? For real?"

"Absolutely," said Samuel. "They've got a cabin by a small lake about a couple hours from here. They've had it stocked up – they went up just yesterday to prep it and I got an e-mail this morning getting the final confirmation. I told them I'd like to get in Friday's meal with you two before we go."

Rachel said, "So I'll leave you a note with the list of emergency contacts – you have our cell numbers anyway, plus our e-mails – and of course, you'll need some money if you want to shop for anything or order takeout or whatever. Now, your father and I are going to get ready."

Derek gulped nervously and looked at Danielle. Her steady gaze back at him told him both siblings were thinking exactly the same thing:

Christmas had come early.

As their parents got ready for the night, Derek tried to not notice his heart slamming in his chest as he nervously paced at the base of the stairs. Danielle finally grabbed his shoulder and hissed, "Stop! If you do this they're gonna know something's up!"

Derek looked his sister in the eyes. "Dani, I just can't stop thinking about … y'know, it's finally real. We're gonna do this … thing," he concluded lamely as he realized his mouth had gone totally dry.

Danielle nodded. She took a shaky breath as she said quietly, "I know. It's either just stay really, ultra-calm or I'm gonna start hyperventilating. Here, feel."

She pulled his hand to her neck, putting his fingers where he'd feel her pulse. He could feel the blood vessel pumping faster – much faster – than it ought to. Her hands shook as she lowered them away from his wrist.

"Wow! You look calm!" Derek took his hand away.

"I'm just trying to breathe deeply and relax," she replied.

Derek suddenly felt an urgent need to go to the bathroom. "Dani? I gotta go. Real bad. Look, hold down the fort until Mom and Dad take off. Just say I'm worried about them being so far away or something."

Danielle nodded and patted his shoulder. "Go! Quickly!"

Derek, having finished the bathroom necessaries, carefully left the bathroom, not wanting to let any remaining queasiness suddenly require another trip.

Danielle accosted him at the base of the stairs. "What did you do? Freakin' barf in there? You look white as a sheet!"

Derek shook his head. "No. Just had to go."

"Well, take a couple deep breaths, okay? Mom and Dad are waiting," Danielle said urgently.

Derek tried to calm down as he walked with Danielle to the garage. He even managed to dredge up a smile as he encountered his parents.

"All right, kids. Give us a hug, would you?" said their father.

Quickly, good-byes were exchanged, and their parents, armed with their travel suitcases and laptops, packed their car and drove off, waving. Once the car roared off down the back alley, Derek hit the button to close the garage door and looked at his sister.

He took a deep breath and said slowly, "How do you want to do this? Upstairs? Down here?"

Danielle bit her lip, trying to hide a smile as she thought. Derek thought she looked really cute doing that, and slowly grinned in response. She finally burst out, "Oh my freaking God! We're actually gonna do this!"

She slammed into him, wrapping her arms around him. He tightly held Danielle, burying his head in her hair, inhaling her shampoo as her body, pressed up against his, awoke his until-then suppressed need for her.

Danielle had been wearing casual blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Derek, for his part, was wearing a black sweater and casual beige pants.

Derek decided how he wanted to set things up and reached up for Danielle's shoulders. "Dani? Honey? Sister-girlfriend?"

Danielle, having momentarily caught up to Derek's height again, moved her head back, brushed her hair out of her face, and then kissed him briefly on the nose. "Yes, my brother-boyfriend?" She grinned widely, showing off the dental work that had, fortunately, not needed braces to look that good. Neither, incidentally, had Derek needed them.

Derek kissed her briefly and said, "Okay. Go upstairs, and take a nice long bath, okay? Get in your best clothes after. I'll borrow Mom and Dad's shower real quick if they haven't locked the door and then get … um, can we use your room? Please?"

Danielle nodded. "No problem!"

"Okay. I'll get your room ready with the stuff. I wanna surprise you a little bit, okay?"

Danielle kissed Derek soundly on the lips. "As long as you don't try some stupid prank, I think I'll love your surprise, so please, surprise me!"

"Will do." Derek had to breathe to stop feeling like he was on an unstoppable freight train, gathering momentum almost heedless of any attempt to control it. "Okay. Um. All right, you get going." He bit his lip and looked at Danielle. He gently took her face in his hands and leaned in to kiss her, locking lips with her for a few moments as he closed his eyes.

As the siblings mutually ended the kiss, Derek whispered, "I can't wait to see you naked tonight!"

It was true. He'd seen Danielle nude before, but that night, their plan going into action only made it so much more special. He decided he'd picked the right course of action – it was going to be so much cooler than just throwing their clothes off and fucking on the floor like a pair of bunnies.

Well, he temporized to himself, they were still going to fuck. Only it would be more like making love, instead.

"You too, Derek," replied Danielle. She squealed, "This is gonna be so. Freaking. Awesome!"

Derek gently swatted Danielle's ass. "Get going, already. We got a date with a bed tonight!"

Danielle reached down and rubbed Derek's erection, which nearly pulsed with need as he felt her encouraging his hard-on. He moaned, then pushed her wrist away. "Please. Not now, okay? Later. Bath now."

Danielle smirked and finally left the living room, leaving Derek panting as he struggled to figure out what he needed to do next.

He ran his hand through his hair and tried to remember his mental checklist. "Okay. Strawberries, first."

Derek had, fortuitously, invented a harmless reason to want to create strawberry desserts when he was shopping with his mother, and she'd purchased them and the whipped cream (and the angel food cake) without a second thought. There were still several left in the bag; Derek grabbed the whole bag and emptied it into a large bowl he got down from the kitchen cabinet. He then snagged the canister of whipped cream and then stood indecisively, wondering if he should grab the wine or not. There were three bottles in the special rack in the fridge; one was already half-empty.

On the one hand, it seemed like it had to be the right occasion for it, but on the other, if his parents should ever question why the bottle was missing or seemed to have less in it…

He put the bowl and canister down and yanked at his hair. "Shit! Shit!" Finally, recklessly, he said, "Fuck it. I wanna make this perfect."

He grabbed the half-empty bottle. Luckily, it had a screw-on cap instead of a cork, so there was less risk of a problem restoring the fridge to previous appearances. He put the wine on the counter, adjusted himself a bit, and then grabbed a couple of wine glasses.

Carefully, he got everything in his arms for one trip – the wine bottle by the neck, the two glasses carefully settled on the strawberries (which only filled half the bowl), and the whipped cream under his arm. Cautiously, he walked upstairs, going into Danielle's room. He set everything down on her homework desk, and then snapped his fingers. There was enough room for the little round table in the corner of the rec room almost nobody ever used, and set up the little dessert ensemble on it.

After looking at Danielle's room and studying the logistics – her bed was parallel to the hallway, and if he walked straight from the doorway he'd be near her head when she slept. The bed itself was in the corner, leaving plenty of room to walk to Danielle's dresser set in the other corner, the closet door immediately to the side of the dresser. Her homework desk was set in the third corner, the closest to the hallway. The entrance door was near the final corner.

Danielle had a small bookcase set in the middle of the space along the wall parallel to the hallway. A stereo system similar to Derek's was set up beside it; the speakers would be loud enough to fill the room, he knew.

Derek set the small three-foot high table near the bookcase, deciding that he and Danielle weren't going to be venturing near her desk for anything. He then arranged the wine bottle, glasses and strawberry bowl on it. He slipped the whipped cream under the table, figuring it looked kind of tacky on top of it.

He stood up nervously and tapped his chin. Candles? He wondered. He worried it might not be safe, and decided to ask Danielle about it when she got out of her bath. Speaking of which—

Armed with his best clothes and a change of underwear, Derek found that his parents hadn't locked their bedroom. He began showering, taking extra care to clean every part of himself, especially under his foreskin; the sex ed books had briefly touched on basics of personal hygiene as it pertained to sex organs.

Derek still needed to shave. He cursed and wished he'd taken his razor from the bathroom before Danielle had gone in. He luckily found one of his father's unused disposable travel razors and used the old lathering-a-bar-of-soap trick; he managed to do a pretty good job on his face before jumping into the shower to wash his face off and get the soap out of his ears.

Slowly, carefully, Derek dried off with a spare towel, and then carefully dressed himself in his best clothes. He licked his lips, wondering if he'd pulled off the sexy look as he considered the image in the mirror. A rather attractive teenage guy looked back at him, albeit with a rather messy mop of blond hair since he hadn't yet styled it.

He looked down at his pants and smiled at the slight bulge his penis made. He only hoped it wouldn't start posing problems down the road, given that the good pants felt a bit tight around his pelvis and butt.

Derek cleaned up after himself and trooped back to his bedroom, where he quickly styled his hair into the same as he had for Thanksgiving. He rather liked the way he looked, and given that Danielle hadn't said anything against it, figured she would, too.

Finally, he was ready. Nervously, he rubbed his hands on his pants, praying the night would go off all right. There might (he thought) be an innocent explanation for being well-dressed, but not for Danielle having the kinds of things one might bring to an intimate love session. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips together, willing that his parents had not forgotten some little thing they were already driving back to collect.

He heard a faint glugging sound from the bathroom, and shortly after, a towel-clad, grinning Danielle Collins swooped into his room briefly. "Don't go anywhere, Derek!" she teased.

"Like I would!" he joked back. "Hey, Dani, can I borrow your iPod to put a playlist onto? I've got a few songs in mind I wanna put on later. Oh, and watch out when you go in your room. I set up a little table, okay?"

Danielle nodded. "Sure. C'mon."

In her room, she smiled widely as she gushed, "Wine! That's sweet. And strawberries! Mmmm. I won't touch any." She reached for her iPod, currently in the stereo dock, and handed it to him. "I've got a shitload of songs on there so you might even find the ones you want on here."

Derek smiled as Danielle stood back up, keeping her towel around herself. "Okay. Call me when you're ready."

"Will do," replied Danielle as she winked and waved.

Back in his room, seated at the edge of his bed, Derek's leg bounced nervously as he flipped through the songs on the iPod, figuring out which ones he'd want to play as he made sure his earbuds were in his ears.

He barely heard the songs, though, as he wondered if he'd do something stupid and screw it all up. Sheez! He thought. Romancing a girl's hard enough, and I had to fall for my sister!

Jack had sent him a rather amusing e-mail detailing his stories of trying to get girls for the prom, nervously asking for dates until finally a reasonably nice girl would say "yes". Then there was the get-dressed-just-right deal, and the whole "don't trip over her fucking feet" deal, and it just went on and on and on.

Finally, though, the moment came—

Danielle swept into his room, her hair done up like Melissa's had been. She wore a long-sleeved grey cotton dress that clung to her body like a second skin and showed her cleavage amazingly well. She was also wearing fishnet stockings, and sauntering into his room as though she were the next Madonna. She wore red lipstick, and her eyebrows looked like she'd trimmed them up a bit. She was even wearing some makeup, realized Derek.

Derek's mouth went dry as he yanked the earbuds out of his ear and stared at his beautiful sister.

She reached out, gently tugging the iPod from his slack fingers and tossing the earbuds on his bed.

Derek let out a small croak, then flushed.

He found he was able to lick his lips, and hoarsely said, "In a million years I would never have expected you to look that freakin' gorgeous, Dani. You're beautiful, you really are!"

She reached up, dropped the iPod in his shirt pocket, then reached for his shoulders, prompting Derek to put his hands on her hips. "Derek, you look ravishingly sexy, you know that? God, this shirt you're wearing. You have no idea how it shows off your chest, do you?"

Derek nervously chuckled. "Well, I'll say those stockings you've got? Make your legs look awesome."

"C'mon, then. Let's spend the night together, huh?" Danielle let her hands fall from his shoulders, then reached for his hand, which he took as she guided him out of his bedroom, shutting the light off as they went.

Danielle, in her room, moved to double-check the drapes across her window. She closed her door, grabbed the iPod out of Derek's shirt pocket and set it in the cradle for her stereo, then let Derek quickly check that the right song was going to play.

Danielle was now rubbing her hands along the sides of her dress. "Derek?" she said in a small voice.

"Yes, what is it?" Derek hurried back to Danielle.

"What should we do now? D'you wanna dance, or… the strawberries, or… what?" She nervously fidgeted, intertwining her fingers as she shifted from one foot to the other.

"Strawberries," pronounced Derek. He quickly grabbed one out of the bowl and stood up, holding it out. "Whipped cream?" he put a dollop of whipped cream on said strawberry.

"Please." Danielle came up and Derek held it out, slowly feeding his sister the strawberry as she almost-erotically ate it, staring into his eyes the entire time as she swallowed the fruit. Luckily, Derek had remembered to cut them up into edible pieces the day he'd prepared a strawberry sundae dessert.

Derek's breath hitched as Danielle gently licked and sucked at his fingers, swallowing the bits and juices of the strawberry that had stuck to his fingers. He remembered how it had been with him and Rick at Hallowe'en; his hard-on threatened to try to go to full mast instead of staying semi-hard.

Danielle slowly reached for a strawberry, and held it up to Derek's lips. He opened his mouth, feeling the end penetrate it, before gently biting and chewing the tasty fruit. In his turn, he stared at his sister as he licked and sucked at her fingers, eliciting a pleased hum from her as she momentarily closed her eyes.

Derek quickly got another strawberry, covering it with whipped cream. He gripped one end of it in his teeth, leaning in close to Danielle, who got the point at once and began eating her end of it, as Derek ate his, their mouths meeting in the middle. They began kissing, tasting strawberry and whipped cream on each other's tongues as they embraced, trying to make sure they didn't accidentally put their sticky hands on each other's clothes.

As the twins stepped back from each other a bit, Danielle smiled. "That was hot, Derek. Really hot."

"Thanks. Want more?"

"Can we do the wine? Not too much; I know Mom and Dad will totally freak if they find out we drank it." Danielle tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear and patted her hair, making sure it was all still in place.

Derek shrugged with false bravado. "I'll just tell them I dared you to drink some."

Danielle giggled, then her expression turned somber. "Are you sure? I could lie and say I stole it."

"Look, let's just hope they don't find out. We can get our stories straight later," said Derek as he uncapped the bottle and tried to carefully pour out some into each glass. He nervously reset the bottle on the table and screwed the cap back on. After that, he picked up both glasses and handed one to Danielle.

Suddenly, he got a brilliant idea. "Hey! Dani, you remember Ben-Hur, right?"

"Kind of. Why?"

"Remember how that guy, Ben-Hur, and his friend – Messala, that was it, Messala! They came up to each other and kind of crossed their arms to drink?"

Danielle snapped her fingers. "Yeah! C'mon, let's try that."

Derek grinned as he stepped up to Danielle. Carefully crossing their arms so they were holding their own wine glasses to each other's mouths, but yet their arms were interlinked, they clinked glasses and then sipped from them.

Danielle and Derek carefully stepped back, unlinking their arms so they could toast each other more traditionally.

Danielle brought her glass up near Derek's. Her eyes shone as she said, "Derek Aaron Collins, my brother, my lover."

Derek held up his glass as he looked over it to Danielle's face. "Danielle Esther Collins, my sister, my lover."

Danielle softly clinked her glass against Derek's, and drank off the rest of her wine in one gulp. Derek quickly followed suit, trying to avoid coughing.

The two siblings put their wine glasses next to each other on the round table. Derek said, "Will you dance with me?"

Danielle said, "Of course, Derek. But we'll need music."

Derek started the music playing, and a slow, mellow song suffused the room. Danielle moved into his embrace, clasping his outstretched hand as they adopted the classic slow dancing pose. He murmured into her ear, "Wanna get a candle?"

Danielle shook her head. "Too dangerous. We might knock it over and start a fire. Some other time maybe. Let's just dance, Derek."

She kissed his cheek, and began swaying slightly as the two siblings danced, Derek managing not to step on her feet (even in just socks for him and stocking-clad feet for her, it'd probably still hurt). Daringly, Derek tried twirling Danielle and managed to do it without screwing it up (too badly). This prompted a grin from her and some variations beyond just "stand and sway your butt a little."

The tunes shifted, speeding up a bit into some smooth jazz, prompting the siblings to move apart and try a little bit of more conventional dancing without breaking the beauty of the moment as Derek watched Danielle move fluidly and sensually, trying to match her ability and not quite succeeding. Content to let her lead, he found himself enjoying dancing with his sister just for being able to see her and look at her lose herself in the music, without worrying about being seen doing slightly the wrong thing, or looking at each other a little too intensely, or any number of things that had always overhung them.

Breathing a bit heavily, the music shifted back to another slow dance number, letting the siblings embrace as they quietly swayed to the music. Derek loved feeling the way the cotton was molded to Danielle's body, running his left hand slowly up and down her back as his right stayed near her hip. Danielle was resting her hands on his shoulders as she moved with him to the music.

She whispered, "Kiss me."

Derek was only too happy to oblige, ensnaring Danielle's mouth in a kiss, tasting the wine and strawberry and whipped cream as his right hand slowly, ever so slowly slipped down, resting on Danielle's butt as he gently groped her there. She didn't push his hand away; she let one hand fall down from his shoulder, running down his chest and abs, and to his slight relief, perched on his own butt, gently squeezing as well.

Fairly soon, the dancing became more of a moving make-out session, as Derek's left hand made its way up Danielle's front to grope her breasts through the thin cotton dress. Not long after that, Derek realized that Danielle had been rubbing his cock through his pants for who knew how long, and he gently broke the kiss. He whispered, "It's time, don't you think?"

Danielle swallowed, suddenly nervous. But resolutely, she nodded. "It's time, Derek. I have been ready for this for ages in my head." She reached over to stop the music, dropping her words into the sudden deep silence that followed. "Just remember: my body isn't ready. Go slow. Go easy. Some things'll hurt and I'll let you know. But we'll work through it all, okay, Derek? You and I, we'll make love. Not just fuck. Make love, you understand?"

Derek softly replied, "I think I've been ready, too. I just needed the right time. Just remember, I'll be a bit nervous. Be patient with me, please?"

Danielle smiled warmly. "Of course I will! We're learning about this, together. Just tell me what works for you and what doesn't and we'll make a beautiful night out of this. I swear."

"And you tell me what works, too, huh?" warned Derek as he disarmed most of the seriousness with a smile.

Danielle reached up for his top button. "Let's begin, huh?"

Derek reached up for her hair. "Hold on."

Danielle stopped, blinked, and said, "Right. My hair! Gimme a sex. I mean, a sec."

Derek stood, smiling at the slight verbal misstep as Danielle took out her hair pins and clip, then tossed them on one of the shelves of her bookcase. She shook her head, letting her hair fall down evenly around her neck. "You like?" She smiled coyly.

"I like, Dani." Derek approached Danielle a bit closer and slowly ran his hand through her hair as she began unbuttoning his shirt.

Derek had never realized taking clothes off could be so amazingly erotic, but as Danielle ran her hands down his body, pausing at each button, slowly, carefully removing his shirt, he found he couldn't stop trembling.

Danielle grinned as she tugged at his belt. "C'mon, my studly brother. Let's get these pants off and show me that gorgeous cock of yours."

Derek gulped as he helped her strip off his belt and pants, tossing his pants somewhere over by her closet with his shirt. He blurted, "Wait!"

Danielle, about to remove his underwear, stood and said, "What's wrong?"

"What about your clothes? Doesn't seem fair," said Derek.

Danielle raised one of her elegant eyebrows. "Ah. Brother wants it to be fair. C'mon, see if you can wiggle me out of this dress." She turned around.

Derek came up behind her, deliberately rubbing his cock against Danielle's butt. He breathed into her ear, "And once I get this thing off I can see those gorgeous tits and your wonderful ass, my hot sister."

"What're you waiting for, then? Zipper's in the back," said Danielle.

Derek looked at it and whistled. "How'd you get this thing on?"

"Wasn't easy. But I wanted to look sexy for you, Derek."

"It worked." Derek grinned as he slowly unzipped the dress, freeing it so he could reach down to her legs and snag the bottom of the dress.

Carefully, he lifted the dress off of Danielle, taking a moment to whistle as he ogled her fishnet underwear and stockings, then as he finally helped her out of it, tossing her dress over by her closet, she turned around, showing a rather impressive amount of cleavage thanks to the push-up bra.

"Do you have any idea how hot you are right now?" moaned Derek.

"I have some idea. Look at that thing. Jesus. You could use that cock of yours as a hammer," said an amazed Danielle.

It was true. Derek tried to adjust himself, but his cock was too stiff to do anything but point straight out, straining his boxers.

Danielle reached down and grabbed a strawberry. "C'mon, lemme feed you, little brother."

Derek stuck his tongue out, letting Danielle place the strawberry on his tongue. He wrapped his lips around it, and began slowly licking and eating it, being sure to show Danielle he was swallowing as he went.

He nearly choked as he felt Danielle's hand on his cock through his boxers, rubbing and stroking it. He begged, "Danielle, please. I'll cream my load so soon if you do that!"

She breathed, "Maybe I want you to. C'mon, we'll 69 soon and you can blast your first load of the night down my throat. How's that, loverboy?"

"Christ, you know how to tease someone! How'd you learn so quickly?" said Derek, amazed.

Danielle took his hand off of him and giggled nervously. "Um, promise not to laugh or call me silly?"

Derek snagged a strawberry and held it to Danielle's mouth, prompting her to suck it in so she could chew it. Derek absently licked his fingers and then realized maybe some more wine was in order before it would warm up too much. Pouring a small amount for him and for Danielle, he gave her her glass as he drank, swishing the wine around to savor the flavor before he swallowed it.

After Danielle could talk, she said, "There's, like, these stories online you can read? And some of them are basically written porn. Most are ridiculous, but some of them make you get so freakin' turned on you want to just…" Her free hand almost unconsciously rubbed her crotch as she gulped down her wine.

Derek raised his eyebrows. "Huh. I didn't know that. You gotta show me this stuff."

"I will. But tonight's our night, and I. Want. You."

Danielle grabbed Derek's shoulders and shoved him onto the bed, climbing on top of him as she began kissing him in earnest, prompting him to respond. The siblings' hands roamed, groping and clutching in wild abandon as they explored each other's bodies, covering familiar ground with a new twist.

"I can't get enough of the fishnet stuff you're wearing. Do you know how freakin' hot it is?" gasped Derek as he lay on top of Danielle, his arms propping him up, his hands holding her shoulders.

Danielle responded by rubbing his leg with hers. Derek grinned, pushed himself up on one hand, reaching down with the other to grab her leg, running his hand along her thigh. He snagged the band holding the fishnet to her underwear and said, "Hmm. How 'bout we start losing the undies, huh?"

"I like the way you think, Derek. C'mon, I wanna sixty-nine you!" said Danielle excitedly as she gently pushed him off of her and got off the bed to start taking off her bra and underpants.

Derek also got off the bed and yanked off his underwear in one fluid motion, freeing his cock, which was now freely leaking precum. Danielle, having just slipped out of her fishnets, stared, entranced as Derek came up to her. Almost as though she were unconsciously drawn to him, she dropped to her knees and engulfed his cockhead in her mouth, licking and sucking at him, drawing a moan as Derek luxuriated in the feeling of her warm mouth on his manhood.

Soon, though, Danielle seemed to realize where she was and backed off, standing up. Shakily, she said, "Holy shit! I've never been that – Derek, it was like your cock was magnetically drawing me to it, like I just had to suck. And your precum tastes great, too!"

Derek got back on her bed, lay down, putting a pillow behind his head as he said, "There's more where that came from, you know." He reached down, lightly stroking himself as he watched Danielle in her naked glory get on top of him so her dripping wet crotch was near his face. Derek darted his tongue out, lapping at the wet fluids. Tonight, for some reason, she tasted a bit sweeter than usual.

Not complaining, thought Derek as he elicited excited moans from Danielle, licking at her vagina in earnest, spreading her pussy lips a bit to start licking deeper inside of her, as well as fingering her, occasionally rubbing her clit with the ease of practice over the last month or so. He ran his left hand up her body, groping for her breast and, having found it, lightly grasped her lovely mound of flesh as he tweaked her nipple a bit.

Danielle, for her part, had him firmly engulfed in her mouth and was enthusiastically bobbing her head up and down, sending waves of pleasure through Derek's nerve endings.

It wasn't yet sex, but Derek knew he was so keyed up, it would only take a couple minutes of stroking…

He hurriedly resumed going down on Danielle, determined to give her her first orgasm of the night at the same time as he got his. Derek's concentration broke as the first rise of his momentum began to make itself felt. Danielle was cupping his balls as well as stroking him in tandem with her blowjob; he was helpless to do more than slowly slide his right thumb in and out of her as he ran his left hand back down her body to grab her ass, feeling the curvature of that part of her body.

After few more moments, his breath hitched and he barked, "Fuck!" as he threw his head back, feeling the waves of pleasure shooting from his cock slamming him on the bed as he gasped, shooting jet after jet into Danielle's mouth.

He lay back, stunned, his thumb slipping out of her as he tried to get his breathing under control. Danielle carefully pulled her mouth off of him, keeping her lips pursed together as she turned around and knelt beside him. She then pointed between them questioningly. Derek grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a harsh, frenzied kiss, feeling his jism flood across his tongue, so thick he had to break the kiss and swallow, watching as Danielle, her lipstick a bit smeared, swallowed as well, wiping a slight leak from her mouth with her thumb and swallowing that, too.

Derek gasped, "Whew! That was hot! But shit, I'm fucking drained now. I'm sorry, Dani."

Danielle smiled. "Don't count yourself out yet. Pretty soon you'll be ready to go again and you'll surprise us both with how long you last. God, Derek, I cannot wait until you fuck my brains out tonight!"

Derek purred, "You like that, huh? That word?" He drew it out, "Fuck. Like that, huh?"

Danielle closed her eyes and groaned. "There are so many words for it and nothing feels so goddamn primal. It's almost animalistic. You know? Saying fuck like that."

"Well, I promise the first time I'll be actually making love. Start slow and easy, you know," pointed out Derek.

Danielle smirked. "Next time?"

Derek bit his lip and then grinned almost predatorily as he sat up, and said, "And the next time, Dani, I'm gonna pound that hot, wet cunt of yours. I'm gonna fuck you. Fuck you so hard you won't remember your own name as you scream when you come."

Danielle whimpered as her eyes fluttered shut. "Christ. Someone has to have said it before me, but as God is my witness, your brain and mouth are the hottest freakin' sex organs ever."

Derek said softly, "Kiss me, Dani. Please?"

Danielle leaned in for a kiss. Soft, languid, unhurried – it was perfect. Just the right interlude. The siblings let their tongues lazily slide over one another as they sat up and kissed on Danielle's bed. Derek pressed his right hand against Danielle's left, interlocking their fingers as he brushed her palm with his thumb. His left hand found its way, again, to her boobs.

And before long, his semi-hard cock began rising again to full mast. The siblings broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes. "Are you ready?" murmured Derek.

Danielle nodded. "I am." She slowly released his hand and ran her hand through his hair, then rested it on his shoulder. "Make love to me tonight, Derek. Please."

Derek sat up and knelt on the bed. Danielle laid out on the bed, her head on a pillow and spreading her legs, exposing her opening to Derek. His breathing began picking up as his heart began thundering in his chest. This wasn't like that night when he'd refused sex. This was the real deal – the point of no return. He shifted so his knees were astride her hips, underneath her thighs, and he looked again at Danielle. She whispered, "I want you. Come on, enter me."

Derek began leaning forward, his left hand holding the base of his cock to steady it, his right on the bed beside Danielle's chest. In this position, all he'd have to do is slide his hips forward just a bit, and his cock would touch her most private entrance.

Danielle reached up and grabbed his hips. She smiled. "C'mon, you're almost there."

Derek pressed his cockhead against his sister's opening, and as he did that something electric seemed to happen to his hard-on. He seemed to get so stiff it was unbelievable; he looked down at Danielle and said, "All right. Gonna go in, slowly."

He pressed forward, feeling the warmth of her insides beginning to envelop him. Jesus fuck she is so warm I should have fucked her a month ago, whined some part of his brain that seemed directly wired to his dick. She pulled her legs up so her feet were in the air, giving him better access to that most intimate part of her.

Danielle was breathing shallowly, her eyes wide as she nodded, prompting Derek to push a little further. She moaned and let her head fall to the pillow as she stared at him. "God, Derek, you are so fucking thick you're filling me up like oh geez come on, more…!"

Derek shifted his knees a bit, and now that he had pushed inside of Danielle a bit, he took his left hand off his cock and braced himself on the bed, his hands now on either side of her shoulders. He leaned forwards some more, getting better leverage as he pushed inch by slow inch through her tight, wet, hot opening…

"Hurk!" Danielle suddenly jerked, her eyes flying wide open as she gasped in pain, grabbing his hips to keep him from moving. "Shit! My fucking hymen!"

Derek, worried, said, "Damn! What do I do? Tell me, please!"

Danielle put her hands on his chest. "Shh. Calm down. Okay? Just back up, and thrust gently. Can you do that, honey?" She licked her lips, trying not to wince too much from the pain.

Derek obliged, slowly sliding back and forth in and out of his sister. She eventually relaxed, and his hard-on strengthened even further. He pushed forward again, feeling Danielle nod at the slight resistance his cock felt. He pushed, straining a bit as he breached his sister's virginity. She gasped sharply and closed her eyes. She breathed, her jaw slack, "Just go slow. Go slow, Derek."

She gripped his upper arms, her legs now wrapping around him to enclose his pelvis as she helped him get better leverage. Derek pushed forward again, feeling Danielle relax a bit as she began smiling. Unbelievably, he was able to push all the way in until his balls pressed against her. He breathed, "Danielle! I'm all the way in!"

Her eyes flew open. "Oh holy shit, are you serious?" She clamped down on him a bit and gasped in delight. "C'mon, move all the way out and all the way in!"

Derek happily obliged, sliding slowly out of her as her hungry vagina pulled at his cock every inch of the way, then when almost out, he slid back inside of Danielle, burying himself as deep in her as he could.

She let out a low, deep-throated, satisfied moan as she looked up at Derek. "This is beautiful, Derek! We're finally connected the way we should be. Please, fill me up with that gorgeous cock and flood me with your cum! Make love to me, please!"

Derek shifted so his knees wouldn't ache as much, then locked his fingers with Danielle's hands and held them down on the bed. She looked up at him, her expression one of complete trust. He groaned as he thrusted in and out of her, increasing his pace steadily until his ears heard that wonderful sound any red-blooded male loves to hear: the regular wet smacking of flesh against flesh as two humans couple together, prompting some beautiful gasps and moans from Danielle in the process.

He felt Danielle wrap herself around him each time he pushed in, and he closed his eyes and gasped out, "Danielle, this is amazing! Oh jeez, you are so hot and wet inside!"

He let his head fall, kissing her as she gripped his hands tightly, her legs also gripping him, urging him to push ever-deeper inside her. When he had to come up for air, he looked down at Danielle as he kept up his steady rhythm: her jaw was slack as she gasped in ecstasy each time he bottomed out inside her, and her breasts were heaving to and fro as he his hips pistoned back and forth.

"Faster, Derek, faster!" she barked.

Derek could only obey, thrusting harder, his mental existence shrinking down to his cock sending waves of pleasure through the rest of his body as he plunged in and out of Danielle.

Danielle's breathing got more ragged, as she gasped, "Aah! Derek! Faster! Please!"

Derek felt the beautifully familiar momentum of his orgasm begin to rise; he arched his back up, released Danielle's hands and grabbed the edge of the mattress to hold himself steady as he pounded Danielle as hard as he could. He grunted, "So close – oh, so close, Danielle – I love you…!"

As though that set off something inside her, her gasps became loud cries as she screamed, "Fuck! Yes! Derek! I'm comi—"

She lost the ability for words as she clamped down on him, the shattering orgasm reducing his sister to a shuddering, incoherently gasping girl. In awe, he looked at Danielle as she rode out her orgasm, her eyes squeezed shut as he flexed his dick inside her while he waited for the friction to ease up. With one last shudder, Danielle's vagina released Derek's cock, and he wasted no time resuming his pace, hooking her now-limp legs onto his arms, holding them in place as he roughly pumped his cock in and out of her, his urge rising – his cock swelling – his balls pulling up—

"Dani—!" Derek gasped out before he was reduced to incoherent grunting, his cock feeling as though it were spraying a steady stream of jizz, interrupted only by his gasps for air, his eyes squeezed shut as he tried not to collapse as his climax slammed through him.

After a seventh – eighth – at last a ninth blast, he was finally spent and Derek limply let Danielle's legs fall, letting his torso come to rest against Danielle's as he rested his head on the pillow next to hers.

She murmured happily, "I love you so much, Derek," and put her arms around him as she rocked him gently. Derek drifted off to sleep, utterly content.

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