Derek and Danielle

Chapter Thirty-Five

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The sun shining in his bedroom was the first thing Derek saw as he slowly woke up. Then he noticed Danielle next to him, her head still on his chest from last night. He dropped a kiss to her head, then let his head fall back to the pillow as he thought, in awe, about the night that changed his life forever.

He and his sister had actually done it. It. The Big One. Sex. S-E-X!

Even so, a niggling feeling of doubt entered his mind as he wondered if Danielle would feel the same way, or if she'd not want to do it after this. He carefully lifted his right hand off Danielle's hand on his chest, and rubbed his forehead as he thought further. He let a gust of air out of his nose as he threw his arm behind his head, supporting it on his hand.

Derek stared at the ceiling, noticing for the first time in a while that it was spackled with that stuff – gyprock, or something? – and began aimlessly trying to count how many he could see. He could feel Danielle's steady heartbeat against his chest as he counted, pausing only to check the time. It had just gone past eight in the morning.

Finally, he lost track somewhere around one hundred little tiny bits in maybe a square foot, as Danielle stirred to wakefulness. Derek looked down at Danielle's head. She hummed, pleased, and snuggled up closer to him, wrapping her free hand over his chest. "Jus' wanna lie here for a bit, 'kay?"

"Mmmkay," replied Derek as he dropped another kiss to her head, his nose rustling his hair as he breathed out.

She shifted her hips a bit and groaned. "Mmm. Still a bit sore. But I love that just-fucked feeling, you know? Nothing like being a 'brother fucker', hmm?"

Derek just rubbed her back reassuringly, silently letting the easy air stay over the two of them. However after some minutes of silence, Danielle apparently was ready to move into the day. She lifted her head off his chest, pushing against it with her hand as she shifted to look at him.

She smiled, her eyes wide as she said, "Morning, sexy! When'd you wake up?"

Derek rubbed her back with his left hand as he nervously said, "A little while before you did. I've just been kinda thinking." He frowned as he looked at her eyes. "And honestly, a little worried."

Danielle sat up cross-legged and brushed her hair out of her face as she reached for his left hand. "What's wrong? Can you – do you want to tell me?"

Derek sighed and looked up at the ceiling again. "It's so dumb. We've just, you know, done it and now … I'm worried what you'll think. I mean, did we go too fast? That's kinda how I fucked it up with Sara, you know. Jumping to doing sexual stuff with her and her regretting it later."

Danielle reached out and turned his face to look at her. "Hey. Derek, listen." She put her left hand on his chest as she gripped his left hand with her right. She gazed into his eyes, her expression earnest as she spoke. "I have wanted to have sex with you for a while now. And the waiting only made me realize I really did want to, especially since we've been doing all that 'be like a boyfriend and girlfriend going out' stuff. I like sitting next to you at lunch just talking. And I like it when we go to dinner sometimes. Also, hey – girl gamer here, remember?"

Derek chuckled as he knew Danielle was starting to become even more enthusiastic about computers than he. She had taken to the school's computer studies class like a duck to water, and he knew she frequented enthusiast forums about the subject. Derek, for his part, seemed to like human-interest stuff a little more, though he could play a game with the best of them, as evidenced by the even-steven scores he had against Rick and Evan on console and network games, not to mention Danielle managing to beat him out a fair bit of the time.

But he and Danielle were talking—

"Yeah. I get all that, Dani. It's just – now we've done it and I'm not sure what's next for us. I mean, that's the taboo, you know." He swallowed nervously and sat up crosslegged, facing Danielle. He put his hands on her knees and said, "We can't go back to the way things were. What if we have a huge fight again and something comes out in front of Mom and Dad?"

Danielle reached for his hands and locked fingers with him. "I wish I knew the future, Derek. But look, are we really going to throw away everything we've built up between us because you're scared?"

"That's not fair, Danielle." Derek yanked his hands away and looked at her, his jaw set. "What if it's not my choice? Or yours? Real life isn't a fucking fairy tale, you know. Someone always manages to find out."

"Geez, someone's a real Debbie Downer today," remarked Danielle sardonically as she ran her hand through her hair.

Anger shot through Derek as he hopped off the bed and stood up. "Just… fuck you," spat Derek. "You're the one who's been driving this almost from day one. You won't even date anyone else, for Pete's sake! Talk about me being scared, huh?"

Danielle hopped off the bed and went nose to nose with Derek, trembling in anger. "You worm! You little shit! Fucking around with Sara and then Rick, practically shoving them in my fucking face and keeping me your little secret!" she spat.

Sarcastically, Derek said, "Oh, that'll go over so well. 'Hey Rick, I'm breaking up with you to date my sister.'" He yelled, "The price of coming out, Danielle, is too damn high!"

Danielle's face suffused in rage as she lifted her hand and before he could stop her, he felt and heard the sudden crack! as she slapped him across the face.

Derek's shock gave way to cold, frozen anger as he pointed to the door. "Get out! Get out right now, you bitch," he spat.

Danielle, staring at her hand in subdued shock, looked at him, blinking rapidly through wet eyes. "Derek, please—"

"Just get the fuck out of my room!" barked Derek as he glared at his sister.

Danielle escaped his room in a hurry, leaving Derek to throw himself on the bed, burying his head in his pillow as he wondered, moodily, how it had gone so wrong.

He caught faint sobs from down the hallway, but refused to go see Danielle. She had no business hitting him like that! He punched the pillow and wrapped his bedsheets around himself, cocooning himself off as he tried to work through what had just happened.

He closed his eyes and angrily swiped his hand across his face as he sniffled slightly. How the hell, he thought, had it all gone so wrong?

His brain supplied no easy answers as he fell into an uneasy sleep.

Blearily, Derek woke up, and the events of that morning crashed in upon him, causing an unpleasant feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had cotton mouth and he barely felt like he'd slept at all.

He looked at the time: 9:30.

Woodenly, he walked to the bathroom to splash his face with water and rinse his mouth out. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw a tired fourteen-year-old guy with bed-head.

The creaking of the door startled him as he looked at Danielle, her untamed hair lending her a bit of a wild appearance. She stood, surprised at seeing him. In a small voice, she said, "Um, I need to go to the bathroom."

Derek nodded brusquely and said, "Look, I'll go."

"No, wait. Please?" Danielle looked at him with wide eyes, wordlessly begging him to stay. He realized she would never say it out loud, but she did want to talk.

"Tell you what. You go. I've gotta take a shower anyway," said Derek in clipped tones as he quickly stripped and got into the shower, not bothering to look at what Danielle was doing. In a few moments, the water was rushing down onto Derek and he let the warmth relax him a bit. As he washed the shampoo out of his hair, he heard the toilet flush. Putting it out of his mind, he went about the rest of his showering ritual, only to get another surprise as a naked Danielle meekly got into the shower with him.

He turned partway and scowled. "What? Gonna hit me again?"

Danielle shook her head, shivering as she put her arms around herself. "Please? I'd like to talk."

Derek exasperatedly aimed the showerhead against the wall, then shut the water off and turned around, his back to the taps. He said grudgingly, "All right. I owe you that much, I guess." It was true. He hadn't forgotten the previous night.

She looked at him, and said in a voice he could barely make out, "Derek, I am so sorry. Please, I never meant to be so flippant or accuse you." She blinked. "Please. Forgive me? We promised not to hit each other and I broke that promise when I slapped you."

Derek, as in the previous time, felt his anger and feeling of injustice slip away. "Yeah, it's okay. I was being kind of a dick, too. I shouldn't've called you a bitch." He reached out for Danielle, who rushed into his embrace.

In a muffled voice against his shoulder, she said, "It's all right. I can be one sometimes." She pulled back a bit, her lips pressed together as she looked at him out of red eyes. "I cried myself to sleep earlier, you know."

Derek nodded. "I heard. I kind of fell asleep too. Not real well, though." He brushed his fingers across her cheek and gently kissed her on her forehead. "Forgive me, Dani?"

She smiled tremulously. "Yeah. I forgive you, you lunkhead." She playfully poked his shoulder.

Derek chuckled. "My spitfire." He wrapped his arms around her as he brought her in for a hug. He sighed and said into her ear, "Look, I don't think I was being fair to you. You've always had the stronger feelings in this relationship, haven't you?"

"I guess," said Danielle quietly as she rested her chin on his shoulder. "It's like I said. I try to imagine myself with other people and I just… it feels so hollow. But right now, with you, it's not like that."

"Kiss me," said Derek suddenly. "I want you."

Danielle wasted no time locking lips with him in a full-on heated kiss, her hands groping his butt as he tried to steady himself, grabbing her ass as well. His need rose so quickly, he found himself grinding against Danielle, rubbing her breasts with his right hand as he kept a grip on her ass with his left.

Danielle, moaning into her kiss with him, ran her fingers down his ass, sliding near his entrance. He moaned as she rubbed near it, then slowly slid a finger into him. He broke the kiss and huskily said, "Please, so hot, push in more!"

Danielle slid her index finger further into him, prompting his eyes to flutter shut as he groaned heavily. She began licking and sucking down his neck as he put his left hand against the shower wall, holding her shoulder with the other.

The anal intrusion made his cock pulse with need as his erection stood; Derek desperately wanted to relieve the tension, but Danielle's finger working its way in and out of him felt so good he stood, immobile, his jaw slack as the sensations flooded him.

Danielle, though, had other plans. She let her finger slide out of him and yanked the shower curtain back. She stepped out of the shower, gesturing for Derek to do the same. She turned, facing the mirror and said, "Fuck me. Now! Fuck me!" She bent over, her elbows on either side of the countertop that held the sink.

Derek had never moved so fast in his life. In a few seconds, he was behind her, feeling with his cockhead as he pressed into her opening. Danielle's eyes shut and her mouth went into an O of need and surprise as Derek slid into her warmth in one stroke. He pulled back, and sharply snapped his hips forward, making Danielle grunt out, "More!"

Derek wasted no time grabbing Danielle's hips as he fucked her from behind, barely conscious of anything except his dick pistoning in and out of her, channeling all his pent-up energy into his swift thrusts as he caught glimpses of Danielle's rapt wonderment and his own tense shoulders and arms in the mirror. He saw her breasts bouncing in the mirror, and almost irresistibly, his right hand was drawn to her boob and he grabbed on to her firm fleshy mound as he rubbed her nipple. He barely cared that his wet hair was dripping water onto his shoulders and back.

The wet slapping of his cock bottoming out as his pelvis met hers went faster as he set his feet more firmly and slammed into his sister, grunting in pleasure as he felt his urge to come rising—almost there—before he knew it, the first blast of warmth and ecstasy flooded out of his cock, releasing his pent-up energy into Danielle as she gasped, taking his load as she bit her lip. Watching Danielle in the mirror as he came into her was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, he thought, as his spasms subsided, thrusting one last time as he finished coating her insides. He let his right hand fall back to her hip as he settled down, his brain beginning to process more than just his cock's nerve endings again.

Danielle groaned as she clamped down on Derek, then released him as she gently pushed him back, allowing his still-erect cock to slip out of her with a satisfying wet plop. Danielle shuddered as she turned around. A slow grin showed on her face as she exclaimed, "Whew! Holy shit! I love make-up sex!"

Derek grinned, as well. It had been pretty hot, slamming into her and releasing his pent-up need in something a lot more fun than fighting. "Me too." He winked. "Anyway, wanna shower?"

Danielle laughed. "C'mon. Forget it for now. I want you doggy-style when your cock wakes up in a few minutes."

Derek wiggled his eyebrows. "Well, can we clean each other up a bit first?"

"Never thought you'd ask, studly." She quickly washed her hands with soap and water as she casually said, "Hey, how did you like being fingered?"

Derek bit his lip. "Holy shit, you have no idea! We gotta work that in more sometime."

Danielle saucily winked as she grabbed a large towel, wiped her hands off with it, then quickly towelled off his hair and shoulders. She then spread it out on the bathroom floor. She got down first and motioned for him to sixty-nine with her. The warm feeling of Danielle's mouth cleaning his cock made him forget the slightly uncomfortable feeling from his knees, even through the towel, as he lowered his head to her pussy, licking and enjoying the mixed taste of his and her fluids running together as he cleaned her out, swallowing occasionally as he gripped her thighs. He savored the pleasantly musky smell emanating from her as he went, his nose occasionally bumping up against her perineum as he focused on pleasuring her as the warm sucking feeling from his sister began energizing his cock again.

Derek's tongue could only reach so far, and when his licking produced no more of his own juices to clean, he lifted his head and turned slightly. "Hey. I'm done."

Danielle's mouth released him as she said from below him, "And you feel like you're ready to go. C'mon." It was true; it had maybe been just five minutes since he'd last come, and he was already 'revved up' again. Being fourteen, he decided, had some advantages.

The siblings shifted positions quickly, Derek sighing in relief as he stood for a moment. He rubbed his knees, then as Danielle got on all fours, facing the wall with the high window, he knelt and got behind her. He rubbed his cock against her opening, feeling the slickness as he rubbed it over her pussy.

Danielle's breath hitched as she said, "Hey, slide it in, huh?"

Derek slowly penetrated Danielle, feeling the by-now familiar warm heat, like a glove wrapped around his organ. He was rewarded with a low, sensual moan from Danielle as she said, "Oh, man, if I could just stay like this." She breathed and said, "C'mon, give me that deep dicking I love, Derek. Push that thick cock into me!"

Derek wasted no time obliging, slipping into a pleasantly steady rhythm as he slid in and out of Danielle. As it turned out, because of the way his cock was pushing into her, she kept moaning and grunting loudly in pleasure, at one point whimpering, "Fuck, my clit hasn't felt so good ever!"

Derek grinned, knowing he was pleasing Danielle, and began thrusting harder, his pelvis meeting hers as he held her hips, occasionally groping her ass as he fucked her. Danielle came first, panting harshly as she clamped down on him, shuddering as she tried not to collapse as her orgasm rushed through her.

Limply, she let her head fall nearly to the towel as she muttered, "Fuck me. Just fuck me."

Derek wasted no time thrusting quickly, only his grip on her hips preventing her from bouncing forward on the floor when he buried himself inside her. Within just a few moments, Derek was collapsing on top of his sister as he sprayed his load inside her for the fourth time in about twelve hours.

Derek wrapped his arms around Danielle and, keeping himself inside her, brought her upright, sitting up on his knees as he held her against him, her back against his chest and stomach as he rested his chin on her shoulder. She reached for his left hand and brought it up to her breast, clasping his hand to herself as she gently squeezed his hand, moaning in delight. He chuckled. "Not that I mind, but why do you like that?" he muttered into her ear.

She let her head fall back against his shoulder and said, "I dunno. I sometimes feel myself up after I masturbate, just groping my tits and rubbing my nipples." She shifted her hips, making a slight wet sound as his penis also shifted inside her.

Derek closed his eyes, drifting off into a half-asleep trance as he gently felt Danielle's body against his, her steady breaths reassuring him as his hands occasionally groped her breasts. Her head fell forward as well; clearly she was also nearly asleep after their torrid morning sex.

Finally, though, his cock couldn't keep staying stiff and began to deflate a bit, prompting him to reluctantly decouple from Danielle as he said, "C'mon. We better shower."

Derek's stomach rumbling made both siblings giggle. Danielle stood up stiffly, wincing as she flexed her legs. "Shit, my knees. Never mind my cunt and hips," she whined.

Derek was also standing and wincing as his knees protested. He said, "Yeah, I think my hips've taken enough, too. Let's shower and eat."

Danielle soundly kissed him, the afterglow of sex hovering over both brother and sister as they grinned at each other and moved as one to the shower.

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