Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Four

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.

A word: This story, while it omits the problem of STDs/STIs, is not real life. In real life it doesn't work like that and safer sex practices should always be observed by readers. It's easy when you're horny to think "just this once", but that might prove to be a person's downfall. Sex education is vital for this reason.

Also, this story does take note of the issue of pregnancy and will, where necessary, include the use of condoms as well as other pregnancy-prevention devices. Pregnancy is a huge step, and not one to be taken lightly. While our star teenage characters have enough foresight and understanding to guard against this possibility (thanks, in part, to some parents who insisted on proper sex education in their school and in their discussions), real life isn't always like that. For my readers, please support proper sex education whereever you are!

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Derek woke some time later, blinking blearily as he pushed himself slowly up off Danielle; he lifted his head off the pillow, inhaling the mixed scents of Danielle's shampoo and sweat as he did so. Her eyes were still closed, and her arms fell loosely to her sides as Derek carefully rose to his knees and began slowly pulling out of Danielle; his penis had deflated enough that he only needed to slowly pull back a couple of inches, trying to be careful about the stickiness he felt as he withdrew.

Danielle twitched a bit, and she yawned, waking up as well. Derek looked at her; she smiled lazily and said, "That was awesome, huh?"

Derek grinned and got off the bed, holding his hand out to Danielle. "C'mon, my beautiful, sexy sister-girlfriend. Let's go shower, huh?"

He eyed her body as she got up, marvelling again at the curvature of her legs, showing the musculature from her running and volleyball training, and the way her breasts shifted as she moved. As she stood and stretched, she winced. "Ugh. God, my crotch aches. I think you banged me pretty hard earlier, huh?"

Derek came up and put his arms around her. "Hey, I'm sorry about that. Are you okay?"

Danielle kissed him briefly. "It's okay, honestly." She grasped Derek's shoulders, gently pushing him away and guiding them out of her bedroom towards the bathroom. "Hmm. I'm walking a little funny," remarked Danielle.

"Lemme see," said Derek as he turned around. Sure enough, Danielle's hips were swaying just a bit more as she walked. He said, "That's kinda hot, you know. That you-just-got-fucked walk."

Danielle grinned widely as she came back down the hallway. "And I'm looking at the stud-who-just-fucked-me."

She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the shower, during which time the siblings luxuriated in just touching and cleaning each other thoroughly. By the time they were both done, Derek had never felt so squeaky-clean in his life. Afterwards, towelling each other off was just as much fun, as both Derek and Danielle got in some groping as they cleaned each other of all the water on them. "Hey! I got an idea," blurted Danielle. "C'mon, come back to my room."

Inside the room, the definite odor of sex was slowly dispelled as Danielle yanked the top cover off her bed and let it fall in a pile at the foot. She also left her bedroom door open, muttering, "Gotta remember to wash that bedcover later." Derek noticed that the time was close to ten o'clock at night, meaning he'd fallen asleep for about an hour.

She then said, "C'mere, sit on my chair and I'll do your hair."

A little warily, Derek hitched the towel more closely around himself and sat down on the indicated chair in front of Danielle's full-length mirror situated by her dresser. Eyeing himself, currently seated, he noticed his chest was definitely standing out more, and the rest of his body looked a little more defined, than back in September.

But the hair—

Danielle, now clad in a thin bathrobe, had snagged the comb from the bathroom and was now wielding it as she whistled cheerfully, first parting his hair, then combing and styling it before it dried completely. She covered his eyes briefly, sprayed his hair with one of her many hairsprays, and then did a quick final combing to make sure his hair was absolutely straight and not a one was out of place.

Confused, Derek looked at himself in the mirror. He'd never really seen himself like this before, and the net effect was to make him look (he thought) like some kind of bizarro Aryan blond.

He said as much, prompting a giggle from Danielle as she came up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. "C'mon, little brother! Live a bit. I want you to look sexy now."

"What, and earlier wasn't sexy enough for you?" asked Derek pointedly. "I mean, I look like a Nazi propaganda poster, for fuck's sake."

Danielle laughed again as she massaged his shoulders. "C'mon, Derek. Relax. They did your kind of hairstyle in the fifties, too. Y'know, James Dean, all that shit."

Derek rolled his eyes. "I guess. Hey, aren't you cold? That bathrobe doesn't look like it warms you up real well."

"As a famous person once said, 'Meh.'" Danielle stuck her tongue out at him. "Switch places. I'll teach you how to do my hair."

Derek whistled. "Tall order. Can I climb a mountain instead?"

He stood up, letting Danielle bop him on the forehead with her hairbrush as she sat down in his place, primly sitting up straight, her wet locks falling down around her shoulders.

Derek looked in the mirror as he made sure his towel was still wrapped securely around him. He grinned. "You know sitting up like that makes your boobs practically want to jump out of that thing?"

"Oh, shut up." Danielle laughed. "Boys. Only one thing on your minds, huh?"

"Guilty as charged," replied Derek as he came up behind Danielle, sliding his hand down her shoulder to grope her firm boob through the thin bathrobe. After letting him fondle her for a while, she reluctantly pushed his hand away. "Later, Derek. Hair, now, please."

Derek took a deep breath. "Okay. I have a hairbrush in my right hand. My left hand isn't on your tit anymore. What do I do?"

Danielle began instructing him, leaving him more boggled with each step as to the sheer minutiae of female hairbrushing. In the end, though, she was very satisfied with the result. "If I could curl the ends I'd look a little like Jackie Kennedy, but I'll go with looking a bit like a really blonde Janis Joplin," she conceded. "My hair's a little floofy right now, anyway."

"I've never seen you curl your hair, Dani," noted Derek as he dropped her brush on her bedside table next to the small mirror she had on it.

"Yeah. I did it maybe once or twice with a friend's hair curler. I just couldn't stand to sit there every freakin' day and do it like some kind of robot." She stood and took a breath. "Okay. Whaddya want to do now? Talk a bit?"

"Yeah, can we? When I think about what we just did—" Derek tried to grope for words as he slowly moved to Danielle's bed and sat down. He rubbed the bedsheet and said, "It's… like, it was super sublime. You know? It was so amazing, being inside you. And I still have a hard time believing we finally did it."

Danielle sat next to him, one leg on the bed, the other hanging off the edge. She reached for his shoulder and said, "The thing I remember the most right now is looking up at you, feeling those first few moments when you were just beginning to push into me, opening me up – at that point, I just knew. You're the one, Derek. For me, you are. Oh, God, the way you were filling me…" she gulped as she ran her hand down his arm to gently clasp his hand on the bed.

Derek nodded. "You remember pulling your legs back? It was like you were pulling me in, you know?" His dick began filling a bit at the thought.

Danielle bit her lip and nodded. "Yeah. It was like – once you were in, holy shit, I wanted more! I wanted you inside me as much as I could take, so I just automatically pulled my legs up so I could let you in."

"Hey, um, Danielle?" Derek leaned in to kiss her.

"Yeah?" She rested her free hand on his leg. "What is it?"

"Okay, um… well, one of my fantasies has kinda been you riding me, you know?" admitted Derek.

"Me riding you, huh?" Danielle seemed like she might like the idea. "Just tell me you're not gonna want to do, like, all the sex positions in the freakin' Kama Sutra or something, okay?"

Derek laughed. "I haven't even read it, silly!" Jokingly, he said, "But maaaaybeeeee…"

Danielle swatted his stomach playfully, then got up to straddle his legs, her bathrobe falling open. Her hands held his shoulders, and he reached up to grasp her hips.

"Seriously, though? We can try stuff. If we like it, we can keep doing it. If not, we just won't do it again. So sure, I'll ride your cock, Derek." Danielle traced her finger down his chest.

Derek began licking at Danielle's nipple, sending a frisson of excitement through her as she groaned. "Keep doing that!"

Derek wasted no time wrapping his lips around her nipple and sucking at it as he moved his right hand to rub her crotch and outer vagina. Danielle's hands strengthened their grip on his shoulders as she wriggled, trying to get his fingers to go in her.

Derek quit teasing his sister, and slid his fingers inside her, feeling the difference in her body now that he had penetrated her a few hours before. Still, he knew his technique, and rapidly began pleasing her as his mouth sucked and licked at her breasts, her nipples as erect as they'd ever been, practically begging him to lick them. His left hand moved to her firm ass, kneading and groping her glutes.

Finally, he could stand it no more, his erection straining to get out from under his towel. He said, "Get off me for a sec."

Danielle reluctantly let him pull his fingers out of her and moved off the bed, sliding out of her bathrobe as she did so. Derek stood, whipped the towel off of him, then scooped Danielle up, eliciting a squeal of surprise as he turned and plopped her on the bed, him following shortly after to lie next to her, kissing her deeply on the mouth.

Danielle's hand snaked its way to his cock, rubbing and stroking him, his pleasure heightened at the thought of his sister wrapping herself around him again, pulling his hot seed from him as he would explode inside her. As though she'd read his thoughts, she shifted so she was on top of him and sat up, his cock just touching her ass cheeks. He quickly repositioned one of Danielle's pillows so he could rest the back of his head on it.

Vainly, Derek tried to shift, but his sister's weight on him as she straddled him kept him from moving. She grinned deviously and purred, "Now you just wait your turn, Derek. Didn't you learn that when you were a kid?"

Derek said archly, "As I remember, a certain big twin sister of mine was trying to shove me out of the way one time when we were lining up for ice cream in elementary school."

She giggled. "Derek! We were like, six."

He grabbed her hips and said, "Well, I could always pick you up right now and have my wicked way with you, you know."

Danielle lifted her eyebrows and said. "One day, maybe. But today, you are gonna lie there and let me have my way with you."

And so saying, Danielle reached behind her for Derek's cock, holding it erect as she raised herself up, concentrating as she positioned herself. Derek tried pushing up, only to be held firmly. "Hey. No cheating," said Danielle sternly.

Frustrated, Derek lay silent as Danielle slowly, exquisitely brushed his cockhead against her waiting pussy. "Please," he begged as he grasped her thighs.

Danielle smirked as she obliged, pushing herself slowly, gently down onto him as he felt the warm heat from her envelop him. Danielle let out a whimper as she slid down. If possible, the second entry was even better than the first, now that Derek knew what he was in for. Rocking her hips, Danielle pushed further down on each stroke, moaning in pleasure as her brother slowly filled her up.

Finally, Danielle pushed herself down all the way onto Derek, provoking a satisfied groan from him as he pushed up slightly to bury himself even deeper into her.

Danielle, sensing this, grabbed his hands and locked her fingers with him. As she used her weight to hold his hands firmly against the bed, she said, "Now the shoe's on the other foot; I get to fuck you the way I want to, this time! Don't worry, you'll get another chance to hold me down like you did earlier."

Derek tried pushing up against her hands, only to feel his hands get squeezed hard and a firm, "Hands down, Derek," from Danielle as she roughly began to ride his cock, sliding herself up and down him just fast enough to want him to go even quicker, but not so fast he'd come too quickly.

She held him at this exquisite knife-edge for how long, he didn't know. All he could do was feel the wonderful slick feeling of Danielle's wet pussy riding him, making his nerve endings thrum in pleasure. He looked into her eyes and saw the barely-held sexual intensity in them as she grunted and moaned, her fingers flexing in his as she rocked herself up and down on him.

Just as his fantasy held, he saw her stomach muscles flexing as a sheen of sweat began forming on Danielle's body and her pace slowly increased, her breasts bouncing as she pleasured herself on his cock. Finally, she could hold back no more, released his hands to put hers on his chest and said raggedly, "Oh, God! I am so close! Fuck me! Fuck me, please!"

Derek wasted no time grabbing his sister's hips as he propped his feet up on the bed. He thrust upward hard and fast, rendering Danielle incoherent as she raggedly gasped, squeezing her eyes shut as Derek's cock stimulated her insides.

Both siblings' breathing became heavier and louder, panting as they seemed to pull each other towards a mutual climax—

Derek felt his balls pull in again – he grunted loudly, "Gonna come!"

And just as the first spray of jizz from his cock coated Danielle's insides, she squeezed down on him, threw her head back, and wordlessly screamed out her pleasure through the entire house. At that point, Derek's eyes slammed shut as his brain seemed to shut off, riding the waves of ecstasy to their soaring height—

But orgasms never last forever, and finally, both siblings, panting and spent, collapsed in a sweaty mess as Danielle let herself fall against Derek, whimpering and shuddering.

Derek grinned to himself as he let his eyes fall shut, wrapping his arms around Danielle as she snuggled closer so her face rested next to his on the pillow.

Derek awoke again, feeling stiff and sore. He was also ravenously hungry. Unfortunately, a sleepy sister was still on top of him, and he gently shook Danielle. "Hey. Wake up, okay?"

Danielle tiredly lifted her head off the pillow and looked down at him, "What time's it?" she slurred.

Derek looked around and grabbed Danielle's phone off the bedside table. "Holy crap, it's one o'clock in the freakin' morning!"

Danielle whistled in surprise. Fully awake now, she slowly began pulling off of Derek, wincing at how sticky and wet she felt between her legs. Derek also felt uncomfortably sticky and sweaty, and he said, "We need another shower. Like, for sure."

Danielle nodded wordlessly, and the twins trooped back to the bathroom for another cleansing shower. Their sexual energy seemed to be drained; they barely seemed to want to stimulate each other as they ran their hands over each other to soap and shampoo the sweat and other fluids off of themselves.

Once out of the shower, Derek felt less groggy and sore, though his hips still protested Danielle's recent ride. He towelled off, and as Danielle finished, he said, "Whew! You were fantastic!"

"You too. But I'll tell you – you wore me out!"

Derek guffawed, "You wore me out too, you know!"

"Small price to pay to feel your warm cum flooding me. It was so weird, Derek," mused Danielle. "It was like I could feel this wonderful wet warmth just flowing into me when you came."

Derek held Danielle's upper arms and said softly, "So was it good for you?"

She smiled and hugged him, her chin propped on his shoulder as she squeezed him. "It was, Derek. And was it good for you?"

Derek hugged his sister tightly. "It was. It really was."

"Great." Danielle slowly released him and turned her head to look in the mirror. She smiled, pushing Derek's shoulder slightly so the twins, arms over each other's shoulders, stood side by side. Derek, a bit surprised, said, "Shit, we make a cute couple, don't we?"

Danielle laughed. "We do! God, we're hot, aren't we?"

It was true, thought Derek. Even though their hair was stringy from the shower, they had attractive similar-looking faces, and if they were in swimming suits at the beach, they'd probably be drawing quite a few eyes, given their respective physical attributes. Derek turned to kiss Danielle on the cheek.

She giggled and said, "Look, we should clean up or my room is going to stink of us fucking and those strawberries. And you need to get the wine back in the fridge and wash those glasses. I'll move the table back to the other room, okay?"

Derek grudgingly acquiesced. Cleaning up after sex felt about as fun as cleaning up after a big dinner, he thought sourly. Truth be told, though, as they entered Danielle's room, he knew she wasn't kidding. The smell of their fluids and sweat was heavy in the air, mixed with the slightly sweet strawberry fragrance from the bowl. He quickly found his boxers and slipped them back on.

"See you downstairs. I gotta get all this bed stuff in the laundry after I take care of the table," said Danielle briskly. She then asked, "Can we use your bed later?"

"Yeah, sure," replied Derek. He then grabbed the wine, glasses, strawberry bowl and whipped cream as Danielle began stripping her bed.

Derek found moving through a darkened house in the moonlight a bit eerie as he did not want to let anyone see him wandering nearly naked with things in his hands he wouldn't have wanted to try and explain to anyone. He knew he was being maybe overly paranoid, but as reality began making itself known once more, he would rather feel stupid doing this than risk all by being careless.

Quietly, he slipped the wine bottle and whipped cream canister back in the fridge, dumped the strawberries in the garbage (reminding himself to throw the little kitchen garbage bag away tomorrow as well), and then quickly switched on the overhead stove light, and washed the wine glasses and replaced them in the cupboard. Finally, he washed the bowl that had held the strawberries, wiped the base, and left it on the countertop to air dry.

He could hear Danielle's rustlings about the house, followed by the washing machine starting up. She found him in the kitchen wiping up some water that had spilled on the counter and said quietly, "You hungry? I could eat just about anything right now!"

"Tell me about it. My stomach's gonna start growling any minute now, I think," laughed Derek as he shut the stove light off.

"Let's check online and see if any pizza places are still open. I'm not gonna fucking cook at one in the fucking morning. Not after a night of fucking!" declared Danielle.

Derek laughed. "Oh, geez, did you just hear yourself?" He grabbed Danielle's hand and clasped it as he pointed at her, chuckling.

Danielle mock-angrily pushed him. "Yes, I did, you idiot. Now c'mon, it's a Friday night and we better find out what's open or we're stuck. Or fucked, to continue the many elastic uses of that word."

"Fucked," said Derek with a grin.

Danielle rolled her eyes as she tugged him back to the stairs through the dark house. He could see in the night now, and easily made his way up the stairs hand in hand with Danielle as they moved to his room. "Okay. Go check some pizza places. I'll do the same," she ordered. Derek released her hand and jokingly saluted, then entered his bedroom to fire up his laptop. Luckily, a nearby place was open till three in the morning on a Friday night, and he let Danielle know. They decided on the old standby: pepperoni pizza.

Danielle handed Derek her phone to let him order the pizza. After Derek ordered, Danielle said, intrigued, "Hey. Did you just notice your voice got a little deeper?"

"It did?" Derek honestly didn't think he sounded any different.

"I think so. I think it's kind of cute, actually," she admitted.

"Hm. Well, anyway, I'm sure Mom and Dad will be thrilled." He sighed. "Let's get our good clothes cleaned up and then get in something comfortable. Where's that money they left us?"

Danielle scratched her head. "I think on the small table by the front door."

The siblings quickly located Derek's clothes, and he separated them out and took them back to his room, depositing them in the laundry hamper. He remembered his mother warning him about certain things you needed to watch out for when washing or drying clothes like that, then dismissed the thought for the time being as he got some socks on, then threw on some jogging pants and a casual T-shirt.

When he saw Danielle, he laughed. "Twin jinx!"

Danielle had gotten into exactly the same outfit – grey jogging pants and a blue T-shirt with a Nike logo on it! She looked down at herself, then at Derek, and covered her mouth as she began laughing, too. "When did we do this last?"

Derek, leaning against the wall, his arms crossed, thought. "Must've been the last day of middle school? We wore those jeans and white T-shirts, I think?"

"Yeah! I remember now," Danielle said as she nodded. "We had fun seeing if anyone would mix us up."

"Considering in jeans, your hips look different than mine…" Derek trailed off.

Danielle remarked, "We'd both hit puberty around twelve anyway. I remember these things almost sprouted up overnight. Like, I'm twelve, no boobs. Twelve and a half, I'm already sporting a nice set. Thirteen, hello, actual rack!"

Derek nodded. "I remember that." They began wandering downstairs, now feeling free to turn on lights as they went. "My dick was like, well, not quite that, but pretty close. It was like, hi, I'm thirteen and a half and excuse me, what is this freakin' sausage doing between my legs?"

Danielle giggled. "Must've been annoying when you got hard."

At the front door, Derek noticed the money and a piece of paper, which was a printout of the e-mail their parents had sent, detailing emergency contact information and the address of the remote vacation house.

Derek, remembering Danielle's statement, resumed the conversation. "Rick, Evan and I all started getting really used to strategically holding books a certain way in school."

Danielle frowned. "Does anyone actually get fooled by that? I mean, it's kind of obvious, don't you think?"

Derek shrugged and leaned back against the front door. "Who knows? Maybe we all are just pretending to save ourselves and each other the embarrassment. I can't imagine the teachers wanting to make a fuss about it, for one thing."

Danielle grimaced. "Yeah. I guess. Anyway, how long did they say for the pizza?"

Derek had his phone with him. "It's been about fifteen minutes. Could be any time now, I figure."

Shortly after, a loud knocking at the door alerted the twins to the imminent delivery of pizza. Derek's mouth watered as he answered the door. He tried not to stare at the rather good-looking olive-skinned, black-haired, brown-eyed guy with a swimmer's build as they transacted over the pizza. When he reached for change, Derek waved it off and handed over a few more singles. "Keep it. Your tip. Thanks for coming out so late."

"No sweat, buddy. See ya." He winked at Derek and took off.

As Derek closed the door, Danielle said, "Was he hitting on you? He was, wasn't he!"

Derek shrugged. "He was like, eighteen. I don't think that's exactly a problem. Although he's kinda old for me, I guess."

"Oh well. Still, he was pretty hot, huh?" admitted Danielle.

Derek shrugged as he put the pizza on the kitchen table as Danielle turned on the light. He grabbed some plates and set them before himself and Danielle as the twins began eating the pizza, remarking how delicious it was. After gobbling his first slice in what seemed like record time, Derek went and got two Cokes from the fridge, handed one to Danielle, and then drank from his own can. As he swallowed, he said, "That was good! Think I'll have another one. Anyway, hey, Danielle, I wanted to ask about what we've been doing."

Danielle said, "Yeah?"

"Okay. Um, you're definitely on the Pill, right?"

Danielle looked at him like he was a particularly stupid boxer who'd been bashed in the head one too many times and said slowly and deliberately, "Yes. I. Am. Derek." Unsaid was the "you fucking moron," but he flushed anyway and looked away.

"Sorry," he muttered.

Danielle shrugged in half-apology. "I'm not one of those dumb girls who thinks the Pill is, like, totally optional."

She then sat up and grabbed another pizza slice. Derek began eating his second slice as well. In between bites, he said, "Well, I wanted to ask – you know how we said we were making love, but it kind of feels more like we did some fucking… you know?"

Danielle nodded. "I think it kind of started out like that? Being all slow and romantic and shit, but when you're that freakin' horny – I mean, as soon as Mom and Dad took off I wanted to rip your clothes off right in the living room and tell you to bend me over the couch and bang me till Kingdom Come!"

"Come is the right word." Derek stuck his tongue out and continued. "I kinda wanted to put the brakes on that just a bit, 'cause… I dunno. I just felt like it'd mean a lot more to us if we planned it out, tried to kind of seduce each other? Not that it took much," he allowed.

"I guess it worked. But yeah, in the end it was pure sex – we totally just fucked." Danielle grinned. "That's kind of hot, too, though. You know? Just letting go and letting your emotions take over. Damn, I think I'd have shattered the windows if I'd been any louder."

Derek said, "Speaking of. What do you wanna do tomorrow? Well, later today? You wanna go out anywhere, or just stay in and be all like, hedonistic and shit?"

"Hedonistic? What books have you been reading lately that you know that word?" teased Danielle.

Derek leaned in and said, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Danielle rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. It's not like you've been reading Harlequin romances or Greek myths or anything."

"Well, no, but I did hear Mr. Grant use the word in English a while back," pointed out Derek.

"Mmf. Why don't we just play it by ear? I mean, I'm pretty much worn out, but when we wake up tomorrow morning – that's a whole different story!"

"You got it. C'mon, the pizza's getting cold," urged Derek.

It ended up being that there were still four slices left of the large pizza when they finally couldn't have any more, and Derek and Danielle had each polished off another can of Coke. They put the pizza box in an empty spot in the fridge, dumped their cans in the recycling, and headed upstairs, the tiredness enveloping them both as they finally wound down from their amazing night together. Unwillingly, they brushed their teeth, wanting to just skip it and go to bed, but their teeth were kind of important, too.

Finally, the twins collapsed on Derek's bed, still clothed as they slid under the bedcover. "Fuck it," said Danielle. "Just wanna sleep now."

Derek pulled his shirt off and tossed it somewhere in the corner of his room. He flopped back on his pillow, pulled the bedcover back up, and said, "C'mere. Let's cuddle, okay?"

Danielle shifted so her head was resting on Derek's chest, and as she put her free hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and rested his free hand on hers. He closed his eyes and dropped straight off to sleep.

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